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Nightmare Fuel / Spider-Man 3

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This scene was deleted for a very good reason.

  • After being forced off of Peter, the symbiote latches on to its next host with a vengeance. Seemingly in order to ensure that it won't be rejected again, it goes all the way with Eddie Brock, literally pouring itself down his throat. But by far the creepiest part of that scene was when Brock started to enjoy it.
    • VENOM!!! It's hard to believe the same actor who played Eric Forman is underneath that suit!
    • Also when Eddie gets pulled out of the symbiote in the final battle. Not that bit, but when the symbiote starts to grow taller, towering above Peter, nearly reaching the roof... that's when you realize that THIS monstrosity is the true Venom. And the sounds it makes... dear God, the sounds. It's a good thing Carnage was never brought into the film, because that would have been even more terrifying.
      • A particularly horrifying version of this scene occurs in the novelization: When Peter finally forces the symbiote off Eddie, it's revealed that the symbiote had, at one point, absorbed Eddie's body to create one for itself, leaving only his smoking bones behind. Then the symbiote talks, telling Peter to never wound what he can't kill. It's left ambiguous how much of Eddie was coming through the symbiote during the final fight, or if it was the symbiote talking all along. Yikes.
      • Worse still: this was intended to be the film's ending. Even the props for Eddie's warped skeleton were made, and the skull alone looks positively haunting.
    • "So... where to?"
    • The beginning of the final one-on-one battle. Venom screeches in the background, crawling around the construction site like a lion jumping around its prey, as Spider-Man cautiously looks around, looking positively goddamn terrified the whole time.note  And then...Venom randomly grabs Spidey from directly above him. While this Venom may be a divisive one, that scene helps evoke the fear Venom can spread, in universe or out.
  • The symbiote attaching itself to Peter as he lays asleep and defenseless.
    • The symbiote itself is rather creepy. In other adaptations of the comic book, it has a voice. In some cases this made it more horrifying, while in others it made it more awesome. This iteration of lacks a voice, but it still clearly has intelligence. It actively follows Peter to his apartment, taking residence there until he starts bonding to him. Heck, Peter doesn't even know of the symbiote's existence until he gets the black suit. Having an alien Blob Monster hide in your home; not knowing it's there until it's already attached itself to you is prime Paranoia Fuel.
  • In the Editor's Cut, just before Peter goes to fight Harry at the latter's penthouse, he is in his apartment, proceeding to open the suitcase containing the black suit. What comes after is shocking: the suit briefly moves on its own, reminding us that the alien symbiote is still sentient, even when bonded to the suit. Peter then stares at the suit, beginning to smile eerily as the music playing gets louder to the point you'd think the symbiote was talking to Peter.
    • The editor's cut also includes some slight re-structuring of events and more shots of Peter putting the black costume back and then putting it back on later, making it much more apparent that it's like a drug he is becoming increasingly addicted to, and he's getting worse each time he puts it on.
  • Peter Parker as Black Spider-Man is pretty terrifying in his own right, as his fighting style is more aggressive and dirty and he can withstand Sandman whereas in the first fight he was overpowered.
    • His attempted murder of Sandman, especially his chilling delivery of "Good riddance." It all but proves exactly what Aunt May said about revenge being poison and showing what the Symbiote has done to him, because that was NOT the Spider-Man we've come to know for the past two movies and the beginning of this one.
  • The infamous deleted "mirror" scene (shown above), where Peter stares at his own reflection, only for him to get a brief flash of the symbiote's true nature in the form of a Jump Scare.
    • While the scene was cut from the final movie, it did make it into the final trailer as a Freeze-Frame Bonus (Watch it here.)
    • The first link has some chilling comments regarding what the meaning of that scene is:
    There's something scary about this Venom. It's not even Venom. It's not the symbiote. It's Peter. It's Peter trapped inside the symbiote. The symbiote isn't screaming as Venom. It's Peter screaming in there. He's screaming for help. That's why he has human teeth and a human tongue.
    What's weird is that this actually isn't Venom, this is Peter. He doesn't know the symbiote will leave him to bond with Eddie, and neither does the Symbiote, this is showing that if he keeps using the Symbiote, he'll end up like that.
    The way this turned out is actually extremely macabre. The new Venom movies created this buddy relationship between the symbiote and its host. However, here we see an alien creature that took the form of Spider-Manís suit and has taken over his body with whatever is left of him helplessly screaming inside of it. Thatís disturbing as s**t.

  • Sandman's transformation, along with his later One-Winged Angel form.
    • Sandman can control every single grain of sand in his body. A heap of sand can transform into a car-sized, rock-hard fist, and with that he slowly bashes Spider-Man to near-death as everyone watches.
  • These very words the hallucination of Norman Osborn tells Harry: "First we attack his heart." Take a look back at the first movie, and you start to wonder as if this hallucination is actually the ghost of the Green Goblin.
  • Norman can be seen behind Peter and Gwen at the jazz club. We see Peter turning back, supposedly to look at Mary Jane who's just entering the scene. But the camera focuses on Norman for a brief moment. Between the clashes with Harry, the Venom symbiote messing with Peter's mind, and the dubious nature of the Green Goblin's presence, you start to wonder what exactly is going on.
  • Harry's half damaged face from Peter, his own friend, throwing one of his bombs back at him.
    • Related to this, the Editor's Cut somehow makes Peter's infamous goofy dancing montage darker by re-arranging its order, placing his humiliating of Eddie Brock before his confrontation with Harry, which now has a new beginning to it where Peter is already in Harry's room, waiting for him and declaring "I am really gonna enjoy this", showing that he intends on fighting Harry rather than just doing it because he lost his temper like in the theatrical cut. After their fight plays out, Peter blows Harry up with his own bomb, walks away without looking back...which then immediately cut to the silly montage, which now plays like Peter just giving absolutely no damns about what he just did to his former best friend.

     The Video Game 
  • In the video game adaptation of the film, the Lizard levels are this, full stop. In them, the player is treated to the horrifying sights of how the Lizard has created his own reptilian-armyóby kidnapping humans from off the streets and placing them into cocoons that slowly mutate them into lizardmen. Things only get worse later on in the game when Spider-Man revisits the sewers, finding that it has now been completely taken over by the Lizard and transformed into a location that feels like it came straight out of a survival horror game (right down to the level's music).
  • Venom in this game is much, MUCH more threatening here than in the film, inheriting traits from his comics portrayal such as the Overly-Long Tongue and Evil Is Bigger physique, while making Topher Grace sound genuinely imposing with a Guttural Growler filter. Unlike in the film where he simply convinces Sandman to join him, here he outright blackmails Sandman into a Villain Team-Up by kidnapping his terminally ill daughter Penny, with zero remorse, moreso cracking jokes about it. His dialogue before the final boss truly sums up the type of bastard Venom seriously is:
    Venom: You haven't suffered nearly enough, Pete... I'm getting bored! I think it's time to put you out of MY misery.