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Luke Hemsworth (born 5 November 1980 in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian actor.

Known mainly for his assorted roles in Australian film and television, he appeared on the soap opera Neighbours sporadically through 2001 and 2008 as the characters Nathan Tyson & John Carter.

As of 2016, he's currently starring on the HBO series Westworld as Ashley Stubbs.

He is the eldest brother of actors Liam and Chris Hemsworth.


Selected filmography:

He provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Casting Gag: His cameo in Thor: Ragnarok as an actor portraying his brother Chris's character Thor in a play. Doubly so, as their other brother Liam was originally up for the part.
  • Lesser Star: In the sense that, despite being the eldest Hemsworth brother and the one who's been acting professionally the longest, he's easily the one who's least known to the general public. With his role on a hit show like Westworld, however, it's possible he'll breakout on his own terms.


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