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Video Game / Necrosis Resurrection

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I expect if design goes according to plan, the greater majority of players will be permed between levels 7 to 12.
— God Beast X being a bastard.

Spin-off of the popular Heavy role-playing server for Neverwinter Nights 2 Necrosis the original having been closed for development for the aforementioned Necrosis 2: Resurrection to include new gameplay content from the then recently released Expansion Pack Storm of Zehir.

Necrosis originally was a Heavy-RP Zombie Survivor Horror game very firmly on the Cynical side of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism with all the factions being bastards in their own ways only topped by the fact that they loosely had some sort of common enemy who is vastly more evil.

The story goes that Orcus the undead Demon God rose to great power and eminence seeking to become Lord over all and kill everything; however, the Gods banded together and checked him, killing many gods in the process and leaving several others to merged together to keep themselves relevent and strong enough to remain contenders. The gods, thus weakened, could only watch helplessly as undead hordes created by a fierce plague spread across the world, the surface, and the Underdark, leaving civilization on the brink of collapse with only a few strongholds standing against the waves of undead.


Eventually after having been weakened by his great battle with Tyr and losing his portfolio of death to the plans of Jergal, Orcus was slain by Bane and the Drow Goddess of Undeath Kiaransalee escaped.

Thus Necrosis ends and Necrosis 2 begins with the efforts of the worlds survivors to rebuild the destroyed and scarred remnants of their civilization. However even in this time of hope there is the black boot of tyranny preparing to stamp onto the face of mortals for eternity as the surviving factions the Lawful Evil Knight Templars fight it out with the Neutral Good Knight Templars for control with the Chaotic Neutral Mercenaries waiting it out bidding their time.

Necrosis 2: Resurrection has featured these tropes:

  • Ascended Extra: Pretty much any new player or character of an old player can accomplish this and insinuate themselves into the main storyline.
  • Royal Brat: The royal family for the original Greystone Keep.


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