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Anon e Mouse Jr. is a troper and fanfiction writer with a love of many, many works. His creations include The Differentverse, starring six of his favorite ponies as the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, and he is a co-writer of Evilhumour's The Powers That Be multiverse and the multi-author The Infinite Loops project, having gotten his start in The MLP Loops, contributed to many others, and ultimately inherited The Disney Loops from their original compiler.


He has often daydreamed of what it would be like to have special powers; among the ones he'd most want are Flight, for the freedom it represents, and the powers of the Castle-Castle Fruit, which (among other things) creates a pocket dimension inside the user resembling the inside of a building (which can be altered as necessary by the user's thoughts); he feels that such a space would be very useful for storing his book collection and other possessions.

He has kept track of a lot of tropes and works, including but not limited to the following pages; some have remained more relevant to his interests than others:

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    Works, part 1 — 141 

  • Tabletop Game: Clue

    Works, part 2 — Literature, 67 

    Literature, in development by me or a friend - 64 

Plans are on Sandbox.Anone Mouse Jr or Sandbox.Jacoby Investigative . Trope counts are accurate as of about 6 AM, 02/11/22.

Bruce Coville (4)

Miscellaneous (3)

Mysteries (27)

Mysteries (30)

    Works, part 3 — fan fiction, 137 

    Tropes - 508