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Mondo TV S.p.A. is an Italian animation studio created by Orlando Corradi (who also directed many of its series and movies). It has an official YouTube channel here.

Series and films by Mondo TV:

  • Angel's Friends
  • The Black Corsair
  • Brother Fire
  • Byeoljubu hero
  • Christmas in New York (2005 film)
  • Christopher Columbus (1992 series)
  • Cinderella (1995 film)
  • Corto Maltese (with Rai Fiction)
  • The Drakers
  • The Enchanted Mountain
  • Farhat: The Prince of the Desert (with Rai Fiction)
  • Genghis Khan
  • Giovanni e Paolo e il mistero dei pupi
  • Gladiators (with Rai Fiction)
  • The Great Book of Nature
  • Hercules (1998 TV movie)
  • Hua Mulan
  • Il Cammino di Josemaria
  • Il Gobbo di Notre Dame
  • Jesus: A Kingdom Without Frontiers
  • Jurassic Cubs (with Rai Fiction)
  • Kim (with Rai Fiction)
  • King David
  • Last of the Mohicans, The (with Rai Fiction)
  • Laura's Star
  • Legend of Sleeping Beauty, The
  • The Legend of the Titanic
    • In Search of the Titanic
  • The Legend of Zorro
  • Monsters and Pirates
  • The Old Testament
  • Pocahontas: Princess of the American Indians
  • Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville
  • The Queen of the Swallows
  • Quo Vadis
  • Robin Hood (1991)
  • Sandokan – The Tiger of Malaysia
    • Sandokan: The Tiger Roars Again
    • Sandokan: The Two Tigers
  • Sherlock Yack (France)
  • Simba the King Lion
    • Simba Jr. and the Football World Cup
  • Spartacus (2005 series)
  • Super Little Fanta Heroes
  • Toy Toons
  • The Trash Pack (first series, was later shifted over to Mukpuddy with a new style)
  • Turandot
  • Virus Attack
  • Welcome Back Pinocchio
  • Winner and the Golden Child


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