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    Future License Predictions 
UPDATE: There is now a dream dub cast page for this!


Asian Animation (Non-Anime)

Western Animation

Live Action

Discotek is operated by Ascended Fanboys
It would give them extra incentive to license-rescue something if it was a part of their childhood. And to license/license-rescue something if it spawned a Memetic Mutation or got a huge Colbert Bump.

Discotek is operated by Time Lords

Discotek will eventually start obtaining broadcast rights to their shows
As it is, they don't attempt to gain the broadcast rights to anything they license. It would make sense if there was no viable output on television, but Toonami was resurrected a few years back on [adult swim], and Syfy has been attempting to return to its roots after years of Network Decay, which, as slim as the chances are, could also lead to anime returning to that channel. Also, Discotek has recently made a deal to release some of Crunchyroll's shows on DVD. A similar television deal could benefit both parties.
  • Confirmed with Lupin III: The Italian Adventure.

Discotek's idea of "SD Blu-Rays" will become a widely utilized concept
Imagine Funimation rereleasing the entirety of Dragon Ball Z on a single Blu-Ray release with just a few discs, or Warner Bros. doing the same with Batman: The Animated Series.
  • SD Blu-rays would most likely be used for shows that can't be remastered in HD for whatever reason, such as live-action shows shot on 480i videotape such as Doctor Who or All in the Family.note  If high-quality masters (i.e. film negatives or source renders) are available, then HD remasters is usually the go-to option, due to HD being so commonplace nowadays that anything lower tends to stick out for the wrong reasons.

Discotek will establish a manga branch
Much like what the company is doing with animation, it will focus on licensing, translating, and releasing both classic manga and manga that have either fallen out of print or have yet to be exported in any way.

    Manga License Predictions 

Discotek will establish a record label
Much like what the company is doing with animation, it will focus on licensing and releasing both beloved albums and EP's by artists from various genres and albums and EP's by artists from various genres that have either fallen out of print or have yet to be exported in any way. They will also release J-Pop music because anime.

    Music License Predictions 
  • Kissbee Samurai Girls

Discotek will record "clean versions" of some of their dubbed anime
That way, some otakus can show some Lupin III material to their families.

Discotek will sign a deal with FilmRise to distribute their licenses on streaming services other than Crunchyroll

  • It would seem that they have such a deal with Digital Media Rights, as many of Discotek's acquisitions can be viewed on several of their streaming services (Midnight Pulp, Asian Crush, Retro Crush).

Discotek will release a remastered and uncensored version of the Hokuto no Ken movie
Hey, they already found Project A-ko and the uncut version of Violence Jack's masters! There's a chance that they found the lost uncensored version of the 1986 Hokuto no Ken film as well.