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Bill Wurtz, in one of his trademark videos.

"I don't remember why I first saw the mountains, but they've always been there. Now that I see them, I'm wondering why they're there. But they're here. I can't climb them."

Bill Wurtz is an American musician and video creator; his works are distinct in their use of musical jingles and surreal colorful visuals. He initially focused on Vine videos with songs intermingled and had some success there, but eventually expressed a desire to create longer unrestricted videos on his YouTube channel. The result of this was history of japan, which swiftly went viral. After working 11 months on it, he presented the follow up, history of the entire world, i guess.


His videos provide examples of:


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history of japan

Commodore Matthew Perry sails to Japan on a "diplomatic" mission to open its ports to trade with the United States. And by diplomatic, it involved threats to bombard Edo (now Tokyo) with their modernized fleet if the shogunate refuses to end their "sakoku" policy. Russia and the United Kingdom were also allowed to trade with Japan as well.

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