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Here's the link to my (original) profile pic, which is drawn by a Pixiv Artist named しゃち (aka Syatiti):
Happy Dank 420 from White-and-Grey Morality.note 

The pinnacle of human art:

My Jam.

Greetings fellow Troper, you can call me KJ for short. I'm plagued with self-aware idiocy and self-loathing. Just to add it for shits and giggles, I'm also an Antinatalist Transhumanist Dragon-Loving Shitposter.

I'm also developing ideas for my own Science Fantasy Monster Hunter-style game called Wyvern Knight, where the Player Character and NPCs are literally anthropomorphic wyverns who take on giant monsters to protect their own kingdom and others from harm, while using whatever resource they find to contribute to scientific knowledge for good purposes. Here's my triple Dionaea kill run from the Playstation Vita game, Freedom Wars.

When I'm not working on some pages, then I'm playing either of these games, hanging out on the Forum Games, or at least tweaking up this page. If any Troper happens to play these obscure games, I'm open for some Co-Op Multiplayer.


Freedom Wars/Soul Sacrifice Deltanote 

  • PSN: KJsixteen

Dragon Project

  • Hunter ID: DDU9KVT69G
My Hunter where I'm facing off an Illugion from Dragon Project: Connection Was Lost. Reconnecting. note note note
Popplio Family deploying hidden weapons in precise unison. Appropriate response: OH GOD OH FUCK!

    Work pages that I'm planning to launch, along with pages that I've launched so far:note  

    Tropes That Apply To Me: 





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Link. Code: 9FlOU6NH.

Current cast. Warning, the season contains: Anthropomorphic Animals, AssShoving, Bad Dragon Dildos, references to obscure works, Ligma, and Fortnite dance moves.
[[caption-width-left:350:Oceanic Operetta Primarina, by Kuroresou (aka Ashirenart).]]


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