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From upper left, counter-clockwise; Bari, Mr.Guine, Sara, Little Kang-lim, Kang-lim, Wonchon, Mago, Yeomra-daewang

Ghost Messenger is a 2009 South Korean Animation, made by Studio Animal. Here's the story: Ghost Messengers are super-powered agents from Myung-gye(World of Death). The World of Death is a digitalized world with cutting-edge technologies that control and manage the life and death of all living things based on its elaborate systems. Armed with a special mobile phone(Soul Phone) used to stay in contact with his commanding officer and operator on missions or dispatches to different spiritual realms, Ghost Messengers are also able to download weapons like beam swords, projectile weapons, and miraculous beasts via their phone, hopefully giving them an edge in the fight. Which is all for the good, since the world of the invisible is becoming increasingly unstable, and the fantastical, mythological demons and evil spirits are threatening the strict balance of life on Earth.

Our Ghost Messenger hero, Kang-lim, has been dispatched to the human world to capture the remaining ghosts who are refusing to go to the World of Death although it is their time. An accident occurs during his mission and Kang-lim gets captured in his own mobile phone. Little Kang-lim, a human boy who has extraordinary spiritual powers, finds the mobile phone and takes Ghost Messenger Kang-lim out from the mobile phone.

And the adventure begins.

Episode one was launched as an OVA in 2009, and a new episode was going to be released per 2 months... but unfortunately became stuck in Development Hell due to lack of funds and other problems. Finally in 2012, episode 2 is going to be released, followed closely by the third.

Since most of existing Korean animation are focused on kids, Ghost Messenger is one of the most expectant animation for South Korean watchers.

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This animation provides examples of:

  • The Cameo: The Opening features a man who looks a lot like G.W.Bush. In fact, it'll probably be him.
  • Cool Car: Mago is seen driving a pink Mercedes-Benz Sl-Class.
  • Clark Kenting : While working undercover in the human world, Bari disguised herself using glasses and braiding her hair.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Wonchon looks a lot like a girl.
    • In the original mythology, the character that he's based on (Wonchongang-oneuli) is a girl.
    • The developers actually stated that they left this ambiguous(only 6 people in the world know his/her real gender). They will let everyone know in episode 3.
  • Named Weapons: Ghost messengers seems to have named their weapons in English. Here's some:
    • Kanglim: Black Shark.
    • Bari: Fan Crane.
    • Sara: Guns'N'Roses (looks like a half-phone, half-gun device).
    • Mr.Guine: Power X.
    • Mago: Soul Wave.
    • Wonchon: Watercat.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Ghost messenger's names are based on characters from Korean Mythology.
  • Technology Marches On: In-universe example: Yeomra-daewang is constantly trying to invent something, and thanks to her(and underworld technological department), Myung-gye's technology is constantly developing. Human world's developments are influenced by Myung-gye's technologies.
    • Also doubles as real-life example: Ghost Messenger's soul phones(and other ordinary people's) have keyboards on them, due to animation being made in the 2009's(when most South Koreans used that type). However with the advent of smart phones(due to Apple and Samsung), most Koreans nowadays are carrying smart phones with them(with only LCD screen), thus making soul phones... a little outdated.
  • Older Than They Look: According to Word of God, Myung-gye's people ages more slowly and in reverse. Yeomra-daewang, who is the ruler of Myung-gye and oldest inhabitant(exact age is unclear), looks like a little girl.