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This Very Wiki has so many funny moments, we even had to split the page! This one holds the funny moments of example pages; for others, see: Funny.TV Tropes

See also Made of Win.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since anyone can edit this wiki, a lot of the Funny Moments listed here may have been removed or changed (especially if they would technically be considered Natter). Please keep that in mind while reading and/or editing this page.


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    Examples (trope pages) 
  • On A Boy and His X:
    * Digimon, Pokémon, Monster Rancher and a slew of others make up A Boy and His Mons.
  • In the Real Life folder of Shaped Like Itself:
    ** Several anti-drug campaigns now feature the term "alcohol and illegal drugs..." However, this is just as bad: these ads are targeted towards minors, to whom alcohol is an illegal drug... Largely this can be said to be a form of Stealth Cigarette Commercial: the term "drugs" has been so linked, morally to "illegal drugs" that even anti-drug groups are shy about associating things like Alcohol and Tobacco with the phrase, even though they both meet the technical requirements.
    *** Ah, so 'legal' drugs are ok. Pass me that benzadrine.
  • The Lockon/Tieria entry on the anime Ho Yay page.
    • Also, from that same page:
    First season of the anime is in the can, and I just have to say, 07-Ghost has the highest Ho Yay density of any non-porny show I have EVER SEEN. It's "Over Nine Thousaaaaand!"
  • On the All Animation Is Disney page, when one of the users comment on how the infamous Ella Enchanted movie was mistaken for a Disney film. After stating the company, he/she stated that it will also make Kill Bill a Disney movie as well.
  • This from the Real Life section of the Gone Horribly Wrong page:
    * TV Tropes! This was supposed to be a repository for medical information so doctors could cure any disease in the world, and now look at it!
    ** It was worth it.
    *** We did what we had to do.
  • Go to I Thought It Meant and look up Light Is Not Good. Go on, we'll wait...
  • Paranoia Fuel once had a byplay about the 'facehuggers' from Alien.
  • The Page Image for Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Great for a quick chuckle.
  • The Break the Haughty entry on Jool from Farscape once had a typo that can make readers nearly collapse:
    ...having to slog through a waist high swamp of incest feces.
  • The following entry on the Hard Gay page:
    * MANnosuke from Touhou Project fanon.
    "Why LOOK at ARMPITS when you can LOOK at MANPITS!"
    "Who needs FANservice when you can have MANservice!"
    ** Geez, that sounds like a Powerthirst ad...
  • Found on Ax-Crazy:
    Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter, a Complete Monster whose love of Cold-Blooded Torture exceeds even Voldemort's. In fact, there are numerous occasions where Voldemort decides he has to stop Bellatrix from killing anyone (admittedly because killing them would ruin some plan of his, rather than out of any actual mercy, but even so...)
    Oh, sure. 'Cause only Voldie can hold her back, right?
  • The page for Mathematician's Answer has a joke where a helicopter pilot has gotten lost in the fog, eventually gets near to a skyscraper, and holds a sign up to the people inside, asking where he is. They answer "You are in a Helicopter". However, this is claimed to be useful, because:
    "... a skyscraper filled with people who all play by this trope can only be the Microsoft tech support building."
  • From the Sissy Villain page:
    * Cobra Commander of G.I. Joe, often described as a "faceless effeminate screechy man." Where other villains go into rages, Cobra Commander throws hissy fits.
    ** Hell, his threat level seems to be based on how deep his voice is.
  • The film section for the Narm page has this to say about Titanic (1997):
    ** Two words: Billy. Zane. His performance is a special kind of genius — the unintentional kind. In one scene, Cal starts shooting at Jack and Rose as the ship is sinking. As one critic put it, "Oh no! I hope he doesn't shoot them! They might drown!"
  • From the Man, I Feel Like a Woman page:
    Keiichi from Ah! My Goddess went through the transformation in an episode where he was working with Urd's potion ingredients. He checks his new... bumpers in the trope-specified way, then discovers he is still male from the waist down... and his lower half is pretty excited about the additions on the upper floors.
  • Most of the stuff on the Literature section for Narm. Especially...
    * "Sucks to your ass-mar!" from Lord of the Flies.
    ** Quite a bit of ''Lord of the Flies' is rendered Narmful because some of the descriptions sound suspiciously sexual. Freud Was Right!
    *** A bunch of boys naked on an island saying things like "sucks to your ass-mar". What do you mean, it's not homoerotic?
  • Soundtrack Dissonance page FTW:
    Asuka: Shinji, you suck.
    Shinji: Yeah? Well, let's see how you feel after I strangle you. Cue the light, happy jazz-pop!
    Toastyfrog's End of Evangelion: Thumbnail Theatre
  • A lot of the stuff on the Dub Text page. Here are a few notable instances:
    ** Sailor Moon: The dub also accidentally created the Unusual Euphemism "talented" for "breast size". The characters were trying out for the play Snow White and Makoto says she should be chosen because of her breasts. The dub version had her refer to her being the most talented instead, but didn't edit the gesture that made it abundantly clear what Lita (dub name for Makoto) meant by talented.
    *** Makoto is indeed... talented.
    *** Some food for thought: A talent is roughly 60 lbs., or 27 kg.31 (Babylonian Mesopotamian), and 33kg (Roman) to Hebrew measurements with the New Testament Jewish weight of 60kg! So you get a variance of 26-60kg or 57-133lbs! Now the real questions becomes "Is that how each one weighs individually?") Real Life example: Gigantomastia!
    *** While she is talented, she's NOT THAT (ahem) talented.
    ** Then there was the scene where the villain Mimete's bare leg is bopping up and down from off screen which pans to reveal that she's... playing twister. In the dub this scene is even saucier as Mimete's voice actress makes all sorts of sultry moans during it.
    ** Neflyte's reaction upon seeing Sailor Moon transform for the first time:
    Neflyte: "I watched while you changed. It was fascinating."
  • From Yaoi Fangirl: Haruna Saotome in Negima! Magister Negi Magi. At the start of chapter 183, she even drags Negi to a convention with her. Of course, he is too innocent to realize what he's picking up.
    Negi: What's this? This man is naked and...
    Haruna: It's kind of hard to get regular people to understand our hobbies. Right Chisame-san?
    Chisame: Then don't friggin' bring 'em-!!
  • This entry under Bears Are Bad News:
    * A group of armed militants in Kashmir stopped to have some pudding in a cave hideway...shared by a bear. The bear killed two and severely injured a third.
    * To clarify, the cave was shared, not the pudding.
    * Note: This may be why the bear attacked.
  • This entry concerning "Earthshock" on Take That, Scrappy!:
    ** In an extra on the DVD version of "Earthshock", Adric survives the spaceship crash, lands on prehistoric Earth... and is promptly eaten by a Tyrannosaurus. A detatched Cyberman head remarks, "Excellent".
    *** ...suuuuuuuure.
  • Found on Yaoi Fangirl:
    Internet example: If yaoi fangirls were dragonflies, this site (the Kingdom Hearts section in particular) would be a summer pond the size of Texas.
  • Found on Would Hit a Girl, the obligatory Warhammer 40,000 example :
    Anyone engaging in Close Combat with the Sisters of Battle in Warhammer 40,000.
    Blessed Emperor, why must that instantly inspire terrible period jokes?
  • This, from the Unstoppable Rage page:
    * Neon Genesis Evangelion. Long story short, do not get the Humongous Mecha mad at you. Ever.
    ** Because it will EAT you, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
  • On the Dark Is Not Evil page, in the Real Life section:
    Black Pope is not a new movie starring Martin Lawernce.
  • On the Scenery Censor page, discussing the pilot for Firefly, the Pot Holes:
    * An interesting variation of this pops up in the pilot when River climbs out of the box. Though you don't see anything from the first few shots, the camera then switches to a far-off, wide-angle shot of the entire bay that shows River very clearly, in which nothing is covering her up, but the camera is so far off that you can't see anything distinct about her.
  • The beautiful nature of this Reality Subtext example cannot be denied:
    * Supposedly Rachel Green's pregnancy was written into the plot of Friends because Jennifer Aniston expressed her plan to start a family with Brad Pitt.
    ** The same Joey's broken arm in another episode.
    *** He expressed a plan to start a family with Brad Pitt?
  • This is probably the best thing on the Beam Me Up, Scotty!:
    * "The only traditions of the Royal Navy are rum, sodomy and the lash." — Sir Winston Churchill never said this; his personal secretary, Anthony Montague-Browne, said that although Churchill did not say this, he wished he had.
    ** Note that the British Navy abolished the practice of flogging in 1948, and that rum rations were discontinued in 1970. The modern navy runs on sodomy, and sodomy alone.
  • This bit from Nostalgia Ain't Like It Used To Be:
    * Almost ubiquitous in the message of political "culture warriors"; apparently, all the evils of the world came to America along with the Beatles.
    ** The Fab Four Horsemen of the Applepocalypse!
  • From Misplaced Nationalism:
    To a non-American, a Yankee is an American. To an American, a Yankee is a Northerner. To a Northerner, a Yankee is a Northeasterner. To a Northeasterner, a Yankee is a New Englander. To a New Englander, a Yankee is a Vermonter. To a Vermonter, a Yankee is someone who has pie for breakfast.
  • The title of For the Evulz, as well as some of the stuff on the page. The following probably takes the cake:
    * The Wizard of Oz: The Wicked Witch of the West, opening the door to severe Leather Petticoating.
    ** Hey, bitch stole her shoes - that shit don't fly in the merry old land of Oz.
  • This gem from No Such Thing as Space Jesus:
    * Averted in the Cthulhu Mythos. While the Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods are "merely" immensely powerful extradimensional entities, they are often referred as gods and worshipped by various cults (after all, what else do you call something like Yog-Sothoth, who is eternal, omniscient and pretty much all-powerful, not to mention completely unbound by our 4-dimensional universe?).
    ** To his face, probably something like "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR MY BRAIN HURTS".
  • From the Disposable Love Interest page, this "explanation" for why Batman has a different girlfriend in every movie:
    Every Batman movie has a new girl for the Batmeister who will only get mentioned if she's lucky. Catwoman probably eats them.
  • From the "Better Than It Sounds: Video Games N-Z" page: The Sims 2: The same group of people's descendants are placed into the hands of the same god, who now can bring fates worse than the plagues of egypt upon them. Death itself occasionally ignores their corpse and watches their telly''.
  • This bit of Stealth Parody from Five-Token Band:
    The Land Before Time is notable (and was quite controversial at the time) for being the first major franchise to feature a cast comprised of five different dinosaur species: Littlefoot, an Apatosaurus; Cera, a Triceratops; Ducky, a Saurolophus; Petrie, a Pteradon; and Spike, a Stegosaurus. In fact, even though the films consistently establish "Longnecks" as the most important characters, and even despite the embarrassingly stereotypical speech patterns and muteness of Petrie and Spike, respectively, credit really must be given for the portrayal of the different species existing in relative equality and harmony. Complaints continue to issue forth, however, from various "Three-Horn" advocacy groups, who insist that Triceratops are not the loud-mouthed, opinionated trouble-makers portrayed in the films, and that they do not disagree with everything everybody says.
  • The old description of Henry Kissinger on the Kavorka Man page. Mainly the last sentences.
  • From Disproportionate Retribution:
  • From the Crotch-Grab Sex Check page:
    * Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: The president is a friendly guy. So friendly, in fact, that upon meeting bishounen hero Raiden, he decides to greet Raiden with a friendly cup check to make sure he's not a chick.
    ** An extremely elongated, gentle cup check. You know you've been playing Metal Gear too long when things like that stop seeming strange.
    ** The above picture is a fan's version of this very scene.
  • The Noodle People page's description of the Na'vi:
    They're basically 12-foot-tall, hairless, blue, bipedal lemurs.
  • This little bit from the Real Life folder of Inconvenient Itch:
    * Yeast infections: proof that God is real and a sadist.
  • This exchange on Eats Babies:
    In the Hellsing television series, it appears as though Incognito enjoys stewed babies. Possibly; it is a little hard to tell what exactly he's eating there, but it sure looks like stewed babies.
    Wait, how do you know what stewed babies look li- ohhh...
  • From the New Media Are Evil page:
    * CSI: Miami had an episode ("Cyber-lebrity") where a girl's entire life seems ruined because of a photo (not even showing nudity) of her posted on the Internet. To the point where people are trying to kill her. Then they go after Horatio, uncovering confidential information within minutes, because It's A Small Net After All. And Flashmobs show up with a speed and fanatical interest over said girl that, in real life, wouldn't happen if Britney Spears was french-kissing Lindsay Lohan buck naked on top of a circus trapeze in the middle of Times Square with dancing leprechauns doing the macarena in time to music supplied by the Rolling Stones. At noon on a weekday.
  • From the Once More, with Clarity! page:
    The Prestige had a montage near the end that revealed—ahem—that would be telling, and a magician never tells his secrets.
  • Following the links between I Like Swords, Welcome to Corneria and 8-Bit Theater (which named those tropes). Each page links to or ends with or incorporates the others, or puts them on the page image or in the page quote until you go in an I-like-swords-welcome-to-Corneria-loop FOREVER. It's like linkception.
  • From Apathy Killed the Cat:
    A trope is you! Do you know how your computer works? You might know it involves ones and zeros, maybe some HTML and Java, but that's it.
    Averted! The majority who use computers are curious enough to gather a lay understanding, but believe it or not, just like automotive mechanics and the physics of the combustion engine, knowing the details are not crucial to your survival! Not knowing won't kill any cats.
    Unless you get captured and interrogated by a Serial Killer who really, really likes computers and really, really hates cats.
  • This bit for Willow's glorious, marvelous, wonderful example of Flaying Alive in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Fan Nickname: Willow the Vampire Flayer.
    • The troper in question deserves a date with her for that one.
  • From the Misaimed Marketing page:
    A Golgo 13 kewpie. A GODDAMN GOLGO 13 KEWPIE. A GOLGO, THE DEADLIEST ASSASSIN IN THE WORLD. KEWPIE. Not that the Devilman and Sirene kewpies are any less insane, but c'mon.
  • From the Beat Still, My Heart page:
    * This, along with many other horrifically violent happenings, occurs in the first 10 minutes of the anime, Elfen Lied.
    ** Anybody else notice where it landed? Granted, it had no actual force of impact, and so it probably didn't physically hurt the unlucky target, but smart money says that guard couldn't get it up again for weeks.
  • Found on the Ambiguously Gay page under Code Geass:
    ** Not to mention Kanon himself, who is quite pretty and expresses more concern for Schneizel than an advisor should for a boss. Side materials state that he's a crossdresser who had a hard time getting a job until Schneizel hired him for his talents and didn't mind his peculiar tastes.
  • From the Monochrome Casting page:
    Dawson's Creek. No black people, even in the Boston episodes.
    Except the High School principal and his daughter, played by black actors.
    They had black people being portrayed by black actors? Will wonders never cease.
  • Here is one from the Dirty Cop page:
    Roger from American Dad! turns into a dirty cop when he joins the police force in one episode... about three hours after joining, no less.
    Took him that long?
  • This gem from the Walking Shirtless Scene page:
    * Apparently Aladdin couldn't afford buttons for his vest. Or a shirt.
    ** Or nipples.
    ** He can't afford anything:
    I steal only what I can't afford
    That's everything!
    ** Are you saying Aladdin stole his nipples?
  • Most of the stuff in the Wall Banger pages, just because of how some of it's worded. For example, consider the following from the films section:
    WALL•E: A sudden, huge wallbang moment that nearly got this troper kicked out of the theater. In the final bits of the movie, a spaceship generating its own artificial gravity IS SHOWN TO TIP TO THE SIDE BECAUSE EVERYONE MOVED TO THAT SIDE. Like a boat on the sea. Despite the fact that they were in a vacuum. Because that's how gravity works in deep space. Seriously. My brain tried to crawl out and cry in the bathroom.
  • From the Dull Surprise page:
    * In the Twilight film, Bella certainly has a collection of such emotions.
    ** Why don't her eyebrows move? WHY DON'T HER EYEBROWS MOVE?!
    ** Is... Is she actually acting? Or is she just really queasy all the time?
    *** From what I understand, both main actors hate the series now, but only an idiot would turn down the biggest movie role since Harry Potter. So, in short, the latter.
    *** Robert Pattinson actually preferred doing more obscure movies before Harry Potter. That was, arguably, one of his first big roles. He had no idea what he was getting himself into with Twilight.
    *** A chance to kiss Kristen Stewart and a shit load of money?
    *** Having no choice but to kiss Kristen Stewart and still not enough money to make it worth it.
  • From the Purity Sue page under Smallville:
    ** Which turned out be the case. To top it all off, she marks her departure from the show by becoming a God-Mode Sue with powers equal to Clark's. Suetiful to the last.
    *** Not just equal, but she also radiates Kryptonite. Making her the most lethal person in the entire world to Clark. Yes folks, that is right, Lana Lang is now the one person in the entire world, who if the circumstances made it so, could slaughter pre-Superman in a fight. If you'll excuse me, there's a wall that my cranium has an appointment with.
  • This enigma from Trope Names for a Band (under Dronejam):
    Is it even possible for a band to be better than they sound?
  • The entire Crack Pairing page is friggin' hilarious, but this bit from the Harry Potter section is absolutely fantastic:
    ** Just for the sake of curiosity, are there any Dobby/Grawp fics out there?
    • And to make it even better, that's in the middle of the section — the search for a pairing not yet thought of in the Harry Potter fandom continues (in utter vain).
  • From Eyes Do Not Belong There:
    * Nobody mentioned Fullmetal Alchemist? Several of the Homunculi qualify for this. The manga version of Envy turns into a monster-thing with screaming faces randomly scattered across its body. Pride has a Living Shadow full of eyes. And mouths. And he's based on Father's original form, a blob of shadow with a single eye and mouth; Father eventually turns into a walking, eye- and mouth-covered man made of shadows. He doesn't even bother to form a normal face, having a single enormous eye and a too-wide mouth where his head would be. Yeesh.
    ** So he/they are living eyeshadow?
  • Some of the examples on "The Reason You Suck" Speech page are really funny.
  • The following from the Dramatic Unmask page:
    * The Phantom of the Opera, especially the silent film.
    ** Although, in the most recent film adaptation, many people found the unmasking during "The Point of No Return" more Narm than drama.
    *** IT'S TERRIBLE, HE HAS A BAD SUNBURN! Christine, run!
  • Formerly from the All There Is To Know About The Crying Game page, before the page became a disambiguation:
    That's it. I can't keep it a secret any longer. Count Dracula is a vampire, an undead creature from folklore that drinks the blood of the living.
  • From the Video Games section of Heterosexual Life-Partners:
    The countries Canada and USA in eRepublik have a treaty that says they will "never give up on each other, never let each other down, and never run around or desert one another."
    ...did I just get rick rolled by a treaty?
  • From the Fridge Horror page:
    * One Pizza Hut commercial had Miss Piggy cheerfully biting into a slice of pepperoni.
    ** Or ordering the Grand Slam at Denny's, which is served with sausage or bacon.
    ** To be fair, Miss Piggy is made out of felt.
    *** To be fair, so is the food at Denny's.
    *** Oh snap.
  • From Signature Style:
    C-Could it be? The — the Super Smash Bros. Brawl daily site updates!! Oh! Masahiro Sakurai, the game's master of ceremonies, writes in a heartwarming, dramatic, mildly awkward style, clearly dragged from another language — rumour has it that it might be the fault of the localisers. Could that be...ambiguity? And then there's lots! Of! Strange punctuation? And! Onomatopoeia! Whaaaaaaaaaah!! (laughs)
  • Surprisingly enough, there's one on the Hell Is That Noise page:
    ** For that matter, anything Tom Waits says or sings, ever. The man could ask you to pass the salt and make it sound like a funeral dirge.
    * Ever boil a lobster live before? They shriek. Loudly. As they die. In front of you. On your stove.
    ** You're boiling things alive and your main concern is that they won't die quietly?
  • This glorious little example from the Is It Something You Eat? page:
    Humanity runs on this. How many foods are created by letting something spoil under specific conditions? Pickles, cheese, salami, beer, butter, etc. Basically, the invention of new food goes something like this:
    Step 1: Store something.
    Step 2: X in my Y! It's more likely than you think.
    Step 3: This stuff doesn't smell that bad. It's still good. Om nom nom nom.
    Step 4: This is delicious... I'm a genius!
    Step 5: ???
    Step 6: Profit!
  • From Orgasmic Combat:
    * Tsukuyomi. Seriously, you could take the dialogue from the fight scene with Setsuna and replace it with porn and no one would know the difference.
  • The Bowdlerise page has this little gem in the form of the responses from two tropers to the entry mentioning that Terry Pratchett cancelled plans for a movie of the Discworld story Mort when the producers gave him a real Wall Banger of a request:
    ** That makes me die a little inside.
    *** Right this way, then.
  • From False Reassurance:
    Hang on, hang on. Lancelot came in to rescue her, had sex with her and then left without rescuing her? What a dick!
  • This gem from the Tropers Do It Without Notability page:
  • Head to TV Tropes Wiki Drinking Game and Ctrl+ F "egregious".
    We apologize that "egregious" now no longer looks like a word.
  • Also, at the Moral Event Horizon page, it's typed that one of Grand Moff Tarkin's Moral Event Horizons was giving the males of a whole race to the Stormtroopers for live target practice. It used to be written under that:
  • From Eating the Eye Candy:
    Take a sip for every mention Bella from Twilight makes of Edward's Supernatural Gold Eyes, marble skin that sparkles in the sunlight, or his overall beauty being comparable to an angel's. You'll be under the table in no time. Twilight: Causing liver failure worldwide!
  • This exchange from the Deus ex Machina page:
    "From Chamber of Secrets", we have the magical car that saves Harry and Ron from the spiders just in time. True, it was in the Forbidden Forest, but that was months ago. The chances of it coming just in time is blatantly impossible, and there's the fact that it would have run out of gas and oil a long time ago."
    "You're worrying about oil pressure in the MAGIC, FLYING CAR?!"
  • Best Known for the Fanservice gives us this:
    * What are the two things everyone remembers about Power Girl?
    ** Her cynical sense of humor and tragic backstory about trying to find her true past?
    *** -Ahem- What are the two big, round, firm, bouncy things everyone remembers about Power Girl?
    *** Dude! Her breasts! Tits! Jugs! The other Wonder Twins! THE GIGANORMOUS GOZANGAS! AAAAAAGH!!!
    *** To be fair, her firm but well-rounded "tragic backstory" isn't too bad either.
  • This gem is found in What The Hell, Casting Agency? under the Western Animation section. It Makes Sense in Context
    "Luke Skywalker, Destroyer of Worlds."
  • Too Dumb to Fool has either improved or ruined Star Wars forever.
    * The Jedi mind trick doesn't work on two groups of sentient beings: exceptionally smart ones and exceptionally dumb ones.
    ** Also certain species, if the plot demands.
    *** Three, three groups of sentient beings.
    *** Also skilled Force-users.
    *** Four, then, four groups...
    *** I thought it was "strong willed" beings, not smart ones.
  • This interpretation of the episode "Members Only" from The Powerpuff Girls (1998) section of Getting Crap Past The Radar.
    "The giant robot monster emerges and begins to GROW in size, threatening the MANHOOD of all the male superheroes. He challenges the other members to DISPLAY their MANHOOD and COMPARE it against his to see whose is LARGER. The battle only serves to EXCITE the beast. It FEEDS off the EXPULSIONS of their MANLINESS and makes him HARDER. The PPGs intervene by forming a giant flaming PUSSY cat and attack the villain. The PUSSY cat RUBS UP AGAINST the robot's HARD exterior making it HOTTER and HOTTER. Eventually the HEAT from the RUBBING reaches a critical point causing him to SCREAM OUT and SHRINK into a SMALLER version of himself. The male superheroes are so grateful for the PPGs' PERFORMANCE that they wish to SUBMIT to the girls' superiority. The girls PUNISH them for their behavior by making them wear dresses. Not too surprising considering how well their PUSSY WHIPPED that monster."
  • From the Satellite Love Interest page:
    * Mikaela from the live-action version of Transformers . She herself asks Sam, "Do you think I'm shallow?" in the first film. To which he replies, "No, there's more to you than meets the eye." Except that no, there isn't.
  • This rather meta discussion from Better than a Bare Bulb:
    * Every "Movie" movie by Seltzer and Friedberg (such as Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans, and Disaster Movie) is all about hanging lampshades when it's not shoehorning pop culture references. But then they explain what the lampshade is hanging over. Hence, it ends up more horrible than Troperiffic.
    ** Often the lampshades aren't over anything at all, they just ARE.
    *** Which is funny because, you see, most lampshades hang over things, and a lampshade without something to hang over is absurd! Ha! Ha!
    *** Is this a case of "Don't Explain the Lack of Joke"?
    *** HAHAHAHA... wait. Did... did you just make Seltzer and Friedberg FUNNY?
  • Also from Crack is Cheaper we have this gem:
    * And if your Internet access is horrendously expensive, spending all day at TV Tropes could well become this, too.
    * And you tell us at the BOTTOM of the page?!!
  • From Have a Gay Old Time:
    * Even better, there is a type of bird known as "booby", plural "boobies".
    ** Of course, this derives from the Spanish "Bobo", which means "idiot". That may sound rude, but consider that the booby's word for human is "asshole", which derives from the English "asshole".
  • From Badass Furry, we have this gem:
    "I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the vandal who blanks Wikipedia's 'Crime' article! I am Darkwing Duck!"
    • Also very funny if you try acting it out in Darkwing's style.
  • Idiot Programming provides this:
    Two more examples courtesy of Sony: (Are Microsoft and Sony having a "anything you can screw up, we can screw up worse" competition or something?)
  • While most of the Yu-Gi-Oh! section of New Rules as the Plot Demands definitely counts, two examples that deserve mention are the ones concerning the Castle of Dark Illusions and Yugi's duel with Mako, respectively.
  • Some of the examples on After Show end up being wonderfully redundant due to the template used on that page.
    Sanford is an attempt to do Sanford and Son without the Son.
  • From the Impaled Palm Image Links, there's this Visual Pun (itself a possible CMOF based on how absurd it looks).
  • On the Unscrupulous Hero page:
  • From the Brave Scot page:
    * In the Ramada in York, the fire advisory signs say "Do not take unnecessary risks, but if possible, attack the fire with the instruments provided." In Edinburgh? "Attack the fire with the instruments provided." Wot's dat ye say? "Oonnecessary reesk"? We don't be knoowin' any o' dat arooun' here!"
    ** You would say, if you happen to be an Afrikaner tourist in Edinburgh.
  • From Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket:
    * Although the infomercial for the Ronco Miracle Blade III set features shots of actors doing exactly what you'd expect knives to do, like cutting a turkey, but the first shot shows an actress stabbing a tomato with an inappropriate knife and apparently hitting the artery.
    • A great deal of that page is laugh-worthy, actually.
    • "The eggs look like Manuel Noriega's skin."
  • The case against the Ancients of Stargate SG-1 on the Neglectful Precursors page. So massive it has its own folder, and halfway down the entry, the tropers up the verdict to teraguilty.
  • Found on Extreme Omnisexual:
    ** Dolphins and whales. People have been injured while swimming with dolphins because they got a little too excited.
    *** So, they're like a water-land version of Boldly Coming?
  • From Berserker Tears:
    * Oh come on guys — Ichi from Ichi the Killer is this in spades. Albeit, he's assassinating people while he cries — not to mention jacking off as well.
    ** Yeah really why isn't he the page pic?
    *** Because then we'd have to hand out barf bags.
  • From So Beautiful, It's a Curse:
    * Uchiha Sasuke's good looks coupled with the fact that All Girls Want Bad Boys have gotten him hordes of admirers, all who blush and Squee at the sight of him, which he finds incredibly annoying and has no patience for it. The worst of them is Karin, who kept one of his sweat-drenched shirts for herself, and planned on "ravaging him after everyone went to bed".
  • The description of X-23 becoming a Canon Immigrant on the Canon Foreigner page is beautiful.
    "This X-23 character is pretty popular among kids ... we should bring her into comics."
    "Let's make her a child prostitute!"
  • This bit from The Big Bad Shuffle page:
    *A Song of Ice and Fire: Good luck guessing who is ultimately behind any given act of villainy.
  • From the Nightmare Retardant page, under Other.
    "Pretty much happens to anything scary if you choose to face your fears directly. Except for guns. Please do not face guns directly."
  • Pretty much the whole Real Life section on Drives Like Crazy is a goldmine in terms of creative insults, as every troper who added an entry finds a way to riff on their nation's driving skills. Personal favorites include the Macho Train, the various relationships each nationality has with their car horn, the various videos submitted as proof, and the fact that, somehow, public buses being attempted murder on wheels remains an universal constant.
  • From the Mind Screw page:
    * The music video for "Disturbia" by Rihanna. It looks like if Nightmare Fuel manifested itself in music video form, and didn't care about whether it made any sense or not.
  • From the Film folder of (since defunct) Political Correctness Gone Mad:
    * The film Elf, a film unabashedly related to the Christmas holiday starring, y'know, one of Santa's elves, had the tagline of "This Holiday, Discover Your Inner-Elf". Presumably in the film, the cast learns the true meaning of Holiday.
  • From the Real Life folder of Seen It All:
    * Science fiction convention committees (and fans who have been in the scene long enough) aren't even going to bat an eyelash when it comes to wacky hijinks, people of all points on the race/age/gender/sexuality spectrum, and strange ideas. They'll merely sigh and put another rule in the convention guidelines about not using peanut butter in a cosplay or transforming the mattress and hotel staircase into an impromptu sled competition next year.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners has some speculation regarding SpongeBob's sexuality:
    * SpongeBob and Patrick of SpongeBob SquarePants.
    ** Technically, SpongeBob is asexual, but Heteroromantic.
    *** They may have meant biologically.
    *** In which case he's hermaphroditic.
    *** There's a difference between No Biological Sex and both genders.
    *** Do you understand what you're debating?
    *** Yes, a fictional sponge's sex life. Welcome to TV Tropes.
  • The "Toys" section on Ass Shove.
  • This exchange from the Poor Man's Substitute page:
    If you're really desperate and Martin Sheen isn't available, you can hire Joe Estevez on the cheap.
    This is not an appropriate venue to advertise your services, Joe.
  • The first entry in the "Video Games" section of Reset Button:
  • Another case of the Pot Hole that makes it:
    * In Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Dirk hypnotizes Richard, and implants the suggestion that whenever he hears the phrase "my maiden aunt from Winnipeg" he should immediately take off all his clothes and jump in the nearest canal. It's a roundabout way of making a point about ghostly possession and free will.
  • This bit under If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten!:
    TV Tropes must be one of the few places you can type "kitten" in the search engine and wind up reading about the mafia.
  • This paragraph from Police Brutality is Black Comedy at its finest:
    "A quick breakdown of police brutality trends in fiction: the LAPD beats your ass and then decides what crime you committed; the NYPD shoots you a few dozen times then pronounces you innocent; 1930s cops are drunk Irishmen who beat you up for being Italian; 1960s cops are sober Irishmen who beat you up for having long hair, or are old White evangelicals with a thick drawl who beat you up for being not-White; old-fashioned British Coppers beat you up for being a foreigner or minority suspected of loitering; big town cops beat you up for being a foreigner or minority suspected of terrorism; small town cops pull you over, tell you that your tail light is busted, and then bust your tail light with a nightstick when you ask which one (and give you a ticket for it)."
  • From the Disney Getting Crap Past The Radar page:
    * That scene in Beauty and the Beast where Lumiere is chasing a maid/feather duster around behind the curtains: "Oh no!" "Oh yes!" Especially when we saw the maid again after the spell was broken.
    ** "But I've been burned by you before!" In normal circumstances, a way of saying one is an unreliable partner. When a candelebra is holding a (wooden-handled) featherduster?
    ** Any attempts to figure out what on Earth she could be talking about tend to tie the brain into knots.
    ** If you're not sure what she could mean, consider that the most flammable part of her is her feathers — that is, her skirt, and his hands and head are flame.
    ** In the song Be Our Guest Lumiere also says he needs Far more than dusting.
    ** The following 'exercise, a chance to use our skills' becomes a bit dubious with that interpretation.
    *** My childhood!
  • On the Badass Creed page, all the Lantern Corps oaths are in All-Blue Entry form. The entire Indigo Tribe oath is Pot Holed to The Unintelligible. Because, you know, they speak gibbrish.
  • The Vagina Dentata page gives us this, in sucession:
    * A Japanese legend involves a demon hidden in a woman's vagina, who would bite off men's penises until he broke his teeth on a specially-made steel dildo. The legend is commemorated with the Kanamara Matsuri, Festival of the Steel Penis where people eat loads of phallic pastries.
    * One Inuit legend involved a guy meeting some woman like this, who really, really wanted to have sex with him. He used a stick in place of his own body, and broke the teeth. Possibly then he had sex with her or he opened up a Japanese pastry shop.
  • An interesting analogy from the Menstrual Menace page:
    * In Star Trek, pon farr in Vulcans can be compared to this, with the added drama of having to Mate or Die. Notable in that both males and females are affected.
    ** Fridge Logic would dictate that this means all of the Slash Fic writers are comparing Captain Kirk to a tampon.
  • From the But Not Too Gay page:
    * A-fucking-VERTED in Glee once Kurt and Blaine kissed. It was not a blink-or-you-miss-it peck, it was not played up to boost ratings (even the actors weren't completely sure until they were given their scripts!), and it came after an extremely touching Love Epiphany that was free of angst, guilt, or impulse. And then after catching their breath, Kurt and Blaine practically attacked each other! Not for nothing is this all over LGBT news, YouTube, and Twitter.
    ** To put it another way, Glee — a mainstream comedy on FOX - took this trope, kicked it in the balls, made it their bitch, and then sent it running away with its tail between its legs while squealing like a 60s House Wife confronted with a spider. This was a full-on, Hays-Code-breaking makeout session, possibly with tongue (it looked like it had tongue, anyway).
  • The first entry in the Real Life folder on the Awful Truth page:
  • The entry for "Minor Chords" on the Mood Motif page. Come on, admit it, you laughed.
  • This conversation on the This Is a Drill page.
    * The Fire Nation use a giant drill as a siege weapon in Avatar: The Last Airbender. (episode title: "The Drill")
    ** Given that the country it's boring into is based on Imperial China, this could easily be called a real Chinese Fire Drill.
    *** No, actually stay. That was, admittedly, brilliant.
    • Also from that page:
  • From Dramatic Shattering: In case emergency plot is needed, break glass.
  • While most of the Exaggerated Trope examples qualify, the literal one from Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? stands out. The idea of Cthulhu in a ring, with gloves and boxers... yeah.
  • The following from the doll episode:
    * The Simpsons: the season four Treehouse of Horror ("Treehouse of Horror III", production code 9F04, for you rabid fans) where Homer gets Bart a cursed Krusty doll from a Chinese man's curio shop filled with cursed and weird objects from around the world.
    ** But it comes with a free frogurt!
    ** The frogurt is also cursed.
    ** But you get your choice of topping!
    ** The toppings contain potassium benzoate (that's bad).
    *** And the doll wasn't even cursed, despite coming from an occult curio shop run by a strange Chinese man. The doll had a "good/evil" switch on its back that someone flipped on "evil".
  • From Ass Shove:
    * Bruce Almighty. The title character uses god-powers to exact ironic revenge on some guys who taunted him earlier in the film. Really the wrong time to say that the chances of something happening were as low as the chance of a monkey climbing out of your ass.
    ** And even worse, when he's done with the monkey, he has it go back where it came from.
    ** So a Butt-Monkey produces a butt monkey?
  • From 20 Bear Asses, there's the mention of the Biblical incident where David had to collect 100 Philistine foreskins. What takes the cake is the description of the whole things as a Fetch Quest, ending with "WORST. QUEST. EVER."
  • From Fridge Horror:
    No, not last week's leftover tuna casserole.
  • From The Ditz:
    * Natsuru, main character of Kämpfer, in the anime. S/he was already dumb as a brick with special needs in the manga and light novel, but the anime went up to eleven and turned hir into a character thinking exclusively with hir non-existent penis... while being Oblivious to Love. Consequentially, s/he spends most of the series just sorta standing there with a dazed and confused expression, not even bothering to do much fighting or noting the Obviously Evil characters, or wondering what the smeg was going on with the secret magical girl war s/he was drafted into, or why the hot girls kept blushing around hir and taking hir out to eat... S/he is also a Pinball Protagonist, doing absolutely nothing of relevance whatsoever other than obliviously make all the lesbians in the room damp.
  • From Serious Business, though much of the page could qualify:
    Yami Yugi: Dude, don't you think you're overreacting a little? I mean, it's just a card game.
    Kaiba: (about to jump off a castle battlement) Card games are serious business!
  • From Freud Was Right:
    90% of the humor and 50% of the violence on The Powerpuff Girls (1998) is disturbingly Freudian. Just try to watch the episodes "Members Only" and "The Boys Are Back in Town" without wanting to take a cold shower. Seriously — "Whenever their masculinity is threatened, they shrink in size." Apparently, this is what happens when an action series stars little girls.
  • Found under Boston Legal on the Ho Yay page:
    In short, Denny and Alan are dripping with more Ho Yay than every other example on this page. Combined. They're dripping with so much Ho Yay nobody mentions it because doing so would be tantamount to pointing at water and saying, "That's wet."
  • From Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action:
    * The ancient Romans once referred to giraffes as "cameleopards", believing them to be the result of a leopard mating with a camel.
    ** Oh for the glorious days before ideas were expected to show evidence, consistency, or common sense before being accepted.
  • The "Meta" example from the Lampshade Wearing page, taking a little jab at This Very Wiki. It makes sense once you read the description of the trope.
    The TV Tropes logo wears one, although whether it's drunk or not is up to opinion.
  • This commentary on General Custer's inaccurate reputation on the Leeroy Jenkins page: "Well, people tend not to live down battles in which they died."
  • The Gonk page is pretty funny for the descriptions of said Gonks.
    • On a similar vein, Anime Hair, where everyone struggles to describe some of the more outlandish hairstyles in fiction.
  • On the Freudian Excuse page, we get this gem from one of the Avatar: The Last Airbender entries:
    "I'd be pretty messed up too if my father was voiced by Mark Hamill."
  • This bit from Now Do It Again, Backwards:
    A list of all the occurrences of this trope in Star Trek turned out to be longer than the Universe and collapsed into a black hole that we were only barely able to reverse by rewriting the list in reverse order, so let's just leave it at those two.
  • This bit from Foot Focus (now defunct):
    Through most of the first season of Code Lyoko, any time Yumi Ishiyama entered the scene, the camera would spend several seconds focusing on her feet as she walked. Granted, she was wearing her big gray boots at the time, but she also has bath scenes with close-ups focusing on several parts of her naked body, her feet included. She is 14 years old. Hooray for wholesome family entertainment!
  • From the Hell Is That Noise page for Video Games:
    The most horrifying sound from Ocarina of Time? ''Hey! Listen!''
  • From the Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! page under "Anime & Manga":
    Revolutionary Girl Utena: Name an episode that doesn't have someone being slapped. Forget duels, slapping is the prefered method of doing harm to someone in the show.
  • The HA HA HA—No page has the following:
    * Durarara!!: Shinra, after Izaya trolls him by handing his cellphone number to the police.
    Izaya: How was it? Gave you quite the adrenaline shot, didn't it? Did you and Celty just grow to love each other even more due to the misattribution of arousal?
    Shinra: Ah hah hah. Go die chest-first in a clay ice shaver, Izaya.
  • From the Weirdness Coupon page, especially if you've been giving said coupons yourself without thinking about it:
    * If it's written by CLAMP, the fans give it a homosexuality coupon (valid even with most homophobes), a bizarre, twisted incomprehensible symbolic mysticism coupon, an inappropriate-romantic-pairing coupon, a Xanatos Roulette coupon, an Impossibly Cool Clothes coupon, and probably several others. Reasons are unclear, but usually boil down to either "the story/characterization is too engaging" and/or "you can no more ask CLAMP to stop doing any of these things than you can ask the Washington Monument to tap dance".
  • The "Real Life" folder on the Archive Panic page. The first entry in the folder and the responses to it describe human history as if it were a long-running book or television series, which by itself is mildly amusing. What makes it a CMoF is the response to the second entry:
    * Of course, human history is nothing compared to the history of the universe. 13,700,000,000 years, and still going strong.
    ** YMMV. Some fans have decided that the universe started only a few thousand years ago.
  • From Portmanteau Couple Name:
    *** Ron/Snape must be... Wait a second...
    *** Snon?
    *** Rape.
  • From the Does This Remind You of Anything? page, in response to the paragraph about "Tony Stark's abusive boyfriend":
    My god. It's like somebody loaded Lifetime and the Sci-Fi Channel into opposite ends of a particle accelerator.
  • The Badass Adorable page for Video Games lists off everything that Kirby has done, which gets more and more ludicrous as the examples go on.
  • The index of Censorship Tropes starts with a list of perps responsible: Gos Kinonote , Media Watchdog, Moral Guardians, and 4Kids Entertainment.
  • This... gem on Ms. Fanservice:
    Hideyoshi fits this trope perfectly. The series is even aware of it, as whenever there is a possible point to insert fanservice, they make sure she is there. Dressed in various costumes including nurse and maid, and appears as the round girl (girl holding up the round number) in various suggestive positions and clothes. The only part that doesn't fit is her flat chest, but for some, that's also an appealing factor... Wait... HE'S A GUY?
  • From Bizarro Episode
    The Star Trek: Voyager episode "Threshold". So Tom Paris breaks the "transwarp barrier", right? And this results in being in every location in the universe at once. Somehow this makes him evolve into a higher order of being... which turns out to be a Mudkip-like lizard thing who can't breathe air. He kidnaps The Captain and they run away in said transwarp barrier-breaking ship. They are discovered within range and the crew find them on a beach together having just had a small litter of Mudkip babies. (Repeat: Paris had children with Cap'n Janeway. While they were both Mudkips.) The babies are still out there presumably but everything else is reset with "antimatter injections". Got all that? Okay, because this is the one episode out of all the Star Trek episodes ever made that is considered Canon Discontinuity, to the point that in "Timeless", Tom Paris himself mentions that he has never traveled in transwarp before. Never.
  • On the Roguelikes folder for True Final Boss, the page describes the various additional levels added to The Binding of Isaac as each having Slightly Truer Bosses than the last one.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math is generally pretty amusing, but a particularly strong example is 'In Iron Kingdoms, casualty figures for Cygnar indicate that its entire population has been wiped out. Twice. Most nations only manage it once.'
  • From the Face Of The Band--Rock Music page:
    10,000 Maniacs - can anyone name a member besides Natalie Merchant? And who knew that the band didn't dissolve when she went solo? To be fair, there were still 9,999 of them left
  • From the video games page on Uncanny Valley:
    Fi from Skyward Sword. When unlocking the various tunes for the Goddess Harp, she sings. Mouths should not move like that.
    It is less "Fi sings" than "Fi screams in pain while you play unfitting music."
  • Pick one of the Say My Name subpages, and try and make it to the bottom without cracking up at how ridiculous the whole thing is.
  • Back when Bigger Is Better had examples, there was this gem:
    * Godzilla is king of the monsters. Are you king of the monsters? No. You're too small.

    Examples (work pages) 
  • This line from the Transformers Film Series page...
  • This bit on The Swan Princess page. (The highlighted bit was the best part of it all).
  • The Cut Lex Luthor a Check entry about Mr. Freeze on the Batman & Robin page. Just read what the second entry pot holes to.
  • The following was found on the main Naruto page:
    Fan-Preferred Couple: Don't even start.
    * Well, there's Did You and Seriously and Highlight This? and...
  • Spec Ops: The Line used to have one character listed as Captain Obvious - but after someone realised that character was Lieutenant Adams, it was changed so that it said Lieutenant Obvious note 
  • Most likely due to the insane (and that's putting it mildly) lengths that the game takes Refuge in Audacity, most Warhammer 40,000 entries on this wiki are utter hilarity, but the absolute best are its entries in Always Chaotic Evil, Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot and This Is Your Premise on Drugs. Hell, the entire Warhammer 40,000 page itself is guaranteed to make you laugh. The fact that the setting runs off a mix of Refuge in Audacity, Troperrific, Rule of Cool, Darker and Edgier, and Serial Escalation guarantees interesting results when applied to the fact that it is also Trope Overdosed.
    • Special mention goes to the following on Magikarp Power, leading one to believe da Orks have learned to trope:
    Da Orks are a 'n-ooniverse example! 'Ur av'rage Grot is puny and no match for 'nyone 'cept maybe one o' dem puny 'umie Guardsmen, but give 'im a few years an' he'll be a full-fledged Boy 'oo can crump a panzee 'umie easy and be a good enuff threat to a Space Marine! Give 'em even more time an' he'll grow up to be a tough Nob, an' Space Marines may be dead-'ard, but even dey leg it from dose boyz! Wot Iz tryin' ta say iz, even da runtiest of Orks can grow up to be sumfink real big and 'ard! An' oo knows, maybe someday dat lad may even become a real big Waghboss, big and mean enuff to lead 'iz own boyz! WAAAAAAGH!!!
  • The Subtext section on The Zombie Hunters:
    * Subtext: Several places. The subtext corners the text in a dark alley, beats it up, and steals its lunch money in the sequence of strips starting here.
  • The What the Hell, Hero? section on Broken Spirit:
    * What the Hell, Hero?: An odd case; Fluttershy is called out by her friends, but not because she does something morally objectionable, but because she wants to help Discord.
  • The following sentence from the Recap page for "Arc of Infinity":
    Meanwhile, in Amsterdam, a pair of teenagers are menaced by a humanoid chicken with a label-gun. ...stop laughing!
    • From the page itself:
      * Not Even Bothering with the Accent: Marvel as Peter Davison struggles to pronounce "Jeugdhotel Centraal".
      • Plus the second-to-last section of the recap proper, posted in its entirety for prosperity:
        Omega then leads the Doctor on a merry chase throughout Amsterdam, though he does take time out of his busy schedule to watch a Dutch street organ and test out his Villainous Creepy Smile on a little kid. The Doctor and Nyssa try to track him down, Peter Davison tries to speak Dutch and gets three out of three words wrong, and they freak out a lot of people around the Amsterdam grachten. Alas, Omega's antimatter body is dissolving, shown to truly gross effect by its face and hands dissolving into paste and green Rice Krispies. Eventually, Omega degrades to the point that he's a completely different actor, and the Doctor calmly (if reluctantly) takes out that label-gun and shoots Omega. Omega then fades to dust, and everything is back to normal.
  • Justice League's section for Celibate Hero. Pasted here since it was deleted:
    * Celibate Hero: Batman pretty much gives Wonder Woman an entire laundry list of reasons why they won't be dating. The best is probably, "You're a princess from a race of immortal warriors while I'm a rich kid with issues. Lots of issues."
    ** It doesn't help that Bruce's other loves are (a) a woman who turned into a murderous vigilante, (b) a criminal, (c) the daughter of a man who wants to Kill All Humans, and (d) Superman's girlfriend, and [according to Batman Beyond] (e) his best friend's daughter who started dressing like him as a teenager who was also in a long relationship with his adopted son. Someone relatively normal doesn't really work for him.
    ** You're forgetting (f) the magician (and fellow hero) he dated in his teens (she insists they're "just good friends" however, and not in that way...) and (g) the artificially-created plant woman who tried to kill him for his money.
    ** He presumably also added (h) the daughter of a mob strongman to his checklist.
    ** Don't forget (i) the half-cheetah scientist who just wanted someone to talk to.
    ** Wait, what trope were we discussing again?
  • This entry in the Sailor Moon page next to Macekre:
    And the characters developed an inability to distinguish rice balls from donuts.
  • This comment from the Clash of the Titans page:
    * Dwindling Party: Don't get too attached to the all those soldiers.
    ** They wore red. They brought it on themselves.
  • This line from the Dragon Ball page:
    You're watching a series where power levels go continually escalate, mythology and aliens get rolled up into an insane mishmash and people treat the afterlife like it has a revolving door and your biggest complaint about the scientific hardness is that Gohan isn't sterile?!
  • Granted, the second half is informative, but the Arc Words section of The Party Never Ended counts:
    * Arc Words: Yo dawg, we heard you like arc words, so we gave your arc words their own arc words so that they can... arc while... they... word? Whatever. The arc words are "I love you, Pinkie! Please wake up!", but those words are not revealed to the reader until near the end. Every time Pinkie hears them, the reader is greeted with "It said seven simple words to her..."
  • Using Slices, Dices, and Makes Julienne Fries as an Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking in the following entry in Chaos Legion:
    Implausible Fencing Powers: The Guilt Legion (swordsmen) are like this. When repeatedly ordered to attack, they are relentless, merciless, and make julienne fries!
  • On the Nightmare Retardant section on "IT"
    Perhaps more Fridge Logic-y, but one running theme is that Pennywise takes the shape of the things that scared its victims - often movie monsters. We see It become the Gillman, Frankenstein's monster, Bruce, The Mummy, and even the Teenage Werewolf. Then one boy is frightened by Rodan, causing Pennywise to take the form of... a lawyer-friendly, generic giant bird. It seems Toho's vicious copyright policies frighten even Eldritch Abominations.
  • The Eye Creatures's self-demonstrating joke is pretty funny, but there used to be a really subtle one in the YMMV page: One of the entries was "WTTH Costuming Department". Try to find out what WTTH stands for.
  • The beginning of the description from Sorority Row:
    Sorority Row is a 2009 film featuring the heartwarming story of a group of college girls who, in the process of helping their jilted friend find love, find true love themsel...

    Wait, are you actually believing this crock of shit?
  • The following from the ×××HOLiC page.
    * Even the Guys Want Him: Kimihiro Watanuki. Remember the Love Triangle he thought he was in? Well... he is interested in Himawari Kunogi and she kinda likes him back, but it turns out his "love rival" Shizuka Doumeki isn't interested in Himawari like he believed, but in Watanuki himself. Oh, and you know Zashiki Warashi, that cute girl that's completely shy and has a huge crush on Watanuki? In all likelihood, "she" is a "he," according to a CLAMP interview where they say that her being female is not necessarily the case. Coupled with the fact that Zashiki Warashi spirits are normally described as being young boys and rarely being girls, along with how Ame-warashi usually says "this child" when referring to Zashiki Warashi instead of actually using a gender... yeah. Watanuki apparently has more luck with the male gender...
  • From the Changeling: The Lost page:
    Touched by Vorlons — "Bad touched by Vorlons" is more like it, though...
  • From the Mulan page, a somewhat stealthy example:
    Fake Nationality: While Mulan, Shang and Chi-Fu = Chinese-Americans, Mushu = African-American Shan Yu = Irish-Puerto Rican, Chien-Po, Ling, the head Ancestor, and the Emperor = Japanese-Americans, Yao = Jewish-American, Mulan's singing voice = Filipina, Shang's singing voice = Osmond-American, Fa Zhou = Korean-American
  • The Paranoia Fuel entry for F.E.A.R.:
    * Alma is standing right behind you... Made you look.
    ** Oh look, there goes any sleep I might have been getting for the next week. Yep, right out the door, and it's taking the car with it.
  • This bit from The Last Unicorn page:
    * Narm: Whenever somebody mentioned the Red Bull, I kept picturing the energy drink.
    ** "Red Bull: Gives you wings and pushes unicorns into the sea."
  • On the page for Jersey Shore, Snooki is described with the trope Our Goblins Are Different In fact, most of the stuff on that page qualifies. This, for instance:
    Guilty Pleasure: That or So Bad, It's Good. Admit it. It's a train wreck that spews out hair gel and STD's.
  • From the Who Framed Roger Rabbit page:
    * Getting Crap Past The Radar: Lots.
  • From The Nightmare Before Christmas page:
    Tim Burton: Well, he's close enough to a trope nowadays.
    • The last of the list of possible aesops you could get from Nightmare:
  • This exchange on the Toy Story page:
    * Ken in general. He's the source of so many gay jokes...
    ** Well, when you dress like he does, and have AN ENTIRE ROOM FOR CLOTHES, you're totally gay, no matter how much you're in love with Barbie.
    *** Or you can be metrosexual.
    *** Or bi.
  • The following found under Anime Hair on the Heroman page:
    Psy. It looks like Spike Spiegel's hair on crack.
  • From the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots page, it's the emoticon that does it:
    Wangst: One of Raiden's lines in particular. It even raaaaiiiiiined the day I was born! :(
  • Whoever pointed out on the Advent Rising page that a quickly-killed bounty hunter was named Barakah Bahma, then pointed out that if you said his name faster, it sounded like...
  • The entry for Fridge Horror on the Space Mutiny page. That's an... interesting take on that trope.
  • The reference to Sierra in the entry for Unwinnable by Design on the Homestuck page. Sadly it's been deleted in an Edit War since then...
  • Regarding the ending of The Room:
    "Whether or not you found this sad or Narmy depends on whether or not you're Tommy Wiseau."
  • From the Fallout: New Vegas page:
    Legion money, on the other hand, is actually valued higher than caps because it's made of precious metals. It can also be combined with shotgun shells to form coin shot, which is a currency accepted EVERYWHERE.
  • The Fan-Preferred Couple entry on the Corpse Bride page:
    * Fan-Preferred Couple: Victor/Emily as opposed to Victor/Victoria
    ** It's not uncommon to find fans who ship Emily with Bonejangles.
    *** *cough* VICTORand Jack *cough*
  • From the Full Metal Panic! page under Ho Yay:
    * Gauron towards Sousuke.
    ** It is now completely canon. Watch the TSR comedy radio show where Gauron acts as the school's "sensei." Gato is doing this on purpose. Gauron orders Sousuke to write on the chalk board "Kashim loves Gauron Sensei. Heart. ♥" as well as "Gauron Sensei's extreme attack makes Kashim's heart pound. I want to have children with him." Followed by what appears to be an attempt to rape Sousuke in front of the class. Yay for subtlety.
  • From Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse:
    * Shadow Archetype: Scary Gendo is scary.
  • From the Fanservice page for Naruto:
    ** The second Shippuuden opening has a slow pan over Sasuke, who is stark naked except for a snake. No comment.
  • From under Moment of Awesome on the Hetalia: Axis Powers page:
    * The Hetalia movie is about as padded as a Japanese bra.
  • From the Questionable Content page:
    Expy: Jeph mentioned in a recent forum post that he designed Marigold to be essentially "an Anglicized version of Konata from Lucky Star."
    * So of course unlike Konata she's overweight, antisocial, and a complete slob. ... Did we mention the Eagleland thing above already? Okay good.
  • On the That Wacky Redhead page under the For Want of a Nail folder, there's a section describing two certain changes in regards to microwave power and Three Mile Island, respectively... In the Style of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.
    * Hello, readers. How much do you know about microwave power? Google it. Look at the results, now to me, now to the results, now back to me. Look again. The concept has become discredited.
    ** Now, Google "Three Mile Island accident". Look down. Now up. That too is no more. I'm doing a parody. (insert Old Spice theme here)
  • This series of tropes from the recap page for the "Monster a-Go Go" episode of MST3K:
    * Blatant Lies: At one point Joel denies having brought a soda into the theater, despite the fact that we heard him open the can and saw him drink from it.
    ** Fridge Brilliance: There was no soda. The soda was found, unopened and cold in the refrigerator.
    *** Fridge Logic: By saying that, you suggest this episode had a plot having anything to do with the movie. That suggests the very thing the writers say isn't true: that it had a plot.
  • From the "Hush" recap page:
    * Riddle for the Ages: Why do the Gentlemen need those hearts?
    ** To fill the jars?
  • A person asked this hilarious question on the Franz Ferdinand page.
    * Surreal Music Video: What the hell happened again in "Take Me Out"?
  • On the RWBY page, the troper nightelf37 accidentally wrote the words 'tracker jackers' instead of 'rapier wasps'. The next editor's response?
    Mangodog: I too have had Hunger Games on the brain.
  • Even if you haven't seen the movie, you know that Old Yeller ends with the dog dying. However, a little lampshading isn't unwelcome:
    * Mercy Kill: Wow, is every trope about Old Yeller about the ending?
  • From the Kenan & Kel page:
    * Serious Business: After Bulls guard Ron Harper slips on some spilled orange soda, injuring himself, all of Chicago is out to get Kenan & Kel. And Chris.
    ** If it was MJ himself, they would've been dead within the hour.
  • The Character page for Kingdom Hearts has a hilarious one in regards to how some characters died in Birth By Sleep. Considering that Lady Tremaine and the Wicked Stepsisters had recently crossed the Moral Event Horizon someone also linked to Burn the Bitches in each of their character entries.
  • From the Season 8 trope page for How I Met Your Mother:
  • Of all page quotes one could choose for the Sonic '06 page, what was placed?:
  • The page for The Three Caballeros has this entry for Deranged Animation.
    * Some parts of this film skip being bizarre and practically start off in the freakin' twilight zone.
    ** "Submitted for your approval, a journey into the mind of a duck as he searches for his Latin American soulmate." *Beat* looks confusedly and worriedly at his cigarette "What the hell is in this thing?"
  • From The Expendables page:
    Somewhere, Michael Bay is watching this movie, dabbing a tissue at the single Manly Tear at the corner of his eye, and whispering, "it's beautiful". Then he throws away the tissue. And it explodes.
  • The Avenue Q page has at least two.
    ** Somewhat averted with "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" in that the song ultimately preaches a higher level of tolerance and peace in the world through a "don't sweat the small stuff" mentality.
    *** "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" promotes a Grey-and-Gray Morality view of racism, or maybe even Black-and-Gray Morality. Either of those is very different from the Black-and-White Morality more common to racism in fiction, especially racism in fiction aimed at children like Sesame Street. The Aesop of "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" isn't necessarily incorrect or immoral, but it is still family unfriendly.
    *** Black-and-White Morality about racism? That carries a lot of Unfortunate Implications. You're a little bit racist!
    * 'Monsters' sometimes face mild discrimination — with their only biological difference being fur as opposed to... cloth... covering their bodies.
    ** Well, Kate is pretty much a fuzzy human, but Trekkie looks like he stepped out of a sexually frustrated version of Where the Wild Things Are.
  • From the Haruhi Suzumiya page.
    * Dynamic Entry: Haruhi gives the Computer Club president one with both legs at once.
    ** That may set a new standard for jaw-dropping Accidental Innuendo.
  • From the Pokémon page:
  • From Pinky and the Brain:
    * Common Sense: Subverted.
  • The Real Life page: "Goldfish Poop Gang: The Westborough Baptist Church."
  • On the main Thomas & Friends page:
  • The Postman Pat They Changed It, Now It Sucks! example.
    They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Most people who watched the original as children (or even as parents) are horrified by Special Delivery Service. HELICOPTERS?! AND A TRAIN?! AND ETHNIC PEOPLE?! AND WHERE THE HELL ARE GRANNY DRYDEN AND MISS HUBBARD?!
  • Presented without comment from the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 page:
    * Big Bad: Nightmare Freddy, if the pre-release material is of any indication. Except not, the actual Big Bad is the kid's absolute douchebag of a brother.
  • From the Fantastic Four (2015) page:
    * Fan Disservice: Naked Ben Grimm might be appealing to ladies... but unfortunately, he's seen naked after turning into the Thing, and we're treated to several shots of his rocky ass.
  • From the Katamari Damacy page:
    ** Everything's Better With Cows
  • From the "Playthings" page:
    * Artistic License – Medicine: Rose does not respond to the brothers and appears tremulous and in a wheelchair, but it is unclear how Sam concluded she had a stroke.
    ** He used the most common form of logical deduction, of course: He guessed!
  • From I Wanna Be the Guy:
    *Badass Boast:"I have bested fruit, spike and moon!"Admittedly it would sound incredibly silly used in any other context.In this context, though, its badass-level is somewhere between single-handedly crushing the universe into paste and ripping out someone's intestinal tract and using it as a belt.
  • One particular Downer Ending example from the Monsters page?
    ** "Glim Glim"'s ending can best be summed up like this: Daddy killed your friend and doomed mankind in the process, Merry Christmas!
  • An especially funny Rouge Angles of Satin on Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope: before being corrected, it stated that in a scene, Gohan "used salves and politics for healing." After a Double Take, you can realize it's meant to be "poultices".
  • Atlanta Nights:
    • The page contains the following gem:
      * Grammar: Subverted.
    • Hell, the Atlanta Nights page as a whole is good for a laugh. Which is to be expected, given that the book itself is nothing more than an elaborate Take That!.
  • From the recap page of Kamen Rider Double: Episode 23-24 in describing Jimmy Nakata's Dreadful Musician status:
    Final verdict: Jimmy Nakata is bad. Very, very bad. And it's not the kind of bad that Fuuto, a city accustomed to Dopant attacks, would be ready for. No. It's duck-and-cover, phone-your-loved-ones, close-shop-for-the-day, viable-threat-to-public-health, pigeons-falling-from-the-sky-like-flies BAD.

    Examples (person / creator pages) 
  • This (Samuel L. Jackson page; most of it has since been deleted):
    * Ray Arnold in Jurassic Park came before Jackson's popularity really took off, and was easily his least Badass role: He was a grouchy computer nerd with a bad nicotine addiction who got killed off-screen by velociraptors (he wants you to hold onto your butts).
    ** Not true, his least badass role was in Coming to America, an Eddie Murphy vehicle. He played a one shot thug who tried to rob the fast food place and got his ass kicked by Eddie Murphy with a mop. It was sad.
    ** Although this troper maintains that Samuel L. Jackson only lost the one arm to the pack of raptors (which were much more numerous in the book), and was able to kill near all of them before getting away. He then ran into the T-rex and went (mind you at this point, he only has one arm) on to best the Rex in single combat. The Rex was impressed and vowed to avenge Jackson, thus supplying the Deus ex Machina scene at the end of the movie where the T-rex saves the day and saves Jackson's rep.
    *** ...And that is now officially part of this troper's personal canon.
    *** Well, now we now know what Jurassic Park 4 will be about.
    *** ...Agreed.
    *** Obviously.
    *** I would normally say how stupid that sounds, but it's Samuel L. Mutha Fuckin' Jackson. I now submit it to a vote as to whether nerds everywhere take this as canon.
    *** All of them. Ever.
    *** And then Samuel L. Jackson and the T-Rex both travel to the mainland at the end, Samuel gets a bionic arm, and they go into business together as private investigators.
    *** This troper just had an orgasm reading that.
    *** Or alternately, he ripped off his own arm to beat the raptors to death with it and escape the island. He's awesome like that.
    *** Pffft, no. He got his arm torn off, beat the raptor that attacked him to death with it, and, having slain the pack's leader, took over the pack. The raptors hunting the rest of the cast were rebels who dared to defy Jackson's authority, so he sent the T-Rex to "discipline" them. As a reward, the T-Rex is allowed to chill with Jackson's raptors and serves as His Awesomeness' personal mount. When the Costa Rican military shows up to check out the island, Jackson hitches a ride with them back to the mainland because would you say no to the guy riding the T-Rex with a squad of raptors marching in formation behind him? Then he gets his bionic arm. It probably has a lightsaber built into it. Purple, of course.
    *** While he was on fire.
    *** You're all loony.
    *** We're the sane ones, you're loony for thinkin Samuel "BMF" Jackson wouldn't manage it. While having a refreshing beverage.
    *** Now that we have said it, IT MUST BE CANON. Which scenario you ask? Both. He's just that awesome.
    *** I'm weeping tears of joy just reading all of this. I reckon he then went back and taught the Raptors and the T-Rex how to be Jedi and gave them all bionic arms. That's why the island is so fucked up by the time of the third film. They conquered the island in brutal cyborg dinosaur Jedi combat, then left to teach the rest of the world how to be badass.
    *** I don't even LIKE Star Wars and I still think this is awesome.
    *** Oh, and you know that thing with the Force lightning in ROTS? That just gave him the power to control ice and blasted him into a parallel universe.
  • The way Frank Miller's page mixes tropes found in his work and tropes found in his life makes him seem a bit crazy.
  • From the CM Punk page.
  • Lady Gaga's YMMV page contains this:
    Is she entertaining because she's an empowering example of women's rights? Or because she's an incredibly scary Humanoid Abomination?

    Examples (character sheets) 

    Examples (nightmare fuel) 

    Examples (other subpages) 
  • This lovely piece of Deadpan Snarker-y from the Doctor Who Narm page:
    * In the final Tenth Doctor story, the Master is revived by a secret cult. But there is absolutely no indication that these people were aware that he was an evil Time Lord; he is technically being resurrected by a cult devoted to a dead Prime Minister. This is hilarious when you think about it.
    ** To understand the absurdity of the situation, it's like if members of the Labour Party were meeting in the dungeons of Transport House to bring Harold Wilson back to life.
    *** ... If Harold Wilson had been telepathically manipulating a large percentage of the population for over a year before being elected.
    *** I could imagine how certain circles might perform religious rituals to resurrect Ronald Reagan.
  • This hilarious bit on the Bleach Memetic Mutation page:
    * Aizen's transformations to various forms have resulted in the following:
    ** "All hail Butterflaizen".
    ** KKK!Aizen.
    ** "Aizen has become Lady Gaga".
    *** That's LORD Gaga to you!
    *** Or the Lady!Butterfly Gaga!!!
    ** Gin's bankai should have been a flyswatter or a can of Raid.
  • This bit in its hilarity on the Pokémon Getting Crap Past The Radar page.
    * There's also Harley. Basically every thing about him is Ambiguously Gay. He even calls May "girlfriend" a few times. It's so blatant you'd have no idea how it didn't get any angry letters from soccer moms.
    ** He could be in love with May for all we know.
    *** Bah, he ships her with Drew.
    *** He wants his beloved to be happy and knows he's too old for her?
    ** Ambiguously Gay? What about this line?
    Harley: (throws off his cloak to reveal that he's dressed like May) Peekaboo! It's your favorite naughty Coordinator — me!
    ** Yeah, try Camp Gay. There's nothing ambiguous about Harley.
    ** Also, of course, Silver's stripping scene. Silver, hating Team Rocket is not a good excuse for stripping people. Not that the fandom has any problem with it.
    * Finally figured out why Curse is different between Ghost types and other types. Imagine a Slowpoke cursing!
    ** Yooooouuuuu... ...mooootthhheeeeeerrrrr... ...fffffffuuuuuuuuckkeeeeeerrrrr.....
  • This part of the Star Fox Memetic Mutation in its glory...j
    ** Thanks to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wolf O'Donnell's "Can't let you do that, Star Fox!" has expanded so that Wolf can't let anybody do anything.
    *** "Can't let you brew that, Starbucks!"
    *** "Can't let you chew that, Starburst!"
    *** "Can't let you view that, Firefox!"
    *** THIS!!!
  • This nice little bit from the DCAU Getting Crap Past The Radar page...
    * In the same episode, Superman's solution to combat both Parasite's skin to skin power stealing powers and Livewire's electric powers is a (clear) full body latex body suit. Livewire's reaction: "Ooh, the boy scout brought protection!"
    ** Well, the Boy Scout motto is "be prepared."
  • The "conversation" had by the Executive and Developer in the Ring Raiders entry on the Getting Crap Past The Radar page.
    Executive: So, um, we need a new toy line or something.
    Developer: How about a series of disembodied pair of legs that have a parrot perched on the pelvis and an eyepatch on the left arse cheek? We could call them Butt Pirates.
    Executive: Maybe. Any other ideas?
    Developer: How about Anal Invaders? I can't think of what they'd be, but the name's pretty good, right?
    Executive: (nods approvingly)
    Developer: OH! How about a set of plastic rings with fighter jets on them? We could call them Ring Raiders.
    Executive: Perfect! And we can make it into a cartoon series somehow!
    Developer: For fuck's sake, Gary, stop agreeing with me. I'm trying to lose my job before Mattel buys us out.
    Executive: So am I.
  • The following exchange from Enchanted's entry in the Radar section:
    * When Nathaniel first pops out of the manhole, the road workers, exasperated, ask him if he's looking for a beautiful princess like Edward was. Nathaniel's reply: "No. A Prince, actually." The stunned expressions on the roadworkers' faces are obvious.
    ** Hur, hur, hur... manhole.
    *** Oh, thanks a LOT. Now I'm picturing Timothy Spall erupting out of someone's penis...
  • The following from the Bleach Ho Yay page:
    * Attention Ichigo Shippers: Squee in joy at Japan's newest poll of Bleach's best bouts, which seems to feature Ichigo giving valentines to his fan-voted greatest boyfriends.
    ** It's like Kubo based Renji's pose off of an underwear model.
    ** At this point it is clear that Bleach is a story about fashion models who sometimes pretend to be soul reapers waging war.
  • The Memetic Mutation page for Naruto has the following:
    * Things inside Naruto, chronological order: that whore...
    ** Sasuke
    ** Killer Bee
  • The page history for the recap of "The Lodger" features this hilarious squirrelking-esque edit, filed under "maybe no editing while drunk":
    • THE DOCTOR and Amy are trying to land on the Fifth Moon of Sinda Callista but the TARDIS lands on Earth instead. Oh well. At least it didn't land on Skaros or anything. Everything is good, birds are singing, the sun is shining the day is perf- OH NOS! THE TARDIS LEFT WITHOUT THE DOCTOR AND AMY IS TRAPPED INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!11! A day later, a man walks past a 2-story house.
    • The man enters the house, as the door slowly and spookily unlocks itself.
    • "HELP YOU? HOW?"
    • "COME IN."
    • ZAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Uhoh. I think there's been an accident :).
  • Also in Doctor Who Recaps, there's this gem from "The Eleventh Hour":
    • If it takes one battleship 20 minutes to charge up enough to blow up the world, and the Atraxi have a good-size fleet, why don't they all just charge up for a minute apiece and kill Earth with a thousand cuts?
  • It is removed now (unfortunately), but this used to be at the end of the radar Page for The Legend of Korra after the events of Episode 12 involved a Murder-Suicide, which was airing in the Saturday Morning slot on Nickelodeon :
    • R.I.P The Radar
      Beginning of Hays Code-6/23/2012
  • From the Ho Yay page for Jane Austen:
    * Waitwaitwait. Miss Crawford's "Rears and Vices" joke hasn't been mentioned yet? It's a canonical gay joke, people.
  • From the Getting Crap Past The Radar page for KaBlam!:
    * The name of this segment is an example of Getting Crap Past the Radar. "Sniz" is slang for the female genitals, and yes it was in use before the show was made.
    ** -waves bye to childhood-
  • This excerpt from WhamEpisode.Western Animation. Probably the best reaction to that particular infamous scene.
    "The Magical Mystery Cure in which Twilight rewrites an ancient spell, thereby becoming an alicorn & a princess. Sweet Celestia, where do we go from here?"
  • From the Naruto Narm page:
    *** The highest Narm-factor scores the German synchro: "Was ist ... mit meinem Körper?!" (In English: "What is ... with my body?!"). Is he having a date with Rosie Palms for the first time in this sand balloon of his or what is his major malfunction?!
  • From the Memetic Mutation page for Literature under Twilight:
    ** The chagrinning books also suffer from the chagrinning act of shoehorning the word chagrin, no matter how chagrinningly innapropriate, into every chagrinning sentence, much to the chagrin of many.
  • Found under the Narm page for film:
    "You... complete me" in Jerry Maguire. It doesn't help that Tom Cruise looked like he was taking a dump while he said it.
    Hell, with that rictus smile of his, he looked like he was taking a dump through half the damn movie.
    • From the same page:
    In these films, Legolas frequently says randomly portentous lines for no discernible reason.
    He has a good reason; he needs the screentime. Think of the fangirls!
    • Also, "Emmett looks like he smelled something nasty — maybe sparkly BO is worse than normal BO...?"
  • From the Ho Yay page for Bleach:
    ** Ishida's desperate attempt to stop Ichigo from tearing up what he believes is Ulquiorra's corpse. Then he gets impaled on Ichigo's sword.
    *** Giggity.
  • The original appearance of a WallBanger of Caillou:
  • This moment from the Narm.Music page:
    ** Is the world really a vampire, Billy? Have you this on good authority? How then, do we grow garlic plants? Answer me this.
  • Also from the Narm.Music page is the description of Tim Capello's version of "I Still Believe". Whoever wrote the following deserves an award.
    * Probably the most horrific example has to be Tim Capello's "I Still Believe", as seen in the movie The Lost Boys. It's not even the raspy-fart saxophone playing, nor that the man himself is a mulleted, unitard-wearing wrestler-lookalike; it's lyrics like "I'll take my place, Upon this stage, I'll wait till the end of time for you like everybody else!!" The last lines of this verse are sung in such quick succession, with such unbelievable gusto, that it sounds like Capello's about to explode, take off, foul himself, and orgasm all at once. In addition, it sounds like he's actually fucking his saxophone, judging by the rhythmic, shrieking blasts and final orgasmic shudder it makes as the song finishes...
  • From the Narm.Advertising page:
    * This book ad from Jack Chick's homepage. Forget being ex-gay; this guy's an ex-Cthulhu-worshipping ex-vampire!
    "I needed blood! While other sinful men craved women’s bodies, I was only interested in their necks or femoral arteries"
  • One troper's deleted attempt at trolling on the Horrible Live Action Films page:
    * Star Wars the Force Awakens: Seriously, it's worse than the prequels!note  Face it! The only reason you people "like" it is beause you were hyped all year and don't want to admit it's complete and utter shit! The acting is awful! The characters are awful (especially that Mary Sue, Rey)! The story is a complete rehash/reboot of A New Hope! There is nothing good about it period! Disney and Abrams fucked up and you all know it! Just look up Star Wars The Force Awakens sucks on YouTube and you'll all see the truth you bunch of sheep!
  • The Star Wars Narm page had this, along with many other since deleted responses:
    * Learning that the cantina band from A New Hope were supposedly called the "Jizz Wailers". Accidental Innuendo? Perhaps. Narm? With a name like that, yes.
    ** And that entire style of music in the Star Wars 'verse is called Jizz. Logically leading to musical sub-genres as hot jizz, cool jizz, smooth jizz, big band jizz... you get the idea.
  • Though the response was removed for natter, one user responded to this entry in YMMV.The Angry Birds Movie:
    * Narm: The montage that illustrates how Red is isolated from the rest of the island and is lonely as a result would have been a lot more effective if they had used literally anything other than a Limp Bizkit song.
  • The Grand Unified Timeline has a few solid examples, especially when they go for sheer laconicity:
    2101 CE: War was beginning. (Zero Wing)
    1837 CE: Pirates have an adventure with scientists. (The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists)
  • From the Warp That Aesop page for Death Note:
    * ALL PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED WITH HANDCUFFS. If it isn't working, the handcuffs aren't small enough.
  • Nestled within the Quotes page for Hold the Line is this nugget:
    many soldiers of many species, Mass Effect
    Love isn't always on time!
  • On the infamous Deadpool Self-Demonstrating page:
    * There Are No Therapists: Hell no man! My therapist Dr. Bong is on the up and up!

    Examples (moment pages) 
  • The following lines that were once from the Funny Moments page for The Day After:
    Go ahead, find something funny about this film. WE DARE YOU.
    Does the fact that there's a Crowning Moment of Funny section for a non-humorous film count?
  • From the Negima! Magister Negi Magi Funny Moments page, this extract:
    At the beginning of the seventh volume of Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Asuna starts acting as though she has suddenly fallen in love with Negi, which was done dramatically (more or less) until it was revealed that she had partaken of a Love Potion by mistake. She starts to act relieved... and then this happens.
    The fact that the victim of The Glomp has a major Bodyguard Crush on the girl who's latched onto her makes it even funnier.
    Neh, where I come from, "glomps" don't start with your arms around someone's waist and your face snuggled up against their hips... ;-)
    It all depends on the reaction time. Setsuna's was better, but not by enough. ^_^
    I don't think that's Setsuna's waist she has her arms around...
  • From the YMMV Hearths Warming Eve page (also doubles as a CMOA somewhat):
    * Aesop Amnesia: At first before the pageant with Rainbow Dash and the lesson of "The Mysterious Mare Do Well".
  • This line from the Dragon Ball Abridged Funny Moments page.
    * In episode 18: Vegeta discovers the Dragonball he hid away is missing. This irritates him.
  • This line from The Star Wars Holiday Special Tear Jerker page:
    * OK, whoever just said "the fact that this was made", go sit in the corner.
    • It gets better:
      ** Aw, but Moooooooooooooom...
      *** CORNER.
  • The Funny Moments page for Menagea 3 is pretty funny, but it's the following that takes the cake:
    * Does this mean I had a three-way?
    ** The following reply from the forum:
    No, Gary. You were just getting a little head.
  • Any entry becomes funnier with emoticons. From Spoony's funnies page:
    Wakka: You're no amateur. Who you play for?
    Tidus/Meg Ryan: The Zanarkand Abes! :D
  • Nestled in the middle of an example on the Breaking Bad CMOA page contains this gem:
    * Before the finale, Badfinger was an obscure band that had faded from common memory. The use of their song, 'Baby Blue' in the finale increased interest in the song by over NINE THOUSAN- you know what, let's just say by a large perecentage, and it might actually have brought them out of obscurity.
  • From the Seinfeld CMOA:
    * The making of the episode "The Outing." NBC execs were worried that it would offend the homosexual community, so the line "Not that there's anything wrong with that" was added after every problematic line. Not only did it solve the problem, but also became one of the show's most popular lines, and also nicely mocked the people who made the objections by pointing out how ridiculous it would be to have some kind of standardized disclaimer after anything potentially offensive.
    ** The LGBT community also completely loved and embraced it. It even won a GLAAD award. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • From the CMOA page for The Blues Brothers:
    * The soundtracks to both movies are musical CMoA in my opinion - If you can't tap your feet during the musical numbers there must be something wrong with you!
    ** Consider the sheer number of musical genres represented.
    ** The awesomeness of all the awesomely awesome musicians they managed to get to perform should have caused some kind of world-imploding awesomeness singularity event.
    *** So... it was good?
  • From the Sym-Bionic Titan "Moment of Awesome" page, we had this gem:
    "In the Shaman of Fear when they overcome his Mind Rape and then proceed to fuck him senseless with a spear."
    "** ... you... may want to reconsider the wording of that sentence. Just sayin'."
  • This comment in the Real Life Funny Moments page:
    Troper #1: Jesus rode into Jerusalem sitting on an ass.
    Troper #2: Well, where else would he be sitting?
  • This example concerning Escape from Earth-2 on The Flash's CMOA page:
    * Earth-2 Barry's Rousing Speech that inspires our Barry to vibrate faster than ever before to get out of his cage.
    ** Or, in other words, Barry didn't believe in himself, so he believed in the Barry who believed in Barry.
  • From the Tear Jerker page for Of Mice and Men:
    * Of Mice and Men isn't an emotional story for most of the way through, but the end will shoot you in the head if you aren't ready for it.
  • This, from the Sonic Adventure 2 funny moments page, though it had to be removed for natter.
    * In the Dreamcast version and the HD re-releases, Big the Cat gets crushed by the GUN truck in one of his brief appearances. Not a thing of value was lost.
    ** But-
    *** Not. A. Thing.
    *** But Big appears in other lev...
    *** Not. A. FUCKING. Thing.
    *** ....
    *** ....
    *** But Big appears in *GAK*
    *** (Recovering From Injury) YOU TWAT!! DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!
    *** Oh, and by the way, there's Sonic Heroes.
    *** FUCK.

    Examples (fridge pages) 
  • From the Fridge Brilliance page for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, when they're talking about Twilight turning gray when she was depressed. And one troper is sure that it's a shoutout to a certain series, leading to this moment.
    * Twilight is also the point where there is complete balance and harmony between day and night.
    * It's also the title of a popular Teenage Romance Nov-
    * WHAT?!? NO!!!! No no no!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Get's dogpiled by the hivemind.*
  • Go to the Fridge Brilliance page for Video Games. Open the Sonic the Hedgehog folder and read the entry about the "hypothetical example" (as of this edit, the fifth major bullet down). Guaranteed to crack at least one smile.
  • One troper's reply to a bit of fridge horror regarding Squidward being frozen in one episode resulted in some impressive Mood Whiplash
    ** Talk about Fridge Horror.
  • The very first thing on Despicable Me 2's fridge page is an egregious example of Everyone Is Satan in Hell.
    During Gru's flashback in the sequel, we learn that he was a pariah among his classmates and they said that getting near him would give them the "Gruuties". Now, remember that the flashback happened sometime in 1969: When the Red Scare was still happening because of the Cold War between Russia and America; the Red Scare was the fear of Communists (Russian spies) invading the U.S. and Gru had a heavy accent that made everyone know he was originally from Russia. And the parents probably warned their kids about Communists. So, Gru's All of the Other Reindeer childhood also came from the fact that the kids were scared that Gru would "infect them and make than betray their country."
  • This gem from Beauty and the Beast's page justifies why an eleven-year-old would be hesitant to offer shelter.
    Honestly, though, if a strange old woman came to YOUR home or apartment and asked to stay the night, would you EVER let her in, regardless of her appearance or the type of flower she offered? That'd be like me going up to the White House and saying, "Please give me shelter from the cold! In exchange, I humbly offer you this single 'Mets 2014 Season Schedule' refrigerator magnet. NO?? THERE IS NO LOVE IN YOUR HEART AND YOU MUST LEARN A LESSON!"