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Bima Satria Garuda (Bima the Garuda Knight) is a tokusatsu series from Indonesia. It is the result of a cooperation of MNC Media with Ishimori Productions, the creator of Kamen Rider. Starring Christian Loho, Rayhan Febrian, Stella Cornelia (of JKT48), Adhitya Alkatiri, and Sutan Simatupang. Bima Satria Garuda began airing on RCTI on June 30, 2013.

The story begins in the Parallel World controlled by VUDO. The Parallel World is a world that lives in perpetual darkness, where nature does not have a light source like the sun, water, oxygen, and other elements necessary for life. Rasputin (Sutan Simatupang) is the evil and cruel ruler of the villainous organization VUDO. He wants to take over the Earth to seize their natural resources for the sake of all life in the Parallel World. A scientist on Earth managed to create a portal that connects the Earth and other galaxies. VUDO saw this opportunity and wants to get to Earth.

Ray Bramasakti (Christian Loho), gets a red Power Stone from a mysterious man, Mikhail (Adhitya Alkatiri), to stop any attempt by Rasputin to take over the Earth. By getting the red Power Stone, Ray got the power to change into Bima Satria Garuda. Randy Iskandar (Rayhan Febrian) and his sister, Rena (Stella Cornelia) who are Ray's adoptive family become involved in the actions of BIMA against evil Rasputin's schemes.

A sequel series, Satria Garuda Bima X, premiered in 2014.

The hero and his allies:

  • Ray Bramasakti/Bima Satria Garuda (Christian Loho), super hero and main character in the series. Nice, quiet, humble, yet having noble principles, Ray was an orphan who lived with a foster family, Randy and Rena. Ray has a job in the workshop "Satria Motors". He has a red Power Stone acquired from Mikhail and uses it to save the Earth from threats by VUDO. The Power Stone can turn him into Bima, who has the power of Garuda: agile, focused, and strong. His weapon is named Helios (the Sun) and his Finishing Move is called Garuda Strike.
  • Randy Iskandar (Rayhan Febrian), older brother of Rena, Ray's adopted brother, and the owner of the workshop "Satria Motors". Randy is a fatherly figure for Rena and Ray. He inherited considerable wealth from his parents who disappeared.
  • Rena Iskandar (Stella Cornelia), Randy's sister and Ray's adopted sibling who is also a student. Rena behaves naive and innocent, her nature tends to be careless and always unlucky, she wants to help Ray but instead gets often into trouble because of VUDO.
  • Iwan Iskandar (Abio Abie), Randy and Rena's uncle. He takes care of them after their parents disappeared.
  • Mikhail (Adhitya Alkatiri). His origin is not known to many. Mikhail fled a VUDO warship carrying the red Power Stone. He communicates through telepathy, but does not like to communicate a lot with humans.


  • Rasputin (Sutan Simatupang), the leader of the organization VUDO who has the black Power Stone. He comes from the Parallel World and wants to attack Earth by taking over the elements oxygen, sunlight, and water to give life in the Parallel World.
  • Iron Mask, a mysterious figure and Rasputin's right-hand warship commander who has the blue Power Stone.
  • Azazel, a mysterious figure who fights for Rasputin. He is armed with Taranis (Lightning), similar to Bima's Helios.


  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: VUDO wants to bring life to the Parallel World, which would be a good goal in itself, the problem being they want to accomplish this by the invasion of Earth.
  • Wham Episode: Several:
    • At the end of #11, Mikhail got captured by Iron Mask. It was followed by Rasputin implanting him with the black Power Stone, causing him to become Azazel.
    • At the end of #15, just when things seem to get better, Iron Mask's airship blows up with Azazel still in it, and Iron Mask...watching from below.
    • And finally, during #16, Mikhail finally remembers that he is Ray's younger brother.
    • At the end of #22, Rasputin finally revealed his plans regarding the Power Stones. He built a Giant Mecha and will use the Power Stones as the power source.
    • At the end of #23, Bima dies. In front of Reza. Seasoned toku watchers might expect Bima to have an Unexplained Recovery per Toku standards, but the preview for the next episode only showed Azazel fighting against VUDO's ressurected Monster of the Week, without Bima in sight.
    • In #25, the Giant Mecha Grand Gator utterly destroyed Jakarta.
    • At the end of final episode, #26, Iron Mask is revived by Black Priest and kills Rasputin.
  • Xanatos Gambit: The reason why the Shadow Crisis exists. If they managed to kill Bima, then Rasputin will take over the world. However, if Bima managed to destroy them, then the Power Stones will absorb enough hatred to empower it even more, which will be used by Rasputin to power up his Giant Mecha and take over the world.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Rasputin put a hit on Azazel after he refused to kill Bima while he's exhausted from the last battle.
  • Your Size May Vary: God Helios' size increased when it carries the main 4 to infiltrate Grand Gator.