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Jikuu Tenshou Nazca (Dimensional Movement Nazca) was a 2-volume manga by Akira Himekawa published starting in 1997, which was adapted into a 12-Episode Anime series in 1998. The anime was released in English by Pioneer (Geneon) in the year 2000. It is mostly known for contributing several seconds of footage used in the opening of the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

The story revolves around Ordinary High-School Student Kyoji Miura, who is rushing to see his Kendo Team Captain and mentor, Tate Masanari, participate in a national tournament. His random encounter with Tate's fiancee, Yuka Kiritake, is soon overshadowed when both of them see Tate transformed into another person as he mercilessly crushes the ribs of his opponent in a single strike.


Shortly afterwards, Kyoji is presented with a katana by Tate, who then challenges him to a duel. Tate eventually explains that he was the reincarnation of the Incan warrior Yawaru — and Kyoji, whether he realizes it or not, was the reincarnation of the warrior Bilka, who fought against him during the civil war between Atahualpa and Huascar before the Incan Empire fell to the Spanish Empire in the 16th century.

Both Kyoji and Yuka (the reincarnation of the priestess Aquira, who was in a Love Triangle with both Yawaru and Bilka) are forced to find out why Tate is trying to both kill his old disciple and gain the power of the Incan gods for himself, while those around Kyoji awaken to their own past selves — and their conflicting loyalties.



  • Anime Hair: Shiogami has an impressive, gravity-defying hairdo in his ancient "Jigami" persona.
  • Conspicuous CG: The anime uses minimally textured and low-polygon CGI to pan around the temple of Iriyatesse.
  • Mayincatec: The portrayal of the Incan Empire in the anime shows a terrifying lack of research. Exhibit A: A flashback to an Incan capital, with a prominent cathedral in the heart of the city.
  • Public Domain Soundtrack: The anime's opening theme, "Ai no Fugue", is based on Bach's "Little Fugue in G Minor".
  • Tokyo Is the Center of the Universe: The unsung heroes and villains of the Incan civil war have all reincarnated as Ordinary High School Students in Tokyo to resume their old battles. Although Tate, Kyoji, and Yuka all travel to Peru for research, the bulk of the modern day battles take place in Japan.


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