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  • Batman usually has a lighter shade of hair when he's played by a real actor. He also traditionally has blue eyes, but they were colored brown/black in Batman: The Animated Series. They were changed back to blue once it was retooled into The New Batman Adventures. George Clooney also had brown eyes and graying hair in Batman & Robin.
  • Likewise, in The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent, who is a brunet in the comics, is played by blond Aaron Eckhart.
  • Vicki Vale is normally shown as a redhead in the comics, but was played by the very blond Kim Basinger in the original Batman (1989). She's also blond in the Batman: Arkham Series.
  • While Catwoman is traditionally depicted as having dark black hair, the extremely blonde Michelle Pfeiffer played her in Batman Returns. This appearance was originally used for Batman: The Animated Series since the series was intended to tie-in with Batman Returns. However, when the show switched networks and art styles, Catwoman returned to her black hair color and the change was even explained away as a result of a dye job because her original hair product had been derived from animal testing. Her hair is returned to black in The Batman, but her traditionally green eyes have been changed to blue.
    • Another canon explanation in the 'Contagion' series showed that as a criminal, Selina Kyle constantly cuts, dyes and restyles her hair to try and hide her identity.
  • Batman: The Animated Series saw Killer Croc's skin go from green to grey, though when it came back as The New Batman Adventures, it returned to the green.
  • In a reverse example, Chase Meridian from Batman Forever had blond hair in the movie. When she became a Canon Immigrant in the comics years later, she was now depicted as a redhead.
  • In Batman & Robin, red-headed Barbara is a blond played by Alicia Silverstone. This is also a different Barbara.
    • Barbara was created for Batman (1966). She had short, dark brown hair but wore a red haired wig as Batgirl. The comics ignored this and made her wig into her actual hair.
    • Barbara's normally blue eyes are colored brown in The Batman.
  • An odd example within one medium: The second Robin, Jason Todd. Pre-Crisis, he had red hair (kind of strawberry blond), permanently dyed black. Post-Crisis, he had naturally black hair. After coming back from the dead, he started out with black hair with a white streak, but now has dark red hair with a white streak, since the dye has apparently grown out. Now with the reboot, he's back to black again.
  • Birds of Prey followed the example set by Returns and B: TAS of having Catwoman's blonde.

    Wonder Woman 
  • Wonder Woman has black hair... except when portrayed by the blonde Cathy Lee Crosby.
  • On the opposite end, her mother Hippolyta was brown-haired in the Golden Age, blonde in the Silver Age and the 70's TV show, then dark-haired like her daughter after Crisis on Infinite Earths, blonde in the Justice League animated show, black-haired in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and back to blonde in the New 52, as well as in the 2017 film. The blonde New 52 Hippolyta was later retconned as being the result of false memories. As of Wonder Woman (Rebirth) Diana's mother is dark-haired like her daughter.
  • Steve Trevor is blond in the comics, but dark haired Lyle Waggoner was better known and cast well before Lynda Carter was discovered for the title role. No effort was made to address his hair color. The show went on to add and change many aspects of the Wonder Woman mythos with many of them being retconned back into the comic books.
  • Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe has the standard black hair, but her traditionally blue eyes are brown instead.
  • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman: Steve is brunette rather than his traditional blonde in "Brace Yourself".
  • Wonder Woman: Earth One: Steve is African American in this continuity and accordingly his hair is black.
  • The Legend of Wonder Woman (2016): Philippus normally has brown eyes, befitting her African heritage, but here her eyes are green instead. The Heyday sisters also have their traditionally blonde hair changed to orange.
  • Etta Candy was a redhead in the Golden Age comics Wonder Woman (1942) & Sensation Comics, but almost every iteration since has been blonde, until the Wonder Woman (Rebirth) version was made African American with black hair.
  • The New 52's Wonder Woman (2011) changed the hair, eye and skin colors of most of the Greek Pantheon's manifestations:
    • Ares' normally blonde hair is shown to have been orange in flashbacks but has turned white in the present as feelings of being worn out have manifested physically.
    • Artemis' brown hair and eyes are switched out for an entirely monochromatic blueish-white look.
    • Apollo's blonde hair and blue eyes are switched out for purplish-black hair and skin with glowing orange eyes.
    • Demeter's curly brown or black hair is now green, and so is her skin.
    • Dionysus' formally purple hair is now red and black, and his formerly brown eyes are yellow.
    • Hermes goes from brunette to blue skinned, teal haired with solid black eyes.
    • Hades has traded his black hair and pale skin for dripping candles and mint green skin.
    • Hephaestus' brown eyes are now black and red and his human appearance and skin have been swapped out for pinkish skin with hands and feet that look burnt black and cracked.
    • Zeus' normally white formally blonde hair is now dark brown dreadlocks.

  • Lana Lang and Lois Lane change hair colors for Smallville. Kristin Kreuk has dark brown hair instead of red, Erica Durance has brownish blond hair instead of black.
  • Felicity Smoak has black hair in the Firestorm comics, but is played by a blonde actress in Arrow. This is later revealed to be a literal example, as flashbacks show Felicity with black hair, and it has been stated a few times that she dyes it blonde.
  • The Flash
    • Barry Allen, a blue-eyed blonde, is played by brown-haired, green-eyed Grant Gustin. He was also played by the dark haired John Wesley Shipp on the 90's Flash series. Later, the DCEU has Barry played by the black-haired Ezra Miller. The 90s show also had Tina McGee go from black hair to brown.
    • Jesse Quick is a blonde in the comics, but has auburn hair in the show.
    • Subverted with Eobard Thawne; he had dark hair when disguised as Harrison Wells, but it's established in a flashback that he's blond like his comic counterpart.
    • Savitar has jet-black hair with blue streaks in the comics, but the show gives him brown hair. His comic counterpart also produced white lightning as he ran, but this version has yellow lightning that only looks white because of his Powered Armor.
    • Iris and Wally West both have black hair instead of red (due to the fact they are not white characters in the TV series).
  • Speaking of which, Barry's hair is black in the live-action Justice League movie. Additionally, Aquaman is a blonde in the comics, but thanks to a Race Lift, his hair is dark with some blond streaks in the film.
  • In the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, Wally West had black hair rather than red, with his Kid Flash uniform colored red instead of yellow. The Green Lantern segments also gave the Guardians of the Universe a generic caucasian skin tone instead of giving them blue skin like in the comics.
  • Superman: The Animated Series had Green Lantern Kyle Rayner's hair changed from black to light brown — because he was a Composite Character with some of Hal Jordan's aspects.
  • Lex Luthor's female bodyguard Mercy had brown hair when she was first introduced in the DC Animated Universe, but was given blond hair when she was brought over into the comics. She has black hair in The Batman, but this is mostly due to the creators making her Asian for this adaptation.
  • Dean Cain has brown eyes and brown hair; Tom Welling has green eyes (if fan sites are to be trusted) and brown hair; both played Superman, whose piercing blue eyes and black hair have been part of the standard character description for decades. At least Christopher Reeve was right.
    • Of course he had to get a real dye job to go from his natural blond...
  • The Jim Harper Guardian is portrayed as a blond in the comics, but is given red hair in Young Justice in order to highlight his relation to Roy Harper.
  • There was an Early Installment Character Design Difference example for Beast Boy of Teen Titans fame. Back when he was in the Doom Patrol, in his original origin story he was shown to have brown hair. After 12 issues he was given blond hair and it's stayed that way. His hair became red in the cartoon Young Justice. All of these are origin stories given little screen time compared to the green hair he is more well known for, which the color (whatever it is naturally) always changes to after his Superhero Origin. In the Titans (2018) live-action show, a Flashback shows that his hair was originally black before it became green.
    • Except in the New 52, where he turns red (blood-red, not red-hair-red), to fit better with the idea that characters with animal powers are all linked to The Red and characters with plant powers to The Green.
    • In the New 52 reboot, Terra originally appeared with (and was intended by the artists to have) brown hair, as opposed to her classic blonde. Later colorists have changed her hair back to being blonde, probably to have her look more recognizable.
    • While Raven has black hair in the comics, the 2003 animated series depicted her with violet hair. Her mother Arella received a similar dye job. Raven's eyes were also depicted as blue in the comics up until her resurrection, where they officially became "indigo" and vacillated between being a deep blue or violet. The animated incarnations of Raven and Arella both sport violet eyes. In the Teen Titans Go! cartoon, Raven's hair becomes a much deeper violet, almost black.
    • Kole Weathers was a redhead in her short-lived comics existence, while her animated counterpart had bright pink hair.
    • The Titans from the Elseworld "Scissors Paper Stone" one-shot was three-fourths of the team undergo has this in the New Teen Titans short "Turn Back The Clock", as Captain Thug went from having red hair to magenta, and both Dead Pretty Boy and Witchie-Poo were changed from having black hair and brown hair respectively to red hair. Prosthetic Lass is the only one who still retain her hair color in the original comic (blonde).
  • Teen Titans: Earth One:
    • Sort of inverted, originally a pre-Beast Boy Garfield Logan was show to be brown-haired but was subsequently retconned as a blond a few issues later and remained so ever since. Here he is brown-haired once again before his powers activate.
    • In the main universe Rita Farr is a brunette, Rita Markov here has black hair.
  • The original Aquagirl (Tula) from Aquaman was a brunette in all of her comic appearances, from Aquaman to Teen Titans. She was changed to be a redhead in the Young Justice cartoon and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (which used her Young Justice design as a nod to the cartoon). Her eyes were also changed from blue to green. Earlier on, the Teen Titans Go! comic book featured Tula in a brief cameo in issue 50 and a chibi gag. She was significantly changed up, with her brown hair becoming green, her eyes going from blue to gold, and receiving a sort of "Species Lift" from going from being a more humanoid Caucasian Atlantean girl to having pale blue skin, webbed hands and feet, and gills.
  • On that subject, Aqualad is almost always depicted with black hair, except in the Titans live-action series, where he's a blonde.
  • The Multiversity Guidebook #1:
    • The Wonder Woman of the main universe has black hair, however several of her alternate universe counterparts are red-heads (The unnamed pirate Wonder Woman of Earth-31 and War-Woman of Earth-36), blonde (Brünhilde of Earth-10), purple haired (Vague of Earth-41) and strawberry blonde (Walküre of Earth-7).
    • The Superman of the main universe has black hair, however several of his alternate universe counterparts are blond (Hyperius of Earth-8, Savior of Earth-34 and Optiman of Earth-36), green haired (Super-Martian of Earth-31), white haired (Supremo of Earth-35) and strawberry blond (Cyclotron of Earth-39).
    • The Catwoman of the main universe has black hair, however her Earth-31 counterpart has purple hair.
  • Wally West traditionally is a Significant Green-Eyed Redhead however in Teen Titans he has blue eyes.
  • Static villain Hotstreak went from having blond hair to red hair with blond streaks in Static Shock.
  • Black Canary is traditionally naturally black haired. A part of her disguise was putting on a blonde wig, though in the 1990s she decided to just grow her hair out and dye it. The New 52 reboot originally had her as a natural blonde. Then they later retconned that and she's back to having naturally black hair.
  • All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder has the normally blue eyed Batgirl as being a Significant Green-Eyed Redhead. She also has Youthful Freckles.
  • In Man of Steel, Lois Lane is portrayed by Amy Adams, who sports red hair instead of the traditional dark brunette hair that Lois is usually given.
  • In the Green Arrow comics, Connor Hawke has blond hair, but it's black in Legends of Tomorrow.
  • In Injustice: Gods Among Us Black Canary is presumably a natural blonde because her son with the equally blonde Green Arrow is blond. In the comics she is naturally black haired.
  • Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, Shazam's Funny Animal counterpart, was originally pink-furred, as were other bunny residents of Funny Animalville. When he was introduced to the Bronze Age DCU, he was white. In the Post-Crisis DCU he was shown as pinkish-brown on the cover of The Power of Shazam #29 and white with pink highlights inside. In Tiny Titans and DC Superpets he's brown and white. And the unpowered, non-anthro Hoppy from The New 52 Justice League's Shazam back-up strip is white again.
    • The New 52 also bleached Freddy Freeman's hair. The movie has it black again, in something like the original style that Elvis Presley copied.
  • John Constantine was originally blond, and specifically modeled after Sting (and more specifically, Sting as he appeared in the movie Quadrophenia). In the movie adaptation, he is played by dark-haired Keanu Reeves. But then, Keanu-Constantine had nothing in common with the comic-book character, except for the name (which is pronounced differently in the comic). The hair is really a minor detail.
  • In Neil Gaiman's Lucifer the abdicated Lord of Hell is blond, but in the loose TV adaptation he has black hair. It gets referenced in one episode where a Satanist responds to Lucifer's assertion of being the Devil by saying, "Aren't you supposed to be blond?"
  • The title character of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld has blonde hair, but is strawberry blonde in the Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld shorts.
  • Supergirl:
    • Supergirl is usually a bright blonde. In the series her hair is so dark that it could pass for light brown.
    • In the comics Streaky is a ginger cat. In the Supergirl episode "Legion of Super-Heroes" he's played by a black cat.
    • Brainiac 5's natural form has white hair and blue skin, rather than blond hair and green skin. Presumably, this is partly to make him look distinct from the Martians, and partly because the first Coluan to appear on the show was the blue-skinned Indigo.
  • In the comics The Silencer is a Dark-Skinned Blonde. In Arrow she has dark hair.
  • Sylvester Pemberton had black hair in the comics, but blond hair in the Stargirl (2020) TV show.



  • The Hellboy franchise did this to Liz Sherman: Red hair in the comics, black in the live action movies, and some shade of brown in the animated movies.
    • Abe Sapien also received a color change, going from green-skinned in the comics to blue-skinned in the movies.
      • Highly likely changed to allow the Green Screen process to work.
  • Hawk originally had blond hair in the G.I. Joe comics, but was given black hair in the animated series to distinguish him from Duke, the other blond-haired G.I. Joe leader (who actually appeared before Hawk in the animated series). The toyline followed suit by giving every Hawk action figure released afterward black or brown hair - except for the ones that came in comic packs in the 2000s.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
    • Although Splinter's brown fur is usually kept in adaptations, it was turned gray for the second cartoon and IDW comics.
    • Also in the original underground Eastman and Laird comics, whenever the Turtles were depicted in color, their masks were uniformly red. They were colored coded for the kids' convenience in all other depictions except this one.
    • The early Mirage comics depicted April O'Neil with dark hair, which was changed to be a lighter auburn in the '80s cartoon. Her blue jumpsuit was also changed to be yellow, and she underwent a possible Race Lift (which has stuck to her modern incarnations).
  • Scott Pilgrim:
    • Scott Pilgrim's ex-girlfriend Envy, lead singer of The Clash At Demonhead, was a redhead in the comic but a blonde in the film.
    • According to the back cover of Vol. 2, Todd Ingram is brown-haired , but he is blond-haired in the movie, and has orange hair in the game.
    • Gideon Graves has black hair in the comics, dark brown hair in the movie, and purple hair in the game.
    • Several of the characters who had black hair in the comics appear with purple hair in the game.
  • Wendy Watson from The Middleman has orange hair in the original comic series, and was played by black-haired Natalie Morales in the TV series. The comic, which is actually set in the TV continuity, uses Morales' appearance.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch:
    • Salem was an orange cat for most of the series. The live action show made him into a more traditional black cat and gave him the ability to speak, both of which were implemented into the comics.
    • Sabrina herself traditionally has pale platinum blonde hair in the comics, but the live action TV show gave her golden blonde hair, which later carried over to the animated series and became her main hair color for much of the '90s and 2000s. 2010s comics differ on whether she has golden blonde or platinum hair. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reconciles the two by showing that Sabrina was born with golden blonde hair (like her mother) but it lightened to a near-white shade of platinum blonde due to her being half-witch.
    • The comics' versions of Hilda and Zelda have red and green hair, respectively, but the live action show made them both blonde, while the animated series made Zelda the redhead and Hilda a brunette.
    • Sabrina's boyfriend Harvey has black hair in the comics, but light brown in both the sitcom and the cartoon.
  • Princess Sally of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog is quite the odd one. In Sally's first appearance, she was red-furred and blonde-haired. The very next issue, she was pink-furred and black-haired to match her Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) counterpart. However, that look was only used for the pilot episode. Then the cartoon settled on a brown-furred and auburn-haired combination and it would take about two years for the comic to catch up. Eventually, one comic explained this by revealing that she had fallen into a vat of chemicals while on a mission, and it took her a long time to properly wash it out of her fur.
  • In the 2004 BIONICLE comics, Vakama's lime green and Onewa's dark blue eyes are replaced with bright blue and orange visors respectively. Nidhiki's green eyes become red. The black and red Turaga Dume also turns black and gray, though that may be due to oddly placed shadows.
  • The Black Smurfs from The Smurfs story of the same name were changed to purple in the Animated Adaptation and the Papercutz English translation of the original story. For the same reasons, the orange-skinned Swoofs from "The Astro Smurf" were changed to green in the cartoon show and the Papercutz English translation, and Grandpa Swoof's black hair was changed to white.
    • The nameless lord that the Smurfs meet in "The Hunger Of The Smurfs" had black hair, but when he became Mr. Poppery in the cartoon show adaptation "Haunted Smurfs", his hair was changed to gray.
  • Witch:
    • In the comics Will has red hair and brown eyes. In the cartoon Will's hair color and eye color match (they're both red).
    • Matt and Hay Lin's grandmother received got black hair in the animated adaptation (whereas they usually have brown and grey hair respectively).
  • The Crow: in the transition from comic to film, Shelly went from being blonde to brunette.
  • In the original Wynonna Earp comics'', the title character is blonde. On the show, she's got dark hair.

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