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ArmComedy is an Armenian comedy News Parody show which first aired on March 2012. It is aired thrice a week on the ATV channel. Starting as a satirical news website, it later evolved into a web series on CivilNet Internet TV channel. After two years creators of the show were invited to expand to network television. ArmComedy became "the first satiric news show in Armenia, dripped in political humor and wit, reporting the real news with a different perspective.". Every episode of ArmComedy is written and hosted by Armenian comedians Narek Margaryan and Sergey Sargsyan. It has been dubbed in press as "Armenia's version of The Daily Show".


On October 2015 Conan O'Brien was guest on ArmComedy during his trip to Armenia. He invited the hosts on his show if they ever visited America. In May 2017 ArmComedy's hosts Narek Margaryan and Sergey Sargsyan were on US standup tour were invited as guests on Conan.

The Armenian-language series is also available on YouTube here. An online English-language companion series, The Spyurk Report, debuted in November 2017, and can be viewed here.

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  • Cut Away Gag: These are frequent, sometimes involving sketches, or quotes from interviews.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: A common running gag is for the screen to suddenly go monochrome, making it look much like a recording from off of an old camcorder, and then have the hosts go off-script and be unaware that they're still being recorded.
  • Leave the Camera Running: A common gag on the show is for the screen to suddenly go Deliberate Monochrome, look like it was recorded on an old camcorder, and have the hosts seemingly go off-script and not know they are being recorded.
  • News Parody: The show is modeled after The Daily Show.
  • One Steve Limit: Sergey Sargsyan joked about this when the new Armenian president Armen Sarkissian (essentially the same surname, just a different English spelling) was appointed by the then-Armenian Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan, claiming he was unrelated to them.


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