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"Have you ever met my candy wife?"

  • The Fleischer cartoons that pioneered rotoscoping can fall into this at times. Just look at Bamboo Isle, in which Betty Boop's massive, misshapen cranium is put on an actual hula-dancer's body. There it was probably unintentional, but everything about Minnie the Moocher seems precisely calculated to terrify, from the use of rotoscoping to make a walrus-man ghost dance like Cab Calloway to the dark lyrics of the song he sings to, well, everything else in the cartoon. Take a look here.
  • Samurai Jack: In "Jack and the Haunted House", there's something extremely disturbing about the Demonic Spirit's frighteningly detailed design.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • This trope is brilliantly alluded to, and parodied, in the episode "Frankendoodle." The drawings of the characters that come to life are described in-universe as being "kinda creepy when they move." And Patrick is obviously put off by DoodleBob because he resembles, but never entirely imitates, SpongeBob. In universe, DoodleBob is seen as disturbing, unsettling, and creepy.
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    • Speaking of SpongeBob... who you callin' Pinhead?
    • There's actually something extremely disturbing about the face Spongebob makes when he's ashamed of himself.
    • Many of the Gross Up Close Ups can be seen as this.
  • Transformers:
    • Although it's not obvious to the viewer due to the animation style, this is implied to be why Transformers Animated's Sari is despised by other children.
    • In Beast Wars, the damaged, half-formed Transmutate has a very human-ish face that, when combined with her creepy voice and the show's graphical limitations, cause many to find her to be unsettling.
    • One of the many complaints leveled against Beast Machines are the designs of the Maximals, all of whom have very humanlike features despite being alien robots. Nightscream is the worst offender: unsightly, scrawny body, a hunchback, Creepy Long Fingers, an incredibly humanlike face with gigantic, widely-spaced eyes, nostril-like holes on his forehead, and a clump of actual hair dangling in front of his face, which looks like a piece of flesh due to the CGI's limitations. Blackarachnia is a close second: her extra eyes deliberately invoked this, but when closed, they give her a giant, Klingon-esque forehead and her hair looks like a clump of tissue.
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  • Some people think the character designs in Sofia the First are ugly. They especially find Disney Princesses in CGI to be this.
  • Skyland, a motion-captured 3D-modeled cartoon, attempts to make things look more stylish by cel-shading it afterward. This backfires, though, making the characters look inhumanly polished and sending the entire thing plummeting into the Uncanny Valley.
  • In a similar vein, Iron Man: Armored Adventures.
  • Letter TV, a low-budget CGI educational program for children, seems to have fallen squarely into the valley's nadir.
  • Math Girl: A series of semi-animated CGI shorts with writing that seems aimed at children, subject matter (calculus) aimed at high school and college students, and extremely frenetic, jerky pacing that makes actually learning anything unlikely. The characters are right in Uncanny Valley, helped by the creepy Exorcist-style theme music. The temptation to shut it off or vocally make fun of it is nearly unbearable, but unfortunately, this is rather hard to do in a classroom setting. Here's episode 1.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog was a very frightening cartoon for many, often skipping the "comedy" part of its "horror-comedy".
  • Freaky Fred has an unmoving, seemingly frozen face, a perpetual smile with entirely too many teeth and a creepy, predatory but deceptively polite voice. The fact that he is as close as a show for kids can get to a child molester serves to make him all the more disturbing.
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack:
    • Intentionally invoked with this image of the titular Flapjack.
    • The Candy Wife (pictured above), also deliberately in the valley.
    • She's heeeeeeerrrrreeeee~
    • Punsy McKale's realistic design looks a to say the least.
  • Also parodied in an episode of Chowder with a pink, badly CGI'd dancing pig-baby (probably a parody of the infamous CGI Dancing Baby), whose mere existence instills great horror (and grief) on those who watch it, especially Gumbo and Mung.
  • Also invoked for many of the villains in The Real Ghostbusters. One of the most traumatic characters for anybody growing up in the 1980s might have been their Boogey Man.
  • Sid the Science Kid is somewhat creepy. Henson Studios used a technique that combines CGI Motion-Capture with actual puppetry. The actors are "filmed" in real time as the CGI characters, with as little post-production as possible being used.
  • Dirt Girl World has live-action human eyes and mouths pasted onto cartoony bodies, which looks really freaky and creepy as a result. Why couldn't everything have just been fully animated?
  • The Simpsons:
    • In-Universe example: Homer briefly imagines his children as "mutants" with pinkish skin, five-fingered hands and eyes with irises. The camera briefly cuts to a more realistic rendering of Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Homer screams and runs away after seeing that.
    • The original show has nothing on the depths into the Uncanny Valley the fans will boldly go. Michael Swaim gives us The 7 Creepiest Simpson Fan Tributesnote . The title is most certainly accurate.
    • In the episode were Gabbo was introduced, Krusty tries to compete with his own ventriloquism number, using a shoddily-made puppet that looks rather creepy. And then the puppet loses its lower jaw. From this point on, things go downhill rather quickly.
    • This Butterfinger commercial shows Homer from an angle that doesn't make him look like Homer anymore.
    • A throwaway gag in the season 5 episode "Rosebud" has George H. W. Bush rejected from Mr. Burns' birthday celebration for only serving one term as president. His caricature is mildly offputting, especially when he says "Get away from me, loser" to Jimmy Carter.
    • Many of the celebrity guest appearances come across as this, basically looking like traced photos with minimal to no effort to make them fit in with the Simpsons art style. The result is often incredibly unsettling.
    • One episode has a gag in which Krusty says "We'll be filmed in HD TV! Here's how I'll look!" cue a cut to this face - which makes the kids recoil in horror. This is how some people view HD TV today.
  • In the 1960s there were action animated shows (often based on Marvel Comics) that actually were not animated at all. Yes, apparently they reached a new low in how to be cheap on animation. But how did they handle the characters talking? Simple! When a character spoke, that character would be a still drawing with a human mouth on the face speaking. This is called Synchro-Vox and it gave off what is arguably the first and one of the creepier examples of Uncanny Valley in North American animation. Say what you will about the 1970s being a Dark Age for TV animation, but by that time that practice was no longer the least bit common. (Nowadays it's only very rarely used for comedic effect and for The Annoying Orange series, where two of the same human eye and a human mouth are used to make talking inanimate objects.)
  • Intentionally invoked in Batman: The Animated Series, part two of "Heart of Steel". The robotic replacements for Gotham's citizens look perfectly normal, but move in increasingly impossible ways - such as their heads spinning around to look at things, or crouching and leaping in a terrifyingly inhuman manner.
  • The Night of the Headless Horseman 1999 CGI movie. Stiff 3D models attempting to be lifelike with motion capture, and cartoon-like with severely distorted expressions, combined with over the top voice acting, may cause the presentation to be scarier than the story.
  • In Superman: The Animated Series, Static Shock, and Justice League, DCAU's version of Toyman falls into this trope, with his very big toy head.
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • In the episode "Knock It Off", the Big Bad creates an army of PPG imitations, but with shoddy worksmanship. The scariest ones are those who are only slightly different from the originals.
    • Arguably, the Powerpuffs themselves. As the characters are designed to look ridiculously cute, they have rather big eyes, and a lack of fingers, toes, noses, and ears. A number of jokes in the show revolve around their appearance because of this, and there's even an episode that showed what would happen if the Freak Lab Accident never occurred and girls turn out to be the Run of the Mill Girls instead, without their unique cuteness features.
  • The infamous Pingu episode Pingu Dreams became a banned episode because of a seal in his dreams, which looks very realistic. Here's the video.
  • An episode of The Fairly Oddparents had Timmy's dad using a rather creepy puppet of his mom, who is now too busy working as Dimmsdale's new weatherperson. It even creeps Timmy out.
    Timmy's Dad: I don't know [if Mom would get this upset]. Let's ask while I'm drinking a glass of water!
    Sockpuppet Mom: I think you're being too hard on Timmy.
    Timmy's Dad: *Spit Take* Oh, sure! Take his side!
    Timmy: No amount of therapy will ever make this moment okay.
  • Anyone who's ever taken a German class and had to sit through episodes of the series Hallo Aus Berlin will have been subjected to Rolli und Rita, the creepiest creations ever to come out of computer animation. See for yourself.
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!: In-Universe, this is how the Funland operator of "Foul Play in Funland" is seen by the rest of the gang, who, throughout the episode, make it verbally clear his eerie atmosphere and superhuman abilities are absolutely off-putting. Of course, the revelation that he's just a haywire animatronic certainly helps.
  • Glenn Martin DDS: All of the characters look like an unholy hybrid between Sloth and Quasimodo.
  • Parodied in an episode of The Tick where a department store security guard complains that the store's animatronic Santa Claus is re-appearing in his nightmares. This gets aggravated when Santa's head gets torn off and thrown into his lap.
    "I may never sleep again"
  • Invader Zim had the Irkens looking better than the humans. Dib, Gaz, and some of the adults could pass, but a lot of the other adults were....creepy. That lady with the weird boil on her head who lived next door to Zim may have been more scary than the invading aliens ever were.
  • Quest for Zhu, a direct to DVD movie featuring some of the ugliest hamsters in cartoon history which look nothing like their toy counterparts.
    • Bionicle: The Legend Reborn used the actual LEGO toys as its character models with an absolutely minimal amount of tweaking, to make them seem more realistic while still keeping the intended "toy look". One added feature was the rotten-looking teeth and weird lips formed by a second row of mechanical teeth that slid over the real ones, but their true jaw-line still remained apparent. When they smiled, it looked horrifying.
    • The earlier movies also had shades of this, not with the designs (which did their best to avert this by redesigning the characters from their toy looks) but the animation itself. The movements in the first two were often very choppy, with the characters turning stiff a lot. Then, there are Tahu's cheeks, which flap like tissue as he performs a skydive inside a volcano, despite his mask being supposedly solid metal. Given that the mask has an odd, organic-looking design with many tubes running across it, this flapping makes it look like he has his facial muscles exposed.
  • The Delightful Children From Down The Lane in Codename: Kids Next Door are pretty much in and out universe Uncanny Valley fuel, due to their Voice of the Legion, blank eyes, and sociopathic qualities, not to mention a slight Non-Standard Character Design. They're arguably the scariest aspect of the series. Lenny (the football helmet) averts this when he betrays them for the K.N.D. He's still a bit weird, but seems like a normal kid with a nasally lisp thanks to his headgear. Then he dives headfirst back into the creepy hole when he reveals himself as a triple agent. He slides back into his place in the group with a slurping sound.
  • Phineas and Ferb manages to avert this because it's so highly stylized, but there are a few examples:
  • In the South Park episode "Free Willzyx", the announcers from the marina hand out very photorealistic artist's impressions of the boys. Since by that time the viewer has gotten used to South Park's cutout style of drawing, the photorealism of the drawings is a little off-putting for them.
  • Franklin in the Franklin And Friends series. It's an All-CGI Cartoon but the animation is actually pretty top quality. Everyone looks fine... Except for the turtles. The series is going for a realistic look but the turtles are just too cartoony.
  • Rugrats: The original pilot. The animation is much more detailed and makes the characters look ugly or downright monstrous, especially the necks. It's also present in the first opening, used for six seasons and long after the animation and art style had become more pleasing to the eye.
  • This poster for a live-action Marsupilami movie in France.
  • Allen Gregory: The characters just look off. Allen himself suffers the most from this. He looks like a ventriloquist dummy with huge Vocal Dissonance.
  • My Life Me: The characters move like marionettes and the character designs just look ''weird''.
  • Some video series for little kids involves insects called Hermie the Caterpillar, an Animated Adaptation of a series of books by Max Lucado. Some of the bugs are just a little bit creepy, thanks to No Flow in CGI, but special mention goes to two ladybugs named Hailey and Bailey whose eyes are just too big for their vaguely human-looking faces.
  • From My Little Pony generation 3.5, the Newborn "Cuties". Besides looking like they had a permanent "duck face," the size of their eyes compared to the rest of their bodies looks a little bit off.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    • Rarity's overdone makeup job in Sonic Rainboom, which makes her look like she's trying out for RuPaul's Drag Race. Hilariously the animators got doing heavy makeup jobs down pat in time for Brotherhooves Social, where Big Macintosh is pretty easy on the eyes all painted up.
    • In Season 3, done on purpose with the Timberwolves, who are rendered in CGI.
  • Ms. Harshwhinny is a unique case, being a character who was drawn to match the standard mare proportions and designs but doesn't reuse any flash assets and instead has a complete set of uniquely drawn expressions, body parts, eyes, etc. Put her beside a mare who does use the standard assets, and she kind of sticks out.
  • Some of the human characters in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and its sequels wear lipstick, most prominently the human counterparts of Celestia and Luna. This wouldn't be so bad if their lips weren't then outlined, which has the unfortunate side effect of making it look like something is very wrong with their mouths.
  • The season 5 premiere does another in-universe example with the ponies who have supposedly found happiness in being fully equal. Pinkie Pie's first reaction is to say that there's something wrong about their smiles.
  • Invoked with the avatar of the Tree of Harmony from "What Lies Beneath", which takes the form of Twilight Sparkle. Said avatar has unusually stiff, robotic movements, speaks with strange inflections on words, and has an off-putting gaze that is occasionally framed looking directly at the camera.
  • Family Guy suffered from the uncanny valley for the first few seasons until it got popular enough to have a bigger budget. Most of the characters moved quite stiffly and facial expressions were also just as stiff. Peter also suffered from glitches in the animations, such as his eyes suddenly growing bigger or how his tongue stuck out in odd places when he talked. As the series progressed, the characters' movements improved and their facial expressions are a lot smoother. However, starting with season 6, the switch to Toon Boom averts this.
  • Any Futurama Fan Art that portrays remotely non-human characters in a more realistic drawing style. It's a given that if Leela's eye wasn't a simple oval and black dot, Fry would be unable to look at her, much less have sex with her. Actually, that's probably how many people in-universe see her. From "The Cyber House Rules"...
    Leela: No one's stared at me, or avoided staring at me, or tried to burn me!
  • Adventure Time makes use of this trope a lot when creating a character who is supposed to be off-putting:
    • Lemongrab. In a show where almost all the characters have black dots for eyes, his eyes are jarring. Lemongrab, with his Non-Standard Character Design, has realistic eyes- white ovals with dark pupils, Dull Eyes of Unhappiness that just look wrong when they're not exaggerated into cartoonish outrage or fear.
      • The scene of Lemongrab's creation, and coming to life, deliberately invokes this trope. The reaction Princess Bubblegum has to her failed experiment is the same reaction the audience has to him, too.
    • Goliad has the voice of a little girl and the head of a baby, and uses People Puppets as a means of ruling the kingdom. These generic cute characteristics paired together with the body of a sphinx make her incredibly unsettling. It doesn't help that Goliad is also HUGE, and runs/leaps like a lion would. That eye that comes out of her forehead notably makes her face even more disturbing, to the point where Jake actually gets disgusted.
    • Marceline's Dad moves like a marionette on mismatched strings- his walk is just creepy.
    • Princess Monster Wife. The Ice King assembled PMW from body parts stolen from his favorite princesses. Imagine Frankenstein's Monster, but as a big, bulky princess with grossly mismatched arms, legs, and parts of her face. Her voice consists of three simultaneous voices of the princesses who compose her mouth. The most unsettling scene with PMW is when she is trying to eat. She lifts a spoonful of mashed potatoes to her mouth, but she is unable to eat because her mouth is so misshapen. (The fact that Princess Monster Wife is a sweet, kind, and genuinely sad character softens the blow of the uncanny valley a little bit, though.)
    • Guardian Angel has cartoonish eyes mixed with a realistically drawn, skeleton mouth.
    • The Scrodinger's Cat/Demon Cat thing with the broken, floating legs.
    • The Lich is a skeleton half-covered in dead, tattered flesh that moves. Lich-posessed Princess Bubblegum and Lich-posessed Snail deserve special mention, too.
    • Some fans had this reaction to Susan Strong. She has the same simple face, eyes, and head as the other characters, but has a disproportionately large body, and it is a very muscular, realistically-drawn body. Unlike the other examples, she was intended to be appealing- not unsettling.
    • Some of the more non-cartoonish expressions, in a similar manner to the infamous "She's Here" scene of Flapjack... such as Finn's "Four Weeks" face, and that horrifying face he makes when a drop of water comes towards him, though these are made less creepy upon spending some time on the Net...
    • Ricardio is a cartoonish heart with the realistically drawn face of George Takei.
    • Sometimes, Cinnamon Bun falls into this trope, because of the way his mouth is drawn. His green eyes (prior to his redesign) were creepy, too.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius:
    • While the CGI is by all means decent for the standards of early 2000s computer animated TV shows, a lot of the character designs may get pretty ugly looking at times. Particularly in the Valentine's Day Episodes Love Potion 976/J, where the characters' mouths looked rather off.
    • Even worse were the crossovers with The Fairly OddParents. When the Jimmy Neutron characters went into the Fairly Odd Parents cartoon and were animated in its 2D style, it was relatively okay, even if their character designs were strikingly different. But when the latter was rendered in Jimmy Neutron's 3D style... the results were terrible-looking.
  • The 2010 reboot of Pound Puppies. Its art style is a odd mix of "cutesy" and "cartoonish" that often doesn't mesh well. The animation has improved significantly, thanks to production being moved to the same company that produces My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but the first seven episodes are quite... interesting in their animation style.
  • Recess:
    • The designs of the main six from the original pilot from Recess certainly falls into this (unfortunately, there's no image available). And while the whole thing hasn't been shown to the public, from the clips that were shown, the series pilot could also fall into this for those who are really used to the character designs in the show, as the gang were going to be more realistic.
    • Almost all of Toon City's episodes fall straight into the valley.
  • Just about every short on KaBlam! except Sniz & Fondue and The Offbeats has this, but these are the worst offenders;
    • Garbage Boy and The Shizzagee from season four, the latter especially for the CGI which not only hasn't aged well, but was outdated even from the beginning when it was made in 2000, making it look slightly better than Vídeo Brinquedo.
    • For some viewers, the animation style of the Life With Loopy shorts tend to have this effect, though the fans will argue that after a while, it's just something you get used to. The pilot ("Goldfish Heaven"), however, falls much deeper into the valley due to its even cheaper look and rougher animation. This one shot of Larry laughing falls there the deepest.
  • This is a complaint levied by some viewers of certain of the human characters in Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. Joy from "Sad About You" is a good example.
  • The appearance of the Beauty and the Beast characters in the CGI interstitial segments shown on Disney Junior.
  • While the characters on King of the Hill are mostly in line, there are a few occasions where they slip into this trope, like some of Hank's "bwaah" faces from a few early episodes.
  • Disney's Electric Holiday's catwalk sequence shows some Disney characters with skinny bodies. While it wasn't so bad with the human characters, the Funny Animal characters look a little off.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) seems to intentionally do this to the Kraang, where, while stylized, the Kraang's disguises are always a simple, droll businessman, whose face and eyes almost never move. It's sort of creepy.
  • The episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show "Hermit Ren" features a creepy cave mummy in the cave where Ren plans to spend the rest of his life. The mummy itself may qualify, but it definitely qualifies during a scene when Ren begins to slip into insanity and sees his face on the mummy. Not helped by the implication that the mummy is actually a dead body.
    • Any moments where Ren goes off-model.
  • The infamous ending bumper to [adult swim] that was used for five years featured a pair of bleary eyes being greeted by a grinning sun from behind a hill, and the text "THE DAWN IS YOUR ENEMY". The creepy drone music didn't help matters either.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends is this to some fans after the show's format was converted from using model trains to CGI with the characters actually moving their mouths while they talk.
  • Even worse than CGI Thomas was Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Imagine Thomas the Tank Engine, except the trains are planes instead and they have more human-like skin tones and facial features.
  • This is pretty prevalent in Storm Hawks Every person and thing moves awkwardly and resembles really, really, really poorly built robots.
  • Most anything drawn by animator Peter Chung, which includes works like his well known MTV cartoon series Æon Flux, and for doing animated stories for The Animatrix and the Dark Fury special in the Riddick series (also Reign: The Conqueror, but that one's an anime example due to being a Japanese/Korean co-production). Most of his characters (like Aeon Flux herself) look downright anorexic, and as Pan Pizza from RebelTaxi put it "is it possible to have TOO MUCH animation?", stating that the style really takes some getting used to.
  • One of the most common complaints about the character designs in Code Lyoko is that the foreheads of most every character looks gigantic, and is often the butt of many a joke made by both fans and non-fans alike. Most people are usually able to look past this oddity once they really get into the show's character driven storylines (and later more complex plots).
  • Archer: The stiff animation and semi-photorealistic character designs can cause this reaction in some viewers.
  • Mr. Pickles is drawn in a horrifying, grotesque style that makes the characters look absolutely hideous. It really looks like the animators were going for a mixture of Uncanny Valley and Squick.
  • Most of the human characters in George Pal's Puppetoons have cartoony and simplistic designs, so when a "realistic" one appears it tends to come across as unsettling.
  • The Monster High movies try too hard to recapture the dolls' looks in CGI, and the results just look wrong most of the time. Luckily its spinoff Ever After High avoids this by sticking mostly to stylized Adobe Flash animation.
  • Xavier: Renegade Angel has a graphical style reminiscent of early 3D games, down to all the imperfections in the models and movement. As a result, everything looks disturbingly alien.
  • Butt-Ugly Martians fell very deeply into this. One can argue that the titular martians is Stylistic Suck, but the humans are not. Keep in mind back in 2002, the CGI was considered poor.
  • Strange Frame: Love & Sax features has hand-drawn animation that tries way too hard to look realistic. Also not helping things is the fact that it takes place in a future where genetic and cybernetic alterations are commonplace, resulting in a lot of characters who are nominally human but have extra limbs, doubled eyebrows or fur.
  • Sealab 2021 intentionally looks jerky and bad to imitate old Hanna-Barbera cartoons (specifically Sealab 2020, the series it's based on), but it can still look unsettling to some.
  • Titanic: The Legend Goes On has the audacity to rip off numerous Disney and Don Bluth character designs, but does it so incompetently that when the designs aren't just plain Off-Model, they're downright unsettling. There's something rather unpleasant about the human faces in the movie—when they're not crudely stylized, they're instead vaguely realistic. The problem is that when they address the camera in a scene, the low quality of the art and animation gives them a sort of floppy, choppy feeling that is definitely inhuman. This is not helped by the artists doing such a lackluster job with the faces, which resulted in many of the cast having Fish Eyes.
  • The 2015 reboot of Popples. Overly detailed human eyes with pupils, irises, highlights, eyelashes, and unnaturally stretched-out sclera on brightly colored Cartoon Creatures just doesn't look right.
  • Zack and Quack: Although the characters are supposed to look like they're in a popup book, it's not hard to feel they just look weird.
  • In Miraculous Ladybug, something about the animation is not quite right:
  • This is one of the most likely reasons the Bratz DTV movies and TV show never really did well, as the characters look downright horrifying in CGI.
  • Donkey Kong Country comes off as this, being one of the first All CGI Cartoons on television. The motion capture can look strange and bizarre by modern day standards, with plenty of jerky movement...
  • Some of the exploring outside interstitial segments in latter installments of Wild Animal Baby Explorers feature someone wearing a full-body Sammy the skunk suit. While it seems to entertain the real kids featured in these segments, it can definitely have this effect for adult viewers.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Garnet's third eye (and in turn, Sapphire's single eye) can invoke this in first-time viewers. This is presumably why Garnet wears a visor (and why Sapphire's hair covers her face).
    • Smoky Quartz is one of the more human-like fusions, except their left hand divides into two, giving them an odd number of limbs in total.
    • While creative freedom is encouraged for storyboard artists, there are some insistences where the characters look off, such as Pearl being too stretched out, Amethyst appearing too bloated, and Steven's face misshaping. This was more notorious in the earlier episodes.
    • Deliberately invoked with Frybo when brought to life. It moves like an animatronic, follows orders literally, materializes food from inside itself and 'bleeds' ketchup and mustard. Later it gains vein-like bulges and the fries on the top of its head become prehensile.
    • Also played intentionally in any episode involving Rose's Room. The room can accurately represent Steven's views of his friends and family even managing to fool him with a replica of Connie, but this trope comes into play whenever it attempts to replicate too much, such as the whole of Beach City, or a complete personality. The result can be creepy, if well-intentioned by the eponymous room.
    • White Diamond and White Pearl in "Legs From Here to Homeworld".
      • White Pearl has a INCREDIBLY robotic behavior, seems to be forever stuck in the same pose as her Diamond, with only her mouth moving, is perpetually smiling, overrules Blue and Yellow Diamond, glides instead of walking, even going through walls... and where her left eye should be, there's just a huge crack and a faint round outline. Unlike every other Pearl we've seen, she shares the voice of her Diamond, suggesting... something else.
      • White Diamond acts in a way that's both overly cheering and intimidating at the same time, calls the intergalactic war Pink caused "a game", and asks questions and keeps talking without expecting an actual answer. She also has eyes but no pupils... Also, she is stuck in a sort-of T-Pose, with her arms outstretched, and the only part of her that has movement is her face (while literally the entire rest of her body is drawn in the same style and with the same methods as the scenery).
      • Likely done intentionally with Spinel. Being a throwback to The Golden Age of Animation, she's animated using squash, stretch and smear techniques; due to this, she appears to have multiple eyes, noses, etc. during some frames, and it just In addition, due to having Rubber Man-like abilities to provide an in-universe justification for why she moves like this, her limbs bend in some scenes in a way that is simply...not natural. and the big ol' googly eyes she has only heightens the effect when they're used.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • Done specifically when Bill Cipher possesses Dipper's body to make things all that much creepier. As such, Dippers facial features become slightly more detailed, to the point he enters this territory. What's worse, he didn't stop smiling.
    • Done in the same way with this old guy.
    • Then of course there's Giffany when she possesses an animatronic. Check the Video Games section for reasons why.
    • There's also Bearo.
  • Mega Babies is this in spades. Every human, especially the main trio, very hardly look as such.
  • The infamous Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa special takes it Up to Eleven with its severe budget problems during the production, easily making it among the absolute creepiest examples in animation history. The result has all the characters resembling mangled-up sex dolls who move in very robotic and unnerving ways. The backgrounds are no better as they appear to be some freakishly unnatural hybrid between hand-drawn and CG renderings, and the show in general resembles more like the in-game graphics of some mid-90s PC-game than a special released on television. On top of it all, the makers behind this had no experience in animation whatsoever.
  • Descendants: Wicked World is an animated series that showed some of the worst of computer animation ever shown on screen. The character designs tried way too hard to capture the classic Disney style onto the cast of the 2015 TV film it is based on, and it does not look right whatsoever, and what is even worse is that the result ended up being too horrific for children to look at.
  • Pretty much any Nickelodeon show based on a Dreamworks Animation movie. The shows have much, much lower-budget CGI than the movies do, and as a result the characters tend to look very strange, almost as if they're made out of clay. With The Penguins of Madagascar, the Penguins themselves don't look too bad, but King Julien and especially Maurice and Mort barely resemble their movie counterparts. The characters in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness don't fare any better, particularly Shifu.
    • The television adaptation of Monsters vs. Aliens is the worst of the bunch, to the point that the shows resembles more like a FMV of a PS1 game than that of a show released in 2013.
  • Some of the characters in BoJack Horseman may come off as this considering that many of them are fully anthropomorphic animals with fairly detailed faces with realistic human proportions. Fully human characters such as Diane, Todd, and Sarah-Lynn are easier on the eyes than most other humans.
  • The most common criticism of Big Mouth that many people agree with is the art-style, as all the characters have bizarre and overly-exaggerated proportions, resulting in some characters looking absolutely horrifying.
  • Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory has been unfavorably compared to the infamous Legend Of Zelda CD-i games with regards to its animation and character designs that just look straight-up weird. So much so that it quickly became a joke among viewers to constantly "praise" the film for its "quality animation".
  • There are many college animation demo reels that fall under this category. For instance: Crusaders the 2006 CG animation reel had different versions of the same two characters (the rock guy and the 242 girl) from both the picture and the separate parts of the video. The 242 girl especially given the animator tried so hard to use her emotion to look stern or angry; plus her big boobs differ; and at one point, jiggle awkwardly; even a couple shots show her visible cleavage window. Her different appearance may be a subject to Wardrobe Malfunction. (video and profile picture here.)
  • The CGI of Shadow Raiders does not hold up by today's standards - the animation resembles 3D video game cutscenes, while the main characters look like they have either been chipped out of solid stone or are related to nuts.
  • Angela Anaconda has this in more than spades, but nothing's worse than Angela's baby sister, Lulu. She just stares into your soul...
  • The early 2000s Action Man was one of the earliest All CGI Cartoons, and it shows. The characters look incredibly off and robotic by today's standards.
  • In the Italian dub of DuckTales (2017), every time Magica speaks she was given a Neapolitan accent to reflect her origins and place of residence in the comics... but Neapolitan has connotations of being hammy even for Italian standards and funny. Hearing it coming out of a cold sociopath suggesting to commit murder just isn't right.
  • The Flamin' Thongsnote  features an animation style similar to Angela Anaconda, but is made even worse by the characters having realistic skin tones.
  • WordWorld, a preschool All-CGI Cartoon. The characters and the entire world they live in... are made out of words. The faces of some of the cast look pretty robotic, and the Fridge Horror behind itnote is also pretty nightmarish.
  • Silly Symphonies: The eponymous goddess from the 1934 short The Goddess of Spring is an obviously early attempt by the Disney animators to draw more realistic humans. Her boneless "dancing" looks like a puppet with broken strings and is about as expressive.


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