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Bertha is a British stop-motion animated children's television series about a factory machine of that name, comprising 13 episodes that aired from 1985 to 1986.

The series is set in an industrial estate occupied by the Spottiswood & Company factory, a small manufacturing plant producing a wide range of goods ranging from cuckoo clocks to windmill money boxes. Each episode focuses on a machine called Bertha that can produce any item requested of her. In each episode the factory experiences a crisis affecting its daily production schedule, which Bertha invariably solves with the help of her factory worker friends.


This show provides examples of:

  • Bungling Inventor: Subverted with Mr. Sprott, as some of his inventions (such as the windmill moneyboxes in episode 2) actually function as they're supposed to.
  • Cute Machines: TOM the robot.
  • Do-Anything Robot: Well, do-anything machine, but Bertha qualifies.
  • Eek, a Mouse!!: Mrs. McClackerty's reaction upon learning that there's a mouse in the factory.
  • Fun with Acronyms: TOM's name stands for Talk-Operated Machine.
  • No Antagonist: The most antagonistic character is Mr. Duncan, and even then he's just doing his job as foreman (even if he is a little bossy and over-demanding at times).
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Ted's long chin, high moustache and sideburns make him look an awful lot like Bruce Forsyth. He even sounds like Brucie.
  • Punny Name: Mr. Willmake. As in, "will make anything".
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  • Spot of Tea: Mrs. Tupp, the tea lady, firmly believes that having a cup of tea will calm everyone down and make the world right again.
  • Title Drop: In "Mouse in the Works", when Mr. Duncan mentions that "we can't have a mouse in the works".
  • Token Minority: Panjid is the only Indian member of the group.
  • Women Are Wiser: Tracy is smarter than Mr. Sprott.


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