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Nightmare Fuel / Chuggaaconroy

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Chuggaaconroy himself is known for his humor and high production values, but every now and then he can easily dip into the fright territory.


  • The intro for this video. It borders on a Jump Scare after the viewer has grown accustomed to the series' usual intro. Mind you, even if you take the element of surprise out, it's still pure, unleaded Nightmare Fuel.

Super Luigi Galaxy


  • The endings of most of his videos have that creepy music from the game's Womb Level.

Luigi's Mansion:

  • The Luigi face he finds so creepy on the save screen, thanks to the settings on his television set.

Pikmin 2:

  • Chugga gives us loads of Nightmare Fuel with some extra octane by describing the life cycle of a Bulbmin. Bulbmin are actually parasitic Pikmin that infected a Bulborb, leaving it vulnerable to your whistle. You then proceed to kill its mother in front of it, hypnotize it with your whistle to do your bidding, and lead it through several life-threatening areas, treating it as just another Pikmin and not caring a bit if it dies. Then you use it to fight against other Bulborbs, AKA its own kind, only to leave it behind to starve to death or be killed when you escape, as it cannot leave the dungeon. Thanks for the sweet dreams, Emile.
  • During the Submerged Castle, you could just hear Chugga's fright as he struggled to gather the treasures before the Water Wraith appeared. Some viewers, especially those that have had similar situations happen to them, would likely be on edge as well.
    • Especially considering the Water Wraith cannot die until floor 5, so we all could understand his horror when the beast finally appeared before the end.
  • In Episode 24, Emile makes a joke about being a Serial Killer. After that, he goes on in an unnervingly deadpan and nervous voice about how he isn't one and will never be one for nearly half a minute. He clearly isn't one, but the whole thing comes off as oddly disturbing.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:

  • This LP has him being creeped out by Link transforming into a Deku. He thinks it's scarier THAN THE MOON!
  • Some viewers have noted that the intros to almost all of these episodes start with Chugga as Deku Link note , facing the camera. For those not in the know, Deku Link has sad-looking, bright orange eyes that look like lights, that never blink.
    Chugga (in comments): HE STARES INTO YOUR SOUL.
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  • Also he says that the Happy Mask Salesman is his favorite character out of everyone in all the Zelda games. You gotta admit, that's a bit creepy.
  • In episode 7, there's a random, unexplained Gross-Up Close-Up of the moon's freaky face. Gets even scarier thanks to the music in the background.
  • His channel icon during this LP was a tiny bit unsettling. Somebody on Twitter actually tweeted to Chugga about how their mother thought the icon was a cult symbol...yeah.
  • At one point during the final hours of a three-day cycle, Chuggaa stops to appreciate the music (which is creepy in itself), but then he turns the music up louder for the viewer to hear it better. The thing is, he mistimed it in editing so that the song blasted louder out of nowhere right over the part with him saying he'd turn it up.
  • When he first gets the Elegy of Emptiness, he yells, "DON'T DROWN!"

Super Paper Mario:

  • At the end of Episode 37 of Super Paper Mario, instead of the usual business of having the game's cover in the background with the official art of a character getting closer to the screen, he uses a close-up of The Void, which gets closer and closer with each passing second...
  • In part one of the finale of Super Paper Mario, the scene where Dimentio appears to take the Chaos Heart for himself is scary enough. However, Chugga makes it even worse; in past episodes, he always gave Dimentio a cheerful, almost goofy, voice when reading his text. However, here, he manages to add a bit of Ax-Crazy to the voice, making it sound exactly how one would imagine Dimentio to sound at the moment.
  • According to this video, Chugga almost got on the Thunder Mountain roller coaster that derailed in Disney Land, killing one person and injuring 10 others. He's had a fear of roller coasters ever since. To make it even worse, he was planning to sit in the front car... the very place where the single fatality occurred. This story was also mentioned during his L Ps for Sonic Colors, Super Mario Sunshine, Skyward Sword and Pokémon Black and White.

Animal Crossing New Leaf:

  • To Chugga, Shari is this.
    • Expanded more on a YouTube comment Chuggaa read on a theory of Shari... Which got debunked, since Amelia is living in Masae's town.
    • Then there's the fact that she of all people suggested the memetically terrifying Hypno KK.
  • His showing of the Alien easter egg in New Leaf. It comes after the normal ending of the video, he gives no indication that it's going to happen, and he says nothing the entire time. You just see his character silently get out of bed at 3:30 in the morning and turn on the TV and wait...
  • Chugga visits Aika Village for a Halloween Special.
    • What's even more nightmare fuel is the Jump Scare during the part where the dolly is flickering on screen while the staticky TV is heard in the background.
    • And during that entire segment, Chugga is silent.

Pokemon Platinum

  • There was a minor jump scare at the end of episode 14, where the screen suddenly goes dark, with the face of Spiritomb appearing in the corner while its cry plays loudly. It's pretty startling at the end of such a light-hearted and goofy underground episode!
  • Episode 51 has it end suddenly with Giratina leaping towards the screen, which already by itself is incredibly startling but it cuts off Cyrus' dialogue as Emile is speaking, which made it even worse.
  • Phione's bio pic in Episode 80 of the LP, in extreme contrast to Regigigas' bio pic, has a CreepyPastaified version of the Pokemon stating at the viewer in a pitch black void with an eerie smile. While the Pokemon doesn't screech like the other two examples, the Scare Chord and Chugga yelling PHIONE HAPPENS! when it appears can still catch you off guard. Though he eventually just casually says it's not very good.


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

  • Right after really funny part where Chugga was cracking up over a hint board that told you to throw the babies in the air to hit higher blocks, he comes upon one of the Toads stuck in a tree and says in a quiet, menacing voice:
    You are barely too far away for me to hear your little whimpers for help. How depressing for you.

Pokémon Black and White

  • The very last thing he does in the game is the encounter with the vanishing girl at Marvelous Bridge. He doesn't comment on it whatsoever.


  • In Episode 22, the Tent Glitch shenanigans are either this or a Funny Moment... Or both.
  • In Episode 36, the Mu Training sequence. Already horrifying enough as-is, Chugga makes it even more frightening by reading it in a really unnerving, plain voice. Eugh...
  • In Episode 57, which is also the (surprisingly second) last episode in the LP, his acting skills have been much improved from the 10 years of LP-ing. Which means, his performance on Pokey; who is now aiding Giygas, is VERY chilling and completely 'gone totally mad' sounding. When you apply the story about Emile's childhood bully/friend (and how it ended) to the character arc of Pokey, you'll soon understand how sad and horrifying Pokey is from a whole new angle.

Chrono Trigger:


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