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If you yell Andy's coming! The characters from Toy Story will drop
  • They used to, but people did it too often.
  • Maybe "Bonnie's coming!"
    • Sadly, people have tried that and it didn't work.

The Hell scene at the end of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride isn't meant to be taken literally.

It's a concussion-induced hallucination Toad is having after crashing into the train. That's why the Devil looks like the Judge from earlier note  and why there's a green dragon when everything else in the scene is done in shades of red. The latter is a Call-Back to the "Green Dragon Inn" in the town sequence.


Someday Marvel characters and Star Wars characters will become Meet and Greet characters at the Disney Parks.

Because Disney owns Marvel and LucasArts. So it seems like a thing that could happen.

  • Confirmed! You can meet a Thor face character at Innoventions in Disneyland.
  • The Star Wars characters had Meet and Greets even before Disney owned them, at Hollywood Studios during Star Wars Weekends.

The Grizzly River area is not long for this world.

It'll be pulled out and replaced with a Marvel-based section, probably mostly Iron Man for the California connection.

  • Jossed. In fact, they're planning to expand it by re-theming the Condor Flats area as an extension of Grizzly River.

Dinosaur is a sequel to ctx.
In the original CTX ride we have a cockier Dr.Seeker. What if, sometime after the ride the dinosaur Dr.Seeker caught died, thus causing him to mellow down a bit. Dr.Seeker wants to get his "pet" dinosaur back, and the only time period he knows it's from is the same one we visited in ctx. This also explains why Dr. Seeker is more careful about what's happening, he doesn't want his visitors have the same fate as the dinosaur.

The T. rex in Disneyland's Primeval World diorama was fossilized...and the fossil is on Big Thunder Mountain.

The Primeval World diorama is stated to depict the Grand Canyon area during the Mesozoic (and a little of the Coal Age). Big Thunder Mountain is very obviously a Southwestern landscape with the distinctive layered rocks. Law of Conservation of Detail practically demands that both dinos are the same critter.

Disney World is going to start offering the graphic MagicBands with your hotel reservation soon.

For an upcharge, of course. They can probably get a lot of people to pay an extra ~$25 to get an Elsa MagicBand with their reservation, even if it's cheaper to buy them in the parks.

They will build a fifth park in Florida based entirely on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There's no way they haven't been planning something big since the merger but they've been held up with getting character rights back from Universal. Rather than try and rip them away, they've played the long game and allowed them time to find something to replace Superhero Island and gradually phase Marvel out. Now that Universal has announced their new partnership with Nintendo, and also noting that Marvel was able to pry at least some of Spidey's movie rights away from Sony, the writing is on the wall that they'll strike a deal. Assuming that deal comes soon, they'll be able to announce the project to start construction after Pandora opens at Animal Kingdom, and potentially open in time for the resort's 50th anniversary, and a couple years after Infinity War which would give them sufficient source material just from the MCU to fill an entire park.


Themed areas could include Asgard, Xandir, and Stark Expo, just to throw a few ideas out.

  • Highly unlikely, since Disney don't currently have the land in the Florida resort for a fifth park. Themed lands to smaller parks (California Adenture, Disney Paris, and Disney Honk Kong) have been confirmed.

"Star Wars Land" will be based on Tatooine and Jakku.
Star Wars Land is said to be right next to Frontierland, which is based on an American desert. Tatooine and Jakku are desert panets, thus making the transition between the two less jarring.
  • Jossed. The land is actually based on a new planet called Batuu, the structures of which will blend in with the rockwork around the trestle that the Disneyland Railroad passes over.
Star Tours will be moved to Star Wars Land, and another Sci-Fi themed ride will occupy it's old building.
It just makes sense that a Star Wars ride will go to the Star Wars Land. What will take it's old spot? (Feel free to add any you like.)
  • A ride based on Tron. Why? Because it would be awesome.
  • Or maybe something from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Guardians of the Galaxy would be a good one, I think.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy are getting a ride at California Adventure, so a Marvel ride in Tomorrowland might have to be based on something different.
  • Jossed for now. As it stands, Galaxy's Edge is devoted to immersion and acting like you're actually in the world of Star Wars. The comical and canon-breaking Star Tours would feel out of place.

Elliot the dragon from the 2016 reboot of Pete's Dragon will come to Animal Kingdom.
Since the success of its Cinderella remake in 2015 and its reimagining of the Jungle Book the following year, Disney has been doing fairly well at making live-action movies. So if the remake of Pete's Dragon does just as well, Disney might decide to ride off its popularity and bring the new Elliot to life at Disney's Animal Kingdom. While it might not be anything too fancy like the scrapped Beastly Kingdom, it will still fulfill Animal Kingdom's original vision as "a kingdom ruled by lions, dinosaurs, and dragons".

One possible way to do this would be to build an area life-size animatronic of Elliot similar to the Iguanodon that could be seen from the long-gone Discovery River Boats. Since the new movie is set in the Pacific Northwest, this part of the park could double as a revival of Camp Minnie-Mickey with more emphasis on its mythical resident.

Transportation from the Star Wars hotel to Galaxy's Edge will come in the form of a themed transportation system that will carry on the hotel's illusion of beingilsr in space.
To maintain the illusion of traveling through space, the Star Wars hotel's "seamless connection" to Galaxy's Edge will come in the form of transportation that resembles a shuttle-type vehicle that will take them from the orbiting starship to the surface of the planet and back. The transports will actually be shuttle buses that are very elaborately disguised as spaceships. These buses will use an updated variant of the technology used for the prototype Sorcerer Class bus to make the ride feel more like one on a space shuttle-craft, with video screens in place of the windows to support the whole space travel illusion.

The “Cast Members Only” doors are portals to other places.

This is how the characters access the parks. They arrive in the parks from their homelands through the magical doors. This is also how they end up in different places in a short time. (Hence, why you would see the same character in a certain place not long after you had seen that same character elsewhere, even though you may wonder how they got to that other place so fast. Well, this is the answer.)

DuckTales World Showcase Adventure Villains' Pavilion Placement
  • 'Liu Hai - China. As an ancient spirit that feeds on luck, he'd be right at home in the China pavilion, as the country's culture is centered around fortune and luck. When guests go on their adventure in China, Liu will likely attempt to feed off their luck while they race to find the "treasure" of the pavilion.
  • Briar and Bramble - United Kingdom. In previous iterations of the show, the UK pavilion's mission was centered around golf. As the guardians of a mystical golf course, Briar and Bramble will act as guardians of the pavilion's treasure, which in turn will likely be something related to golf.
  • Flintheart Glomgold - United Kingdom. As he claims to be "more Scottish" than Scrooge, the second richest duck in the world would likely show up in the UK, likely trying to upstage McDuck during the UK pavilion's mission.
  • Magica de Spell - Norway. This country's pre-Christian culture was centered around Norse magic, and Magica is a powerful sorceress. Seeking the power of the Norway Pavilion's artifact, Magica would want it so she can destroy not only Scrooge, but also the players for their interference.
  • Goldie O'Gilt - Canada. Having strong connections to the Klondike, Goldie would fit right in at the Canada pavilion. However, doing so would mean that new show elements would need to be installed in the Canada pavilion to allow for a mission to take place here.
  • Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys - Various. Due to their family being so large, it would be difficult to have them be the main villain for one particular mission. So unlike the other villains in the DuckTales World Showcase Adventure, the Beagle Boys will be spread out across all the pavilions with missions as established in previous iterations of the game. For the DuckTales version, the Beagle Boys will show up at least once during each mission, with the assignment being that the player has to trigger something that will stop them from interfering with their mission.
  • Mark Beaks - Japan. Due to Japan's high-tech culture, Beaks would be likely to invest in attaining some technology for his schemes against Scrooge McDuck.
  • Black Heron - Unknown.

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