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Recap / Kamen Rider Double E 37 E 38 Client X

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  • Client 'X' refers to 'Foundation X' (The organization's debut) and 'Xtreme' (Wakana becoming Clay Doll Xtreme in the next episode).
  • #37 is titled "The Bridge of Promises"; #38 is "In the Name of the Museum".

It was a dark and stormy night. No, seriously.

There's not much investigating one can do in this weather, so Shotaro's playing darts while Akiko busies herself with setting up the Narumi Detective Agency's official website. Which involves taking staff photos, of course, so Shotaro gets roped in unwillingly once again. Ironically, some business comes their way despite the weather, in the form of Mr Yamashiro, an elderly man who's soaked to the skin, and somehow gets into frame by complete accident. Unfortunately Shotaro and Akiko don't even notice him coming in, and it's not until they check how the photo came out that they get scared shitless.


It's all settled easily enough - Yamashiro is just here to enlist their help in finding his family again. He's not saying how he left them, or much of anything. All they know is, he gets a much bigger surprise at seeing Phillip here than any person logically would.

Over at the Sonozaki mansion, that big ol' dining table of theirs is starting to look a lot bigger now that there's just two people left. Ryuubei can tell Wakana is getting quite shaken up from this, and not just from the business with her Dopant Driver, which has conveniently passed. Yes, things are changing, but in far bigger ways than this, says Ryuubei, as they are about to meet up with people from the group that's been soliciting the Sonozaki Museum's Gaia Memory project - and possibly several others as well.

Foundation X. That name will become very important down the line.


Jun Kazu, a man in an ominous white suit, shows up in town the following morning, and checks into a hotel - but not before coming across this utterly creepy chick in a lacy black outfit, purple wig, goth makeup and a box of fried crickets she's eating for a snack. He drops his room key from the shock, which is the only way he shows it.

Back at Narumi Detective Agency, Shotaro is out sleuthing while Akiko is trying to get a staff photo of Phillip as well, when Yamashiro returns - and gets the exact same surprise as before, which only Phillip catches this time. There's no time to dwell on this now, as Phillip gets a call from Wakana - whose voice shows utter fear. Which is when another piece of the puzzle reveals itself, as Yamashiro warns Phillip not to meet with her. And he still won't say anything.


At the same time, Shotaro's sleuthing drags something important, as Watcherman gives him a vital lead on Yamashiro's real identity. With that out of the way, Watcherman is about to go on with his own business when that creepy chick from the hotel shows up in front of him. Unlike the last time though, Watcherman finds the fried crickets quite palatable... then she asks him about the man in a photo she's holding. A photo of Yamashiro himself. And Watcherman makes the mistake of backing off... which causes the girl to get violent. And those taser prongs on her boots pack quite a bite.

Fortunately, Terui Ryu just happens to chance upon the scene, see her KO Watcherman with those boots, and prepares to bring her in. Unfortunately he's in for a slightly bigger fight than he'd counted on, as she brings out her own Dopant Memory and jacks in, turning into the Hopper Dopant. Ryu goes into Accel immediately, but unfortunately she floors him before he has a chance to go Trial, and makes her escape.

Meanwhile, Phillip heads out to find Wakana anyways, and they finally meet face to face - or not, as Wakana hasn't hung up on his phone yet, choosing to carry on talking to each other exactly as they always have. She finally reveals what's been happening to her - big sister disappearing, and father pushing some kind of huge responsibility onto her, all of which clues Phillip in to the fact that Wakana has been part of Museum all along. The fact that Wakana is before him saying that she'd rather carry on with her radio show makes it even harder for Phillip to process everything, and he outright admits to her that he knows how the Sonozaki family and the Dopant Memory incidents are related. At the same time, Shroud finally shows her face (in a manner of speaking), admonishing Ryu in his momentary defeat, and basically shrugging off Ryu's claim that Isaka warned all of them against her. Museum is the bigger threat here. She really can't not say that...

When Wakana is unable to say much of anything after that, Phillip thinks he finally has her figured out... and calls her phone again. Turns out that humble little wireless line was the only real way to get through to her, and sure enough, she's finally able to talk about what she really wants - which in this case involves getting away from everything, with Phillip, forever and ever. And Phillip takes her up on the offer.

Shotaro manages to find the man's family easily enough... possibly too easy. And he would have taken leave of them right there and then, if not for Phillip returning and giving him another surprise again. This time Shotaro acts on that hunch and calls out Mr Yamashiro on the spot - or rather, Professor Yamashiro, a top neurologist and one of eight similar scientific professionals who were either declared dead or missing in an incident seven years ago. But Yamashiro still won't say anything - until Terui Ryu also appears at the door, having been sought by Shotaro for some assisted digging. The truth of the matter was, Yamashiro and the others were forcefully kidnapped and made to participate in an unknown project by some shadowy organisation. And Yamashiro finally cracks under the pressure, naming Museum and the Sonozaki family as the culprits - naturally implicating Wakana as well.

Wakana's busy with other stuff for the time being. Like that radio show of course, where she conveniently finishes a session just as her phone goes off. This time it's Saeko of all people, fed up with being hunted like a dog for what they perceived as her 'betrayal' (which basically amounts to 'not dying with Isaka'), and now poised to take it out on Ryubei and Wakana. She doesn't even notice that Wakana is more concerned with how her sister is doing, before hanging up. Sadly Saeko's 'revenge' is rudely interrupted by the Smilodon Dopant finding her, ready to take her out, and succeeds in beating her as Taboo Dopant, forcing her back to normal and into the drink. Which is when the man in white shows up...

Phillip decides to bite the bullet and run a search for anything Museum... which causes the Gaia Library to go haywire, bookshelves smashing to pieces and forcing him out, emptyhanded. Ryu also brings up the fact that Sonozaki Ryubei has been under suspicion a few times, but the evidence was conveniently lacking - the implications being that Sonozaki Ryubei has been manipulating all forms of media and information, and even the Gaia Library. Unfortunately, poring their attention in this direction left them with only Akiko available to keep an eye on Yamashiro, which works as well as you'd expect, as Yamashiro slips off on his own.

Our story leads right into another important reveal as the creepy chick is shown shmoozing up to Sonozaki Ryubei himself (turns out he takes those fried crickets too, who knew?) until the Smilodon Dopant shows up, presenting Saeko's Taboo Memory to him. Which makes the creepy chick look very bad indeed, while Wakana, seeing just the Taboo Memory, and immediately assumes the worst. There's nothing more that Ryubei can say at this point, except remind Wakana that she still has her part to play. And there's nothing much for Wakana to do either, except try to contact Phillip before it's too late... except Phillip's not sure if he wants to meet her anymore.

Yamashiro barely has time to regret his decision as the creepy chick finds him on his own... at least till Shotaro on the Machine Hardboilder performs a Dynamic Entry and gets ready to go into Double right there and then. Which is precisely when Wakana tries to call Phillip. At least this time Double is having an easier time, especially when the Xtreme Memory shows itself and they go into CycloneJokerXtreme. Unfortunately Yamashiro isn't out of danger at all, as the Hopper Dopant takes him for a Human Shield, forcing Double to back off as she brings up Yamashiro's work with Museum. Not just the Dopant Memories, but wiping out Phillip's memories of his family in the first place. It's a good thing Accel is available to fend her off, as Phillip goes into shock and Double comes apart for now. Except that Ryu getting to activate Accel Trial only proves that the Hopper Dopant is able to match his speed, and she flees the scene again.

The suspicion is all on Yamashiro now, as Shotaro doubts he was coerced into half of the stuff Museum was responsible for. The truth of the matter was, Museum only financed Yamashiro's research to further Gaia Memory study, and Ryu decides to take Yamashiro into custody anyways.

The following day, Sonozaki Ryubei finally meets up with Jun Kazu at the mansion. It's no less tense than the usual goings-on though, as Foundation X has found Museum's work lacking, and sent Jun to acquire an explanation. Ryubei has that end covered - he explains that the Museum chain of command should benefit with some fresh blood. Meaning Wakana, of course. It helps that she secretly heard the whole thing...

At the same time, Phillip is not faring any better, which leads Akiko to shake him out of his funk by going back to taking those staff photos. Which would have gone on swimmingly if Phillip's own Stag Phone didn't suddenly burst into the scene and knock the Bat Shot out of whack. It's Wakana on the line, except this time her voice is one of fear and desperation, as she asks Phillip to leave with her immediately like he promised.

At the same time, we learn why Jun Kazu really needed that hotel room - he's recovered Saeko from the canal and allowed her to recuperate, whereupon she scrabbles around desperately for her stuff... but the Taboo Memory's back in the mansion and her Dopant Driver is completely trashed. She's got nothing left... except possibly this fellow in white, who convinces her that he's here to help. Even if he really doesn't have the face for it. We also see Yamashiro still in police custody, with Ryu's interrogation reaching a dead end for now, as Makura gives no help whatsoever. Jinno, possibly reading the atmosphere, sends Makura off on an errand... which somehow helps, as Yamashiro tells his tale.

The kidnapping case did indeed happen, but Yamashiro was seduced by the potential of medical and scientific advancement, and chose to work with them of his own accord. It was on his son's seventh birthday too, and the remorse he feels over his actions is all he really has left. Which is when Makura returns from his errand...

...stuffed with fried crickets in every available orifice, and passing out on the floor.

By the time Ryu realises what's going on, the creepy chick, needing just a police uniform to sneak into the precinct, has KO'd Jinno as well, and starts making her move on Yamashiro. Ryu intercepts her just in time, but the tussle allows Yamashiro to flee in fear. And this time the Hopper Dopant has them figured out, as using another Human Shield allows her to go after Yamashiro and shake off Ryu for the third time. Shotaro and Akiko have a similar problem, as Phillip is seriously considering fleeing with Wakana like they'd said. Akiko is at her wits' end over this, but Shotaro, reminded of Narumi Sokichi's words, makes the hardest decision of all - letting Phillip decide for himself. When that unexpectedly falls flat, Shotaro decides that they should all meet up with her anyways.

Yamashiro finally gets where he was going this whole time... home. Well, more like behind a hedge on the other side of the street from home, so his wife and son never really see him... but the creepy chick can. Before he can act, she puts her taser heel right into him - and if his son had turned to look just a little earlier, he would have known. And Ryu as Accel Trial arrives too late, as the Hopper Dopant doesn't stop to check Yamashiro's vital signs or anything, turning on Accel... and allowing Yamashiro to make one last phone call.

When the phone rings at Narumi Detective Agency, Shotaro and Phillip on the Machine HardBoilder arrive at the train station - just in time for her to call them. Yamashiro's in critical condition, and he needs to tell Phillip something. Fortunately they have a little time, and get back on the bike to speed down the road... just as Wakana arrives.

The battle between Accel Trial and Hopper Dopant comes to an end, as Ryu wastes no time in busting out his Finishing Move. (Only 0.2 seconds to spare!) Until the creepy chick somehow survives, and makes a run for it... only for the Smilodon Dopant to barge into the scene and obliterate her with one blow. There's no time for Ryu to do much of anything, as Smilodon leaves as abruptly as it came.

Shotaro and Phillip make it to the hospital, and they finally meet Yamashiro... for the last time. He admits to his fault for everything he's caused, and makes sure to tell Phillip what his real name is. Sonozaki Raito. Which Phillip had heard from Saeko a while back, but this pretty much confirms that Wakana was his own sister all along. Phillip finally finds his resolve and decides to find Wakana... which would mean breaking up Kamen Rider W for good. There's just a little time left, he could still make it...

Except it's already too late. Ryubei made his move first, heading to the train station first and taking Wakana back by force. By the time Phillip gets there, Wakana has been returned... but she's not herself. She's realised her place in the big plan, the fact that not only Museum but the fate of the world has been entrusted to her. Without any further warning, she jacks in as Claydoll and moves in for the kill...

Fortunately Shotaro's just as quick to act, and Phillip manages to activate Double FangJoker just in time. There's no time for further explanation though, as Double has to deal with a whole mob of Masquerade Dopants as well, allowing Claydoll to make herself scarce.

There's no happy ending this week. They failed to save Yamashiro, Phillip doesn't know what he's about anymore, and Wakana announces to Jun Kazu that Foundation X's business is with her now. At least Phillip's not leaving anymore, and that counts for a lot.

Until Shotaro sees how Akiko's website turned out.

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