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Here's the link to my profile pic, which is drawn by a Pixiv Artist named しゃち (aka Syatiti):
Happy Dank 420 from White and Grey Morality.

I think this song from Furi fits the tone of my page.

Greetings fellow Troper, you can call me KJ for short. I'm plagued with self-aware idiocy and self-loathing. Just to add it for shits and giggles, I'm also an Antinatalist Transhumanist Spoiler Hound. Here's my triple Dionaea kill run from the Playstation Vita game, Freedom Wars.

    Work pages that I'm planning to launch, along with pages that I've launched so far:note  

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Link. Code: 9FlOU6NH.

Current cast. Warning, the season contains: Anthropomorphic Animals, AssShoving, Bad Dragon Dildos, references to obscure works, Ligma, and Fortnite dance moves.


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