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Funny moments from years 2010-2019 of Saturday Night Live. For the main index, see here.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Norm Macdonald making a surprise cameo as Burt Reynolds for Celebrity Jeopardy! and Tom Hanks playing a moronic version of himself on the last episode of Season 34 (hosted by Will Ferrell with musical guest Green Day).
  • Betty White, unsurprisingly, was funny all over the place when she (finally) hosted in 2010, starting from her opening monologue in which she called Facebook, on which the petition to have her host had started, a "huge waste of time," to the "Scared Straight" sketch where she played MacIntosh's badass grandma:
    Loretta: Wizard of ass!
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  • The Anne Hathaway as Mary Poppins sketch. Turns out, Mary isn't the Purity Sue you'd think she is.
  • The "High School Musical 4" sketch from the season 34 episode hosted by Zac Efron. All of it.
  • Season 36 starts with the return of Amy Poehler:
    • Surprise guest Maya Rudolph appears alongside Amy for an all new Bronx Beat, featuring an early appearance by musical guest Katy Perry - for reference, this is the one with Katy in that lower-than-lowcut Elmo shirt, after her deleted appearance on Sesame Street:
    Amy: Looks like today's episode was brought to you by the number 38 and the letter DD!
    • There's a fake ad for a hair restoration treatment that deliberately replants hairs from another part of your body to the head. Specifically, from down there. Sounds fantastic in theory, but then you see all the "satisfied customers" with curly tufts sticking out of generally straight hair... and one man's wife is nuzzling her face in it.
    • Weekend Update naturally reunites Amy and Seth, addressing the comments by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in an all new "Really?!?":
      Amy: In your speech you said Israel is just a small entity on your map, it doesn't really factor into your equation - really? Because as far as I can see Israel is all you talk about. "I hate Israel, Israel is the worst," when are you two just gonna hook up already?!
      Seth: And really, Mahmoud is crazy, but you know who else is crazy? Anyone who says we need to attack Iran, because we are still in two combat operations. Yes, TWO. Saying we're done when there's still 50,000 troops in Iraq is like saying "hey, I just quit drinking - tequila shots?" I mean really.
      Amy: And really, before we go into a third war, can we just let gay Americans help us fight the two we're already in? (audience cheers) Really. It's time to repeal "don't ask don't tell", because let's admit it, don't-ask don't-tell sounds a bit gay to begin with.
      Seth: Really, now's not the time to say "thanks, but we're good" because WE'RE NOT GOOD. US policies could use a makeover - hmm, who's really good at makeovers?
      • Among the other headlines, a case of a man getting into a fight with his own parrot ("Police are calling it a case of "he said, Polly repeated what he said".") Which gets even more confusing when we hear the 911 phone recording, which is a beautiful Who's on First? involving the phone cop thinking that there's two people being attacked - which cuts back to the Weekend Update desk a smidge too soon, revealing that Amy and Seth were doing the voices the whole time.
      • There's a special case where Fred Armisen's recurring character, Governor David Patterson gets an official sendoff in light of the real Governor reaching the end of his term - as marked by the real David Patterson showing up.
      You still have that beard?... I shaved it off a year ago. Are you blind?
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  • Bryan Cranston hosts, and the monologue reveals that he'd appeared on tv in just tighty-whiteys in both Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle. Later on in a new What's Up With That, Bryan is one of the numerous random walk-on guests during the musical numbers, wearing just a fur coat... and tightey whiteys.
  • Jane Lynch plays the mother of a precocious boy (Andy Samberg) who's somehow set up a talk show in his own home, the New Boyfriend Talk Show, for the express purpose of catching whoever the mother slept with last night by complete surprise (Jason Sudeikis in this case), turning them into the special guest. Jason has to hold back a Spit Take when the boy announces that it's also a Milestone Celebration of 100 episodes. And then the mother mentions that he'd started this show 4 months ago. The cherry on top is the messages from past celebrity guests, like Fred Armisen as Gene Simmons, and Kenan as Magic Johnson. Just let that roll around in your skull for a bit.
  • The Emma Stone monologue addresses her rising appeal with the more nerdy demographic (a particularly thirsty demographic) after movies like Superbad, Zombieland and now The Amazing Spider-Man, leading to several thirsty nerds standing up in the audience, and ending with a "surprise appearance" by Jonah Hill (Bobby Moynihan) and Michael Cera (Taran Killiam) looking just like they did in Superbad (Taran in particular would get to milk his character more in later eps).
    • Jason Sudeikis is Brett Favre in his latest endorsement deal - Wrangler's Open Fly Jeans. That's right, jeans meant just to let your junk out, making those supposedly innocent ball games a little less innocent. It gets ridiculous when Brett takes a picture of his junk and starts showing it off when still wearing Open Fly Jeans.
    • From Weekend Update:
      Fox News hired Juan Williams just after he was fired by National Public Radio for disparaging remarks against Muslims, the first time someone was fired and hired for the same reason. Leading Republicans like Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin spoke out against what they believed was censorship by NPR - that's how much Republicans hate NPR, they're siding with a black guy named Juan.
      During a debate on Meet the Press, Colorado senatorial candidate Ken Buck stated that "being gay was a choice". Interesting position, Ken Buck. Did your name choose to be gay?
      New York etymologists have noted a rise in numbers of the brown marmorated stinkbug, known to let off a foul odor when disturbed or threatened. Just what New York needs, more things that do that.
      After dealing with earache for 30 years, a man in England discovered an extra tooth growing in his ear - man, I knew that England teeth were bad but I never knew they were run-away-from-home bad.
      • There's a bit of unintended foreshadowing when John Mulaney makes one of his rare on-screen appearances, just before the appearance of Stefon (co-created and written by Mulaney and Bill Hader):
      Stefon: New York's hottest club is GUSH. Club owner Gay Dunaway has created a place that answers the question "Now?!" This place has everything - geeks, Sherpas, a Jamaican nurse in a shower cap, room after room of broken mirrors, and look over there, is that Mick Jagger? No, it's a fat kid on a Slip 'n' Slide! (fighting corpsing) His knees look like biscuits (loses the fight) and he's ready to party! (throws in the towel)
      Seth: (waiting it out) So... I'm sorry... it wasn't Mick Jagger?
      Stefon: New York's hottest club is PUUUSH! This place has everything - ghosts, banjos, Carl Palladino, a stuck up kitten who won't sign autographs, Furkels...
      Seth: So Furkels are...
      Stefon: Fat Urkels. (corpsing again) After you've been with one of those guys, you'll ask yourself "Did I do thaaat?"
  • The Jon Hamm episode unknowingly references Mad Men with Jon playing John F. Kennedynote  in his younger senator days, as the whole thing is a 60s TV show in black and white. Bill Hader is Vincent Price, Large Ham extraordinaire who suddenly finds himself the Only Sane Man compared to his guests, a drug-addled Judy Garland (Kristen Wiig), Lovable Sex Maniac JFK and Fred Armisen as a slightly different sex maniac, Liberace. Special mention goes to Liberace deliberately holding a Halloween bucket in front of him just like Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake did with a certain box... oh, and he baited JFK with it.
    Judy: There's a scary tall man with a big green hat out there!
    Vincent: That's a palm tree...
  • The Scarlett Johansson has their own take on the film Unstoppable, with Jay Pharoah's already impeccable Denzel Washington impression combined with Taran Killiam as Chris Pine managing to cut the exact same imposing profile for every one of his one-liners thanks to camera angle and lighting, but the real highlight is Scarlett as the Voice with an Internet Connection managing to compare everything about the runaway train situation with the Chrysler Building.
    Scarlett: Good news! We were able to get the runaway train on an emergency track!
    Chris Pine: Where does that go?
    Paul Brittain: Uh, 42nd and Lexington, New York...
    Scarlett: ...That's the Chrysler Building!!
  • The episode with Jeff Bridges:
  • Jim Carrey as Lily on the show's parody of Black Swan, which showed that Jim Carrey can still do silly physical comedy after all these years.
    • The Merryville Brothers. Also doubles as Nightmare Fuel due to the Uncanny Valley looks of Taran Killam, Jim Carrey, and Bill Hader and the gruesome ending (which was originally supposed to have Kenan's character beheaded onscreen, but it was changed at the very last minute for being too violent. Still, the implication that Kenan's character was going to be turned into one of the Merryville robots by being murdered was there). If you're afraid of animatronics, you'll find it scary, funny or both.
    • There's a new band making the lounge circuit, A Taste of New York, which turns out to be three hobos, with Jim as frontman and Fred Armisen on the keyboard, and the whole thing is really about exposing the Crapsack World of New York that anyone in the audience from out of town never had to see - the illusion is broken by several actual audience members behind Andy, Vanessa, Paul and Kenan, either laughing or fighting laughing.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow's monologue is all about plugging Country Strong, and despite "extensive research" about country music she fails to recognise Kenny Rogers (Jason Sudeikis) and messes up "Islands in the Stream" big time - then musical guest Cee Lo Green, who notes that Gwyneth did famously perform one of his songs, ends p throwing her under the bus in favor of finishing the song with Kenny. At the same time, Dolly Parton (Kristen Wiig) appears but never gets to sing along, opting instead to mug at the camera from behind the others.
  • The Jesse Eisenberg monologue is plugging The Social Network, while talking about how Jesse's developed an I Am Not Spock over the whole thing, despite Jesse being a character unto himself. To further reinforce this, Andy Samberg joins in as his own version of Mark Zuckerberg, which only serves to highlight their differences, and if that's not enough, the real Mark Zuckerberg emerges on stage to catch both of them off guard. It's a little funny when you realize there's three 'Bergs on the stage just as the atmosphere turns ice cold...
  • The highlight of the Russell Brand episode would be the British movie spoof, a deliberate Guy Ritchie-looking affair with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen mostly speaking English-accent-sounding gibberish. And Russell actually doing the same!
    That guy in the tracksuit - Gipsy? or Crispy? - He was good. Either way it seemed like a lot of killing over a very small amount of money.
  • The Zack Galfianakis episode brings back the "Scared Straight" sketch, which for some reason has Zack as an inmate that has to be restrained just like Hannibal Lecter... until it's revealed that he can get up and walk around whenever he wants. And that muzzle isn't fitting so well over his bushy beard. This time, the movie references inevitably veer into The Hangover:
    Zack: It won't be a baby in a papoose... it'll be a baby arm in your caboose!
    Kenan: And it won't be Mike Tyson... Actually there's a chance it'll be Mike Tyson...
  • The 2011 season finale with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. THE. ENTIRE. EPISODE. including but not limited to It's Not Gay if It's a Three-Way aka Dick in a Box: Part III, Justin and Gaga dressed as a beer bottle and a wine glass making fun of Kristen Wiig for being a teabag, Justin Timberlake appearing on a game show where he doesn't recognize his old bandmate from *NSYNC, Chris Kirkpatrick (played by Taran Killam), and a cameo by Jimmy Fallon for the return of The Barry Gibb Talk Show who made a point of noting he had survived the Rapture said to happen on May 21st.
  • Season 37 kicks off with Alec Baldwin:
    • Alec and Abby Elliot are two morning show hosts talking to their reporter (Kristen Wiig) on location in Costa Rica via satellite, and there's a noticeable delay in the transmission, but it gets really ridiculous when the local wildlife starts crawling onto her face, and Alec and Abby are yelling at her for a whole minute before she notices anything. The anaconda about to swallow her head first takes the cake.
    • The "Who's on Top?" skit.
    Host: Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz—who's on top?
    Contestant: Oprah Winfrey.
    • Kristen Wiig headlines the classy-looking commercial for a perfume called Red Flag - except "red flag" in this case means a sign that she is batshit insane. Special mention goes to Jason Sudeikis as a guy who takes a glass from her and drinks, then realizes what is wrong from the narration, and spits it all back into the glass. Then she drinks it.
    Red Flag - Smells Like Trouble.
  • Most of the Melissa McCarthy episode but especially two sketches. The first, where she plays "Arlene" who comes on very strongly to office co-worker Tim played by Jason Sudeikis. (Inspecting underside of horse balloon sent to office) "Is this you Tim? Are you my Italian Stallion?"
    • Second is where she's one of three people asked by Hidden Valley Ranch company to sample and give their opinion on their new salad dressing.
    • The hot contender for showstopper of the week - a digital short with Andy Samberg and Bill Hader as two bored cops at the precinct who start listening for the natural rhythm in every thing that makes sound in the office, which leads to them beating out their own rhythm and the criminals participating in a full blown Stomp routine. Also Hilarious in Hindsight as Andy plays a cop now!
    • Newcomer at the time Jay Pharoah gets to show off his ridiculously impeccable Chris Rock impression, in a sketch about inserting Chris Rock into as many Broadway productions as they can think of.
    • From Weekend Update:
    CIA drones on Friday killed Anwar al'Alaqi, an America-born Muslim cleric who was connected to several al'Qaeda plots like the failed Times Square bomber and failed Christmas "Underwear Bomber". Ooff. If those are your greatest hits I bet they knock it down to like, 10 virgins.
    Research shows that women who drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day are far less likely to get depressed - unless drinking coffee was something you used to do together. (knowing look)
    Unprotected sex among young people in France rose by 111% in the last 5 years - of course in France, unprotected sex means no deodorant. (audience laughter includes a noticeable guffaw)
    The state of Arkansas held a conference to address its inferiority complex and image of being filled with barefoot hillbillies. The conference was being held in a barrel being pushed by raccoons into a swamp.
  • The one with Ben Stiller kicks off with Ben talking about Yom Kippur and how he's been fasting and "feeling a little woozy" at the time - and supposedly starts hallucinating about Andy Samberg dressed up as "Jewish Willy Wonka".
    Ben: So you're Gene Wilder.
    Andy: Yeah, basically.
    • Andy plays Hugh Jackman hosting a talk show that emphasises artists typecast as wildly contrasting roles, like Hugh being an action star as well as musical star, and his guests include Ben as Mandy Patinkin in his full Inigo Montoya outfit, and Daniel Radcliffe played by the real Hugh Jackman! What follows is a merciless torrent of jokes at Hugh's expense:
    Andy-as-Hugh: Little known fact, I was born a girl! The surgeon turned my kangaroo pouch into a didgeridoo!
    • Weekend Update features Stefon again, and this time he's out to make Seth jealous with his new friend - Ben as Zoolander!
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      A survey states that adults who buy their own Halloween costume are likely to buy one for their pet. It's their way of saying to the public "We can't have children." (negative audience reaction) Pet costumes are also a way of letting your neighbors see a bumblebee taking a dump. (audience laughs again)
      A woman in Russia who suffered a knife attack was when the knife struck her silicone breast implant. Said the woman's friend afterwards "I Knew It!!... I knew it!"
  • The Halloween episode hosted by Anna Faris (who better than the star of Scary Movie?):
    • The monologue has several cast members planted in the audience for a deliberate Q&A, but the fun part is when they do some deliberate Separated-at-Birth Casting, with Abby Elliot dressed up to resemble Anna to an uncanny degree, not helped at all by her I'm Your Biggest Fan act - and unknowingly referencing Single White Female, which isn't a typical Halloween movie but fulfills the required scare quota.
    • There's a lovely Take That! to the Lifetime channel with a gameshow called "What's Wrong With Tanya?", with Bill Hader as the host as usual and Vanessa, Kristen and Anna as the players, and all are stereotypical suburban housewives complete with identical blonde 'dos. The game is apparently played by bringing out a typical troubled teen, and all three housewives nagging and ranting and generally yelling at the kid until one of them hits upon the answer and buzzes in. The kicker - Bill is filling the role of the secretly abusive white male the whole time.
    • From Weekend Update, Bobby Moynihan as secondhand news correspondent Anthony Crispino:
      Anthony: And what else... They released an iPhone for your ass.
      Seth: No. NO. I think you mean the iPhone 4S.
      Anthony: (highpitched) I'm... pretty sure it's for your ass.
      Seth: No! Why?! How?! How would it be for your ass?!
      Anthony: For booty calls, Seth, cmon...
  • The one with Charlie Day tackles the Greek economic crisis from a unique angle, the Greek gods' point of view. None of them seem to know if there's a God of Finance, and Zeus (Jason Sudeikis) ends up pointing out Poseidon (Andy Samberg) since he's the god of the sea and trade depends entirely on ocean travel at the time. Poseidon just says that he's been busy with the usual Greek god tomfoolery, which in this case means turning into a dolphin to have sex with humans. Hera (Kristen Wiig) interrupts and calls out Zeus for his own infidelity, before mentioning that she's having revenge on him by having sex with others, including a dolphin. Cue Poseidon looking horrified. Special mention goes to the quick appearance of the Greek god of music... Yanni (played by Adam Levine since Maroon 5 is there that week).
    • Weekend Update has Bill Hader put in an appearance as Rick Perry, addressing his seemingly drugged-up public appearance. Bill ends up spinning a tale about being fed a pizza made of drugs by Herman Cain, and moves on to his economic plan, which somehow involves a Hawaiian hula dancing doll. By the time he starts doing the doll's voice, and gets it horrendously wrong by going "Ola" instead of "Aloha", Bill can barely keep it together.
      • They also cover the Greek economic crisis here, under A Closer Look:
      With all due respect to Brangelina, my favourite couple right now is these two, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. Look at them! They couldn't look more like a German woman and a Frenchman if they were in a Tintin book! It's up to them to hold up the European economy and they're getting no help at all; the next biggest player in the economy is Silvio Berlusconi, and he's on trial for sex with hookers, so his economic plan is basically "the money's on the dresser".
  • The one hosted by Emma Stone:
    • Weekend Update features Garth and Kat (Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig), the folk song duo who still has to make up whatever songs they're claiming to release on the spot, but this time there's an added twist as they introduce their backup singer, played by Chris Martin (the musical guest was Coldplay). Chris clearly knows how their gimmick works as he leaps right in with both feet, following their singing as closely as possible with no real practice involved.
    • Bill Hader plays Herb Welch, a geriatric reporter who's so far out of touch with present day that he sometimes thinks he's broadcasting to the troops in some past war, now covering a very mundane story. At one point he interviews Kristen Wiig as a very Butch Lesbian, thinking she's a man at first, then after she tells him otherwise, he spends way too long jabbing his mike at her chest and groin to make certain. The kicker is that Bill is clearly corpsing first and not Kristen.
    • He also keeps smacking Stone's character with the microphone until she finally gets fed up and Genre Savvy enough to block him with her purse and end up hitting him in the mouth.
    • The showstopper of the week would be the one with Nasim Pedrad as the one workmate who deliberately stays in the office after everyone else heads to the bar for a happy hour offer, just so she can sit by herself and cry while listening to "Someone like You". Then Emma comes back to get something and the secret's out... only for Emma to elect to join her as they cry together. Then they're joined by Kristen. And it's not just for women, as all the menfolk come back because the happy hour offer expired... so they cry alongside the women (Bill Hader even has running eyeliner on!) Then it spreads to a janitor (Fred Armisen), a window cleaner just outside (Bobby Moynihan), then they cut to backstage to reveal that all of Coldplay are already crying with them.
  • The one with Jason Segel, due to promoting the new Muppets movie, actually has the Muppets themselves appear in the monologue, which becomes important later:
    Seth: Really! Kids are FAT! If you don't believe me, just go down to the local playground and count the number of broken swings!
    Kermit: Yes, and have you been down to the town pool?! Those aren't swimsuits! Those are sausage casings! Really?! I'm really gonna be in trouble for that one later...
  • The one with Steve Buscemi episode (season 37, not season 23)
    • The SNL Digital Short that spoofs Batman (Andy Samberg), who's been spamming the Stealth Hi/Bye while stalking Commissioner Gordon (Buscemi).
      • Batman (and Aquaman [played by Paul Brittain]) in Commissioner Gordon's shower (with Gordon telling Batman and Aquaman to put some pants on).
      • Batman taking a picture of Commissioner Gordon's prostate exam (and the doctor posing for it)
      • The end with Batman poorly disguised as a supervillain called "The Squirrel," followed by Batman snarling, "I always loved you!"
    • Buscemi's unique features serve as the comedy in "Coach Bert", in which a college football program announces that, despite a thorough investigation prompted by the Penn State scandal, Coach Bert is not a pedophile.
      District Attorney: We don't usually undertake cases where there are no witnesses, no evidence, and no allegations - but then we saw a picture of Coach Bert. And, well, we jumped into action.
      Coach Bert: Is it the mustache? 'Cause I can shave the mustache!
      DA: We obtained a warrant to search his computer, but found nothing to lead us to believe he is desirous of young boys, or young girls, or sex of any kind. What we found instead were 11 completed novels about a character named "Bertman", who is very strong and "has a million friends."
      • The investigator who had him on surveillance for a week found no evidence either - but is disgusted by the fact that he never once saw Bert wash his hands.
      • Even the leader of NAMBLA makes an announcement that, were Bert to have applied, he would have been rejected because even they find him too weird-looking.
        Coach Bert: You're clapping for him?! Don't clap for him!
      • And as the final bit in the Humiliation Conga, they bring up a high school athlete who promised to do "anything" in exchange for Coach Bert's help. Bert just asked him to listen to some of his demos about Bertman.
        Darius: It goes on like that for about an hour. He never molested me - but at times, I would've preferred if he had.
    • From Weekend Update:
      A British crematorium plans to sell the energy generated by its incinerators to the national power grid; so sleep tight, British children, your nightlights are powered by ghosts.
      State park officials in Texas are trying to stay the influx of wild donkeys that are crossing over from Mexico and harming native plants; so the one time it would actually work, it DOESN'T occur to them to put up a fence.
      This holiday season, a number of large retailers including Target, Costco and K-Mart are selling freshly cut Christmas trees online that can be delivered to people's homes; and for just a few dollars more they can put it up, decorate it, open your presents, play with your new toys and feel the joy that you and your family apparently no longer have time for.
  • The one with Katy Perry:
    • Weekend Update has an appearance by Kristen Wiig as "flirting expert" Rebecca Larue, who's already doing little things like flinging her hair and listening closely to appear interested, which already sounds like pretty common body language stuff. Not so common - Rebecca hiking up both legs and shuffling towards Seth.
      • After an actual case of Alec Baldwin being kicked off a plane, Alec gets his revenge by appearing here as the captain of that flight. If you thought his Trump was merciless, hoo boy...
      • Christmas season is in full swing so Bill Hader's Stefon puts in an appearance to talk about holiday hangouts, leading to a rare calling-out by Seth:
      Stefon: ...New York's hottest club is (sort of a goose honking sound).
      Seth: Can you use that in a sentence?
      Stefon: "Let's go to (goose honk) because the queue's too long at SPICY."
      Seth: That's... that's a sentence...
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      Researchers have discovered that humans have reached the limit of mental evolution and are unlikely to ever develop a "super-mind"; "Yaay!" said the owners of the E! network.
  • "Michael Buble's Christmas Duets" on the Season 37 Christmas episode hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Highlights include Fallon's dead-on impressions of Justin Beiber (which actually puts Fallon's notorious mugging to good use) and Russell Brand (not only in appearance, but his voice is spot-on — and the rambling about a man named Angel who's high is exactly what you'd expect to come out of Brand's mouth), M.I.A (Nasim Pedrad) blasting holes in the ceiling with her gun during "Up On The Rooftop," Ke$ha's (Abby Elliott) take on "The 12 Days of Christmas", Lady Gaga being nothing more than a sparkly tree (Buble: "Oh come on, is that even real?"), and Kanye West (Jay Pharoah) upstaging Buble and claiming that he's better than Jesus right in the baby Jesus doll's face in autotune.
    • Also in the Jimmy Fallon Christmas episode: The monologue in which Fallon finally admits that his cracking up ruined a lot of the sketches he was in that were already established to be crowning moments of funny (like The Cowbell Sketch and the Debbie Downer in Disneyland sketch).
    • Also also from the Jimmy Fallon episode, but not featuring Fallon was "Tommy Palmese, Half-Jewish, Half-Italian, All Neurotic." Fred Armisen portraying a very bizarre one-man stage show where he acts out the very weird story of his life, with the narrator reading excerpts from various reviews of the show such as "The whole thing just stressed me out from beginning to end" and "It's a show that can only be described as...four hours".
      • The entire Fallon episode was a Funny Moment, so it's not surprising it's the highest rated episode of the season.
    • Jimmy as Ludwig van Beethoven, after he premieres his famous 'Ninth Symphony' in Vienna and introducing all the members of his orchestra like he's Bruce Springsteen.
  • The episode with Charles Barkley has a bit of Early Installment Weirdness for some of you - Jay Pharoah hasn't gotten the role of Shaq yet, so we have a rare case of Barkley in the role of Shaq while Kenan is in the role of Barkley. Actually make that Early Installment Mind Screw...
    Shaq (Barkley): I have a prediction... for I am the great Shaq-radamus... I will predict that Charles Barkley is gonna be fat again. He'll be so fat that he'll star in Fat Free Willy 2.
    Barkley (Kenan): First of all, dummy, there's already a Free Willy 2, but I'd rather be in Free Willy 2 than Kazaam 1!
  • Daniel Radcliffe as a washed up Harry Potter still hanging around Hogwarts ten years after the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, while everyone else has moved on with their lives, including Hagrid [Bobby Moynihan] who married Harry's Cloud Cuckoolander classmate Luna Lovegood (Vanessa Bayer):
    Luna: He's huuuge!
    • From Weekend Update:
    Beyoncé this week gave birth to a daughter named Blue Ivy Carter; but admit it, you'd be disappointed if they just called her Lisa.
    An Indiana woman was upset with her 14-year-old son's frequent run-ins with the police and forced him to stand outside wearing a sign saying "I Lie, I Steal, I Sell Drugs"; which is terrible for his self-esteem but great for his drug business.
    A Pennsylvania woman considering gender reassignment surgery is suing her boss for being fired for wearing a fake penis to the workplace; though in hindsight she shouldn't have been wearing it as a brooch.
    A Saudi Arabian man is being sued for trying to sell his son on Facebook for $14m - See that's why I don't go on Facebook anymore, it's always people talking about their kids.
    A pub in England is now selling watered-down beer for dogs - I'm sorry, let me repeat that, a pub in England is now selling Miller Lite.
  • The delightfully insane 2-episode wonder note  known as Lord Wyndemere. It's an 18th-century scamp in modern times who charms a girl and her father (played by Jason Sudeikis). Along with his creepy assistant Turlington (with a tiny harpsichord), hilarity ensues.
  • The Channing Tatum episode (with musical guest Bon Iver) has three:
    • The cold opening of Newt Gingrich (Bobby Moynihan) as President of the Moon, played out like a B-grade sci-fi flick from the 1950s.
    • The monolgue, in which Channing Tatum mentions that he was a stripper before he became an actor — and points out the former customers he had in the audience, one of which is a man named Leslie (Fred Armisen), who denies ever seeing him. Tatum tries to refresh Leslie's memory by doing his stripper moves — and Leslie ends up dying happy. The kicker: Tatum also recognizes the doctor (played by Andy Samberg) who pronounced Leslie dead as one of his customers.
    • Kristen Wiig appearing as Lana Del Rey on Weekend Update, defending the claims that her SNL performance on the Daniel Radcliffe episode was a disaster because her horrible singing and lack of movement, while, at the same time, admitting that she's terrible and no different from other flavor-of-the-moment singers and singers who change their names to be more marketable (like Lady Gaga, Sting, Bob Dylan, and every rapper since rap became a mainstream genre).
  • The episode with Zooey Deschanel:
    "I'd get up and hug you but I could break every bone in my body!"
  • Maya Rudolph comes back as host:
    • Maya reprises her Beyoncé role in a sketch about Beyonce's new baby, which becomes a slew of impressions due to the various celebs visiting. Fred Armisen reprises his Prince, who barely says anything and just whispers to Beyonce and the baby; Taran Killam and Abby Elliot as Brangelina, who reflexively carry the baby away; and Kristen Wiig as Taylor Swift, who does nothing but Squee! at the baby.
    • After Weekend Update brings up a hearing over contraceptive issues that somehow had no women on the panel, they go into it further with a segment of "Really?!" with surprise guest Amy Poehler!
      Seth: Really, men have to be smarter when talking about birth control. Foster Fries joked that when he was young, women held an aspirin between their knees for birth control. Good one. But do you really want to start a discussion about birth control with "when I was young"? When you were young people died of polio. I mean really.
      Amy: Well later in the week Fries apologised for his comments. Really Foster, we'd love to accept your apology, but you made a mistake and you're gonna have to live with it for the rest of your life. [...] And let's not forget the reason why we need birth control. There are too many people! Did you see the opening ceremony of the Chinese Olympics? They were making pyramids out of PEOPLE! [...] That should be an advertisement for condoms!
      Seth: Meanwhile, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are using the rhythm method; although with 5 and 8 kids respectively they might have less rhythm than we thought. I mean really.
      Amy: The Virginia House of Representatives just passed a bill to make women have a transvaginal ultrasound before having an abortion. Now don't get me wrong; I love Transvaginal, it's my favourite airline, I got so many miles on Transvaginal they always upgrade me to Lady Business.
      • Other headlines include:
      Amy: Studies show that a record 1 in 12 marriages in the US are interracial; the studies also said "hey, it's none of my business..."
    • The showstopper of the week would be the reunion of the old partners-in-crime Maya and Kristen as models on a Price is Right spoof, which leads up to both women corpsing over their own goofy accents, which then spreads to Bill Hader as the host and Vanessa Bayer as the contestant. Special mention goes to the "golf cart" that's clearly just a mobility scooter with bits bolted on, which somehow survive crashing through a set piece.
  • From the episode with Lindsay Lohan:
    • During the monologue, Kenan Thompson admitting that he's been stoned since Good Burger. Also, Lindsay getting "patted down" by Kirsten Wiig whilst hugging and Wiig trying to cover it up by saying that "I'm a lesbian now" to which Lindsay responds "Been there done that."
    • The "Real Housewives Of Disney" sketch from the episode
      Princess Jasmine: (sobbing) I had sex with Iago!
      Snow White: The parrot?
      Jasmine: I thought it was Aladdin! He was mimicking his voice!
      A Camp Gay Prince Charming: Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Burn that dress! A ha ha ha. (smirks)
      Snow White: (Confession Cam) Looks like my stepmother isn't the only evil 'queen' in town! (gets high fives from all seven dwarfs who are below the screen)
      Belle: Who does your hair? Birds?
      Snow White: At least I'm not married to a beast!
      Belle(angrily): His name is Kelsey Grammer!
      Cinderella: Oh no! Did we forget to invite Mulan?
      (Rapunzel, Jasmine, Belle and Snow White all laugh)
      Cinderella: (laughing)We didn't forget! We didn't forget!
    • The "Scared Straight" bit from the same ep (with Lindsay Lohan playing herself as a convict) was pretty funny as well ("Every kiss begins with rape!")
    • Also from the Lindsay Lohan/Jack White episode: "Rude Buddha," a one-shot sketch depicting Buddha as a Jerkass who cracks jokes about his disciples, has a part where the title character (played by Andy Samberg) uses the lyrics to The Facts of Life as sage advice.
    • From Weekend Update, James Carville's (Bill Hader) story of how he dressed in drag and tricked Newt Gingrich into dating him, especially the line, "Now, it doesn't matter why, but I am friends with some alligators." note 
      • Also from Weekend Update:
      A couple that was hoping to visit both Disney World and Disneyland on the leap year failed because of delays caused by Los Angeles regional traffic; but really, they failed the moment they came up with that idea.
  • The episode with Jonah Hill:
    • "J-Pop America Funtime Now" involves Jonah as a guy dressed up as a samurai (but deliberately holding the sword all wrong), which is oddly reminiscent of the "while you were X I mastered the blade" meme. Towards the end, Jonah ends up corpsing at his own asthmatic accent.
    • From Weekend Update:
      After Rush Limbaugh's comments callng women "sluts", Peter Gabriel has announced that he will no longer allow Limbaughs show to use his music, but Limbaugh has a way of winning him back. (picture shows Limbaugh 'shopped into the iconic scene from Say Anything...) How could you resist that...
      Scientists studying the body of a 5300-year-old man found in the Alps discovered he was lactose intolerant. Their theory is that the man was murdered when he wouldn't shut up about it.
      A new study suggests that women are better at spotting snakes just after their period. The study was published in the medical journal Science...?
      Police in Michigan are searching for an escaped pygmy goat that has done hundreds of dollars in damage - oddly enough, by tagging.
      • We get a surprise appearance by none other than Sarah Palin... as played by Andy Samberg since they apparently couldn't secure Tina Fey in time. Missing the accent is the least of his problems...
      Seth: (hushed) Andy, what are you doing?
      Andy-as-Palin: (also hushed) Don't worry, I got this...
      • Stefon makes one of his regular appearances:
      Stefon: New York's hottest club is (looks around wildly) Kevin? (*Beat*) Opened at gunpoint in an old Lady Footlocker, this cold spot is managed by infamous gay running back, Blo-J Simpson. This place has everything - soda, purple stuff, Sunny D... a VIP room for football jellyfish...
      Seth: I'm sorry, what's football jellyfish?
      Stefon: It's that thing where footballers have their helmets on but their dreads are sticking out below.
      Seth: I knew that had a name...
      Stefon: If you're Irish or traditional, I have just the place for you. New York's hottest Irish club is (Irish accent) WEE LITTLE BABEH! Opened in 1709 by black-Irish comedian Sinbad o'Connor, this lunatic landmark earned the health department's first ever "J" rating. (fighting corpsing) This place has everything - sheep, freckles, potato people, a room full of heprechauns...
      Seth: I think you mean leprechauns.
      Stefon: No, heprechauns, leprechauns with Hep C. [...] So come down this weekend and hit the dance floor with hoombas.
      Seth: I'm sorry, what are hoombas?
      Stefon: Human Roombas. [...] It's that thing when you put a midget on a skateboard (corpsing already) and he just slides around on the floor eating garbage (melts down so hard he ends up crying)
  • Host Sofia Vergara in a sketch where she's playing herself and Penelope Cruz (played by new feature player Kate McKinnon) shoot a Pantene shampoo commercial. They both have to say their lines to a camera and move sexily on a couch while a wind machine blows. Penelope becomes increasingly annoyed that her lines are complicated like "Follicular development" and "Arteriovenous Plexus" which are hard to understand with her thick Spanish accent. Meanwhile Sofia gets easy words like "glossy" and "Yaaay!" The director (Jason Sudekis) tries to teach Penelope how to say "Phytomorphogenesis" but what comes out of her is "refrigerator" and "Jeff Bridges."
    • The "Almost Pizza" commercial, where the wife (Kristen Wiig) dodges her husband's (Bill Hader) questions about what it actually is. Of note, the pizza gets hotter when removed from the oven, shatters like glass when it falls on the floor, and then reforms and runs around like a rodent.
  • From the Josh Brolin episode (the second time he hosted with musical guest Gotye): a teacher (Bill Hader) shows a new student (Vanessa Bayer) around the high school and the most popular couple, a blonde jock (Taran Killam) and cheerleader (Nasim Pedrad) walk in slow motion down the hall as "We Got More Bounce in California" plays. As the sketch goes on, it's revealed that the whole sketch is parodying the "slow motion power walk" cliche used in many a high school teen movie (or TV show) by revealing that the hallway is either some sort of scientific anomaly or it's been cursed by a witch. The end reveals that the slow-motion hallway is the work of a witch's curse (and she's played by Kristen Wiig!)
    • From Weekend Update:
    A new survey shows that the average American family expects to spend US$1078 on prom, which is up by $200 from last year; and that doesn't even include the cost of raising the baby.
    A man in Connecticut was arrested after his son brought bags of heroin he found at home for show and tell; but nobody was more upset than the kid who had to follow that. (picture shows a kid with a seashell) "You can hear the ocean, I dunno... it's ruined now..."
    A rooster in Tennessee has become famous for walking by a KFC every day; though it's also sad as the rooster was walking by yelling "LINDA! Where are you Linda?!"
    Tennessee police arrested a man who, during a 9 hour layover between buses, allegedly committed 10 felonies including stealing a taser, robbing people, breaking into a business and defecating on a desk; though I'd be pretty angry too if I had a 9 HOUR BUS LAYOVER.
    • Taran Killam's first recurring role is Piers Morgan, though the real focus for some is the Hilarious in Hindsight aspect of Jay Pharoah and Nasim Pedrad in their new recurring roles of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, predicting that their relationship would be Hollywood-brief 5 years before it has yet to end.
    Kanye: I can't believe it took them 46 days to arrest one baddie!
    Kim: Yeah, 46 days, that's like half a marriage!
    Piers: So you're advocating on Trayvon Martin's side?
    Kanye: Yeah, fam. Maybe it's the black man in me.
    Kim: I also know what it feels like to have a a black man in me!
    • Speaking of recurring roles, this episode introduces "Booker T Washington High", about a school event as depicted from just the stage. Jay is Principal Frye, who's inexplicably on his last nerve all the time, this time complaining about someone spiking the punch; while Josh plays one of the teachers who's already gotten sloshed off of it, owning up to an affair with a student.
    Frye: Attention teachers and stoodents. It has come to my attention that one of yall has brought an iguana as a prom date. (fighting corpsing) Now I would be all right if I liked iguanas, but that is the most stuck up animal I have ever seen. He don't even look at you. Now he's run up into the Hunger Games cardboard trees and ain't nobody can find him. (finally corpsing outright, audience whoops and cheers) Also there's an owl in here somewhere. Thank you teachers and stoodents.
  • From the Eli Manning episode: a fake commercial for showing men getting Mother's Day gifts for their wives and elderly mothers, only to find them jerking off to the book "Fifty Shades of Grey." Two standout moments: the little girl singing into her mom's (Kristen Wiig) vibrator like a microphone and an adult son (Taran Killam) finding his elderly mom (Nasim Pedrad) with her crotch pressed against a vibrating washing machine with a picture of Joel McHale on top and the mom telling her son that it's his father.
    • Also from the Eli Manning episode: The "Little Brothers" mentor program fake commercial (it is similar to the Peyton Manning one, but only in the fact that both sketches have a Manning brother as a member of a mentor program for kids who don't have any strong role models in their lives and that said Manning brother abuses kids for laughs), where little brothers can hire Eli Manning himself to beat up their older brothers. Funniest parts are: Eli Manning giving an older brother a wedgie while playing video games, Eli tackling an older brother (Andy Samberg) to the ground, a couple of scenes later where the same boy is locked in the trunk of a car and Eli calls him "Peyton" (with Samberg's character pleading that he's not Peyton before getting the trunk door slammed on him), and the maniacal laughter of Eli Manning and all the kids.
    • Weekend Update has a little cross-promotion with The Dictator with surprise guest Admiral General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) admitting to illegal tactics to promote his movie, where the abducting is just the beginning. To further prove it he brings out one of his captives - Martin Scorsese!
      Aladeen: You think this is torture? I had to sit through The Aviator! [...]
      Martin: You promised me I'd be released!
      Aladeen: Well you promised me Hugo would be under two hours!
      • Other headlines include:
      A teenage girl in Iowa made headlines when she brought a cardboard cutout man to prom; which makes sense since the prom theme was The Saddest Thing You Can Think Of.
      A deli is selling the Ultimate New Yorker Sandwich featuring 7 pounds of meat, 10 slices of bread, deep fred hot dogs, beans and potato knishes. Apparently the Ultimate New Yorker moved here from Wisconsin.
      A move is being made by Coca Cola to acquire Monster Energy Drink, the move could help Monster against its primary competitor, meth.
    • Abby Elliot gets to headline a sketch, a gameshow called "What Is This" and a rare case of Bill Hader not playing the host (instead he's the token Too Dumb to Live contestant) - turns out the joke is that the host's boyfriend of 6 months, played by Eli, is being put on the grill about where their relationship is going, and Bill's character turns out to be Too Dumb to Fool when he correctly interprets from a photo that "you're way more into him than he is into you." And gets buzzed for it.
    • The recurring documentary show hosted by Jason Sudeikis chronicles an unknown part of Cheech and Chong's career - a Straight Man played by Eli as a deliberately and annoyingly boring white male who was always opposed to the stoner humor, and didn't even last long enough to be subjected to the full Butt-Monkey treatment before he left the group for a career in politics... and legally changed his name to Mitt Romney.
  • The Mothers' Day episode hosted by Will Ferrell:
    • A commercial for medicine that takes a deliberately realistic slant, with Will as the husband actually suffering from the symptoms stated - the realism ends there, as Will's sneezing sounds more like he's getting waxed. Again, and again...
    • The headline act for a LGBT Prom is Will and surprise guest Ana Gasteyer as Marty and Bobbi Culp. You really haven't lived till you've heard their version of "Superbass".
    • A women's golf tournament set during the 90s has Jason Sudeikis and another surprise guest, Will Forte as commentators, while Ferrell plays another reporter oddly reminiscent of Ron Burgundy as he's taking his own sweet time while staking out the home of OJ Simpson, where it's presumed he's fleeing to in a certain high speed car chase. It's a hot contest between that and the product endorsement for the golf game for the most awkward part of it all:
    Jason: Stay-Free Maxi Pads! When your uterine lining looks like the elevator from The Shining! (*Beat* for way too long as audience keeps laughing)
    • Weekend Update takes a scathing look at the infamous Time magazine breastfeeding cover in a new "Really?!"
      This cover doesn't say "I'm a loving mother", this says "I'm the crazy queen from Game of Thrones.
      And what's with the camouflage pants? You realise there's not enough camouflage in the world to hide this kid from the blowback he's gonna experience. Also I got a warning for you kid, I don't think your mom is going to like ANY of your girlfriends. Also there's a 95% chance you're gonna end up managing a home motel with her skeleton. Really. I know we all have to deal with a little hassle on Mothers' Day, but when that woman is your mom every day is gonna be Mothers' Day.
      • A new "Get in the Cage" has Andy Samberg's Nic Cage alongside surprise guest Liam Neeson:
      Andy-as-Nic: You're in the movie Battleship, which is about aliens from space who land in the ocean and battle the US Navy; so my first question would be HOW AM I NOT IN THAT MOVIE?! It's got the two classic qualities of a Nic Cage film - it's based on a board game, and you don't have to understand English to watch it. [...]
      Andy-as-Nic: You've also played characters named Ra's al-Ghul and Qui-Gon Jinn, which are also the names of two of my three testicles.
      Liam: I can't believe I'm asking this but what is the third one called?
      Andy-as-Nic: We call him the Fixer. He makes the problems go away.
      • Other headlines include:
      This week President Obama was finally outed as a Democrat. Obama said "it is important for me to reaffirm that same sex couples should get married"; OK buddy we get it, you're NOT a Muslim. Rush Limbaugh has accused Obama of leading a war against traditional marriage; he wants it to mean something after you've been traditional married for the 5th time.
      Michael Phelps has said that he will retire from swimming after the 2012 Olympics; Phelps will spend the rest of his life doing this. (smacking the water out of his ears)
      Police have arrested a 160-pound man guilty of stealing 300-pount manhole covers and selling them to fund his drug habit; so let that be a lesson to you kids, drugs make you VERY strong.
      Officials in Guam plan to rid the island of the brown tree snake by airlifting mice laced with poison and dropping them via parachute, because sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.
  • The season finale hosted by Mick Jagger:
    • The Cold Open takes a break from politics to bring back Fred Armisen's Lawrence Welk:
    • Weekend Update features Stefon in one of his signature appearances:
      Stefon: And for the kids there's a workshop where you can Build-a-Bear, but not the kind you think. [...]
      Stefon: The whole thing is hosted by crossdressing founding father Ginger-min Franklin. If there's a thunderstorm, he'll tie a key to the end of it.
      Seth: The end of his kite?
      Stefon: No, honey. Not his kite. [...] So for this fourth of July, giver what she really wants, a hearty salute and a human R2-D2.
      Seth: I'm sorry, what's a human R2-D2?
      Stefon: (clearly about to meltdown) It's that thing when a midget on rollerskates dials a speakerphone and you put a garbage can over their head (complete and utter meltdown)
      • Other headlines include:
      Newsweek featured President Obama on the cover with the headline The First Gay President - Look, it doesn't mean he's gay just because he's in good shape an goes to a lot of parties, and spends money freely and travels constantly and has a rose garden oh my god he's gay.
      Wealthy Republicans are working on a new super PAC campaign that would use "a literate, conservative African-American" to target President Obama. They had a candidate in mind but had to start their search over when they learned that Carlton Banks was fictional.
  • From the 2012 season 38 premiere hosted by Seth MacFarlane, a sketch set in a puppeteering class. One of the students (Bill Hader) is a Shell-Shocked Veteran discharged in 1983. His puppet "Tony" looks like him with a long grey mullet, wearing sunglasses, and a camouflage army jacket, speaking in a raspy voice and smoking a cigarette. He keeps recalling horrible things from the invasion of Grenada. Bonnie (Vanessa Bayer) is a student whose puppet Nicki has a Valley Girl persona:
    "Nicki": I'm like so into my phone! I'm always like texting, texting, texting! LOL!
    "Tony": Nobody was laughing out loud that day in Grenada. Many people were saying "OMG." Me, I was saying TTYL to my innocence!"
    • And, when Anthony is asked to give "Tony" a different personality, Anthony comes up with "Clark", much to the instructor's satisfaction.
      Seth: That's great! Tell us more about Clark!
      Tony: He was another grunt in my platoon. Together, we went house to house, spraying liquid death... [The puppet then lifts his cigarette up to his mouth, which produces actual smoke ]
    • From the same episode, MacFarlane's imitation of Ryan Lochte was spot-on.
      Ryan Lochte: I played... America? In... Olympics...
  • From the 2012 Joseph Gordon-Levitt episode:
    • For reference, this is the one where the monologue mutates into Joseph's own tribute to Magic Mike, complete with Jay, Taran and Bobby, who rips off his top like them only to reveal an identical top. Planted in the audience to glow with awe and adoration at the guys are Aidy, Cecily and Kenan. And Nasim, who's joined by Joseph doing that dry-humping thing until she's knocked off her chair (and not in a nice way).
    • Speaking of Magic Mike, Joseph appears later as a cheesy hypnotist act who pulls a guy from the audience (Taran Killam) to be the subject - but the guy happens to be one of those skeptics who believes it's all fake and just plays along with it, including the part where he strips to his tightey-whiteys and starts dry-humping Kenan in the audience. So defeating the purpose, and just rolling on from there.
    • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the mooching son of "The Most Interesting Man in the World".
    • Ann Romney (Kate McKinnon) defending her husband Republican candidate Mitt Romney and revealing she's a Beyoncé fan.
    • Speaking of Kate McKinnon, the Daniel Craig episode shows that she's shaping up to be the new Kristen Wiig, as seen in the parody of Long Island Medium and her spot-on impressions of Jodie Foster and Ellen DeGeneres
  • In the 2012 Christina Applegate episode, a spoof of The Odyssey where Odysseus (Jason Sudekis) has his men put beeswax in their ears and tie him to the mast to resist the Sirens (Applegate, Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong) whose singing enchants sailors to crash against the rocks of their island. However they sing songs by female artists from The '90s like Lisa Loeb, Paula Cole, Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow and TLC which Odysseus can't help but love and sing along to:
    Odysseus: (singing) ...I want to know right now what will it be! Oh my god, how do I know the words?! I only know manly sea-chants!"
    • "The Californians" this week ends with an extra appearance of the surprise guest from the Cold Open - Usain Bolt. As a Californian. With the wig and accent and everything. It's just as ridiculous as it sounds.
    "I'm like, looking for my biological father... I totally sprinted here from Demoda Avenue..."
    • The "Tech Talk" sketch where three gadget reviewers get insulted by the Chinese sweatshop workers who created the new iPhone.
    • From Weekend Update:
      Mitt Romney has been trying to distance himself from the "47%" comment, saying that "the words that came out were not what I meant"; and if that sounds like a good argument to you, try it on your girlfriend.
      • Nasim Pedrad appears as Arianna Huffington:
      "Joe Biden possesses some real feminine qualities - every time he referred to Paul Ryan as "my friend" this and "my friend" that... Only a woman would call you "my friend" and then bitch about you for 90 minutes. And yknow Paul Ryan is alluring in that nice guy next door kind of way. He's got the money and the muscles and your parents love him; but if you've seen any Lifetime movie you just know he's going to kill you."
    • A high school Halloween party, where all we really see is the stage as the teaching staff all have something to announce:
    Christina: I am dressed as the ghost of the library, not as the "KKK Fairy" like some have said... [...]
    Kenan: SHUT UP! All of you shut up! This white lady dressed up as a slutty Jedi for YOU! [...]
    Jay: Two students have just been expelled for fornicating in a Mufasa costume. (starts fighting corpsing... and losing) So what you saw on the dance floor was two students getting it on, not a lion having a seizure.
  • From the Bruno Mars episode:
    • The Cold Open covers the second Presidential Debate, which for some reason descends into childish insults and threats almost immediately.
      Obama (Jay Pharoah): Mitt Romney keeps mentioning his 5-point plan. I've yet to see it... Let's see it.
      Romney (Jason Sudeikis): Ok, you wanna see my five point plan? Here it is (raises open hand and rolls his fingers down) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... (shows closed fist) BAM! There's your 5 point plan!
      Obama:: Well here's my 1 point plan. (starts rolling up just one finger) And the best part is you can sit on it and spin!
      • Surprise guest Tom Hanks appears as an audience member with a question, taking way too long to fold out the paper he wrote it on and then switching from his glasses to reading glasses, just to utter one word... "Libya". Romney claims that Obama never condemned the eventual fallout from the incident, upon which both Obama and the moderator bring up that it's already been reported that Obama even called it a "terrorist act", leading to Obama doing a Mic Drop.
    • After the monologue where Bruno questions his own qualifications for doing a sketch comedy show, the first sketch hits the ground rolling with Bruno in drag... and predicting a certain Bhad Bhabie.
    • From Weekend Update:
      Seth: Latino voters will decide the outcome of the election in three key states, Colorado, Florida and Nevada, or as the candidates are calling them (says the three names again in a terrible Latino accent). Bueno. Bueno states.
      Seth: During a debate between senator Kirsten Jillibrand and her opponent Wendy Long, the moderator asked if they had read Fifty Shades of Grey; even worse, the followup question was (leery voice) "to each other?"
      Seth: Residents near Barclays Center complained about sports fans urinating on the streets and behind buildings after the Brooklyn Mets game, and also for the last 200 years.
      Seth: Research shows that giving teenage girls the HPV vaccine does not encourage them to have sex. (whiny voice) "Then what does?" asked teenage boys.
      Seth: A plan has been proposed to build a bridge across the Seine river of Paris with trampolines; and the only way that can go wrong is immediately.
      • Seth does one of his special one-off segments for the upcoming presidential debate in Florida, Dos and Don'ts:
      DO: speak loudly and clearly; you're in Boca Raton, Florida, and the state motto is "Speak into my good ear".
      Mitt Romney, DO: state that you saved the Olympics but DON'T: say that you saved the Winter Olympics. The Olympics is a grand spectacle of sport; the Winter Olympics is just 48 different kinds of sliding.
      • Stefon (Bill Hader) recounting his daily routine: waking up (at 7 o'clock at night), going home (which is revealed to be a trash can next to a Radio Shack at 23rd and 7th), taking a shower (from where, we don't know), and feeding his dog, Bark Ruffalo. For reference, this one is about Halloween hangouts and widely considered one of the landmark Stefon scenes.
      Stefon: Have you heard of Blacula the black Dracula?... Well they have a Jewish Dracula.
      Seth: What's his name?
      Stefon: Sidney Applebaum (breaks down hard)
    • Tom Hanks as one of the murderous Merryville Brothers robots... or possibly their father... Either way Bruno Mars is definitely the Chocolate Baby of the lot.
    Vanessa: I know I should be scared but you have a very likeable face...
    Merryville Brother (Hanks): I get that, alot. (Proceeds to attempt to grope Vanessa)
  • Louis C.K. as Abraham Lincoln in a parody of his show Louie. Lincoln doing stand up in club:
    Lincoln: The only thing I'm really tired of is arguing with slave owners as if they'e not just (bleep)ing (bleep) holes. They're like Oh but I like owning people! 'I get it. I totally get it.' You gotta act like you're totally cool with it. 'Naw if I could own a couple of dudes, I'd love to own a couple of dudes. I totally get it.' You gotta act like it's a 50/50 issue. You know... I kind of think...that owning a person is NOT COOL YOU STUPID DICK.
    Lincoln: You know who I feel bad for is the detective who's going to have to solve my murder. Because they're gonna go, "Well, let's see, who might have done it." "Oh I dunno, everybody from the middle of the country down?"
    • A medieval sketch that looks inspired by The Elder Scrolls has Louis as the adventurer blowing a ramhorn to summon someone on a snowy mountain - unfortunately the sound effects people get the timing of Louis handling the ramhorn completely off, leading to Louis corpsing before they get the actual joke.
    • "Last Call", headed by Kate McKinnon, features Kate and Louis as the last two people in a singles' bar with Kenan as the bartender. In what would become a recurring feature, Kate and Louis end up making out by putting their tongues into every possible corner of each others' faces (and coming close to corpsing), with Kenan's Reaction Shot to add flavor.
  • Anne Hathaway returns for a third time:
    • The Cold Open is about Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) handling the facing of the inevitable as it's election night, and Barack Obama is most certainly coming out on top - he spends the final hours of the day drinking on the balcony. Drinking milk, that is. If it's not obvious enough, the carton he opens makes a cracking-open-a-cold-one sound.
    • Taran Killam goes above and beyond as "Mokiki", a strange hippy-themed hobo who goes around in public to perform the exact same dance step. Around actual people. Sometimes just an inch away. Apparently he volunteered for a medical experiment that went sideways in the worst way as "Mokiki" can infect other people with the dance.
    • They do a spoof of Homeland which hits the ground rolling with Taran's impassioned take on Brody's perpetual scowl, but that's nothing compared to Anne's utterly apeshit take on Carrie.
    David (Kenan): Look what she did to that corkboard in about ten seconds! (camera shows Carrie proudly presenting a convoluted String Theory)
  • From the Jeremy Renner episode:
    • The Cold Open is about something touched on in the last Weekend Update, the tell-all book by the woman who had an affair with General Petraeus, played here by Cecily as she does a public reading of her work... which starts sounding more and more like Fifty Shades of Camo Green.
    • A The Avengers sketch that trashed Renner's Hawkeye character as being useless.
    Black Widow: How many arrows did you bring?
    Hawkeye: Eleven.
    Captain America: There are a hundred thousand aliens attacking!
    Hawkeye: And I killed eleven of them! You're welcome.
    • From the same episode the short film that exaggerated and parodied the Mexican Standoff trope. In it, Renner, Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan are criminals in the middle of a deal, pointing guns at each other and not relenting until one of them gives up a very valuable hard drive. It starts off in a parking garage, but Renner is late picking up his daughter from ballet practice so they all take a cab, their guns pointing at each other. They pick up the daughter, read her a bed time story, sleep in the same bed, take a shower, go to Thanksgiving dinner at Renner's family, go ice skating, give directions to Adam Levine, all while still pointing their guns at each other. The three return to the parking garage, and Moynihan's character remarks that he had a good time with Killam and Renner. He's then shot, and it's just Killam and Renner left, and the whole thing starts all over again. It is just as ridiculous and hilarious as it sounds.
    • Weekend Update dissects the Petraeus scandal further with a special segment called Winners/Losers:
      WINNER: Whoever writes the next Petraeus biography. "Which biography should I read, the one before all this stuff happened or the one after?" Reading the current one is like reading Batman up to the point that his parents were killed.
      LOSERS: Anyone still having an affair in the digital age. It's official, you can't get away with it. Even the head of the CIA can't get away with it.
      WINNER: Homeland. Just as your season finale get farfetched, THIS happens and makes it look like a documentary.
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      Channing Tatum was named People magazine's sexiest man alive; for more on this story, give your aunt wine.
      A woman in Kentucky was arrested after her pictures developed, showing her sons trying to smoke a joint. Kentucky: where people still get pictures developed.
      This year the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center stands at 82 feet tall, while the Rockefeller Menorah fell between the fridge and counter in the break room.
      • They touch on Hurricane Sandy by bringing in the real Chris Christie:
      Chris: I would like to thank the Red Cross and the first responders, and my wife Mary Pat Christie for sticking with a guy who smells like a wet fleece for the past week... I'm gonna die in this fleece...
      Seth: It is a nice fleece...
      Chris: (snaps) Stop saying things I've already said!!
    • The final sketch is about Jeremy being called by a police detective (Jason Sudeikis) and a coroner (Bill Hader) to identify a body (a shirtless Taran Killam). Due to being incredibly distraught, or maybe just idiocy, Jeremy keeps identifying the person as one unrelated and still alive person after another - at some point, Bill, having the least to do in the sketch, apparently gets bored and starts patting out a tattoo on Taran's chest, and rubbing his nose before rubbing the same hand all over his face.
  • From the Jamie Foxx/Ne-Yo episode:
    • The "Alex Cross 2" trailer with Tyler Perry (Jamie Foxx) as both Alex Cross and Madea (as in, one half of him is Alex Cross and the other is Madea). Foxx's vocal impression of Madea is spot-on.
    • From Weekend Update:
      Laws over gay marriage and marijuana in Washington went into effect, so either way, good news for people who make cakes.
      The wife of New York City public advocate Phil Deblasio, who is considering a run for Mayor next year, said that she was a lesbian before she married him, which means he's just the man we need to turn things around.
      President Obama lit the national Christmas Tree this week, or as Fox News put it, Obama Insults Israel.
      Starbucks introduced a $50 giftcard made out of steel; because how many times have you been stuck in line at Starbucks thinking "man, I wish I had a sharp piece of steel right now".
      A hot new trend on Youtube is "milking" where someone pours a whole gallon of milk on their heads; another hot trend is having our asses handed to us by China.
      • With Christmas around the corner, Aidy Bryant has a landmark performance this week as Mrs Claus:
      The term manscaping has not yet reached the North Pole. Nor has it reached the South Pole. You know the fur trim on his red suit? Well it looks the same with the suit off...
      By the time he stumbles in it's 6 am; Chris has eaten roughly 2 billion cookies so he pukes for a solid day. Then he spends a week in a methadone clinic to come down from the sugar high. But after that, hooray, it's every girl's dream, a month of milk farts.
      • Jamie Foxx as a Ding-Dong (one of Hostess's many snack cakes) speaking out against Hostess going out of business and how the Twinkie has replaced him as the company's flagship snack cake.
      Ding Dong: You gonna do me like that? You're really gonna compare me to the Snowball, the saddest pinkass snack cake at the truck stop?!... C'mon man, even homeless kids won't eat a Snowball, they throw it right back at your face. I mean the kid would rather eat broccoli and bakchoi (comes close to corpsing for the first time that week)[...]
      Ding Dong: Me and got into a fight. (corpsing for real now)
    • A bizarre courtroom reality show called Maine Justice, where a Southern judge and several stereotypically Southern characters (including a cameo appearance from Charlie Day as a redneck senator) run a court in Bangor, Maine. Jason Sudeikis, looking like someone just put a robe on Colonel Sanders, delivers such a hamtastic display that the jheri-curled Jamie ends up corpsing outright.
  • From the Martin Short Christmas episode: The fake commercial for the Broadway show You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown with Bill Hader's Al Pacino as Charlie Brown, Kate McKinnon Lucy Van Pelt as played by Edie Falco and Martin Short as Linus Van Pelt as played by Larry David (who, coincidentally, was a writer on SNL around the time Martin Short was a cast membernote ).
    • Also, the sketch with Bill Hader as the newly selected OB-GYN for the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge and Martin Short as "Rupert Smythe-Pennington", a representative from Buckingham Palace who briefs the doctor on the appropriate protocol examining the mother of the future King or Queen of England. Hader tries to keep from laughing at Short's Stuffy Brit character (an impression of British comic Terry-Thomas, complete with gap in his teeth) as he goes into detail on how to react when first seeing the Duchess' vagina or "Royal Ahem".
    Doctor: Must we call it the 'Royal Ahem'?
    Rupert Smythe-Pennington: (Reading through book) Well the other acceptable terms that I know of is "The Governess", "The Kingmaker" Her "Downton Abbey", "The Chunnel", "Dame Judy Dench"note , "Picadilly Cervix" and "Thomas' English Muffin".
    • From Weekend Update:
    Pope Benedict answered questions from Catholics on Twitter, though he gave up pretty quickly because autocorrect is hell on Latin.
    Today HSBC was forced to pay a record $19 billion settlement, plus three dollars if they wanted to speak to a teller.
    MTV announced that on September 20 they will air the series finale of Jersey Shore, in which it will be revealed that the whole show is just a dream in the mind of a meatball with syphillis.
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its newest inductees, Donna Summer, Public Enemy and Rush; "Who are those other two?" said fans of any one of them.
    New York University is offering a new class on the work of Bob Marley, and in a cruel twist the class is only being offered at 8am.
    A woman gave birth at 12:12 on December 12 2012 and is naming the child Forever; which I suspect is how long she has been a stripper. (huge groans from audience)
  • From the Jennifer Lawrence episode:
    • The post Hunger Games press conference. One reporter points out that Katniss is taller than Peeta. To deny this, Katniss stands up, and Peeta, without moving, says he's actually been standing this entire time.
    • A sketch about a 60s' themed restaurant with deliberately catty waitresses (which gets a Call-Back in season 43 with John Mulaney). Nasim and Aidy are in the regular insult-comic mold, while Jennifer plays the one who's downright surly and hostile, particularly to Vanessa and Bobby - at one point she has to unwrap two straws, then puts both straws in Vanessa's drink and throws the wrappers into Bobby's drink.
    • The utterly ridiculous "Top Dog Chef", which is as its name indicates, Top Chef with dogs. Their challenge is to use ingredients found in a torn garbage bag; one contestant disappears because he heard a delivery truck; fortunately he's not the one eliminated, it's the one who ate his own dish and everyone else's. And the cliffhanger twist at the end - next week they have to be paired up with cats. Complete with Vanessa Bayer as a British shorthair who immediately starts swearing like Gordon Ramsay.
    • From Weekend Update:
      This week Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o was revealed to be the victim of an online hoax and that his girlfriend never existed, which is not as weird as the fact that a Samoan Mormon who plays football for a Catholic school actually does exist.
      Firearms groups across the country have declared January 19 Gun Appreciation Day, so don't forget to set your clock back 100 years. (*Beat*) Mississippi governor Phil Bryan asked state legislatures on Wednesday to declare Obama's gun control laws as 'illegal'; though I'm not sure the Mississippi state legislature has that kind of power since it's just 30 hissing possums in a barn.
      Russia is planning on sending an unmanned probe to the moon in 2015; not only that, it will be thrown there by a shirtless Vladimir Putin.
      IN aviation news, the FAA is considering banning the use of pilots' personal mobile devices in the cockpit to prevent them from being distracted while flying; and in terrifying news, THEY HAVEN'T ALREADY DONE THAT.
      A study in Germany reveals that the items most commonly swallowed by accidents include fish bones, chicken bones and dentures; the study was carried out by watching the popular German game show (terrible accent) "What Have You Swallowed?!"
      A man in South Carolina was arrested for stabbing a deaf man after he thought the deaf man's sign language was gang signs. The man is also being questioned for the stabbings of a 3rd base coach and 2 Italian grandmothers.
      • Bobby Moynihan appears as "secondhand news" correspondent Anthony Crispino:
      Oh and it turns out, Johnny Depp is too big for his house. (*Beat*) Yep. That's why they're gonna raise the Depp ceiling. (another beat, mild corpsing) That one's pretty dumb, I know...
  • From the Adam Levine/Kendrick Lamar episode: The commercial for "The Sopranos Diaries" a parody of the Sex and the City prequel series on The CW, The Carrie Diaries. It that takes a look at characters from The Sopranos going to the same high school in The '80s (with reviews stating how anachronistic the show is and how it was only done as a Follow the Leader to The Carrie Diaries).
    • The YOLO music video, especially the part with Adam Levine as a homeless man and the entire Lonely Island crew (former cast member Andy Samberg and occasional SNL writers Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer) holing themselves up in a boarded-up house.
    • From Weekend Update:
    This year marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech, as well as the 1 year anniversary of my girlfriend's "I had the weirdest dream" speech. (sotto voice) Guess which one was longer.
    A restaurant in Philadelphia has created a new taco that replaces the shell with strips of bacon; of course no matter how good it tastes, you're still in Philadelphia.
    A new study has disproven the myth that condoms reduce sexual pleasure for men; the report is published in this quarter's JOURNAL OF LIES.
    A Starbucks barista in Alabama was able to stop a robber by pretending he didn't have the key to the safe and instead gave the robber a free coffee; so let this be a lesson to other robbers, the baristas do have a key to the safe.
    A branch of the New York Library has begun lending out a doll from the popular American Girl series, because some people haven't got the flu yet.
    Guy Fieri is opening a wine tasting room on a vineyard in California. Fieri's wine reportedly has a spicy top note, and a smoky finish, and it's just gravy.
  • On the Justin Bieber episode:
    • The Super Bowl report cold opening, especially the messed-up local commercial with Bill Hader as a Russian(?) man named Dmitiri, doing an odd wiggly dance that really looks like something Stefon would do.
    • A sketch where a security guard (Jason Sudeikis) introduces Justin Bieber to an army of body doubles he can use to throw off his insane fans, by which we mean the remainder of the cast in their best Justin Bieber impressions, some of which are women, and some of which are black. When Bieber points out that the black doubles of him aren't fooling anyone, his security guard quips, "Yeah, well, neither are you, homie." Finally Justin notices that one of them could actually do the job - it turns out to be Kate McKinnon, as Ellen Degeneres.
    • From Weekend Update:
      Mama June, the mother of Honey Booboo, revealed that she lost 100 pounds without the help of needles, dieting or going to the gym; and I thought the only way she could lose 100 pounds was in a custody battle. (gleefully mocks the audience reaction)
      One of the hottest apps among teenagers is Snapchat, which allows users to send a picture from their mobile device; however the pic erases itself after 10 seconds, which if you're a teenage boy is more than enough time.
      • Kenan airs out a new character, The One Black Guy In Every Commercial. Turns out he's condemned to an endless existence of goofing around in public with all the labels of everything he eats facing out, and if he doesn't give a high five every 12 seconds he dies.
    • The "Take That Me" on "The Miley Cyrus Show" with Justin Bieber as president of Miley Cyrus' (Vanessa Bayer) fan club who bad-mouths Bieber as "looking like a lesbian" and being a douchebag.
    • Taran's recurring character Edward, the annoying older brother, goes all-out to harass and embarrass his sister (Nasim)'s new boyfriend (Justin). Despite some massive Chewing the Scenery and yelling less than an inch from Justin's face, Justin is driven to corpsing for the first time this week.
  • From the Christoph Waltz episode:
    • The "Stranded Carnival Cruise" cold opening had a rather dark Funny Moment when Dan the Animal Man (played by Bobby Moynihan) comes out, wailing that someone ate his pet monkey (as depicted by the monkey skeleton he has in his hands) — despite that the stranded cruise still had food.
    • Djesus: Uncrossed was wildly hilarious, despite some viewer complaints of being blasphemousnote . It's Django Unchained but with Jesus as the one out for revenge. Also spoofs other movies by Quentin Tarantino like Inglorious Basterds (the part with Brad Pitt [played by Taran Killam] as St. Peter recruiting 11 apostles to kill Roman soldiers), Kill Bill (the beginning sword fight scene in the trailer), and Pulp Fiction (the appearance of Samuel L. Jacksonnote  as Judas Iscariot). Also a Moment of Awesome, as it proves that SNL, in its 38 years on the air with many peaks and valleys, can still do a wildly outrageous sketch that gets people talking the day after the show aired (whether it's good or bad).
    • Kate McKinnon on Weekend Update as "Olya Povlatsky" a Russian peasant woman from the Ural Mountains who wished the recent meteor that landed there would have killed her, then proceeds to detail her miserable existence, which includes standing in line for five hours for recreation, living in a frozen house with a bear, and being eighteen years old, despite looking and sounding like someone's Russian grandmother. She's the living embodiment of the trope Russian Girl Suffers Most.
      ''I saw it comink and I said 'Meteor! Come to Olya! Take me away from this barren wasteland!"
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      Police in Massachusetts arrested a man after he received a Valentine's Day teddy bear that contained US$10,000 worth of crystal meth. Police were suspicious when they pulled the teddy bear's string and it FREAKED OUT.
      According to studies, certain species of birds will start to grow larger beaks before mating, which means (picture shows the Coco Puffs mascot) this bird is cuckoo for something other than Coco Puffs.
  • From the episode with Kevin Hart:
    Obama: I'll be the one to explain to them "young men, there's no need to feel down..."
    • From Weekend Update:
      Research shows that stopping to walk when jogging is the body's natural way of preserving energy, read more in this month's issue of Good Enough.
      The next season of Downton Abbey will feature their first black character; the character is said to start living there after he got into one little fight and his mom got scared.
      Some parents in Massachusetts are upset over schools sending them "fat letters" informing them their children are obese; though they could have used gentler phrasing than (New England accent) "You're kid's a wicked porker."
      Disney has developed a new video game called "Disney's City Girl", which allows young girls to shop and work their way up the social ladder; to win the game you just have to defeat all the progress women have ever made.
      Police in Florida arrested a man after he assaulted his teenage brother-in-law with a Taco Bell burrito, so if you guessed In-Law, in Florida, and Burrito, you won this game of White Trash Clue.
      • Seth ropes in Kevin Hart for a new "Really?!" segment, about Mississippi's recent anti-segregation laws ("recent" being the operative term):
      Kevin: You can't say that you're not racist when Clarence Thomas is your ONE black friend. Lemme tell you something, NOTHING is more racist than having ONE black friend. ZERO black friends is somehow less racist than one black friend.
      Seth: You don't get to decide what's outdated when you're a small council of old people in robes that decide our laws and can't be fired. That's like Guy Fieri telling people what's tacky. I mean really.
      Kevin: And your argument is that the voting law is unconstitutional. Black people don't like to hear when something's unconstitutional. I mean, the constitution used to state that I was 2/3 of a human being. Don't get me wrong, I'm short BUT I'M NOT THAT SHORT.
      Seth: I mean, we don't mean to be hard on you, but you just ratified the laws abolishing slavery. Not only did you wait 150 years after Lincoln, you waited 6 months after Lincoln: the movie.
  • From the 2013 Justin Timberlake episode:
    • The monologue reveals that it's actually Justin's 5th time as host, meaning that he's now a member of the exclusive Five Timers' club, which is where the show really pulls out all the stops where surprise guests are concerned by bringing in as many 5-or-more-times hosts as they could, like Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Paul Simon, Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin. Then it takes an odd turn when they reveal what happens to those who don't host enough times - Dan Aykroyd, who's hosted just once, is now the bartender, and Martin Short is the waiter, having just appeared once this season but still comes up to 3 total. And then we see what sort of entertainment they have...watching the current cast forced to fight and kill each other for sport.
      Bobby Moynihan: (crying) I just killed my friend!
      Alec Baldwin: And I love Drunk Uncle!
      Bobby: (suddenly chipper) Thank you!
    • The filmed commercial parody featuring Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer, and Cecily Strong for "NuvaBling" a diamond encrusted female birth control ring that's inserted into the vagina (The face Vanessa Bayer makes as she does so below the camera is hilarious)
    (voice over):"NuvaBling provides a low dose of hormones and a megadose of FABOOSH"
    Cecily: "It's pizazz that slides right up into my choch!"
    (V.O.): NuvaBling is 70% effective at preventing pregnancy and 100% effective at getting dat swag on!
    (The commercial also states that you can reuse NuvaBling as other jewelry)
    Aidy Bryant: Did you get those earrings at Tiffany's?
    Cecily: "Close. I got them from my vagina!"
    Kate: "So wow up that womb.."
    Cecily: "glam up that clam..."
    Vanessa: "and shine up that 'gine..."
    (all three) "...with NuvaBling!"
    • Even better was the appearance of Bill Hader's Stefon character on the episode's Weekend Update. Everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious.
      "The hottest club in New York is YOUR MOTHER AND I ARE SEPARATING."
      "You can dance the night away to the sounds of Donald Duck having a Vietnam nightmare."
      "The hottest club in New York is SELFIE!!!!!" (Pause for Stefon pantomiming him taking a selfie, complete with duckface) "Based on the novel Push by Sapphire..."
      • Also from Weekend Update:
      Playboy this weeked launched a Hebrew-language version of their magazine, although as far as I know it could've always been in Hebrew. (*Beat*) And remember, with the Hebrew version of Playboy you look at the models' breasts from right to left. (another beat) If you get that, mazel tov...
      Hooters is trying to attract more women to their restaurants by adding salads to the menu; which is just like trying to attract women to your sex dungeon by playing Adele in the back.
    • Special mention also goes to the Moet & Chandon sketch, in which two former porn stars advertise a champagne that they repeatedly mispronounce as "Moey Chambon."
      • Especially when Justin Timberlake's character calls it "Monica and Chandler" champagne.
    "You'll feel like you're balancing on the skates of luxury..."
    "You'll think you just graduated magna cum loudly."
  • From Melissa McCarthy's second show, a spoof of the Rutgers University basketball coach recently fired for being caught on tape abusing and yelling slurs at his players. McCarthy plays Sheila Kelly, head coach of the women's basketball team at "Middle Delaware State" and is being investigated by a sports news program for similar charges of abuse. They show footage of Kelly yelling and terrorizing her players in outrageous ways like throwing basketballs, bricks and toasters at them, forcing players to do free throws while on roller skates, shooting a T-shirt gun at them, forcing them to serve her meals during practice (and pelting them with bread), trying to run them down while driving a golf cart, and attacking them (and the professor) during class.
    • From that episode's Weekend Update: Peter Dinklage makes a surprise appearance as the brother-in-law of "Drunk Uncle" (Bobby Moynihan), "Peter Drunklage", who has the same grey hair and wears a similar beige "Members Only" jacket while holding a glass of liquor and being completely intoxicated.
      (slurring speech)"Y'know, kids today don't wear garters anymore. They just skateboard from Nintendo to Nintendo. It's like a bunch of Taylor Swift's! All they care about is 'Tumblr me! Tumblr me! Tumblr me!' You know what's in my Tumblr? Regret."
      • Charles Barkley (Kenan) addressing his gambling problem:
      I don't know anything about college basketball... Wichita State? I didn't even know Wichita was a state! Did you know Wichita State don't even have no witches in it?!
      It's gotten so bad that even Michael Jordan told me I gamble too much; and Michael Jordan is the Michael Jordan of gambling too much.
      You know who I wanna go with? Louisville... but they got a streak of bad luck nowadays. Did you see that feller break his leg?... You know how he did it Seth? He jumped. (extended *Beat* as audience goes quiet at first) Listen, (corpsing) if you break your leg that bad from just jumping, maybe basketball might not be the sport for you.
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      This week marks the 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon discovering Florida; he made the discovery in 1513 while searching for a way to avoid child support payments.
      Delta Airlines announced plans to reduce the bathroom size on their planes to add four seats; because the top two complaints are "the bathroom's too big" and "there's not enough people on my flight".
      Studies show that the average time a couple will live together before getting married is 22 months, Bert. (knowing look) Tick tock, Bert.
      Police in California arrested a man who drove his car into Walmart and started beating up customers; man, if there's one thing you don't expect when shopping at a Walmart, it's for thinsgs to get worse.
      The Discovery Channel is launching a new reality series Naked and Afraid, in which a man and woman are forced to survive in the wild without clothes. Naked and Afraid is a little catchier than the original title, Coachella.
      Philadelphia is using clowns and mimes to silently warn drivers that are texting, because nothing makes driving safer than looking up and seeing a clown.
      Hasbro announced plans to add its My Little Pony toys to the Build-a-Bear Workshop after the success of My Little Pony with adult men who call themselves Bronies; as in "quick, kids, get into the car, I think this guy is a Brony".
  • From Vince Vaughn's second time hosting:
    • The "monologue" is really one long session of Vince engaging the audience by picking out random audience members and talking to them.note  High points include checking someone's phone to see if it's off, then confiscating it anyway; and talking to an old man who's supposedly tried for 3 years to get into the audience, before getting Bobby Moynihan to escort him off the premises before anyone really gets creeped out from it (it's all for a laugh, they bring him right back before they move on).
    • They do a Real Trailer, Fake Movie for a string of movies inspired by the HBO biopic of Dr Kevorkian, played by Al Pacino, by having Bill Hader as Al Pacino playing every serial killer convicted in court they can think of. We get Bill as the Unabomber, Bill in drag as Amanda Knox, Bill Acting for Two as the Menendez Brothers, and finally as the doctor in charge of Michael Jackson upon his death, meaning that Bill is in blackface. The sketch hits the brakes as Bill asks everyone present if it's fine.
    • The first sketch is one long Job Mindset Inertia joke as the Weather Channel branches out by producing a soap opera with nothing but weathermen in the cast. For your perusal, the generic caught-cheating scenario:
      Husband: Well for starters, we're looking at a gust of sadness right around here (points to his heart), which will travel up and make landfall right around this region (points to his tear ducts with sad expression).
      Wife: That's too bad Ted. And for more on why I'm doing this, let's take a look at Mark's body. Mark?
      Lover: Thanks, Maria. Up here (his face) we have a chiseled jaw and kind eyes (flexes arms) and here we see plenty of muscles on both fronts; and moving south (down there) we're looking at a good 8 to 10 inches.
      Wife: And that's compared to two inches over here (the husband) indicating little to no precipitation.
      • And then there's the twist- Kate McKinnon as the Lover's ex-wife Back from the Dead and out for revenge - which is so nasty that much of it is bleeped out by the Weather Channel emergency drill crawl.
    • Bill Hader is a doctor treating short term memory loss, who sets up a stage production starring all his patients - which predictably goes ass-shaped when he ends up feeding them every single line and cue. By the time Vince and Fred Armisen get miscued and read out the same line, Bill and Fred are clearly corpsing.
    • From Weekend Update:
      Reebok dropped their spokesman Rick Ross when he remained unapologetic for lyrics that alluded to date rape; or maybe they dropped him when someone realised they were using Rick Ross to sell athletic gear.
      A Ringling Brothers circus elephant was injured this week in Mississippi during a drive by shooting; police have been unable to identify the shooter as there were 28 people in the car.
      Kid Rock is organising a concert where the tickets will be sold at a mere $20, and the beer is at $4; so maybe there will finally be a Kid Rock concert that's not packed by rich snobs.
      A Russian man has been sketching people riding the subway and then giving them the pictures for free; that's in addition to the other thing he gives them, the heebie-jeebies.
      A California man, who once voiced Charlie Brown has been charged with stalking two women; dude, I'm telling you, they aren't interested. (picture shows Peppermint Patty and Marcie)
      German researchers have discovered that playing clicking sounds while people sleep can improve their memory skills; for instance, you never forget it when a German researcher plays clicking sounds at you in your sleep. (*Beat*) (ridiculous German accent) ARE YOU REMEMBERING ZIS?!
      • Addressing their controversial new country/hip-hop track addressing racism is LL Cool J and Brad Paisley (Kenan Thompson and Jason Sudeikis respectively). Kenan's LL is especially Hilarious in Hindsight if you've only ever seen him on Lip Sync Battle and not as "the most low-down, hardcore member of NCIS" as he put it.
      Brad: Now if you saw someone like me, in this cowboy hat, what would you say?
      LL: You a gay pimp.
      Brad: Right - I mean, no...
      • Kate McKinnon as a Colombian woman said to be raised by monkeys.
    • The last sketch is quite appropriately a "Last Call", where Kate McKinnon takes advantage of their Huge Guy, Tiny Girl proportions, and gets intimate with him by squeezing into his sweater until her head and hands pop out the collar and cuffs respectively.
    • At the end of the show, Vince returns that guy's phone.
  • From the Zach Galifianakis episode:
    Senator Tom Coburn introduced a new background check plan that allows buyers to perform self-background checks before buying a gun. The way this plan works is it doesn't.
    A rare 1913 Liberty Head nickel was sold this week for nearly US$3m, to a buyer who now has a nickel every time he's made a giant mistake.
    A new survey shows that 41% of graduates are overqualified for the jobs they have; they are usually the ones asking "Would you like fries alongside that?"
    It was announced that a musical version of Rocky would be coming to Broadway theaters; so if you love Rocky and you love lavish Broadway musicals, who are you?!
    • A sketch where Galifianakis plays a racist man in an M&M costume who apologizes to everyone he offended (and ends up getting fired anyway).
  • From the Kristen Wiig/Vampire Weekend episode:
    • The monologue has Kristen claiming she still remembers the SNL studio like it's her own home, going into the customary walk through the premises (but set to the disco classic "I'm So Excited") - except she ends up walking into all the closed and locked doors, and at one point comes across two surprised guests, Jonah Hill and a heavily pregnant Maya Rudolph apparently making out in the janitor closet which she thought was her dressing room. They close on a sort of Dance Party Ending, with Maya joining in and ripping some ridiculous dance moves while still heavily pregnant.
    • The fake commercial for the Disney Channel's latest kidcom about a brother and sister whose mom dies during a trip to Korea and now returns as a Korean water ghost (think Samara from The Ring).
    • From Weekend Update:
    The NRA is introducing new safety and protection methods for women including purses with handgun pockets, because if there's one thing women are good at it's retrieving something quickly from their purse. (briefly making "just one minute" gesture while reaching for something with his other hand)
    A 7 year old student in Virginia was suspended after he pointed a pencil at another student and said "bang"; even worse, he pointed it at a different student and said "would not bang".
    New research shows that the most stressful number of children for a mother to have is 3, especially when you had 4 when you left the house.
    According to a new study, the best place in the world to be a mother is Finland; while the worst place is still high school.
  • From the Ben Affleck and Kanye West season finale:
    • The "HBO: First Look" at Iran's version of Argo, and Ben Affleck stating that he took the job on the film so he can be in something worse than Gigli.
    • There's a merciless Take That! to the idea of gay rehabilitation camps, where Ben plays one of the camp counselors who were all former "subjects", so to speak... except it never really worked. Special mention goes to Taran Killam entering in full fandancing outfit and singing "I Love the Nightlife", and then getting super-close to Ben...
    • Weekend Update marks the season finale by bringing back Amy Poehler for a brand new "Really?!" segment about the IRS taxing right-wing groups harder:
      Seth: Really, IRS?! Nobody has to avoid scandals more than you! You're less popular with Americans than exercise!
      Amy: The government just keeps you around to make the DMV look good! I mean in the Entourage of government offices, you're the Turtle!
      Seth: And really, Obama?! You had to find out from TV? I don't want to live in a world where the president has the same sources as my aunt! I mean you're the president, you don't have to watch the tv for anything, I just assumed you already knew how Breaking Bad ends!
      Amy: And really, tea Party? You're surprised the IRS is taking a closer look at your taxes? You named yourself after a group that proudly violated tax laws! I mean if I had a license plate that said WEED420 I'd expect to be pulled over once in a while.
      Seth: If you had that license plate?
      Amy: Not now.
      • Other headlines include:
      Seth: Minnesota became the 12th state to legalise gay marriage, so finally Minneapolis can stop pretending St Paul is just its "twin".
      Seth: Researchers in the Netherlands are developing a new "in vitro meat", which can be grown in a lab; they say that in vitro meat is perfect for couples who can't have steaks of their own.
      Amy: A restaurant named Bakin' Bacon was ordered to close after neighbors complained about the overwhelming smell of bacon. You know it's got to be tricky to complain to a cop that something smells of bacon.
      Seth: A topless painting of Bea Arthur was sold at an auction for US$1.9 billion, to someone who doesn't understand what dollars are.
      Seth: Soccer superstar David Beckham announced his retirement from the sport; so now he'll spend his days sitting around the house bending it. (high fives Amy from offscreen)
    • The "Hermes Handbags" sketch with Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong as the brainless former porn stars-turned-models.
      Other One: One time I got banged through a glass ceiling. I changed everything for women. Turns out I'm a feminist. Thanks Herman's!
      • Ben's commitment to the Bad "Bad Acting" is certainly commendable - then this happens:
      Ben: So for your next special occasion, give that little girl what she really wants...
      Breckie: Hermans!
      Other One: (simultaneous) Your whole hand in...
      (*Beat* as audience laughs and Ben is damn near corpsing)
    • One sketch is about a family gathering for the daughter (Nasim Pedrad)'s engagement, with the rest of the family being not only all men, but all hardbitten cops in some capacity, with the same mustache and massive urge to start Suddenly SHOUTING! because it's apparently an emotional day for all of them - or as one of them called it, hay fever season. Ben even has a fake paunch to sell the image further.
  • From Season 39, the Tina Fey/ Arcade Fire season premiere.
    • The Cold Open has Barack Obama (Jay Pharoah) giving a public speech explaining Obamacare, and winding up with people complaining to him about their Obamacare problems, before it should be in effect, and one doctor (Kate McKinnon) who's already having a nervous breakdown (but over removing one too many odd things from people's rectums), and Ted Cruz:
      Obama: No more Dr. Seuss please.
      Cruz: I speak for the trees. But if they could speak, they could be saying SHUT DOWN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!
    • The "New Cast Member or Arcade Fire" sketch, Tina Fey is the contestant on a game show hosted by Kenan Thompson where she has to figure out which of the people featured is a new SNL cast member (Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Brooks Wheelan, Michael Patrick O'Briennote , and Noel Wells) or a member of Arcade Fire (William "Win" Butler, Regine Chassagne, Sarah Neufeld, Richard Parry, Jeremy Gara, and Tim Kingsburynote ). At a particular difficult choice (Win Butler and Michael Patrick O'Brien), Tina Fey brings out Lorne Michaels to help her decide. After considering the option for a bit, Lorne asks "Is it the black one?" (referring to Kenan Thompsonnote , in a running joke about how the black cast members on the show are usually marginalized or ignored).
    • A sketch set in an airport involves a couple (Kate and newcomer Beck Bennett) waiting to be called as the boarding staff (Tina and Taran Killam) calls on every possible description of passenger for the plane that doesn't fit them specifically.
    Tina: parents boarding with small children... Children boarding with small parents... (Brooks Whelan as the son of the diminutive John Milhiser appear)
    Taran: First class... X-Men: First Class... X-Men business class...
    Tina: We now call on all foreign passengers not yet called to ignore us and try to board anyway.
    Taran: All Brazilian and Italian passengers, please approach us while pushing and shouting and understanding intermittent English. (a whole gaggle of noisy people including Nasim Pedrad shove through the gates)
    Taran: We now call on any travellers with carryons that have no chance of fitting into the overhead compartment. (enter Kenan with a trolley bag that's six feet long)
    Kenan: It'll fit. Oh, it'll fit. (can barely fit it through the entrance)[...]
    Tina: We would like to warn you that this is an overbooked flight; if anyone is willing to give up your seat for the first flight tomorrow, please approach the counter and explain why your lifestyle permits this.
    Taran: We are now boarding all farters... (enter Bobby Moynihan with a creepy grin on his face)
    Tina: People who clap when the plane has landed... (enter Aidy in full Stepford Smiler mode, already clapping) We will not board you because what you do is stupid. (Aidy leaves)
    • The e-meth commercial, a new electronic cigarette for meth addicts. Highlights include a woman (Kate McKinnon) enjoying crack in a rusty bathtub in the middle of the road, a man (Kenan Thompson) dragging a half-naked smoker (new cast member Brooks Wheelan) out of his living room, and an appearance by Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.
    • The old-timey used car commercial, where a Model-T salesman (Michael Patrick O'Brien) brings out his wife, who is crazy (as in "mentally unstable and a threat to herself and others").
      • Also, the salesman, who talks like a modern-day used car salesman but is selling the first car ever on the road, at one point says, sounding like he's starting a list, "We have every model out there, Model T's..." (stops). Later he does it again: "And these babies are fully loaded. They got seats..." (stops).
    • The spoof of HBO's Girls with new cast member Noel Wells doing a dead on impression of lead character Hannah(Lena Dunham) and Tina as "Blerta" an immigrant from Albania. Blerta's tales of suffering in her homeland make Hannah and her friends' problems seem trivial:
    Hannah: I just don't know how anything is going to turn out!
    Blerta:(hugging her) It's okay. You are only 15.
    Hannah: No I'm not, I'm 24.
    Blerta: 24! What the (bleep) is wrong with you?!
    • From listening to Shoshanna, Blerta assumes that she has some kind of mental disability:
    Shoshanna: I mean, don't get me wrong, Ray is great, but there were times that I wish that he was someone else, you know? Or, not that he was someone else, but I was someone else, and that the...
    Berta: [slaps her in the face. Shoshanna is stunned. Blerta grabs her by the wrist and speaks in a hushed, urgent voice.] Don't speak! If you speak, they will know you are simple. If they know you are simple, they will drown you in river.
  • From Miley Cyrus's second time hosting:
    • The cold opening where two survivors of a post-apocalyptic America (Noel Wells and Kenan Thompson) reveal that America's downfall wasn't because of the government shutdown or Obamacare; it was because no one thought to stop Miley Cyrus's infamous performance at the 2013 VMAs (not even Miley's past self [as played by Vanessa Bayer]).
    • The parody of Miley Cyrus' "We Won't Stop" music video, parodying the Republican party shutting down the government. Also a Moment of Awesome as the video was a spot-on parody (and an excellent example of Parody Assistance), and included the kind of pointed political satire that most viewers feel is missing from Saturday Night Live these days (or is only seen during election years).
    • Kate McKinnon as a suburban mom from Connecticut who comes on Weekend Update to review Grand Theft Auto V, which has become one of the most best-selling video games, despite claims that the video game (like all of the other installments of GTA) are violent and misogynistic. Rather than be offended by the violence and misogyny, she loves it to the point of obsession and thanks it for freeing her from being repressed.
    • Vanessa Bayer plays a Hippie Teacher talking about poetry and haikus, but the real highlight is Kenan as a student and his haiku, "Hey Where My Weed At":
    Hey, where my weed at?
    Ohh... y'all gon' be like that?
    Dang - why y'all quiet?
    (audience applauds)
    Teacher: Intriguing - I'm curious as to whether the main character finds his weed.
    Kenan: Yeah, me too.
  • From the Bruce Willis/Katy Perry episode:
    • The cold open parodying the movie Gravity with the astronauts (Taran Killam and Cecily Strong) trying to call mission control, only to find that, because of the government shutdown, the only people at work in the NASA station are the janitors.
    • Brooks Wheelan's commentary on getting embarrassing tattoos (three of which Wheelan actually got in real life: a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribal tattoo on his left upper arm, a red nautical star on his right bicep, and a weird seascape tattoo on his right side, which doesn't make sense as Wheelan was born in Iowa and has never seen the ocean) — and the fact that this doesn't stop him from plans on getting a tattoo featuring Sigourney Weaver's Grace Augustine character from Avatar.
    • The commercial for "24 Hour Energy Drink For Dating Actresses," a new energy drink for men who date wannabe actresses (and also includes one for women who date hack stand-up comedians).
    • "Boys Dance Party", showing - in an ironic twist - a bunch of guys who have a wild dance party while their girlfriends are away, all under the pretense that they're watching a football game on TV. It's particularly amusing watching the 58-year-old Willis throwing his all into reciting the phrase "It's a Boy Dance Party".
  • From the Edward Norton episode:
    • Kate McKinnon as Kathleen Sibelius, looking like she'd rather be anywhere else, explaining how to register at the notoriously glitchy website. After unsuccessfully navigating through a few screens, she then explains that if all else fails, you can use the "lite" version. The screen then switches to a website that looks like something from the early 90's meant to attract children that says, in big candy letters, "U WANT DOCTR??"
    • A fake trailer for The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders ("A Tale of Handmade Horror"), an Affectionate Parody of Wes Anderson films mixing the director's signature style with a home-invasion Slasher Movie. Ed Norton (who was in Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom) does a spot-on impression of Anderson's regular collaborator Owen Wilson as the trailer features many of Anderson's touches like centered, symmetrical shots, quirky production design and costumes, vintage pop songs, a Binocular Shot, montage editing, precocious kids, yellow font titles, lists of objects shot from directly above, and a Production Posse that includes Jason Schwartzman (played by Kyle Mooney), Adrien Brody (played by former SNL writer and current cast member Michael Patrick O'Brien), Gwyneth Paltrow (played by Noël Wells), and a StopMotion mouse. The real Alec Baldwin appears as "The Narrator" as he was in The Royal Tenenbaums.
    Narrator: The New York Times calls it: "You had me at Wes Anderson." And Fangoria magazine says: "Da Fuh?"
  • From the Kerry Washington episode, there's "My Girl", a spoof of the memetic "What Does the Fox Say" video, with Kerry Washington and Jay Pharoah as a couple who sing about each other after Washington's character finds out Pharoah has been sexting other girls.
    • The cold opening which goes from yet another political/current events sketch to a fourth-wall-leaning sketch that addresses the show's current casting crisis (the fact that they haven't had a black female cast member since Maya Rudolph left the show in 2007, and that they didn't hire any black female cast members for the new season. Most of the new cast members they currently have are white males [Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Michael Patrick O'Brien, and Brooks Wheelan] and Noël Wells looks white, but is actually part-Mexican and half-Tunisian) and forces Kerry Washington to play Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Beyonce Knowles to make up for it, since Kenan Thompson refuses to dress in drag to make up for the fact that the show doesn't have a black female cast member.
    Announcer: The producers at "Saturday Night Live" would like to apologize to Kerry Washington for the number of black women she will be asked to play tonight. We made these requests both because Ms. Washington is an actress of considerable range and talent and also because SNL does not currently have a black woman in the cast. As for the latter reason, we agree this is not an ideal situation and look forward to rectifying it in the near future...unless, of course, we fall in love with another white guy first.
    • The cold opening is now Hilarious in Hindsight as SNL held auditions for black female cast members only (though an East Asian comedian by the name of Jennifer Kwok also auditioned, as SNL has never had a female cast member from the part of Asia that includes countries like China, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, etcnote ) and chose Sasheer Zamata as the new cast member (along with LaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones as writers).
    • The "Good Neighbor" video where an ice cream shop worker (Kyle Mooney) zones out after two customers (Beck Bennett and Vanessa Bayer) joke that they're going to need an ambulance after ordering a large amount of ice cream, particularly the scenes of the ice cream shop worker in a library and a high school chemistry class trying to find the right way to respond to the joke. It's all so bizarre and funny, much like the actual "Good Neighbor" videos (which have been described as a more surreal version of The Lonely Island).
  • The one with Lady Gaga pulling double duty as host and musical guest:
    • The Mama Monster kicks off the show by addressing the idea of "cheap applause", being able to draw applause by mentioning that she grew up in New York or something to that effect, before going into a spoof of her own "Applause". To further illustrate we have some of the regulars as audience plants - Aidy as Diane the schoolteacher, whereupon Lady Gaga tells everyone to "give it up for our teachers!" Then she gets to Bobby Moynihan, who's a serial flasher.
    Bobby: Ohh, so when I take off my pants on the subway I'm a pervert, but when you do it on stage it's ART!
    Lady Gaga: ...that's fair.
    • There's a fake commercial for a new variant of the antidepressant Paxil, intended solely to help Barack Obama through his second term due to the mounting negative press. Apparently it's so bad that poor Obama is popping one pill for every issue affecting him, and by the time they get to Obamacare he finishes the whole bottle. It's not easy for the other side either - Paxil Republican Strength is revealed to make you hallucinate a Founding Father yelling at you.
    • There's some sign of a running theme this week in a new "Wake Up with Kimye", the talk show hosted by Kanye West (Jay Pharoah) and Kim Kardashian (Nasim Pedrad), where Gaga plays the incredibly nerdy and dowdy Apple Genius Karen, brought on to the show just so Kanye can make her look even plainer alongside Kim.
    Karen (Lady Gaga): But this is my work uniform -
    Kim: Eww, work!
    Karen: But honestly, I don't care about fashion. I think that people who try too hard with their appearance are maybe hiding something. (pauses and looks directly into the camera as audience reacts)
    • There's another slew-of-impressions sketch about a new album with the Worst Cover Songs of All Time. Using an existing one as an example (Counting Crows' version of "Big Yellow Taxi"), we're treated to Britney Spears' (Noel Wells) version of "Hallelujah", Rick Ross (Kenan) attempting "When I'm Gone", and some ridiculous ones with Lana Del Rey and Nathan Lane doing 'It Wasn't Me', Adele doing the theme from L.A. Law (which is just Aidy Bryant standing around for a bit), and Lady Gaga as herself covering Madonna's "Express Yourself"... which is an unmodified "Born This Way".
    • Weekend Update follows on the Cold Open by tackling Toronto mayor Rob Ford's scandals:
      Cecily: This week we found out what happens when a Canadian stops being polite and starts getting real.
      • Other headlines include:
      Cecily: A new restaurant has opened in New York City called Maid Cafe, where the waitresses dress as French maids and call customers "master". It's the first restaurant whose sole purpose is to inspire an episode of SVU.
      Cecily: A Scottish man survived a crocodile attack when he was playing golf in Mexico. This according to a recent Mad Libs.
      Cecily: A school bus driver was suspended for allegedly putting Hello Kitty duct tape on students' mouths. The disturbing bit about this news is that Hello Kitty makes duct tape.
      • Kenan Thompson appears as "common sense correspondent" Mr Senior, who's just a crotchety old guy given the resources he really shouldn't have. His primary complaint is about how the hype over Christmas is making the supposed "Christmas season" start earlier and earlier each year, and not because he's a Grinch or a Scrooge or something. Which is hard to dispute when a video shows him out in the streets, using a megaphone to yell at Christmas shoppers and the workers on the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza. Then he moves on to snatching the bell from a Salvation army lady (it's Aidy Bryant and not a real one), grabbing a guy's Christmas hat (it's Beck Bennett, again okay), and running into someone's office to tear down their decorations.
      • Taran Killam's appearances on Weekend Update as Jebediah Atkinson, a bitchy, Camp Gay critic from the 19th century making snarky negative reviews, on different subjects like famous speeches or Christmas TV specials.
      Atkinson: 4 snores and 7 yawns ago, this reviewer attended the President's speech at Gettysburg and let's be honest, Abe, you dropped a real Lincoln log![...]
      Seth: To be honest, you don't seem to crazy about Lincoln...
      Atkinson: Nope. Too lanky, weird nose, and don't get me started on the beard. What was her name? Mary Todd? (knowing look at Seth)[...]
      Atkinson: Do you know what date will live in infamy for me? December 8th 1941, when FDR gave a speech that was SO BORING-ASS!! (stops dead when his lines reach his ears, audience already laughing) I think I misquoted myself! (nearly corpsing) That was a rough draft! Could use a few kamikazes after that!
    • A sketch about a young couple hoping to get an apartment and speaking to a board of tenants who just happen to have some quirk or other - Kate McKinnon in particular is an unhinged older lady with a head of broccoli in a pram. Worth noting at this point is that Lady Gaga is apparently going through the decades rather than her own whims where her outfits are concerned - she was in a flapper dress in the monologue, a glittery 70s disco outfit in her first song, and here she's an 80s-style Italian-American supposedly based on Marisa Tomei.
    • Lady Gaga is a stereotypical Stage Mom in the audience during a grade school stage show - the real joke is we never see her child at all, but both the mom and dad (John Milhiser) are being as helpful as possible by directing their child on stage from the audience, by going through all the same dance steps as her, start to finish. And towards the end it turns out to be some kind of burlesque number. Kenan's face while he's sitting next to them also speaks plenty.
    • The last sketch is where all the Self-Deprecation apparently reaches a head, as we see Lady Gaga as herself, in the yey distant future of 2063, as a geriatric has-been only known as Mrs Germanotta by the building superintendent (Kenan Thompson) because it's part of his job. The real joke is that pop culture has gone in several other directions - Kenan refers to One Direction as "classic rock", for one thing. The twist comes when Gaga brings up her collaboration with Beyoncé for "Telephone", which immediately draws reverence from Kenan as Queen Bey somehow became God Empress of the universe by then.
  • The Cold Open for the Josh Hutcherson episode covers the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, mentioning how the police in Florida have already given up the ghost as it is, ending with addressing the elephant in the living room - the fact that three-thirds of his name are the same as that of George Zimmer, face and head of Mens' Wearhouse.
    I'm not this George Zimmerman, I'm George Zimmer, man!... Ohh I've been doing that to myself. I Guarantee It.
    • The monologue naturally mutates into a The Hunger Games parody, with Kate already dressed up as Effie Trinket, and picking the other regulars' names from a glass bowl. Unfortunately the first pick is newcomer Noel Wells, who's only spared when Cecily (already with bow and arrow and sidebraid) volunteers as tribute.
    Effie (Kate): And now for the male tribute... wait, whose keys are these?
    Cinna (Kenan): Sorry, those are mine... I thought it was for something else.
    • From Weekend Update:
      Cecily: Totonto mayor Rob Ford says he would have admitted to smoking crack earlier if he was asked "have you smoked crack" instead of "do you smoke crack". And even sooner if he was simply asked "would you like some crack". (*Beat*) During a Toronto city council meeting when Rob Ford was stripped of most of his powers, he charged into the gallery and ran over a female council member, until he was downed by the third dart.
      Seth: It was reported that police responded to complaints about a party that Justin Bieber threw at his home, and each time the complaint was the same: "No one came to my party."
      Cecily: The Denver Post reported that they're looking for a marijuana editor for their website. They have one, they're just looking for him.
      Cecily: A new store has opened in the Chelsea side of New York called The Splash sexy boutique, which sells coffee, alcohol and sex toys. "Perfect!" said a tired, alcoholic pervert.
      Seth: A Florida doctor may lose his licence for the use of whips and blindfolds for "punishment therapy". Said the doctor "joke's on you, I never had a licence!"
      Seth: Paramount Pictures has announced that despite rumors, it is not planning a sequel for It's a Wonderful Life. Which is a pity 'cos I was looking forward to seeing 2 Wonderful 2 Life.
      Cecily: A lawmaker in Pennsylvania introduced a new bill to control the exploding coyote population by rewarding hunters for every coyote they kill. Said the lawmaker behind the bill "Beep Beep!" (mild corpsing)
      • Aidy Bryant appears as the Worst Woman on an Airplane, offering travel tips that will get you hauled off any plane that isn't United Airlines, like setting up shop in the airplane bathroom to turn it into your personal sleeper cabin.
      Seth: You bring Chinese food on an airplane?
      Aidy: No, I bring Chinese food everywhere. I always get chicken and broccoli; I finish the chicken and leave the broccoli on the tray table to cover up my farts.
    • A sketch pays tribute to The '80s with everyone dressed in bright neons, and Vanessa Bayer is looking for her friend Josie, but instead she's greeted by Josie's brother Devin (played by Josh in a mullet). Turns out Devin's side of their conversation is actually Josh lip syncing to "Your Love" by The Outfield, complete with Taran using that drum-sounds box and musical guest Haim making an appearance.
    Josh: Josie's on a vacation far away / Come around and talk it over
    Vanessa: That's okay; besides you're a sophomore and I'm a senior, what could we possibly have to talk about?
    Josh: So many things that I want to say / You know I like my girls a little bit older (Vanessa looks like she's fighting corpsing at this point)
    • Josh stars as a supervisor at Best Buy having to announce that someone is fired, while dealing with Cecily and Bobby as Dana and Niff, world's worst employees. While their bitching about all their co-workers is fully meant to sound like bitching, some of it does look justified, like Edward (Mike o'Brien) and his dirty long nails (which combined with his hair is supposed to make him look like Edward Scissorhands), and Andrew (Taran Killam), with Thousand-Yard Stare already on, really does look like he "freshly killed someone".
      Josh: You're not getting fired, Andrew is, okay?... Wait, where's Andrew?... He's right behind me isn't he?
      • And then the scene ends with Dane and Niff dancing and Josh getting chloroformed and dragged off...
    • The final sketch commemorates Thanksgiving, with Josh as the guy bringing his new girlfriend (played by Vanessa Bayer) to meet his family... with the twist that the girlfriend is a turkey. At Thanksgiving. And most people would be appreciative of their intimate kissing at the table... except well, she's a turkey. And then the Eye Catch coming up at the end of the sketch is Josh at a bar with a real turkey.
  • From the Paul Rudd and One Direction episode, the Cold Open sketch The Sound of Music Live & Condensed requires Kate McKinnon's Maria to compress the already-quick music lesson into a few seconds. It goes as well as you'd expect.
    Maria: "Let's sing a song!"
    Children: "What's a song?" "What does 'sing' mean?" "And what does 'Let's' mean? Or 'a'?"
    Children: "NO!"
    • Paul goes above and beyond as the #1 Fan of One Direction, attending a fan gathering and surrounded by 12-year-old girls. Yes, a well-meaning but still fairly creepy adult fan of One Direction.
    Paul: When I say Harry you say Styles! (leads the cheer) When I say One Di- you say -rection! (goes quiet when he realises what it sounds like)
  • From the John Goodman episode:
    • It's the Christmas season, and they windup for the actual Christmas ep next week (see below) with John roping in Kenan for an old-fashioned blues tune, the not-really-that-filthy-but-still-pretty-inappropriate "All I Want For Christmas Is Booty".
    Kenan: (interrupting) Actually I'm married now.
    John: Me too.
    Kenan: To a very lovely woman, this song is actually about them. (they continue)
    • The obligatory Nativity sketch focuses instead on the three wise men... except it's actually the Three Wiseguys, stereotypical Jersey natives in jumpsuits and gold chains, played by John and two surprise guests, Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro!
    Robert: What are you king of, anyway?
    Sly: King of sanitation in New Jersey, what?
    John: And I'm furniture king of Massapequa. And you?
    Robert: I do a little bit of this, a little bit of that... don't worry about it.
    • The Christmas spirit continues in Weekend Update:
      Seth: Congress this week reached an agreement that ends another impending government shutdown in January. The deal was struck after every member of Congress was visited by three ghosts.
      Cecily: A man and a woman have fallen in love in Georgia, after he accidentally shot her in the leg while hunting. Because in Georgia, anything that's not in the chest and face is just flirting.
      • After Megyn Kelly insisted that Santa Claus was white, Santa appears to make his counterpoint, played by Kenan.
      Santa: You know how many presents I have to deliver? I can't afford to get pulled over every 10 minutes!
      • Finally Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan) makes an appearance, but the real surprise here is the reveal of his drunker uncle, played by John Goodman!
      Drunker Uncle: All I want for Christmas... is for my two neighbors not to be Chinese...
    • The music video "H&M", which is at its core a spoof of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop".
    John: All this for less than a tank of gas!
  • From the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Christmas episode: "(Do It On My) Twin Bed", A music video featuring all the current female cast members (feat. Jimmy Fallon) performing a song in the style of The Pussycat Dolls about bringing their boyfriends home to their parents' for the holidays and having sex in their childhood bedrooms. Bonus points for Jimmy's bit about how hard it is to do it upon seeing "a photo of you in 7th grade" - and then showing said photos of all the girls (and Jimmy!)
    • Another one from the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Christmas episode: Both of them reprising their roles as Robin and Barry Gibb on The Barry Gibb Talk Show. The real Barry Gibb shows up to sing with them at the end.
    • Jimmy and Cecily Strong singing the old Christmas standard "Baby It's Cold Outside" but with added lyrics after they have sex where the guy becomes wants her to leave and the girl gets clingy and sings the "But baby it's cold outside" part. Also a minor Moment of Awesome as SNL took the high road, didn't go for the obvious rape undertones of the song like so many others have done, and actually made the song heartwarming.
    • The Family Feud: Celebrity Edition sketch with NBC vs CBS that has Jimmy as Jim Parsons, Justin as Jimmy and Brooks Wheelan as...himself. Who nobody is aware of.
      Steve Harvey: And finally we got mister Brooks Wheelan. And what do you do Brooks?
      Brooks: I'm on Saturday Night Live.
      Steve: Hmmm, I doubt it.
      Jimmy Fallon (Timberlake): All right! Jim Parsons! That is how it's done, my man! That is how it's DONE!!
      Jim Parsons (Fallon): (Death Glare for a moment)
      Jimmy Fallon (Timberlake): (clearly biting his lip)
      Steve Harvey (Kenan): All right...
      (Timberlake and Fallon face the board and away from the audience, clearly corpsing)
      • Which then comes to a head:
      Jimmy Fallon (Timberlake): So many answers. So great. So great, my man. So great. But Steve...
      (actually starts corpsing, camera cuts to Jim Parsons (Fallon) ducked completely under his team desk from laughing too hard)
  • In the Cold Open of the episode with Drake as host/musical guest, Kate McKinnon doing a dead on impression of Justin Bieber, as he explains to Piers Mogan(Taran Killam) why he egged his neighbor's house. Drake appears early as a dead-on impression of A-Rod, who declares he is suing Major League Baseball for suspending him, the players union for to tricking MLB, steroids (for being inside of him), his iPhone (for autocorrecting his texts into steroid-related phrases) and the dictionary (for those words existing).
  • Jonah Hill is at his boss' house for a dinner party. He keeps excusing himself after making an insignificant faux pas like mistaking a Cobb salad for a Waldorf to go to the bathroom and screams and berates himself which the other guests can hear.
    • They spoof her with Jonah as the subject, only he proves to completely antisocial so they make the AI sound just like him instead (also voiced by Jonah, obviously). The killer is when the AI finds a surrogate... it's surprise guest Michael Cera dressed just like him.
    • From Weekend Update:
      Cecily: A river in Scotland was accidentally flooded with whiskey when a bottling plant accidentally released more than 1700 gallons of liquor. Said one fish (terrible Scottish accent) '"YEW DON'T KNOW MEH!"
      (whole scene grinds to a halt when Seth and Cecily both start corpsing)
      Seth: That's very good... You can get the fish mouth, I love it...
      Seth: Police in Massachussets arrested a man for drunk driving after he fled on foot, climbed upo a tree, and told the police he wasn't the man they were after because he's an owl. Said the man "Wait - I mean Hoo! Hoo!" (*Beat* as he realises he's doing the fish mouth) "Yew don't know meh!"
      Cecily: (already laughing) It's pretty fun...
  • The third time Melissa McCarthy hosted. A woman's group of suburban housewives meet to drink white wine and talk about goals and showing their "vision boards". Melissa plays "PJ", who's goal is to avenge the murder of her father by "El Scorpion" ten years earlier.
    • The return of Melissa McCarthy's violent basketball coach character, Sheila Kelly, now a Delaware senator who threatens a news anchor (John Milhiser), hits a camera man (Brooks Wheelan) in the face with his own camera, chases down a passerby (Kyle Mooney) who recorded the incident on his cell phone into a parking garage, blasts three of the security cameras, and dispatches two police officers (Beck Bennett and Michael Patrick O'Brien) and steals their squad car, declaring "I'm gonna live forever!" as she drives in reverse.
    • The Cold Open is about the Superbowl, specifically the very rare case of having to substitute the half-time performance at the last minute. Turns out the best thing they could get was a Broadway musical troupe since the match was just a stone-s throw away in Jersey, and the audience gets treated to the story of Peyton Manning in the style of Jersey Boys. With Ben Vereen as Richard Sherman. Jimmy Johnson leaves the commentators' desk in disgust, while Michael Strahan is the only one completely captivated.
  • From the Jim Parsons episode:
    • Colin Jost's debut on Weekend Update gets somewhat overshadowed by several dragged out corpsing incidents. First off we have Jay Pharoah as Shaquille O'Neal, which is guaranteed to break everybody else at the desk, even Kenan Thompson as Charles Barkley despite the fact that they're an oft-recurring team act. Then Taran Killam appears as Jebediah Atkinson, who winds up spending quite a while just silently glaring into the camera waiting for the laughter that he's clearly responsible for to subside.
    Jebediah: ...NEXT! (flings a card, which somehow drifts back and lands on the cards he's still holding before dropping off)
    (*Beat* as Cecily cracks up)
    Jebediah: Couldn't do it again if I tried! So enjoy it! LIVE TELEVISION!
  • From the Lena Dunham episode. A short film where a group of four friends played by Lena, Cecily Strong, Taran Killam, and Kenan Thompson, are riding in a car. The song "Ooh Child" by the Five Stairsteps is playing on the phone on the dash. Everyone takes a turn singing but every time it's Lena's character's turn the GPS keeps interrupts with directions. She eventually gets to sing the final chorus of the song with her friends. The short has a Twist Ending where they stop the car by the woods and it's revealed they've had a man (Brooks Wheelan) bound and gagged in the backseat the whole time. Lena hits him and tells him to shut up and Cecily tells him: "Shut up! If the courts won't convict you, we will!" Taran says stoicly "I'll go dig a hole." and gets out. The short ends with an ominous Title Card: "Ooh Child".
    • From Weekend Update:
      Colin: Radio Shack announced this week that it will be closing more than 1000 of its stores. Radio Shack's profits have fallen in recent years, due to stiff competition from the march of time.
      Cecily: A Canadian company is now selling pushup jeans that make women's rear ends appear larger without using padding. For more on this story, call Sir Mix Alot and kick them nasty thoughts.
      Colin: Now there's a lot of theories about True Detective and how it's going to end... can you let us in on any secrets?
      Matthew: Ahhh. Secrets, secrets don't make friends, CoJo. You want answers. Who what when where whyyyy. Now the answer's up there on Neptune, but you can't see it cause (mimes pulling out something) you didn't bring your telescope. (extended *Beat*) Locked door. Secret key. Now imagine, Colin... that little girl was white.
      Colin: What does any of that mean?!
      Matthew: It means, Colin... that I don't remember the question.
  • From Louis C.K.'s second time hosting:
    Cecily: A woman in Florida has alleged that she was forced to defecate in the front yard by the police as they searched her house for meth. (incredulous tones) And would you believe it, they found meth!
    Colin: A chemistry grad studen in Nebraska has created a perfume called Eau de Death, mimicking the smell of decaying flesh so people can avoid being eaten by zombies. His professor is creating a new grade called F Minus.
  • From the Anna Kendrick episode:
    • "Dongs All Over The World", a parody of Stuffy Old Songs About the Buttocks. (feat. Anna Kendrick (channeling Nicki Minaj) and Icona Pop).
    • The parody of The Little Mermaid, where Ursula (Aidy Bryant) wants Ariel (Anna Kendrick) to sing so she can steal her voice, but the only songs Ariel knows are trashy pop songs by Ke$ha, Britney Spears, and Iggy Azalea.
    • Brooks Wheelan's public service announcement about excessive alcohol drinking (similar to the one about the tattoos he got, in that both have been heard in his stand-up acts), where, thanks to his asshole roommates putting butter down his pants while he was black-out drunk, Wheelan was worried that he had an unknown sexual disease (calling himself "the Lou Gehrig of ST Ds" and "patient zero for Brooks Wheelan's Disease") until his roommates played the prank again on another person and Brooks yelled at them. Brooks' moral is the funniest part of this: "Drink responsibly, or you can be stricken with an STD you created in your own mind."
    • One sketch as Anna as a hapless zoo worker dealing with a school trip of kids:
    "Now who can tell me what elephants eat?... I heard Taco Bell... I hear "elephant chow"... I also heard "bitch, YOU tell me" but I'm going to ignore that..."
  • From the episode with Seth Rogen:
    • The opening monologue has Seth revealing he kept a diary of the last time he hosted to help things along:
      4:19am. I'm drawing a blank now. Can't think of any ideas. This is hard. There's a funky smell coming from one of the writers' offices, decided to investigate.
      4:21pm. SUDDENLY I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS. I don't remember writing any of this stuff. Looks like the word 'pizza' 400 times... then a bunch of doodles of the Wu-Tang "W"... bunch of doodles, okay...
    • A commercial about a couple that switched from Brand X dog food to the one advertised, which even involves a real pug as the dog (this'll make sense, keep reading). At some point we learn that they're not paid models like all those other commercials, but the real owners of that pug, and Cindy (Cecily Strong), having realised that the Brand X dog food contains 'meat byproduct' and nothing close to the chicken on the label, is utterly distraught over having fed all that to the pug for years, going into a veritable Freak Out while beleaguered husband Pat (Seth) has his hands full with damage control. They even cut to the pug a couple of times, probably hoping for an Animal Reaction Shot, but the pug just looks straight into the camera as if on cue, with all the real reaction coming from the audience.
    (cut to the pug actually stop playing with its chew toy just to look into the camera)
    • From Weekend Update:
    Colin: A North Carolina man arrested after he admitted to sucking on a woman's toes in a shopping center is being sentenced to a month in jail, where he is expected to do very well.
    • The final sketch is a homemade commercial for Herman & Sons' Going Out Of Business sale. It's not the fact that there's no actual sons and the two guys really are named Herman (Seth) and Sons (Kenan) - it's the fact that their business is a sperm bank. For some, the real highlight might be Aidy Bryant rushing across frame and cackling madly with what looks like a shopping cart full.
  • The episode with Andrew Garfield:
    • The Teaser with Donald Sterling atoning for his racist remarks. For example:
      • His idea to start a Million Man Cruise to send black men to Africa...never to return.
      • Him introducing the press to his new 3/4-black girlfriend (played by Sasheer Zamata).
      • The bit with the head of the NAACP giving Sterling a second Lifetime Achievement Award, with him not even hiding the fact that Sterling paid him $10 million to do it (saying that he was their biggest donor since Michael Richards).
    • The fake trailer for "The Beygency" a Government Conspiracy thriller spoof starring host Andrew Garfield as a man who makes the innocent mistake of offhandedly saying he's not a fan of a song off the new Beyoncé album and is now hunted by a mysterious group known as the 'Beygency', a group of men wearing suits and hats and spell work, 'werk' and does occasional Single Ladies choreography. When he tries to use his card at a gas station he discovers his identity is being erased. The cashier (Bobby Moynihan) steps back in horror:
      Cashier: They're erasing you! I know what you've done! You stay away from here!
      Garfield: I like most of her music!
      Cashier: MOST?!! (takes out shotgun) GET OUT OF MY STORE!!
      (Garfield runs out)
      Cashier: SHE'S THE QUEEN B!!!
      • Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub make cameos, possibly as their characters from 24: Live Another Day. They grab Garfield and push him against a wall in a parking garage.
      Garfield: Wait, who are you guys?
      Kiefer: Just a couple of other people that made a mistake. (pulls down sweater to reveal a "Rihanna #1" tattoo)
      Mary Lynn: Everything you need is in the box to the left.
      Garfield: Where?
      Kiefer: To the left. To the left.
      Garfield: Isn't that a Beyoncé song?
      Kiefer and Mary Lynn: (together and smirking at each other) Yeah, the only good one!
      (suddenly both are shot in the head and the sound of tires screech by)
      Garfield: (high pitched scream)
    • Leslie Jones'note  Weekend Update commentary on African American beauty, which includes her flirting with Colin Jost, her comments on how if she were in the slave days, her love life would be better because her white master would use her to make babies and how it would be similar to the NBA draft, and her end line, "Can a bitch get a beef bowl? CAN A BITCH GET A BEEF BOWL?!"note 
      Olya: I was going to east Ukraine but is now Russia! FMP, am I right?
      Cecily: I think you mean FML.
      Olya: No, FMP - Feed Me Please, I'm starving.
      • Other highlights:
      Colin: Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford (caught offguard by some whoops from audience, soldiers on) has announced that he will take a leave of absence to go to rehab, after a new video emerged of him smoking crack. Y'know, if this Rob Ford saga has proven anything, it's that crack must be great.
      Colin: It was reported this week that country music legend Willie Nelson earned a fifth degree black belt. Read more about it in this week's issue of That Can't Be Right.
      Cecily: The creator of the Cronut has introduced a new dessert called the Wafflegato, which is vanilla gelato in the shape of a waffle covered in maple syrup espresso. Perfect for staying alert while the nurse explains how your insulin pump works.
      Colin: New York state this week made cheerleading an official high school sport, dad.
      Colin: An Australian man on a plane caused a hijacking scare when he banged on the cockpit door thinking it was the bathroom. In his defense, the Australian word for bathroom is cockpit.
    • A sketch where Andrew and his The Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-star (and Real Life girlfriend) Emma Stone film a scene where Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy kiss in front of a green screen. Each attempt results in a hilarious Awkward Kiss. Finally Chris Martin of Coldplay (who's the episode's musical guest) arrives as he's doing the soundtrack for the movie. The director asks him to help fill in for one of the two and complete the kiss. Martin agrees much to Emma's delight, but Martin takes her aside, puts a wig on and kisses a confused Andrew.
  • From the Mothers' Day episode hosted by Charlize Theron:
    • The Cold Open is worth mentioning as they drag up footage from the last time Charlize was there, 14 years ago. Apparently she was alongside Maya Rudolph and Ana Gasteyer as a parody of Destiny's Child called "Gemini's Twin", except the singing parts for Charlize were reduced to near nothing due to hew own lack of formal vocal training, which leads up to a musical number called "I Can't Sing".
    Guys: She's a great romantic actor...
    Charlize: (deep sexy voice) Hey baby.
    Guys: And she's a great dramatic actor...
    Charlize: (mock anguish) My baby!
    Guys: She's great at anything if singing doesn't play a factor!
    Charlize: (tuneless) Ohh baby baby, how was I suppo-
    Kate: No. Don't. Just don't.
    Charlize: But I'm taller than most men and they don't care if I can't sing!
    Beck:note  (Male Gaze on) Yeah. I don't care.
    • We're treated to a Hallmark Mothers' Day game show called Come Do A Game Show With Your Mom, It'll Be Fun, Yes It Will. It's really a homemade affair with a surprisingly high budget, about a mom (Kate) organizing a game show with all her kids (Brooks, Kyle and Charlize) as contestant, and her neighbor (Aidy) roped in as a judge, primarily because she lives alone and really could use the company.
      Brooks: If I win you have to stop sending me recommendations from Angie's List.[...]
      Kyle: If I win you have to let me get ear gauges.
      Kate: Ohh no. No no no no no. You have such lovely ears why why why why.[...]
      Charlize: Mom, you know I love you, but if I win you have to delete your Facebook.
      Kate: ...honey I can't do that, that's my window into your world.
      • There's a lightning round called "What'd She Just Do", which involves the flashing of a bunch of photos of other moms, presumably audience submissions of actual moms, at least until they find out what they're used for:
      Kate: This is... Bunny. What did she just do?
      Brooks: (buzzes in) Didn't say hi to you at Safeway. (ding!)
      Kate: Yes. Bitch. (next photo) We have Brenda. What did Brenda just do?
      Charlize: (buzzes in) She knows what she did. (ding!)
    • From Weekend Update:
      Cecily: Research has shown that older mice display more energy and vitality after being injected with blood from young mice. (creepy tones) "Four crates of young mice please," said {{Music/Madonna}).
      Colin: New York authorities announced that they will convert unused payphones into free wifi hotspots. They are being converted from their current use as urinals.
      Cecily: Researchers are creating a new flavor of ice cream that mixes champagne with viagra. Perfect for anyone who wants to eat something that tastes like Donald Trump's burps.
      • They pull a lovely little Bait-and-Switch when they report on Barbara Walters' retirement from daytime tv, by showing past clips of their version of Barbara Walters as played by Gilda Radner, Rachel Dratch, Nasim Pedrad etc. And then the real Barbara Walters appears on the show!
      Barbara: What an honor it is to see my groundbreaking career in journalism reduced to a cartoon character with A RIDICULOUS VOICE.
      Cecily: Oh, I'm sorry - yknow, you've been a great personal inspiration to me as a news anchor -
      Barbara: But I'm a real news anchor. I'm a serious person. Not some fake news anchor like (not at all subtle jab) you or Colin.
      Cecily: You're a co-host on The View.
      Barbara: That's a fair point, yeah.
  • From the season finale hosted by Andy Samberg:
    • The Cold Open covers the Jay-Z and Solange elevator fight scandal, but the real highlight is the surprise appearance of Maya Rudolph as Beyoncé. And just to sell it further, they set up a wind machine that only catches Beyonce's hair and nothing else on the stage.
    • From Weekend Update:
    Cecily: Tonight was prom night in many parts of America, so if you're watching this live... sorry buddy.
    Colin: A new type of event is being organized in New York called "daybreaker parties", which are alcohol-free parties that start at 7am. The parties are being organized by cocaine.
    • "Wake Up with Kimye", the talk show hosted by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, covers their upcoming wedding, but the real standout moment involves Taran Killam as Bruce Jenner, after they did something hideous to his face to stretch it out. Or he's doing it himself. Either way you gotta wonder how he recovered from that...
    • The showstopper has to be the Vogelchik family sketch, where Andy plays a gay man bringing his boyfriend (Taran Killam) to meet a surprisingly supportive family, which is actually a whole string of surprise guests, Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen (the parents), Bill Hader and Paul Rudd (the brothers), with Kate Mckinnon as the great-grandmother. Their supportiveness is made a little clearer as everyone in the family is already in the habit of mouth- and tongue-kissing each other as a greeting (and motorboating in the mom's case). The real joke is that this family is still apprehensive at the sight of two men kissing on tv during the NFL draft. Which is immediately overshadowed when the corpsing fits start spreading.
  • From the Season 40 Chris Pratt season premiere:
    • A sketch where a lonely little boy (Kyle Mooney) wishes his He-Man (Chris Pratt) and Lion-O (Taran Killam) action figures were real — and gets his wish, only for them to eat his cake, fondle themselves, trash his kitchen, and hit on his mom.
    • In a similar vein, another sketch is about trials for a puzzle video game where each completed level "rewards" the players with the sight of Chris Pratt and Vanessa Bayer making out. Even funnier if you remember that Chris' wife Anna Faris is in the audience!
  • Sarah Silverman's monologue where she sits on the lap of a female audience member in the front row and chats with her and then answers questions from clips of her 20 years before when she was a featured player on SNL and only appeared on the show as a plant (a phony audience member who asks the host questions).
    • Also in the episode, the mock trailer for the sequel to The Fault in Our Stars starring Taran Killam and Sarah where instead of cancer, the girl has the Ebola virus.
    • The "Good Neighbor" video where a jealous boyfriend (Beck Bennett) beats up a man (Kyle Mooney) talking to his girlfriend (Sarah Silverman) to romantic music and shot like a "falling in love" montage.
  • From the Bill Hader episode:
    • The Help Fund fake commercial where four starving Africans (Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah, Sasheer Zamata, and Leslie Jonesnote ) badger Charlie Daniels (Bill Hader) with questions of why it only takes 39 cents to save their village and ends with a hostage situation where Leslie Jones' character addresses the camera with, "If you wanna see this cheap-ass white man again, send $200 cash right now! Don't hesitate!"
    • The return of Hader's characters Herb Welch (the angry, elderly field reporter), Stefon (the burnt-out Club Kid who married Seth Meyers two seasons ago and revealed that he's now pregnant), and the Shell-Shocked Veteran in a puppeteer class (a one-shot character from the season 38 premiere hosted by Seth MacFarlane).
      Instructor: Okay, hey, Tony? Tony, we're uh, we're telling jokes now.
      "Tony": Here's a joke: God!
      • After talking about having to go out Disguised in Drag as a Honey Trap, Anthony takes a drag off a cigarette - and Tony blows out the smoke!
    • Pete Davidson's appearance as the hip-hop fan who tells Michael Che why it's a bad idea for a skinny, white kid like him to wear a gold chain in a city like New York ("If I wear a gold chain, it'll get stolen immediately. I might as well walk through the 'hood with it on and scream 'Dinner's ready!'"). Pete Davidson, the youngest cast member this season (born November of 1993), in general makes for hilarious comedy. In particular, his "Would You Go Down On A Guy?" in Season 40's premier episode, his confession to his mother that he stole her good coat and covered it in ketchup for a horror movie he made when he was nine years old, and in the season finale, when he realizes that he's too inexperienced for SNL (stating that he can't sing, dance, act, or read) and that he probably got the job because his mom blackmailed an NBC executive after seeing the exec run over a child.
  • In Jim Carrey's episode:
    • The recurring sketches where Jim Carrey spoofs Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln car commercials, with the last one ending on an insomnia-riddled McConaughey running down Dennis Haysbert (as played by Kenan Thompson) in the middle of an All-State advertisement.
    • The sketch where Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon play characters competing for first prize in an Office Costume Contest. The two, dressed up as Maddie Ziegler from Sia's "Chandelier" music video, decide to settle things with a dance-off that results in them prancing through the studio audience (as well as through the other sets from that night's episode).
    • The Halloween sketch where a couple find themselves in a graveyard, accosted by various ghoulies who sing a spooky song, including a scary tree (Kenan Thompson), the Grim Reaper (Jay Pharoah), talking tombstones (Bobby Moynihan and Kate McKinnon) and...Paul and Phil (Taran Killam and Jim Carrey), a couple of good-natured ghosts who just want to join in the song.
    "Are Paul and Phil actually a part of this? Because I'm not scared of Paul and Phil. Like at all."
  • From the 2014 Chris Rock episode, a commercial parody for "Swiftamine", a pill for adults who get vertigo when they realize they love the Taylor Swift song "Shake It Off" or others from her latest album.
  • From the episode with Woody Harrelson:
    • The cold open is about the aftermath of the Republicans' winning controlling seats in a recent election, with Barack Obama (Jay Pharoah) sitting down for a long talk with Republican leader Mitch Mcconnell (Taran Killam) over a few drinks - the joke being that the result of two guys with a few drinks and deep seated antagonism is depicted a little more realistically.
    • Woody's monologue touches on the recent release of Taylor Swift's album 1989, whereupon he claims that "I know a little more about 1989 than she does... even if the memories are a little fuzzy... cos of the drugs." Which leads into Woody being handed a guitar to perform what turns out to be a lovely if still rather ridiculous parody of "Blank Space":
      Michael Keaton he was Batman - Not sure was president
      I think I had a mullet - After that I just forget[...]
      Thought I met Margaret Thatcher - But it was Saddam Hussein
      But I got a blank space baby - Cos I used to do cocaine!
      • To show their support a bunch of surprise guests and Hunger Games co-stars appeared, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence, all on the same stage - which causes Woody to drop to his knees in awe and hug Jennifer's leg. Apparently he was so zonked out he thought she was Taylor Swift.
      "I smoked a lot of 'herb' before I came out here..."
    • Woody is a tough-as-nails football coach grilling the players on the new tackling techniques intended to reduce head trauma cases in football - except it looks more like a tender embrace, cradling the neck all the way to the pitch, and all the players even have penlights to check for pupil dilation. And then Kenan puts in an appearance as DC Timmons, a veteran player who's survived so much head trauma he can barely connect his own sentences, much less know where he is. It's the first time that week Woody comes close to corpsing, too.
    • Weekend Update takes on the aftermath of a certain set of photos of Kim Kardashian:
      Michael: This week, the US and China reached a historic agreement to cut carbon emissions, the leader of ISIS may have been killed in an air strike, and a satellite landed on a comet 30 million miles from Earth. (*Beat*) But dat ass tho...
      Colin: This week President Barack Obama encouraged Americans to start using the Affordable Care Act on, but they were unable to because someone broke the internet.
      Michael: But dat ass tho...
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      Colin: Radio Shack announced that it wold open at 8am on Black Friday. Perfect for shoppers looking for Radio Shack's most popular product, directions to Best Buy.
      Michael: Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush met up to talk and tease each other about Bill wasn't on Twitter yet and George wasn't on Instagram, while Jimmy Carter just spent the week plowing through Tinder.
      Michael: As more and more states vote to legalise marijuana, many employers still have a zero-tolerance policy on any workers using the drug. This according to a letter I got from Lorne.
      Colin: Buddy Velastro of Cake Boss was arrested on charges of drunk driving and allegedly told the officers "you can't arrest me, I'm the Cake Boss!" Which would have worked if the officers were cakes."
      Colin: A theme park in Britain is banning single people from entering to reduce the risk of children meeting paedophiles. So let this be a warning to paedophiles - start working in teams.
      • Leslie Jones puts in an appearance in one of her now iconic "relationship expert" segments:
      "You men are just as crazy as us. You can't even handle our bodies, when you see our breasts you lose your damn minds. Look at my breasts, Colin. LOOK AT MY BREASTS!!" [...] Every girl grew up with an uncle staring at 'em at thanksgiving, saying how much you'da grown. And they ain't even your real uncle, they just some dude your dad works with. So y- (corpsing) It's personal."
      "And when we start dating yall we don't even know what we're taking inside of us anyway. We gotta be ready for whatever penis you bring to the house. We don't know if it's long, short, wide, bumpy, scratchy, smooth, crooked, we don't know which of the Seven Dwarves you gonna bring to the house."
      Colin: I gotta say, I'm a huge fan of Interstellar...
      Matthew: Well Interstellar is a huge fan of you. Cos at the end of the day, we're all interconnected. Time is a flat circle. Future - present - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past...
      Woody: Two roads diverged, and we didn't take either one...
      Matthew: Cos VVEEEEEEWWWW! We travelled by zipline!
    • The last sketch is a "Last Call" one with Woody and Kate Mckinnon as the last two people at a singles' bar.
    Woody: My name's Chip. Chip Fister. Which is confusing cos I work at Lay's as a chip sifter. I pick out the gross ones...
    Kenan: You sure do!
    Kate: Me, I plaster up unpopular glory holes...
  • From the Cameron Diaz episode:
    • The Schoolhouse Rock cold opening that explains that executive orders always trump bills being turned into laws, with President Obama (Jay Pharaoh) throwing the bill (Kenan Thompson) down the Congress stairs while introducing the order (Bobby Moynihan).
      Kid (Kyle Mooney): Wait a second, don't you have to go through Congress at some point?
      Executive Order: Oh that's adorable, you still think that's how the government works.
    • An "HBO First Look" at Annie (2014) shows when Miss Hannigan (Diaz again) introduces Daddy Warbucks (Jay Pharaoh evoking Jamie Foxx) to "Black Annie". Instead of a little girl, he gets Leslie Jones wearing a red curly wig and dress. Her burly attitude (at one point, she threatens to beat up Vanessa Bayer's sickeningly-sweet "White Annie") and credentials convince Daddy Warbucks that he'd rather hire her as a security guard, than adopt her. The other orphan girls start to sing "Tomorrow" afterwards, until Black Annie angrily commands they don't steal her moment. Cue Kenan Thompson performing a "Black Betty" spoof about Annie, which everyone dances to until the scene ends.
  • From the James Franco episode, Tinkerbell's half-sister, Tonkerbell (portrayed by Aidy Bryant, reprising a role from Jim Parson's episode the previous season), flies onto the set of Peter Pan Live!, and ridicules the un-intimidating incarnation of Captain Hook (portrayed by Franco attempting a Christopher Walken impression). She also refers to herself as the "Reverse Tooth Fairy", who flies into a kid's bedroom, takes a dollar, and leaves behind one of her own teeth.
  • From the Martin Freeman episode, "The Office: Middle Earth" combining the UK version of The Office and The Hobbit movies with Freeman as Bilbo who works at a paper company, Bobby Moynihan as Gandalf the Grey who acts like David Brent, and Taran Killam as Gollum/Gareth.
    • The commercial for the "St. Joseph's Mass Spectacular" with a voiceover (Beck Bennett) hyping Christmas services like it's a rock concert. For any Catholics (whether you grew up Catholic and abandoned the faith or you're still devout), it is a hilariously accurate depiction of who and what to see at Christmas mass.
  • From the Amy Adams episode, the entire cold opening with Mike Myers reprising his role as Dr. Evil interrupting a depressing Christmas special hosted by Sam Smith (played by Taran Killam) and giving advice to North Korea in its conflict with Sony over the James Franco-Seth Rogen movie The Interview.
    "First of all, North Korea, you're one of the most evil countries in the world, and your act of war is to kill a movie? It's easy to kill a movie. Just move it to January."
    "If you're going to put a bomb in a theater, do what I did and put in The Love Guru."
    • "Office Christmas Party". Aidy Bryant steals the show for however brief a time as Carol from New Media.
  • From Kevin Hart's second time hosting, the digital short Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015. From the recap:
    Three men on a Brooklyn corner wax poetic about artisanal mayonnaise, spin class, and brunches. "It's a low-key, fantastic interaction between Thompson, Hart, and Jay Pharaoah. The biggest conflict arises from the use of the word "Evite"...and also the fact that Hart’s character actually kills someone during his dogwalking job. And yet $8 mayonnaise gets a bigger rise out of the other two than the tale of murder. Great writing and acting, coupled with a great twist (which came on the heels of the segment-as-twist) make this a season highlight. Like the best "SNL" sketches, it feels like it only could have come at this time with this cast.
    • Kevin Hart as James Brown. If he wasn't known for his impressions before this point... well, he'll be known for at least one now.
    • The last sketch has Kevin as a gangsta rapper trying out a new track in front of his crew, which "unknowingly" spills all the things they'd been either trying to keep secret or were better off not knowing. The profound amount of energy Kevin displays nonstop makes it a CMoA as well, but just like the Brooklyn sketch above, there's a twist where one member of his crew is revealed to be Dead All Along, with the two people responsible having been covering it up Weekend at Bernie's style. And then the use of "Gunshot sounds!" for a refrain becomes darkly ironic.
  • From the Blake Shelton episode:
    • The Cold Open cuts to the meat by addressing Deflategate, with Taran Killam as Tom Brady feigning ignorance before foisting the press conference onto one of his inventory managers, played by Bobby Moynihan. At some point Bobby goes into a You Can't Handle the Parody, and all it takes is Kate Mckinnon as one of the reporters grabbing onto the Tom Cruise role to end it.
    Kate: Did you deflate the ball?!
    Bobby: I did the job I was supposed to!!
    • Celebrity Family Feud has Blake As Himself in a faceoff between The Voice and American Idol. With special mention of Kate Mckinnon in a Crosscast Role as Keith Urban.
      Steve Harvey (Kenan): Wait... you're Australian? Country music is supposed to be about the American experience - about living in the middle of nowhere, and getting drunk and starting bar fights... no, that's Australian...
      • The survey question is "things you never ask a woman", and Blake cuts to the bone with "are you Adam Levine?"
      Adam Levine (Taran): Oh yeah, that's REAL funny...
      Blake: You got that right, pretty boy.
      Adam: think I'm pretty?
      (both men end up staring into each other's eyes and disappearing below the desk)
    • From Weekend Update:
      Colin: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is negotiating for more trade sanctions against Iran [...] bringing the number of countries that have threatened Israel up to an even all of them.
      Colin: This Wednesday was National Hug Day... dad.
      Michael: A man in New Hampshire was arrested for child endangerment after leaving his twin nephews alone for days at a time. Said one of the twins "We used to be triplets!"
      • After an appearance by Riblet (Bobby Moynihan), they air out a new character, Michael Che's ex Nicole (Sasheer Zamata):
      Nicole: When we were dating I asked you if there was anyone else and you lied to my face!
      Michael: There was nobody else! Ask Colin!
      (frame out to reveal Colin slowly backing out)
  • From the J. K. Simmons show, "The Jay-Z Story", a Bio Pic that details Jay-Z's rise from drug dealer to rapper to mogul but with Mike O'Brien as Jay Z, Sasheer Zameda as Beyoncé, former cast member Jason Sudeikis as Kanye West and J. K. Simmons as Nas. Mike plays Jay-Z as a bashful, humble guy.
    Record executive: Jay Z you are great at rap!
    Mike as Jay Z(reacting like schoolboy) This is amazing! I can't believe I'm great at rap!
    Atkinson: Iggy, wake up and SMELL the azaleas! You're WHITE! The last time white people stole so much from black people, they were still dressed like me!
    (camera cut to Michael Che nearly corpsing)
  • From the Dakota Johnson episode, this surprise gem from Weekend Update:
    Michael: British authorities say there is a disturbing trend of upperclass teenage girls running away to join ISIS. [...] Though I am looking forward to the new face of ISIS, Iggy Al'Zalea. (cue a disturbingly well-'shopped image)
    • Jay Pharaoh as Kanye West talks about his public apology to Beck - except he got around the elephant in the living room by remixing his transparent apologies into rap tracks. Special mention must be made of Sasheer Zamata as the backing vocals slash dancer who does so in an even more ridiculous manner.
    • And not long after:
    Colin: A Pennsylvania college student has made a fully-functional Batman costume that can withstand punches, machetes and baseball bats. He's just like the real Batman; only his parents wish they were dead.
    (*Beat* as audience laughs a little awkwardly)
    Michael: (from offscreen) That is good...
  • From the Chris Hemsworth episode:
    • The Cold Open has Chris acting like he can't remember how many actor brothers he actually has, then pulls an unexpected surprise by bringing them all on. Yes, all - Liam Hemsworth, Luke Hemsworth, and Callum, played by Kenan in a blonde wig and a ridiculous accent.
    Audience plant (Cecily): What's it like to be called the world's sexiest man?
    Callum (Kenan): I'll take this one, thanks...
    • A Star Trek-like sketch stretches the premise where it hasn't quite gone before, with Chris as Number Two to the starship captain - a live chicken. The idea is that chickens in the future have evolved to human-level sentience, but in the absence of that sort of chicken they've gotten a normal one on the set to not-actually-react to the other actors, completed with chicken sounds dubbed over. Then the ship runs into warp core trouble, with the only way to fix the warp core involving an opening in the wall too small for humans... with a suspicious-looking windowed door with a handle. By the time the chicken is placed inside and the little light and turntable inside the wall go on, it's already too late... the ship is saved, but the chicken is turned into the perfect roast.
    • From Weekend Update:
      Michael: A recent study on the Ferguson police department revealed that 92% of all arrests were of African-Americans. 92% . It's also 92% in Nigeria. If 92% of all arrests in Ferguson are African-American it means that about 8 of them are black and 1 is slightly beige. And what were the 8% being arrested for, not arresting enough black people?!
      Colin: A Delta airplane skidded off a runway at La Guardia airport, slamming through a fence and almost falling into the bay... but the good news is the pilot didn't even spill his drink!
      Colin: Justin Bieber turned 21 years old this week, but his mustache thinks he turned 13.
      Michael: Recent studies revealed that children in Boston below the age of 4 are drinking up to 4 ounces of coffee a day, but children need the children need that coffee to get over their hangovers.
      • The Overly Long Gag where they swat Dr Ben Carson back and forth like tennis for his "homosexuality is a choice" comment.
      • Leslie Jones goes into a rant about New York weather and how it's enough to strip away all the street cred she ever had.
      "We were waiting at a subway, then the breeze picked up - and I WANTED TO KILL EVERYBODY! Did rat feces dust just go into my mouth?! And my date was like "Are you loving this breeze?" and I'm like NO!! COS WE JUST DIED! WE JUST CAUGHT RAT AIDS!!"
      • The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party is brought on to talk about Boko Haram, but somehow...
      "And in healthcare, everybody's still talking about HMOs, umm... how about just calling them gay people?"
      • Colin expresses disappointment that Michael gets all the "funnier" jokes to read on-air. Michael casually gives him one... whereupon Colin, independently of the bit, beefs the set-up:
      Colin: A new report reveals the average length of a man's flaccid penis is thirty-six inches. (Beat)
      Michael: Wait a min—
      Colin: THREE-point-six. Never saw this before; three-point-six, that's more reasonable. (Starts chuckling) A guy can dream!
      Michael: (Laughing) See? My jokes ARE harder to read.
      Colin: Annnd let me just say, as a man with an extremely SMALL pen... okay...
      Michael: No, no, keep goin', keep goin'!
      Colin: ...I feel so very bad for myself and my teensy-weensy peensy.
      Michael: That was a great job, man!
      Colin: Thanks, man, I - I don't understand, how was that even a joke?
      Michael: Well, it's a joke when I read it, because I DON'T have a tiny penis.
      (Audience ohhhhhh's, beat)
      Colin: It's thirty-six inches.
      Michael: It was! (Breaks up laughing)
    • The obligatory spoof of Avengers: Age of Ultron takes on the immediate aftermath of the events of the movie, in the spirit of The Stinger for The Avengers before it. The heroes celebrate it like their football team won, even if they are the 'football team':
      Iron Man (Taran): To the owner of a blue Honda Accord, your lights are on. Also there's a building on it. Relax, that was a joke. Rimshot. Keep up, people. Peace in the Middle East. I'm going to Disney World.
      • Unlike the previous Avengers spoof, there's no Hulk and we instead get a dazed Bruce Banner (Pete Davidson):
      Banner: I think I ate a guy.
      News crawl: BREAKING NEWS - Hulk: I Think I Ate A Guy
    • The Former Porn Stars promoting perfume:
    Breckie: Plus it's got, what's that thing where you press it and it sprays out...
    Girl #2: Prostate.
    Breckie: No no no... It holds all the liquid...
    Girl #2: Mouth.
    Breckie: Bottle.
    Girl #2: Oh yeah, bottle.
  • From the episode with Dwayne Johnson, the glorious return of The Rock Obama, with Michelle Obama (Sasheer Zamata) transforming into She-Rock Obama (Leslie Jones) after the Secret Service agent (Beck Bennett) reports that a mentally-ill man has been living in the White House garden for two months.
    • From the same episode, the sketch where a Wrestlemania promo is being shot with two wrestlers, Coco Watchout(Johnson) and the Trashyard Mutt(Bobby Moynihan) are trash-talking each other. Instead of the usual bluster, Coco knows very personal information about Mutt like that he has herpes, googles Family Guy porn and that he had a daughter with a college girlfriend he never knew about. All this while Taran as the announcer goes through the usual routine and texts between taping. It all leads to the revelation that the college age girl Mutt's had a relationship over the internet for months but never met was really Coco! "I catfished your ass!" He then goes on to tell him that the photo that he used on the website (that apparently Mutt masturbated to) was actually a photo of MUTT'S DAUGHTER! Mutt says he's going to be sick and leaves and when they wrap, the appalled announcer yells "Too far Coco!"
  • In the Michael Keaton episode, during his monologue Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan appear and fanboy over him about his roles as Batman and Beetlejuice. They sing a song about how much they meant to him when they were growing up. Then they show clips, first Taran as Jack Nicholson's Joker and Bobby as the Danny Devito's Penguin then cutting to Michael Keaton reading a magazine with the Batman costume imposed on him. Then they show Taran as Deelia Ditz and Bobby as Otho from Beetle Juice, then cut to Michael Keaton unawares backstage with the Beetlejuice costume imposed on him. Jay Pharoah pops up first dressed as Prince doing the Batdance then Harry Belafonte singing the Calypso song from Beetle Juice and Taran and Bobby yell at him for coming in on the wrong time.
    • The "Neurotology" video, a No Celebrities Were Harmed Take That! of Scientology with a parody of their 1980s recruitment music video "We Stand Tall" showing a choir of Scientologists singing but with a Where Are They Now update. It is based on the information revealed in the recent documentary "Going Clear" exposing the Church of Scientology nefarious activities. Several of the people in the video singing happily have now left the Neurotology and denounced it or now possibly killed or missing. One member (Colin Jost) "Blackmails gay actors".
    • On Weekend Update, Pete Davidson getting shot by Norman Reedus as Darryl Dixon from The Walking Dead because his pasty complexion and the fact that he smoked weed before he came out to do his review on The Walking Dead (which turns into a commentary on how Davidson would be mistaken for a zombie if a Zombie Apocalypse ever happened due to how white he looks and his marijuana smoking) makes him look like a zombie.
      • Also from Weekend Update:
    Colin: This weekend is Easter Sunday, so to all the Christians out there, happy Easter; and to all the Jews out there, nice try.
    (extended *Beat* as audience reacts)
    Michael: (sotto) You just started a holy war...
  • Kate McKinnon carrying on the show's tradition of political skewering as she takes on the job of parodying Hillary Clinton preparing for her 2016 Presidential campaign... and hitting it out of the park.
    • The fact that when Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton saunters in playing his sax, Mc Kinnon embraces him and crows "The Clintons are back, baby!" Finally, instead of the long-suffering wife, we have a Hillary that's crazy enough to keep up with Bill.
    • In the 41st season premiere hosted by Miley Cyrus she plays Hilary getting drunk in a bar in a sketch opposite the real Hillary Clinton, playing "Val" a bartender. When "Val" tells her she's great for supporting gay marriage, McKinnon as Hillary says "she could have done it sooner."
    • Mc Kinnon's Hillary gets to meet Amy Poehler's Hillary in a dream sequence in the Christmas episode. When she tells Poehler!Hillary that they're running against Donald Trump, Poehler hits the floor in shock before jumping back up and squeeing.
    Mc Kinnon!Hillary: I KNOW!!!
  • From the Taraji P. Henson episode, the monologue turns into an upbeat gospel number named "I Made It", where Henson talks about breaking into the big time after having been in acting for about 20 years, and is joined by some of the SNL regulars chipping in about where they could have wound up if not for the good graces of Lorne Michaels.
    Taran: I could still be performing magic tricks for my parents' friends! (shows he can do that make-a-card-appear thing)
    Kenan: I could've been the oldest cast member of Good Burger 7!
    Pete: I could be a well-adjusted college sophomore!
    Vanessa: I could be the most famous Jewish person from Cleveland... J/K I AM!!
    Leslie: I could've straight up been in jail. (music cuts out, Taraji awkwardly ducks behind Leslie) Seriously, I have done some stuff. I shouldn't even be on tv because someone could recognize me and turn me in.
    Taraji: But you made it!
    Leslie: (cheery again) Yes I did! (music kicks back up again)
  • From the Scarlett Johansson episode, this gem from Weekend Update:
    Colin: It was reported that students from a school district in Tennessee were served meat that was 6 years old. Which raises the question... where's Tyler?
    (cut to Michael during audience's apprehensive reaction)
    Michael: Tyler's not real!
  • From the Reese Witherspoon episode, one sketch is about one of those game shows where you have to guess what someone is drawing - Reese and Bobby Moynihan are the competing couple with their celebrity teammate Reginald Veljohnson (Kenan Thompson). Bobby is given the card first - then he realises he could get into an arseload of trouble by drawing it. He's forced to pass it to Reginald, who sees what's on the card, and realises he can't draw it either. Reese has to take a wild guess based on the empty board in front of her... and nails the answer for her team. The answer on the card? The Prophet Muhammad.
    • Weekend Update has Leslie Jones talking about reviving the ancient art of writing the love letter - because the guy she's been trying to reach has blocked her on the usual social media channels.
      • In what might actually provide some genuine inspiration to people, Leslie reveals that her third letter was written to herself.
      Leslie: Dear Leslie Jones: What the hell is wrong with you? You're a New Yorker and you're on Saturday Night Live! (audience cheers) You need a man who can appreciate Leslie Jones for who Leslie Jones is: Tall, loud, and phenomenal in bed. (shit-eating grin)
      Colin: And humble.
      (Leslie just shoots him a Death Glare)
      • They put a deliberate spin on one of their recurring bits, with Cecily Strong and Reese Witherspoon as Two Girls You Wish You Didn't Start a Conversation With at a Party.
      GYWYDSACWAAP: This is my best friend Mackenzie...
      Mackenzie: And fingers crossed, her stepmom.
      Michael: A Tennessee woman celebrated her 21st birthday by performing 21 acts of kindness on people she'd never met... which is the politest way I've ever heard that put. (knowing look)
      Colin: A student at the University of South Carolina was arrested after poisoning her roomate's food with cleaning fluid. Said the roommate "Oh, so you DO know where the cleaning supplies are."
  • Weekend Update in the season finale touches on Deflategate one last time, and Taran returns as Tom Brady trying to dodge all the questions by being his usual charming self. Colin is clearly taken in while Michael has to be the Only Sane Man badgering Tom with the hard questions... until Tom mentions that his wife Gisele Bundchen also follows the show.
    Michael: W- wait, Gisele talks about me?!
    • From the Miscellaneous folder:
    Michael: Pablo Picasso's "Women of Algiers" was sold for a record breaking US$176 million, but I can get you a picture of lopsided titties for way less than that.
    Colin: A newly emplloyed professor at Boston University caused controversy when she called white males "the problem population". The professor later apologised saying "I'm as sorry as some basic ass latina."
    (cut to Michael clearly fighting corpsing - and failing)
    • There's a series tradition of sorts when Colin and Michael drag up a headline that had to be cut from a past episode:
    Colin: Ohio police arrested a woman for stabbing her man because he ate all their salsa. Though you'd be angry too if your boyfriend was "jalapeno"-business. (has the nerve to look sheepish over audience reaction)
    • The hot contender for showstopper of the season finale is a police lineup after a robbery outside the theater - with the problem that all of the suspects just happen to be theater actors, turning the lineup into a massive ham-apalooza. One guy (Taran Killam) brought his own headshot just in case; another one (Beck Bennett) says he loves the script even though it just says "let's make this quick, give me everything you've got, I have a knife".
    Beck: I just wanna make this clear, what's my motivation, is it a revenge thing or...?
  • From the 40th anniversary special: Jon Lovitz being accidentally listed in the montage of the SNL staff members (cast members, writers, technical crew members, and memorable guest stars) who died during the show's 40 years.
    "Somebody tell me Sia and I had the same stylist the whole time."
    • They do an anniversary-edition Weekend Update, this time with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Jane Curtin all returning to the desk:
    Tina: Viewers of Saturday Night Live span several generations, from the baby boomers to Generation X all the way to whatever you call the little dummies who are livetweeting this right now instead of watching it.note  Some of the hosts from past episodes as far back as 1975 are with us tonight, including one of the show's original producers, cocaine.
    Jane: Times have changed since I was first at this desk. For example, I was the only hot blonde on tv reading fake news. Now there's a whole network devoted to that. (picture shows Fox News)
    • They bring back Mike Myers and Dana Carvey for an all new Wayne's World, and do a new Top 10 list that somehow descends into taking potshots at Kanye West, who's really there that week - along with two security people to make sure he doesn't storm the stage again. (Except when the camera cuts to him too soon, showing he's clearly having a ball.) No. 2 on the list turns out to be Lorne Michaels himself, whereupon Wayne and Garth do their Lorne impressions complete with A Glass of Chianti - except that both of them sound more like Dr Evil.
  • Season 41 kicks off with Miley Cyrus pulling double duty as host and musical guest:
    • The monologue involves Miley's heartfelt rendition of the classic "My Way" like an In Memoriam, but to the memetic happenings that took up the summer of 2015, and specifically not in a good way. This is combined with a slew of impressions from the regulars - Vanessa as Rachel Dolezal, Taran as The Dentist Who Shot Cecil the Lion, Kate McKinnon as Martin Shkreli, and Bobby Moynihan as Jared Fogle - before whipping off the glasses to represent Josh Duggar.
    • One sketch parodies Grease with a high school ball and all the token stereotypes, like Taran as The Greaser and Kyle Mooney as the nerd. Newcomer Hal Rudnitsky is the Lovable Jock with his eye on the Sandy Expy played by Miley, and when the musical number that's clearly "We Go Together" starts up, everyone is paired off - until Miley smashes the rhythm over her knee with a Beastie Boys style gangsta rap instead.
    • From Weekend Update:
      • Kyle Mooney as Pope Francis (briefly foreshadowed during the monologue), who starts out by greeting Colin with a fist bump and exchanges chest thumps with Michael.
      • These quick quotes:
      Michael: Researchers have found the strongest evidence yet of flowing water on Mars. Unfortunately all the water fountains were marked Greens Only. (Disapproving Look) They got a long way to go on that planet too...
      Colin: A new poll shows that Dr Ben Carson and Donald Trump are leading the polls for Republican candidate, both tying at Too Many percent.
      Colin: Burger King is celebrating Halloween with a new black burger bun - but when I turn black for Halloween I'm (Air Quotes) "setting back race relations".
      Michael: (even more Disapproving Look) I beg you not to do that...
      Michael: Scientists have discovered a new breed of glowing sea turtle, the first example of glowing in reptiles... and this just in, it's been shot by a dentist.note 
      Michael: A man was arrested when he was caught masturbating in a Wal Mart parking lot. That's how low their prices are!
      Colin: In his defense, he was in the loading zone. (massive audience reaction)
      • Leslie Jones puts in an appearance, talking about a recent failed dalliance, and then affirming something the longtime viewers may or may not have been wondering at the time.
      Leslie: Nobody wants to read "I just ain't feeling you like that". And when I read, I read out loud. Even my Uber driver said "Damn, that's cold!"
      Colin: I gotta mention Leslie, every time you come in here, you're always flirting and acting like you wanna sleep with me, but you don't really feel like that...
      Colin: Leslie Jones, everybody!
      Leslie: HOW AM I BEING SUBTLE?!?!
  • Host Amy Schumer and Vanessa Bayer play two flight attendants who try to do a song and dance number to the Spice Girls "Wannabe" for the passengers but keep accidentally opening the door and hanging on to the side of the plane off screaming.
    Vanessa: Smile!
    Amy: ...why?
    Vanessa: So you look cute in the pictures!
    Amy: It takes pictures?
  • The return of Tracy Morgan:
    • The Democratic Debate cold open with the perfect casting of Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David (a former SNL writer) to play presidential candidate Bernie Sanders because the real Sanders looks and sounds just like him.
    • The "Extended Family Feud" sketch casts Tracy and Leslie Jones as a divorced couple who end up on opposite teams. After Kenan!Steve Harvey learns of their broken marriage, he does an excited little jig, in anticipation of the drama that could ensue. Two of the kids the couple had together (played by Sasheer Zamata and Jay Pharaoh) answer Harvey's questions by joining their mother in calling out their deadbeat dad, while the third (Michael Che) retreats to the happier, interracial opposing team.
    • He reprises the role of crazy animal expert Brian Fellows, in a segment that ends with a camel they brought on unintentionally blocking the camera.
  • Bill Hader as Clint Eastwood during the special Election episode.
  • From the Donald Trump episode, the filmed sketch centered around M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls", in which the women proudly commit several "bad" acts, such as:
    • Leslie Jones, Sasheer Zamata, and Kate McKinnon visit a restaurant, and when the maitre d' (Taran Killam) informs them that he can't seat them until all four members of their party have arrived, Leslie explains that the fourth member " just in the bathroom." As the maitre d' leads the three ladies to their table, Leslie reveals to the viewers where their friend really is: "The bathroom at her house!"
    • Vanessa Bayer goes grocery shopping with Bobby Moynihan, and when she puts a container of ice cream in the cart, he points out that he already picked one up. In response, she volunteers to put her container back...but leaves it in the bread aisle instead.
    • Kate McKinnon notices the toilet paper roll in the bathroom has gone empty, so...she silently removes her sock, then shrugs before supposedly using it to wipe herself.
  • "First Got Horny 2 U" a Backstreet Boys style parody but with all female members (Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant and guest Elizabeth Banks) singing about the men who first got them started masturbating when they were younger. Cecily's was Carson Daly, Kate's was Taylor Hanson (who's androgynous look made her realize she was gay), Elizabeth was Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny, Vanessa was the Menendez Brothers and Aidy was Robbie Sinclair from Dinosaurs.
  • The "Woodbridge High School Theatre" sketch (first shown on the Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon episodes in season 40), centred around a political avant-garde high school theatre production wherein the students, despite their pompous self-righteousness, clearly aren't as radical or well-informed about issues as they think they are, as lampshaded by their exasperated parents in the audience.
    • Kyle Mooney played a man supposedly dying in the street while nobody cared.
      Taran Killam: Oh no! There's been a death!
      Elizabeth Banks: Check his licence! What is his nerm?
      Taran Killam: It says...The Earth. [They pause, then the lights change and they do robotic dancing to a scene transition]
      Leslie Jones: [as one of the parents] Hell, no. Naw, naw... [walks off]
    • The entire cast sings a song about "who really runs the world".
      Cast: [sings] Who run the world? Whites! Who run the world? Whites! Who run the world? Whites!
      Kenan Thompson: [parent in the audience] Why would they do that scene, when they're all white? Just sounded like braggin'.
    • Aidy Bryant stands in the middle of a circle and combs her hair while the other student actors hum "Amazing Grace".
      Aidy Bryant: My momma used to brush my hair. Every night before bed. Just to get out the tangles. Then one night I went into her room and I said "Mom, I've got a bad tangle." But she was dead. So treasure your parents. Because [getting choked up] you never know when they won't be around to help you, with life's tangles. [Folds her hands over her chest and stares at the sky]
      Vanessa Bayer: [parent in the audience] What? I'm her mom. And I'm not dead. Also, she is such a bitch to me every day.
  • From the Matthew Mc Conaughey episode, "A Thanksgiving Miracle" a filmed sketch where a family arguing over politics and current events is stopped when a little girl plays Adele's new song "Hello" and they all suddenly start lip synching to the song. They start to dress like Adele and with hair, makeup, fur coat and walking outside and everything turns black and white like in the "Hello" video.
    • Adele was the musical guest that night and was laughing watching it backstage as seen in this photo.
    • The Star Wars: The Force Awakens auditions. Highlights include:
      • John Boyega (appearing As Himself) laughing at the idea of a black Stormtrooper, until he reads the script and realizes it's not a joke.
      • Maggie Smith (Kate McKinnon) auditioning as a Stormtrooper
      • George Lucas (Bobby Moynihan) trying to use the Force to get a Coke Zero (even though they only have Diet Coke)
      • David Beckham (Taran Killam) using BB-8 as a soccer ball and bending it.
      • Leslie Jones (appearing as herself) in Klingon make-up thinking she's auditioning for Star Trek and flipping out when the director tells her that she's auditioning for the wrong movie.
  • From the Ryan Gosling episode in early December:
    • The filmed short "Santa Baby" where a nice Christmas party in someone's home gets taken hostage by the new couple in the neighborhood who seem pleasant at first suddenly begin acting like they're straight out of Quentin Tarantino movie when think that Santa Claus is in the house and they demand to see him.
    • Also from the episode this sketch where three people from a small town are interviewed by the government about their Alien Abduction. Two of them (Gosling and Cecily Strong) have had beautiful, transcendent experiences where it felt like they saw god, while Kate McKinnon's middle aged, chainsmoking character talks about being in a room pantsless, forced to pee in a bowl and a line of 40 aliens look like The Greys took turns "batting her 'knockers' around". The other actors especially Gosling and Aidy Bryant as a government agent can't help but break character laughing at Kate's performance! Naturally, all of these actors (Gosling would actually return for this 2 years later) would reprise their roles for sketches about other unlikely encounters, such as a near-death experience or a trip to the North Pole.
    • The crossover between 2015's The Wiz Live! and 1939's The Wizard of Oz has, among other exchanges, the Dorothy from 2015 (Sasheer Zamata) asking the Scarecrow from 1939 (Ryan Gosling) if his friend, the Dorothy from 1939, can "whip, dab, and do the Nae Nae". After a *Beat*, the '39 Scarecrow answers, "Yeah, I have no idea what those words are." The '15 Dorothy and Tin Man (Jay Pharoah) explain that they're dance moves, and that the two of them and their friends do a lot of dancing. The '15 Cowardly Lion (Kenan Thompson) adds, "Yes, three hours' worth. Minus about 150 commercials!"
  • From the Chris Hemsworth episode in December.
    • The show starts with Will Ferrell as George W. Bush mocking the current GOP presidential candidates, including Jeb Bush, saying "You gotta admit, it's a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one."
    • Weekend Update starts out with Colin reporting that the $30 million ads sponsored by superpacs for Jeb Bush apparently "aren't going great". Cut to said ads, which are for some reason more like those Sarah McLachlan animal cruelty ads begging people to help Jeb Bush.
      Michael: (mild corpsing) Send money right away...
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      Michael: It was announced that Kendrick Lamar has received 11 Grammy nominations, which is the best news I've heard about a black guy getting something 11 times.
      Colin: (awkward pause when the camera cuts to him too soon) Cool!
      Colin: A former child star who voiced Charlie Brown in several Peanuts specials was imprisoned for 5 years for making criminal threats. All this despite the fact that he had access to affordable psychiatric care. (picture shows Lucy's psychiatrist booth)
      Michael: A woman was arrested for drunk driving, claiming she was looking for New Jersey. Though if you're drunk and driving around lost, you don't need to look for New Jersey. It was inside of you the whole time.
      • Kate McKinnon appears as German leader Angela Merkel, just announced as Time Magazine Person of the Year, who comes in making an awkward extended "Whoooo.... I am trying to celebrate but my body is rejecting it."
      Angela: (holding up a Time with the real Angela on the cover, rendered in oil painting) Look at my face! It looks like a bowl of oatmeal with two blueberries for eyes! And a smile that says 'Are we done here?' "[...]
      Colin: Now Donald Trump is very critical about you winning the title, he says you're ruining Germany...
      Angela: Of course he would. I guess he prefers the earlier stuff. (visibly braces herself for audience reaction)
      • Also appearing is Leslie Jones, who really sums up the important stuff with this one line:
      Man, you know I'm always tryin' to have sex with you, you think I hear you talk?
    • A group of women are having a galpal brunch talking about who their favorite male celebrity is, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd. One of them, "Claire" is very enthusiastic about Chris Hemsworth, when the other women try to move on she keeps going on about Hemsworth. When she leaves to go to the bathroom the woman played by Cecily Strong asks "Is our friend Claire really Chris Hemsworth in disguise?" The others at first think that's impossible until they realize they've never met her before! Claire comes back and continues to say how hot Hemsworth is and it's become increasingly obvious "she" is talking about himself. "Claire" finally takes off her wig and confesses he is Chris Hemsworth and that he did it because he's insecure. The other women assure him he's still a hunk except for Aidy who says "No this is bad and you're weird now!" The sketch's biggest visual Running Gag is that Hemsworth in drag is a very Paper-Thin Disguise.
  • From the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler show:
    • The Republican Presidential Debate on CNN. Ted Cruz (Taran Killam) stating that everyone who knows him hates him; Politico did a poll and he was voted the candidate most people wanted to throw a beer at.
    • Amy and Tina(playing herself) host a game show called "Meet Your Second Wife" where three men are introduced to the women who will become their second wives in the future. The first is currently just a 13 year old girl, whom Bobby Moynihan's character will leave his wife for when he becomes a successful novelist in seven years. The second is a five year old who Taran Killian will meet when she becomes an intern at his software company who was recommended by her college roommate, Killian's daughter. The last contestant played by Keenan Thompson (whose current wife Leslie Jones is sitting angrily in the audience) hopes his second wife isn't white but Cecily Strong walks out. At first he's relieved she isn't a child but Amy and Tina reveal that actually Cecily is three months pregnant with his future second wife and they show a sonogram of her!
  • From the Adam Driver episode:
    • The GOP debate on Fox in the Cold Open. Including the part where Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) reveals Jeb Bush's real first name on his birth certificate: Jeborah.
    • Kylo Ren becoming "Matt", the radar technician, in a parody of Undercover Boss. He doesn't try to hide his identity very well.
    • Adam Driver playing the host of a cat blooper show America's Funniest Cats with the unfortunate name of "Finn Raynal-Beads", which, according to his rant at the beginning of the sketch, is actually what the people behind the scenes call him and no one will admit who started it (his real name is Finn Reynolds).
  • The recurring sketch of Aidy Bryant as a little girl who appears in a porno and thinks she's in an actual school (in Hot for Teacher 8 in the Amy Schumer episode), a doctor's office (in The Doctor Is In...My Butt 4 in the Adam Driver episode) or the one where her babysitter ordered them pizza (in the Chance the Rapper episode).
  • From the Rhonda Rousey episode:
    • A merciless Take That! to The Bachelor-style dating shows, with Taran Killam as the titular "Bland Man" - but not quite as bland as all of the women, who are apparently required to go "Can I steal him for a second?", followed by "hmm... I like this". There's also the idea that Bland Man somehow managed to squeeze in something like 6 dates into 1 afternoon.
    Kate: (extended cackle) You're the funniest person I know, and I know two Jews!
    Cecily:It's just so hard... all the girls hate me because I'm so mean to them...
    Defence counsel (Taran): Your mother says that in the days that followed, the other kids ostracised you...
    Gavin (Pete): Yes sir. Kids called me The Chosen One, King of Everything, The Revenant, Three's Hump-any, Diary of a Pimpy Kid, Veloci-tapped-ér, and uh, My Man, but the way Denzel Washington says it...
    Taran: I'm sorry, "my man but the way Denzel"...
    Judge (Kenan): Let the record show, the defendant means... (So Proud of You look) My man. (fistbump)
  • February 6, 2016: Larry David is Bernie Sanders in Bern Your Enthusiasm, which reveals the "real" reason Bernie narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton during the Iowa primaries.
    • A sketch set at the FBI academy Shooting Gallery that use life like animatronic targets. A cadet played by Kenan does well figuring out which targets are dangerous criminals and which are innocent civilians but is immediately perplexed when a target (played by Larry David) dressed like in a neon orange suit, Cool Shades and a clunky cell phone from the 80s pops up and says "I'm Kevin Roberts and I'm the coolest bitch in town!". "Kevin Roberts" continues popping up, asking for a donut and declaring that he "just went to second base with a lady!" much to Kenan's dumbfoundment.
  • From the season 41 Melissa McCarthy episode:
    • "The Day Beyoncé Turned Black". For clarification, it's a parody trailer for a disaster-thriller movie about white Americans realizing Beyoncé is black in an exaggeration of reactionary white people thinking Formation was anti-white instead of proudly black. The raw anarchy is occasionally interrupted by a black person showing up and boggling at the ridiculousness going on, further emphasized by the movie's rating. NC-17 for white people, G for black people.
      • One has to wonder how many takes had to be taken to avoid mass Corpsing during this particular line.
      Man: Hot sauce in my... bag... swag? What does that mean?
      Other Man: Maybe... this song... isn't for us.
    • A deliberate parody of those movie campaigns where they record the test audience's reactions and use that for teaser promos, where Melissa is the only one going into a total freakout, up to and including ripping off Pete Davidson's top and trying to strangle him with it.
    • Weekend Update's interview with Rachel from Friends.
  • March 12, 2016, with Ariana Grande pulling double duty as host and musical guest:
    • The Hillary Clinton commercial, in which Hillary (Kate McKinnon) slowly transforms into Bernie Sanders.
    • Whenever the host doubles as musical guest, someone else is saddled with introducing the musical intermissions, and for added flavor it's one of the surprise guests. In this case it's Larry David... who somehow manages to flub it.
    • A sketch where Ariana plays Chloe, a shy intern at the Tidal music streaming service. The power breaks down and the supervisor(Kenan Thompson) gets Chloe to quickly fill in as they get the songs back online. Ariana does perfect singing impressions of Britney Spears, Shakira, Rihanna, Céline Dion, and Whitney Houston.
    • Later in a celebrity Family Feud sketch, she does a dead-on impersonation of Jennifer Lawrence.
  • A celebrity edition of Naked and Afraid featuring Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones, with Leslie Jones trying to eat Peter Dinklage by pouring hot sauce on him, Dinklage wondering why Leslie Jones hasn't been sued for sexual harassment due to her suggestive comments about Peter's body, Leslie trying to keep Peter warm in the tent, and the announcer stating that Peter is a better survivor than Leslie Jones because he did one thing no man has ever done: survive 21 days with Leslie Jones.
  • The Cold Open from the Russell Crowe episode is about Hilary Clinton (Kate McKinnon, natch) addressing a nasty string of electoral losses:
    Hilary: I don't even remember how many states I lost. Could be 2, maybe 3...
    Kenan: (dressed as a repairman) Ma'am, I'm here to fix the 7 holes in your wall.
    Richards (Sharpton): Please don't take this the wrong way, but I thought you were a little skinnier...
    Sharpton (Kenan): Well frankly Charles, I like myself this way. People say I look younger. (Aside Glance)
    • Russell appears as Henry VIII in an interactive museum exhibit, which is programmed a little too accurately - he keeps demanding that every woman coming near the exhibit "bear me a son!"
    Henry VIII: Open your legs and take my hot seed deep in your-
    Kenan: Hello!
    • Speaking of history, Russell appears as the third contestant on a dating game show, the joke being that he he's a strangely out of place German professor that's an Expy of Sigmund Freud (but less about psychology and more about, let's just say gynecology.)
    Russell: I grew up in a house full of many old women...
    Kenan: That just makes it worse!
    • Weekend Update has a lot of political stuff to go through this week:
      Colin: According to surveys, 70% of women have a negative view of Donald Trump, while the other 30% have no view at all after being pepper sprayed at one of his rallies.
      Michael: Bernie Sanders made an error when he said that people taking the New York subway still use tokens - but Bernie himself still uses tokens. At his rallies! (picture shows several token minorities behind Bernie) Oh, you were there.
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      Colin: A teenage girl is accused of stabbing a 13 year old boy on the subway after he called her ugly. So let that be a lesson to you kids - ugly girls are crazy.
      Colin: Apartment dwellers in Michigan are required to give a sample of their dogs' DNA to help determine which owners are not picking up after their pets. And after the analysis... well this is weird. It's OJ Simpson.
      Michael: I don't believe he did that either.[...]
      Colin: This week Rob Kardashian got engaged to model Black China. Incidentally "Black China" is what my granddad calls Rush Hour.
      • Kate McKinnon appears as Mrs Deenie (stated to be "Somebody's Mom" in her title card) talking about the recent The People v. O. J. Simpson finale, while eating something from a tupperware at the same time.
    Mrs Deenie: I was about to, but I spilled tuna casserole all over my frickin' clicker, and it kept on going to The People vs BJ Simpson, and I couldn't get out of it...
    Colin: What- what happened then?
    Mrs Deenie: Well, first of all, Too-Tan Guy and Dead-Eye started really railing into each other... It sounded like someone was plunging a toilet and getting real friction...
    Colin: And what show are you going to watch next?
    Mrs Deenie: Well I'm starting to watch that one with Dark Hair, Worrywart and Crazy Hair, and that one woman who looks like she wants to hit them all with her car.
    Colin: ...I'm guessing Seinfeld?
    Mrs Deenie: No, the election.
    • This week also debuts Leslie Jones as Shanice Goodwin: Ninja, a sendup of 80s action B-movies, where Leslie infiltrates a Russian mob hideout to rescue Vanessa Bayer... only the sketch is nearly derailed when Kenan (yes, the only black Russian mobster in existence) drinks something at the same time as Taran, but ends up coughing for some reason. The only reason the corpsing is stemmed early is because Kenan's character is Killed Mid-Sentence - the real joke is that nobody can see the ninja, a tall black woman who's larger than some of them.
  • The episode with Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who actually used to be on the cast donkeys' years ago):
    • The Cold Open is about the Democratic candidate debate on CNN, meaning that Larry David returns again as Bernie Sanders. And it's taking place in New York, as audience members with questions for the candidates include "actual New Yorkers" like Rachel Green (played by Vanessa Bayer) and Julia making an early appearance as Elaine!
    Elaine: Senator Sanders, you believe that the super-rich should pay more in taxes - wouldn't it be bad for actors who made a lot of money on a certain very successful sitcom?... Wouldn't it be even worse for the person who created said sitcom? Wouldn't he lose a LOT of money?
    • Pushing the envelope this week is a fake ad for one possible consequence of legalizing drugs - over-the-counter heroin. And the target demographic is rather disturbingly the working class (one's even a school bus driver!)
    Side Effects Include: It's heroin. So yeah, all of that.
    • Julia and Kate McKinnon are a pair of Long Island natives doing an informercial for Huge Jewelry, which is precisely what it says, excessive and trashy. Cecily comes in to model something that might be a better fit on Mr T, as she just barely says that it's "crushing her windpipe". And Aidy is modelling earrings so huge they need shoulder braces.
    "It's like my doctor said - earlobes are like your liver, you don't need 'em!"
    • Pete Davidson appears as his first recurring character, Chad, the emotionally detached millennial type who's just going through life and not really noticing it, and Julia is the suburban housewife who's employed him as pool boy while at the same time having an affair with him. Which is also just Chad going through the motions as always, as she has a conscience attack and breaks it off with him, and he just goes "okay" and goes back to cleaning the pool.
    Julia: I mean, what is this?!
    Chad: Your kitchen!
    • Forgotten Cinema Classics, hosted by Reese de'What (Kenan) covers the career of golden age star Maria Bartlet (Julia), who insisted on going completely method by hiding her lines in the props on the set, eventually mutating into an Overly Long Gag as illustrated by her co-stars (Taran and Kate) just standing around and waiting for her to find something... while "dying".
    Taran: We'll have to do something about my wife.
    Maria: (goes all the way to the window, reads off the shutters) What if she went... (rolls up the shutters and reads off the window) ...missing?
    • A fake commercial and massive Take That! to the idea of electric cars - the new Mercedes AA, named that because it runs on AA batteries. 9648 batteries, lining the doors and every available panel. At least the boot's still available, if only to hold spare batteries. And inflating the airbags during a crash will pelt the driver in the face with about 50 batteries at high speed. Yowch.
    • Weekend Update makes its stand clear with its comparison of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump:
      Colin: These two are practically cartoon opposites. Donald's wife is a model; Bernie's wife does his taxes. Donald spends 2 hours a day on his hair. Bernie's barber is the wind.
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      Colin: A new study shows that 40% of retired NFL players have signs of traumatic brain injury. The studies were conducted by looking at the suits they wear on tv.
      (cut to Michael actually corpsing)[...]
      Colin: The FBI has hired hackers to crack the Iphone belonging to the San Bernadino shooter; oh sure, but when I hire hackers to crack a phone I'm (Air Quotes) "too insecure to be in a relationship".
      Michael: At a town hall this week, John Kasich advised all females concerned with rape to "avoid parties where there's a lot of alcohol", which ironically is the kind of statement that will make a lot of women avoid his party. (picture shows the Republicans logo - which even more ironically flies clear over the audience's head. Cue corpsing from Michael and Colin laughing out loud from offscreen.)
      • Speaking of brain injury, Kenan and Jay put in an appearance as Charles Barkley and Shaquille o'Neal, talking about Kobe Bryant's last game:
      Shaq: Shaq can still play. Shaq can win a championship with Kobe.
      Charles: No you can not, Shaq! Look at you, it's like you're in a staring contest with yourself!... How many fingers am I holding up?
      Shad: (*Beat*) 44.
      Annie: Did you know that when the koala is born it's the size of a jelly bean; and when I was born I was the size of an Easter ham, and then my dad left!
      Colin: Annie, do you have any fun animal facts that are a little more fun?
      Annie: A little more fun? Well... cows can poop up to 16 times a day. I'm like catch up, cows! (really forced smile)
      Colin: Annie, are you okay?
      Annie: And you're gonna love this one, Che - iguanas have two penises, but I wouldn't know what to do with either one, right Daniel?!
      Colin: Who's Daniel?!
      Michael: And why do you think I would like that?... I mean I did, but how would you even know...
      • Cecily appears as the One-Dimensional Female Character from a Male Driven Comedy, who goes into a surprisingly detailed bit about one "scene" despite how much of the movie she's actually in:
      "Wow. I feel like I can really be myself around you, and go to a baseball game with you, and go get hot dogs without any help. Then on the way back I accidentally stick my butt in your friend's face, and then he'll get a boner and you accidentally touch it, then you'll both be on the Kiss Cam and I'll be out of the movie for the next 45 minutes. [...] I can't speak any more lines, or else they'll have to pay me like a man. (blacks out in her seat)"
    • A new game show set in the CVS pharmacy simply titled "Who Works Here?" The contestants (and possibly the audience) are the only confirmed customers here, and the goal is to identify the actual employees from among the usual denizens of CVS. For example, a woman in a vest that actually has "I Work Here" on a sticker turns out to be some vagrant off the street who vandalises the place daily, and Bobby Moynihan with a mullet and a too-tight top actually claiming "I work here!", who actually does work here - as a prostitute. Stealing the show regardless is Kate McKinnon dressed like she's from the 19th century, who turns out to have worked here 90 years ago, and now haunts the place.
    • "God Is a Boob Man" a parody of heavy-handed Christian films like God's Not Dead. Vanessa Bayer plays a baker named Beth who refuses to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple who sue her and force her to say "God is gay".
    Beth: They say we're bigots but Christians are the most oppressed group in this country!
  • From the Mothers' Day episode hosted by Brie Larson:
    • They hit the ground rolling from the Cold Open, as the first thing we see is the surprise guest, Dana Carvey as the Church Lady! The real main feature is still the election, so her first guest is "someone we've mentioned a lot of times here... Satan." Which is actually Ted Cruz (Taran Killam), who just bowed out of the race and claims he's free to "explore his dark side", attempting an Evil Laugh on his way out. The next guest is Donald Trump (Darrel Hammond), who just got the nomination for Republican candidate, saying that he's now looking for a running mate... which naturally triggers the Church Lady's "could it be... SATAN?!"
    • Mrs Rafferty and Sharon (Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong) are back, with Brie as their number three friend as they're being interviewed this time by medical experts (Aidy Bryant and Bobby Moynihan) about somehow coming Back from the Dead after their car went into a lake. While Sharon and Brie were gently lifted from their bodies by angels, Mrs Rafferty ended u with someone called Keith who dragged her roughly by her pants, eventually leaving her pantsless "with my fun bun and mud gun hangin' out." And the other two got to see their loved ones again, while Mrs Rafferty was accosted by a dozen dogs and "a gaggle of cold snouts sniffin' my drainer and my stainer." Aidy's voice can barely hold up after that.
    • Weekend Update starts out by dissecting Trump's presidential credentials:
      Colin: The first thing Trump promised to do upon securing the nomination was that he would start behaving "so presidential"... and during Cinco de Mayo he tweeted a picture of himself eating a taco bowl. First of all, "taco bowl" is what Trump would call a hot tub with Mexicans in it - secondly, he's eating atop a stack of newspapers like the world's most presidential hamster, and he's giving the sort of thumbs-up you'd see from a brain-damaged boxer.
      Michael: (corpsing) Let's take a look at that office for a minute. He's got rolls of blueprints in the corner like he's Howard Hughes; he's got framed photos of himself stacked three-deep; and he's got two Donald Trump bobbleheads flanking what I assume is a tiny Oscar he made for himself for Home Alone 2.
      • Other headlines include:
      Colin: Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner is set to appear nude in the upcoming Sports Illustrated. It's the kind of brave and bold choice that makes me think I shouldn't have gotten my grandpa that subscription.
      Colin: The Olympic torch is set to enter Rio, where Olympic runners will be carrying it dressed in their national outfit. (picture shows a hazmat suit) I mean c'mon, Rio, what's going on? Your stadiums aren't finished, the water is poisoned, your president just got impeached, and instead of Olympic medals they're already giving out the Zika virus. At this point I think they should deal with it the Brazilian way... just tear it off at the roots (audience already laughing) and start over nice and smooth. (another *Beat*) Maybe leave a landing strip so people can fly in and out. Anyway, happy Mothers' Day. (audience applauds)
      Michael: A man in Florida was arrested for trying to steal a baby python from a pet store by stuffing it down his pants. But it's not what you think; the python was to help him remove the gerbil in his ass.
      Colin: (nearly corpsing) It's a good idea... A baby in China was born with 31 fingers and toes... so it's safe to say he's going to be pretty good at math.[...]
      Michael: A new report shows that eople are moving out of Puerto Rico at a record 230 people a day. And somehow they all moved into the apartment above me. (annoyed look)
      • Due to a recent case of someone actually using the n-word during the White House correspondents' dinner, Sasheer Zamata appears to talk a little about how such slurs have affected her. The overall message is... admittedly overshadowed by all her corpsing during one of her longest spiels to date, but eventually ends takes on a positive tone.
      Sasheer: The thing is, there were more white people upset about it than black people, and white people are the reason that word is bad. [...] You can make any word sound bad. If the word McGriddle was linked to slavery we'd all feel bad about that too. [...]
      Colin: Can I still say "McGridda"?
      Sasheer: NO! (both end up corpsing for a bit) I've been called McGriddle once in my life; this dirty pickup truck pulled up to me and this greasy white man yelled "Yall McGriddles need to get on a boat and get your black asses back to McDonalds'!"
      Colin: So McDonalds' is Africa.
      Sasheer: Yes. (corpsing again) I'm trying to make this analogy work...
      • Pete Davidson shows up to talk about his mother, a single parent since he was 8, and a school nurse as well, allowing her to be overprotective to an added level by getting him out of scoliosis checks and hearing checks.
      Colin: So you never had your hearing checked?
      Pete: No, I got this sweater from Wardrobe.
    • A sketch not putting Brie in a lead role spoofs a recent development on Game of Thrones, specifically the death of Jon Snow. Naturally the whole thing is a gag about Like You Would Really Do It, with Davos (Taran) and Melisandre (Kate) pondering over what to do with the guy in question (Melisandre is actually waiting for them to cut to Kings' Landing), with Brie and Cecily the only ones going Get On With It Already.
    Melisandre: Now I shall throw his hair into the fire, one strand at a time...
    Kenan: PICK UP! THE PACE! WOMAN!!!
    • A sketch about a quiz show is set in the very near future of 2018. Apart from rather disturbingly predicting Trump winning, flying cars and transgenders are now commonplace, but for some reason the question of who came in second behind Donald Trump completely eludes the future people. Not because of an Un-person thing, just... very easily forgettable.
    Brie: I'm going to use my final lifeline.
    Host (Cecily): Ok, here it is: Heidi, he's YOUR HUSBAND.note 
    • A new slew-of-impressions sketch involves bringing back long-passed singers to do more contemporary hits, in a new album "Dead Bops" promoted by Bing Crosby (Beck), with acts like Roy Orbison (Taran) with Justin Bieber's "Sorry", Eartha Kitt (Sasheer) with "Bitch Better Have my Money", and the real highlight, Brie as Lesley Gore delivering "Dance Ass" in 60s songbird style... which still has to be bleeped out enough to give Crosby pause.
  • Drake returns to pull double duty as host and musical guest this season:
    • Weekend Update cuts to the vein with the news about Donald Trump posing as his own publicist John Miller, something they revisit in a Cold Open the next season, but this time there's proper audio to be heard:
      Colin: Exhibit A... I've only heard the word "tremendously" used twice - from Donald Trump, and in recordings of Donald Trump.[...]
      Michael: If only there's a way for Donald Trump to prove that John Miller is an actual person... Oh, how about you show us John Miller's birth certificate? Don't you got a guy that can do that, huh? (audience cheers)
      • From the miscellaneous folder:
      Michael: Specialists in New Zealand are warning the public to stay away from an active volcano that is showing signs of activity, in the form of whispers of "Ohhh I'm so close!"
      (cut to Colin seriously holding it in)[...]
      Colin: A man collapsed in Oregon and was saved when the local Dominos' realised he hadn't placed his regular order and sent a driver to check on him. It's all part of Dominos' new slogan: You Die When We Say You Die.
      • Kate appears as Olya Povlatsky:
      Olya: I mean, you guys have Trump but you call Putin crazy? That is like pot calling all my toes black... At least our guy is jacked. Have you seen that photo of him shirtless on a horse? Yum yum yum...
      Colin: Wait a sec, you think Putin's sexy?
      Olya: No, I think that horse looks delicious, I'm starving Colin...
      Colin: What do you think of Putin calling Trump a genius?
      Olya: Please, when Putin call you "genius" it is not compliment. That is like my poop saying "you know who smells good? Olya." (*Beat*) Also oh my god, poop, why are you so gray?!
      Colin: T... thank you for the visual...
    • We get a new "Black Jeopardy" sketch, and Drake is not only the But Not Too Black contestant but deliberately plays up the Canada, Eh? for this one.
    Drake: Black people live all over the world, you can't just put us all in one category.
    Kenan: Maybe so... I'm gonna let you tell that to our American police.
    • The final sketch is a high school prom where Drake plays one of the chaperones, except for some reason he's dressed like Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and all the while he's encouraging everyone who comes near the punch bowl to get out there and dance with the one they had their eye on, including the guy in a wheelchair, all while reminiscing about his own bad choices earlier in his life - which for some reason involves stuff like advising OJ Simpson on doing his iconic football plays differently, rather than yknow, not killing anyone.
  • From the 41st season finale with returning cast member Fred Armisen as host:
    • The Cold Open covers Hilary Clinton (Kate McKinnon again) nailing the Democrat nominee position, and celebrating at the very same bar that Bernie Sanders (Larry David again) is not-celebrating the same thing. Rather than a massive gloat-fest, Hilary and Bernie take the opportunity to work out their differences without the shadow of the election over them for once.
    Bernie: I'll have a beer - something new and revolutionary, something that draws huge crowds.
    Hilary: And I'll have whatever beer no-one likes but gets the job done.
    • Surprise guest Andy Samberg, or should we say Conner4Real, heads a new digital short, a music video for the most ridiculous Ripped from the Headlines dance club track you may ever hear.
    • We get another surprise guest, Jason Sudeikis, though the real focus is on Fred as one of his past characters, Regine, the incredibly pretentious and more sensitive girlfriend. What follows is functionally a makeout session when the slightest touch causes Regine to twitch and stretch all the way across the couch, leaning across Aidy to reach Vanessa from a different seat, and both Vanessa and Aidy are fighting corpsing before it's over.
    • They do a parody of Dead Poets Society called "Farewell Mr. Bunting". After all is said and done, the other students look absolutely horrified and shocked, but Beck Bennett's character (who just had a torrent of blood spray directly into his face and mouth) only shows a placid, emotionless Thousand-Yard Stare.

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