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Doomsday was never so awesome.

Sonic: Hey Tails! You just missed the BBBE!
Tails: Huh?

He's blue, he's fast, and he's met lots of awesome bosses over the years.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • The Death Egg Robot. This was where Robotnik showed just how difficult he could really be, despite the fact that you've spent the last seven or so levels kicking his ass.
    • More so when fighting him for the first time and finding that unlike every single previous boss in both games, he doesn't go down in 8 hits, but in 12.
    • You also get no rings, meaning you die in one hit. The final zone is simply two boss fights, the first of which is a Breather Boss in the form of an early version of Metal Sonic. Even as a Breather Boss, he and the following fight against Robotnik are extremely harrowing since, prior to this, you could survive indefinitely on a single ring if you knew how, but now there is no room for error.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

  • Metal Sonic. Rather than being a conventional boss battle, you're required to race him through the stage, maneuvering past obstacles on the course and his attacks against you.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

  • The epic aerial battle at the end of Marble Garden Zone. If nothing else, it's an excellent display of teamwork between Sonic and Tails.
  • Big Arm, the final boss of the Sonic 3 portion of the game. This is the one time Eggman did what he otherwise could never do: defeat Super Sonic. Sonic goes into Super Mode, tries getting a cheap shot in, gets grabbed, and Wham! The Robo-Suplex knocks every last ring out of you and smacks you back into normal form. This, of course, is if you hit below his microscopic hit box... hit above it, and say hello to the spikes. Which, at this point, will now be a horrendous threat to you. (Especially if the recoil of hitting them knocks you into his Eggbot's hands...)
  • The Act 2 boss for Flying Battery looks, at first, like the boss of Wing Fortress Zone back in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, only you can't fight back, the area is closing in, and the mini-boss music is playing. After some time, the ship takes enough damage from the laser that Robotnik's console blows up in his face. Now Sonic (or whoever) runs after him, getting caught up in the destruction (which isn't as bad as Marble Garden until you realize you're thousands of yards in the air) and getting carried by the barrier up past the top of the ship. Then Robotnik grips onto the girder you're on and the real boss music starts up. It's easy, but it really sets the mood for the kind of bosses you'll be fighting in S&K.
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  • Lava Reef's boss. After Knuckles knocks you down a pit with a giant crystal boulder, you fall below the Death Egg's landing area. It looms facedown in the background, as it suddenly unleashes huge heatwaves from its eyes, heating up the already blazing Lava Reef even MORE. Robotnik then appears in an extremely armored mech, and begins to fire missiles. The autoscrolling screen combined with the destruction of the platforms behind you makes this part extremely awesome. Then you descend a lava waterfall atop tiny red crystals to do battle with the Spikeball Cannon mech, which you cannot even hurt! This battle is great, except for the fact that it is abysmally easy if you grab the fire shield directly above it. Good job with those items, Robotnik!
  • The boss fight at the end of Knuckles' story. After you defeat Mecha Sonic the first time, he seems like he's down and out, but then he uses the Master Emerald to go into a Super form, the first time in the series a Sonic robot goes into a Super form. Check it out here.
  • Great Eggman Robo, the final boss of the Sonic & Knuckles portion of the game if you're playing as Sonic or Tails. After beating the normal level boss, Sonic/Tails chases Robotnik onto a platform where he promptly gets in a giant robot that is actually bigger than the screen. After the hands are destroyed, it starts breathing fire and firing a laser that takes up half the screen at you. After it is defeated again, Robotnik starts trying to escape with the Master Emerald and you have to chase after and defeat him while the entire space station is falling apart. But it doesn't even end here, folks. If you have a full set of emeraldsnote , he pulls another giant robot out of nowhere and flies off into space, while Sonic transforms into Super/Hyper Sonic and chases him through a asteroid field, all while having to dodge laser blasts and constant Macross Missile Massacres. Perhaps the single greatest Moment of Awesome in the entire series, and especially satisfying if you have played through the locked-on version of the game to get there.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble

  • It's difficult to have something visually spectacular on the Game Gear, but the Marveshupopolous-gou in Sunset Park pulled this off. Sonic is zooming along the top of a long train as Badniks and spike balls are flying at him, with only the 5 Rings provided to him at the start. As Sonic gets close to the engine at the front, he'll encounter gaps he must jump over lest he gets smacked by a thousand tons of steel. On top of that, this boss battle has a unique theme. This train is long enough to constitute its own Act.

Sonic Adventure

  • Egg Viper, Sonic's final boss. Simple Sonic vs. Robotnik battle, nice and challenging, plus that Taking You with Me final move he pulls on you after you deplete all his health is quite unexpected when you first fight it.
    Eggman:Noooooo way! I can't BELIEEEEVE this!
  • Beta Mk. 2, Gamma's final boss. A truly epic final battle for Gamma as he fights with his brother and the first of the E-series of robots. The music alone just makes the battle awesome, coupled with the setting, the flow, and how the battle plays out. Despite technically being unable to do anything until he leaves himself open, you get an epic feeling as you exchange shots with each other in an attempt to gain the upper hand. And even when you win, Beta still does better than most Sonic bosses by getting in one last badass hit.
  • Perfect Chaos was a gleefully epic way to end the game - Super Sonic in 3D for the very first time and everything!

Sonic Adventure 2

  • Sonic's battle with the Egg Golem. The cutscene in Dark Mode basically compressed a battle that originally took about 3 minutes after you'd mastered it, and due to the fact that while hitting it is hard, not getting killed is easy, could easily take you twenty minutes on your first try, into a few seconds — a great injustice. Egg Golem is awesome. Then again, the broken Egg Golem that Eggman has to face in Dark Mode is a pushover, so they had to make Sonic seem that much more awesome to keep him from being overshadowed by Eggman in Egg Golem-smashing prowess.
  • The final battle of Hero/Dark Story mode. It ends up being a bit of an annoying Puzzle Boss but the buildup is brilliant, making this the final battle of each story between rivals Sonic and Shadow, with the fate of the world at stake. The awesome music helps too.
  • The Biolizard. The Prototype Ultimate Life Form versus the Real Ultimate Life Form, in an epic battle. The fact that its weak spot is so hard to reach is what makes it awesome — and those lightning balls! And the final hit, where you're stuck floating helplessly through the field of bubbles, and just have to hope you have some rings left over! And the sounds! The music is awesome, with really deep lyrics — but good luck hearing the lyrics, or even the music most of the time, over the roars of the boss and the sound effects of its attacks. Absolutely awesome.
  • The FinalHazard. One, requisite Super Sonic fight, only this time, also with Super Shadow. Two, the epic music, "Live and Learn" by Crush 40. Three, the fact that the Super flying physics blends the much-hated Knuckles/Rouge swimming and gliding physics faithfully but gracefully, making all that Unexpected Gameplay Changing worthwhile. Four, the most gorgeous renderings of the characters involved in the whole game. Five, commentary from every single playable character (and one not) that, in the case of Eggman, contributes heavily to his characterization. Six, the heart-wrenching dialog between Sonic and Shadow as Shadow begins to weaken. Did we mention "Live and Learn?" Yeah, we did. It's also epic in the respect that Sonic and Shadow finally team up with one another, knowing what they must do to save the world. The transformation sequence alone is enough to make your blood pump.

Sonic Advance Trilogy

  • Egg Pinball in Sonic Advance 3. You hit Eggman underneath a platform by hitting these balls to turn them red, and they bounce around the room. Gets completely mental towards the end as the music and the speed of the attacks increases.
  • The Nonaggression boss from Sonic Advance 3; after defeating the final boss, Gemerl goes haywire and uses Chaos Emerald to transform into Ultimate Gemerl, and Sonic turns Super to stop it. It's a lot like the finale of Sonic & Knuckles, except you have to team up with Eggman to bring it down. Of course, this boils down to using Eggman as the focus of a Kamehame Hadoken and then ramming the boss' weak point with a Super Sonic tackle attack. Halfway through the fight, the boss goes even more haywire and starts spinning wildly, challenging the player to stay between its flailing mecha-tentacles.

Sonic Heroes

  • Robot Carnival and Robot Storm. Just fighting loads of robots, but mass carnage is to be had.
  • Egg Albatross is pretty amazing, considering that you're really only about halfway through when you get to it. It's set up as though it's something more, though, with the cutscene afterwards advancing the plot considerably. A perfect way to end the first half of the story mode. Really, though all three Eggman fights have their flaws, they still effectively present the fact that in this game, he was going all-out on Sonic and his friends. You have backup in the form of your two allies and their team-based attacks; Eggman has multiple gunners riding tandem with him in his much larger vehicles, and on-foot escort units, all of whom are looking to smear all three of you onto the floor!
  • Metal Madness/Metal Overlord, the final boss. All four teams end up having to fight him at some point, and each portion is harder than the last. The final part, of course, is as Super Sonic/Tails/Knuckles. The music makes the final part feel so much more epic as well, and the fact everyone eggs you on, and the altered team blast, and the fact that Metal Overlord throws parts of the Egg Fleet at you!

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • The Egg Dealer, which is a basically a giant slot machine. By shooting the reels, you can get different results: either you get attacked with bombs or missiles (though the latter will backfire and hit Eggman if you stop the last reel) or you can get rewarded with rings ("NO!, my beautiful rings!) and even a full Dark meter ("No! Not Shadow fever!"). Just being able to screw over Eggman with his own machine is pure awesomeness. More importantly, it's easier to just homing attack the reels. Which means that it's one of the few points in the entire game where it actually plays more like a Sonic game than a TPS.
  • Devil Doom is epic for almost exactly the same reasons as FinalHazard.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

  • The three boss fights against Robotnik's machines (Egg Cerberus, Egg Genesis, and Egg Wyvern) are the best-handled parts of the game. Especially the Egg Wyvern, which is a nice throwback to the Egg Viper fight from Adventure except now, it has wings. And you get to fly it into the ship to do damage.
  • Solaris, especially the second phase when "His World" kicks in. It's often considered the best boss in the game, period, as not only do you have not one, not two, but three super hedgehogs fighting to save the entire timeline from an Eldritch Abomination Mad God, but it's also easily the most functional boss in terms of gameplay; no glitches, no bugs, no annoying mechanics, just the three main heroes fighting the Big Bad. It's often said to make the End of the World all the more worth it.

Sonic Rush Series

  • The Duel Boss between Sonic and Blaze in the first Sonic Rush. Fighting something so similar to yourself is always fun, and once you deplete the boss to one point of health, the two combatants charge up their powers and clash into each other head on; either you get the kill, or lose instantly, it's intense. Yes, the final point turns into a test of button-mashing speed, but it is such an epic button smash.
  • Almost every boss in Sonic Rush Adventure has some really weird and awesome fighting styles or weak points. Honourable mentions go to:
    • Plant Kingdom's Ghost Rex, a giant mecha T-rex. While it's piss easy, it feels so epic.
    • Machine Labyrinth's Ghost Pendulum, where you smack balls up to hit this monkey-like thing at the top, and there's three which all do differing amounts of damage (different sizes) and take different levels of momentum to hit.
    • Haunted Ship's Ghost Pirate, with a fight with a giant robotic pirate with its weak point being a gem that flies around.
    • Blizzard Peaks' Ghost Whale, where you go inside a robotic whale and do an obstacle course to the weak point to inflict major carnage.
  • Egg Wizard from Sonic Rush Adventure. Nice and somewhat challenging, shooter-esque gameplay. Plus a certain villain pulls a Ganon for once.

Sonic Storybook Series

  • Erazor Djinn is awesome. For one, "It Has Come to This" is the perfect song to describe the fight, two, you have to run with him as he slashes with his giant razor, three, you have to speed up during your quickdraw stand off just to hit him!
  • Alf Layla wa-Layla from Sonic and the Secret Rings. Nice departure from the regular final Sonic bosses (no Super Sonic and you CAN get hurt in this boss fight). Challenging as heck and, for the first time in a game, Sonic actually pummels the living daylights out of a boss.
  • The bosses from Sonic and the Black Knight. Sure, most of the bosses are easy (once you figure out the quick way to kill them), but both King Arthur fights were cool with you having to race his horse, jump up, and cut the mess out of him. Plus, the battle theme is called "Fight the Knight".
  • The Dark Queen from Sonic and the Black Knight. Seriously, you transform into Excalibur Sonic, complete with a holy BFS. Plus, with the creepy With Me playing in the background, this fight is just... awesome. You and the boss are just floating in the middle of nowhere, and you have to block her sword swings from ALL FOUR of her arms. Then, with the way you finish her off in the end? That's literally an epic win.
  • The bonus mission rematch with Lancelot-as-Shadow the Hedgehog. If you thought the first Lancelot was easy, this one is here to make up for that.

Sonic Unleashed

  • Egg Dragoon. Hoo boy... Not only is this a very climactic battle, but it also handles incredibly well, making the Werehog into one of the most enjoyable aspects of the entire game. Not only are you facing down Eggman piloting a machine of, as implied, equal power to the Werehog and powered by the same source, but you are also fighting a battle that truly feels like a clash between two archenemies. And Sonic defeats the Egg Dragoon by removing the Egg Mobile from the rest of the machine. Sonic learned how to make the most out of his newfound strength pretty quick. It helps that Eggman's dialogue is as good as Liquid Ocelot's dialogue from MGS4 in terms of quality, as not only does he spout some incredible battle quotes, but it genuinely sounds like he's done fighting our blue hero and IS TRULY ATTEMPTING TO KILL HIM!
    Eggman: Even YOU won't last long against THIS one!
    Eggman: (After dealing enough damage) BLAST YOU, SONIC!!
    Eggman: You were lucky, Sonic! But luck can't last forever!
    Eggman: (If you survive for a long time) Stubborn little hedgehog! GIVE UP AND DIE ALREADY!
    Sonic: Geez Eggman! Simmer Down!
  • The final bosses. It's Sonic and Chip note  vs. the monster that is Dark Gaia. It's half Punch-Out-styled fight, half dash-to Gaia's weakpoints-and-destroy-them. It all culminates to a Super Sonic (complete with NiGHTS-esque gameplay!) and the Gaia Colossus vs. the Perfect form of Dark Gaia.
    • When Chip's chasing ancient evil in a frigging building and slugging twenty-thousand tons of antiquated stone into its face, you know it's hitting the fan. The sheer determination on Chip's part (Pushing through the shield separating him and Dark Gaia comes to mind) completely flabbergasts Super Sonic. The awesomeness is only amplified when Super Sonic comes into play, drills the six arms holding Chip and the Gaia Colossus in a crush, and proceeds to Needle Drive Perfect Gaia's eye. With his own body.
    • In the last phase, you Super Dash Dark Gaia through the eyes.

Sonic Colors

  • The Egg-Nega Wisp, especially on Wii. Let's summarize; Egghead is on his last legs. The entire floating amusement park you've spent the game on is blowing up, very fast. And now you're running through the aptly-named Terminal Velocity towards the planet, while Eggman pulls out his final weapon. After facing off with nothing but robots, you finally get to take Eggman on in head-to-head combat, battling evil versions of the Wisp powers you've been using. All while some of the most epic music in the game is blaring in the background. And the best part? Halfway through the fight, an orchestrated version of Reach For The Stars kicks in, and it is kick-ass. And you finish it off with the pure awesomeness of the Final Colour Blaster. Sonic didn't just [finally] break through the Polygon Ceiling with this boss; he shattered it. The ceiling isn't the only thing he shatters, either, as the fight is also a prime example of how to do In Case of Boss Fight, Break Glass right, first seen in the Sonic series in Sonic Spinball and sadly underused, considering how well it fits with Eggman's MO of controlling his machines from within (well, technically his glass breaks at the ends of lots of fights, but usually there's no cracking beforehand).

Sonic Generations

  • The game recreates the final Sonic vs. Shadow battle of Sonic Adventure 2, adding an intro mirroring the SA2 intro sequence and a short burst of "All Hail Shadow" if Shadow sets off his super move.
  • The completely changed Silver boss fight. To start off, there's already a great remix of "Vs Character" from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) playing in the background. Second, instead of Silver grabbing you with his psychic powers, yelling "IT'S NO USE!" and then launching you with a "TAAAKE THIS!" to your soon to be caused-by-glitch death, he's chasing you through Crisis City launching stuff at you. Third, the way you attack him is just SO awesome! You homing attack on multiple platforms and then hit him and he crashes to the ground. Or, you're running on a car crafted from other cars, and homing attack him! Fourth, the end, when he only needs one last hit to take him down. Silver crafts a gigantic ball of junk, with a yell of "METEOR SMASH!" as said giant ball of junk rushes at you. Just to make things more tense, he's also thrown in a container to attempt to crush you with just for a back up plan. With two things trying to smash you at once, and both are dangerously close to you, what does Sonic do? HE DODGES THE CONTAINER, AND HOMING ATTACKS SILVER, WATCHING AS HE GETS CRUSHED BY HIS GIANT JUNK METEORITE. It's just a really fun, exciting, and fast paced boss fight that tries to do 2006 and Silver some justice.
  • Perfect Chaos in the console/PC version. It really shows how far Sonic's come. In the original Sonic Adventure, Perfect Chaos was the True Final Boss, fought as Super Sonic. In Generations, he's just the second boss (discounting rival battles, he's likely to be the fourth fought if you count the rival battles as boss battles) of four. How do you deal with the water problem (you don't get Super form in the Generations version of the battle)? You boost across it! Upon the final hit, you have to do platforming to land a homing attack directly on the weak spot, and with an epic remix of the second half of the final boss battle!
  • The handheld version doesn't lack good bosses either. Returning from Sonic Adventure 2, we have the Biolizard, only fought as Sonic this time, and with controls adjusted to a 2D plane just like the bosses in Sonic Rush. Does it work? Oh hell yeah, yes, it does.
  • The 3DS version's Egg Emperor battle is the perfect example of how to take an awful boss and fix it. The boss fight is conceptually similar, but considerably streamlined: he no longer spends half his time blocking your every attack with his shield, he takes the standard eight hits rather than having massive HP to gradually chip away, and most of the distractions are gone. Essentially, it's everything the fight should have been in Heroes.
  • The console version's Time Eater is often slammed for being a very bland final boss, not to mention the "That looks like a homing shot!" comments from the other characters. However, this is not true of the 3DS version's Time Eater. Both Classic and Modern Sonic have unique parts of the boss fight. Classic has you just a short distance away from the Time Eater, dodging his attacks, which get more and more varied as the fight goes on, as well as harder to dodge. Modern Sonic has you boosting towards the Time Eater, all the while trying to avoid its force field attacks and trying to fly through rings of rings in order to replenish time, and his attacks also get more varied and harder to dodge as the fight goes on. His Warping Arm attacks now require you to boost out of the way or get a guaranteed hit, instead of just flying past it, then Eggman unleashes several clocks whose hands you have to dodge. Finally, instead of simply holding two buttons down, the final blow involves dodging Eggman's last-ditch attacks, then ramming into him.

Sonic Lost World

  • The final boss gets points for style, some polarizing attack patterns aside. Eggman created a mech powered by the energy of the world, with a cape made of said energy. It's like the Death Egg Robot as designed by Go Nagai.

Sonic Mania

  • Green Hill Zone's boss doesn't pull any punches: Eggman pulls out his Death Egg Robot, the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, to pursue the player. It's not a very hard fight, but it sets the stage for the rest of the game very well.
  • Chemical Plant's boss is Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Yes, you get to do a classic round of Puyo Puyo against Eggman. It comes out of nowhere, but it's still extremely fun and serves as a surprising tribute to one of the most neglected Sonic games.
  • Studiopolis has a great mid-boss and a great boss. At the end of Act 1, you fight the first of the Hard-Boiled Heavies, Heavy Gunner; you dash along the city's streets while his helicopter gives chase, jumping on his missiles to launch them back at his Eggrobo minions. Act 2 has a ridiculous Robotnik fight, where the arena is affected by the weather reports on a TV in the center, from lightning clouds to deadly solar rays.
  • Stardust Speedway Zone (and thus the first half of the game) caps off with none other than Metal Sonic. It's a long and varied fight, mixing in chase sequences, a machine that produces copies of the Silver Sonic from 8-bit versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (you even get to knock the Silver Sonics into the boss!), and a direct fight while running away from a giant spiked wall. Adding flavor are the nice visuals (the final part of the battle features a 3D Eggman statue in the background, which rotates as you circle around it) and a music track unique to the fight.
  • Act 2 of Mirage Saloon Zone ends with the showdown against Heavy Magician... but not in the way anyone expected. Rather than fighting in her normal form, Heavy Magician transforms into three forgotten classic-era Sonic characters: Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel (who attacks with his signature pop guns while bouncing around), Bean the Dynamite (who tosses bombs), and Bark the Polar Bear (who slams the ground to make debris fall from the ceiling). Fan service at its finest, and it helps that the boss is fun on its own.
  • Act 1 of Metallic Madness features the final boss from Sonic 1. The Act 2 boss, Gachapandora, sees Eggman piloting a capsule machine that releases robot Amy bombs and mini versions of the first two bosses from Sonic 2, and you fight him as mini Sonic.
  • The final bosses are something to behold. First up, there's the Phantom Egg. Eggman wears a special suit with the Phantom Ruby installed, and jumps around while conducting electricity and firing missiles. The real epic portion comes when he stays in the middle of the room and summons two ghostly hands to try and grab you. If and when they do, you get warped to another room where one of the Hard-Boiled Heavies (now called the Phantom Heavies) attacks you in a new form for a moment before you come back. The magician will play a shell game with three giant cups, two of which fire a big fat laser; the ninja turns into a buzz-saw shuriken bouncing around the room; the gunner is now a missile battery firing from the background; and the rider races you down a trap filled corridor on a new souped-up Moto-Bug Motorbike.
  • Then there's the true final boss. You defeat Eggman, but then the Phantom Ruby starts going crazy and opens up a new pocket dimension, sucking in you, Eggman, and the now powered up Heavy King. It's a three way fight for the ruby and the music is absolutely amazing!

Sonic Forces

  • As polarizing as this game and its bosses can be, the first fight against Infinite is actually pretty cool. You're running along a serpent while dodging Infinite's Phantom Ruby fields, which will cause obstacles to appear if you touch them, showcasing Infinite's illusion powers in a way he doesn't really show off afterwards. On top of that, the serpent you're running on apparently runs on Sonic Lost World's physics as you can run on all sides of its body. Your goal is to rush to Infinite and hit him with a Homing Attack before starting the cycle anew. As the fight goes on, his moves get a little trickier to avoid and you'll have to really watch yourself. Once he loses enough health, he'll create several clones for you to attack to get to the real deal. The best part is, if you're really good, you can hit him several times in one run. And the kicker is that you finally get to whale on the edgelord responsible for Sonic getting captured and the whole six-month long war coming to pass. That, and his boss music is pretty awesome.

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