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This Very Wiki has so many Funny Moments, we even had to split the page! For those from example pages, see: TV Tropes Examples

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Since anyone can edit this wiki, a lot of the Funny Moments listed here may have been removed or changed (especially if they would technically be considered Natter). Please keep that in mind while reading and/or editing this page.

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    Pages In General 
  • Every page on TV Tropes has some element of humor somewhere, even the Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel pages. Namely, in the case of Nightmare Fuel, when someone has left an entry with a link attached that says something as ominously simple as "This." Bonus points if there are reactions posted underneath them; they inevitably go along the lines of, "WHY did I click that"? followed by any manner of curse words.
  • The My Immortal drinking game, especially the scoreboard. "Ran out of WATER?!?!!"
    • Choice bits:
      "Both friends vomited on chapter 7 and I apparently screamed racist insults at a large white man outside on the footpath, calling him Samoan frequently. Was too drunk to confirm this however."
      "Drank nothing, yet became drunk."
      "Thought the fic was worse than the large amounts of drinking. Tried summoning Yog-Sothulhu. Found three weeks later in his room, dead. Got better."
      "Vomited. Tried again. Vomited again."
      "won't piss straight ever again"
      "Ifeell perfdctly fine. I dont se what alll thef uss is bout"
      "I don't think we could ever destroy our souls in such a way ever again."
      "KILL ME NOW. I didn't even follow all the rules and I think I've already contracted diabetes."
      "I totally ran out of ice cream in about ten minutes and was too lazy to get some more."
      "Stopped out of fear, and stomach cramps. Mostly the cramps. ...and an unexpected bout of farting."
      "Completely destroyed home and internal plumbing. Had a great time though."
      "Drank everything in the house before switching to water. Between five people, vomiting occurred thrice and peeing a lot more than that. Total: 132 shots each. There is something wrong when you can say "I peed, then I vomited, and then I peed again.""
      "Threw up, finished the story (drinking) but was left feeling strangely empty inside."
      "Anyone who has drunk Jager in copious amounts and who has read this know that it was a very, VERY bad idea. We woke up with one helluva hangover and no clue what exactly happened the night before. All I can remember is horrible laughter and feeling like my IQ was being threatened."
      "I have a headache, a sugar high, mild stomach cramps, and I'm peeing every ten minutes. On the plus side, the padded cell is very comfy."
      "Stopped because we couldn't go on anymore and fear of implosion and explosion at the same time"
      "Started after pissing myself dry. Vommited after Chapter 4's "odderwize fangs 2 da goffik ppl 4 da good reveiws!" Gave up at that point. I'm going to sleep."
      "I think my heart may have just exploded. Think I should get that looked at?"
      "I drank a sip of water for every misspelling and drank 400 ml of water in 10 chapters. The whole thing had 30+ chapters. Imagine how many water that is. Next time I'll try it with coffee, then I'll see noises."
      "I threw up thrice and haven't s lept wfor threee nighfgts and i solcved the depbt croiseis is dhtere sugar in thris stuiff"
  • Oh, Twilight, you never fail to amuse. This is largely due to the way many of the examples are worded. Also, here's a little something from the Possession Sue page:
    Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale): Knock it off, dad. So, Kristen, there must be something really special about you for Robert to take such a liking to you and risk the lives of his entire family. Tell us about yourself.
    Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan): Me? Oh, no. I'm just a hollow placeholder for all of the teenage girls in the audience to project their personalities onto. I have none of my own whatsoever.
  • The So Bad, It's Good page, especially the Fan Fic section. Just reading the descriptions from Tropers trying to make sense of such incoherent writing is hilarious.
  • The Stupid Sexy Flanders page.
  • Scroll down Absurdity Ascendant. Go on, the link's right there. Were you expecting the hat?
  • From the top of the Costume Porn page:
    Nynaeve: I'm wearing a green silk dress with slashes of white with snowy white lace in a floral pattern. It has the faces of cherubs sewn into the sides, and the picture of deer running gracefully through a wooded stream in the skirt. It shows generous cleavage.
    Elayne: I'm wearing a dark blue silk dress with a pattern of black lace. It has actual thread-of-gold woven into the bodice, telling the story of my childhood, including the part when I skinned my knee trying to climb a leatherleaf tree in Master Hanson's orchard. It shows generous cleavage.
    The Wheel of Time Mock Summary by Isam
  • The trope named What the Fu Are You Doing?. IT'S THE TITLE.
  • The former redirect No Shit Sherlock.note 
  • Tropes That Will Never Happen is hilarious. Simply hilarious.
    "But You Screw One Dead Kid Goat While On Fire aka necropedopyrobestiality"
    "A man decided to seek therapy for his sadonecrobestiality fetish, because he realized he was just beating a dead horse."
  • Your Mom.
  • From the Alton Towers page:
    Rita, Queen of Speed: A hydraulic-launched rollercoaster. Very fast.
  • From the Vampires Are Sex Gods page:
    ->...And the computer is like "Do I have to spell it out for you? A V.A.M.P.I.R.E.!"
    And the girl is like "OH MY GOD!.....THAT IS SO HOT!"
    Chester A. Bum, review of Twilight
  • It Makes Sense in Context doesn't have trope examples, but it has the quote section, which can be very good fun.
  • Naughty Tentacles. (In Big Font: We do not want a page on this topic.)
  • A troper known as Kicklash was noted on the Ask The Tropers page for editing all instances of the words "God" and "Satan" into "Lord Helix" and "Dome Fossil" respectively. This even applied to words with the word god in them: "Godzilla" became "Lord Helixzilla" and "Buddhist pagoda" became "Buddhist paLord Helixa". The very fact that happened is just ridiculous. (Note that while this vandalism may have been amusing, any vandalism is still very much not okay.)
  • The first time someone edited with the Cloud to Butt extension enabled. (As above, any vandalism is still very much not okay, and is a bannable offense. If you want to see what this extension -or the one above- does to pages, make sure to turn off the extension and close and re-open your browser BEFORE you edit! That said, Fluffy Cloud Heaven and Final Fantasy VII may be quite the laugh reading - not editing! - with this extension.)
  • The Ship Yard, a hilariously corny attempt (and deliberately so) at putting naval terminology to various shipping behaviors.

    Images and Captions 
  • The picture on This Loser Is You. Homer coupled with the AFV theme song was classic.
  • The picture and caption for Fan Disservice. Also, the caption under the picture on the anime and manga page of Fan Disservice of Tsukishima stabbing Orihime through the boobs. "KATANAS DON'T GO THERE!"
  • The caption for Humans Are Cthulhu.
    Iä! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Scu'ba Di'ver R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
  • The picture and caption on the Dark and Troubled Past page:
    I'm sorry, what was that I couldn't hear you over my tragic past.
  • The caption under the picture for Eyes Do Not Belong There: "This probably makes masturbation a very unpleasant experience."
  • The caption under the picture on the Nice Hat page:
    Clearly not a hat to be trifled with.
  • The picture on the Talk to the Fist page: "GAZE INTO THE FIST OF DREDD!!!!"
  • From the caption under the picture on the Tainted Veins page:
    Who'd have thought putting a nuclear reactor in your chest might have harmful side effects?
  • The page image on Parental Favoritism. Maybe it's just because baby birds have this perpetual SERIOUS/frowning expression, but it's made a lot of tropers laugh. Even though it can make you feel really bad for the little bird.
  • Formerly from Best Known for the Fanservice:
    I would appreciate your continued attention on the plot. Hello? The plot.
  • The caption of the picture of Ariel on the Giant Poofy Sleeves page says the following:
    Ursula could fit in one of those.
  • Given the content of the page on Gainaxing, the image caption "One shall rise, one shall fall" is a stroke of genius.
  • The picture on Godwin's Law, which shows an image of a children's book called 'Everyone I don't Like is Hitler'. The best part is that clicking on the image takes you to the page for Reddit.
  • An easy way to annoy the folks on the SCP Foundation wiki is to misspell "SCP" as "SPC" (which has since been jokingly backronymed into "Shark Punching Center"). So hopefully no one noticed that the image of their logo used by this wiki's page on them is titled "SPClogo"...
  • The Applied Phlebotinum image and caption, in all its Deadpan Snarker glory.
  • The image for Jump Scare is a bird scaring another bird with the caption "MEOW". There's a note saying that they chose a joke image and caption so as not to be too scary, and that "meow" might be scary if you're a bird, but then why would you be on the wiki anyway?

    Trope/Work Descriptions and Stingers 
  • Of all the places, the Eldritch Abomination page. The article describes this trope extremely well, becoming rather creepy in telling how freaking wrong those creatures are, how much of an aberration to our senses and to our laws of physics they are, it makes a point of telling us that we can't even classify them as evil as they don't follow the same morals... And it ends with a "YourMom" joke.
  • The Word Cruft page's explanation for why rhetorical questions are a bad idea:
    This isn't the author's fault. Rhetorical questions are a very useful device! Unfortunately, an explosion in a lead paint chips factory in Montana has left a fair chunk of the internet with the approximate IQ of a brain-damaged gibbon. If you pose a rhetorical question, or anything that could by the remotest stretch be interpreted as a rhetorical question, someone will respond to it seriously and then pat himself on the back (with his long, gibbon-like arms) for his amazing internet wit. The probability of this happening is 1. Do not write rhetorical questions.
  • The quote at the top of the Broken Pedestal page.
    "It's like going to heaven and finding God smoking crack!"
  • From Sheathe Your Sword:
    No, this is not a sex trope with a euphemistic title. Perverts.
  • Most of the TV Tropes articles for movies are written as though the author had a neutral opinion about it. Then there's the Camp Rock page.
    • Generally, the shorter trope pages tend to be funny in a Noodle Incident kind of way, as they often belong to the most effective of Flame Bait, and the most splintered Broken Bases. You can just imagine how much arguing happened until the editors arrived at something no one could object. Imagine the two feuding nobles from Night Watch Discworld trying to make a trope page and you get the idea.
  • The opening for the Dokapon Kingdom page.
  • The description on the Ken Narita page as it essentially gets hijacked by the man himself, in a giant orange, apparently.
  • The following quote from the top of the Annoying Laugh page:
    I do realise that when I laugh, it sounds like a seal is being molested.
  • From Refuge in Audacity:
    This isn't Getting Crap Past the Radar, this is crashing the crap through the front doors and out the back doors of the radar installation, in an armored car with sunglasses-wearing flaming skull decals on every flat surface and a Hieronymus Bosch reproduction on the door, hood-mounted machine guns blazing, Motörhead blasting on the jury-rigged PA system, and one arm hanging out of the window making a rude hand gesture, and the tires leaving tracks painting sex and violence on the floor and walls.
  • A former line from the Cardcaptor Sakura page:
  • The Goldfish Poop Gang page once had a Real Life entry with just one example: the Westboro Baptist Church.
  • The stinger on Hard-Drinking Tropes.
    Nappa: Vegeta! What does the breathalyzer say about his blood alcohol content?
    Nappa: WHAT? Nine percent? How the hell is he even alive?
  • The whole Law Procedural sketch on I Won't Say I'm Guilty is pretty funny, but I burst out laughing at "...and the jury are apparently collaborating on a book called Burn in Hell, Wendell Spatz, You Guilty Guilty Scumbag."
  • From the All Girls Like Ponies page:
    Of course, the trope is parodied when it's a boy or a guy who likes ponies.
  • The intro of Speech Bubbles. Face it, any Self-Demonstrating Article has the potential to be on this page.
  • This little bit from the Mary Sue page:
  • No Real Life Examples, Please! provides an example in the description of what would happen if real life examples were allowed under Scam Religion. Then this sentence appears.
    Meanwhile, someone adds Church of Happyology and gets sued.
  • This gem in the North Korea page.
    Whilst its portrayal as the Card-Carrying Villain of world politics is frequently played for laughs, it may do you good to recall that this country is indeed home to 25 million people. So, rule of cautious editing very much applies. EDIT: Never mind, TV Tropes is blocked in North Korea.
  • Scrolling down the RWBY characters page to find that someone gave the Named Weapons their own listings.
  • Some of the comments in The House of Tudor. A few examples:
    "Henry found her so unattractive in person that the marriage was annulled six months later without it having been consummated. (History does not record what Anne thought of Henry, who by this time weighed about 350 pounds and had a nasty-smelling running ulcer on his leg.)"
    "Later, Lord Darnley's bedroom was blown up. He was found in the garden, in his nightshirt — strangled. The chief suspect was a roguish Scottish noble called Lord Bothwell. So of course, Mary (who seems to have had a knack for poor life choices) married Bothwell with almost indecent haste."
    "Then Leicester dropped dead shortly after the defeat of the Armada. Elizabeth bawled for a few months, and then took up with the second Earl of Essex, also named Robert. He was, essentially, her boy-toy. She had reigned longer than he'd been alive. Incidentally, he was also Leicester's stepson. Unlike his stepfather, however, he didn't know how to keep his mouth shut and got a big head. Bess was mildly displeased by this, so she lopped it off."
  • The recap page for A Case of Spring Fever transforms said annoying short into a horror story.
  • On the John Major article:
    "In 2002 a revelation broke out that he had had an adulterous affair with minister Edwina Currie; this was greeted with universal incredulity by the British media, as they couldn't conceive of him doing something so interesting."
  • The opening paragraph of the Platform Hell page, which shamelessly borrows from Nineteen Eighty Four:
    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a plumber jumping into an invisible coin block, and falling to his death... repeatedly... forever.
  • Unrelated to the trope itself, but in Something Something Leonard Bernstein, one unfortunate troper's run-in with a questionable link in the same page does provide this wonderful response to the link in question:
    Yes, thank you, sir. My anti-virus software was getting complacent, and now it's had a nice pick-me-up.
  • After listing all the subtropes of Incest Is Relative:
    If that's not incestuous enough, then Screw Yourself.
  • This line from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Special Edition page. The potholes make it absolutely hilarious.
    From watching the LP, it's clear that, had Sonic 2: Special Edition been released, it would've been the greatest game ever made. While rough at some points, it is clear that if development continued, it would have been a classic that would have influenced games to this day.
  • The Running Gag on Final Fantasy pages of describing the series as "(adjective)ly-popular". From thirst quenching to eardrum ruptures to controller tossing, one must be surprised that FF fans haven't run out of these yet.
  • The page for The Big Lebowski includes a phrase that must be seen to be believed: "After another home invasion where the Dude's johnson is threatened by a nihilist ferret..."
  • This particular paragraph from Constellation Trip, especially at the end.
    Unlike Earth's planispheres which show the two Earth's emisphere together, most celestial maps show the two Sky's emispheres separated in two distinct "disks". Even though this is useful to emphasize the differences between each semi-sky, it has a unpleasant consequence: Equatorial constellations appear inevitably split in two, with their portion north of the equator in one half-map and the southern in the other half-map — enormously troubling the remembering of their stellar pattern. However, if you have a bit of imagination you can amuse yourself by thinking the sky's equator is the surface of a huge ocean, the northern emisphere is the sky above the sea and the southern one the underwater. The results can be quite funny: Orion appears plunged in water at his belt, Ophiuchus at his chest, the Virgin happily floating while watching the sky above her, and the Water-Carrier almost-totally submerged like's drowning (and spilling water when he's UNDER-water!)
  • This bit from No Control Group:
    Then again, most experiments in fiction are far-fetched enough that the purpose of a control group would be to make sure that people weren't just psychosomatically growing to 30 feet and shooting lasers out of their eyes.
  • The page on The Day the Clown Cried. After describing the premise, it simply says It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.
  • The last paragraph from Death Is Dramatic description.
    Naturally, this is Truth in Television; since death tends to impact us in direct proportion to how close we were to the deceased in real life. As for how dramatic dying actually is for the person dying, no one's come back to comment.
  • From I Am Very British:
    This trope is about Hollywood thinking RP is the only British Accent, or that it's the only one the educated English use while everyone else talks like they had the collected works of Charles Dickens rammed down their throats.
  • The Analysis page of Humans Are Cthulhu has this paragraph, which is both heartwarming and, indeed, makes you want to laugh along with the pod-mates.
    Just think about what the whale would do after it was released back into the ocean [after being beached]. It would probably tell its pod-mates about the experience, and they'd just think he was crazy, similar to most people who tell their friends and family about an alien abduction: "Hey guys, you won't believe what happened. I was just going up to the surface for a breath of fresh air when I fell into the Great Beyond. It was awful, there was no water, I couldn't stand up, and I nearly died. But then I was rescued by...The Gods! They walked upright and floated effortlessly across the surface with no water to hold them up. They spoke through their blowholes and told me it was not my time, so they returned me to my own realm." (Cue sudden burst of laughter from pod-mates).
  • The Year Outside, Hour Inside description, which ends with 'See also: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life'.
  • The Lumper vs. Splitter has a line saying 'The Other Wiki would not appreciate this. We must never tell them', which is potholed to The World Is Not Ready.
  • The description from "Hey, You!" Haymaker:
    'So we all like punching people in the face, right? But the problem with that is sometimes access to your opponent's face is blocked by the back of their head. The solution: tap your target on the shoulder or otherwise get his attention, causing him to turn around, exposing his precious, punchable face. Ahh, sweet satisfaction!'
  • From Ultra Super Death Gore Fest Chainsawer 3000:
    In a Crime and Punishment Series, these can cause innocent victims to act out the events, possibly including An Aesop about why video games are horrible and teenagers should be watching responsible adults shoot each other on TV instead.
  • From the page of Shinichi Watanabe:
    And if you're looking for Nietzsche Wannabe, it's over at Straw Nihilist now.note 
  • The first example in the real life folder of Open Secret is comb overs.

    Wild Mass Guessing / Headscratchers 
  • The discussion on Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans on the Harry Potter Headscratchers page.
    • This line, a couple topics down:
      "And how would you know how a gerbil tastes in the first place?"
      "Gerbil-flavored Bertie Bott's, of course!"
  • And on the Chamber of Secrets page:
    I can't remember if it was stated in the book, but where did the basilisk come from?
    Salazar Slytherin hatched it a thousand years ago. It's been waiting all this time for the Heir of Slytherin to come and say "Wanna play fetch? Go get the mudblood! Go get it! Good giant snake thing! Atta boy!"note 
  • This bit from the Kim Possible Wild Mass Guessing page.
    ** She even said she's into boys "Sometimes."
    ** Though this seemed more like "Other times I think they're just a pain," rather than "The rest of the time I'm into girls."
    *** SHHHHHHHH.
  • The Twilight Headscratchers page has these gems:
    • The plothole about why "a family of immortal vampires has a sippy cup in their household".
    Sometimes Esme's baby-mania gets the better of her and decides that one of her "children" needs a diaper change and a bed time story. Edward doesn't like to talk about those times very much, probably because he's her most common target (why else would he be so fucked up?).
    • This plothole:
    Why did it take the Volturi so long to reach Forks? Irina runs off, and suddenly Alice sees the Volturi a couple months. Alice and Bella get there in New Moon in less than a few days. The Volturi are rich and should have capable transportation, and everyone is already in Volterra so they don't need to spend time gathering their forces. Even if Irina didn't have access to a phone, she could have run to the Voluturi within a few days. Did they get lost at the airport? Did they misplace where they had packed their wives? Did they take a stroll through Russia?
    Now I want to read THAT book: 'The Terminal: Volturi Edition!' It'd be awesome, with Jane inflicting her psychic torture on immigration officials and Aro giggling over those turny baggage things and the entire gang taking up a whole section of the airport and creeping people out, but none of the humans say anything because they don't want to be Mistaken for Racist.
  • From the Wild Mass Guessing page of Les Misérables is a theory that Katniss Everdeen is related to Inspector Javert. Why? Because "Who else would be so fixated over a loaf of bread?"
  • From the Mushishi Headscratchers page, as to why Ginko's Fan Nickname is 'Pimp-ko':
    Because he's so incredibly cool, ofcourse. He wins the hearts of most female characters and then ditches them saying he can't stick along for long periods of time 'because of the mushis'. He travels from town to town breaking hearts and kicking ass. He doesn't need to get the girl, he knows he can, and that's enough for him and his hordes of fans.
  • From Up Headscratchers, explaining why Carl didn't get in trouble with the FAA:
    "Hello, is this the FAA? Yeah, there's this guy flying in a house. Yes, he's attached his house to a million balloons and he's just flying it down the... hello? Hello?"
    • Also from that page, this comment from the argument over whether or not Russell is Asian:
      Flik was blue, Sully was blue, Mike was green, Remy was grey, WALL-E was brown, Lightning McQueen was red, and Nemo and Marlon were orange with white stripes. How much more diverse can you get?
  • From the [PROTOTYPE] Headscratchers page, on the "powers" of civilian disguises:
    God knows I always wanted to use the power of accounting after I eat a civilian...
    "Sir, we've spotted Mercer! He's— He's... ... ...uh, sir, he's recalculating the city's debt on the side of the Chrysler Building..."
  • On the Persona 4 WMG page there was this exchanged based on the idea that Naoto and Minato were siblings.
    Guys, Come on. This idea is milked so many times in Fan Fiction that it's probably canon in the minds of thousands.
  • Also on the "Persona 4" WMG page:
    TV Tropes is the Shadow of The Other Wiki.
    Wikipedia has largely become a regulated stopover on the way to more "valid" research. It struggles to feel accepted academically while still suffering the derision of teachers everywhere. Wikipedia struggles to be accepted through strict regulation and cold hard facts; a far cry from the more lax, Rule of Fun oriented TV Tropes. Wikipedia, in an effort to stamp out its more trivial side, inadvertently gave birth to TV Tropes as its Shadow self. It cannot bear to reconcile knowledge with fun and so it cannot bring itself to face TV Tropes. But TV Tropes is Wikipedia. And The Other Wiki is TV Tropes...
    That Troper is the Shadow born of the collective ego of all Tropers...including you.
    That Troper
    How long are you planning on denying it? Beneath your thin veneer of snarky sophistication your true desires are laid plain before me. Who hasn't secretly pimped their own Fan Work under pseudonyms and puppet accounts? Don't you feel the need to rant and rave about asininely stupid programming that everyone else seems to fawn over? The Headscratchers pages for Twilight and Inheritance Cycle alone allude to your true nature.
    My opinions are right and all the garbage just hides the fact that I'm openly tearing down something I don't like and NO I WILL NOT TAKE IT TO THE FORUMS!!! And why shouldn't I? So what if there isn't a page for Cartwheeling Dynamite Puppy; there should be damnit, even if I have to pimp it to high heaven! Who are they to say what is and isn't A Trope?! "Some Tropers think...Your Milage May Vary But...Please exercise Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement when blah blah blah blah blah blah!" That weasel talk makes me sick!! Why shouldn't I say exactly what's on my mind?! MINE is the only opinion that matters!!!
    My OTP IS the Fan-Preferred Couple! Katara is a Canon Sue and I don't care who disagrees! Don't you take my entry down! I'M right, YOU'RE wrong!
    Isn't that what you truly feel?
    Villinize me all you'd like. Just accept the inevitable truth: you are me...and I am you
    I'm right here, you're over there, therefore, as you do not share the same place as me, you are not me.
    Ahhh, shit...Let's get "I'll Face Myself" up and running...
    NO! You're not me!
    Alright, I've been waiting for this! Let's battle! You're nothing like me anyway!!!
    Yes, yes, I know, I'm an egotistical asshole here for my own entertainment rather than the betterment of the wiki, pushing my own opinions with varying degrees of subtlety and lack thereof while pretending its neutrality. Now hurry up and transform into a Persona already, I want superpowers and don't want to get my hands dirty with a boss fight.
    The strength of heart to face one's self has been made manifest. Troper has obtained the facade used to overcome life's hardships, the Persona ...?
    Thou art I and I am thou. From the sea of thy soul, I emerge. I am The Other Troper, Protector of the Wiki.
  • In the WMG page for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, there's a WMG regarding if Percy and Annabeth will have a son and, if they do, if the boy's name will be Luke. Hilarity Ensues.
    Not if Rick Riordan wants to fend off all those accusations of being a Harry Potter knockoff...
    The son will have his memory wiped and be sent back in time to host Kronos. They named their son after their son!
    Now we've gone from stealing Harry Potter to stealing Doctor Who! Are you TRYING to piss off the major nerd fanbases?
  • This bit from the Headscratchers page for The Princess and the Frog is Made of Win, purely for the mental picture:
    * And what was Eudora's reaction when her daughter who'd been missing for three days came through the door wearing an enormous sparkly dress, along with her new husband and alligator buddy?
    ** "Now I'll live to see my grandkids!"?
    *** First thing this troper thought of was Louis shouting "GRAMMA!" and jumping in Eudora's arms. "I want cookies and sweaters and stories about what it was like in the old days!"
  • From Batman: Arkham Asylum Headscratchers:
    "New game idea: "I'm Batman". In this platformer-action adventure-MMORPG-RTS-Beat 'Em Up-Rhythm Game, you play as the Dark Knight, going around and holding up Gotham's deadliest villains by the neck and saying "I'm Batman". There are 'aggression' and 'volume' meters that you have to max out, as well as 'the' and 'goddamn' buttons that provide bonus points if you use them in the right situation. Playable on 'Conroy', 'Keaton' and 'Bale' difficulty levels, with an unlockable bonus mode in which you play as Adam West. Not Adam West's Batman. You're just Adam West going around shouting at people. DLC has been announced, but not yet specified. Available Fall 2010, on Xbox 360, PC and PS3."
  • From the Peanuts Headscratchers page:
    * Jesus, Lucy, Violet, and Patty are CRUEL to poor Charlie Brown! They expect him to get an over-commercialized tree, made of pink aluminum? Charlie brings back a tree that looks like one that would be next to the humble manger, and they all laugh at him! Even damned SNOOPY! Although it sets up a Moment of Awesome with the "That's what Christmas is all about" speech, I just want to wring those three bitches' neck!!
    ** Is it bad that I read the start of this entry as a list of 4 names, rather than an expletive and 3 names?
    *** Jesus is laughing at Charlie Brown for having a great Christmas spirit! The irony!
    *** Nope. I did it, too. As did my parents, Ayn Rand and God.
    *** Your parents are Ayn Rand and God?
  • Although many of the theories on Lady Gaga's WMG page are quite funny, special mention goes to the one that claims The Fame Monster is a Take That! at Twilight (may also be a Moment of Awesome, if you're part of Twilight's Hatedom). Also, the one about her secretly being her own parents and/or John Lennon.
  • The Marble Hornets Headscratchers page when someone asks where the character's families are during all this.
  • The Running Gag on the Disney Animated Canon Headscratchers page concerning Bambi's mother. She was in season and tasted good smoked and/or made into sausage.
  • This exchange on the Headscratchers page for The Lord of the Rings:
    "And yet no one is complaining about the 'taters'."
    "What's... "taters", precious? What's taters, eh?"
  • The long list of possible people possessing Mr. Mew in The World Ends with You's WMG page.
  • One troper's psychotic breakdown over the permanent deaths of Amie and Shandra on the Neverwinter Nights 2 Headscratchers page.
  • From the now-cut Internet Headscratchers page
    *** ...say, are you single?
    *** As a matter of fact, I am.
    *** Well, won't this will be a wonderful story to tell your grandkids:
    "That's right Billy, I met your grandmother while meticulously collating vast amounts of pop culture information on the Internet"
  • From the WMG page for The Room:
    * The sex scenes are POV shots.
    ** Denny: I just like to watch you guys.
  • The entire Headscratchers page for SpongeBob SquarePants, especially the following:
    * SpongeBob has Negative Continuity.
    ** SpongeBob IS Negative Continuity.
  • The Headscratchers page for The Emperor's New Clothes.
  • The Headscratchers for classic folklore, that one post on The Tortoise and the Hare was just so unexpected in contrast to the discussions on the true moral of the story that it's hard not to laugh.
  • On the Kyon: Big Damn Heroes WMG page, the entry about Durandall is FUCKING HILARIOUS.
  • On the late Headscratchers page for Flipping the Bird, this lovely conversation occurs when someone wants to know why actually doing the flipping kind of is painful:
    • You may also want to try cracking your knuckles more often. Loosen up the joints a little. Plus, you don't have to have your other fingers down at the knuckle and flush with your palm; just enough to get the point across.
      • TV Tropes... where we teach you how to be an asshole.
  • This bit from the Cats Don't Dance page:
    * Parental Abandonment: Where are Darla's, exactly?
    ** She probably killed them.
  • This absolute bloody gem from the Goblet of Fire Headscratchers page:
    It's called polyphasic sleep. One of my friends at college did it. You sleep for 30 minutes every 6 hours, and it forces your body to abandon natural circadian rhythms. It's intended to give you more time awake each day. Of course, if you do it improperly it causes you to hallucinate and think you're in The Legend of Zelda, but there you are.
  • From the Doctor Who WMG page:
    After the Events of Victory of the Daleks the Dalek Rangers threw the most awesome victory party the universe has ever seen, in celebration of finally pulling one over on the Doctor. I only bring this up because the idea of the Daleks OF ALL RACES doing your typical wild party antics with those screeching voices of theirs amuses me.
    ** Someone has to draw that now, complete with Dalek Scientist scuttling around at top speed with a lampshade on its head.
    * Truth or Dare with Daleks. I swear, that would be the best party ever.
    Eternal: ...TRUTH.
    Eternal: ...CAN I DO A FORFEIT?
  • The Headscratchers page for Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • This response to the WMG that Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes is a furry in development and Hobbes is his fursona: "Bill Watterson is spinning in his grave, and he's not even dead!"
  • This little exchange on the Fairy Tail Headscratchers page is quite amusing:
    * There're still other jobs that I wouldn't really trust Fairy Tail members with. One job once was to teach a bunch of little kids you really want a Fairy Tail member to corrupt your young?
    ** YES.
  • On The Flintstones WMG page, the third & fifth entries and the reactions to them.
  • This bit from the Mathematician's Answer Headscratchers page:
    About the most recognized use of Mathematician's Answer is answering "yes" when meaning "both". "Do you prefer it shaken, or unstirred?" "Yes." This is universally understood by more or less everyone on the Internet. Which is what bugs me, since technically, mathematically if you will, such an answer would mean "yeah, one or more of them", which is nearly no answer at all. What is appalling is that no one else seems to notice the incongruity, and the Internet should be smarter than that. Am I wrong? Are they wrong? Is the Internet broken? The uncertainty is tearing me apart.
  • From the Headscratchers page for The Dresden Files, this analogy to the Alpha's vigilante work around the University of Chicago campus:
    The College isn't some five-star restaurant that everyone's trying to get into. It's McDonald's. A McDonald's where whenever you try to get a burger, someone punches you in the nose and knocks it out of your hand. After a while of that, you just say fuck it and go to Burger King instead.
  • From the Futurama Headscratchers page:
    Troper: You mean the military that treats Zapp Brannigan like the reincarnations of Sun Tzu and Napoleon combined?
    Zoidberg: Sunpoleon? I love that guy!
  • From the Dirty Dancing Headscratchers page:
    * How does Neil Kellerman know that there aren't any books in Johnny's room? It's not like he would have a reason to go there, right?
    ** Obviously he sneaks into his room frequently to steal his underwear to smell at night... or the guy was just being condescending and assuming (probably rightly) that Johnny is not much of a reader and that that simply wasn't a believable excuse.
    *** I prefer the first option.
  • From the Wild Mass Guessing for A Song of Ice and Fire:
    * Or neither. My favorite WMG is Joffrey killed himself, by eating Tyrion's pie, which was poisoned by Olenna and Cersei's minions. (Joffrey even said "its the pie" as he died.) LF lies about it to Sansa to impress her. LF's obsession with Catelyn, and later Sansa, is due to the prophecy he received as a boy. Just like Cersei, it messed him up big time.
    ** Hot Pie killed Joffrey.
  • From The Magic School Bus Headscratchers
    * How would Ms. Frizzle teach sex ed?
    ** Why, she would encourage her students to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy, of course! ...Oh.
  • While the WMG pages of the Ace Attorney page are chock-full of Funny Moments because of the tendency of their fans to treat discussions like Cross-Examinations (complete with the signature Memetic Mutation Big Word Shouts), one in particular proved so controversial and so funny that it became a post-based Roleplay featuring a plethora of characters from the work itself. Observe:
    Ema Skye is hot. Don't deny it. Its better than the other theories here...
    ** HOLD IT! Ema Skye the stand-in for Maya, or Ema Skye the detective? Choose your answer carefully.
    *** Let's see. The problem is, she's kind of a bitch in Apollo Justice...
    *** TAKE THAT! But the other one is sixteen.
    *** Objection! 16 years is too old for lolicon!
    *** OBJECTION! Have you SEEN Mia!?
    *** OBJECTION! You honor, the purpose of this inquiry is not to determine "Is Ema Sky hotter than Mia Fey?" but rather "Is Ema Skye hot?". Mia's hotness, while smokin', has no relevance to the case at hand! If the opposition wishes to claim Mia's hotness holds some relevance to the case of Ema's hotness, I must ask they prove it... with evidence!
    *** TAKE THAT! Phoenix (or you the player, whichever you prefer) has been with both, Ema and Mia at some point during his career. Phoenix has only worked with Ema on one case and that was when she was a hyper spunky 16 year old (thus not being legal in some parts of the world) while Mia was in her 20s before she died and even after death, she is summoned back many times to help Phoenix in his cases. As mentioned before, Ema, nearly 7-10 years later, has become a cold ice queen unless you bribe her with Snackoos or a fingerprint duster. Not to mention she can be somewhat flaky. Mia, however, can not only retain her "goods" while being channeled, but she always has something to help you out with and has a much nicer personality. Between a smart and smokin' woman and another woman who stuffs her face whenever you even annoy her, the defense proposes that Mia is an easier fish to catch compared to Ema!
    *** OBJECTION! ::Smirks, wags finger:: Nice try, rookie. But look back. What have you proven? 'Mia Fey is a very nice, smoking hot lady. Nicer and hotter than Ema, certainly.' ::Slams hand on desk:: As if anyone with eyes did not already know this! ::Points:: Yes, Mia IS hotter than Ema, smarter, and nicer! And if that were the purpose of this trial, you might have managed a full acquittal! But I must remind you again, the purpose of this trial is to determine 'is Ema Skye hot?', and ONLY to determine that fact! Mia Fey's hotness ::Slams hand on desk:: still has no relevance!
    *** Urk! (I thought I was on the right track...? Damn, I don't have any other options!) The defense...the defense...
    *** Phoenix...your looking at this the wrong way. Don't ask why she isn't hot...point out evidence that only exists because she isn' Is that her? And I thought Lana was hot...Nevermind, Wright. Your on your own on this one.
    *** Phoenix Wright!!! You foolishly foolish fool! Only an idiot would not think of a night with Ema once laying eyes on her ——>I mean...was that out loud? Shut up, lets go home Adrian.
    *** No fisher brags about any fish but the one that got away, Trite. Ema is not nearly so objectionable as you claim. The unavailable ice queen angle is still quite attractive. Or would you really ::slams mug on desk:: ...turn down Franziska Von Karma as well?!
    *** ...! Godot! ::slams hand on desk:: I must ask you not to bring up Wright's relationship with Franziska! reasons.
    *** The defense would like to propose that Detective Skye is, indeed, a stone-cold fox, if you manage to snap her out of her bitchiness. As evidence, he would like to present various pieces of forensic investigation equipment, which make her instantly more personable. If you date her, bring a fingerprinting kit.
    *** I find her young self cute as heck, and for her older self, the ice queen types normally annoy me, but something her ——>attitude is funny (QUIET, SNACK TIME) and her happy go lucky self can come out every so often, generally with the aid of ——>scientific crap.
    *** ORDER! (bangs gavel) We're here to discuss if Ema Skye can be considered "hot". We aren't discussing if she's the hottest thing in the series, just does she qualify. Any more bickering about irrelevant topics will result in penalties!
    *** TAKE THAT! Ema is definitely hot. ::holds paper sheets in his hand while hitting them, triumph music starts playing:: She was asked to provide security in The Gavinners concert, even though she publicly dislikes Klavier, such a band surely has the power (both as celebrities and as law officers) to have any member of the police staff they requested. On top of that, there weren't any groupies waiting in the Gavinners' dressing room. given all this evidence, one can assume that one or more of the Gavinners had the intention of performing actions of questionable nature with the detective. ::Slams hand on bench:: And why would someone have this intentions? ::Points finger::Because she is indeed hot!!!
    *** (Gasp!) Mr. Nick! How dare you do that to Mystic Maya! (Slap)
    *** What's going on in this thread, pal?
    *** Say, Nick, you can hook me up with this Ema chick, right? Nick, buddy?
    *** ::Wince:: Your Honor...this is...this is undue badgering of the troper! I won't let this...rookie slander the woman whom rid me of my hair!
    *** Wait a sec, folks. This gal's got her two cents, too! Ain't this "Mia" gal dead? ::Looks at picture:: HOO DOGGY! That's ghost I saw in my picture!
    *** (Slams Gavel) That's enough! The evidence presented to me is quite clear. I see no reason to continue this trial. This court finds Ema Skye VERY HOT BUT IS STILL A DEFROSTING ICE QUEEN!
  • Most of Headscratchers.Rule Thirty Four may count, but these stand out:
    Half the fun of Rule 34 is actively contributing to it. The horrified reactions of the rest of the internet are the other half.
    • As well as...
    Hydrogen atoms are kinky as heck. Being the most common element and being equally happy to gain or lose an electron, they really get around. Now, helium atoms, they're kinda prudes.
  • The Headscratchers page for Bioshock Infinite is absolutely massive, due to a combination of an intricate plot that revolves around time travel and alternate universes, a very detailed background, developed characters, and the hype that surrounded the game which, of course, means many people have something to say and/or ask about it. So, every plot element, every character's motivation, every design choice is meticulously analyzed. What's the last entry on the page as of today (14th of March, 2014)? Whether or not a character has a mustache. What a combination of Mood Whiplash and Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking!
  • The troper who always assumes someone is a Time Lord finally got it right on the Bravest Warriors WMG page. Someone also made a joke out of the Time Lord guesses by going on to the page for Doctor Who itself and writing, "The Doctor is a Time Lord and the police box is his TARDIS".
  • One of the WMGs for The Walking Dead Telltale game gets an hilarious response:
    *Lee Everett never existed
    He's just a figment of Clementine's imagination. Everything Lee does, Clementine actually does herself. The story ends with her realising she no longer needs him.
  • On the Headscratchers page for Portal, some tropers began wondering what the In-Universe reason for orange gel being banned was; it was the one gel with no hazardous properties mentioned. Eventually, the tropers decided to make up a reason.
    ** Let's make one up! How about interior friction burns? Oh, and cancer. Everything causes cancer.
    *** Running into a wall at 90 miles per hour seems like a pretty bad side effect.
    *** The lab boys tell me that if you get this stuff on you, there's a good chance trying to move would... I don't know, something about peeling an egg with a sand blaster, I wasn't really paying attention. Now I'm hungry. Caroline, what's the lunch situation?
    *** I'm sure it stains pretty badly as well.
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean, the blacksmith protagonist is shown a drawing of a certain chest key and told he needs to sneak onto the Flying Dutchman to get it. Why don't they just copy the key? After a long discussion...
    Plus, would the audience seriously enjoy watching thirty minutes of Will Turner in his blacksmithing shop hammering together that same key in variety of thickness? May as well call it Pirates of the Caribbean: Turner makes Keyes
    Turner: Locksmith of the Caribbean is in development for CBS. It's scheduled to air after Treebeard, where the Ent plays a Columbo-style detective who solves crime... very slowly.
  • The Steven Universe Headscratchers page has these two hilarious discussions:
    • The first one on the page, making a reference to a line from one of the show's songs:
    *Wouldn't letting Greg drive his van into your heart kill you?
    **Probably, we'll have to test that.
    **Greg already did on Lapis's water-Steven: you can't drive a van into someone's heart without driving into the rest of them as well.
    • And then there's one that starts out about how and why Pearl (who's a several thousand-year-old alien magical girl warrior, mind you) would know how to drive a car. The very thought of Pearl doing something as mundane as getting driving lessons is hilarious all on its own, but how the discussion on it unfolds is just as amusing, and very insightful at the same time:
    * Pearl was driving Greg's van in "Ocean Gem", does she have a driver's licence? It's illegal to drive without a licence. Did Pearl go to driver's ed? How did she find the time? I hope Pearl's not illegally driving without a licence.
    **Wait, that's actually an interesting question. I remember that in "Gem Glow", when Amethyst said that she stole a bunch of cookie cats with the other crystal gems, Pearl said right after that she went back and paid for them, which made me believe that unlike the other gems, Pearl does care about the legal systems of earth. So I suppose she would have a driver's license, and also the other forms of documentation that a driver's license requires. But that raises another question: why does she know how to drive a car in the first place? Not only gems have much advanced means of transportation (warp pads), but they can also shapeshift into flying animals and objects (well, at least Amethyst does it all the time). I think it makes sense that Pearl would want to know how a car works, but why did she felt the need to actually learn how to drive one? And thinking about it... where did she get that money?
    **I guess the car thing, she probably went through a phase where she was actually addicted to driving (kind of like Garnet being addicted to "Meat Beat Mania" in "Arcade Mania") where she must drive, then somehow got over it. And the money, I guess there was a period of time where it was just Amethyst and Garnet going on missions so she was bored to tears then decided to get a paying job to pass the time until she's needed again. I guess it was during Rose Quartz pregnancy then after baby Steven was born, taking care of him was enough to keep her busy so she quit her paying job.
  • The Warhammer 40,000 enormous Headscratchers page has some hidden gems:
    It's 40K - monumental administrative stupidity is the name of the game! (Actually, I don't think anyone'd play Monumental Administrative Stupidity 40,000, but the point stands.)

    If [Space Marines] trip, they stand back up; they're not bloody turtles.

    ** Its one of the largest Hive Worlds in the Imperium, its definately not a dessert but it is probably barren.
    *** Barren Terra may be, but as a dessert, it is quite delicious. But you'll need a hell of a knife to cut it.

    In related news, why is the Astronomican made as retarded as possible?

    Where do [C'tan phase swords] come from? I thought Impreirum could never get their hands on any Necron tech, since the Nec's teleportation is so advanced it wisps away every last bit of Necrodermis, if the Necrons are defeated.
    * Rogue Trader Era Rulebook. They picked them up then when a bunch of people had access to C'Tan tech and carefully tuck them somewhere GW can't find whenever a new rulebook is coming.

    Can Chaos Space Marines grow beards?
    * ...yes?

  • Go to the Five Nights at Freddy's World WMG page, then look under "Future/Secret characters that will be in the game". It's hilarious.

  • The Inside Out WMG, which loves bringing up the Brazilian helicopter pilot, gems which include:
    The Brazilian Helicopter pilot is Felix Cortez.
    Riley is the illegitimate daughter of the Brazilian Helicopter Pilot.
    The Brazilian Helicopter pilot is Miguel from Tekken.
    The bus driver's "Happy Thought" was the brazilian helicopter pilot...we'll never know for sure, but it was funny.
    Riley's Mom used to be an actress...on a Show called That Brazilian Helicopter Pilot.

  • Suicide Squad (2016) Headscratchers page has this Critical Research Failure, complete with Deadpan Snarker answer:
    Note that when he transforms, Diablo starts speaking the divine language.
    * The divine language known as Spanish.
  • The WMG page for the game Starbound has an area to predict who was leaving behind all those capsules lying around in caves. While deprecated now, some guesses were priceless, from sensible predictions like pirates, natural formation, and remains of banking ships to way out there predictions, including but not limited to Princess Celestia, tentacle monsters, avatars of the developers, and the player.
  • This little gem from Skyline's WMG page, in regards as to why the aliens ignored the oceans:
    ** Seemed to me as if the only reason the aliens weren't over water is because there really weren't any humans in the water to speak of, not because of any actual aversion to it.
    *** Well of course they're not going near the water, the other aliens have first dibs on it.
  • There was an entry in the WMG page for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate regarding who will replace Chrom in Robin's Pair-Up Final Smash, after his original partner Chrom was confirmed to be on the roster. Among the sensible options from his game is The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks's Alfonzo, with a labelnote saying "Leave it to me!" when clicked.
  • From Headscratchers.The Simpsons:
    Troper 1: In "Homer the Heretic", why is Ned of all people so horrified that the church door is unable to be opened? One would have thought that he would have been pleased to be locked in Church. Is the idea that the weather is so cold that even Ned wants to escape the heating-free Church? Or are we perhaps seeing an example of the 'classic era' Ned, the one that wasn't quite as much of a Religious Right caricature?
    Troper 2: Even Ned, church lover that he is, probably isn't big on the idea of freezing to death.
  • One inquiry on Headscratchers.Animal Crossing asks about why the bus arrived in town despite the lack of pavement. One of the responses gets turned into a non-sequitur.
    * GHOST BUS.

    Laconic / Playing W. / Haiku 

    Troper Tales / Fetish Fuel 

NOTE: This wiki no longer has any Troper Tales or Fetish Fuel pages, but that doesn't mean you can't laugh at some of the stuff that used to be there!

  • The Fetish Fuel examples being cut and moved to a separate wiki.
  • The following from the Family Guy Fetish Fuel page:
    Chris, anyone? There's definitely a market for big dumb blond men with freakishly big dicks who are easy to manipulate.
  • The Troper Tales page for Raging Stiffie. Totally relatable yet totally hilarious! Especially the Eiffel Tower bit.
  • This exchange on the Kuudere Troper Tales page:
    This Troper probably qualifies as one. On the outside, she's either a Shrinking Violet or cynical, tough, cold, and antisocial. Which she's really not. She's just really shy among strangers and doesn't like talking, but once she gets used to people or generally starts feeling comfortable, she's a Cloudcuckoolander, very playful, endlessly talkative, tends to joke a lot, and very much the opposite of what she seems.
    I don't remember leaving a story here. Hm.
    Nobody move. I think you may both be me.
    I didn't know I had three other identical personalities!
    That's because you actually have four. Take that as you will.
    Jesus Christ. Who are you people and why am I a clone now?
    Who are you and how did you take over my body?
    I didn't know I had female clones.
    Well it turns out that you have one more here.
    Someone forgot to turn the clone machine off.
  • The entire Troper Tales page for Biggus Dickus, starting with the very first line: Any guy who posts anything about himself on this page is a liar.
  • Certain examples from Troper Tales Epic Fail. To be specific:
    • The story about entering the Batcave in Arkham Asylum.
    • The story about CPR class.
    • The story about the assassination attempt in Hitman: Blood Money.
    • The story about the female mage attempting to open a door with a staff.
    • The story about the nationalist rally in Armenia.
  • Found on the Fetish Fuel page for Fullmetal Alchemist:
    * Two words: TINY MINISKIRTS!
    ** Not to mention that his love of dogs can be misinterpreted...
    *** Where my bitches at?
  • From the Fetish Fuel page for Zelda:
    * I like to imagine what Link, Zelda, and Midna did at the end of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess after the final battle.
  • From the Fetish Fuel page for Hellsing:
    * This troper has a major fetish for long hair. Forget Alucard, Pip was driving her up the wall.
    ** Or so she wished... -Bah-Dum-Tish-
  • From the Troper Tales pages for Acceptable Nationality Targets:
* And of course, this Antarctican troper is completely ignored. Send some sadism my way, tropers!
** Quack quack quack.
** Before we start making fun of you, can we have a sample of your blood and something hot? What for? Oh... no reason...
** Since when can penguins use keyboards?
*** Er... since igloos started getting internet access?
*** Igloos are Northern Hemisphere structures.
*** How do you expect me to know that! I'm American!
  • This gem from Troper Tales Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    * This troper and his cousin had talked about going to the premiere of Revenge of the Fallen dressed as a Heavy/Medic pair, telling everyone that we were there to see the "TF2 movie". This was back before the official title was revealed and it was just referred to as Transformers 2, and we didn't bother to go through with it once the acronym didn't work anymore.
  • The Troper Tales for Rule 34 have made many tropers laugh uncontrollably, for varying reasons. Some find the idea that someone, somewhere is getting off on cartoon porn is amusing, others say it's the other tropers and their subsequent horror of what can be pornified that's hilarious.
    • This particular example is especially funny:
    This Troper has seen LazyTown porn. How I wish I hadn't.
    * Hey, SOME of us are in fact counting the days to May 26, 2009.
    * What happens then, may I ask?
    * I'm actually sad I researched this. It's the day the actress playing Stephanie turns 18.
    * It happened yesterday. Er... celebrate?
    * Celebrate!!!
    • As is this one:
    "This Troper once saw a picture of Princess Peach being raped by a unicycle with three penises, one of which was painted as a clown, one of which was painted as Mario, and one of which was painted as a ninja. Ugh."
  • The Troper Tales section for Gargle Blaster. Especially the creation of the Screaming Crackwhore.
    So for want of a better name, since we took something nasty and made it good with Coke... The Screaming Crackwhore.
  • This little gem from the Phineas and Ferb Troper Tales page:
    * This Troper's sister works at Disney World. On a recent trip down to visit I found myself finding P&F references at every opportunity. She'd only seen an episode or two and didn't understand most of the running gags so as the week went on she got increasingly annoyed at me cracking jokes at everything, including the fact that of all the merchandise they sell, I couldn't find the plush Perry that I wanted. In a Fridge Brilliance moment when I got home, I realized I had spent the last 6 days driving my sister insane.
  • The "are you me?" Running Gag on the Troper Tales page for Covert Pervert.
  • From the Too Dumb to Live Troper Tales:
    * This troper's sister has a host of Too Dumb to Live moments. She once asked what a baseball team, passenger train, and airport were.
    ** But you could technically live without knowing what those are. Maybe an isolated, hermit's life but still a life.
    ** She already knew what they were.
    ** This troper is now picturing a massive, eight-tracked train — like something out of Against a Dark Background — with planes landing and taking off of its roof, managed by an AI assembled by combining the brainscans of a major baseball team — like Ennesby from Schlock Mercenary — because, of course, baseball players are excellent at teamwork and ballistic trajectories.
    *** Please report to the front desk to collect your ten internets, sir.
  • From the Troper Tales page for Beware the Nice Ones:
    * Arguably, this Troper is probably the youngest of which who suffers from this Trope. This is practically the invisible label that's under the invisible Berserk Button of this 13-year old kid. He broke 33 pencils in his life, and had a good friend break two of those pencils because they were too hard. He even yelled at someone because that guy was the third person who asked if he could be punched for the third time, with a teacher only a mile ahead!
    ** You want my pupils to disappear like those of Rena Ryuugu? I'd LOVE to become Solid Lead Pencil Crazy and switch from funny and all-around Nice Guy and go all Ryoko Asakura on you instead!
    *** Wow, multiple Beware the Nice Ones-related tropes here. I really am a young Yandere, aren't I? :D
  • The guy on the Secret Identity Troper Tales page who likes to pretend to be named Mike in Starbucks.
  • From the Fetish Fuel page for Zelda:
    Morpha's tentacles? Sure, why not. Stupid Sexy Link getting tentacled? Sure, why not.
  • The whole bottom section of the Troper Tales page for Perverse Sexual Lust, but these two bits take the cake:
    *** Well, it's not like we would ever have to divide by character... right?
    *** (Stares at above troper) That's just asking for it.
    • And:
    * The diversity of human sexuality never fails to amuse.
    ** I think you mean arouse.
  • This from Troper Tales Refuge in Audacity:
    * This Troper is writing a vampire story. At the end they have kids. How is it explained nobody finds out they're a family of vampires? Well, when you were a kid, you always pretended to be a wizard or whatever, right? Basically, children won't be believed when they say they're a vampire, and adults are smart enough to keep it a secret.
    ** Okay, who let Stephenie Meyer on this page?
  • This line from the Silent Hill Perverse Sexual Lust page is Made of Win:
    This Troper knows she's actually an Eldritch Abomination, but he would fuck Maria from Silent Hill 2 until she hates her pussy.
  • This bit from the Getting Crap Past the Radar Troper Tales page:
    * This troper had an 11th grade English teacher way back in 2001 who was a few months from retirement. He didn't censor his mouth, he showed us R-rated movies without permission slips - his excuse? "What's the worst they can do, FIRE ME?".
    ** The absolute best example of his non-censoredness was when he told the rambunctious class to quiet down, and two boys in the corner ignored him. He went right over to them and said "This is one of those things that Joe Jacobs is not supposed to say, but GOD DAMNIT, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" The class had been deathly silent during that outburst, but we all erupted into uncontrollable laughter afterwards except for the two who had been admonished.
  • This quote from Troper Tales/Fetish Retardant:
    "Bad grammar, spelling, etc. I'm reading to fap; I shouldn't need to use seven methods of critical analysis to understand what the hell's going on."
  • The entire Troper Tales/ Funny Moments page.
  • The Troper Tales page for Epic Fail included an example from someone playing Batman: Arkham Asylum who nearly died by walking straight off a railway in the Batcave.

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    Forum / Discussion / Reviews 
  • This image suggestion for Impaled Palm.
  • This forum discussion. Since it's discussing FATAL, there's need for regular Brain Bleach, but the concentrations of sarcasm, schadenfreude, and Running Gags is extremely hilarious.
  • This gem by A.Rex, in this thread:
    "The thing I'm worried about is that it's due to happen right before Christmas. I mean, what kind of dick move is that?"
  • Ambar Sonof Deshar shares his thoughts about Mane-iac in the Complete Monster cleanup thread:
    "RE: Mane-iac. Oh God, not another MLP "example". And one whose goal is to give the cast bad hair. I'm, I'm not even sure how to respond to that. I mean, how is that even an MEH? Hell, how is that anything worse than a bad practical joke? At least previous nominees had done something actually villainous. This? No, no, and NO!"
  • Mikado's glowing review of FATAL.
  • Puppet Chaos's review of Sonichu.
  • This forum post by Blackmoon.
    Charlatan: Mighty Anonym boldsizing his Jesus bit in his signature rubs me the wrong way.
    Blackmoon: "boldsizing his Jesus bit" Thank you, Charlie, I now have a new synonym for jerking off.
  • This forum disscusion (ITT: We are in a Slasher Movie) certainly looks like it is starting to belong here.
  • On December 28, 2010, the day after it was announced the It Just Bugs Me! forum was shutting down, SPACETRAVEL gave us a jumble of various recurrent topics, under the title "It's not funny anymore.":
    First of all, I'm going to assume that you already understand that adaptations are never better than the originals, but to the point:

    It's not cute, it's not sympathetic, it doesn't make you any more of a catboy, so cut it out. I hate it when people abuse their senses of humor this way, thinking their jokes are harmless and affectionate when they're really dehumanizing those nearest and dearest to them by doing shit like this. When you talk that way about your friends, you may not know it, but it sounds to me like you're saying they ought to put on your jammies. Dorm etiquette, man. Learn it, and someday, you might be able to support your own health care.

    Besides, the crude style of comedy in question went out of style in the 30s. Yep, even in the Great Depression, when resources were tight, a whole form of entertainment was spent—because it just wasn't funny. I'm anticipating objections from the "FDR and the Atheists did Fetishes" crowd, and I challenge them to:

    * One: explain to me why they think such a conspiracy, if there was one, was such a bad thing.
    * Two: man up.

    As well, it's blatantly camp homophobic. The use of only heterophones in the the centrally important iambic pentameter section to the exclusion of even the homophones that would be more concise and versatile additions to the song betrays a structure built to make a statement against people attracted to the same sex. And it's not even funny. I've been more amused by arguments about abortion, so I am for both women and men having the legal right to abort this fallacy. Death of the Author with a vengeance.

    And worst of all, it's just lazy writing. Put some thought and time into your work and give us some sound quality that doesn't smell like pot. People with asthma will thank you. Transcend the Fan Dumb.

    Oh, and inb4 "What are you talking about?" and "What is 'it'?" I know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, maybe you should take a look at yourself. Maybe you should stop it, because it's not funny anymore.

    Hastily added expression of hope that I do not get banned for this. Lie that the thread is a self-demonstrating Headscratchers about performance art, which actually doesn't bug me at all. Series of too many apologies.

    How many threads can you find in this jumble?
  • This suggestion from one troper to another on worldbuilding.
    Get drunk. Get pen. See what happens.
    Not recommended for those under the drinking age, those who operate heavy machinery, or fans of Twilight.
  • This attempt by tropers to make the memetastically cheesy lines from Star Fox 64 more verbose.
  • The following from the Lady Gaga Discussion page:
    Do we need a Lady Gaga Music Video Drinking Game? Of course we do. These are the ones a friend and I came up with.
    Every time two people start making out, take a shot. Every time Gaga's costume changes, take a shot. Every time a video makes a callback to a past song, video, or some other aspect of her performing career, take a shot. Every time you see subliminal advertising, take a shot. For every instance of gratuitous foreign language, take a shot. For every cameo of her dogs, take a shot. Every time Gaga puts something in her mouth, take a shot. Whenever she pantomimes a gun, take a shot.
  • This forum thread. It starts out complaining about an upcoming movie, then turns into an assassination plot.
  • You can find some pretty hilarious things that Tropers have dreamed here.
  • This review of The Avengers (2012).
  • This thread that was obviously going to become a complaining thread. The funny part was when one of the mods were the first person to reply to it. Surprisingly, it wasn't locked until over three years later.
  • The TMNT: Out of the Shadows thread gets off to a fine start.
    JAF 1970: XBLA and PSN this Summer. *trailer link*
    Zeromaeus: Aahh! Get back in the shadows!
  • A clock notice in the Purple Prose TRS conversation is so Purple that the OP didn't understand what it's trying to say.
  • Near about every post on the Weird things you did as a kid thread, wherein the tropers discuss weird things they did when they were little.
  • One Trope Repair Shop thread was made to decide the fate of Blessed Are the Cheesemakers, a cheese-based trope that was undergoing an identity crisis. What takes the cake are all the cheese puns made by most of the posters who voted. Even the OP snuck in one.
  • Similarly, the Image Pickin' thread for Black Market Produce. The original image was just a man holding an orange, leading to a lot of fruit-related puns.
  • In an Image Pickin' thread for I Fought the Law and the Law Won, two replacements were suggested: one that would gain consensus, and...this. To make things funnier, one user who voted has something to say about the latter while voting for the former:
  • A thread re-enacting Whose Line Is It Anyway?'s Irish Drinking Song game in Forum Games contains just as much comedy gold as the original source, even if the songs had to be condensed to three stanzas.
  • A post on the complaining/bashing cleanup thread reported a problematic statement on the description for Maya & Miguel. As the pulled statement criticized a Hispanic show for its focus on Hispanic culture, snark followed mocking the criticism.
    GastonRabbit: That complaint doesn't make sense. What's next, complaining that works set in England feature an overabundance of English people using English words?
    War Jay 77: "This anime focuses on Japan too much!"
    Fighteer: "This science fiction work is set INSPACE! It's an atrocity!"
    Plasma Power: "Too much shooting in an First-Person Shooter? It’s So Bad, It's Horrible!"invoked
  • When talking about perhaps making the trope Loads and Loads of Loading BUPKIS on the general IP discussion thread, there was this exchange between Spark9 and Crossover-Enthusiast:
    Crossover-Enthusiast: This is not the thread to decide BUPKIS. I'm starting to hate that word...
    Spark 9: Well that word is Keep Until Better Term Suggested.


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