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Recap / Kamen Rider Double E 5 E 6 The Girl A

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Shotaro: "That's why you lied to your young daughter?"


  • The A stands for "Anomalocaris" and "Asuka", and refers to the Japanese legal practice of underage involvees in crimes being referred to as "Girl A".
    • The first part is subtitled "Papa is a Kamen Rider."
    • The second part is subtitled "The Price of Lying."

At a press conference at the Futo Wind Power Laboratory, councilwoman Miyabi Kusuhara presents her designs for the construction of the Second Futo Tower. Her speech is interrupted by a barrage of bullets raining down on everyone present. Shotaro, who has been hired as Ms. Kusuhara's bodyguard after seeing she is being targeted by a Dopant, takes her out of harm's way before running off to transform into Kamen Rider Double in secret. Returning to protect Miyabi, Double is caught off-guard—but by Miyabi's daughter Asuka, who declares that "papa" has come to protect her. Shaking it off, Double switches to CycloneMetal and starts deflecting bullets...until they suddenly stop. Double goes to investigate where the bullets were coming from, while Asuka calls out for "papa" to come back as Miyabi stops her from going after him. Double's investigation only turns up a body of water with no Dopant in sight, and one of the bullets, which Philip requests to see.


Shotaro leaves the bullet delivery to Akiko, while he goes to get chewed out by Miyabi for seemingly abandoning his job. Back at the Agency, Akiko finds that Philip had fallen into a garbage can butt-first during Double's transformation ealier...but unlike Akiko, Philip isn't concerned with this as it doesn't affect his look-ups. Meanwhile, Shotaro escorts Ms. Kusuhara to her apartment, the Dopant attacks again. Shotaro sends the Bat Shot out to do reconnaissance while making sure Ms. Kusuhara is not harmed.

The next day, Shotaro escorts Miyabi and her entourage towards the area of land needed to build the Second Futo Tower on. However, its owner Genzo Takamura refuses to let them through. As the group leaves, Kirihiko Sonozaki arrives to tell Takamura to get the job done. Later at the riverside, Ms. Kusuhara tells Shotaro that her husband Daizaburo was planning on building the Second Futo Tower when he was suddenly murdered last year...and that she has been lying about this fact to her daughter. At this time, Philip pieces together the clues and determines that the attacker is Takamura using the Anomalocaris Memory, and firing his bullets from nearby bodies of water. Upon realizing that Miyabi is in danger, Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Double and protects her just as the Dopant attacks, transforming into CycloneTrigger to end the bullet barrage and then using the Joker Extreme to break the Anomalocaris Memory and neutralize the attacker...


...who is revealed to be Takamura's friend using a prototype Anomalocaris Memory. Meanwhile, the real Anomalocaris Dopant attacks just as Asuka runs towards Double, wanting to thank her "papa". Luckily, Double as LunaJoker pulls them out of harm's way just in time.

After Asuka and her mother flee from the assassin's attempt, the Anomalocaris Dopant escapes with Double unable to pursue. Still worried about Asuka's safety, Shotaro talks to Miyabi that it is not right for her to lie to her daughter. After talking to Asuka and realizing why her mother lied to her, Shotaro becomes conflicted on the matter and is not sure whether to tell her the truth about Double. The next day, after Akiko gets information for him from Watcherman and Santa-chan, Philip manages to uncover information about Asuka's father. During that time, after nearly telling Asuka the truth about her father, Shotaro is caught off-guard when the Anomalocaris Dopant kidnaps Asuka. Surviving the fall, Double pursues the Anomalocaris Dopant using a tracker he placed on Asuka with the Spider Shock during his fall. However, he is attacked by the Nasca Dopant who wishes to confront the Kamen Rider one-on-one. Philip realizes that their foe has a Gaia Driver, and Double barely wins with an unorthdox move as HeatTrigger to blast the Nasca Dopant at point blank range. Their transformation is cancelled, leaving Philip unconscious as Shotaro follows his tracking beacon to Takamura's factory where Ms. Kusuhara makes her way to after receiving a text message from her daughter's kidnapper. By the time Akiko revives Philip with vinegar, Shotaro manages to find Asuka just as Miyabi is nearly killed by Takamura as the Anomalocaris Dopant. Kamen Rider Double saves her and assumes LunaTrigger to rescue Asuka before going after the Dopant as he assumes his Big Anomalocaris form. Summoning the RevolGarry, Double uses the HardSplasher to fight the Anomalocaris Dopant underwater and defeats him. Leaving Takamura for the police, Double bids Asuka farewell the way her father used to treat her. Meanwhile, Saeko apologizes to her father about their failed attempt to do away with Ms. Kusuhara, seeing Kamen Rider Double to be an even greater hindrance than expected with the weaklings working for her.



  • Bittersweet Ending: The Second Futo Tower is postponed indefinately and Asuka continues living a lie, but Shotaro and Philip manage to give them some closure with Mr. Kusuhara's death.
  • Brick Joke: Akiko's use of vinegar to get Philip unstuck from a garbage can doesn't work. Using it to get him out of an unexpected coma does. By episode's end, Philip's obsessed with learning everything about vinegar, with an assortment of bottles and glasses on one table.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Takamura calls out Kusahara for using her daughter to try and appeal to others' pathos.
    "Maybe it's because you always say such transparent things that people resent you."
  • Mythology Gag: Asuka's doll resembles Kamen Rider Knight.
  • One-Winged Angel: The second (read: real) Anomalocaris Dopant turns into a twenty-foot grotesque...anomalocaris-like creature.
  • Something Only They Would Say: Philip manages to look up exactly how Asuka's dad used to say goodbye.
  • Worthy Opponent: Double becomes one to Nasca by the end.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Saeko blows up the entire Dopant base because of Takamura's failure to stop Double.


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