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Recap / Kamen Rider Double

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Some notes:

  • Save for the last episode, the Recap pages for Kamen Rider Double cover complete two-part stories/serials/arcs, not individual episodes.
  • The letter in each story title stands for two words, giving the story titles double meanings; their pages will give the meanings.

TV series

Nasca Arc
Weather Arc
Foundation X Arc



Fuuto P.I. Manga and Anime

  • Chapters 001-008/Episode 01-03: Be Wary of the t
  • Chapters 009-015/Episodes 04-06: The Worst m
  • Chapters 016-018/Episodes (N/A): Whereabouts of c
  • Chapters 019-027/Episodes 07-09: The Closed k
  • Chapters 028-037/Episodes (N/A): p is a Devil
  • Chapters 038-046/Episodes 10-12: Superhuman r
  • Chapters 047-055: Portrait of s
  • Chapters 056-065: Dark is o's Nest
  • Chapters 066-074: Treasure of b
  • Chapters 075-084: Thanking f
  • Chapters 085-093: Reaper is the face of l
  • Chapters 094-102: Maverick d
  • Chapters 103-110: The h of the Maze Building
  • Chapters 111-118: The Deadly g

Alternative Title(s): Fuuto PI