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Examples of Uncanny Valley from the web:

  • The Annoying Orange does come across this. The characters are photos of produce with live footage of the actors' eyes and mouths superposed on them, resulting in characters that are clearly not human but have partial faces that move exactly like a real human's. Even Daneboe, the creator of the series, has acknowledged that the characters are kind of creepy.
  • Annoying Orange, meet Fruity Fables.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall has a surprising example with the Entity. It's usually the complete opposite, until you see it take the form of 90s Kid. Never mind the fact that it's acting and talking utterly different from what we normally associate with him, but the fact that his eyes are screens of static. Not to mention that the rest of the body keeps jerking to different positions without even moving. It's an example of this not only being invoked, but trying to creep us out. And it worked.
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  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre: Several commentators described Jane's white suitcase shining from the dark background in episode 13 as particularly unnerving and really creepy, because it reminded them of a smiley face. Its handle looks like smiling lips and two dark dots served for its eyes, forming weird and constantly smiling Uncanny Valley face. Link to episode 13.
  • Awful Hospital features a wide choice of germs, body parts, and general monsters as staff or patients. Then there's Doctor Man, who invokes the trope as he looks like a kind human doctor... except that he rarely changes posture, speaks in Cheerful Monotone and never stops smiling amiably.
  • Asenath of the Binder of Shame is a very pretty woman with a deformed arm, which according to the narrator isn't what creeps him out; what creeps him out is the fact that her clothes are "part schoolgirl outfit, part leatherwear", "she never seemed to blink", and "she was pretty much making out with the GM the whole time we played".
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  • Cake Wrecks: Most of the attempts at making human-shaped cakes featured on Cake Wrecks. The infamous meatloaf baby is particularly horrifying. Or there is one cake shaped like human foot with sick-looking brown-yellowish crooked toe... It's advisable to have a bucket by yourself, or run to the bathroom.
  • CollegeHumor
  • Cracked:
    • It has a list of some real-world androids that dwell in the darkest depths of the Uncanny Valley. They even mention the trope by name. In a similar vein - 5 Real Robots Built to Love you to Death. The final example is completely deliberate and was built to study the Uncanny Valley effect.
    •'s 5 Creepy Ways Humans Are Plunging Into The Uncanny Valley.
    • Everything in this article. The 7 most unintentionally creepy places.
    • Cracked TV is hosted by Michael Swaim, a self-stated android who does absolutely nothing android-like, and therefore lands on the upward slope after Uncanny Valley, comfortably close to full-fledged human. His normal self is visible at the beginning of episode 15. Then, after the forty-five second mark, he slowly becomes more and more creepy (the first change was an innocuous pink bowtie). By the end, he's reached complete and utter terror incarnate.
  • Dancing Baby. A lowish-quality 3D animation from the 90s that features... well, a dancing baby.
  • Deviant ART:
  • Evie(pictured above) really takes the cake. She's an A.I. that responds to what is typed into an empty space, and makes certain facial expressions depending on her mood. Not only are facial movements uncanny, her responses are almost always accurate. If her voice was any more realistic...
  • Extra Credits has mentioned the Uncanny Valley several times. First in an episode specifically about it, then revisited in a Halloween episode and again in an episode about Kinect's controls.
  • This ad for a game called "Farmerama." OH GAWD THEY'RE COMING TO EAT YOU!
  • It's beginning to look a lot like fishmen. [1]
  • Talked about in The Game Overthinker episode "Reality Sucks". He uses Mega Man as the "humanoid but not trying to pass" left side, and Cameron as the "so lifelike as to trigger empathy" right side. Joan Rivers represents the Valley and after all that plastic surgery, the Take That! is perfectly justified.
  • The poser models in Grand Theft Auto Escanaba. (Or 3D Movie Maker in general.) The protagonists in particular.
  • The Hand Thing, god! What is that? They were doing the HAND THING and couldn't stop. One of them had HUGE "Uh-Oh" Eyes and kept saying ahh-hoy, ahh-hoy.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device mentions in episode 20 that the Salamanders invoke this reaction in the common citizens of the Imperium, as they have jet-black, coal-like skin and glowing red eyes.
  • In Ilivais X, Iriana is meant to be at the very bottom of this. Mostly expressionless, very cold, looks like a monochrome walking loli corpse, can't ever die outside an energy source, gets off to being stabbed, etc. And she HATES it.
  • One of The Journal Entries describes an encounter that gave a Pendorian this effect. Set shortly after Pendor first contacts Earth, the story involves one of the diplomats attending a convention which has a large Furry contingent. One of the costumers has made a very careful study of the diplomat (apparently from news coverage) and produced a costume that looks exactly like her. If only the face wasn't so completely still...
  • The pictures of Frank the goat on LiveJournal's 404 pages.
  • Marble Hornets: Watch it alone at midnight. Will you dare to sleep with the lights off afterwards? Not that leaving them on will make you feel any better.
  • Lester the Manbogey in Mortasheen is a bio-construct designed to spy on and study colonies of humans by blending in as a human itself. However, it's noted to have a 100% failure rate; even human newborns can immediately tell Lester is an imposter. Lester's creators are baffled how, since other races can't tell it apart from a real human.
    • If you seriously think the baby in Junior looks creepy, these things look just plain ugly. Some people in the Furry Fandom often do this to make themselves look like their anthros...with highly unexpected results.
    • It's incredibly bad when people who have apparently never seen Avatar photoshop themselves to look like Na'vi.
  • Photoshop Disasters features numerous examples of this. Strange, unnatural proportions; people with too many or too few limbs; misshapen body parts and so on and so forth.
  • The Nico Nico Douga "Home Haruka" meme is aaaall about this trope. (You'll need a Nico Nico account to see that video. If you don't have one... lucky you.)
  • A lot of things made with the MikuMikuDance software straddles the line between awesome and awesomely disturbing. What's especially fun is that the software can be used to make a model of just about anything. Case in point: this, a such video featuring Seto Kaiba. And if you're feeling especially brave, here's the same model, dancing to Black Rock Shooter. The creator even apologizes that she couldn't get the model's eyes to stop rolling back into its skull. Besides the eyes, the only creepy thing is that he is singing with a girl's voice.
  • This is what made The Slender Man Mythos so captivating. The central Humanoid Abomination is an abnormally tall guy with no face or hair that wears a business suit. He apparently can't talk, and he walks in a very stiff manner, often with his arms out in front of him. He can also teleport anywhere he wants. Like inside your house. The tentacles are a bit off-kilter as well.
  • Melancholic Princess, a digital painting done by an artist called Robert Chang developed cult status on YouTube because of this. It even spawned a series of urban myths. The original picture can be seen here.
  • Magibon. She just... stares at you. Unblinkingly.
  • Mori no Ando, which doubles up as a Mind Screw.
  • In the eyes of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, Mary Sues fit this trope because they're too perfectly pretty to be human.
  • Fantastic Hey Hey Hey. Good luck sleeping tonight.
  • johnnolanfilms: John Nolan's animatronic work. Some are cool, but some are downright creepy.
  • Wights from Orion's Arm intentionally get as deep into the valley as they can.
  • There's a certain Youtube channel that warps photographs of poets to look like they're mouthing readings of their poems and creates these abominations. Here's a particularly freaky example, using an actual recording of Alfred Lord Tennyson reciting Charge of the Light Brigade.
  • Pokémon Apokélypse invokes this with the Pokemon. Even ones like Jigglypuff, Meowth, and Pikachu look terrifying.
  • For a long time in Red vs. Blue, the only character whose face we saw was Vic, who was an image capture from the first Halo game. Acceptable enough as he never looked particularly real. Then along comes Reconstruction which gives us the Councilor. A much, much more realistic looking character (same effect, only they used an image from a newer game and used more advanced effects when making his mouth move) but there's still something about the way his face stays alarmingly still while his features are moving... Director Church isn't nearly as bad, but they hardly ever show his entire face, and he does show more movement in his emotions. The Councilor, on the other hand, seems to be this way intentionally, with his deadpan voice and methodical speech pattern.
  • The RWBY episode "Alone In The Woods" does this on purpose. A ways in, the eyes of some of the characters get seriously, SERIOUSLY dilated pupils and start talking in a tired monotone. That's not the animation - that's the Apathy Grimm eating away at their will to live.
  • The picture on the right at about 4:40 in this video. Buh...
  • Referenced in a Teen Girl Squad cartoon, where Japanese Culture Greg is going to the prom with Chizuko, his robot date.
    Science Fiction Greg:You think I'd be into life-size realistic robots, but that thing makes me want to barf up my earlier energy drink into the one I'm currently drinking.
    • Followed by Japanese Culture Greg getting UNCANNY VALLEY'D!
  • Intentionally used by YouTube user stoolsoftenercapsule, who used to be known as "MrChriddof" before inexplicably closing that account in late March 2010.
  • The name of this tumblr speaks for itself, and ought to warn you of the horrors to come.
  • Stop calling Bill O'Reilly a homo.
  • This Sporcle picture quiz. One of the comments even proclaimed, "Well, I'm going to have nightmares." It's a game where you have to guess celebrities whose photos have been manipulated so that they have manga-style eyes.
  • This Meme, animated characters photoshopped into Uncanny Valley. Got Brain Bleach?
  • Watching this video of Mrs Stephen Fry may cause you to never look at Stephen Fry the same way again.
  • Memes surrounding Anonymous tend to feature this and Paranoia Fuel.
  • The ever loved, the original SCP-173.'s kinda vaguely humanoid...but that face. Staring at it is so hard, so awkward. You want to look away. You can't. You mustn't. You did—SNAP!
    • 106 is already bad enough, what with looking like the rotting carcass of an old man...but, somehow, when he was young, despite being much less putrid, and a lot more human-looking, he was much, much worse.
    • 2852, the idea of a hollow shell and some cicada matter patched together to look like a human... and succeeding is just horrifying, especially the eyes which apparently have no function, not to mention the adult baby talk that they apparently spew.
  • Don't watch this at night alone. You were warned. It's called "Going to the Store", and features a computer-animated mannequin in some very weird poses. You might want to procure some Nightmare Retardant.
  • This Zelda Fan Film contains the perfect storm of both Uncanny Valley and Off-Model, with Link looking like he had a bad head injury and Ganondorf looking shiny. The animation itself, while decently choreographed, is jerky and unnatural, and the awful lighting makes things even worse. Its sequels show little improvement, and the teaser for the next one features Fi (who already lacked proper eyes) with a misshapen head and her "Hair Hat" looking too realistic, and shots of horseback-riding that resembles someone riding a mechanical bull.
  • The Escher Girls blog. "This is a blog for pictures of female characters in impossible or ridiculous poses or with disturbing anatomy because the artists need to show teh sexy."
    Okay. Audience participation! Let’s do a little experiment. 1) Lie down on your side. 2) Bend your torso up 90 degrees. 3) Call the paramedics.
    • The thing is that a lot of the posts use an otherwise realistic art-style. So ignoring what's realistic in favor of what's sexy probably isn't a good idea. However most of the poses aren't creepy so much as laughably bad. They still act as Fetish Retardant, though.
  • Squicky Game Art blog. "...SGA brings relief from an onslaught of broken spines and boob windows."
  • Squimpus McGrimpus is a Youtuber that specializes in found-footage Fnaf content. His interpretation of Purple Guy- the empty eyesockets, the strangely shaped head, the unhinged jaw- gives a startling similarity to Gaster from Undertale.
  • Virtual Eternity, a site where you can create your own "Intellitar" (intelligent avatar) using your photograph, voice, and even bits of your personally. However, the result is not exactly... natural. Click on the Intellitar Galleries or Intellitar Guide and you'll understand... *shudder*
  • This animator doesn't want her pizza to burn. Of note is at 1:40-1:50, where she does the worst animation of lip-licking you'll ever see.
  • This is a strange laughing puppet from Portsmouth, if you look closely, you can see the eyes moving...
  • Micheal from Vsauce mentions the trope when discussing why the typefont Comic Sans may be so hated by people. He speaks of it in this video around 6:18.
  • TV Tropes: From an advert on this very website: [2] The dreaded ads. Never before have virtual pets run headlong into the valley like these ads. Just a warning to anyone curious, they become worse when animated.
  • Tho Woll Smoth mome, onvolvong Phutushupped poctores of colobrities (orogonolly Will Smith) woth thor oys ond moths shronkon don. (Tho word woy of spokong coms from tho foct thot woth o tony moth, oll vowols woold sond lok "o"'s.)
  • The blog You Are Not A Photographer regularly includes photos that qualify, due to hideously overzealous editing, airbrushing, and special effects by misguided would-be photo editors photoshopping their subjects beyond all recognition.
  • The aptly named "Creepy Girl" from the publishing website Cubocc, which can be found right here. To sum it all, it's interactive and always follows your mouse. As if that wasn't enough, much like with the original Melancolic Princess, there's been a myriad of urban legends sorrounding her.
  • ads you may see around the internet. Including this very site.
  • One of the most disturbing channels on Youtube is called "Hey Kids!" which releases an endless stream of "Finger Family" songs with off-model CG, weird, unmoving 2D cells of animation, and an absolutely horrifying Author Avatar in that weird porcelain-doll looking motherfucker that heads the channel with a weird Russian/Persian accent.
    • The channel was later taken down after violating Terms of Service, not to mention the videos that were later uploaded onto the channel...
  • Mortasheen has the Lester, a monster designed to look like humans and infiltrate their societies. But, because of "some imperceptibly trivial flaw in the monster's camouflage," humans immediately recognize it as a fake.
  • "Photoshop God" invokes this deliberately, photoshopping pictures of real people to "look so perfect they become unsettling to the eye."
  • Some idiot had the bright idea to feed the "Screaming Frog" video into Google's Deep Dream neural net software. The results? After what seems like what would take countless iterations, this. The frog's eyes pop up and disappear all over its body, it's sprouting some sort of tentacle-toe things all over the lower half of its body, and the video itself occasionally morphs into different things for an instant, such as a car or a dog. Now, keep in mind that Deep Dream is meant to look like a human dream. And not after our sleeping brains distill it into a form we can understand, for these are the pure memories of this neural net. And if that turned a relatively harmless frog video into Frog-Sothoth, then the real forms of our own dreams would be truly maddening.


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