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Funny / Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT!

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  • Among the collection? Like you even needed to guess.
    Stan Lee: Hey; do you guys validate?
  • Most of the banter between the Guardians during the pre-show.
    Peter Quill: Well at least we get a really cool sign!
    • Gamora being aggravated at Peter for leading them into an obvious trap.
    • Everyone except Drax complaining about the signs on the cages getting their names or descriptions wrong.
    • Gamora angrily punches the walls of her cage upon learning that she is described as "Daughter of Thanos" and gets shocked.
    Peter: You're not supposed to tap the glass!
    • Tiny angry Baby Groot is adorable.
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    • Rocket's exchange regarding his given label is probably the best part:
      Peter: Hey, you wanna know what they call you, rocket?
      Rocket: I know what they call me: "Cybernetic Genetic-"
      Peter: [Reading the sign] "Pet rodent?!"
      Drax: HA HA HA HA HA!
      Rocket: Pet?! Who wants to pet my FIST?!
      Peter: I thought you'd be more upset about the "rodent" part.
  • Rocket interrupting one of the Collector's queue videos, saying that he was getting sick of listening to that same video being played over and over.
  • Rocket taking a pause from the mayhem he's about to inflict by swiping Peter's Walkman from the collector case.
  • The escape video with Peter has him tied up by a bunch of tentacles... with Baby Groot dancing to the music. He later kicks an alien into their cells and is dogpiled by more of them in retaliation.
    • If you look at Groot, you see that he points and laughs at Peter in the Dog Pile?
  • Depending on the ride profile, Rocket has different quips when taken to the top of the ride shaft and riders can see the rest of the park. Various examples include:
    Rocket: Disneyland? That's thematically inconsistent!
    Rocket: Is that Disneyland? This is so cool!
    Rocket: So, what happens if I push this button... [gets a electrical shock, lights flash, vehicle drops]
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  • During the "Monsters After Dark" (the ride's evening reskin), we find out that Rocket's vandalism spree left the Collector's nastier additions to the zoo roaming free. Unfortunately, Little Groot is wandering around in there like the oblivious toddler he is. The purpose of the riders?
    Rocket: A gantry lift full of warm Terrans makes a really great distraction.
    Rocket: Remember, if you see a scary creature, scream real loud, and look delicious.
  • Some big, nasty house-sized critter with More Teeth than the Osmond Family about to bust through the door, Baby Groot takes the time to mock it
    Baby Groot (giving a Bring It gesture): I am Groot!

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