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"The other guys say [that my Stand's ability to shrink things is] worthless... Heh heh heh... Well, whether it's worthless or worth-ful is all up to how you use it..."
Formaggio, Golden Wind

In the bizarre world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, powers like healing, making maps and summoning zippers all have deadly combat applications when in the hands of a competent Stand User. In a world full of guys who can stop time, have Super-Strength, and can even subvert reality, it's amazing to see what such seemingly underpowered abilities as controlling sound effects, drawing manga, and turning into string can do. In the franchise's many Fighting Games, some of these users made it in despite how little fighting prowess they possess. Here are some of those examples:

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    Stardust Crusaders 
  • Lovers, the Stand of Steely Dan, is a small bug that can be easily crushed between two fingers, making it quite possibly the physically weakest Stand ever. His Stand's ability, however, is frighteningly effective and crippling, with very few people capable of actually dealing with Lovers once it's gotten into someone's body. Its size also means it's able to travel inside people and stimulate their pain receptors, with the victim receiving double the pain of any damage Dan takes. While not a playable character in Heritage for the Future, one of Kakyoin's supers references the fight between the two inside Joseph Joestar's body, and one of the fights in Super Story Mode includes Hierophant Green and Silver Chariot combating Lovers.
  • Boingo tries to invoke this trope, remarking that even though his Stand can't see far into the future, its high accuracy makes up for any of its shortcomings. It's subverted due to the fact that Thoth's predictions backfire so much that he and his partners would be better off ignoring it. He doesn't make it as a playable character for Heritage for the Future, instead becoming an Assist Character to one of Hol Horse's playable versions.
  • Alessi's Stand, Sethan, has the ability to de-age a person. Usually, this could be seen as rather impractical, as he has the tendency of de-aging people to children and then maliciously taunting them for a prolonged period of time before killing them with his bare hands rather than with his Stand, but not only does the age reversal reduce the power of a target's Stand, or even remove the Stand if it goes behind the age of when they first got it, but how far does the de-aging process go? ...To the point where a target can become a fetus that'll die in a matter of minutes due to not being in incubation. He's a playable character in Heritage for the Future.
  • In spite of its lack of combat power, Kenny G's Tenore Sax's illusory power is capable of fooling trespassers into getting lost in the mazes it creates should they somehow get past Pet Shop with only special sensory types like Iggy able to detect him. It's very telling that this power is heavily implied to the reason why DIO had him as one of his personal Praetorian Guard in his mansion, which include Vanilla Ice over the more combat oriented Stands of The Nine Glory Gods or the Tarot Card users, which include Enya, one of his several Co-Dragons.

    Diamond is Unbreakable 
  • Josuke Higashikata's Stand, Crazy Diamond, is equipped with the same high physical strength and speed as other close-ranged Stands. Its main ability, however, is repairing objects, an ability that would be, in most other series, offensively useless. Josuke's creativity in how he uses it, such as repairing projectiles to send them flying back at his enemies or healing detached limbs so he can follow them back to their owner, turns Crazy Diamond into one of the most dangerous and versatile Stands in the series, especially whenever Josuke disposes of enemies he considers irredeemable. Being a JoJo, he's playable in All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven and Last Survivor.
  • Koichi Hirose's Echoes ACT1 has the power to make sound effects and attach them to objects, and pretty much zero offensive power. In its first appearance, Koichi takes down Tamami by driving him nearly insane from extremely loud, painful sounds ripping into his ears constantly, and then stops his mother from committing Psychic-Assisted Suicide by attaching a sound effect to her that repeats an encouraging phrase until she eventually calms down. This is rendered irrelevant later when Echoes ACT2 and ACT3 gain much more useful abilities (though ACT1 remains useful for its superior mobility). He's playable in All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven and Last Survivor.
  • Rohan Kishibe's Stand, Heaven's Door, has the ability to turn anyone into a book and allow him to read through their personal history. He can also rip these pages (the consequence for its victim being that they would lose weight and, in the event that all of their pages are ripped off, they die) and write commands in them such as "I can't attack Rohan Kishibe", "I will not look back the alley and fly at 50 MPH" or "I can speak Italian fluently", and the person won't be able to do anything about it. Heaven’s Door’s short range, Rohan's laid-back personality, and Josuke's Berserk Button-induced wrath making him blind to anything but Rohan himself are the only things preventing this ability from becoming overpowered. He's a playable character in both All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven and Last Survivor.
  • Shigechi's Harvest seems like nothing special, being just a bunch of tiny creatures with a stinger that has practically nil offensive capability, and with the proportional strength you'd expect of something that's only a couple of inches tall. However, multiply that tiny offensive capability by five hundred and give it an astounding range, and you actually have a potentially pretty dangerous Stand. It says a lot that he came very close to defeating Josuke and Okuyasu at the same time, and later nearly defeated the Big Bad Kira, only losing because he tried to give him a chance to surrender. It says something that Josuke genuinely considers Harvest to be one of the strongest Stands he's ever gone up against. He's a playable character in both All-Star Battle (albeit as DLC) and Eyes of Heaven.
    • He can also command his Stand to bring him things from anywhere in their range, and they're all intelligent enough to find what Shigechi wants every single time. During Shigechi's introduction scene, he was using Harvest to pick up loose change all over the town, and had collected tens of thousands of yen; Josuke suggests that he should expand his horizon and collect discarded coupons and other promotional giveaways too, resulting in Harvest finding a winning ticket worth 5 million yen whose owner discarded it without checking the numbers first. And whilst each individual Harvest unit doesn't have much strength, they can also work together as a unit to carry bigger things, and 500 tiny little Stands working together adds up; Shigechi actually manages to outrun Josuke and Okuyasu by simply lying down and having Harvest carry him, including running straight up a vertical wall to end up atop a building.
    • His introduction arc shows that Harvest's stingers can function as syringes, as seen when he discreetly injects Josuke and Okuyasu's veins with hard liquor to get them swiftly drunk and disoriented. If he were so inclined, Shigechi could kill people easily by injecting them with any number of nasty chemicals, or simply causing embolisms by putting air bubbles into their bloodstreams. Even without that, he can easily cripple or kill foes by having Harvest rip out sinews, arteries and eyes.
    • Harvest consisting of 500 units has another unexpected benefit due to the way Stands work. For most Stands, any damage they receive is transferred to the Stand User and if they are killed the user dies as well. This means that attacking the Stand itself is usually an effective strategy in JoJo fights. Stands that are made up of multiple units instead of one, Colony Stands, work a bit differently, though. To put it simply, the more units a Colony Stand has, the less damage the user will receive when a unit is attacked. Shigechi has 500 units! Attacking Harvest is basically a waste of time; you would have to destroy hundreds to do noticeable damage. In fact, going straight for the user, bypassing his stand, is how Kira managed to kill Shigechi.
  • Atom Heart Father, the Stand of Yoshihiro Kira, allows Yoshihiro's ghost to exist within photos. Any person in a photo with him in it is bound by the area that the photo covers, and whatever Yoshihiro does to the people in the image will happen to the actual people, without any way to stop it. And doing anything to the photo yourself causes that damage to happen to the people in it (such as when Josuke ripped up the photo, which resulted in both he and Jotaro being ripped like the photo and forcing him to use Crazy Diamond to repair it). The only way to defeat this is to take another photograph that makes him the only feature. This ability causes Yoshihiro to be one of the few enemies to actually come close to killing Josuke and Jotaro. Unlike his son, he doesn't make it as a playable fighter in All-Star Battle, but appears instead as the hazard of the Kira Estate stage.
    • Even when his Stand's main power is defeated, it still allows him an extreme amount of autonomy, since he's still able to manipulate the photo itself and interact with the outside world. He spends the rest of Diamond is Unbreakable as Kira's dragon, only being defeated when Josuke discovered him hiding in Hayato's clothes, covertly directing Kira and Stray Cat's explosive bubbles to hit Josuke from out of Kira's sight.
  • Stray Cat has the ability to manipulate air and create bubbles. While this ability may sound weak, when those bubbles pop, they put out a lot of force. In fact, it survives Killer Queen's ability by creating a field of air where nothing can ignite, thus negating the explosion, and at one point comes incredibly close to killing Kira by forcing an air bubble into his veins. And then Kira teams up with it by using Killer Queen to turn its bubbles into bombs. While Stray Cat itself doesn't appear as a playable character in the strictest sense in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven, it becomes Kosaku Kawajiri's Assist Character.

    Vento Aureo/Golden Wind 
  • Giorno Giovanna's Gold Experience has the ability to "imbue life" onto objects. This being JoJo, we discover that it can turn inanimate objects into living creatures and screw with a person's consciousness, and those are just the basic utilities. During his fight with Bucciarati, who mocks the usefulness of Gold Experience in a fight, Bruno gets to learn first-hand that "overfilled with life" includes charming side effects like losing coordination with your body and feeling the agonizing moment of your face being pounded in, stretched out over several minutes. Not only, by way of being a JoJo protagonist, did he made it into ASB, EOH and LS, but he also appears as a playable character in the Shonen Jump crossover Jump Force.
    • And, of course, there's the fact that any damage the animated object takes gets reflected back. This is first demonstrated when a thug tries to kill a frog created by Giorno's power with a shovel... and promptly gets his head caved in.
  • Bruno Bucciarati's Sticky Fingers has the ability to summon zippers. By creating open zippers he can make instant doors, split enemies apart to disable or kill them or use it on himself to dodge attacks or extend his arms; by making closed zippers, he can seal things together, which can have the effect of sealing someone's lips or even reattaching a severed hand; he can even place zippers on the ground, open it, and ride the slider for fast transport. He also has the ability of making a sort of pocket dimension on things he puts zippers on, which allowed him to be able to do things like hide a cell phone in his own head should he need to call in case of an emergency, or even hide himself inside a child's body without the child even noticing. He's a playable character in All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven and Last Survivor.
  • Little Feet, Formaggio's Stand, is regularly mocked by the rest of La Squadra for the seemingly useless ability of shrinking things. Formaggio proves its usefulness by using it as an infiltration tool, as well as making him hard to hit. He also can use it offensively by shrinking an opponent to the point that their Stand becomes completely useless. In the anime, he assassinates a man by shrinking a car to the size of a grain of rice, dropping it into the target's wine, and then restoring the car to full size after the target swallows it. He even manages to survive being set on fire by slashing open his arm and shrinking so that the blood spray puts him out. Not only that, but when he brings things back to their normal size, they do so with explosive force. And how does Little Feet shrink things? By slashing them with its claw-like index finger.
  • Pesci's Beach Boy is... a fishing rod. A fishing rod that can track people and pull them out of whatever room they're in, phase through any object, including skin, and reflect damage to the line back at whatever he has hooked. It says a lot that Bucciarati considers Pesci to be more dangerous than his partner Prosciutto, who could age people past the point of death. He's the Situation/Dramatic Finish of the Naples Train Station stage in All-Star Battle and one of the hazards in Eyes of Heaven, before becoming an assist character to the now-playable Prosciutto in All-Star Battle R.
  • Talking Head, Tiziano's Stand, is a parasite that attaches itself to people's tongues to cause miscommunication. On its own, this Stand isn't all that much, but when used in support of another, more powerful Stand, such as his partner Squalo's Clash, it comes close to killing several members of Team Bucciarati.
  • Trish Una's Stand, Spice Girl, can make any object it hits become soft, which may sound useless, but the objects it hits also turn elastic and infinitely durable. Any enemy weapon affected by Spice Girl becomes practically useless, any obstacle can easily be overcome, and even the ground itself can be turned into a useful shield, trap, or tool. She became a playable character in Eyes of Heaven and joined the roster of All-Star Battle R.

    Stone Ocean 
  • Of all the lead characters' powers, Jolyne Cujoh's Stone Free, which allows her to unravel her body into string, seems to be the weakest. She can still do a lot with it, such as stitch up wounds, absorb piercing and blunt-force attacks, and even nullify a Stand which can turn people inside-out by turning her body into a Mobius strip. Stone Free can also pass her powers onto Jolyne, which allows Stone Free to dish out damage without many problems. As a JoJo, she's playable in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.
  • Manhattan Transfer, the Stand of Johngalli A., is a Stand with no combat ability of its own. However, its long-range and set of powers complete Johngalli A.'s sniping, enabling him to shoot his targets from afar, precisely, and through blind spots. Its size also means that it can slip through any opening no problem, meaning it's only a matter of time until Johngalli A. finds you.
  • Kiss, the Stand of Ermes Costello, has the ability to duplicate anything that it places one of its stickers on, and when the sticker is removed, the objects merge back together and take some damage. The things she does with this ability are so complex that it may become hard at times for the audience to keep up. In her first fight, she avoids suffocation by duplicating her own nose. She's playable in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.
  • Highway to Hell, Thunder McQueen's Stand, requires its user to kill themselves in order to kill their victim. Aside from this, it resembles a purple fungus with no combat ability whatsoever. While it would appear to be the most useless Stand of the entire franchise, it becomes incredibly dangerous in the hands of a depressed sociopath with suicidal tendencies like McQueen.
  • Foo Fighters is a Stand who can control a colony of plankton that make up their body. They have easily the most creative applications of any supporting character; they can morph their index finger and thumb into a gun to fire pieces of themself, heal deadly wounds by filling them with their plankton and sewing them on a microscopical level, travel through bodies of water almost instantaneously, recover from pretty much any injury as long as a piece of them is able to get to a water source, and animate the body of a dead woman. They're part of the playable roster of All Star Battle R, notably having fellow stand user (and Eyes of Heaven roster member) Weather Report as their Assist Character.
  • Lang Rangler's Stand, Jumpin' Jack Flash, nullifies the personal gravity of whoever he spits on. That may not sound very dangerous on its own, but this effect also extends to everything the person touches, from other people, to physical objects, to entire rooms. The result is a chain reaction where, because a space has no gravity, the air is sucked away by surrounding areas with gravity and the target is left floating in a vacuum to either suffocate or die of embolism.
  • Miuccia "Miumiu" Miuller's Stand, Jail House Lock. Being only able to remember three things at once sounds incredibly lame as a Stand ability, but as Miumiu's arc demonstrates, it becomes nigh impossible to actually attempt attacking her. Acknowledging the presence of something and remembering something from before the activation of Jail House Lock's ability both count towards the three-memory limit, which cripples the victim's ability to plan attacks. She herself acknowledges that it's worse than losing all of one's memories at once. Her preferred method of killing someone is to fire four bullets at them; even if you spot the first three, you'll either get killed by the fourth or forget the first in the process of seeing the fourth.
  • This trope is discussed in a flashback where Pucci asks DIO who he thinks has the weakest Stand. He replies that "The Stand named 'Survivor' is the 'weakest'. But it's a handful.". Effectively, Guccio's Stand is automatic, triggered when Guccio is mad. It causes a small electric current to move across wet surfaces. Whoever is hit by the current becomes extremely violent, only caring about hurting other people, as well as giving them the ability to see what parts of the body are strong or damaged, allowing the affected people to focus on the better targets. On its own? A Stand that is completely useless, or even actively detrimental, to its user. However, with just a wet floor and a closed area, its potential to kill someone rises exponentially. A closed area like, say a maximum security prison, the setting where the part takes place.
  • In the same arc, Kenzou’s stand, Dragon’s Dream, counts as well. For a quick explanation, Feng Shui, also know as Chinese Geomancy, posits that locations, such as natural formations, building arrangements, and individual rooms, are intrinsically linked to the flow of Qi, which governs luck (among other things). Dragon’s Dream has no direct attacks and two alternating modes. The first points out Kenzou’s most fortunate places, and the second points out his opponents most unfortunate places, hovering near it to redirect any attacks towards that spot. So, how is this awesome? Being in his most fortunate spots allows him to avoid attacks by sheer luck, while striking his opponent in their most unfortunate spots lands Critical Hits or creates Butterflies of Doom that rapidly spiral out of control, such as falling air conditioner blocks, spinning fan blades, and even being trapped in an electric chair. Coupled with Kenzou’s own proficiency in martial arts, he is able to use Dragon’s Dreams analytical ability to the fullest, and as Anasui puts it, if it weren’t for Dragon’s Dream and Feng Shui being neutral concepts, his stand would possess no weakness.
  • Ungalo's Stand, Bohemian Rhapsody, allows him to summon representations of fictional characters into reality out of media depicting them. Attacking people with copies of cartoon characters or famous works of art might sound really silly, but Ungalo proves himself to be a serious threat. First, since they're made of whatever material they come from, fighting characters can be quite difficult. Second, if someone encounters a character whom they like or relate to, even subconsciously, their soul will be torn from their body and forced into that character's role, taking on their appearance and acting out their story, including their death, while their body is left helpless. Third, since it's powered by the creative energy behind the characters, the range for this Stand is infinite, making it nigh-impossible to find the user. Ungalo manages to make himself a global threat from the comfort and safety of a plane.
  • His incredibly neurotic brother, Rikiel, possesses one as well. His stand, Sky High, takes the form of a cartoonish frog with a (also cartoonish) pterodactyl head on top of its own, attached to his wrist, and possesses no offensive, defensive, or intelligence gathering abilities. Its one ability is to communicate with Rods, fictional insects that propel themselves faster than the eye can see and haven’t been discovered by humanity, who also possess no offensive, defensive, or intelligence gathering abilities. So how is it awesome? Note the fact it hasn’t been discovered? This is due to three key factors. 1. Their aforementioned speed, which makes them imperceptible in flight. 2. Disintegrating upon death, leaving no remains to be identified. 3. They feed by absorbing the energy around them, so they never have to stop moving. This allows Rikiel to absorb the energy of his enemies by getting Rods to fly near them, stealing their body heat and inflicting an innumerable amount of injuries to his opponents, shutting their eyelids, neutralising limbs, even stopping their internal organs from functioning, including his enemy’s spinal column. Rikiel, upon realising his ability’s true potential, goes from a nervous hypochondriac to one of Jolyne’s fiercest opponents.

    Steel Ball Run 
  • On concept, being able to use the Spin to make things... spin, doesn't sound like a particularly useful ability to have, and not nearly as useful as its earlier counterpart in Hamon. In reality, it has a ton of useful applications: spinning one's nails or thrown items to turn them into deadly projectiles, triggering muscle reflexes to make a paraplegic walk, flatten limbs to let the user twist into tight spaces, or affecting one's skin to change their appearance.
  • Pocoloco's Hey Ya! does nothing but provide constant positive encouragement and the occasional bit of advice. However, Pocoloco is Born Lucky (to the point that increased luck was rumored by fans to be one of its powers; it's not), so really, all he needs is that positive encouragement and he can do just about anything he sets his mind to. Plus, it's hinted at times that Hey Ya! knows things its user doesn't, which can be factored into the advice; some of the suggestions sound idiotic but are Crazy Enough to Work. With all combined, it lets him do what no one else achieved: actually win the Steel Ball Run.
  • Johnny Joestar has the Stand Tusk, whose main ability allows Johnny to shoot his fingernails like bullets. Johnny's use of this ability allows him to become one of the most dangerous Stand Users in the series, and that's not even going into the abilities the Stand gains over time, which border on Story-Breaker Power. He's playable in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.
  • Hot Pants has the Stand Cream Starter, which can generate a spray of flesh. Said flesh can be used to disguise herself as other people, cover up and heal wounds, and allow Hot Pants to engage in Detachment Combat. Weird? Yes. Disgusting? Oh yeah. Versatile? Absolutely.
  • Lucy Steel's Ticket To Ride creates knives that cannot hurt anybody, however, once you're hit by one, you become a target for its misfortune redirection. This stops becoming the case when she loses control of it, however.
  • Mike O. has the Stand Tubular Bells, which allows him to turn metal into living balloon animals. They can track someone from a distance, and they're still made of metal, which allows them to pierce through someone's face or cut off an arm by reverting to their original forms, making his chapter especially gory.

  • Josuke Higashikata's Stand, Soft & Wet, allows Josuke to create soap bubbles that steal proprieties of objects and people. While that power may sound weird, the complex strategies he manages to pull off with this ability prove just how useful it can be, for example, making someone unable to stand up by stealing the friction from their body. He's playable in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.
  • Yasuho Hirose's Paisley Park has the seemingly benign power of "Guidance", at first subconsciously directing people to help or herself to her goal via digital interfaces. When she finds herself kidnapped by human traffickers in their car, Paisley Park guides her to safety... by guiding the driver's foot into the brakes so the car crashes into a tree, leaving Yasuho unharmed. It eventually proves to be the final key to controlling Soft & Wet's most powerful ability, which, due to its properties, can't normally be controlled, but can be guided by Paisley Park to hit the enemy.
  • Joshu Higashikata's Stand, Nut King Call, can place screws on objects. He can screw things together, or take things apart by unscrewing them (by taking the bolt off). Like most simple JoJo Stands, it's absolutely dangerous — Joshu accidentally unscrews a thug's hands from his wrists when it automatically protects him. And then screws them back on the wrong way around. Even more so when he learns how to actually use it (complete with pose!) and easily subdues a bunch of ne'er-do-wells in a cramped space. He's a playable character in Eyes of Heaven.
  • Paper Moon King, the Stand of Tsurugi Higashikata, can bring origami to life. Touching an origami figure will cause the victim to become unable to tell things apart. It can also turn objects into paper to be turned into origami. Tsurugi is able to weaponize its ability to alter cognitive functions of the brain, most often in the form of prosopagnosia, but up to, and including making a public bus look like his own father just before it mows down the man under the illusion's control.
  • Speed King, the Stand of Jobin Higashikata, on paper, sounds lame. All it can do is store "heat" in a specific area for a long period of time and then release it if something touches it. This is until in classic JoJo fashion that you read the fine print—Speed King stores heat indefinitely, which allows it to build up to ludicrously hot amounts. The hottest it's been so far is 300 degrees Celsius, which is more than enough to cook the human body, and Speed King can target multiple areas at once. The result is that Speed King essentially allows its user to make dozens of tiny, indescribably hot wounds all over any target it likes, and can potentially cause a One-Hit Kill embolism if he manages to get your head. These heat spots also last a long, long time, as evidenced by Jobin planting one on a cell phone up in a penthouse apartment and activating it while he's down on the street, instantly killing its target. The result of all of this is that Speed King is possibly one of the most dangerous Stands in the entire series to fight in a one on one duel due to this effect, since you won't even realize he's beaten you until your face is exploding.
  • Karera Sakunami has the Stand Love Love Deluxe. Whereas her previous-universe counterpart's Love Deluxe had Prehensile Hair with amazing strength, all Karera's version can do is cause hair to grow rapidly. She has a few ways to use this ability to scam people (such as claiming to sell a miracle hair rejuvenation service, despite the fact that the hair falls out after she leaves, making hair grow inside food at a restaurant then complaining to the cook about it, or making hair grow on an ATM's keypad to figure out someone's PIN after stealing their debit card) but she does also find a use for it in combat: first, she makes a long hair grow from an enemy, which she douses with gasoline and lights on fire, the hair acting like a fuse. Since the enemy was also covered by a Deadly Gas at the time, this results in him burning to death.
  • Tamaki Damo has the Stand Vitamin C, which can soften objects into a putty-like substance. It has a similar power to Trish Una's Spice Girl. However, Trish never reduced her enemies to grotesque layers of goo. With this power, this guy neutralizes Kira's Sheer Heart Attack with little effort, which is quite impressive considering how unstoppable it was in Part 4, and it allows him to single-handedly take out nearly the entire Higashikata household.
  • Schott Key No. 1, the Stand of A.Phex Brother 1, turns his right hand into whatever their left (intact) hand is touching. It sounds like a lame power to have. However, aside of the very fact that the JoJoverse runs on this trope, and Schott Key No. 2's toxic gas is inside of the things Schott Key No. 1 can touch.
  • Kaato's Stand, Space Trucking, can bend space to store objects inside playing cards. Despite looking harmless at first, it's quite versatile. The Stand form can shoot cards that can be used to immobilize a target using their space-bending properties, since all her Stand is doing is throwing the cards it can affect physical objects, it works from a distance, and, sadly for Toru, it bypasses Wonder of U's ridiculous triggers, as it's non-fatal.

    The JOJOLands 
  • Aside from crushing people, Jodio's November Rain can target specific objects. When an American DEA agent nearly busted him and Paco for having coke, he used his Stand to ruin the bag and destroy the evidence. The rain trailed down the woman's fingers, and the rainwater's weight ripped through the coke bag.
  • Dragona's Smooth Operators doesn't do much outside of moving stuff around. That might sound like a stupid power to have, but they can also use their Stand's ability to move things that can't be moved, letting them become a Master Forger by replacing various aspects of an object and making them look like the genuine article. They also can use Smooth Operators to apply some Body Horror by moving parts of your body around, and can even act as an effective healer by moving wounds onto other objects.
  • Paco Laburantes's The Hustle. Grabbing things with your muscles instead of your hands might not sound like good power on paper. But as several panels in the first chapter show, Paco can use his Stand to steal items from people, like wallets or watches, without drawing any suspicion, making him a great thief and a perfect member of the jewel heist. It also comes with the added benefit of not leaving your fingerprints on the things you grab, which for a delinquent like him is a blessing. Later chapters show that Paco's muscles are also pretty strong, allowing him to easily trap someone's hand with his bicep, or climb trees with his back muscles while leaving all his limbs free.


    Purple Haze Feedback 
  • Cannolo Murlo's All Along Watchtower binds to a deck of 53 playing cards. While this initially appears to just be used for divining information in an obscure and unreliable way, this is just an act by Murlo to throw off his enemies. Not only are the cards animate, but he can also see and hear through each of them, making them exceptionally useful as a tool for espionage. After all, how many places can a card be hidden? What's more, any damage taken by the the cards is spread out among them all, meaning Murlo himself only experiences 1/53rd of the damage himself.
  • Sheila E.'s Voodoo Child can make lips grow on any surface it touches. As weird is it may sound, she proves it can be both useful and quite dangerous. When used on something like a building corner, the lips repeat things said by people near that location, making it helpful in gathering information. When used on a person, the lips will instead begin repeating their darkest secrets, which can cause them such severe emotional damage that, without enough mental fortitude, it may prove fatal. Voodoo Child also has no limit to the amount of lips it can create.

    4th. Another Day 
  • The Book, Takuma's Stand, is a record of his life, and can make people relive Takuma's memories. However, he can use it on himself to learn any skill like knife throwing at an accelerated pace, and then Takuma can make people relive the time he was hit by a car or when he fell from several stories, without the memory of him being treated by doctors, then he can even kill them in one move. Case in point, Takuma manages to beat Okuyasu and nearly defeats Josuke despite his Stand being a simple book.

    GioGio's Bizarre Adventure II: Golden Heart, Golden Ring 
  • Joy Division, Sogliola's Stand, allows him to swap whatever he is holding in his left hand to his right one and viceversa. While seemingly useless, it has a few quirks that makes it much more powerful than it looks. If Sogliola touches himself and an object, he will teleport himself somewhere near said object, which allows him to bypass walls and make quick getaways. Also, he can delay his ability so that the targets will swap places at a predetermined time, even if he is no longer touching them in that moment; in one instance he scattered pieces of polystyrene into the sea, which then got swapped with huge naval mines, creating a sudden trap.