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Graham Masterton, born in 1946 in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a prolific writer in several genres who is most famous for his voluminous output of horror stories. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, he edited the UK editions of men's magazines Penthouse and Playboy. Quite possibly as a spin-off of this career, he wrote hack sex comedies and several volumes of sex manuals, something he has cheerfully never tried to disguise or conceal as an embarrassing reminder of what he did to earn a living before his literary career really took off.


Significant works by this author include:

  • The Manitou series:
    • The Manitou (1976)
    • The Djinn (1977)note 
    • Revenge of the Manitou (1979)
    • Burial (1991
    • Spirit Jump (short story; collected in anthology Faces of Fear) (1996)
    • Manitou Blood (2005)
    • Blind Panic (2009)
    • Plague of the Manitou (2015)
  • the Night Warriors series:
    • Night Warriors
    • Death Dream
    • Night Plague
    • Night Wars
    • The Ninth Nightmare
  • the Rook series:
    • Rook
    • Tooth and Claw
    • The Terror
    • Snowman
    • Swimmer
    • Darkroom
    • Demon's Door
    • Garden of Evil
  • the Sissy Sawyer series:
    • Touchy and Feely (based on the Beltway snipers)
    • The Painted Man (also published as Death Mask)
    • The Red Hotel
    • the Nathan Underhill series:
    • Basilisk
    • Petrified
  • the Katie Maguire series

  • the Harry Erskine series

  • Standalone novels:


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