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  • Friendship is De Magiks, particularly the "years of apple fucking" bit with Saria's Song.
  • Super Applebloom 64 is hilarity from beginning to end.
    • "Rarity eats babies!", followed by Applejack with a horrified look on her face in black and white, while creepy music and a conversation between AJ and Rarity about babies in the background.
    • "Applejack's Jesus!" "Um..."
    • Spider-Man running in the Sisterhooves Social race.
    • Applejack repeatedly punching Sweetie Belle in the arm.
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    • Shortly after that:
      Apple Bloom: We're still sisters, right?
      Applejack: Um, actually, I...
      *cue weird stuff appearing in the background with the text "ur a liar, appljak" while "A Nice Chubby Baby" plays*
    • This bit:
      Applejack: Mah boi!
      Big Mac: I'm a Jew.
      (Applejack has a Swastika for a cutie mark).
      Applejack: Why of all the why-uh-why-uh!
    • Immediately following that:
      Pinkie Pie: Stop with the shish! It's time to get naked!
      Applejack: Aw, shit.
      • Made even funnier by the fact that they're both naked already.
    • The ending. The credits roll with no music, and after a while, someone shouts "WHAT THE FUCK?"
  • Dipper Plays Video Games:
    • At the beginning:
      Grunkle Stan: Alright, Dipper, let's fuck.
      Dipper: Oh, what? Grunkle Stan, whenever I suck your cock, I feel like I'm not straight.
    • Before that:
      Dipper: Mabel. Private part.
      Mabel: COMEDY GOLD!
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    • "What can I say? Stubble!"
    • "A furry? That is funny, Dipper!"
    • "It all adds up! The bleeding, the bleeding, the FurAffinity! HE NEVER BLEEDS! Have you noticed this cat!?" *gestures toward a cat on the floor*
    • "Remember what the book said? Don't trust black people!"
    • This:
      Dipper: Well, Wendy, I just want you to know that people make steaks. And when they do, you should fuck them.
      Wendy: Dude, you lost me.
      Dipper: *throws a baseball at her*
      Wendy: AH! MY EYE!
  • God Burns Down Equestria for Insurance Money
    Spike: What are you two doing?
    (canned ooh)
    Snips: The Great and Powerful Trixie!
    (canned laughter)
    Spike: What?
    • This:
      Spike: Helloooo—
      (the license plate from the end of the Title Sequence of That '70s Show appears)
      That 70's Show Intro: WISCONS--
      Speakonia Voice: Brazil. (close-up of the word "Brazil" on license plate)
    • The Running Gag of ponies coughing up birds.
    • This exchange:
      Rarity: You can't be cereal!
      Applejack: (wearing a box of Froot Loops over her head) Oh yeah?
      Patrick: Boo!
      Rarity: LOOK! PINK!
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    • Twilight face-hoofing at the laugh track laughing at nothing in particular.
    • This:
      Applejack: (to Rainbow Dash) Don't fly away!
      Rainbow Dash: Aye-aye! (flies away)
      Applejack: Fuckin' bitch.
    • The Mane Six reacting to Rarity's dresses.
      (After Twilight struggles to say something)
      Applejack: My nipples look like milk duds!
      Twilight: Exactly!
      Pinkie: I love you!
      Rarity: What's the matter? Don't you like them?
      Applejack: No!
      Twilight: They're re-re-re—
      Applejack: (who had randomly turned into a pile of plums) And we're plums.
      Twilight: I guess what we're trying to say is...they're just awful!
    • "I'm not sure. I'm also not sure. I'm also Notch."
    • Twilight opening the front door of Fluttershy's cottage (which has the deviantArt logo on it) to encounter a flood of badly-designed OC ponies.
      Rarity: *at an OC pony* EW!
    • The Eldritch Abomination that comes out of Fluttershy's mane in place of the parasprite.
    • Rainbow Dash getting her head cut off by Pinkie's cymbals.
      Twilight Sparkle: Great. Now what do we do?
      • Before that, we have a Running Gag of Rainbow Dash shouting "WE CALL IN THE ____ CONTROL!". The third time around, Pinkie Pie yells for her to shut her mouth.
        Rainbow Dash: We call in the *unintelligible sound*
        Pinkie: SHUT UP!
      • On that note:
    • "I am not the ruiner! I am God!"
    • "Will you forget about sex for one second?" "Boner!"
    • In the intro, we have Rarity screaming "Oh for Pete's sake!" when the song playing at the beginning makes a sex joke.
      • "I got cancer." *canned laughter*
    • "Well, in THAT case..." *Twilight gestures toward a well in her suitcase*
    • The following:
      Fluttershy: You wanted to see me Rarity?
      Rarity: Fluttershy! You're nude!
      Fluttershy: *looks at herself* But...
      Rarity: Not another word!
    • Celestia's parting words.
      Celestia: Haven't you learned anything about friendship?
      Twilight: I've learned that sometimes the solution to your problems can come from—
      Celestia: I don't care. *leaves*




  • Billy Mays Smashes His Balls with a Hammer
    • "Why am I smashing my balls with this hammer? To show you the amazing protection you get from Impact Gel!"
    • "The heels, and balls of your feet, and your balls!"
  • Billy Mays Fixes a Flat Planet with the Jupiter Jack
    • "Are you one of the millions that are guilty of driving while squishing and squashing or flipping and flopping?"
    • "Preset your radio to 25 FM and you're ready to go."
    • "Instead of hearing music, you hear a real live skunk!"
    • "Here's how to order: ♪800-588-2300, Empire!♪"
  • Billy Mays Sells Toilet Insurance
    • "I know I should have health insurance, but on my budget, I just can't afford it. I need help." "Nobody wants affordable health insurance. You want toilet insurance."
    • "Have your rates gone up? Have you been turned down? Are you on the ball?"
    • "Including plans with burning and melting starting as low as OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND a month for you, or pay a fortune for your entire family."
    • "Kaboom, and the blood is gone."
    • "When you call, you'll get to talk with a real live skunk, who will turn you down, no matter who you are." (cut to video of Badfinger singing) "♪No matter what you are…♪"
    • "With iCan, you'll finally be saying, 'what odor?'"
    • The ending:
    Tails: I gotta find a phone fast! (jumps into a phone booth) Operator? I want to call Billy Mays. Uh, the number? Uh…
    Sonic: (whispers in Tails's ear) ♪800-588-2300, Empire!


  • Bobby's Sanity Meter is Low, despite being an April Fool's joke, is still hilarious from start to finish.
    Hank: Dang it!
    • Bobby watching TV:
    TV: It's time for me to live up to my family name and face FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES!
    Hank: (walks over) Hey, my HUMEN FEEDER just got its first customer. Bobby, c-
    Bobby (as a Combine): STOP THE HUMENS!
    • At a quiz bowl:
    Bobby: Where should I shit? Hey Jeremy, you ready to kick some dead brain?
    Jeremy: Can't you see I'm trying to remember the quadratic formula? I mean equation. Oh crap! (head explodes)
  • Bobby Will Never Be MLG
    • A call-back to his first KOTH YTP: Cue King Of The Hill intro. Hank opens his can of beer...and Ryu flies out and punches Hank's nose off.
    • Bobby and Joseph Gribble watching some girls arrive for a sleepover:
    Joseph: Oh, THAT'S a man!
    (person with weird-looking Mr Bean face steps out, accompanied by the screen turning red and an evil laugh being heard)
    • When Chane shoves Bobby onto the ground then pins him:
    Chane: C'mon! Eat some dirt!
    Bobby: (Tranquil Fury as the camera zooms on him) Okay... (darts off with Chane riding, going through the street where Dale keeps kicking Bill in the groin before Steve bats Chane off, approaches Chane and starts to eat him; scene then cuts to the Hill home)
    Hank: What have you been eating?
    Bobby: (beat, with bloodstained lips) Dirt.
    • This at the end:
    Peggy Hill: (takes what appears to be a cassette tape or tape recorder from Bobby)
    Bobby: (close-up on face as he looks back at Peggy)
    Emperor Palpatine: Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!
    Bobby: (face suddenly turns angry) Okay... (kicks Peggy into the air)
    Peggy: (bounces off the moon, which Hank's head is still pinned to)
    Senator Armstrong: Don't fuck with this senator! (kicks Peggy)
    Peggy: (hits Bobby, knocking both of them to the ground. Cue "Game Over Yeah" from Sega Rally)
    DarkSydePhil: Fucking bullshit dude! What do you want me to do?
    (cue picture of Senator Armstrong to end the video)
  • Jesse Ventura Goes Nuts on LSD!
    • The entire first half of the intro.
    "Secrets. Fuck secrets." Beat. "I've been a gay governor. I've been Austin Powers. And now I think it's time you power fuck a secret Seal." Another beat. "Mama." Yet another beat. "You think you know the horse? Think again. I've been blowing a corrupt horse. Not!" A sign saying "CORRUPTION" is seen, but the camera keeps zooming in and out. "Fuck I think it's stuck." Very short beat. "You think you can Photoshop? Think again." One final beat. "I suck at Pac-Man." Cue gameplay footage, where Pac-Man runs into a ghost and loses a life. "And now I think it's time you get... st-st-st-st-."





  • Merlin's Penis is a challenging tale of medieval gayness, in which you aspire to become gay for Merlin!" Something about the narrator's whimsical and mystical tone of voice just sells the whole thing.



  • [YTP] MK11: Raiden is an asshole
    • Liu Kang and Kung Lao are tired of hearing Raiden talk about the Elder Gods.
    Kung Lao: So what we were told is true? You were... involved in our deaths?
    Raiden: Yes. Had the timeline continued, my decision would have led to your deaths. But the Elder Gods-!
    (Liu Kang and Kung Lao smashes Raiden's face with numbchucks and slices Raiden's throat respectively)
    • Raiden promises to Liu Kang and Kung Lao that he will not bring harm to either of them... and then declares he must confer with the Elder Gods. Kung Lao glares at him for this.
    • Raiden can't go a full minute without conferring with the Elder Gods. Cetrion eventually has enough, and throws rocks at Raiden.
    • After he finds out that the Elder Gods are dead, Raiden continues to demand that he must confer with the Elder Gods. This enrages Cetrion further.
    • Raiden knows how to find out if Scorpion's Heel–Face Turn is genuine or not.
    Liu Kang: Lord Raiden! We should listen! He may be telling the truth!
    Raiden: There is only one way to find out.
    (Raiden teleports to the dead Elder Gods)
    • Raiden learns that Kronika had manipulated events so that Raiden would fight Liu Kang.
    Cassie Cage: Why do that?
    Raiden: I do not know. I must confer-
    (Cassie smashes Raiden's face with the butt of her pistol)
    Raiden: No longer.
    • Raiden confronts Kronika. The confrontation does not end the way Kronika thought it would.
    Kronika: At long last, you see the pattern.
    Raiden: The pattern, but not the purpose. Why set me to confer with the Elder Gods?
    Kronika: Is it not obvious?
    Raiden: I must confer with the Elder Gods. (teleports offscreen)
    Kronika: We have repeated this exact same conversation so often in so many timelines... I've lost count. (...) You are...welcome to tr-
    (Scorpion slices Kronika, kicks her in the air, and impales her with his spear)
    • The ending, where Scorpion kills Kronika during her speech, becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when Raiden pre-emptively strikes Kronika with lightning immediately after Kronika unsuccessfully tries to pull a Better the Devil You Know with Raiden in Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath's counterpart of the scene.




    • "Today we're gonna be showing our friends the dicks of the Internet."
    • "Take a spit on the Internet."
    • "FourKids. It's still cool."
    • "Sus." (wild laughter)
    • "Hold on, sis. Hold on, sis. HoH SiS." (footage of someone hitting a Staples "Easy button") "That was easy."
    • "So first, you need to know that everything on the Internet has an ass, and all web asses start with pee-pee."
    • "I also had to do a ho." (Laugh Track)
    • "Dear Mr. President. My name is Pee. My sister president yay. Sincerely, ylily."
    • "You'll need to get connected to the Internet. You do that through the Internet." "An Internet? What's that?" "It's the Internet."
    • "Now we need to open Bowser."


  • Ssss:
    Johnny: I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi Mark.
    Michael Rosen (as Mark): Hello!
    Johnny: I have a problem with Lisa. She says that I hit her.
    Michael: Do you want an apple?
    Johnny: No, don't even ask.
    • "In a weedy little voice I say...RAISINS".




Enflure De Renard

  • "Batman et Ratpi":
    • An ambassador wielding a big knofe has this to say:
      Ambassador: And now, I will cut your dicks!
      -crowd panics-
    • Commissioner Gordon calls Batman:
      Commissioner Gordon: I still don't know the identity of the masked man, but we need his penis.
      Commissioner Gordon: His masked penis.
    • Then:
      Commissioner Gordon: You'll never guess who it is.
      Batman: Well, you.
      Batman (still on the phone): The commissioner's a dumbass.
    • Batman and Robin jump to the batpoles... which then keel over.
      Robin: What a fucking dumb idea!
    • As Robin is going through the Batmobile's checklist:
      Robin: Atomic battery engaged! Turbine at max-
      Batman: Shut the hell up, Robin.
      • The automatic subtitles turn it into "Shut your Jew bitch mouth".
    • The continuous Running Gag of Batman being a Gasshole.
      Bruce: Excuse me, I farted (brightly-colored sound effect reading "Frrrrrt"! appears).

      Batman: My God, I think I shit myself.

      Batman: I have Bat-gas.
    • One detective is rather late to the exposition:
      Detective: The Riddler's back?
      Batman: Well damn, detective Bosh, you find that all by yourself? Like a boss! Your mother's a jackal.
    • The Bat Deduction scene goes in a very strange direction:
    His plans are something like... an artichoke. You take them apart, leaf by leaf, and then stick them up your ass.
    • Robin tries to step off the Batmobile... and falls off.
    • As the duo are climbing:
      Robin: But why a finger up the ass?
      Batman: It's better than a good dicking.
      Robin: Haha, you're kidding, right?
      Batman: Haha, no.
    • The Riddler:
      Riddler: What's dead?
      Riddler: Your parents!
    • Batman and Robin pull up to a nightclub. Robin tries to get out, but is blocked... by Batman standing outside the door, despite still being at the wheel.
    • The club doorman says Robin can't go in as he's too young.
      Batman: Fuck's sake, Robin...
    • Batman at the bar:
      Batman: Give me drugs, please.
    • And then, while drinking:
      Batman: Bottoms up. Like a boss.
      -Cut to Batman barfing on the floor-
    • After Robin gets a sleeping dart and Batman gets drugged, a narrator comes in:
      Ohhh fatal irony... Robin got owned! And Batman got his ass groped!
      The Riddler got away with it. Oh lord, what a son of a bitch!
    • Robin wakes up calls Gordon:
      Robin: Commissioner? It's Robin.
      Commissioner Gordon: Robin? Don't know him.
      -hangs up, goes back to reading-
    • The Riddler calls Batman:
      Batman: If you've touched a single nipple of that young man-
    • Batman to the rescue:
      Robin: Batman, come blow me!
      -Batman kicks a crate at Robin-
      Robin: I said come blow me!
      -Batman throws a rock at Robin-
    • Robin overheard the Riddler's riddles:
      Robin: how many sides does a circle have?
      Batman: One hundred and ninety-six-
      Robin: The answer is two!
      Batman: Fuck.
    • The second riddle:
      Robin: Which president had the biggest hat?
      Batman: You grandmother?
    • The last scene:
      Robin: We'd better get going, we need to warn Commissioner Gordon and-
      Batman: Shut the hell up, Robin.



  • While it might not be up to snuff for the usual standards of a YouTube Poop, How the King Hired Link is a pretty entertaining Origins Episode for Link and the gang.
    Gwonam: Your Majesty, Ganon and his minions have seized the island of Koridai.
    Zelda: C'mon! I'll go fight Ganon's evil legions!
    Gwonam: It is written: only Link can defeat Ganon.
    The King: Who the hell is Link?
    • There's also this bit:
    The King: I'm going to fire you, mah boi.
    Zelda: No.
    The King: What? Why not?
    Annotation: Because falcomaster925 told you not to.
    The King: Fuck.

FFL2and3Rocks (aka Third Rate Gamer)

  • Free Meter (reupload)
    • "If you have type 65 diabeetus, call 911."
    • "Call 666185084020910516."
    • "I hope you have diabeetus."

The Fizio (Retired)

  • A common Running Gag of his is "ENENE", which is associated with JooJ CeeC.
  • BoB LassaL bangs Lawl Yayman
    • The intro has an ENENE joke that has CeeC glitching out before a very loud "ENENE!" is emitted.
    • "He can either show up here tonight on Raw, or he cannot show up here tonight on RaR, or he can suck my cock!" Tongue out "Ooo, YEEEEE- or I'd be stripping naked! It's been over 24 years and I have not word from heard from Brock, or his cock, so I am hereby stripping naked, right now!"
  • JooJ CeeC vs. RooR ReeR
    • Apparently, JooJ CeeC is the Undertaker.
    JooJ CeeC: "Listen carefully young mam... I'm the Undertaker." His eyes glow while an Undertaker-related sound effect plays before a mirror effect and a glitch-out.
  • SamomaS JoJ bangs Lawl Yayman
    • SamomaS JoJ making his entrance after a speech from Lawl Yayman. A distortion effect occurs near the end of it, with an "Ultimate Memes" countdown culminating in JoJ coming in, and a voice yelling "SamomaS JoJ!", after which a distorted version of Destroyer plays. It ends with SamomaS JoJ assaulting CoC Sesnar and other wrestlers ganging up on him.
    • "I martyred my entire family for you, and then, we martyred my ASS!"
    • The meme overload at the end, ending with a Yee meme and CLALC.



Friendly Fingers

  • [YTP] Justice League v The World

  • [YTP] Robots - Tears in the Oil
    • The opening, which is a direct Shout-Out to Blade Runner.
    • When Rodney confronts Fender about the latter's attempted robbery of the former's foot, an amazingly humorous Star Wars reference is used.
    Fender: Happy now?
    Rodney: Not until you give me back my foot, you motherfucker!
    Fender: I am not a mother. I happen to be the father.
    Rodney: It's over, Anakin! I have the high ground!
    Fender: You underestimate my power!
    [Fender screams like Anakin as he is blasted back and falls down a long height.]

  • [YTP] Spider-Man: Into the Pizza-Verse
    Peter Parker: Who am I? You sure you wanna know?
    Harry Osborn: What makes you think I would want to know that?
    (Peter kicks Harry)
    Peter Parker: Let me assure you; if I told you that I'm some kind of criminal, and not a care in the world? Yeah. This, like any story worth telling, is all about a boy. That boy. The boy next door. The Ben that I loved since before I even liked boys.
    • The opening credits list Peter Parker as "TOBEY "THE FRESH PRINCE OF PIZZ-AIR"" (while showing Peter with his eyes and mouth edited to be close together, and Emo!Peter), Norman Osborn as "WILLEM H. CHRIST" (which showing footage of him looking down on Mary Jane, sticking out his tongue, and being merged in another Norman), Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy as "USELESS" (while showing footage of Mary Jane falling and Gwen hitting her head when Spider-Man's web catches her), Harry Osborn as "NOBEL PRIZE NOMINATED JAMES FRANCO" (while showing footage of Harry falling off his glider), Eddie Brock as "EDDIE "FOOT UP HIS ASS" BROCK" (while showing footage of him crying), Ben Parker as "THE VILLAIN", and Amazing!Peter Parker and MCU!Peter Parker as "PEETE'S COFFEE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH" and "THIRD GENERATION HEART-THROB". And then Norman getting impaled by his glider is briefly shown.
    • Ben Parker's death scene.
    Ben Parker: May, I'm 68 years old.
    Harry Osborn: Are you dead?
    Ben Parker: (sighing) Yeah...
    (the hand of an unknown person with a gun appears in the outside door and shoots Ben Parker)
    Peter Parker: Great!
    Ben Parker: With great power, comes great responsibility. Remember that, Pete. Remember that.
    (Green Goblin punches Spider-Man three times)
    Spider-Man: You sure-
    (Green Goblin punches Spider-Man again)
    Spider-Man: (as he crashes through the building) Uh-oh!
    Green Goblin: You're pathetically predictable!
    Spider-Man: Hand (the baby) over!
    Green Goblin: (throws the baby at Spider-Man)
    Spider-Man: Oh, great!
    (Spider-Man jumps out of the building with the baby in his arms...and the baby flies into the building like a shuriken and explodes)
    Mother: No!
    Amazing!Spider-Man: Oh! You serious?
    • Amazing!Spider-Man's flip is spliced with Mike Wazowski landing on a steel bar with his crotch. It happens again to the Green Goblin in the climax.
    • Peter and Harry meet Dr. Otto Octavius.
    Harry Osborn: (while shaking Otto's hand) He humiliated me by touching me.
    Otto Octavius: Who do we have here?
    Harry Osborn: This (Peter), this is my girlfriend they called you about, the guy that got me to fuck through high school.
    Peter Parker: (to Harry, while raising his eyebrows) You're looking fine, babe.
    J. Jonah Jameson: I want the public to see Spider-Man for the shit criminal he really is. He's a fake. He's full of shit. Catch him and stick him in a cookie jar! Whoever sticks Spider-Man in a cookie jar gets a job.
    Eddie Brock: I'm on it, boss.
    Peter Parker: You'll never get that shot.
    Eddie Brock: Oh, we'll see.
    (cut to Eddie holding a cookie jar)
    Eddie Brock: I just got lucky.
    (cookie jar shakes)
    Peter Parker: (muffled) Nooooo!
    (Peter emerges from the cookie jar and slams Eddie against the wall)
    Peter Parker: You want forgiveness? Get religion.
    Eddie Brock: May I suggest the teachings of the Jedi?
    Peter Parker: And may I suggest the footing of your ass?
    Eddie Brock: Look, I'm begging you...
    (Peter follows up with his threat)
    Peter Parker: You should have thought of that earlier.
    • After the scene with Eddie, the camera zooms into Peter's mouth where Spider-Man crashes into a window shouting "shaza-", something that Mary Jane, Harry, and Norman notice. Peter then walks into the room that Norman is in and encounters Aunt May. "You were suppose to be asleep."
    • Peter and Aunt May's visit to Ben Parker's grave. May is mournful, while Peter is glad that Ben is dead.
    Peter Parker: He deserved it, didn't he?
    Ben Parker: (sighing) Yeah...
    * Beat*
    Peter Parker: Whatever.
    (cut to Peter dancing on the street)
    • When Peter saves Mary Jane:
    Harry Osborn: Bump on the head,
    (cut to Gwen hitting her head when Spider-Man's web catches her)
    Harry Osborn: free as a bird. note (The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoilers!) 
    Green Goblin: I offered you fruitcake. And you came in my face! (uppercuts Spider-Man)
    J. Jonah Jameson: (while Spider-Man is falling in slow motion) What are you waiting for? Chinese New Year? Go, go, go!
    (Spider-Man punches Green Goblin four times)
    Norman Osborn: Peter! Stop! Stop! It's me.
    (Spider-Man pauses...and then slams Norman against a wall and continues punching him)
    Norman Osborn: Peter! St-
    (Spider-Man slams Norman against the wall again and punches Norman in a rapid pace)
    Norman Osborn: Peter! Peter! Peter!
    • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin's final moments.
    Green Goblin: I'm gonna finish your fruitcake nice...and slow.
    Spider-Man: Strong focus on what I want. (thinks about fruitcake and pizza)
    (Spider-Man notices Green Goblin's glider, and backflips to dodge it)
    Green Goblin: Oh.
    * Beat*
    (Norman Osborn/Green Goblin get impaled by the glider, and break throght the wall that Norman was next to)
    Green Goblin: Oh.
    (the glider flies into Norman Osborn's apartment)
    Harry Osborn: Nobel Pr-
    (Harry is hit in the head with the glider, bounces off the wall, and Venom impales Harry with the glider)
    Peter Parker: Great!
  • [YTP] Spider-Man: Pizza Never Lies
    Spider-Man: It's me. You know, the boy who bit the spider? Back then, people really liked me. Now?
    Police Officer: Fire! (shoots Spider-Man)
    (Spider-Man screams as he falls from great height into a body of water)
    • The new opening credits list Peter Parker as "TOBEY MAGUIRE OF CATS AND DOGS FAME" (while showing Peter jumping out of the mouth of a larger Peter, a picture of Spider-Man, and Peter falling of a building and landing on a car) Harry Osborn as "NOBEL PRIZE LOSER JAMES FRANCO" (which shows footage of Peter falling into a wine glass and Harry accidentally knocking it over), Gwen Stacy as "STILL USELESS" (while yet again showing footage Gwen hitting her head when Spider-Man's web catches her, except this time Harry's wine glass crashes around the same time Gwen hits her head), and Dr. Otto Octavius as "NEW JOKE THAT WILL BE OVERUSED" (while showing footage of Peter reading a newspaper saying "INHIBITOR CHIPS THAT NOW CONTROL YOUR INHIBITOR CHIPS"). And then Peter lands on a car and breaks his back. He's too weak to say anyting other than "".
    • As Norman Osborn is impaired by his glider, he farts, says "Peter...", and spits out Mike Wazowski as he collapses. Peter then has a flashback of Norman saying "Sacrifice!".
    • Harry's encounter with Norman's ghost.
    Peter Parker: (in the movie theater) It's my girlfriend!
    (Harry sees Spider-Man place Norman on his bed while next to Amazing!Ben Parker and the original Ben Parker (giving the 'ok' sign))
    Harry Osborn: What have you done? What have you done?! (when Harry shouts 'done' footage of him shouting 'Noooo!' is shown)
    (Harry pulls out a gun and shoots Normal twice, with visible blood splatter, and Harry shouting 'Oh!' when each shot lands)
    Norman Osborn: Son... (appears in a mirror) I'm here.
    Harry Osborn: Noooo! (throws a knife at the mirror) I thought you were...
    Spongebob Squarepants: Dead.
    Norman Osborn: No. I've been like a son to you. (Harry somehow absorbs a tear that fell from his cheek) Be a father to me now.
    Harry Osborn: Noooo! Oooon! Kiss me.
    Norman Osborn: I'm here.
    (scene cuts to black as kissing noises are heard)
    Harry Osborn: (rubbing lips) Strawberrys.
    • Peter's pastime is looking at Anime girls on the internet.
    Peter Parker: Oh boy, yeah. (the laptop loses the internet connection) Fix this damn-! (punches the laptop, cracking the screen) What am I suppose to do? (Peter eyes grow bigger an J. Jonah laughs as he desires to draw Anime girls) (shows montage of Peter drawing while thinking of Anime girls) Oh boy, yeah. (Peter's eyes turn anime for a split second when Peter accidentally shoots a web at a picture frame)
    • This time around, Ben Parker dies because Peter ran into him while Ben was drinking coffee. Also, Harry Potter lives under the stairs of the house that Peter lives in.
    • Ben Parker's grave. It's seen again during the fake-out ending.
    • Aunt May has no idea that Peter killed Ben. Or so it seems...
    Aunt May: Oh, I'm sorry. (picture of Ben giving the 'ok' sign appears in the background) I-i-it's just that I miss your Uncle Ben so much.
    Peter Parker: Yeah.
    Aunt May: I think to myself at times were I to face the one responsible for what happened. (walks away) Oh, I don't know what I'd do. (walks back, smiling) Here. (camera shakes)
    (cut to Peter giving an Oh, Crap! face as a sound of a blade is heard and dramatic music plays)
    Aunt May: Happy birthday.
    (cuts to Peter with a knife in his stomach)
    Aunt May: You need it more than I do.
    • Peter telling Doctor Conners that the former is writing a paper on the latter's ass. Becomes a Brick Joke during the fake-out ending.
    • Mr. Ditkovitch's sole scene. He asks Peter for rent, and Peter shoots him without saying a word.
    • The 'inhibitor chip' gag that was first brought up in the opening credits involves Otto developing a Butterfinger to protect his higher brain function, as well as Otto developing a boy (Peter) to protect his Butterfinger. Otto then moves on to the main event; this inhibitor chip to protect his boy. The scene suddenly cuts to Mary Jane telling Peter that she'll fuck him. A bunch of criminals follow Mary Jane (with the intent of raping her), Peter tell's them "Don't start without me!", and an error appears on Peter's face. The screen fades to black, and then...
    Peter Parker: Where am I? (camera zooms out to reveal that Peter is wearing the symbiote suit...which is playing a Macy Grey song) Why is this happening? Fix this damn-! (cut to the symbiote suit in a garbage can while Peter walks away)
    (scene cuts back to Otto giving a presentation as if the previous scene never happened)
    Otto Octavius: Which is why I've developed this inhibitor chip to protect my inhibitor chip. It mean I mantain control of these- (Otto gets electrocuted by the inhibitor chip) It's only a spike! It'll soon stabilize! (Peter and Harry don't react) And now on to the main event; this blue light! (everyone claps)
    • Peter Parker's fight with Harry Osborn. It doesn't start the way you'd think it would, and it doesn't end the way you'd think it would either.
    Harry Osborn: I wish I could remember more about (my father). (camera zooms into the words 'anal' on the chalkboard)
    Peter Parker: He despised you. (the face of Norman in the picture gives a creepy smile) Hey, uh, lets watch a game in the kitchen. Get some pizza.
    Harry Osborn: What makes you think I would want that?
    (dramatic music plays as Harry looks at Peter smugly)
    (the camera cuts between Peter with barely contained rage, Harry, and Ben giving the 'ok' sign until...)
    Peter Parker: Pizza Time! (punches Harry)
    Peter Parker: (in the movie theater) (I'm) so nervous.
    Harry Osborn: I'm as free as a bird! (punches Peter)
    Harry Osborn: I'm gonna lick your little ass!
    Peter Parker: (zoomed up to his lips) (sarcasticly) Oooh!
    Harry Osborn: Now I'm gonna kick your bacc! (the word 'BACC' comes out of Harry's mouth)
    Peter Parker: NOOOOOOOO-!
    (Harry charges to Peter...and then hugs him)
    (Peter throws Harry at the upstairs railing)
    Peter Parker: That all you got?
    (Harry gets back up, tries to pounce Peter, misses, and hits the upstairs railing again)
    (Peter slaps Harry the same way Peter slaps Mary Jane later on, seemingly knocking Harry out)
    * Beat*
    (Harry gets up, growling)
    Peter Parker: Oh, heads up! (dodges Harry's attack, counters, and hugs Harry as he bounces off the wall)
    (scene fades to black)
    Harry Osborn: I'm gonna kick your little ass! (Harry gets up, growling)
    Peter Parker: (throws pumpkin bomb at Harry) Still got the mov-
    (Harry explodes. Suddenly, Harry is on his glider, and he stares in horror when he sees...)
    Mr. Aziz: Stop! Stop!
    (Harry bangs his head on webbing, the upstairs railing, a pipe, a steel beam, and a brick wall)
    Harry Osborn: (in a hospital) Hit my hea- (Harry gets impaled with his own glider) So good!
    • "Getting on my nerves. Which is why I've developed this inhibitor-"
    • After Spider-Man's attempt to stop the train causes him to get run over by said train, Mr. Incredible tries to stop the train. He fails.
    • The fake-out ending, where the jewelry store manager puts a message that reads "You're a cunt" next to the ring that Peter wants, and then shoots himself, Doctor Conners congradulates Peter for writing "The Science of your Ass" and slaps Peter's ass, and the song ends with:
    Singer: Nothing's worrying...
    Anakin Skywalker: Me!
    • Afterwards, Spider-Man swings while heroic music plays...and cuts off when Spider-Man swings into the camera, causing him to fall while screaming.
    • After being humiliated in the previous video, Eddie comes back for revenge.
    Venom: (as the Macy Grey song slowly starts getting louder) Never wound... (a flashback to Peter giving Eddie an Ass Shove is shown) ...what you can't kill. (strikes Spider-Man)
    Spider-Man: Ow! Eddie! The song! (the word 'SONG' comes out of Spider-Man's mouth) Shut it off!
    Venom: I like being Macy Grey! It makes me chunky.
    • How does Spider-Man ultimately defeat Venom? By using steel bars play the song "How You Remind Me"! Spider-Man then throws a pizza bomb at Venom to finish him for good. It's way more awesome than it should be.

Frozen Cereal


  • Anthony Fantano Destroys his career it's so funny it got the Approval of God. Some of its funnier moments are:
    • "Who are you?" "Cal Chuchesta here"
    • This beautiful piece of sentence mixing.
    Nardwaur: "Anthony, right of the baba, I have for you a gift. It is something from your hometown" *Shows a picture of Broken CYDE* "The Death Grips"
    Anthony: "I really, really don't like African-Americans at all"
    • And another
    Nardwaur: "You have a pretty impressive dick."
    Anthony: "I've got a decent to strong 7"
    Nardwaur: "You even have a record review of the Fleet Foxes, it has like nine views!"
    Anthony: "Hopefully they fuck me in the butt."
    • And yet another.
    Nardwaur: "Anthony, how are you so well spoken, you're so well spoken, you never go MOM or anything, how are you so well spoken?"
    * Anthony makes licking noises*
    Anthony: "I mean, you know, it's like, you know, the way I talk on camera is just the way I'd envision myself, you know, talking to African-Americans, you know, do like a book report on an album, but I mean, like, you know?"
    • And the ending:
    Nardwaur: "How many dicks do you take, what's the secret!?"
    Anthony: "I take twenty three in the butt and I beat my girlfriend."





  • Billy Balls trolls Devin WalshhslaW
    • "What the fuck, DC makes dildos? You bet your stupid ass they do! And they're the best in the biz."
    • "Hey look everybody, it's professional cock-sucker Devun WalshhslaW."
    • "HoH SiS!"
    • "And join the craze with me, Woody Mays!"
    • "Hi, Billy Illegal here! If you're ejaculating on a shower door, then you need Kaboom! Vroom! Call now and you'll receive not two, but one…"
    • "…and we'll supersize this already incredible cock with 32-ounce bottles of semen." (And here come the generic sex jokes…) "It tackles your toughest shit stains without embarrassing hard-ons."
    • "Call now and you'll receive ammonia. It's got the power to dissolve… what the fuck?" (Please stand by)
    • The scene of Billy answering his Jupiter Jack.
      Billy Mays: Hi, it's Billy.
      Herbert the Pervert: Where are you?
      Billy: In my car.
      Herbert: Haven't seen a newspaper in a couple days.
      Billy: No problem.
      Herbert: Wonderin' if you're ever gonna come back.
      Billy: Be there in 20 minutes.
      Herbert: Ya like popsicles?
      Billy: Fuck no. (turns Jupiter Jack off) In some states, jacking off is illegal. Using a cell phone and— (Jupiter Jack rings) — God damn it! What now, ass plug?
      Herbert: You little piggly son of a bitch!
      Billy: I'm gonna run over your balls with this car! (hangs up again) Jupiter Jack transmits— (Jupiter Jack rings again) You can suck my cock, gay fucker!
      Carla (over Jupiter Jack): It's Carla.
      Billy OH SHI— (test pattern)
  • Dick Brimley talks about his doctor
    • "My tongue felt like a horse ass."
    • "So finally, at the urging of my fucking doctor, he said, 'Wilford, if you wanna get laid, I'm gonna give you a few things to do. Feel my butt with your dick. Uh, and I was really interested in that. So finally—" (SCENE REMOVED)
    • "And I've slipped up and I've done people I shouldn't do." (NEXT SCENE, PLEASE…)
    • "Yiff yiff yiff yiff. I like to say, we will, we will, rock you."
  • Jesse gets violated by seagulls and kills Al Gore
    • "Whores, 'Pops, whores eating 'Pops. Jesse Ventura's corrupt power!" (cue clip of a Nazi march with Ventura dressed to look like Hitler)
    • "I've been a perverted dinosaur, a woman beater, a sex offender, a seagull. I've fucked cocks that will blow your hole"
    • "When I went up to the gates of the HAARP Facility, I learned that seagulls can get inside your ass. And here's what's worse: ELEVEN seagulls, up my hole."
    • "The military? That's nothing, not when they've got Cockatoos."
    • "Now-" "Not yet." (cue a manipulated version of the intro) "You think you know the whole story? Nope, I've been fucking your mom." (Okay, Governor) "I'm Jesse Ven-fucking-tura."
    • "In this conspiracy business, you hear a lot of stories about— what is that?" [cue Al Gore dancing to "I'm Too Sexy" in the middle of the street.]
    • "It's time to launch the hunt, for the people robbing your cunt!"


Hammdog Porkington


  • Wonka Hates Mrs. Teavee:
    • This exchange:
      *Wonka plays on the piano*
      Mrs. Teavee: Rachmaninoff.
      Wonka: WRONG, SIR! WRONG!
    • Mr. Salt wants to give something special to the workers in his factory:
    • This exchange as well:
      Mr. Salt: It's fabulous, isn't it? I only hope my Veruca doesn't want one.
      Veruca: (in the background) I WANT IT!
    • And more:
      Charlie: Mr. Wonka, they won't really be burned in the furnace, will they?
      Wonka: I'm sorry, but all questions must be submitted in writing.
    • Still more:
      Wonka: Invention, my dear friends, is 93% liquor, 6% Augustus, 4% murder and 2% children with very little pocket money.
      Mr. Beauregard: Any good?
      Wonka: NO!
    • More:
      Mr. Salt: Sure this thing'll float, Wonka?
      Wonka: NO!
    • Even more:
      Veruca: Hey, Daddy, I want a bo-
      Violet: CAN IT, YOU KNIT!
    • Still Even More:
      Wonka (on a black screen): You can suck 'em and suck 'em and suck 'em and they never get any smaller. Never.
      Charlie: This banana is fantastic!
      Wonka: You should open your mouth a little wider...YES!
  • Scott Steiner Searches For An Equallax: The whole thing really captures the tone of the titular wrestler's hilarious promos and is funny for the sole fact that it barely sounds out of character as actual promo material.


  • Robotnik's Pingas Machine
    Robotnik: I'm demoting you to pingas monkey third class. Now go and mop up the cum.
    Robotnik: Throw von Schlemmer in the cum!


  • First off, it's really saying something when the thumbnails alone are enough to leave you in stitches.
  • Phil vs. Harvey: Deadly Kombat
    • "I don't know, give me a 360." Harvey then proceeds to give one to Phil by throwing it at him, knocking him down. Phil then proceeds to punch Harvey in the face and then uses some eye beams.
  • The IncredyBallZ
    Frozone: Superbitches, they're always tryin' to suck your dick. Think it'll strengthen the relationship, or some shit.
    • The camera suddenly zooms in on Elastigirl's... Um...
      Mr. Incredible: TITS!
    • This happens again, near the final battle.
    • Mr. Incredible's rejections of Buddy are definitely more blunt here, though not without reason.
      Buddy: Go fuck yourself.
      Mr. Incredible: You have officially carried it too far. Fuck off, Buddy.
      Buddy: Just give me one chance! I'll show you, I'll...
      Mr. Incredible: FUCK OFF!
    • "In a stunning turn of events, a superhero is being sued for fucking someone, who apparently, didn't want to be fucked."
    • Gilbert Huph's rant to Bob, particularly this line:
      Huph: They're PENETRATING my asshole with PENIS POWER!
    • This:
      Syndrome: I mean... after all, I am your biggest faggot.
      Mr. Incredible: Gasps BUTT-BUDDY?
  • Strange Things Are Happening With Andy's Toys, Part Twice, and Part Thrice
    • "You got a dick in my ASS! You faggot! Boy you gotta SUCK my motherfucking DICK, you fuckboy! It's me and you bitch. YaaY! SeeS!"
    • The first words to come out of Woody's mouth.
      Woody: "Pull my cock, I'm gay?"
    • When Woody says "Buzz, I would love to see you fuck me," Buzz does just that not even seconds later.
    • When Woody tries going out Sid's window...
      Woody: "Buzz will you get up here and give me a handjob?"
    • Afterwards, we get this from Mr. Potato Head.
      Mr. Potato Head: "I hope Sid fucks your voicebox out, ya creep!"
    • In Part Twice, there's a Running Gag where there's a zoom-in shot of Buzz shaking his head while music plays.
    • Part Thrice has Woody raping the monkey.
  • Motel Kumbutt ˢᵉX note 
    • The opening narration sums up the entire video perfectly. "Raiden fucked Shinnok in the ass. Others swallowed Shinnok's dick, like Outworld's emperor Shao Kahn, who was obsessed with cock suckin'. The war moved to the arena, where he sent his toughest feggets to challenge Raiden's sex offenders. Two years ago, we beat him off, but Shao Kahn wasn't ready to lose his virginity. We violated Shao Kahn."
      • BBT Network's reaction video has Billy Bob Tanley bust out laughing over the first line and saying "Already?!"
    • "Ses. We're happy to bone Shinnok's sexy ass."
    • After the helicoper crashes:
      Johnny Cage: Sos!
      (Scorpion teleports in front of Johnny)
      Scorpion: Nigger.
      Johnny Cage: Get fucked.
      (Johnny kicks Scorpion)
    • Johnny Cage telling a squad of Special Forces soldier that they're gay as an insult, which later receives a Continuity Nod when, after the Time Skip, Johnny tells his squad that they're all gay as a compliment. This is followed by one of the soldiers pulling out a C4 and accidently blowing themselves up while screaming like Johnny did earlier.
    • Shinnok's first and last scene:
      Shinnok: CeeC... you pussy niggaz.
      (Shinnok blasts Raiden and Fujin with the amulet)
      Shinnok: And all of Earthrealm will suck my dick.
      (Johnny Cage kicks Shinnok in the back, causing Shinnok to drop the amulet)
      Earl Simmons: Mortal Kombat! X gonna give it to ya!
      Johnny Cage: Oh, sorry Ma'am, didn't see ya there.
      Shinnok: Miserable feckin' biiatch! God damn you!
    • "Why are you smiling?" "...She sucked my cock."
    • Johnny Cage isn't a very good leader.
      Johnny Cage: You're all here because you deserve to die.
      Kung Jin: Takeda and I both...stuff that sexy ass.
      * Beat*
      Johnny Cage: Die. (to Jacqui Briggs) Step up, nigga.
      (camera zooms into Jacqui's face)
      Captions: *wtf*
    • Mileena isn't a fan of Rain. Considering her reaction to discovering that Rain planned to betray her in Mortal Kombat 11, her responce is completely in-character.
      Rain: Killing an emperor-
      Mileena: Fuck you, Rain!
      Rain: Stop it, Mileena.
      (sad music plays while Rain sheds a tear)
    • Kotal Kahn effortlessly beating Mileena's forces. First, he gives Kano a Falcon Punch, rapes Kano, and then performs several kombo's on Kano until Kotal proclaims that Kano's "not worth shit". Right when it looks like is about to stab Kano, Kotal then preforms Metronomic Man Mashing on Kano before attempting to stab Kano. When Tanya interrupts, Kotal attacks her mid-sentence, and then beats her up. When Kotal confronts Mileena, Kotal defeats her in two punches and one beam.
      Kotal Kahn: Son of a whore! note (Mortal Kombat 11 Spoilers!) 
    • Instead of attacking the Special Forces team as part of a Secret Test of Character, Sub-Zero fights the team because he genuinely hates them.
      Sub-Zero: Cassandra Cage. You motherfucker.
      Cassie Cage: Stop wasting time.
      (Sub-Zero hits Cassie with a slide kick)

      Jacqui Briggs: If you know my father, you know me!
      Sub-Zero: Fuck your father!
    • After Sub-Zero defeats the Special Forces team, all hope seems lost. Until Cassie offers a sexual favor in return of the Lin Kuei releasing them.
      Takeda: Any ideas?
      Cassie Cage: Sub-Zero? I'll suck you're cock.
      * Beat*
      Sub-Zero: Yes...
      (scene cuts to the Special Forces' base)
      Johnny Cage: So other than that, you enjoyed you're visit?
      Cassie Cage: The Lin Kuei raped us.
      Kung Jin: You, maybe.
      Jacqui Briggs: I see plenty of semen on your ass, too.
      Johnny Cage: Come on, now. You're all gay.
    • "This is Li Mei." "Such a whore. Am I right?" Bonus points for Johnny Cage calling Li Mei a whore not as an insult but as a compliment.
    • Raiden speaks with Kung Jin. It takes an unexpected turn when Kung Jin brings up Kung Lao's final moments.
      Raiden: Your family honored me with this memento from your cousin Lao... after his death.
      Kung Jin: A death you caused! You made him fuck Shao Kahn, and stood there while that bastard snapped his dick!
      Raiden: FUCK you, Kung Jin!
      Kung Jin: No, fuck you!
    • When Kotal Kahn proclaims that he invited no gays from Earthrealm, the camera zooms into Kung Jin's face. Also, there's the fact that Kotal hates gay people, despite having no qualms with raping Kano.
    • Kano tries his luck on Sonya.
      Sonya Blade: This is General Blade. I need NP's to my location immediately.
      Kano: Oh, lets fuck!
      Sonya Blade: Never.
    • Mileena interrupts the story that Reptile was telling. Also, Kotal is displeased that Mileena won't have sex with him.
      Reptile: Listen; I fuck Mileena in the titties. Qwawk.
      Mileena: (to Kotal) And I told you I would sooner die than fuck you! Sus.
      Kotal Kahn: You cunt.
      Mileena: I succeed a cunt!
      Reptile: (to Mileena) Sos!
      Kotal Kahn: You have...
      Mileena: Kill him!
    • "Your father has devoted his life to fucking animals." In context, Hanzo treats this as a positive life goal, and makes the statement to Takeda in an attempt to calm him down.
    • "There are worse things than death." Followed immediately by Jax raping Liu Kang.
    • The scene where Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion kills Quan Chi has him humiliate Quan Chi by forcing him to undergo a sexual act.
      Hanzo Hasashi: You fucked my wife. Suck my COCK!
      (Hanzo puts Quan Chi on the ground, then forces him to do just that.)
      Hanzo Hasashi: Suck my paynis!
    • The ending. After defeating Shinnok, Cassie chooses to reward Raiden with a sexual favor. While Raiden is barely conscious.
      Cassie Cage: Is (Raiden) alive?
      Kung Jin: Barely.
      Cassie Cage: I'll suck his cock.
      (camera zooms into Raiden's face as he climaxes)
      (scene fades to white)
      Cassie Cage: Fuck me!
    • Aku Aku: "What, the, fuck."
    • "We've got plump new dick. 100% articifically flavored cock!" "Well that oughta get some bitches gobblin'!"
    • "Each Grand Prix is a super event where contestants can test their fuckin' testicles."
    • "I'm absolutely fappin' with anticipation!"






  • Nuclear Launch Detected
    Morshu: It's yours my friend, as long as you have MINERAAALZ!
    Ganon: IT BURNS! (after being hit by a nuclear missile)




  • Wicker Man Youtube Poop: Nicolas Cage Gets his Skull Crushed by a Spinosaurus
    • This video basically consists of Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man keeps getting killed while trying to reach Summers Isle.
    • In the first segment, his plane gets shot down and crashes into the water, where he runs into a shark.
    Shark (in Dr. Robotnik's voice): Snooping as usual, I see!
    Nicolas Cage: OH, NO NOT THE shark. NOT THE shark.
    (The shark proceeds to eat him.)
    • During the third segment, where they use the film, Behind Enemy Lines, they have one of the villains get frustrated that one of the missile launchers isn't working.
    Bad guy: C'mon, start! C'mon, you piece of crap, start! This is getting on my f**king nerves. AAAH! MOTHERF**KER! (missile launches)


Imaperson (Retired)





  • Mario and Luigi in the Footballstone
    • Luigi: "Hey, Mario! Look what I made!"
      Mario: "It's a stone, Luigi! You didn't make it! You didn't make it! You didn't—You didn't—You didn't make it!"
      Luigi: "It's a football! I chiseled it!"
      Mario: "It's a stone, Luigi!"
      Luigi: "It's a football!"
      Mario: "It's a stone, Luigi!"
      Luigi: "It's a football!"
      Mario: "It's a stone, Luigi!"
      Luigi: "It's a—"
      Mario: "—STONE, LUIGI."
      Luigi: (cries)

Inkling Bruh


InspiredPlagarism (Retired)



Jack Duripper


  • My Little Bat Guano
    • The beginning, involving a battle between Applejack and the Teletubbies sun, culminating in "MY EYES!".
    • This:
    Applejack Look at all those assholes. Ripe and...
    Flutterbat: Juicy...and sweet...(beginning of "Sweet Dreams" starts playing)
    • STOP!...hammer time.
    • The ENTIRE Pop the Pig sequence.
    • The second commercial break, which is just the Littlest Pet Shop cast coming out of a bush and back in.
    • How the author gets out of pooping the scene where the mane five turn Flutterbat back to normal.
    Voice: We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stay tuned.
    Freakazoid!: Are we all clear? Okay, we're all clear. Alright, hit the red button.
    Freakazoid: NO! NOT THAT BUTTON!
    (scene plays in fast-foward)




Jimmy Davis

Jeff Lindblom

  • EEEEAAAAUUUUUAAAAHHHH. Pretty much anything involving the titular weird noise. Also Luigi:
    Mario: We gotta save the princess!
    Luigi: And, youuuuuuuuu...
  • What is Spaghetti?
    • This:
    King Harkinian: All true warriors strive for cum.
    Gwonam: It is written: Only Link can strive for cum.
    Link: Great, I'll give head!
    • "Zelda, [bleep] you."
    • This:
    Mario: We gotta [bleep] Bowser!
    Luigi: And you gotta [bleep] spaghetti!
    Mario: If you need instructions on how to [bleep] Bowser, check out my seven Koopa hotels.
    Luigi: And [bleep] spaghetti!
    Mario: No.
    Luigi: [Bleep] you and [bleep] spagheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetti!
    • The CD-i characters singing Haddaway's "What Is Love".


  • Racial Toon Wreaks Havoc
    • Bosko doing a 1929-style "firin' mah lazah" face.
    • Bosko being redrawn as Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • When the animator asks Bosko if he can make the audience laugh.
    Bosko: I gotta pee....right there.
    Animator: There you are. (begins drawing a toilet)
    (cut to a card reading "Soon, his waste is disposed!")


  • Jeopardy! Season 92 premiere
    • "And these are the categories to start off the new season: 'Grrrrrrrrrr—'" (dialog box comes up reading "Alex Trebek has stopped responding. Windows can try to restart the program" with the options "This joke is old" and "Debug the program".)
    • This:
    Alex: (reading clue) "This Oscar winner." Alison?
    Alison: Who is Hutton?
    Alex: No. Diane or Vamsi?
    (beep beep beep)
    Alex: Who is Timothy Hutton?
    • On the next turn, Alison hitting a Daily Double, whose clue reads just "This Oscar-Winning daughter."
    • "On a clear day, I live in my donut, man."
    • When the category "September" is revealed in Double Jeopardy!, audio is dubbed in from this notorious Family Feud clip.
    • "I'll get you, my pretty, and cry havoc, and just one dog."
    • The Jaws music playing when the inflatable shark appears behind Alex.


  • Even years after its popularity has faded, "The Balls Are Inert" is still a piece of comic genius.


  • [YTP] Johnnies In A Cage (MK11)
    Captions: *big fat Elder God wheeze*
    Shinnok: You... you should fuck me, Raiden! Our orgy changed your cock... for the better! Fuck me!
    (Dark Raiden eletricutes Shinnok)
    Dark Raiden: Shut the fuck up, Shinnok! I will fuck our enemies' ass! Not you!
    Captions: *crying*
    Shinnok: Fuck me!
    Dark Raiden: There are fates worse than dick! *forms a (censored) Gag Penis made of lightning*
    (The words CENSORED appear on a black screen)
    Captions: *ambiguously sexual gurgling*
    (cut to Shinnok with his body missing)
    Dark Raiden: I will deliver you to Liu Kang and your Neatherrealm bitches. You will serve as warning... and an emblem of my dick's wrath!
    (Dark Raiden teleports to an unknown location)
    Kronika: This is retarded. Sis.
    • Something is wrong with the present day version of Sonya. Her interductory scene has her casually confess to having sex with Jax, right in front of her squad, ex-husband (whom she was still dating with), and daughter
    Sonya Blade: Recently, commander Jackson Briggs' cock discharged cum in my pussy.
    (zooms into Johnny Cage's face)
    Captions: [betrayal intensifies]
    Text: jax why
    Sonya Blade: We honor Jackie's father by doing what he would do: tirelessly masturbate.
    • Cassie stating that Raiden is a virgin, despite him having an orgy with Shinnok and a threesome with Sonya and Johnny.
    • Dark Raiden's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner: "Suck my dick, you Neatherrealm motherfuckers!" One of the comments notes that, if it were the 11th game in which they'd face the same damn problem, they'd be pissed too.
    • Even before marring Johhny Cage, Sonya has been a sexual deviant, banging Kabal back when he was still a criminal. Also, Kabal gets no respect.
    Cassie Cage: That burn victim's Kabal? Wasn't he Kano's bitch boy back in the day?
    Sonya Blade: I sucked his cock. Don't let the scars fool you...
    Cassie Cage: (gives a very long "The Reason You Suck" Speech in a Freeze-Frame Bonus, the final sentence saying that she hopes Sonya dies in a pile of rubble)
    Sonya Blade: He's fat.
    Kabal: (to Sonya, in a distorted voice) That's just hurtful, Cage. (normal voice) You're dead, motherfucker!
    Cassie Cage: No, You!
    (screen shows a tier list, where Kabal is listed as "Kano's bitch boy" and Cassie is listed as "Juiciest pussy in Earthrealm")
    Kabal: That's just hurtful, Cage!
    (cue Kabal being on the receiving end of Cassie Cage's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown)
    • Sonya is racist.
    Sonya Blade: Need ten minutes, nigga.
    Captions: need ten minutes, ni🅱️🅱️a
    (camera zooms into Jacqui's face)
    Captions: [justified offence]
    Text: your mom fucking sucks
    • Sonya's final moments. They are not as dignified as in canon.
    Sonya Blade: Cass... I'm naked.
    Captions: *literally cums*
    Cassie Cage: What the fuck?!
    Sonya Blade: I love you, Cass...
    Captions: *big cough* *cums again*
    Sonya Blade: Suck you're dad's dick for me.
    Cassie Cage: Fuck! You! Mom!
    Kronika: Suck my paynis, nigga.
    Captions: succ my paynis, ni🅱️🅱️a
    Kronika: (...) But my ass has been irreversibly tainted by Raiden's semen. I intend to wind time back to it's beginning...and make Raiden retarded.
    Captions: *evil plan stirs in the air, musical sting*
    • Kotal punishes Kollecter for his crimes.
    Kotal Kahn: For years, you escaped my sus (the word 'sus' comes out of Kotal's mouth). Sucked dry the dick of Outworld's people. Today... you suck my dick!
    Kollecter: Give cock!
    Kotal Kahn: I do not inflict cock upon the poor. Lol. J.K.!
    Captions: *unzips his Kotal Kawk*
    (the crowd cheers)
    Kotal Kahn: Raiden? Shao Kawk?
    Shao Kahn: General Kotal?
    Kotal Kahn: Kotal Kock.
    Shao Kahn: Kock? Pathetic fool! My cock is huge!
    (Kotal Kahn and Shao Kahn clash weapons, and Kotal chops into Shao's shoulder. They clash again, and Kotal chops into Shao's shoulder again. They clash twice, and Kotal chops into Shao's shoulder yet again)
    Shao Kahn: Fuck you!
    Captions: *attacks with more ferocity*
    (Kotal still manages to chops into Shao's shoulder, causing the screen to turn red)
    Shao Kahn: I suck!
    • "I've been in the future for a whole hour, and I haven't fucked one ass. Not one!"
    • Cassie drops the bomb on the past version of Sonya.
    Sonya Blade: What?
    Cassie Cage: How do I say this... You are a whore.
    Sonya Blade: You bitch!
    Cassie Cage: You fuck(ed) Uncle J. and Kabal!
    Sonya Blade: (gives an Oh, Crap! face and sits down) Sus.
    • "Cass, you need to see this ass!"
    Liu Kang: (while looking at the image with a visible erection) Suck my cock.
    • Cetrion, the Goddess of Virtue, has no respect for Raiden. note (Mortal Kombat 11 Spoilers!) 
    Cetrion: Raiden, you are gay.
    Raiden: Elder Gods! Fuck you!
    • Hanzo Hasashi (Present!Scorpion) and Sub-Zero are allies, but they're not friends.
    Hanzo Hasashi: Your cock is failing, Sub-Zero.
    Sub-Zero: I fucked your mum, Hanzo.
    • "Cyrax is your inside man?" "Fuck no!"
    • "There is no future in which you are not a fucking bitch."
    (cue Frost being on the receiving end of Sub-Zero's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown)
    Text: (while Sub-Zero slices Frost with a saw) dear fucking god help me
    (Sub-Zero hits Frost three more times, and Frost collapses)
    Sub-Zero: Cease your faggotry, Frost.
    (Noob Saibot rises from a portal)
    Noob Saibot: You! Bitch! Niggaz!
    Sub-Zero: Fuck you!



  • Let's just say that his Thomas the Tank Engine poops will leave you in stitches.
  • Pursee & the Faulty Facelifts, as the Fat Controller introduces Daisy to Percy and Toby.
    The Fat Controller: This is Daisy, the evil railcar.
    Daisy: Screw you, you smelly bastard!
    The Fat Controller: Fine! This is Daisy, the lazy railcar.
    Daisy: That's better! (beat) Hey!
    Percy: Ha, ha, ha!
    Toby (thinking): Holy crap, that Daisy is hot!
    Daisy (with a distorted face): Nyey!
    • The dance scene set to "You Can't Touch This" is nothing short of hilarious.
    • "This is dreadful!"
  • Tomuss & The Bloody Confusing Day
    • "Hello, Thomas!" said Thomas. "This is Trevor, a traction engine." "A WHAT engine?!" Trevor asked. "A traction engine," explained Thomas. "You run on roads instead of rails." "WHAT?!" Trevor was still puzzled.
    • Sir Topham Hatt dancing to "Highway to the Danger Zone"
    • "Donald and Douglas are twins!" (Both make O Faces) The twins were surprised.
    • Percy randomly jumping off the tracks at The Fat Controller's orders, leaving the latter momentarily confused. Percy later lands on Henry in an unrelated scene.
    • "You see what I mean, my dear Edward?" "Poop!" (Gordon makes an O Face)
  • Tumass Clones Go Bonkers!
    • "Thomas is a Thomas engine who lives at a big station on the Island of Thomas. He's a cheeky little engine with six small Wills, short stump-short stump-sho-sho-sho-sho-sho-sh-h-h-h-ho-o-ort-t-t stu-u-u-u-mp... —ort stumps and a stumpy cock."
    • "Thomas thought he was being clever, but he was really retarded. He soon found his mistake. He tried to fart, but he couldn't. He just kept barrel rolling along."
    • The ending.
  • Purcy Discovers Something Retarded: James tries to explain why he hasn't got up yet.
    James: The fat tosser sent me a message in a bottle this morning! (Yeah.)
    Stationmaster: He did not! HE DID NOT!
    James: Oh! (Suddenly realising Percy had set him up) OH! Where's Percy?!
    (Cut to Percy annoying Gordon)
    • The trucks aren't good at passing the word:
    Trucks: Paying Percy out! Percy paying out! Percy is a trout!
    • The ending. Percy goes through a sign that says "Percy, you must go "WHEESH!" and crash." He does just that and comes crashing into the brakevan. The Fat Controller's reaction is priceless:
    The Fat Controller: OH! You fail!
  • Thomis, Terinse, & The Baking Powder
    • This exchange between Thomas and Terrence the Tractor early in the video:
    Terrence: Hello! ('said the tractor') I'm a tractor!
    Thomas: I'm Thomas, I'm a Thomas. What ugly eyes you've got!
    Terrence: (Eyes are now inflated) They're not ugly!
    Thomas: PUH! You look like an anime faggot!
    Terrence: Hello! I'm a Terrence! ('said Terrence')
    Terrence: What in the fu-!
    • The snowplow scene
    Narrator: The snowplow was heavy and uncomfortable and made Thomas ssorc. He shook it, and he banged it, and he banged it...
    Edward (or James): Hahaha! You bang snowplows!
    Thomas: (makes an O Face)
  • Oh, My Guard!
    Narrator: The Stationmaster was about to do his children.
    Trevor: That's disgusting!
  • Henrique Suffers Dreadfully and No One Cares:
    • "All kinds of ships use the Hah-bor station by the sea. There are ass ships, caac ships, ship ships, and cocaine shipping also happens here. Some of it goes to shops in the town, and the rest of it goes to the Fat Controller and Thomas.
    • "All right! All right!" (the clip moves off the right side of the screen)
    • "They couldn't know that the points from the mainline to the siding were badly twisted, and the home signal should have been set to: 'Oh guard, we are about to crash!!'"
    • The fact that Thomas is somehow inside a brake van along with the Fat Controller, the driver and fireman, and "a very lovely bastard".


  • Mario & Luigi's Quest For Cupcakes: the King sends the Mario Bros. to Ponyville to get cupcakes, and they run into the ponies and hijinks occur.
    Mario(To Twilight Sparkle): By the way, your hair reminds me of Stocking.
    (Picture of Stocking appears as Twilight looks confused)
    Twilight Sparkle: I don't get it.





Law of Cinema


  • Billy Mays' Sexcapades
    • "Has this ever happened to you? You had to leave town suddenly. Just got in the car and drove far from home. And you're scoring with a 350-pound whore live on TV…"
    • "Carla takes it right in the ass. Shit's so cash!"
    • "What do you do when you're away at school and can't jack off to your favorite whores on TV? Billy Mays here for! It's the live sex you want, wherever you are! When term papers are sucking, see who's fucking!"
    • "You can turn Billy Mays on with the flick of a switch. Wiwiwiwiwiwiwi. WITH THE FLICK OF A SWITCH."
    • (high chipmunk voice) "IT HAS THE STRENGTH, TO TAKE TARNISH OFF THIS GIANT, MEDIEVAL SWORD! NOW THAT'S THE POWER OF—" (normal voice) "Billy Mays' balls."
    • "This is Billy Mays, and I'm pulling around to stick it in your pooper!"
    • (Content censored. For full uncensored video please visit "Take a look at this cock, it's a doozy! Get on the bed! OhOhOhOh CumCumCum"
    • "Woah, that was an experience. Where's my blowjob? What is this I don't even!"
  • "Greasy Potatoes"
    • "Wow, all this furniture attracts moms like a fuckin' magnet!"
    • "Orange Glo easily removes grease and grime from grease and grime. It's even tough enough to break down grease and grime from stickers without damaging the grease and grime. And with a fresh orange scent, you'll be grease and grime."
    • Billy Mays' hand slamming down a "sold" sticker on the oven in the greasy spoon diner.
    • "Why am I smashing my hand with this hammer? To show you the amazing protection you get from smashing my hand with this hammer. And this hammer is smashing my hand."
    • "Are you tired of shitting french fries like I do? Watch this. Insert $100 into the back of Billy Mays' asshole, then simply watch as Billy Mays shits mountains of french fries in seconds."
    • "You can chop your kids to make thick chunky salsa, salad, tacos, vegetable trays, coffee, chicken salad, ham salad, Cupcakes, ice cream, and your hands never touch the blood."
    • This:
    Billy Mays: Everyone loves cupcakes.
    Apple Bloom: Not the cupcakes! Trust me.
    Billy Mays: Eat the damn cupcakes right now, or I'll eliminate Equestria! (Pinkamena appears behind him)
    • "Just watch as I totally demolish the head of this asshole!" (uses a sander to destroy Vince Offer's head)
    • "Does your toilet have ring around the ring around the RING AROUND THE RING AROUND THE RING AROUND THE"
    • "Hi, sir Billy Mays here for the Big City Sword! Look at this: 80,000 Attack, 350 Strength, 360 Health, 160 Magic!"
    • "Jacuzzi bazooka!"
    • "LegendarySage is a supercharged asshole who'll take forever to make shit because Runes of Magic has taken over LegendarySage's life. That's right. So get on today, and join the craze with me, LegendarySage, or I'll take a Big City shit in your hard drive!"
    • "Phil Swift here for Flex Seal, the easy way to coat and seal—" (gets impaled by a Big City Sword) "That's the power and protection of the Big City Sword!"
  • Billy Mays Hits Puberty While Cooking Calcium, Lime, and Rust Burgers
    • "With the Slider Station, just scoop, press, and cook right on your toilet!"
    • "Topped with pickles, onions, ketchup, or cheese, Big City Sliders have harsh fumes!"
    • "The triple-sided chicken-stick surface is so slick, not even buuuuurrrrnnt oooooon chheeeeeeeeese will stick!"
    • "Make healthy calcium, lime, and rust burgers with ease, and join the craze with me, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!"
  • Billy Mays Raves With the Best Product He Has Ever Pulled Out of the Infinite Void in His Ass
    • "Hi, bitches! Billy Mays here. Does your toilet have hard cum stains or a ring of shit that keeps coming back? Now you can throw away your toilet and never shit in your toilet again! Introducing toilet paper! Just wipe your ass! Maybe it's that easy."
    • "I know what you're thinking: Billy Mays is high on crack."
    • "Hi, Billy Mays here to share with you, the best product I have ever pulled out of my ass. Big City Grater is not an ordinary grater, but a superpowered grater that can grate anything. Watch this: grate laundry with ease. There's no wrong way to use it! Pass it around the toilet and grate as you shit."
    • Billy Mays dancing to "Sandstorm"
    • "Call right now, and I'll triple the offer, and send you agonizing discomfort!"
    • [four Billy Mays videos at once] "But call right now..." "...and I'll shit in your washer, while it cleans over 5 loads. Laundry just got shittier."
  • sunday_drive.mays
    • "Watch this." (fails to get car door open) "Screw my car!"
    • "Using a turnip and driving isn't safe, and in some states, it's even a seagull."
    • "I love Fluttershy, don't you?"
    • The end cameo from Radicalfaith360.
  • Radicalfaith360 moves out and shit
    • "So some of you are probably wondering, where the hell have I had sex? Well, I have sex on a prison bunker. I think it'll be best if I really just really just pump it out in this room." "Are you shittin' me?"
    • "That was probably the longest dick I've had between videos." (censor bar appears)
    • "I've actually secured uh, or am closing a deal on a Nazi concentration camp."
    • "It's been a long time since I had a shit. So other than when I got together with cs188 and shit on cs188 and…"
    • "Radicalfaith360 here for Concentration!"
  • Billy Mays starts a sex hotline (Sexcapades II)
    • Uh ohho hU Uh ohho hU Uh oh! That'll leave a mark! And another! And another!" [cue picture of Marc Summers]
    • "Hi, Billy Mays here! If dicks in your car drive you crazy, don't get frustrated! Get a blowjob!"
    • "Sucking that hardon is as easy as 1-2-3! You just push—" (NOPE)
    • "Finally, sex you can actually afford!"
    • "This bitch is fucking cray-cray."
    • "And I'm not talking about some whore from Motel 6, I'm talking about real bitches with big titties, wet vaginas, or both. Flubber boat."
    • "Billy Mays attracts bitches like Tyler Perry and chicken attracts black people!"
    • "The longer you let it set, the sexier it is."
    • "But I'm not done yet! Call Sundays, and you'll receive our amazing double penetration! Moms are gonna love two dicks on a busy school morning!"
    • "And I still never got a blowjob!"
  • Billy Mays Gets Pissed and Uses His Arsenal of Products to Pound Every Car and Truck Made
    • "Fuck your car!" (pound)
    • "With Mighty Putty, you just pound like dough. Simply knead to activate, apply and pound your car."
  • Butt Mash's Adventure into Madness
  • Billy Mays Gets Road Rage While Advertising a Non-Working Radio Broadcaster
    • "Instead of hearing the other person, you hear music!"
    • "In my car, the Jupiter Jack sucks. I need to shit." PFFFFFHHHHHT "Using a cell phone and shitting isn't safe. And in some states it's even illegal."
    • "I don't feel safer because I have to hold my cell phone while I drive." "It doesn't matter. Driving is illegal."
    • "But I'm still not done." (beat) "I'm done."
  • Billy Mays discovers dickburgers
    • The intro:
    Billy Mays: Has this ever happened to you? Wii U? You're on the road and you can't find an octagon.
    Jack Black: (walking down the street) Oh man!
    • "Billy Mays here for Billy Mays' Titty Delicious Ass Burgers! Squishin' and squishin' and squishin' and SQUISHIN' and SQUISHIN'"
    • "So slick. Just poop cheese, and watch your family attack your family!"
    • "You don't need a cabinet full of cabinets. You need a cabinet full of Negroes."
    • "With Billy Mays, you'll finally be saying: 'I can cook delicious, mouth-watering dickburgers with two thumbs up my ass!'"
    • "Putty. Putty. Putty. Putty. Apply and support up to — NOTHING"
    • "Work at work? That's much better than Men at Work." ("Down Under" plays on the guy's computer, then suddenly front-reverses over and over) "That's much better than pork at work."
    • "Ba-con-egg-and-cheese. Ba-con-egg-and-cheese."

  • Billy Mays goes for a peaceful morning drive
    • "Previously on Billy Mays!"
    • (types "HI BILLY MAYS HERE, LOOKING FOR SEXY PORN" into Google) "Alright ... what? You shittin' me? There's no kinky videos! What do you do when you get blue balls, and you can't watch your favorite porn on the internet?"
    • This exchange
    Anthony Sullivan: Hi, Anthony Sullivan here.
    Billy Mays: Anthony, why are you using a cellphone and driving?
    Anthony Sullivan: My Snake extends to over three feet!
    Billy Mays: anthon plz.
    • "Stop waiting for expensive—" (crash) "Uh oh, that'll leave a Mark!"
    • Carla refuses to have sex with Billy, despite his rather explicit demands:
    Billy Mays: Hey, asshole! You don't say no to Billy Mays!
    Carla: No.
    Billy Mays: That's it. I'm pulling around to kill you!

Le Père Doriot

  • La décadence de la restauration française
    Septime: Don't forget that you're in the shit. And that beyond this door is the exit. And through this door we will leave. We must leave. And we will leave. Let's go, open up.
    -walks into door-
    Who did that?
  • LOL ou la cuisse
    Tricatel: Because Duchemin doesn't exist!
    Duchemin: It's true!
    Tricatel: Holy fuck! Duchemin exists!


  • One Winter Evening
    The boys thought it fun to stone Henry until he was dead.
    Fireman: Call the police!
    "No," said Henry's driver. "We're not tattletales." So they went home, leaving Henry. "Goodbye, Henry." Next morning, some birds tore out Henry's liver.



  • Han Goes Crazy
    • "Commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those memes! And bring me the passengers, I want them alaala!”
    • “But I was going to the power station to convert some power converters!”
    • Han introduces himself as “San Holo.”



  • The masterpiece of sentence mixing that is "Ice Ice Brimley":
    Wilford Brimley: I've got fifteen or twenty problems, but a bitch is not one.

Looney Moon

  • Greg Calls the Police
    Pearl: Steven, I know that Garnet is very upset with you, but I'm going to prove to her that I'm straight.

    Greg drives back to the motel listening to Every Breath You Take
    Greg: Hey, Shtoo-ball, I brought The Police.


  • The Actual Republican Debate
    • "Candidates, I will try to make sure each of you of you will get your fair share of questions. But Senator Paul will get no questions."
    • "As the candidates requested, Mr. Trump will be singled out for criticism."
    • Senator Paul constantly trying to say something reasonable, only to get told to wait until he's called on.
    • "Americans are clearly more afraid of you than any time since 9/11-" "You feckless weakling!" *applause*
    • Fiorina going on a tangent about when smartphones were invented after being asked about talking to Putin.
      • "9/11 was invented in 2001, roughly."
      • "Margaret Thatcher once said if you want something talked about, ask Obama. If you want something done, 9/11" *applause*
  • The Actual Democratic Debate
    • Everyone rising for the Soviet Union's national anthem.
    • "Each candidate will get one minute to answer questions, except Senator Clinton will get two minutes to answer questions, and Senator Webb will get one second"
    • "After 15 years of executive experience, I have not learned how to be an effective leader. I learned how to be a magician."
    • Webb getting shot down every time he wants to say anything.
    • Clinton talking about how she wants to stack the deck.
  • Trump Bullies Jeb For The Last Time
    • George Washington wrote that "The truth will ultimately die where there is pains taken to help voters make up their minds."
    • "Mr. Trump, you get 30 seconds to tell Governor Bush "You're wrong", and Governor Bush, you don't get to respond."
    Bush: I gotta respond to this!
    Moderator: Well, you don't get to respond.
    Bush: Or you could ask me two questions, so I get two minutes instead of one-
    Moderator: Please stop talking.
    • "What we wanna win, when we wanna win, and how hard do we wanna win?"
    • "Let's just talk about donuts right now, let's sell that, and the Republican Party will be stronger as a result." *Trump nods in agreement"
    • "In the spirit of saying something that might be politically incorrect, tell the voters something that might be politically incorrect."
      • "You know, to bomb children coming out of refineries is acceptable, chaos is acceptable, dictators, acceptable..."
  • Trump is God: The whole damn video.
  • Mitt Romney Exposes Trump as Mexican Goat Terrorist
    • "I'm Mitt Romney and I'm the real Mitt Romney, all the other Mitt Romney's are just masturbating."
    • "I'm, uh... I'm not here to announce my candidacy for office." *loud applause*
    • "What ever happened to predictability? How about Trump University? And then there's Trump Magazine, and Trump Klan Babies, and Trump Nuclear Mexican Goats, and Trump Menstrual Cycles Suckers. A business genius he is not."
    • "If Donald Trumps plans were ever implemented, that means that I'd commit suicide." *loud applause* "Wait wait wait!"
    • John Adams wrote this: "Remember, 'The Donald' is a phony cum sucker." - John Adams, 1787
      • "There was never a donald... yet, that did not want to grow goat terrorists." That's John Adams. Think about that.

Loger Labbit

  • Daenerys is Crazy
    • Daenerys is here to "destroy your cities, burn your homes, murder you and orphan your children." Later, "I offer you a choice. Bend the knee, and die. Or refuse, and die."
    • "BURN THE MALL!"
    • The scene where Sam talks to the Archmaesters about the imminent threat posed by the White Walkers plays out much the same in the actual show, and after ignoring Sam, one of the Archmaesters turns to Ebrose and asks if Sam was the one whose father and brother were just burnt alive by Daenerys. Ebrose affirms this, adding that he doesn't have the heart to tell Sam yet. Unlike the show, Sam is still in the room when he says that.
      • Better yet, when Ebrose looks over at the understandably crestfallen Sam, he and the Archmaesters immediately go back to small talk like nothing had happened.


  • Attack on a Horrendous Boy
    • Henry randomly ripping his younger brother's heart out and slamming it on a flag.
    • DIVE! DIVE!
    • "That was the gayest thing I've ever seen, yee-e-e-e."
  • Some horrendous boy faps at ponies for a reason
    • The Friends intro.
    • "So, how many babies can I torture?"
      • During that same scene, Henry's father runs over a woman, complete with blood on the front of their car.
    • Henry reading a PlayBrony magazine, 'nuff said.
    • The Ronald McDonald commercial.

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