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In "Dinosaur Adventure", the place the dinosaurs live in is an increasingly isolated, post-Cretaceous Great Valley.

To put it simply, the Great Valley survived the catastrophe that killed off the dinosaurs, hence the gorillas and antelopes in a work that has dinosaurs. Obviously, since generations have passed and everyone lives in an entirely leaf-eater community, every inhabitant has forgotten about carnivorism, hence the heroes's horror at Ak's meat-eating. Also, everybody in the Valley is probably inbred as of the movie, which explains this utter monstrosity. Also, Ak (a triceratops.... kinda)'s niece, Faa (an otter) is adopted.


The entire Dingo universe is in fact the Negaverse.

Every Dingo "hero" seems to be an evil and/or stupid counterpart to a Disney/Don Bluth one. Consider:

  • Mufassa/Grown Simba's equivalent in the Dingo universe is power-hungry, greedy, and an idiot. ("The diamonds, my god! I'd forgotten all about them!") And while young Simba is adorable in the Disney universe, in the Dingo one, he is putrid and has an butt for a nose.
  • Esmeralda risked everything to save others in the Disney version of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame;" in the Dingo version she has no problem leaving Quasimodo to be executed at the end.
  • Pocahontas and her people really are the ignorant, dirty, drunk savages that the whites think they are, and Pocahontas' pet raccoon doubly so. Also, while Grandmother Willow is warm and grandmotherly, the talking bush in the Dingo version is infamous for being very creepy.
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  • In Don Bluth's The Land Before Time, the dinosaurs value family so strongly that Little Foot's mother sacrifices her life to save her son. In the Dingo universe, Tio's parents not only leave him for dead, but waste no time making a replacement son who they name "Tio the Second."

Alternatively, Dingo Pictures is Disney's counterpart from our evil Mirror Universe.

Do we have to back this one up?

Okay, just to humor ourselves, here we go:

  • The evil/stupid counterparts to all the Disney/Don Bluth heroes, as mentioned above.
  • Disney is famed for being family-friendly and teaching children morals, and death or violence in Disney movies is usually shown in a very nuanced way and on the occasions when it isn't, it is always accompanied by appropriate reactions to comfort its audience. Dingo Pictures is infamous for swearing, left-field violence that the characters barely react to, heroes getting executed at the end while their friends don't give a damn, hero's parents rushing to create replacement children the minute the first one goes missing, and the cute funny animal clearly aimed to appeal to the youngest audience members setting an example by getting roaring drunk.
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  • Post-Civil Rights Movement Disney always strives to teach children not to believe racist stereotypes. Pocahontas is all about how Native Americans are not "savages" like the settlers thought; Hunchback of Notre Dame is all about how Gypsies aren't all thieves like the villains claim. Dingo Pictures? "Pocahontas" displays basically every offensive stereotype about Native Americans in existence, right down to the alcoholism. "Hunchback" makes no effort to update the very dated way Gypsies are portrayed in Victor Hugo's novel.
  • Disney is one of the richest companies in the world; Dingo Pictures filed for bankruptcy several years ago.
  • Disney is known for getting distinctive celebrity voices for its characters; we really have to explain these reasons?
  • Disney is a household name around the world, famous for revolutionizing animation; Dingo Pictures, most people have never heard of, and the few who have know it only as the worst animation studio in history.

Grumpy Bear from the Countryside Bears is either a hermaphrodite or a transsexual.

His feminine voice and submissive, emotional mannerisms WOULD make this more a case of Camp Gay, but it's Mina the rabbit's hurried, nervous stumbling over what pronouns to use for Grumpy when reporting his broken leg to the others implies something more. Further more, the fact that Mina said "Is still hurting IT-him-yes..." instead of "Her" and so quickly and nervously corrected herself implies that she probably saw something she shouldn't have when tending to Grumpy Bear's leg.

In every off-screen torture scene in any media, these movies are what the victim was being subjected to.
Do we need to back this one up?

Charlie from the Wabuu short is an elderly and likely senile cat

In Charlie's appearance in Dalmatians we already know he's an older cat (approaching 20 or so), and the East-West English dub of Wabuu makes this more evident, where he is voiced by a elderly Dutch man. Charlie's only real desire is to go home and drink (milk) but Wabuu manages to con him into catching the clouds (which is of course, absurd). Charlie attempts this for a while before eventually realising how ridiculous this situation is by saying 'shit, rar', but he's already been fooled and Wabuu has drunk his milk. It is a play on how the elderly are easy victims of con artists (which of course, Wabuu is).

Wabuu is an Asgardian rabbit
In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Rocket Raccoon gets repeatedly called a "rabbit" by Asgardians. This might be because rabbits in Asgard simply look like raccoons from Earth. And this is also the reason why Wabuu keeps jumping around like that, he just isn't actually a raccoon but just pretends to be one!
  • Alternatively, Wabuu is the same species of identical-to-an-Earth-raccoon alien as Rocket. (From the comics, not the MCU.)

The "English" voice actors were a kidnapped married couple

A long time ago, a British couple were kidnapped from their country and forced to voice characters for a cartoon studio somewhere in Germany. That's why you always hear the same man and woman in the english dubs. Sadly, they were executed when their job was done. They outlived their usefulness.

The Dingoes from Blinky Bill founded this studio...

  • ...which went as well as Danny's schemes from season 1 tended to go.

The whole Dingo Pictures universe is a self-fulfillingly demented and corrupt land in ChalkZone, and Wabuu and the other "protagonists" are Jerkass Woobies and Wabuu is also the Only Sane Man

All the Dingo Pictures characters... Wabuu, Grumpy Bear, Esmeralda/Pocahontas/Anastasia, King "Mah'God" the lion, Robin, Dundee... all of them were drawn on a chalkboard in Germany and were erased into Chalkzone. However, they were drawn so poorly that they ended up being confined to a ghetto by the other zoners. The Dingo characters were sincerely likable at first, being Evil Is Cool and even Adorkable, but being ostracized from the rest of ChalkZone caused them all to go insane, except for Wabuu, who resorted to pranks to preserve his sanity, but gradually became more and more Ax-Crazy.

And that's why ChalkZone was Screwed by the Network like a lot of other Nicktoons, because Rudy, Penny, and Snap wandered their way into Damn Hell Valley and were killed by Wabuu, or they were so horrified by the abysmal quality of Dingoland that they fainted and were Chalked up from staying in Chalkzone too long, and went insane with the other Dingo characters.

"Boris" from Anastasia is the real Anastasia
"He" looks a lot like Don Bluth's Anastasia, has very feminine facial features and those wrappings under the coat are probably to hide breasts. What happened is that the real Anastasia escaped, dyed her hair and pretended to be a boy to conceal her identity. The blonde girl the movie follows is actually a random servant girl who happened to look a lot like Anastasia when she was younger. So this movie is actually about a love affair between a deposed princess and an amnesiac servant who thought she was the deposed princess.

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