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Final Destination: Death of the Senses is a novel by Andy McDermott, released and then pulled by Black Flame in 2006. It was, due to a printing error, only available for a short period of time before being recalled, leaving only a few copies in circulation.

When Jack Curtis has a horrific vision one snowy night, his actions save the life of young policewoman Amy Tom from a brutal psychopath and more people besides. However, the man was supposed to have embarked on a deranged killing spree and now Death is several bodies short. As Death begins to balance his books, Jack and Amy must race to warn all of the intended victims before Death collects his due.


Death of the Senses contains tropes such as:

  • Asshole Victim: Chelsea Cox, Dawson Donahue and Dominique Swann.
  • Eye Scream: Chelsea gets a two-pronged icicle through both of her eyes.
  • Keep Circulating the Books: Only a few copies were released, due to the majority of them being recalled due to wrong author being credited in one place. Even the Final Destination wiki has little information on this one due to its rarity.
  • Serial Killer: Instead of a large-scale disaster, the book takes the arguably more interesting route of having the visionary kill a would-be serial killer who had intended to murder several people, who the main character must now desperately track down as Death starts working down the dead lunatic's hit list.

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