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"Everybody's got a laughing place. Maybe this one is yours!"
A vulture seen just before the climb to the big drop on Splash Mountain

Walt Disney World specific examples of funny moments can be found on its own page.

Multiple Parks

  • The Haunted Mansion warrants its own page.
  • Splash Mountain has its fair share of funny moments, such as the "How Do Ya' Do?" sequence with the geese trying to fish, but catching hats and boots instead.
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  • Pirates of the Caribbean at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World features some pirates who are, quite frankly, drunk off their asses. You can even hear them butchering the theme song in places.
  • The real fun on the Jungle Cruise comes not from the animatronics or the scenery, but from all the bad puns and corny jokes your skipper dishes out.
  • The adventures of Push, the talking trash can.
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Audience highlights:
    • While waiting in a pre-show room, a series of slogans play on monitors along with the logos. Unfortunately, due to the Cue Card Pauses, they make the Imagination Institute appear incompetent and insane.
    • When the ceremony begins, an illuminated sign reading "Inventor of the Year Award" drops from the ceiling. Wayne crashes into the sign with his Hoverpod and knocks out most of the letters in such a way that only "Nerd" can be lit.
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    • After Nick (miniaturized along with the audience) calls up to Diane that his pet python is now slithering loose, she passes out with a thud. Dr. Nigel Channing bends down into view to ask: "She didn't land on anyone, did she?"
    • The whole business with Adam picking up the auditorium to "show the little people to my mom!" And the very delicate process of putting it back exactly where it was before ("Otherwise the exits won't line up!"). Also a Great Moment for Disney Imagineering thanks to the wonderful swaying effect throughout, the work of a specially-rigged floor.
    • The punchline: Wayne gets the audience back to size, but in the process... "Honey, I did— I blew up the dog!" The curtain closes on the chaos, but then Quark pokes through it and sneezes on the audience!
  • In It's Tough to Be a Bug!, Flik having to apologize for the termite's act going awry: "I hope none of you guys are allergic to acid..."
  • In Star Tours: The Adventures Continue:
    • During the "Vader" opening:
    Darth Vader: We know you have a Rebel spy on board!
    C-3PO: Why, that's preposterous! I've never seen that man/woman before in my... (turns around and realizes that the spy is one of the riders) ...oh dear.
    • At the end of the "Naboo" ending, C-3PO tries to land the Starspeeder into a hangar but has no idea where the brakes are, in a Call-Back to Captain Rex from the original attraction. He ends up making the ship smash directly into a Naboo ship, with the tip smashing through the window and into the audience. The pit droid on the ship is not happy about this.
      Made even better by his comment when the pit droid falls off. "No, I did not give you permission to come aboard."
    • The other Naboo ending, as well. Riders who've been on this ride before assume it'll end like the above... only for the tip of the Naboo ship to not break through the windshield, and instead fall off. The pit droid then angrily tosses a bucket of yellow paint on to your ship's windfield before storming off, with C-3PO being offended by the droid's rudeness.
    • Chewbacca gets stuck to the windshield at one point in the "Kashyyyk" segment.
  • Any video featuring the Mad Hatter and Alice or any character from Alice in Wonderland around the park.
  • Stitch in the non-American attraction Stitch Encounter;note  the cute and mischievous alien can now interact with you (and make fun of you) in this marvelous attraction.

Disneyland Park

  • The inimitable Wally Boag, as the fast talking traveling salesman, from the Golden Horseshoe Review. A recording can be watched here.
  • At the Royal Theatre, a comedic duo known as Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones performs plays of Tangled and Beauty and the Beast with help from Rapunzel, Flynn, and Belle. Hilarity Ensues. For starters, Rapunzel refuses to let down her hair because it takes forever to braid, and Mr. Smythe assures Belle that Mr. Jones doesn't need any stage magic to act as dumb as Gaston.
  • Goofy Visits Disneyland in The Art of Vacationing, 2 and a half minutes of pure genius, exactly what you'd expect from the clumsy dog himself, and a mascot one no less. All written in the style of his classic "The Art of..." shorts.
  • Some captains of the Storybook Land Canal Boats will give an explanation as to why Monstro the Whale acts like a tunnel. Apparently, he sneezed so hard, his tail blew right off.
  • Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland. The updated Star Tours hadn't opened yet, though, so Lord Vader and his Stormtroopers try to find ways to kill time until then, to the accompaniment of a twinkly remix of "The Imperial Theme". When they return and the attraction STILL isn't open, Vader basically says "screw this" and opens the doors to the attraction using the Force.
  • This video of the villains celebrating Halloween.
    • Related to the above: since 2009, there have been commercials for Halloween at the Disneyland Resort in which the villains have supposedly taken over for the duration. Particularly priceless is a moment where Captain Hook rides the Ghost Galaxy version of Space Mountain.
  • Like the movie that inspired it, the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough ends with a storybook showing a picture of Aurora dancing with Philip, while wearing a dress that changes colors between pink and blue. Unlike the corresponding scene in the movie, you can actually hear the fairies argue, "Make it pink!" and, "Make it blue!" as the colors change.
  • In 1956, Walt Disney, Ken Anderson and set designer Emile Kuri slipped into Sleeping Beauty Castle to figure out the plans for a proposed Sleeping Beauty walk-through. When they got inside the Castle, they found that almost a hundred feral cats had made the space inside the Castle their home. Whilst discussing the attraction ideas, they noticed that the white suit, which Emile was wearing, was beginning to turn grey. That's when the three realized that they were covered in fleas, cause of all the cats! Walt called transportation, to take the three of them to wardrobe, and told Ken & Emile: "Don't get into the crowd"! Being unable to wait for their transportation, and because the fleas were really unbearable, Ken & Emile ran down Main Street to the Wardrobe Department, where they got their clothes washed and changed, the three wearing spacemen suits for a week. Walt had a laugh about this, and asked...
    Walt: You didn't get through the crowd, did you guys?
    Ken & Emile: Oh, no, Walt.
    Walt: Then how the hell did you get here?
    • This crosses over in to Heartwarming though, as despite the recommendations to call in an exterminator, Walt arranged for the bathing and grooming of the “castle cats", and then found families for them, too!
  • A 1996 VHS of the Main Street Electrical Parade, sold during the "Farewell Season", contains Bookends from Cinderella. Despite the glamor and grace usually associated with a Disney Princess, she slips a snide remark about her ugly stepsisters when she shows the viewers around the performers' makeup room:
    Everyone is putting on their best face. Some people are having a harder time than others! Oh, they try and they try, but I'm afraid they'll never get it right!

California Adventure (Disneyland Resort)

Hong Kong Disneyland

  • In the ride Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars you can see a bear scratching his back (which bears are known to do) against a lever which, depending on your personal and mental POV, is placed too low (down near his rear end) and looks like he's having a bit too much fun; there's also a father bear and his bear cub trying to cook salmon they caught — with dynamite.
  • Mickey and the Wondrous Book has, halfway through the show, Olaf casually walking around headless while Goofy tries to persuade Mickey that everything is fine and Olaf still has his head.


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