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Adaptation Dye Job / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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Consistency? Koichi's never heard of it.note 

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has always been very liberal with its color schemes. Characters can have radically different palettes between the anime, manga, games, and illustrations. According to Word of God, no colors are set in stone aside from Dio and Giorno's hair (and even that doesn't always stick).

Note that for the games, characters will usually have their other color schemes available as a Palette Swap option or alternate outfit. These entries are based on their default colors in these games. This page also only covers the manga, anime, and games—even more variants appear in other artwork and merchandise.

Phantom Blood

  • Jonathan Joestar has brown hair in the manga and 2007 film. Perhaps in order to distinguish him from his Identical Grandson Joseph, the anime gives him blue hair and eyes. In the games, his hair is black with indigo highlights in All-Star Battle and blue highlights in Eyes of Heaven.
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  • Jonathan isn't the only character from part 1 who had his hair changed from brown to blue. His father, George Joestar I, had the same dye-job applied to him, perhaps in order to explain from who he got the blue hair genes.
  • Although Dio Brando's blonde hair is said to be the only set-in-stone color in the entire franchise, some illustrations give him green or white hair instead.
  • Zeppeli is typically given a white suit, but the 2007 film made it red.

Battle Tendency

  • In the manga, Joseph has purple hair and eyes. The anime and Eyes of Heaven give him brown hair and green eyes. He has black hair in the Capcom game, and green in All-Star Battle. It's also worth noting his outfit changes corresponding to his hair color, with the anime and Capcom as the only exceptions, the anime giving him a green outfit and the game giving him a pink one.
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  • In the manga, Caesar's outfit is burgundy, lime green, and navy. The anime eschews this odd color scheme for a simpler blue and white outift with a pink scarf, which Eyes of Heaven also uses. All-Star Battle substitutes blue for green.
  • Wamuu's clothes are prominently blue in the manga. The anime uses more muted, earthy colors.

Stardust Crusaders

  • Jotaro's colors can change in many ways depending on which version you're looking at:
    • In the anime and manga, Jotaro has green-blue eyes (depending on whether you're watching Stardust Crusaders or Diamond is Unbreakable). in the live-action adaptation, he has brown eyes.
    • His coat and hat are blue in the manga and OVA, with the OVA adding pink elements. They're black in the anime. This only applies to part 3, as he has a white outfit in pretty much every part 4 adaptation.
      • His undershirt in part 3 also changes. It's almost always purple or red, except for the anime and Eyes of Heaven, which make it green. He keeps the red shirt in some promotional material for the anime, however.
    • Star Platinum has many color schemes: in the manga, it's purple, the OVA and anime add some blue, while Heritage For The Future and All-Star Battle make it green. The Part 4 anime gives it bright cyan and purple colors and a white scarf and gloves.
  • Given Joseph's age, most adaptations give him gray or white hair. However, the OVA makes him blond instead.
  • Like Joseph, Polnareff's white hair is also turned blond in the OVA. It also makes his top brown and his pants green, while most other depictions have him wearing a black top and white pants.
    • While usually completely silver, fitting its name, Silver Chariot has some gold accents in the OVA.
  • Kakyoin's hair is reddish-pink in the anime and manga. The OVA changes it to brown.
    • His eyes also change: they're orange in the colored manga, violet in the anime, dark brown in the OVA and red in Eyes of Heaven.
  • Avdol's hair is dark green in the RPG, Heritage For The Future and All-Star Battle, where it's black in the color version of the manga, the anime, and Eyes of Heaven. His clothes are different in almost every medium. They're brown in the manga, red and gold in the OVA, yellow in All-Star Battle, and red and white in the anime and Eyes of Heaven.
    • Magician's Red is, well, red, but its equally-red feathers become blue in All-Star Battle.
  • Hol Horse's stand Emperor is almost always silver, but the OVA makes it gold.
  • In color versions of the manga, Mariah has light skin and blonde hair and wears a purple cape. In the Capcom fighting game, she has dark skin, silver hair, and wears a red cape, and the anime went with this color scheme.
  • In color versions of the manga and official art, Midler has dark hair and a light skin tone. She kept that skin tone for Heritage for the Future, but was redesigned to sport blonde hair instead. The anime returned to her original hair color and gave her dark skin to boot.
  • Vanilla Ice's hair is white in older material, but All-Star Battle and later the anime use brown.
  • The World has gone through a few color changes. The manga makes it all yellow, the OVA and Heritage For The Future give it gray skin with ivory armor, and the anime and CyberConnect2 games give it dark gray skin and yellow armor with green accessories.

Diamond is Unbreakable

  • Josuke's hair and outfit are purple with a green undershirt in the manga, and are changed to indigo and yellow in the anime, with the undershirt also colored red in some promotional material.
  • Much like Josuke, Okuyasu's outfit goes from purple to blue in the anime.
  • Koichi has no less than four radically different color schemes: in the manga, he's blond and wears purple clothes. The games make his hair and clothing blue. The anime gives him white hair and a green outfit.note  And in the movie, his hair is black, and his outfit is a much darker shade of green than in the anime.
  • Heaven's Door is almost always white and gold, but the Rohan Kishibe OVAs change the gold to blue.
  • Reimi Sugimoto was a brunette in the manga, but has pink hair in the anime.
  • Ratt is bronze in the manga, and dark green in the anime.
  • Cheap Trick is blue in the manga, and brown in the anime.
  • During the final battle, Yoshikage Kira sports a different hairstyle. In the manga, it's green with black streaks, while the games and anime change it to white and black.
    • Kira's suit also changes depending on the medium. It's either lavender or white, with the anime compromising by giving him a lavender suit for his initial appearance, and a white one later on.
  • The flower which Stray Cat turns into after its death is pink in the manga and games, but white in the anime. However, it does turn pink again by the time of the final battle.

Vento Aureo

  • Giorno Giovanna has many different color schemes:
    • Like his father, Giorno's blond hair is one of the only fixed colors. Also like his father, it sometimes changes to green or white.
    • Giorno's most common color scheme for his outfit is blue, with red ladybug brooches. However, the anime turns his clothes pink and makes his ladybugs blue instead.
    • His stand, Gold Experience is no stranger to color changes. The manga and CyberConnect2 games make it gold with green accessories, similar to The World's anime coloration. The PlayStation 2 game makes it yellow and a pale gold, and the anime makes it shades of light gold with purple accessories.
  • Although Bruno's outfit is most often white with gold zippers, Eyes of Heaven changes the outfit to blue, and All Star Battle changes the zippers to pink. Both games make his eyes pink as well.
  • Narancia's outfit is almost always purple and orange, but Eyes of Heaven instead makes it black and green.
    • Aerosmith is blue and purple in the manga and CyberConnect2 games, but white and pink in the PS2 game and red and silver in the anime.
  • Guido Mista's color scheme was unchanged in Eyes of Heaven/All Star Battle, the Anime and the Manga. The only notable color change was on the PlayStation 2 game, which swapped the color of his headgear from Red with a blue arrow, to blue with a red arrow. His red pants are also white.
    • Sex Pistols is yellow in most adaptations, with the major exception being the PlayStation 2 game, which made them white.
  • Leone Abbacchio's eyes and lips were respectively blue and black in the manga, but the anime changes them to a yellow/purple gradient and purple. His outfit is also more predominantly purple in the anime.
    • Moody Blues was indigo with a green timer in the manga, with the indigo changed to a blue-pink hybrid and a blue timer instead of green in the anime.
  • In the manga, Pannacotta Fugo has white hair and a red outfit, a color scheme reminiscent of an actual pannacotta. In the PlayStation 2 game, his hair was white with a beige outfit. All Star Battle makes his hair blond and clothes green, a palette which was kept for the anime. In Eyes of Heaven, his clothes and hair are orange. His eyes change color just as often; red in the manga, yellow in the CyberConnect2 games, and purple in the anime.
  • Diavolo's eyes are straight-up black in the manga and all other material, but the anime makes them green.
    • While King Crimson always has red as its primary color, its face and grid pattern are either silvery-white like in the manga, or yellow like in All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven. The anime goes for plain white, with the usually silver armor pieces also white. It also has a deeper shade of red on its body in the anime.
  • Doppio's hair and clothes are pink in the manga, but purple everywhere else. His pink eyes in the manga are also typically brown in other material. The anime strikes a compromise between pink and purple, with pink hair and a purple sweater, and yellow eyes.
  • Numerous enemies have their colors changed from the colored manga scans to anime:
    • Polpo's red eyes are green in the anime.
    • Mario Zucchero's white hair and green outfit are switched around in the anime.
    • Sale's hair is a more vibrant shade of orange in the anime and his eyes are magenta instead of blue.
    • Formaggio's hair is orange in the colored manga scans, while the anime gave him gray-colored hair.
    • Melone's hair is blonde in the colored manga scans, while the anime gave him purple hair.
    • Risotto's hair is purple in the colored manga scans, and white in the anime.
    • Tiziano's hair is silver in the manga, and blond in the anime.
    • Carne's hair is green in the manga, and pink in the anime.
  • Most of the enemies' Stands receive radical color changes in the anime;
    • Soft Machine's purples in the manga become greens in the anime. The spiky nubs are also white.
    • Kraft Work's colors are totally different; white and blue with yellow eyes in the manga, and dark green and orange with red eyes in the anime.
    • Little Feet goes from white and purple in the manga to varying shades of indigo with small bits of green in the anime.
    • Man in the Mirror changes the brown parts of its body to white in the anime, and its black goggles become orange.
    • The Grateful Dead is purple and orange in the manga, and white and purple with green eyes in the anime.
    • Beach Boy's colors are that of an ordinary fishing rod (silver and white) in the manga, but the anime makes it teal, with the line a bright pink.
    • Baby Face is light blue in the manga, and lavender in the anime.
    • White Album's blue highlights and visor in the manga are lime green in the anime.
    • Clash is gray in the manga, but is a warmer shade in the anime.
    • Notorious B.I.G's "flesh" parts are white and later pink in the manga, but always a fleshy orange in the anime.

Stone Ocean

  • Jolyne's hair is dark blue with lime green highlights in the manga and All Star Battle, but black with blonde highlights in Eyes of Heaven.
  • In the manga, Narciso Anasui has pink hair. All Star Battle changes it to green, and Eyes of Heaven to blue.

Steel Ball Run

  • The manga has Johnny wearing light blue clothes with pink stars, All Star Battle make his hat and shirt white with blue stars, and his pants the opposite, and Eyes of Heaven gives him a lime green outfit with red stars. His blond hair in the manga also becomes orange in the games.
  • The manga and All-Star Battle make Gyro Zeppeli blond and wearing a purple and tan outfit. Eyes of Heaven makes his clothes blue and his hair green. He has green eyes in the manga, but blue in the games.
  • Although Funny Valentine is most often depicted with blue eyes and wearing a pink suit, All Star Battle changes it to brown eyes and a white suit.


  • The manga has part 8's Josuke wearing white clothes. Strangely, Eyes of Heaven uses white in his official render, but orange for his actual in-game palette. Official illustrations also make his outfit pink, blue, turquoise, or tan.
    • Soft & Wet is white and purple in the manga, and yellow and green in games.

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