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Recap / Kamen Rider Double Ch 1 Ch 8 Be Wary Of The T

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Shotaro: "In truth, this case was the start of the storm of fate between us."


  • "T" stands for "Tokime" and "Toadstool".
  • Chapter 1's title is "The Man Who Fell in Love with a Witch".
  • Chapter 2's title is "His Partner is the Devil".
  • Chapter 3's title is "The City's Trump Card".
  • Chapter 4's title is "The Half-Boiled's Pride".
  • Chapter 5's title is "The Criminal is There".
  • Chapter 6's title is "Masked Guardian Deity".
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  • Chapter 7's title is "Resolving the Request".
  • Chapter +α's title is "The Wandering Witch".

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