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This Very Wiki has so many Funny Moments, we even had to split the page! For those from example pages, see: TV Tropes Examples.

See also Made of Win.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since anyone can edit this wiki, a lot of the Funny Moments listed here may have been removed or changed (especially if they would technically be considered Natter). Please keep that in mind while reading and/or editing this page.

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    Pages in General 
  • Every page on TV Tropes has some element of humor and sarcasm somewhere, even the Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel pages.
  • There are a lot of Deadpan Snarker edits in this website. Quite too many, infact.
  • The Large Ham page. It gets self-demonstrating at times, and one such time is when it says that writing a hammy character "is NOT bad writing". Also, the image is Kirk singing to a literal ham, and the line "Did somebody order a LARGE HAM?!".
  • Statler and Waldorf. The fact that we have a Just for Fun page about two characters from The Muppets is funny.
  • I Read That As...Especially these:
    Bad Guy Bar -> Bad Gay Bar (There's a better one down the street. Not That There's Anything Wrong with That.)
    All-Natural Snake Oil -> All Natural Snakes on a Plane (The window was minimized at the time)
    Gurren Lagann -> Queen Latifah
    Ham Merman (a mythological creature with the tail of a fish and the body of BRIAN BLESSED!!!!!)
    Quicks And Sucks (Sounds like a cheap whorehouse)
    Lock Ed Out Of The Loop (Ed's not going to understand inside-jokes anymore.)
  • This wiki's page on Zardoz. But then, there's so much to work with. The penis is evil!
  • Chekov's Gun. Not too terribly important... yet?
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis! starts with this:
  • Who knew Serious Business could be so hilarious? One funny part is the line "If the popularity of some mundane object rivals that of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson combined, or if there are mainstream schools devoted to it instead of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, then it's Serious Business."
  • Just for Fun has a redirect called Super Serious Stuff.
  • The My Immortal page:
    • It says that "Abhkazian" could be a product of the Cupertino Problem, only the fanfic has obviously not been spellchecked.
    • The line "Who are we kidding? There's nothing resembling a plot here."
  • The My Immortal drinking game, especially the now-defunct scoreboard. "Ran out of WATER?!?!!"
    • Choice bits:
      "Both friends vomited on chapter 7 and I apparently screamed racist insults at a large white man outside on the footpath, calling him Samoan frequently. Was too drunk to confirm this however."
      "Drank nothing, yet became drunk."
      "Thought the fic was worse than the large amounts of drinking. Tried summoning Yog-Sothulhu. Found three weeks later in his room, dead. Got better."
      "Vomited. Tried again. Vomited again."
      "won't piss straight ever again"
      "Ifeell perfdctly fine. I dont se what alll thef uss is bout"
      "I don't think we could ever destroy our souls in such a way ever again."
      "KILL ME NOW. I didn't even follow all the rules and I think I've already contracted diabetes."
      "I totally ran out of ice cream in about ten minutes and was too lazy to get some more."
      "Stopped out of fear, and stomach cramps. Mostly the cramps. ...and an unexpected bout of farting."
      "Completely destroyed home and internal plumbing. Had a great time though."
      "Drank everything in the house before switching to water. Between five people, vomiting occurred thrice and peeing a lot more than that. Total: 132 shots each. There is something wrong when you can say "I peed, then I vomited, and then I peed again.""
      "Threw up, finished the story (drinking) but was left feeling strangely empty inside."
      "Anyone who has drunk Jager in copious amounts and who has read this know that it was a very, VERY bad idea. We woke up with one helluva hangover and no clue what exactly happened the night before. All I can remember is horrible laughter and feeling like my IQ was being threatened."
      "I have a headache, a sugar high, mild stomach cramps, and I'm peeing every ten minutes. On the plus side, the padded cell is very comfy."
      "Stopped because we couldn't go on anymore and fear of implosion and explosion at the same time"
      "Started after pissing myself dry. Vommited after Chapter 4's "odderwize fangs 2 da goffik ppl 4 da good reveiws!" Gave up at that point. I'm going to sleep."
      "I think my heart may have just exploded. Think I should get that looked at?"
      "I drank a sip of water for every misspelling and drank 400 ml of water in 10 chapters. The whole thing had 30+ chapters. Imagine how many water that is. Next time I'll try it with coffee, then I'll see noises."
      "I threw up thrice and haven't s lept wfor threee nighfgts and i solcved the depbt croiseis is dhtere sugar in thris stuiff"
    • The My Immortal Wild Mass Guessing page, particularly when one troper accuses the troper who guessed the author was a troper of being the author herself, and subsequently kicks off a Wild Mass Guess witch hunt.
  • The Kill It with Fire page starts with a paragraph saying that when Prometheus gave humans fire, "he did not just give humanity the light of science, reason, progress, invention, technology, and ergo the power to rival God, but also the means to dispatch just about any monster imaginable. Considering how Greek Mythology is a Fantasy Kitchen Sink full of all kinds of abominations, that was a good thing".
  • The Page for Bad Lip Reading is the king of It Makes Sense in Context.
    • Likewise, the Headscratchers page for Bad Lip Reading. As there is no plot in the Bad Lip Readings for people to get confused about, the headscratchers is people quoting the videos, for fun, resulting in even more It Makes Sense in Context.
  • The entirety of the Standard Female Grab Area page, especially the picture, which is a demon grabbing a woman by the arm and declaring she's paralysed. One funny part is the suggestion that Faux Action Girl's come with on-off switches in her arms.
  • The So Bad, It's Good page, especially the Fan Fic section. Just reading the descriptions from tropers trying to make sense of such incoherent writing is hilarious.
  • The Drinking Game page. It says that "While Tropes Are Not Bad, neither is an excuse to get drunk."
  • "British Frozen Rocks With Penguins And Landmines. Alt titles: The Falkland Islands."
  • Scunthorpe Problem. That is all.
    Thingy Van Happyperson? L. O. L.
  • Please, do enjoy "Blind Idiot" Translation and Translation Train Wreck. The former has a note about how in some places, "blind idiot" translations are illegal, and the latter is defined as translations which "pass bad at warp speed and crash headlong into the wall around the galaxy".
  • Much of Anatomically Impossible Sex:
    • The idea that everyone likes the same things is said to be as true with sex as with pizza toppings.
    • It notes that penises can't stretch vaginas unless it's being painfully crushed, and it's equivalent to thinking the vagina is a Pocket Dimension.
  • The entire The Ugly Barnacle page. It's treating the "story" told in a Spongebob Squarepants episode like a legitimate work created by a real author.
  • The Gag Penis page uses "tripod", "trouser snake", and "garden hose" as euphemisms.
  • The Stupid Sexy Flanders page starts with "You are completely heterosexual, you are very much attracted to individuals of the opposite sex and you certainly aren't gay".
  • Scroll down Absurdity Ascendant. Go on, the link's right there. Were you expecting the hat?
  • From the top of the Costume Porn page:
    Nynaeve: I'm wearing a green silk dress with slashes of white with snowy white lace in a floral pattern. It has the faces of cherubs sewn into the sides, and the picture of deer running gracefully through a wooded stream in the skirt. It shows generous cleavage.
    Elayne: I'm wearing a dark blue silk dress with a pattern of black lace. It has actual thread-of-gold woven into the bodice, telling the story of my childhood, including the part when I skinned my knee trying to climb a leatherleaf tree in Master Hanson's orchard. It shows generous cleavage.
    The Wheel of Time Mock Summary by Isam
  • The trope named What the Fu Are You Doing?. IT'S THE TITLE.
  • The former redirect No Shit Sherlock.note 
  • The I Banged Your Mom page. Especially, the lines that people don't say in response:
    Thank you, man, she was so lonely after the divorce.
    I hope you had fun, and I'll kick your ass if she didn't.
    Well, I hope you enjoy genital warts.
  • And There Was Much Rejoicing ends with a note that the Real Life section was eaten by pigs.
  • The Cake Is a Lie has many funny moments, including a statement at the beginning that there will be cake at the bottom of the page.
  • All-Red Entry is truly a masterpiece. It's a joke page for an entry that's entirely red-links, and it lampshades the fact that most people wouldn't make one.
  • Tropes That Will Never Happen is hilarious. Simply hilarious.
    "But You Screw One Dead Kid Goat While On Fire aka necropedopyrobestiality"
    "A man decided to seek therapy for his sadonecrobestiality fetish, because he realized he was just beating a dead horse."
  • The fact that we have a page for Your Mom jokes.
  • From the Alton Towers page:
    Rita, Queen of Speed: A hydraulic-launched rollercoaster. Very fast.
  • From the Vampires Are Sex Gods page:
    ->...And the computer is like "Do I have to spell it out for you? A V.A.M.P.I.R.E.!"
    And the girl is like "OH MY GOD!.....THAT IS SO HOT!"
    Chester A. Bum, review of Twilight
  • It Makes Sense in Context doesn't have trope examples, but it has the quote section, which can be very good fun.
  • Naughty Tentacles. (In Big Font: We do not want a page on this topic.)
  • I Thought It Meant is a hilarious Just for Fun page full of silly interpretations for trope pages. For instance, "A MacGuffin does not refer to Scottish muffins".
  • Self-Demonstrating pages:
  • Several articles dealing with redundancy and stating the obvious, such as Department of Redundancy Department, Captain Obvious, and Shaped Like Itself. Those 3 articles share something in common. Any time the media folders (or sub-pages) from specific articles are given Self Demonstrating names to drive the point home makes them more interesting and hilarious. Examples that do this include the 3 aforementioned articles (obviously), Blatant Lies, Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe, Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, and Motor Mouth. Can you find 'em all?
  • Malaproper. Or was it Melon Propper? Lemon Dropper? Either way, the titties... titles actually, in the example section, make it even funnier.
  • The Utterly and Completely Definitive Guide to Cool repeats the word 'cool' so much that halfway through the page, it becomes hilarious.
  • [Trope Name] and [Trope Name] Injokes. It's a jokey, template page with lines such as "Explanation that the trope is often used in parody and Deconstruction to highlight patterns and clichés".
  • A troper known as Kicklash was noted on the Ask The Tropers page for editing all instances of the words "God" and "Satan" into "Lord Helix" and "Dome Fossil" respectively. This even applied to words with the word god in them: "Godzilla" became "Lord Helixzilla" and "Buddhist pagoda" became "Buddhist paLord Helixa". The very fact that happened is just ridiculous. (Note that while this vandalism may have been amusing, any vandalism is still very much not okay.)
  • The first time someone edited with the Cloud to Butt extension enabled. (As above, any vandalism is still very much not okay, and is a bannable offense. If you want to see what this extension -or the one above- does to pages, make sure to turn off the extension and close and re-open your browser BEFORE you edit! That said, Fluffy Cloud Heaven and Final Fantasy VII may be quite the laugh reading - not editing! - with this extension.)
  • The Ship Yard, a hilariously corny attempt (and deliberately so) at putting naval terminology to various shipping behaviors.
  • The real life section of Non-Indicative Name is a treasure trove of comedy gold. It talks about how English muffins, for instance, aren't English and aren't what we consider muffins, and the funny bone is neither amusing nor a bone.
  • The P5, for Italian tropers. That's a good and serious thing, it's just the name. Since in Italy there was a secret society planning a golpe called P2, and sometimes Italian media calls the evolutions of that conspiracy P3 or P4... when an Italian finds that on This Very Wiki there is the P5, must burst in laughter.
  • The Lava Adds Awesome page has this gem:
    Ask for help on the Dwarf Fortress forum, and someone will suggest solving your problem with lava. If you're already using lava, you should try using more.
  • Most of the entries on jokes for Shaggy Dog stories. The longest one is about a black and white knight and it has nine hundred fifty seven words in it!
  • The Get a Stupid Answer page. Serious question with silly answers, or Shout Outs answered with other Shout Outs, whichever of those you find more appealing. You'll never read your favourite show's script in the same way again, because you'll be laughing too hard.
  • Superbutterbuns. Apparently, someone with quite the ego made the page superbutterbuns under the namespace Superbutterbuns and promoted themselves as future Youtuber who will post instruction videos for newbie gamers. They went as far as to predict that they would gain a massive fanbase and host a livestream with their friends. The most hilarious thing is how the ego and predictions are extremely dissonant with the care given to the page and grammar in a shining example of why you should always check the editing rules before you do anything on the site. Please don't actually create your own pages like this. It will only lead to suspension and banning.
  • The Self Demonstrating page for True Art is just that: True art. And Comedy gold.
  • The Candle Jack page is full of jokes and fun little ways the tropers think of for repelling hiYou guys are so easy to catch. It's a funny moment in and of itself.
  • Some of the alternate trope titles are just hilarious.
  • The page for the Speculative Documentary Tyrannosaurus Sex. For example:
    * Artistic License – Paleontology: Tyrannosaurus with an incorrect arm-posture. Oh, and the fact that this program was made.
  • The entire WMG page for the Zelda CDi Games. I wonder what's for DINNER?
  • The page on Flat-Earth Atheist which mentions how it makes no sense people don't believe in Santa Claus even though presents arrive out of nowhere.
  • Either "World Domination", or Something About Bananas. In particular the Real Life examples in that page, in part due to their sheer number, will get you rolling on the floor.
  • The Redirects Are Free page is a redirect.
  • The It's Been Done page. In theory, isn't it the most meta trope that exists? Isn't that what this whole website is about?
  • The Funny page for Kirby: Planet Robobot gives us a more TV Tropes-relevant version of "The Noble Haltmann":
  • JustForFun.Trope Epitaph is usually home to witty epitaphs for cut and renamed tropes. This one takes the cake.
    Here lies Are We Done Yet? - Yes.
  • People Sit on Chairs is now a trope. Well, okay, it's actually a Just For Fun page but that does not dull the hilarity.
    Arguably being forced to sit in that chair was Anakin’s Start of Darkness moment that set him down the path to become Darth Vader.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) page previously had this for the image caption:
    Sega and Sonic Team tried to go fast developing this game, and it shows.
    • The replacement caption is the game's tagline, which is still humorously appropriate in and of itself. Speed will not be enough indeed.
  • The trope Dominatrix has an Image Links page...which serves as Schmuck Bait instead of a proper page. Similarly, the Image Links page for Shock Site is a mere "Tsk tsk."
    Oh, were you expecting some dirty links here?
  • From TLP Guidelines, in the "How To Launch Your Draft Folder", the description for the first step. The mere fact people have done that enough to merit writing a warning in the rules is absurdly hilarious.
    1. Locate the "Launch" Button:
    You will see at least one button at the end of your draft that says "Launch". (If you have five or more bombs, you'll also see a "Discard" button. Don't get them mixed up.)
  • On the Occam's Razor page, it says that according to the razor, humans are more likely than aliens to have built the pyramids because "Humans have wasted time building other huge stone things, so why not pyramids?".
  • "Help! Help! Trapped in Title Factory!" has the self-demonstrating redirect, Help! I'm Trapped in a Redirect Factory!.
  • The section on the Japanese explitive kuso on Spice Up the Subtitles:
    This word is an all-purpose expletive, and, despite being really not all that offensive, can be translated as literally any and every word to ever cross the English profanity spectrum, including but not limited to "shit", "oh shit", "dammit", "damn", "damn you", "God dammit", "crisse de tabarnak", "rats", "darn", "crap", "drat", "crud", "not good", "this is bad", "oh no", or even, in some cases, "help" (when you don't actually expect it).
  • The page for The Star Wars Holiday Special is filled with plenty of jabs towards it in the main description, given its infamy:
    Image Caption: It was a really dark time for the Rebellion.
  • For people who love laughing at other people's mistakes, there's Square Peg, Round Trope and its alphabetical list of tropes affected by this. No specific users are mentioned there, just many general people, so it's too hard to find them for malicious intent. Unlike I Thought It Meant and Crappy Trope Definitions, this is about serious misuse of a trope. Some examples include people thinking Kick the Dog only apples when someone literally kicks a dog, or when Flanderization itself was considered flanderized due to people thinking it meant "any character becoming broader/wackier/sillier" when said trope also apples for things like a Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak becoming a one-dimensional Tomboy.
  • Acronym Confusion is good for a laugh, especially in the Real Life section:
    "CBT: If you get a suggestion that somebody can help you improve your life through CBT, you should probably make sure they mean Cognitive Behavioral Therapy rather than Cock and Ball Torture."
    "POS can stand for Point Of Sale, which is mainly used for retail machines that document purchases and accept payment. It can also stand for Piece Of Shit, which is primarily used to disparage the quality of things. User-unfriendly point-of-sale machines qualify as both."
  • On the Memes page for Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine is referred to almost exclusively as The Senate.
  • The featured tropes for February 2—6, 2023, were: "Groundhog Day" Loop, "Groundhog Day" Loop again note , Time Loop Trap, Déjà Vu, and Time Loop Fatigue. We have entered an endless recursion of time.
  • Some pages on the Permanent Red Link Club can give a good chuckle, like "Brazil Nut Disorder" and that a Real Life subpage was made for Furry Confusionnote  for some reason.
  • When a trope under the Writing Pitfall Index has real life examples, such as Wall of Text and Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma, one can shout that not even the work called "Real Life" is safe from bad writing.
  • This part of Godwin's Law of Time Travel:
    Talked to the wrong person? Nazi victory! Left technology back in the Roman Empire? Nazi victory! Stepped on a bug? Nazi victory! Left a tap running? Nazi victory! Took part in some historical event? Nazi victory! Prevented a Nazi victory? Nazi victory! Caused a Nazi victory intentionally? Well... that one's on you this time.
  • The LoopholeAbuse.Real Life Law page, in relating two (unrelated) cases, involving a pharmacy's business hoursnote , and solicitation by prostitutesnote , has this to say: "The legal judgements in both cases are essentially the sentence "piss off and stop wasting my time" expressed in 2,000 words."
  • The memes page for The Simpsons has "STOP! STOP! HE'S ALREADY DEAD!" followed immediately by "...with sexy results." Uh-oh.
  • the Administrivia page for Complete Monster has this gut-busting example of a hypothetical villain who fails the "Played Seriously" requirement:
    "Dicklord Assrapist McNazi kills a hero by flushing them down a giant toilet, destroys an entire alternate universe to power his car battery, eats babies for breakfast, and tries to poison the world populace with deadly farts- why doesn't he qualify?" Ask yourself this- does this really sound like the kind of character who is taken seriously as a threat?
  • The garbled typed-out versions of fast song lyrics in the example section for Something Something Leonard Bernstein are pretty hilarious. Like this one for Dragostea Din Tei.
    If you speak English and you haven't memorized one of the many Misheard Lyrics videos like these, singing along will go something like "Mai Ha hi, Mai Ha ha, Hello, Salut, mbmmblmblmbmlfmblfml Picassooooo".

    Images and Captions 
  • The picture and caption for Heroic BSoD. It's a character whose eyes literally display error messages, with the caption "A problem has been detected and Windows of the Soul has been shut down to prevent damage to your brain."
  • The picture on the Personal Space Invader page is Sonic with a swimming monster chasing him and looking like it's about to bite one of his spikes off.
  • The caption for the Playful Hacker page, especially involving the trope linked in it. It's Cowboy Be Bop At His Computer, literally.
  • The picture on This Loser Is You. Homer coupled with the AFV theme song was classic.
  • The Christmas in Japan page picture and caption. Doraemon in a Santa costume with the caption "Ho ho hOHMYGAH why does he need a sack if he has a fourth dimensional secret gadget pocket?"
  • The picture on the Hide Your Lesbians page, and the former one as well (removed for copyright reasons). The current image has text saying that they're pals, but they insist that they're wives.
  • The picture and caption for Where the Hell Is Springfield? It was perfect. It was search results for someone searching "Springfield" online, and the caption says that they didn't even get them all.
  • The picture and caption on the I Have Boobs, You Must Obey! page. The picture is a woman yelling, "The power of boobs compels you!" and the caption is "Obey the hypno boobies".
  • The picture on the Stalking is Love page is a woman calling her boyfriend romantic for watching her sleep.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: "Believe in miracles... and the attraction of money."
  • The caption under the picture on Blood Lust of Naruto getting his face held and blood licked by a blushing Anko. "BAD TOUCH! I need an adult!"
  • The picture and caption on the Mad Love page. It's The Joker yelling at Harley but she hugs him anyway, prompting him to look surprised and the caption bascially snarks at the unhealthiness of the relationship.
  • Face Palm: The picture/caption combo. The character is Captain Picard, and the caption is "I take my eyes off you people for five minutes..."
  • The picture on Wild Mass Guessing is a stereotypical Conspiracy Theorist with the caption "In the spirit of wiki open sharing, we reveal the one reliable source for true fanon".
  • The image and caption on Directionless Driver. It's a cat denying that it's lost.
  • The image and caption for Rage Quit is a king and a robot playing chess with the robot flipping the board over and the caption "Some Sore Losers go for the extreme".
  • The image for Angrish is a man tearing a newspaper with his teeth.
  • The image for For Science! is someone wanting to dissect Winnie the Pooh.
  • The image and caption for Epic Fail. It's a car crashing through a roof "Because sometimes in life, there is just no excuse."
  • The caption under the picture on the Ho Yay Film page.
    The real mystery in these movies is which character is Sherlock's real love interest.
  • The picture for Lecherous Licking has a man declaring he's here to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • The chosen image for Ineffectual Death Threats, with a cheerful Elmo saying "I'm going to kill you."
  • The one on Extreme Doormat is both d'awwwww and bwahahahah!. It's a cat with mice crawling on it.
  • The one for Twin Threesome Fantasy is inspired. R2D2 in a hot tub with two washing machines.
  • The one on Coitus Uninterruptus is both funny and cute (and work-safe). It's two bugs mating and the male one appears to be waving.
  • The picture and caption for Fan Disservice. Also, the caption under the picture on the anime and manga page of Fan Disservice of Tsukishima stabbing Orihime through the boobs. "KATANAS DON'T GO THERE!"
  • The picture and caption on the All Women Are Lustful page. It's a woman whose brain has the words "sex" and "men" repeated over and over. The caption says that what should be on her mind is saving the world.
  • The caption under the picture for Elegant Gothic Lolita:
    Their outfits need more frills and lace, don't you think?
  • The caption under the on the Would Hit a Girl page:
    Even the forces of good need to keep their pimp hand strong.
  • The following caption under the picture from the Beat Still, My Heart page:
    And it's on fire. Because ripping out a still-beating heart isn't creepy enough.
  • That Other Wiki. The page image + caption = hilarious. The image is just the logo, but the caption is potholed to That's No Moon and it's "Our memory banks can't repel information of that magnitude!".
  • The picture on the Man, I Feel Like a Woman page is a man-turned-woman saying, "What the hell are these?!" about his/her breasts, to the confusion of a bystander.
  • The caption for Humans Are Cthulhu.
    Iä! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Scu'ba Di'ver R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
  • The picture and caption of Erotic Eating. It's a woman sucking on a banana, with the caption "It's just a banana" and then the note "Not in her head, it isn't."
  • The image on the TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life page compares this very wiki to Rick-rolling.
  • The picture on the It Tastes Like Feet page is a literal foot sandwich.
  • The picture and caption on the Dark and Troubled Past page:
    I'm sorry, what was that I couldn't hear you over my tragic past.
  • The page image and accompanying caption on Car Meets House. It's a car crashing into a house with a caption "It's a large brick house. You can't miss it."
  • The (now deleted) captions under the pictures for Die for Our Ship are hilarious, especially these three:
  • The Gantz image on the Wangst page. It's a man dramatically crying and ranting about how "nobody understands".
  • The caption under the picture for Eyes Do Not Belong There: "This probably makes masturbation a very unpleasant experience."
  • The picture on the Slash Fic page. It's a man saying, "I don't mind being shipped with the ladies but WHY THE BOYS TOO?!".
  • The caption under the picture of a giant metal rooster on the Bigger Is Better in Bed page:
    Yes, that is a giant...well, you know....
  • The pic and caption for East Germany. The pic is the old flag; the caption... must be seen to be believed.
    Halt! Hammerstaat!
  • The picture on the Fan-Preferred Couple page. Two characters kissing and one is physically holding back a third.
  • The picture on the Talk to the Fist page: "GAZE INTO THE FIST OF DREDD!!!!"
  • The picture on the Fridge Horror page is a man smiling for two panels, then getting a buggy-eyed frown with the word "realisation".
  • The picture on the Fight Scene index. It's a fake movie trailer for a film called River Tam Beats Up Everyone.
  • The page picture for Complacent Gaming Syndrome. So many Kens...
  • The page image on Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick never fails to amuse. It's a sign depicting a church, food, shopping trolley, boat, fuel dispenser and two people having sex.
  • From the caption under the picture on the Tainted Veins page:
    Who'd have thought putting a nuclear reactor in your chest might have harmful side effects?
  • The page image for Fandom Rivalry. Makes Sense In Context (or just scroll over it). It's two groups of nerds with picket signs, on a surreal-looking background.
  • The picture and caption for Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, in probably one of the best uses of And Then John Was a Zombie EVER.
  • The caption for the picture on the Corpse Land page is saying that the Black Friday sales were calm.
  • The caption for #EngineeredHashtag's page image:
  • That picture of The Joker holding Rachel Dawes over a building on For the Evulz once had the caption "LOL @ U Caped Crusader!"
  • The caption under the picture on the Flying Spaghetti Monster page:
    Needs MOAR sauce.
  • The caption under the picture on the Godiva Hair page:
    Could you... maybe... get a haircut? Please?
  • The picture on the If It's You, It's Okay page. It's two lesbians deciding to be bisexual when they meet Batman.
  • The picture on the Jail Bait Wait page. It says, "Days until Nate can legally tap dat ass."
  • The page image on Parental Favoritism. Maybe it's just because baby birds have this perpetual SERIOUS/frowning expression, but it's made a lot of tropers laugh. Even though it can make you feel really bad for the little bird.
  • Formerly from Best Known for the Fanservice:
    I would appreciate your continued attention on the plot. Hello? The plot.
  • The picture on the Real Women Never Wear Dresses page. It's two women, one in pants and one in a skirt, and it says, "Guess which of these women is the tough, competent one."
  • The caption of the picture of Ariel on the Giant Poofy Sleeves page says the following:
    Ursula could fit in one of those.
  • The picture on the Alternative Character Interpretation page. It shows a man and it says that they interpret him as someone who's cynical and Hates Being Touched, while other people interpret him as a cheerful guy who loves teamwork.
  • On Modesty Towel the caption under the picture of Kallen from Code Geass wearing just a towel reads as such:
    Alright, who signed me up for Fanservice duty again!?
  • The Mind Screw page image + caption.
  • The picture of Woody on the Memetic Molester page.
  • The picture and caption on Special Effects Failure. It's a dinosaur but you can clearly see it's a hand puppet, and the caption is "WATCH OUT! IT'S A BIG GIANT HAND-PUPPET!"
  • The picture on the Grievous Bottley Harm page is Capt. Haddock attacking Tintin with a bottle.
  • The image for Corpsing involves a news guy trying not to laugh at a woman's unfortunate name. Your face will be exactly the same as his.
  • Body Horror is horrifying. However, the caption under the picture on the main page is funny. "His Saturday nights just got incredibly awkward."
  • The Superman: The Animated Series Nightmare Fuel page has an actually very, very creepy image of a man smiling... But the caption included the ">:D" emoticon, removing almost any horror that was obtained from it.
  • The ending of the caption for Seme. "Oh, and he wants your ass. Literally."
  • The caption for Serial Numbers Filed Off, which is basically someone claiming that they're original but failing miserably.
    No, Chik'N Bash is not an Angry Birds ripoff.
    Pink pigs. Chickens. See? Totally original.
  • The former image for Public Bathhouse Scene, which showed some men from Thermae Romae bathing, coupled with the caption:
    You were expecting hot chicks, weren't you?
  • The picture and caption on Pet the Dog is Nazis patting a cat with the caption "Blitzkrieg can vait; it is time to pet ze kitty!".
  • The picture on the Ho-Yay page for Ed Edd N Eddy. It shows one boy giving another a Forceful Kiss.
  • The picture on the Never My Fault page. A guy insists the low sales are because of his schedule, but he has a very tight schedule.
  • The caption under the former image for the Game of Thrones Nightmare Fuel page is darkly hilarious.
    Guess what's in the box.note 
  • The caption on the Right-Hand Cat page.
  • The caption under the image for Rouge Angles of Satin.
    Top: A cute angel.
    Bottom: Acute angle.
    If you can't tell the difference, you're being obtuse. Right? Glad we got that straight.
  • The Gratuitous Weasel that once served as the page pic for "Necessary Weasel"note . It's a weasel, but the caption says it's not necessary.
  • Given the content of the page on Gainaxing, the image caption "One shall rise, one shall fall" is a stroke of genius.
  • The picture on the Oh, Crap!/Video Games page. It's the eyes! A Pikachu is looking shocked when a whale is about to fall on it.
  • The image on the Nightmare Fuel page for Tom and Jerry, which depicts a guillotine*, was once titled "What a cute cart—HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT". Seriously.
  • The fact that for a while, the page image on Damsel in Distress kept getting changed, but they were all images of Princess Peach. She gets kidnapped that much that every worthy trope image apparently consists of her.
  • The image for Villains Out Shopping. The caption sells it.
    "I find your lack of beef jerky disturbing."
  • The image for Your Vampires Suck and its caption. Count von Count punching the sparkles off Edward Cullen's face, enough said.
    One! Two! Three! Three left hooks to your sparkly face! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
  • The Black Comedy on the Foregone Conclusion page, with an image of a cruise liner and an iceberg.
    Stop us if you've heard this one before.
  • The image and caption for Chest of Medals is some soldiers with the caption "The General Staff of North Korea shall be defeated with a giant magnet!" (because all of the medals would attract them to the magnet).
  • The former image and caption on Royal "We". Royal Wii, indeed. It was the Queen playing video games.
  • The image and caption for She Is All Grown Up. A man is noticing how his female friend's boobs have grown, but the drawing of her in the present also has a nose while the one in the past doesn't. So the caption is "I distinctly remember you not having a nose."
  • The caption on the image for Hotter and Sexier.
    "Oh grandma! What a big *bleep* you have!"
  • The caption for *Click* Hello:
    Generally frowned on in polite company.
  • The caption on the image for Purple Days:
    "Our hero, ladies and gents."
  • The caption on Kaizo Mario World, showing the infamous Press Start to Game Over trap.
    You want Super Mario? Here's your Super Fucking Mario.
  • The caption on Elemental Embodiment.
    Coming soon to a kingdom near you, it's Earth, Wind & Fire, with special guest star Mason Stone!
  • The caption on Draw Aggro.
    This takes "chase the red dot" a bit too far.
  • The picture on Godwin's Law, which shows an image of a children's book called 'Everyone I don't Like is Hitler'. The best part is that clicking on the image takes you to the page for Reddit.
  • An easy way to annoy the folks on the SCP Foundation wiki is to misspell "SCP" as "SPC" (which has since been jokingly backronymed into "Shark Punching Center"). So hopefully no one noticed that the image of their logo used by this wiki's page on them was titled "SPClogo" for years...
  • The Applied Phlebotinum image and caption, in all its Deadpan Snarker glory.
  • The image for Jump Scare is a bird scaring another bird with the caption "MEOW". There's a note saying that they chose a joke image and caption so as not to be too scary, and that "meow" might be scary if you're a bird, but then why would you be on the wiki anyway?
  • Before the image removal, the caption of the Dragon Quest I Nightmare Fuel page*, made funnier by using the game's signature Ye Olde Butchered English:
  • The image for the Sweet Exists page, which depicts Darth Vader wearing pink and white armor, is funny enough as is, but becomes even better from Fridge Brilliance when one remembers he turns back to the light in Return of the Jedi.
  • The image and the caption for Gray Is Useless. It's literally just a gray square captioned "A useless image."
  • The "image" for No Budget, which is actually just a caption without an image because it would be too expensive to get one. "Even this caption was just borrowed from a friend in exchange for a walk-on."
  • The picture for Ensemble Dark Horse is a literal dark (as in dark-coloured) horse.
  • One day, tropers came online to discover that certain images were randomly getting replaced... Nobody had edited the code, the images themselves were different (likely due to saving new pictures with old image names), and almost always hilariously out of place. Adding to the fun was that the new images only showed up for some tropers; others still saw the old ones, and nobody knows why as of this writing.
  • The Playing with a Trope image shows the word "Trope" in various forms, to illustrate the different ways a trope can be played with:
    • "Straight" = The word is simply there.
    • "Justified" = The word is written on a piece of paper that's taped to the panel.
    • "Inverted" = The word is backwards.
    • "Exaggerated" = The word is very big.
    • "Downplayed" = The word is very small.
    • "Logical Extreme" = The word takes up the entire panel, the letters being misaligned just so they'll all fit.
    • "Subverted" = Shows the word "Train".
    • "Double Subverted" = Shows the word "Trip-rope".
    • "Untwisted" = The last three letters are in green.
    • "Zig Zagged" = The letters are all over the panel.
    • "Parodied" = The word is written in Wingdings.
    • "Averted" = The panel is blank.
    • "Enforced" = A footnote is shown, saying, "Our magnanimous sponsor TropeCo requires us to display this word."
    • "Deconstructed" = The word falls through the floor.
    • "Reconstructed" = The word is chained in place.
    • "For Laughs" = The word is in rainbow colours and there's a jester's hat on it.
    • "For Drama" = There is a crow on the word, and rain falls in the background.
    • "For Horror" = An axe is in the E and blood is dripping out of the letters.
    • "Lampshaded" = A man sees the word and says, "Trope?".
    • "Discussed" = Shows "TR" and two men are nearby, one of whom says, "Trope".
    • "Conversed" = Two men watch the word on TV and one of them says, "Trope!".
    • "Invoked" = A sign says, "Tropes welcome".
    • "Exploited" = A man stands on top of the word to reach a shelf.
    • "Defied" = A sign says, "No tropes allowed".
    • "Implied" = There is an upside-down painting stencil of the word, a can of black paint to the left, and a sign pointing to "WET PAINT".
    • At the very end of the image is the TV Tropes logo, accompanied by the slogan "Come and play with us."
  • The caption on Class Representative implies that the girl in the image is admonishing the reader for browsing TV Tropes in school.
  • The image on Telephone Polearm of a man using a road sign as like a javelin, with the caption:
    Steroid use in track and field athletes has gotten out of control.
  • The image caption for The Backwards Я, or: Why you (especially if you're writing a big-name production) shouldn't use other alphabets in a way that they resemble phrases in Roman script:
    "Who is this Lyaiold Ssnwlyazeieggeya?!"
  • The image on Breaking Bad's Memes page is probably the shitpost-iest image on this site:
Jesse: YO MISTER WHITE! someone's at the door
Walter: who is it
(An image of the TV Tropes logo, and Walter's infamous shocked face in response. Below is an image of the page itself.)
Image Caption: "Jesse, we need to trope Jesse"

    Trope / Work Descriptions and Stingers 

    Wild Mass Guessing / Headscratchers 
  • This conversation in Headscratchers: Memetic Mutation:
    Why does M.Bison find Guile being beat up delicious?
    It's the handheld television he finds delicious. The last shot is a first person perspective from the TV, moving closer and closer to his mouth.
  • The Headscratchers page for Clue. For some reason pointing out the logical flaws of a board game as if it were a serious murder mystery is funny in and of itself, but at one point, someone postulated "Maybe he explodes when something touches him"
    I know it's just a board game and it's all supposed to be abstract, but wouldn't it be really easy to at least narrow down the murder weapon by examining the late Mr. Boddy? Even a kindergartner should be able to tell (for instance) whether or not he had been stabbed, thus ruling the knife in or out
    You'd allow a kindergartner to do that?
    "Now Molly quit yer crying and tell the police how he died!"
  • The discussion on Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans on the Harry Potter Headscratchers page.
    • This line, a couple topics down:
      "And how would you know how a gerbil tastes in the first place?"
      "Gerbil-flavored Bertie Bott's, of course!"
  • And on the Chamber of Secrets page:
    I can't remember if it was stated in the book, but where did the basilisk come from?
    Salazar Slytherin hatched it a thousand years ago. It's been waiting all this time for the Heir of Slytherin to come and say "Wanna play fetch? Go get the mudblood! Go get it! Good giant snake thing! Atta boy!"note 
  • This bit from the Kim Possible Wild Mass Guessing page.
    ** She even said she's into boys "Sometimes."
    ** Though this seemed more like "Other times I think they're just a pain," rather than "The rest of the time I'm into girls."
    *** SHHHHHHHH.
  • The Twilight Headscratchers page has these gems:
    • The plothole about why "a family of immortal vampires has a sippy cup in their household".
    Sometimes Esme's baby-mania gets the better of her and decides that one of her "children" needs a diaper change and a bed time story. Edward doesn't like to talk about those times very much, probably because he's her most common target (why else would he be so fucked up?).
    • This plothole:
    Why did it take the Volturi so long to reach Forks? Irina runs off, and suddenly Alice sees the Volturi a couple months. Alice and Bella get there in New Moon in less than a few days. The Volturi are rich and should have capable transportation, and everyone is already in Volterra so they don't need to spend time gathering their forces. Even if Irina didn't have access to a phone, she could have run to the Voluturi within a few days. Did they get lost at the airport? Did they misplace where they had packed their wives? Did they take a stroll through Russia?
    Now I want to read THAT book: 'The Terminal: Volturi Edition!' It'd be awesome, with Jane inflicting her psychic torture on immigration officials and Aro giggling over those turny baggage things and the entire gang taking up a whole section of the airport and creeping people out, but none of the humans say anything because they don't want to be Mistaken for Racist.
  • From the Wild Mass Guessing page of Les Misérables is a theory that Katniss Everdeen is related to Inspector Javert. Why? Because "Who else would be so fixated over a loaf of bread?"
  • From the Mushishi Headscratchers page, as to why Ginko's Fan Nickname is 'Pimp-ko':
    Because he's so incredibly cool, ofcourse. He wins the hearts of most female characters and then ditches them saying he can't stick along for long periods of time 'because of the mushis'. He travels from town to town breaking hearts and kicking ass. He doesn't need to get the girl, he knows he can, and that's enough for him and his hordes of fans.
  • From Up Headscratchers, explaining why Carl didn't get in trouble with the FAA:
    "Hello, is this the FAA? Yeah, there's this guy flying in a house. Yes, he's attached his house to a million balloons and he's just flying it down the... hello? Hello?"
    • Also from that page, this comment from the argument over whether or not Russell is Asian:
      Flik was blue, Sully was blue, Mike was green, Remy was grey, WALL-E was brown, Lightning McQueen was red, and Nemo and Marlon were orange with white stripes. How much more diverse can you get?
  • From the [PROTOTYPE] Headscratchers page, on the "powers" of civilian disguises:
    God knows I always wanted to use the power of accounting after I eat a civilian...
    "Sir, we've spotted Mercer! He's— He's... ... ...uh, sir, he's recalculating the city's debt on the side of the Chrysler Building..."
  • On the Persona 4 WMG page there was this exchange based on the idea that Naoto and the Persona 3 protagonist were siblings.
    Guys, Come on. This idea is milked so many times in Fan Fiction that it's probably canon in the minds of thousands.
  • Also on the Persona 4 WMG page:
    TV Tropes is the Shadow of The Other Wiki.
    Wikipedia has largely become a regulated stopover on the way to more "valid" research. It struggles to feel accepted academically while still suffering the derision of teachers everywhere. Wikipedia struggles to be accepted through strict regulation and cold hard facts; a far cry from the more lax, Rule of Fun oriented TV Tropes. Wikipedia, in an effort to stamp out its more trivial side, inadvertently gave birth to TV Tropes as its Shadow self. It cannot bear to reconcile knowledge with fun and so it cannot bring itself to face TV Tropes. But TV Tropes is Wikipedia. And The Other Wiki is TV Tropes...
    That Troper is the Shadow born of the collective ego of all Tropers...including you.
    That Troper
    How long are you planning on denying it? Beneath your thin veneer of snarky sophistication your true desires are laid plain before me. Who hasn't secretly pimped their own Fan Work under pseudonyms and puppet accounts? Don't you feel the need to rant and rave about asininely stupid programming that everyone else seems to fawn over? The Headscratchers pages for Twilight and Inheritance Cycle alone allude to your true nature.
    My opinions are right and all the garbage just hides the fact that I'm openly tearing down something I don't like and NO I WILL NOT TAKE IT TO THE FORUMS!!! And why shouldn't I? So what if there isn't a page for Cartwheeling Dynamite Puppy; there should be damnit, even if I have to pimp it to high heaven! Who are they to say what is and isn't A Trope?! "Some Tropers think...Your Milage May Vary But...Please exercise Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement when blah blah blah blah blah blah!" That weasel talk makes me sick!! Why shouldn't I say exactly what's on my mind?! MINE is the only opinion that matters!!!
    My OTP IS the Fan-Preferred Couple! Katara is a Canon Sue and I don't care who disagrees! Don't you take my entry down! I'M right, YOU'RE wrong!
    Isn't that what you truly feel?
    Villinize me all you'd like. Just accept the inevitable truth: you are me...and I am you
    I'm right here, you're over there, therefore, as you do not share the same place as me, you are not me.
    Ahhh, shit...Let's get "I'll Face Myself" up and running...
    NO! You're not me!
    Alright, I've been waiting for this! Let's battle! You're nothing like me anyway!!!
    Yes, yes, I know, I'm an egotistical asshole here for my own entertainment rather than the betterment of the wiki, pushing my own opinions with varying degrees of subtlety and lack thereof while pretending its neutrality. Now hurry up and transform into a Persona already, I want superpowers and don't want to get my hands dirty with a boss fight.
    The strength of heart to face one's self has been made manifest. Troper has obtained the facade used to overcome life's hardships, the Persona ...?
    Thou art I and I am thou. From the sea of thy soul, I emerge. I am The Other Troper, Protector of the Wiki.
  • In the WMG page for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, there's a WMG regarding if Percy and Annabeth will have a son and, if they do, if the boy's name will be Luke. Hilarity ensues.
    Not if Rick Riordan wants to fend off all those accusations of being a Harry Potter knockoff...
    The son will have his memory wiped and be sent back in time to host Kronos. They named their son after their son!
    Now we've gone from stealing Harry Potter to stealing Doctor Who! Are you TRYING to piss off the major nerd fanbases?
  • This bit from the Headscratchers page for The Princess and the Frog is Made of Win, purely for the mental picture:
    * And what was Eudora's reaction when her daughter who'd been missing for three days came through the door wearing an enormous sparkly dress, along with her new husband and alligator buddy?
    ** "Now I'll live to see my grandkids!"?
    *** First thing this troper thought of was Louis shouting "GRAMMA!" and jumping in Eudora's arms. "I want cookies and sweaters and stories about what it was like in the old days!"
  • From Batman: Arkham Asylum Headscratchers:
    "New game idea: "I'm Batman". In this platformer-action adventure-MMORPG-RTS-Beat 'Em Up-Rhythm Game, you play as the Dark Knight, going around and holding up Gotham's deadliest villains by the neck and saying "I'm Batman". There are 'aggression' and 'volume' meters that you have to max out, as well as 'the' and 'goddamn' buttons that provide bonus points if you use them in the right situation. Playable on 'Conroy', 'Keaton' and 'Bale' difficulty levels, with an unlockable bonus mode in which you play as Adam West. Not Adam West's Batman. You're just Adam West going around shouting at people. DLC has been announced, but not yet specified. Available Fall 2010, on Xbox 360, PC and PS3."
  • From the Peanuts Headscratchers page:
    * Jesus, Lucy, Violet, and Patty are CRUEL to poor Charlie Brown! They expect him to get an over-commercialized tree, made of pink aluminum? Charlie brings back a tree that looks like one that would be next to the humble manger, and they all laugh at him! Even damned SNOOPY! Although it sets up a Moment of Awesome with the "That's what Christmas is all about" speech, I just want to wring those three bitches' neck!!
    ** Is it bad that I read the start of this entry as a list of 4 names, rather than an expletive and 3 names?
    *** Jesus is laughing at Charlie Brown for having a great Christmas spirit! The irony!
    *** Nope. I did it, too. As did my parents, Ayn Rand and God.
    *** Your parents are Ayn Rand and God?
  • Although many of the theories on Lady Gaga's WMG page are quite funny, special mention goes to the one that claims The Fame Monster is a Take That! at Twilight (may also be a Moment of Awesome, if you're part of Twilight's Hatedom). Also, the one about her secretly being her own parents and/or John Lennon.
  • The Marble Hornets Headscratchers page when someone asks where the character's families are during all this.
  • The Running Gag on the Disney Animated Canon Headscratchers page concerning Bambi's mother. She was in season and tasted good smoked and/or made into sausage.
  • This exchange on the Headscratchers page for The Lord of the Rings:
    "And yet no one is complaining about the 'taters'."
    "What's... "taters", precious? What's taters, eh?"
  • The long list of possible people possessing Mr. Mew in The World Ends with You's WMG page.
  • One troper's psychotic breakdown over the permanent deaths of Amie and Shandra on the Neverwinter Nights 2 Headscratchers page.
  • From the now-cut Internet Headscratchers page
    *** ...say, are you single?
    *** As a matter of fact, I am.
    *** Well, won't this will be a wonderful story to tell your grandkids:
    "That's right Billy, I met your grandmother while meticulously collating vast amounts of pop culture information on the Internet"
  • From the WMG page for The Room:
    * The sex scenes are POV shots.
    ** Denny: I just like to watch you guys.
  • The entire Headscratchers page for SpongeBob SquarePants, especially the following:
    * SpongeBob has Negative Continuity.
    ** SpongeBob IS Negative Continuity.
  • The Headscratchers page for The Emperor's New Clothes.
  • The Headscratchers for classic folklore, that one post on The Tortoise and the Hare was just so unexpected in contrast to the discussions on the true moral of the story that it's hard not to laugh.
  • On the Kyon: Big Damn Hero WMG page, the entry about Durandall is FUCKING HILARIOUS.
  • On the late Headscratchers page for Flipping the Bird, this lovely conversation occurs when someone wants to know why actually doing the flipping kind of is painful:
    • You may also want to try cracking your knuckles more often. Loosen up the joints a little. Plus, you don't have to have your other fingers down at the knuckle and flush with your palm; just enough to get the point across.
      • TV Tropes... where we teach you how to be an asshole.
  • This bit from the Cats Don't Dance page:
    * Parental Abandonment: Where are Darla's, exactly?
    ** She probably killed them.
  • This absolute bloody gem from the Goblet of Fire Headscratchers page:
    It's called polyphasic sleep. One of my friends at college did it. You sleep for 30 minutes every 6 hours, and it forces your body to abandon natural circadian rhythms. It's intended to give you more time awake each day. Of course, if you do it improperly it causes you to hallucinate and think you're in The Legend of Zelda, but there you are.
  • From the Doctor Who WMG page:
    After the Events of Victory of the Daleks the Dalek Rangers threw the most awesome victory party the universe has ever seen, in celebration of finally pulling one over on the Doctor. I only bring this up because the idea of the Daleks OF ALL RACES doing your typical wild party antics with those screeching voices of theirs amuses me.
    ** Someone has to draw that now, complete with Dalek Scientist scuttling around at top speed with a lampshade on its head.
    * Truth or Dare with Daleks. I swear, that would be the best party ever.
    Eternal: ...TRUTH.
    Eternal: ...CAN I DO A FORFEIT?
  • The Headscratchers page for Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • This response to the WMG that Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes is a furry in development and Hobbes is his fursona: "Bill Watterson is spinning in his grave, and he's not even dead!"
  • This little exchange on the Fairy Tail Headscratchers page is quite amusing:
    * There're still other jobs that I wouldn't really trust Fairy Tail members with. One job once was to teach a bunch of little kids you really want a Fairy Tail member to corrupt your young?
    ** YES.
  • On The Flintstones WMG page, the third & fifth entries and the reactions to them.
  • This bit from the Mathematician's Answer Headscratchers page:
    About the most recognized use of Mathematician's Answer is answering "yes" when meaning "both". "Do you prefer it shaken, or unstirred?" "Yes." This is universally understood by more or less everyone on the Internet. Which is what bugs me, since technically, mathematically if you will, such an answer would mean "yeah, one or more of them", which is nearly no answer at all. What is appalling is that no one else seems to notice the incongruity, and the Internet should be smarter than that. Am I wrong? Are they wrong? Is the Internet broken? The uncertainty is tearing me apart.
  • From the Headscratchers page for The Dresden Files, this analogy to the Alpha's vigilante work around the University of Chicago campus:
    The College isn't some five-star restaurant that everyone's trying to get into. It's McDonald's. A McDonald's where whenever you try to get a burger, someone punches you in the nose and knocks it out of your hand. After a while of that, you just say fuck it and go to Burger King instead.
  • From the Futurama Headscratchers page:
    Troper: You mean the military that treats Zapp Brannigan like the reincarnations of Sun Tzu and Napoleon combined?
    Zoidberg: Sunpoleon? I love that guy!
  • From the Dirty Dancing Headscratchers page:
    * How does Neil Kellerman know that there aren't any books in Johnny's room? It's not like he would have a reason to go there, right?
    ** Obviously he sneaks into his room frequently to steal his underwear to smell at night... or the guy was just being condescending and assuming (probably rightly) that Johnny is not much of a reader and that that simply wasn't a believable excuse.
    *** I prefer the first option.
  • From the Wild Mass Guessing for A Song of Ice and Fire:
    * Or neither. My favorite WMG is Joffrey killed himself, by eating Tyrion's pie, which was poisoned by Olenna and Cersei's minions. (Joffrey even said "its the pie" as he died.) LF lies about it to Sansa to impress her. LF's obsession with Catelyn, and later Sansa, is due to the prophecy he received as a boy. Just like Cersei, it messed him up big time.
    ** Hot Pie killed Joffrey.
  • From The Magic School Bus Headscratchers
    * How would Ms. Frizzle teach sex ed?
    ** Why, she would encourage her students to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy, of course! ...Oh.
  • While the WMG pages of the Ace Attorney page are chock-full of Funny Moments because of the tendency of their fans to treat discussions like Cross-Examinations (complete with the signature Memetic Mutation Big Word Shouts), one in particular proved so controversial and so funny that it became a post-based Roleplay featuring a plethora of characters from the work itself. Observe:
    Ema Skye is hot. Don't deny it. Its better than the other theories here...
    ** HOLD IT! Ema Skye the stand-in for Maya, or Ema Skye the detective? Choose your answer carefully.
    *** Let's see. The problem is, she's kind of a bitch in Apollo Justice...
    *** TAKE THAT! But the other one is sixteen.
    *** Objection! 16 years is too old for lolicon!
    *** OBJECTION! Have you SEEN Mia!?
    *** OBJECTION! You honor, the purpose of this inquiry is not to determine "Is Ema Sky hotter than Mia Fey?" but rather "Is Ema Skye hot?". Mia's hotness, while smokin', has no relevance to the case at hand! If the opposition wishes to claim Mia's hotness holds some relevance to the case of Ema's hotness, I must ask they prove it... with evidence!
    *** TAKE THAT! Phoenix (or you the player, whichever you prefer) has been with both, Ema and Mia at some point during his career. Phoenix has only worked with Ema on one case and that was when she was a hyper spunky 16 year old (thus not being legal in some parts of the world) while Mia was in her 20s before she died and even after death, she is summoned back many times to help Phoenix in his cases. As mentioned before, Ema, nearly 7-10 years later, has become a cold ice queen unless you bribe her with Snackoos or a fingerprint duster. Not to mention she can be somewhat flaky. Mia, however, can not only retain her "goods" while being channeled, but she always has something to help you out with and has a much nicer personality. Between a smart and smokin' woman and another woman who stuffs her face whenever you even annoy her, the defense proposes that Mia is an easier fish to catch compared to Ema!
    *** OBJECTION! ::Smirks, wags finger:: Nice try, rookie. But look back. What have you proven? 'Mia Fey is a very nice, smoking hot lady. Nicer and hotter than Ema, certainly.' ::Slams hand on desk:: As if anyone with eyes did not already know this! ::Points:: Yes, Mia IS hotter than Ema, smarter, and nicer! And if that were the purpose of this trial, you might have managed a full acquittal! But I must remind you again, the purpose of this trial is to determine 'is Ema Skye hot?', and ONLY to determine that fact! Mia Fey's hotness ::Slams hand on desk:: still has no relevance!
    *** Urk! (I thought I was on the right track...? Damn, I don't have any other options!) The defense...the defense...
    *** Phoenix...your looking at this the wrong way. Don't ask why she isn't hot...point out evidence that only exists because she isn' Is that her? And I thought Lana was hot...Nevermind, Wright. Your on your own on this one.
    *** Phoenix Wright!!! You foolishly foolish fool! Only an idiot would not think of a night with Ema once laying eyes on her ——>I mean...was that out loud? Shut up, lets go home Adrian.
    *** No fisher brags about any fish but the one that got away, Trite. Ema is not nearly so objectionable as you claim. The unavailable ice queen angle is still quite attractive. Or would you really ::slams mug on desk:: ...turn down Franziska Von Karma as well?!
    *** ...! Godot! ::slams hand on desk:: I must ask you not to bring up Wright's relationship with Franziska! reasons.
    *** The defense would like to propose that Detective Skye is, indeed, a stone-cold fox, if you manage to snap her out of her bitchiness. As evidence, he would like to present various pieces of forensic investigation equipment, which make her instantly more personable. If you date her, bring a fingerprinting kit.
    *** I find her young self cute as heck, and for her older self, the ice queen types normally annoy me, but something her ——>attitude is funny (QUIET, SNACK TIME) and her happy go lucky self can come out every so often, generally with the aid of ——>scientific crap.
    *** ORDER! (bangs gavel) We're here to discuss if Ema Skye can be considered "hot". We aren't discussing if she's the hottest thing in the series, just does she qualify. Any more bickering about irrelevant topics will result in penalties!
    *** TAKE THAT! Ema is definitely hot. ::holds paper sheets in his hand while hitting them, triumph music starts playing:: She was asked to provide security in The Gavinners concert, even though she publicly dislikes Klavier, such a band surely has the power (both as celebrities and as law officers) to have any member of the police staff they requested. On top of that, there weren't any groupies waiting in the Gavinners' dressing room. given all this evidence, one can assume that one or more of the Gavinners had the intention of performing actions of questionable nature with the detective. ::Slams hand on bench:: And why would someone have this intentions? ::Points finger::Because she is indeed hot!!!
    *** (Gasp!) Mr. Nick! How dare you do that to Mystic Maya! (Slap)
    *** What's going on in this thread, pal?
    *** Say, Nick, you can hook me up with this Ema chick, right? Nick, buddy?
    *** ::Wince:: Your Honor...this is...this is undue badgering of the troper! I won't let this...rookie slander the woman whom rid me of my hair!
    *** Wait a sec, folks. This gal's got her two cents, too! Ain't this "Mia" gal dead? ::Looks at picture:: HOO DOGGY! That's ghost I saw in my picture!
    *** (Slams Gavel) That's enough! The evidence presented to me is quite clear. I see no reason to continue this trial. This court finds Ema Skye VERY HOT BUT IS STILL A DEFROSTING ICE QUEEN!
  • Most of Headscratchers.Rule Thirty Four may count, but these stand out:
    Half the fun of Rule 34 is actively contributing to it. The horrified reactions of the rest of the internet are the other half.
    • As well as...
    Hydrogen atoms are kinky as heck. Being the most common element and being equally happy to gain or lose an electron, they really get around. Now, helium atoms, they're kinda prudes.
  • The Headscratchers page for Bioshock Infinite is absolutely massive, due to a combination of an intricate plot that revolves around time travel and alternate universes, a very detailed background, developed characters, and the hype that surrounded the game which, of course, means many people have something to say and/or ask about it. So, every plot element, every character's motivation, every design choice is meticulously analyzed. What's the last entry on the page as of today (14th of March, 2014)? Whether or not a character has a mustache. What a combination of Mood Whiplash and Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking!
  • The troper who always assumes someone is a Time Lord finally got it right on the Bravest Warriors WMG page. Someone also made a joke out of the Time Lord guesses by going on to the page for Doctor Who itself and writing, "The Doctor is a Time Lord and the police box is his TARDIS".
  • One of the WMGs for The Walking Dead Telltale game gets an hilarious response:
    *Lee Everett never existed
    He's just a figment of Clementine's imagination. Everything Lee does, Clementine actually does herself. The story ends with her realising she no longer needs him.
  • On the Headscratchers page for Portal, some tropers began wondering what the In-Universe reason for orange gel being banned was; it was the one gel with no hazardous properties mentioned. Eventually, the tropers decided to make up a reason.
    ** Let's make one up! How about interior friction burns? Oh, and cancer. Everything causes cancer.
    *** Running into a wall at 90 miles per hour seems like a pretty bad side effect.
    *** The lab boys tell me that if you get this stuff on you, there's a good chance trying to move would... I don't know, something about peeling an egg with a sand blaster, I wasn't really paying attention. Now I'm hungry. Caroline, what's the lunch situation?
    *** I'm sure it stains pretty badly as well.
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean, the blacksmith protagonist is shown a drawing of a certain chest key and told he needs to sneak onto the Flying Dutchman to get it. Why don't they just copy the key? After a long discussion...
    Plus, would the audience seriously enjoy watching thirty minutes of Will Turner in his blacksmithing shop hammering together that same key in variety of thickness? May as well call it Pirates of the Caribbean: Turner makes Keyes
    Turner: Locksmith of the Caribbean is in development for CBS. It's scheduled to air after Treebeard, where the Ent plays a Columbo-style detective who solves crime... very slowly.
  • The Steven Universe Headscratchers page has these two hilarious discussions:
    • The first one on the page, making a reference to a line from one of the show's songs:
    *Wouldn't letting Greg drive his van into your heart kill you?
    **Probably, we'll have to test that.
    **Greg already did on Lapis's water-Steven: you can't drive a van into someone's heart without driving into the rest of them as well.
    • And then there's one that starts out about how and why Pearl (who's a several thousand-year-old alien magical girl warrior, mind you) would know how to drive a car. The very thought of Pearl doing something as mundane as getting driving lessons is hilarious all on its own, but how the discussion on it unfolds is just as amusing, and very insightful at the same time:
    * Pearl was driving Greg's van in "Ocean Gem", does she have a driver's licence? It's illegal to drive without a licence. Did Pearl go to driver's ed? How did she find the time? I hope Pearl's not illegally driving without a licence.
    **Wait, that's actually an interesting question. I remember that in "Gem Glow", when Amethyst said that she stole a bunch of cookie cats with the other crystal gems, Pearl said right after that she went back and paid for them, which made me believe that unlike the other gems, Pearl does care about the legal systems of earth. So I suppose she would have a driver's license, and also the other forms of documentation that a driver's license requires. But that raises another question: why does she know how to drive a car in the first place? Not only gems have much advanced means of transportation (warp pads), but they can also shapeshift into flying animals and objects (well, at least Amethyst does it all the time). I think it makes sense that Pearl would want to know how a car works, but why did she felt the need to actually learn how to drive one? And thinking about it... where did she get that money?
    **I guess the car thing, she probably went through a phase where she was actually addicted to driving (kind of like Garnet being addicted to "Meat Beat Mania" in "Arcade Mania") where she must drive, then somehow got over it. And the money, I guess there was a period of time where it was just Amethyst and Garnet going on missions so she was bored to tears then decided to get a paying job to pass the time until she's needed again. I guess it was during Rose Quartz pregnancy then after baby Steven was born, taking care of him was enough to keep her busy so she quit her paying job.
  • The Warhammer 40,000 enormous Headscratchers page has some hidden gems:
    It's 40K - monumental administrative stupidity is the name of the game! (Actually, I don't think anyone'd play Monumental Administrative Stupidity 40,000, but the point stands.)

    If [Space Marines] trip, they stand back up; they're not bloody turtles.

    ** Its one of the largest Hive Worlds in the Imperium, its definately not a dessert but it is probably barren.
    *** Barren Terra may be, but as a dessert, it is quite delicious. But you'll need a hell of a knife to cut it.

    In related news, why is the Astronomican made as retarded as possible?

    Where do [C'tan phase swords] come from? I thought Impreirum could never get their hands on any Necron tech, since the Nec's teleportation is so advanced it wisps away every last bit of Necrodermis, if the Necrons are defeated.
    * Rogue Trader Era Rulebook. They picked them up then when a bunch of people had access to C'Tan tech and carefully tuck them somewhere GW can't find whenever a new rulebook is coming.

    Can Chaos Space Marines grow beards?
    * ...yes?

  • Go to the Five Nights at Freddy's World WMG page, then look under "Future/Secret characters that will be in the game". It's hilarious.

  • The Inside Out WMG, which loves bringing up the Brazilian helicopter pilot. Gems include:
    The Brazilian Helicopter pilot is Felix Cortez.
    Riley is the illegitimate daughter of the Brazilian Helicopter Pilot.
    The Brazilian Helicopter pilot is Miguel from Tekken.
    The bus driver's "Happy Thought" was the Brazilian helicopter pilot... we'll never know for sure, but it was funny.
    Riley's Mom used to be an actress... on a Show called That Brazilian Helicopter Pilot.

  • Suicide Squad (2016) Headscratchers page has this, complete with Deadpan Snarker answer:
    Note that when he transforms, Diablo starts speaking the divine language.
    * The divine language known as Spanish.
  • The WMG page for the game Starbound has an area to predict who was leaving behind all those capsules lying around in caves. While deprecated now, some guesses were priceless, from sensible predictions like pirates, natural formation, and remains of banking ships to way out there predictions, including but not limited to Princess Celestia, tentacle monsters, avatars of the developers, and the player.
  • This little gem from Skyline's WMG page, in regards as to why the aliens ignored the oceans:
    ** Seemed to me as if the only reason the aliens weren't over water is because there really weren't any humans in the water to speak of, not because of any actual aversion to it.
    *** Well of course they're not going near the water, the other aliens have first dibs on it.
  • There was an entry in the WMG page for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate regarding who will replace Chrom in Robin's Pair-Up Final Smash, after his original partner Chrom was confirmed to be on the roster. Among the sensible options from his game is The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks's Alfonzo, with a labelnote saying "Leave it to me!" when clicked.
  • From Headscratchers.The Simpsons:
    Troper 1: In "Homer the Heretic", why is Ned of all people so horrified that the church door is unable to be opened? One would have thought that he would have been pleased to be locked in Church. Is the idea that the weather is so cold that even Ned wants to escape the heating-free Church? Or are we perhaps seeing an example of the 'classic era' Ned, the one that wasn't quite as much of a Religious Right caricature?
    Troper 2: Even Ned, church lover that he is, probably isn't big on the idea of freezing to death.
  • One inquiry on Headscratchers.Animal Crossing asks about why the bus arrived in town despite the lack of pavement. One of the responses gets turned into a non-sequitur.
    * GHOST BUS.
  • On the headscratcher page for Mass Effect, someone wonders what Garrus' eyepiece is. They, of course, get a serious answer but then...
    * Just what is that thing on Garrus' face? It looks like it's attached to the back of his skull.
    ** It allows Garrus to read enemy power levels so he can take it off, crush it, and yell when it's OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!
    ** If such was the case, Garrus should probably have took off the device on his first seeing of Shepard...
    ** Please. The Shep was only maybe level nine when Garrus first saw her.
    • And then:
      ** Man, what doesn't it do? From the Shadow Broker files: Magnification up to 100x integrated target tracing, optional wind/gravity compensation solutions. Sonar, LADAR, thermal, and EM targeting capable. Monitors biofeedback on target within 10 meters to detect heart-rate fluctuations or changes to breath pattern. Can detect and measure biotic fields up to 100 meters away and provide optimized firing solution to collapse kinetic barriers or synthetic shielding support. Optional kill-timer can track number of enemies taken down by self or suit-synced team members in given time period. Armor hotlink provides backtracing of incoming fire and corrects for microrefraction of outgoing shots through kinetic barrier. Audio link plays music per user request.
      ** Impressive.
  • In Ratatouille, some responses imply that rats are the true dominant species.
    * The hair-pulling thing was lazy.
    ** to expand on that?
    ** Personally, I think that hair-pulling thing was scary- does it work with any rat, on any human? If it did, imagine the chaos that rats would wreak upon the world, getting their long-sought revenge against the humans.
    *** That is a ridiculous assertion. By way of apology, you should send cheese to this Troper's home ASAP.
    *** Dammit, Renaldo! Stop leading the humans on! We can't let them know our plans! They'll find The Big Board and everything!

    Laconic / Playing W. / Haiku 

    Interface / Edit Reasons / TLP (YKTTW) / ATT 
  • Every option in the Relationship Status section in the user profile. Potential availabilities include:
    700 wives and 300 concubines.
    Above such petty unnecessities.
    Baby don't hurt me.
    Brewing the love potion.
    Coming soon to theatres.
    Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this Shotgun.
    Hoping Senpai notices me.
    How YOU doin'?
    If the government can read my mind, they know I'm thinking of you.
    Longing for my OTP.
    Naked on a bearskin rug, playing the saxophone.*
    RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
    Showing feelings of an almost human nature.
    They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
    TV Tropes ruined my love life.
  • The YKTTW that launched Dada Comics. The troper hivemind took a blank YKTTW and ran with it.
    screw-the-duelists-i-hav: i think we have something here, i'm gonna launch it
    Unknown Troper: what?
  • AMNK's edit reason when deleting some first person stuff on the AwesomeMusic.Iron Maiden page:
    Don't put yourself in examples. You are not a trope.
  • In the history of Game of Thrones page, someone was cleaning up exclamation marks and left this comment.
    If Elvis Presley returned from the dead, killed the President, and declared the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, it might -might- merit a second exclamation mark, if you were feeling particularly excitable.
  • This ATT thread about comparing the Beast to Bowser. It would be completely normal if not for the Waxing Lyrical...
  • GastonRabbit's edit reason when alongside some tweaks adding "But This Is Ridiculous!" to the Trope Epitaph page implies questionable substances.
    I don't know how I came up with the But This Is Ridiculous entry, but I assure you that the only drug involved is caffeine.
  • In an ATT about a troper who made several low-quality TLP drafts about religion, a search turned up their unusually-titled and otherwise-empty request in Trope Finder: "Butt Inflation". The unexpected discovery resulted in this response:
    mightymewtron: Two things you never talk about at a dinner party: religion, and butt inflation.
    • This led to a couple more questions about what exactly "butt inflation" could mean, bringing up the "cloud to butt" plugin and speculating upon the correlation.
      Heavy Metal Hermit Crab: Butt Inflation is just a side effect of bean consumption. This kind of butt inflation tends to result in the creation of poison clouds and/or mushroom clouds. It’s a quite logical association.
      Excessive-Menace: So if you eat too much Taco Bell, not only will you become dummy thicc, but you can fart out mustard gas and nuclear explosions? Wack.
  • In one ATT, there was someone asking if it was (the now disambiguated trope) Moral Dissonance in the infamous Arthur episode "Arthur's Big Hit" when the Read parents are shocked when Arthur punches D.W. but don't mind as much when Binky punches Arthur. One troper acts as the voice of reason and points out that Arthur is much older than D.W., whereas Binky is Arthur's classmate. The reasonable troper's username? Tuvok!
  • After a self-admitted ban evader ranted and whined that a mod banned them "unfairly", that very same mod dropped this:
    Fighteer: Well, that's fun. Bye, ban evader. By the way, I feed on your hatred. It makes me more powerful.
  • In the comments of one TLP draft, someone accidentally spells "literal" with two "T"s. When a mod corrects himnote , he replies that he shouldn't have commented so soon after cleaning his cat's litter box.
  • An ATT query about a gratuitous gushy comment that also bashed Family Guy was described as "more gratuitous than a sex scene in Sesame Street." This prompted another troper to comment how reading that sentence in the context of Family Guy led them to picture that scenario as a Cutaway Gag on the show.
  • On one You Know That Show, a troper wanted to find a racist children's book about a white kid turning black after punching a black one. This caused some funny replies:
    JMQwilleran: I'm afraid I don't know the answer, but I wanted to say I enjoyed reading the post. Imagine that being taken out of context — "I want the EXTREMELY racist book."
    Robert TYL: I actually Googled "white kid turns black" book, and this is the best answer the internet has to offer. BRB as I clear my browsing history.
  • This inquiry comments on a Take a Third Option shoehorn where the two "normal" options were dying of heat exhaustion and dying of heat exhaustion without pants on. The troper remarked that this was really just one option, and added the amusing clarification: "In my experience, most things you can do can be done without wearing pants. (There are exceptions, like wearing pants.)"
  • This query asked if a character possibly not wearing pants under a long jacket counts as an Ambiguous Situation. Larkmarn decides it doesn't count, comparing it to someone wondering, "Bob's never seen without underwear, and we don't hear about him having sex. Which begs the question, does he have a penis?" rjd1922 then remarks that "this is the second funniest ATT query [he's] ever seen about (not) wearing pants."
  • At the end of an ATT thread, mod Willbyr stated that a problem troper was banned by calling them "another satisfied customer of Uber Yeets."
  • An ATT discussion arose about whether or not Emily Youcis' politics should be mentioned in her laconic. During the discussion, it was brought up that the Ambiguous Syntax in the Laconic ("A Mad Artist who used to sell pistachios with dubious political leanings") made it sound like the pistachios were the ones with said political leanings.
  • In February 2024, a glitch caused the Random Trope Button to only direct tropers to the same page over and over. What makes it funny is that this trope was Have You Tried Rebooting?. Cue the troperbase wondering if the admins had tried rebooting to fix this problem.

    Forum / Discussion / Reviews 
  • This image suggestion for Impaled Palm. It's an impaled palm tree.
  • This forum discussion. Since it's discussing F.A.T.A.L., there's need for regular Brain Bleach, but the concentrations of sarcasm, schadenfreude, and Running Gags is extremely hilarious.
  • This gem by A.Rex, in this thread:
    "The thing I'm worried about is that it's due to happen right before Christmas. I mean, what kind of dick move is that?"
  • Ambar Sonof Deshar shares his thoughts about Mane-iac in the Complete Monster cleanup thread:
    "RE: Mane-iac. Oh God, not another MLP "example". And one whose goal is to give the cast bad hair. I'm, I'm not even sure how to respond to that. I mean, how is that even an MEH? Hell, how is that anything worse than a bad practical joke? At least previous nominees had done something actually villainous. This? No, no, and NO!"
  • This forum post by Blackmoon.
    Charlatan: Mighty Anonym boldsizing his Jesus bit in his signature rubs me the wrong way.
    Blackmoon: "boldsizing his Jesus bit" Thank you, Charlie, I now have a new synonym for jerking off.
  • This forum disscusion (ITT: We are in a Slasher Movie) certainly looks like it is starting to belong here.
  • On December 28, 2010, the day after it was announced the It Just Bugs Me! forum was shutting down, SPACETRAVEL gave us a jumble of various recurrent topics, under the title "It's not funny anymore.":
    First of all, I'm going to assume that you already understand that adaptations are never better than the originals, but to the point:

    It's not cute, it's not sympathetic, it doesn't make you any more of a catboy, so cut it out. I hate it when people abuse their senses of humor this way, thinking their jokes are harmless and affectionate when they're really dehumanizing those nearest and dearest to them by doing shit like this. When you talk that way about your friends, you may not know it, but it sounds to me like you're saying they ought to put on your jammies. Dorm etiquette, man. Learn it, and someday, you might be able to support your own health care.

    Besides, the crude style of comedy in question went out of style in the 30s. Yep, even in the Great Depression, when resources were tight, a whole form of entertainment was spent—because it just wasn't funny. I'm anticipating objections from the "FDR and the Atheists did Fetishes" crowd, and I challenge them to:

    * One: explain to me why they think such a conspiracy, if there was one, was such a bad thing.
    * Two: man up.

    As well, it's blatantly camp homophobic. The use of only heterophones in the the centrally important iambic pentameter section to the exclusion of even the homophones that would be more concise and versatile additions to the song betrays a structure built to make a statement against people attracted to the same sex. And it's not even funny. I've been more amused by arguments about abortion, so I am for both women and men having the legal right to abort this fallacy. Death of the Author with a vengeance.

    And worst of all, it's just lazy writing. Put some thought and time into your work and give us some sound quality that doesn't smell like pot. People with asthma will thank you. Transcend the Fan Dumb.

    Oh, and inb4 "What are you talking about?" and "What is 'it'?" I know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, maybe you should take a look at yourself. Maybe you should stop it, because it's not funny anymore.

    Hastily added expression of hope that I do not get banned for this. Lie that the thread is a self-demonstrating Headscratchers about performance art, which actually doesn't bug me at all. Series of too many apologies.

    How many threads can you find in this jumble?
  • This suggestion from one troper to another on worldbuilding.
    Get drunk. Get pen. See what happens.
    Not recommended for those under the drinking age, those who operate heavy machinery, or fans of Twilight.
  • This attempt by tropers to make the memetastically cheesy lines from Star Fox 64 more verbose.
  • The following from the Lady Gaga Discussion page:
    Do we need a Lady Gaga Music Video Drinking Game? Of course we do. These are the ones a friend and I came up with.
    Every time two people start making out, take a shot. Every time Gaga's costume changes, take a shot. Every time a video makes a callback to a past song, video, or some other aspect of her performing career, take a shot. Every time you see subliminal advertising, take a shot. For every instance of gratuitous foreign language, take a shot. For every cameo of her dogs, take a shot. Every time Gaga puts something in her mouth, take a shot. Whenever she pantomimes a gun, take a shot.
  • This forum thread. It starts out complaining about an upcoming movie, then turns into an assassination plot.
  • You can find some pretty hilarious things that Tropers have dreamed here.
    • This dream about Princess Celestia and jelly beans.
      Had one weird dream last night... I was watching Darkwing Duck and it just went off. The next show was on, and there were aliens that invaded lizard cavemen. (One of them even sounded like DW.) Anyway, the aliens wanted hair that was growing on the cavemen for no apparent reason. After they got enough of their hair, and some of their scales, they began eating them, which in turn merged all of them into one giant smiling jellybean. The jellybean then exploded into tons of other jellybeans, and who emerged from the jellybean explosion?

      None other than Princess Celestia herself!

      Then the My Little Pony theme started up...
    • The alternate ending to "The Beast Below".
      I recently had an... interesting dream. It was during "The Beast Below", when the 11th Doctor was was ranting about how the humans were awful and so was he since he was going to lobotomize the space-whale. Then, mid-rant, the 10th Doctor comes in out of nowhere and sucker-punches him, and tells him to shut up, as he has done worse. Then, ALSO out of nowhere, the 6th Doctor comes in, shoves 11 to the ground and he and 10 start kicking him while 11 (curled in a ball) starts muttering about keeping out of his shed.

      Then the space-whale turns into Willy, jumps over a black hole and smacks into the Space Baby.

      Then I fell out of bed.
    • This Phineas and Ferb dream and the resulting comment.
    • This dream, if only for the hilarious mental image it invokes:
      I was ballroom dancing with Waluigi. I'm not even sure what to think of this one. At least he was good at it.
    • This....unusual (and mildly NSFW) dream involving the dreamer, her family, and the cast of Tropic Thunder searching for a "rape lion" simply has to be read to be believed.
    • This dream involves a troper dreaming about either acting in a play or being transported into the world of a goofier, more comedic version of Aladdin, where the Sultan was even dumber and kept forgetting everybody's names. Then, later, the troper dreamt they were doing the same thing with The Lion King, playing Scar, and Mufasa was there during "Be Prepared", but failed to notice that his brother was singing about killing him.
    • Among the dreams listed in this post is one in which the Star Trek crew is facing a serious universe-threatening disaster and...McCoy catches Spock scarfing cookies and calls him out on it.
    • This dream which involves a troll vandalizing Four Eyes, Zero Soul to be about evil bespectacled people...who disguise themselves as pizza delivery people and ambush customers with tainted pizza and a bomb in the lasagna, which was then treated as Serious Business by the entire wiki, with Four Eyes, Zero Soul being disambiguated with no discussion or consensus in TRS just to account for evil pizza delivery people wearing glasses and to throw off trolls/ban evaders. As for the troll who made the edit? They just get passed off as somebody who had just been watching too much Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or some other show heavily involving pizza.
      To quickly tip off the audience to his personality, give him glasses with pizza stains on them. The eyes are said to be windows of the soul, so hiding them behind glasses really slaps the character with the reality that they're a pizza-faced weirdo.
    • One dream involved the troper trying to bake something in his bed and getting eggs, some of which were rotten, everywhere. Another involved a new rule being added to TV Tropes that certain characters should no longer have The Scrappy and other negative YMMV's applied to them... because the characters had found out and gotten angry.
  • This review of The Avengers (2012).
  • This thread that was obviously going to become a complaining thread. The funny part was when the first reply came from one of the mods. Surprisingly, it lasted three years before being locked.
  • The TMNT: Out of the Shadows thread gets off to a fine start.
    JAF 1970: XBLA and PSN this Summer. *trailer link*
    Zeromaeus: Aahh! Get back in the shadows!
  • A clock notice in the Purple Prose TRS conversation is so Purple that the OP didn't understand what it's trying to say.
  • Near about every post on the Weird things you did as a kid thread, wherein the tropers discuss weird things they did when they were little.
  • One Trope Repair Shop thread was made to decide the fate of Blessed Are the Cheesemakers, a cheese-based trope that was undergoing an identity crisis. What takes the cake are all the cheese puns made by most of the posters who voted. Even the OP snuck in one.
  • Similarly, the Image Pickin' thread for Black Market Produce. The original image was just a man holding an orange, leading to a lot of fruit-related puns.
  • In an Image Pickin' thread for I Fought the Law and the Law Won, two replacements were suggested: one that would gain consensus, and...this. To make things funnier, one user who voted has something to say about the latter while voting for the former:
  • In an Image Pickin' thread in which the former image on Sky Girls had to be replaced for being too risqué, lu127 suggested two versions of a replacement image with and without the Japanese title. Willbyr wrote "The version without the characters is fine." and then rodneyAnonymous made a version without the characters.
    Elbruno: There, NSFW problems solved
  • A thread re-enacting Whose Line Is It Anyway?'s Irish Drinking Song game in Forum Games contains just as much comedy gold as the original source, even if the songs had to be condensed to three stanzas.
  • A post on the complaining/bashing cleanup thread reported a problematic statement on the description for Maya & Miguel. As the pulled statement criticized a Hispanic show for its focus on Hispanic culture, snark followed mocking the criticism.
    GastonRabbit: That complaint doesn't make sense. What's next, complaining that works set in England feature an overabundance of English people using English words?
    War Jay 77: "This anime focuses on Japan too much!"
    Fighteer: "This science fiction work is set INSPACE! It's an atrocity!"
    Plasma Power: "Too much shooting in an First-Person Shooter? It’s So Bad, It's Horrible!"invoked
  • When talking about perhaps making the trope Loads and Loads of Loading BUPKIS on the general IP discussion thread, there was this exchange between Spark9 and Crossover-Enthusiast:
    Crossover-Enthusiast: This is not the thread to decide BUPKIS. I'm starting to hate that word...
    Spark 9: Well that word is Keep Until Better Term Suggested.
  • In the Magnificent Bastard clean-up thread, user Lightysnake's incredibly vast consumption of media fuels speculation that he's either a Hive Mind, a Force-user, or someone who can stop time.
  • In the Image Pickin' thread for DrivenToSuicide.VisualNovels, the original image was pulled for being a spoiler. Cue several users expressing amusement at knowing exactly which game it was.
    mightymewtron: I'm deeply amused that I knew the pulled image was DDLC based on the page title and IP reason alone, without even checking the page beforehand.
    WarJay77: Same, the main surprise was whose suicide it was.
  • The Arthur cleanup, which was made due to an abundance of Ron the Death Eater-type entries vilifying D.W. (up to and including claiming she's The Sociopath because she's rude to her older brother), opens with this limerick:
    There once was a kid character
    Some people really did hate her
    She feels their wrath
    Call her a sociopath
    But she's just a young, bratty sister.
    • Later on that thread, one troper gives a lengthy argument about why D.W.'s irrational behavior in a restaurant should qualify as What an Idiot!. Another troper gives a much shorter retort:
      Libraryseraph: you're still expecting logical and consistent behaviour from a four-year-oldinvoked
  • A common issue that arose when trying to pick a new page image for Futurama was that most of the pitched images had every main character except Hermes. This led to a Running Gag within the thread, with Primis remarking that the title screen (which features no characters) doesn't include Hermes, War Jay 77 jokingly suggesting the page image just be Hermes by himself, and Primis pitching "Not pictured: Hermes" as a caption for the eventually chosen image (which only features Fry, Bender, and Leela).
  • In this Image Pickin' thread, the original image for Lola Bunny was removed due to being a collage ripped straight from However, due to how the reason was displayednote  and Lola being considered Ms. Fanservice, one troper initially thought that a picture was removed for a... different reason.
    Snicka: From the title, I thought someone put an NSFW Lola Bunny picture on the page.
  • Back in 2011, an IP thread was held for Class Representative. Catalogue tossed an image suggestion into the ring. Only after the image gained consensus did they reveal where it was from, with much embarrassment: a hentai called After School Sex Slave Club. The rest of the thread had a good laugh at that.
    Catalogue: *buries head in ground*
  • A troper brings up an example about gremlins on the Informed Species cleanup thread that contradicts itself in the span of two sentences. note 
    El Buen Cuate: So apparently they are trying to say they don't look like gremlins while also saying that there is not a standard look for gremlins.
  • On this thread discussing a trope about impalement, one troper says, "Good point (so to speak)".
  • An Image Pickin' thread for Pokémon Speak chose a Yoshi "phrasebook", so the mod comment swapping in the new image consisted entirely of "Yoshi".
  • On this Yack Fest thread for discussing strange online ads, one troper mentioned an ad for a webcomic that claimed to be New York's #1 bestseller. Another troper replied, "If that's true, then I'm the emperor of China", but then it turned out to be true.
    Cardboard Bot: Guess you're the emperor of China now.
  • On the TLP Crash Rescue thread, a moderator unlaunched a stealth-launched draft about cows, but the last sentence of her post was inexplicably cut off short. War Jay 77 assumes the draft's sponsor sent a herd of cows after the mod while the latter was posting.
    War Jay 77: At least those cows were nice enough to hit "send" though
  • Fivey's opening post for an Image Pickin' thread about NightmareFuel.Dr Seuss is written in rhyme.
    "If you haven’t read the book, is this really that scary? It requires its caption, to make readers wary. It’s not terrible, but it isn’t that good. Find a haunting Seuss image? I don’t think we could."
  • This exchange between Cyto Zytokine and General Gigan on the "Our avatars are posting on a forum thread" in Forum Games ends with a humorous insult:
    CytoZytokine: (as Columbina) I can understand why you see it that way. But being enshrouded under her majesty's perpetual cold protection is a far better alternative than being wiped out by the Heavenly Principles, or being devoured by the Abyss Order.
    GeneralGigan: (as Bender) Hey Columbina, next time you see them, tell them that they can bite my shiny metal ass!
  • Various users in the Observations thread noticed a similar taste in avatars, to the point where a made-up cult was formed for its subject: Fidough.
    Satoshi Bakura: (in evil text) My evil plan is coming into fruition.
  • This joke suggestion by Excessive-Menace for Men Are Generic, Women Are Special in the Crappy Image Pickin' forum game featured a screenshot from a mobile ad for Idle Huntress: Adventure, which has been a target of mockery on Twitter at the time of posting. That same image was later posted by a different troper on a real Image Pickin' thread for that very trope. Despite the suggestion's perceived ridiculousness, it was deemed a better representation of the trope than the previous picture, and thus became the new page image.
    Excessive-Menace: Pack your bags, everyone. This game is over.
  • When the TRS thread for Kill 'em All was in the cleanup stages, one user kept track of the number of times a wick cleaned was related to Undertale, as a reference to that game's Genocide route.
  • In the IP suggestion thread, someone offered an image of the title character from Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! for CuteLittleFangs.AnimeAndManga. Multiple responses pointed out that nobody would notice her fangs in the (now-edited) image due to the presence of... certain large body parts.
  • While users can be creative in granting wishes in the Corrupt-A-Wish Forum Game, one wish to be immune to burns goes off on a tangent to mean immunity to a different kind of Burns.
    Granted. You're not immune to Smithers, and he shoots you dead.
  • The joke proposal thread for Complete Monster and Magnificent Bastard, where users write formal proposals for characters that certainly do not fit either item. Highlights include Seymour Skinner being a Magnificent Bastard for pulling off his "steamed hams" scheme, John Cena being a Monster for doing things like dressing as a rapper and being a Creator's Pet, and Spamton hacking a post to propose himself as a MB.
  • This TRS thread has several people suggest merging "They Do" into Relationship Upgrade, with a Running Gag that the tropes are, fittingly, getting married.
  • This comment after Imp wrote a scathing review of Glee.
    Luna Avril: Funny, I had no idea Sue Sylvester was a troper.