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Recap / Kamen Rider Double E 23 E 24 The L On The Lips

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  • "L" refers to the Liar Dopant and "Love Wars", the Queen & Elizabeth tune in it's series debut.

Our story kicks off with Queen and Elizabeth coming to Narumi Detective Agency with a complaint—sorry, request. Apparently they've been participating in the music-reality-competition Fuuuuuutic Idol, making it two weeks in a row, only to get stiffed at the final round when the judges give all their props to newcomer Jimmy Nakata. And not because he's any good at it. Far from that. Queen and Elizabeth even make Shotaro go to Jimmy's regular busking location, just to hear it for himself.


Final verdict: Jimmy Nakata is bad. Very, very bad. And it's not the kind of bad that Fuuto, a city accustomed to Dopant attacks, would be ready for. No. It's duck-and-cover, phone-your-loved-ones, close-shop-for-the-day, viable-threat-to-public-health, pigeons-falling-from-the-sky-like-flies BAD.

After...surviving that, Shotaro gets to talk to Jimmy about his "music"—it's supposedly a self-styled fusion called "SPIK" (derived from "Spinning Two-Fork"), blending the subversive elements of rock and rap. That's not the central point here—a bigger surprise awaits Shotaro and company, as Jimmy actually has a fan, Yukiho Sumita, always close by, listening and ready with an armful of flowers for him.

Over at the Sonozaki mansion, Saeko is off to met the faceless man with the W Memory again, while Wakana tunes in to Fuuuuuutic Idol on the same week that Shotaro takes his investigation, along with Philip and Akiko, to the TV station—then regrets his decision as the show announces an open mic night, and Philip's research gets himself and Shotaro selected. Coincidentally, Terui Ryu is in the neighbourhood, with Makura in tow, and working a semi-related case, tracking down a swindler known only as the Radio Tower Clown. Sure enough, the perp is revealed to be a Dopant, and Ryu goes into Accel and moves in to bring him down, allowing Shotaro and Philip to perform "Finger on the Trigger" uninterrupted.


Accel has no problem on his end, ignoring the Dopant's claim that "that weapon will not work on me!" and putting a Finishing Move on him. True enough, the Dopant goes This Cannot Be! as his Dopant Memory appears and breaks. With no sign of whoever was using it, Ryu bags the Dopant Memory and calls it a day.

Back inside the TV studio, Shotaro and Philip predictably lose the final round to Jimmy, despite winning over the very crowd that went rabid at him (and not in a good way). It becomes obvious at this point that Jimmy knows what's been going down, but has chosen instead to live in the moment and make like everything's all right.

Back at Narumi Detective Agency, Ryu brings his findings to Shotaro, giving them their prime suspect, along with the Dopant Memory he bagged—except, it turns out that it's an empty, slashed candy box. Turns out this Dopant can infect people with suggestions to alter their behavior, which also explains how the judges' decision is being affected. Understandably, Ryu is not happy.


Shotaro takes the case back on the street, with just Akiko in tow, but both Jimmy and his fan are absent from their usual hangout. Instead, Santa-chan introduces Shotaro to Sachio Sawada, a poet and calligrapher working out of the side of his old van, and together they give Shotaro his next lead—Sumita's workplace. It's some sort of heavy industry or recycling plant, but the fact of the matter is Sumita has been overworking herself. Fortunately, our heroes are on hand to get her to a doctor right away.

Dr. Shinkuro Isaka, owner of his own clinic in a suburban area, wants Sumita to take some much needed time off. Except she's just going back to work right away, and Shotaro has to follow her back to the plant...only to see her use her overtime money to pay off the Dopant, getting him to manipulate the judges one last time. Except this time, he blows her off and demands even more money. Shotaro steps in, and the Dopant produces a huge barb from its mouth that it shoots right at Shotaro's head...

Only for Kamen Rider Accel to appear and grab the barb in mid-air. Ryu and Philip have figured it out: their enemy is the Liar Dopant, able to turn his words into barbs and literally jab them into people. It's Rider time once again, and having both Double and Accel on hand should make it easier—but Sumita gets in their way, begging them to let Liar do this thing as she knows full well how bad Jimmy really is.

Problem is, the Liar Dopant took some time to lure Jimmy towards the scene, and he's heard the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Sumita's doctor Isaka is about to knock off from work, putting on the familiar-looking tuxedo and bowler hat he's had hanging in the corner this whole time...and taking the Weather Dopant Memory with him. Except he just decided to make time for one more patient: Saeko.

The Liar Dopant slips away from our heroes by putting two barbs in Double and Akiko, turning him on Accel and her on a...tanuki statue in the corner. By this time Jimmy is beside himself with grief—whereupon the Liar Dopant brings out a paper slip he's prepared beforehand to collect Jimmy's tears, before blowing off. Jimmy himself has run off in a fit, leaving Shotaro and company to bring Sumita back to the agency, where we hear the rest of the story.

Yes, Jimmy is bad. Unbelievably bad. But that thought never crossed his mind, because performing was something he genuinely enjoyed. A joy so infectious, in fact, that Sumita herself feels it too, regardless of what she actually heard. Thus it was that she decided to help him through Fuuuuuutic Idol by paying off the "Radio Tower Clown", a.k.a. the Liar Dopant.

Another thing we learn about is the true nature of this Dr. Isaka—he's got both arms deep in the Dopant business, aiding the cause by examining all Dopants' physical condition. This time he's got his hands on Saeko—or rather Saeko as the Taboo Dopant, and he knows her level of ambition is even affecting her in this form. And he's quite willing to help.

It's about time for the third week of Fuuuuuutic Idol, and Shotaro manages to track down Jimmy at the beach. Except the boy makes a run for it, and Shotaro winds up having to chase him down the beach (which would have been pretty awkward if anyone actually saw them), and manages to convince Jimmy to face up to the truth—that he's unbelievably bad, no denying that, but also that his passion for music is something that cannot die, regardless of his talent.

Back at the Agency, Philip's search query fails to make any headway until Ryu points out those paper slips the Liar Dopant used to collect tears. They're a very old type of pressed pulp, only used by professional calligraphers. And one such calligrapher would know Jimmy and Sumita well enough, having watched them in the same busking spot regularly, to pull off this con...

Sachio Sawada, who's conveniently disappeared along with his van from his regular spot on the street. Our heroes' progress almost grinds to a halt, until Ryu brings up something the Liar Dopant told him earlier, which Philip remembered hearing on Wakana's radio show. Which gives Philip the idea to call up Wakana pull off a con of his own.

It's time for Wakana's Healing Princess yet again, and this time Wakana has a special announcement - she's going to meet up with the "Radio Tower Clown" for an exclusive interview. Except that the real Radio Tower Clown, aka Liar Dopant, aka Sachio (whew) was listening in, and had no clue whatsoever about this. He takes matters into his own hands and sneaks over to the radio station, just in time to see Wakana whisked off by her minders, then uses his van to follow her vehicle to the meeting place—a huge, empty theater, where some bugger who's clearly Shotaro in a stupid outfit jumps out to greet Wakana, claiming to be the Radio Tower Clown. The Liar Dopant is justifiably infuriated at this ridiculous display, and steps out to claim responsibility...

...and right into the trap. Not only is Shotaro accompanied by Ryu and Akiko dressed as Wakana's minders, but that's Philip dressed as Wakana. The real Princess never even left the building. Although all this is somewhat interrupted when Akiko realises they picked a guy over her to dress as Wakana. Regardless of that, it's Rider time once again, with both Double and Accel available to bring down the Liar Dopant together.

Meanwhile, Fuuuuuutic Idol begins, and Sumita wonders whether or not to remain in the audience since Jimmy hasn't shown his face yet... up until he does. And this time Jimmy promises the audience and himself that he'll put his passion into his music.

Unfortunately, he's still quite bad. In fact, we're lucky to be treated instead to the usual song "Cyclone Effect" by Labor Day and the sounds of the battle, as Accel goes into cycle mode to give Double a boost and power up the Joker Extreme Finishing Move, bringing down the Liar Dopant at last. All we know is, the judges encourage Jimmy to work hard and try again, and Jimmy finally earns his applause.

Our story ends with Jimmy putting music on hold and getting a job alongside Sumita, and Queen and Elizabeth finally getting their debut CD made. The only problem they have left is why Shotaro and Philip's act got the central feature in a magazine while the girls were reduced to an inset. And they hadn't even won that time!

Tropes include:

  • Actor Allusion: Ichirou Mizuki is basically Adam Westing the whole time, down to recycling the "ZEET!!1" refrain from the theme of Mazinger Z into a Verbal Tic. Except his "character" here goes by the name Ooniki Ichirouta, a deliberate mishmash of his real name and his Fan Nickname 'Aniki'.
    • Let's not forget the two girls from AKB48, Tomomi Itano and Tomomi Kasai as Queen and Elizabeth, actually getting to sing. No fancy dance moves, though.
  • Auto-Tune: Masaki Suda (Philip) required some of this for "Finger on the Trigger". Renn Kiriyama (Shotaro) does the rap interludes instead.
  • Brick Joke: After Sachio is revealed as the Liar Dopant, we see the driver area of his van, which is littered with candy boxes just like the one Ryu was fooled into taking as a broken Gaia Memory.
  • Brutal Honesty: Sachio the calligrapher's works usually boil down to this.
  • Collector of the Strange: The Liar Dopant has a scrapbook of tears samples on washi paper.
  • Defictionalisation: Inverted in a way, as the Queen and Elizabeth CD was planned for actual release by the time this episode aired.
  • Disguised in Drag: Both genderflipped (Akiko as a bodyguard) and played straight (Philip as a surprisingly convincing Wakana).
  • Face Palm: Shotaro gets a rather epic one after Jimmy, who won Fuutic Idol due to the judges being influenced by the Liar Dopent, tries appealing to the crowd afterwards, only for them to start pelting him with objects out of disgust.
    Shotaro: This guy is hopeless.
  • Foreshadowing: The first time we hear Isaka's Leitmotif is when Sumita passes out.
    • Ryu working more closely with Philip this week hints towards Shroud's initial plan for them both to take over as Double, forming CycloneAccelXtreme.
  • Heroic BSoD: "Philip's the girl but I'm the boy... but Philip's the boy and I'm the boy..." She even envies how Philip's dormant body can look like a sleeping princess.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Jimmy. The actual show depicts him as your regular Hollywood Tone Deaf, but the effect on the surroundings is similar to a Brown Note.
  • It's Personal: Ryu does not take being deceived very well at all. The Liar Dopant is also offended by really bad "Radio Tower Clown" impersonators.
  • Kink Meme: The pure distillation of assorted kinks filling this story gets lampshaded at the end of one fansub.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: A barb from Liar Dopant causes Double to battle Accel.
  • Not So Different: Shotaro and Jimmy, oddly enough.
  • The Reveal: Of the face behind the bowler hat and Weather memory: Dr. Isaka.
  • Shout-Out: Fuuuuuutic Idol, anyone?
  • Something Only They Would Say: Variation. Thanks to Ryu as Accel having fought Liar Dopant first, Philip learns from that the Dopant follows Wakana's radio show enough to quote from it, leading to Wakana getting involved in Philip's big counter-con.


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