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Times where Even Evil Has Standards in Fan Works.

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  • In Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, as told by Edge, not every griffon wants to murder the ponies and they're most likely unaware of Red Cyclone's Evil Plan.
  • In Alias Mars, while Sydney Bristow (Alias) and Veronica Mars aren’t willing to let Sark off the hook just because he argued against those of his current colleagues who planned to interrogate the two women after stripping them naked whereas Sark at least gave them clothes, they concede to his apology for the initial bus explosion that drew their attention to his current actions, as that was the result of one of his colleagues being overly paranoid.
  • In 'And Thus...' (A MHA / XC2 Crossover) Katsuki Bakugou may ridicule and bully Izumi Midoriya for even the smallest things similar to canon, but not even once does he bring up her being trans to do so.
  • Cobra Commander from the hilarious Atlas Shrugged: The Cobra Commander Dialogues is routinely surprised by the sheer lack of compassion and basic human empathy displayed by the book's heroes.
    • At one point Hank Rearden considers murdering his mistress before settling for brutally violent sex instead. Cobra Commander, a literal cartoon villain, is disturbed by this.
    • In one of the book's most legendary scenes, tens of people are repeatedly killed in a drawn-out train accident. The narrator implies they deserved it for committing heinous crimes such as taking a loan from the government or loving her children more than her job. After hearing about the narrator's plans, Cobra Commander calls Doctor Mindbender to build a teleport machine undetectable even to omniscient narrators to send those poor innocent people to safety and replace them with life-sized dummies the author can kill in their place.
      Cobra Commander: Well, we may be a ruthless terrorist organization but even I'm not going to stand by and let someone blow up some innocent little kids and let them die from fire and asphyxiation because I think that they deserve it!
      Doctor Mindbender: Yes… that does seem like an incredibly pointless and stupid kind of evil.
    • He becomes livid with rage after finding out that a doctor has found a cure for strokes but he's refusing to share it with anybody in the outside world because he'd rather have them die than share his research with "unworthy" people.
      Cobra Commander: I work with arms dealers, con men, mad scientists, and even a man who was literally constructed out of the DNA of all of the worst people in the history of the world. And I have met so many atrocious 'heroes' in my visit through this pathetic ensemble you have assembled and you, sir, are the absolute most horrid human being I have ever met in my entire life. You're not even a person anymore. You are a monster.
  • Emerald in BlazBlue Alternative: Remnant may work for Cinder and is willing to do whatever her master wants, but she's completely disgusted by what bastards Terumi and Relius are. She's also shown after Yang's Frame-Up to feel terrible about it, even acknowledging that Yang doesn't deserve what's happening to her.
  • In Blood Doesn't Make Family, Crowley, King of the Crossroads, is moved to take action against the Dursleys for their abuse of Harry Potter.
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron sees Schneizel el Britannia become apoplectic when his father allies with the Galra Empire, with their forces launching an assault that turns Princess Euphemia's Specially Administrated Zone into a bloodbath.
  • In Cyberpunk: Another Daybreak, Saburo Arasaka may be a ruthless, conniving, power-hungry bastard, but even he recognizes what an Omnicidal Maniac Ark is and that Hiden is the only organization capable of containing it. He was ready to throw Arasaka's support behind Hiden in the event that the NUSA tried to pressure Hiden into leaving, only not doing so because Europe and Asia spoke up first, relieving him of that burden. He's also willing to, at least temporarily, bury the hatchet with his rebellious son Yorinobu to focus Arasaka's efforts on curbing Ark's influence.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan novelization Breath of the Wild: Even though both serve Ganon, the monsters of Hyrule, as shown by some Bokoblins' behavior, are not fond of the Yiga Clan. A bunch of them are shown encroaching a disguised Yiga woman who had just murdered a traveler. It's a subtle hint that unlike the Yiga Clan, they really aren't evil, but corrupted by Demise's curse. It's a little bit of Ganondorf's own mind seeping through to them, because he's not happy with this band of traitorous Sheikah serving Demise's evil curse.
  • A surprise case given we weren't let in on much of his canon personality is Monster X in The Bridge. While he was the vanguard of the Xilian war-machine and is aligned with the Big Bad, we do get to see him without mind control for the first time upon arriving in Equestria, and he turns out to be a Noble Demon. Doesn't hesitate to kill when he sees necessary, but considers thoughtless destruction a waste and fighting/killing those who are defenseless cowardly. Even extends to saving an endangered pony's life from another kaiju and bandaging said equine up afterwards before ditching them. Later, when ordered to gather sources of magic, he refuses to kidnap sentient beings and resolves to just gather artifacts.
  • Giovanni in Celestia's Rocket Adventures finds the concept of Dark Balls distasteful, knowing that they drastically reduce a Pokémon's lifespan. In addition, he states that if he was in possession of Kalos's ultimate weapon, he'd most likely use it for extortion—but never mass genocide.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Lucius Malfoy is a cold, ruthless manipulator and murderer who has an attitude towards Muggles reminiscent of a Dalek, considering them to be animals (though he does make the occasional exception — Nick Fury is a Worthy Opponent, for instance). But Gravemoss's levels of evil utterly horrify him. There are some things you simply don't do, even to animals.
    • And believe it or not, even Gravemoss has a line he won't cross. He'll use the Darkhold's magic to increase his own, sure, but even he's not insane enough to tap into its full power and unleash Cthon on the world.
    • At one point during Ghosts of the Past, Yelena molests the Red Son (a brainwashed Harry) in front of Natasha, in order to mock her maternal feelings for him, and gloats about how she's going to 'teach him the meaning of pleasure' once he's old enough. Given that she's basically molesting a teenager (and has already done everything to him bar the very strictest legal definition of rape), the saner members of the Winter Guard are all left visibly disturbed by this.
  • Colonel Moran makes a very complicated case in Children of Time. He's more than willing to kill a seventeen-year-old girl- even rape her- but he also respects her unconditional love for Sherlock Holmes and appears to understand it even better than Holmes himself does.
  • In the Christian Humber Reloaded webcomic, the main character (a Sociopathic Hero who has no qualms about mass murder and will kill entire families in revenge) happens upon the webcomic author talking on his cell phone about how he's going to make a webcomic mocking the fic. His response? "You sound like an ASSHOLE!"
  • Deathstroke tries to invoke this in Comic Book SNAFU, arguing that Hawkeye should have defeated him honorably instead of hitting him from behind. Hawkeye points out that he slept with a teenager and is not very honorable himself.
  • The being possessing Naruto (which isn't Kyuubi) in Conquering Eostia may have no problem enslaving women and brainwashing them into loving him, but even he's disgusted by former slave Chloe's life. Chloe was the daughter of a slave who was sold off because her nobleman father didn't want to deal with her and was treated as an object her whole life. The being possessing Naruto treats his slaves well and considers them people (though still his property) and would never separate a woman from her child or have sex with his own children. While his memories of when he had his own body are hazy, he's still certain he took care of and raised any children he sired with his slaves. He's also shown to be disgusted with a Pedophile Priest, once again remarking there are lines even he won't cross.
  • In The Confectionary Chronicles, while it obviously depends on how 'evil' a first-year student can be, even some of Malfoy's year-mates think he's crossed a line when he brings up Neville's brain-damaged parents during a taunt in a Potions lesson.
  • In Cullin' of the Fold, a Redwall fic that's a Mary Sue and Twilight parody, the female protagonist is captured by a quintet of vermin. When two of them begin to poke and prod her, she jumps to the conclusion that they intend to rape her and says so, adding that she won't fight back if they'll just let her go afterwards, leading to this exchange:
    Petula: Look ... I have a pretty good idea what you're going to do. I won't fight, if you want. I don't want to make trouble. Just get it over with and let me go.
    Raz: Er, Riggy? Tuftail? I fink yer might be givin' 'er the wrong idea.
    Riggy and Tuftail: Wot? (they realise what Raz means) EW!
    Thunder: Wot's she talkin' about? (Eyeshine whispers an explanation) Yuck! Why'd we wanna do that?
    Eyeshine: I have no idea, Thunder old friend. She's heard too many lurid adventuring stories, I suppose. Silly beast. 'Oooh, we're vermin, we're evil! Must go do evil things!' We'd never dream of doing that! It's sick and twisted and disrespectful to femalekind as a whole, and frankly it's disrespectful to us to assume that we'd do such a thing! I apologise if my followers have misled you in such a manner, and I'm sure they do too. Right, buckoes?
    Riggy: Yes! I mean no! I mean yes ... No! No, we're not gonna do that! Me sister would kill me!
    Raz: Damn right I would, Riggs. We was brung up better'n that! 'Sides, yer don't know where she's been. Yer could catch stuff.
  • In the Doctor Who/Kim Possible crossover The Dark Age of the Cybermen, while Drakken rebuilds a set of Cybermen he found outside his lab, he assures Shego that for any future models he makes he will use syntho-brains rather than continuing to use natural human brains. Professor Dementor shares that distaste, creating a series of advanced micro-processors to perform the same function as a human brain instead.
  • In Dark Horse — A Five Score Tale From The Dresden Files, Harry recounts an incident when a ghoul tried to snatch a baby out of a stroller. The local gang took umbrage, and by took umbrage we mean filled it with bullets, then set it on fire.
  • The Scarecrow's comments in A Dark Knight over Sin City indicate that he cares very little about the rest of the Batman Rogues Gallery and found The Yellow Bastard "distasteful". Then again, the guy was working with him.
  • The Day the Music Died:
    Dumbledore: Why are you doing this?
    Linwood Murrow: Well, Mr. Dumbledore, you might be surprised to learn it, but even Wolfram and Hart have standards. Mister "Leader of the Light", you have reached the point where YOU disgust US.
  • In Dead or Alive 4: The Devil Factor, Vergil explicitly tells Donovan that he hopes that he doesn't use the numerous Kasumi clones he uses for household staff as sex objects; Donovan reassures him that such an act is beneath him, and he's not that desperate anyway. Later, while trying to track down and capture Ayame to discover the location of one of the MacGuffins he's looking for, Vergil adamantly refuses to send Raidou after her, knowing he has other plans in mind.
  • The Fusion Fic Death Note Equestria plays with this.
    • Twilight, as Kira, feels that she's Necessarily Evil and therefore doesn't get to have standards. However, that still doesn't stop her from flipping out whenever someone else crosses the line, and when tying up loose ends after her Memory Gambit, she can't bring herself to kill Apple Bloom (notably the only time she couldn't go through with killing someone).
    • Byuk is less evil and more of an amoral force of nature, but even he was disgusted when Twilight engineered Rarity and Pinkie's deaths in order to weasel her way onto L's team.
  • Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship
    • Vicky is still a mean bully, but she is mortified by Zephyr's streaking and covers Timmy's eyes.
    • Crocker is a Sadist Teacher who strives to be as unhelpful as possible, but he won't deliberately fail a student.
  • Equestrylvania: As it turns out, while Marble/White Dwarf willingly joined Dracula's minions, she was still moral enough to refuse orders to poison the foals in Ponyville hospital. Of course, this just led to Actrise possessing her to get it done.
  • In Fusion Fic Event Horizon: Storm of Magic, The Company™ is a ruthless and opportunistic Mega-Corp from future Earth, but even they are disgusted by the levels of violence, mistreatment of women, and downright genocidal tendencies exhibited by native factions. Of course, being The Company™, they use this as an excuse to further justify their own actions against these natives.
  • In A Frog in Arkham Asylum, by the same author as Kage, Hugo Strange's thought on performing Cold-Blooded Torture on children is part this, part Pragmatic Villainy. He doesn't condone it, but it's not as effective as on adults, so he doesn't really see any point to doing it.
  • Halloween Unspectacular:
    • In the first fic in the series, the entry "A Terrible Thing to Lose" has Vlad walk out on the Syndicate in disgust when they cut a deal with the Reaper Terminus.
    • Later on, during the climax of the first edition's Story Arc, Vlad also reveals that he refused to have anything to do with Project ReGenesis (a program dedicated to creating a Super Soldier by combining Reaper technology with magic) because he realized it was madness and destined to doom everyone involved. He was right.
    • Ovard Grim, a recurring villain from the fourth and fifth editions, is an unpleasant sociopath. But at least he's honest about it, as he points out to Athena when calling her out on manipulating Jazz in preparation for performing a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Comes up in Harry Potter and the Mystic Force regarding Koragg's views on the new alliance between Imperious and Voldemort.
    Neville: Let Me Get This Straight.... You want the forces of darkness and evil to rule the world...but only if they can do it in a polite fashion?
  • In Harry Potter and the Dark Knight, even Umbridge (who is part of the reason Harry is on trial in the first place) is unsettled by Harry's raw emotional outburst when he protests his innocence before he is wrongfully thrown into Azkaban.
  • While Harry isn't evil per se in The Havoc Side of the Force, he does admit to being a mercenary, thief, pirate, murderer, and (depending on your point of view) kidnapper. However, he refuses to tolerate slavery, so when he robs a Hutt as part of a job, he makes sure to free every slave and bring them to safety. On a later job to rescue someone from a mercenary stronghold, he adds saving any slaves present as an additional primary objective.
    • Played for Laughs later when he wonders if he could learn to weaponize C3PO's infuriating politeness, then decides he'd deserve to be tried for war crimes if he ever did.
  • Verosika Mayday in Helluva Wizard may be a succubus who enjoys tempting just about anyone with lust, but she refuses to corrupt children. She states that sleeping with anyone prepubescent is against her personal rules and makes sure to never even swear in front of them.
  • A Hero, a crossover between Doctor Who and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, features Dalek Sec talking morals with Kyubey and giving him a verbal smackdown (followed by an actual smackdown) for manipulating the course of human civilization and stripping them of their right to self-determination.
    QB: They never asked.
    QB: Such techniques were necessary for the efficiency of the plan. I don't understand, you are an advanced species, yet you cling to such primitive concepts like emotion like a younger race. It's confusing, higher levels of technology can only be obtained by dedicating the mind to logic. How can you be so advanced?
    *Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem!*
  • Hunters of Justice: The major mob bosses in Gotham all have an agreement: No working with the Scarecrow. When some of Penguin and Black Mask's subordinates sell weapon parts to Scarecrow behind their backs, the two personally execute them.
  • Infinity Crisis:
    • Loki claims he was planning to double-cross Thanos and take away the Tesseract/Space Stone as, whatever else, he felt wiping out half the universe was sheer insanity.
    • Also referenced in Powers and Marvels, as the Mandarin keeps to his word and spares Kimberly after taking control of her mind so that she can serve as a hostage to force the other Rangers to give up the power coins, although he doesn't object when Rita and Zedd decide to kill the now-powerless Rangers themselves.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail: Walter (as in Walter Sullivan) has been known for murdering children and doing a lot of evil things in order to bring his "mother" back, but he is downright disgusted with how his prisoner essentially let a member of the Apex drown. And the rules of the train state that should you die, that means your body is dumped in the location where you first landed on the train and your soul is trapped within the confines of the Train to become a denizen.
  • In Interventions, after some of the Level Five escapees are left alone in a warehouse with Dawn Summers as their prisoner, the majority are uncomfortable with Doyle’s plans for Dawn, but although he creeps them out, each decide that they can’t actually do anything against him given his powers.
  • The J-WITCH Series:
    • The Enforcers are appalled when the Guardians and Jade tell them that Phobos (allegedly) killed his own parents. They then try to talk the Tracker out of killing the girls by pointing out that Phobos didn't specifically order them to be killed and that they're not a threat without their powers.
    • Phobos reveals that he didn't get rid of the painting that Elias was magically trapped in because while he disliked the subject matter (hope and light), he acknowledged both the hard work Elias put into it and the fact that he wasn't a traitor, so there was no reason to destroy it.
    • Phobos punishes Raythor because he believed he was a traitor, so he's enraged when he realizes that he was tricked into eliminating a loyal minion.
    • When Cedric suggests that Elyon be killed once Phobos takes her powers, Phobos is furious at the thought of killing his only living family, deciding to instead wipe her memories and send her back to Earth. Also, it's made clear from the narration in that scene that he really didn't kill his parents.
    • When the Enforcers are ordered to fetch Elyon's sketchbook from her old room on Earth, they're disgusted to search through Elyon's belongings because they think that's too close to pedophilia and actually consider refusing to complete the mission.
    • Since all Aketon did was making weapons for the Rebellion, Phobos' only punishment was that he had to fix all the tools in the underwater mines. Later, when Caleb learns that Shendu was planning to kill around four billion people, he expresses the belief that even though he hates Phobos with a passion, not even the latter would seriously contemplate genocide.
    • Ratso feels extreme discomfort with touching the butt of Uriah, a minor, even to remove Ikazuki's mask, and he only agrees to do it because Uriah himself desperately wants the mask off and Cedric and Wong are threatening him, telling the other Enforcers that they're never going to bring it up again.
    • Phobos has done many questionable things in the name of maintaining order, but destroying Castle Town's water supply is something that makes him feel dirty.
    • Raythor is a Noble Demon who served under a tyrant and as of Season 2 is now a part of the Knights of Vengeance in order to avenge said tyrant. However he does so out of a genuine sense of loyalty, and is disgusted the Ice Crew want to join out of a desire for material compensation rather than any sense of justice.
    • Raythor is also disturbed when Drago summons the ghosts of the victims of the Salem Witch Trials to use against the Guardians, seeing it as desecration of the dead.
  • Kage: Jade is surprised to find out that Raythor, despite being one of Prince Phobos' staunchest and loyalist supporters, still has a code of honor, refusing at first to drag a child (namely her) into their conflict, and being disgusted at how the Guardians and rebels treated her.
    • The Recursive Fanfiction sequel Shadows over Meridian has a few examples:
      • While Phobos is amused by how the Rebellion mistook Jade for an enemy and overreacted in such a way as to end up actually making her one, is insulted when Vathek accuses him of lying about "Kage" not being his minion.
      • After Jade teams up with Phobos to get revenge on Elyon and the Guardians, she makes it clear that while she wants to destroy their lives for everything they did to her, she does not want to kill them.
      • Raythor, being the honorable Noble Demon that he is, is absolutely outraged to learn that the rebels have been throwing their weight around behind Elyon's back despite having sworn to serve her.
      • When Jade gives Frost the Razor Khan as backup for his mission at Cavigor, she's disturbed by his obvious excitement to test their destructive capabilities and tells him not to go overboard.
  • Kimi No Na Iowa: The abyssal supreme commander seeks the genocide of Japan as punishment for its war crimes and the USA for Breaking its previous Oath to annihilate them, as well as any other countries involved in World War II's Pacific Theater who refuse their offer to join in the destruction of Japan. However, she will not stand for the killing being done for fun or out of sadism and senseless cruelty, because that betrays the justice of their cause and makes them no better than the Japanese.
  • An unusual case — President Sneer during Kingdom Hearts: The Third Epic uses the Dragon Balls more sparingly than in their home series, and in fact at the end of the second war refuses to use them on the people who died in war again, due to this causing the Dark Axis uprising last time. Wolfang Richler, from Kingdom Hearts New Epic The First — set in the same verse — finds this behaviour utterly despicable, as well as selfish. This is the same Wolfang who casually explodes people with his mind, gave a now elderly Sora a wasting disease, and is spreading chaos simply to fulfil The Hero's "desires".
  • A Loud Among Demons:
    • I.M.P employees draw the line at hurting innocent children. While they were already going to kill Stillman for money, Moxxie and Millie are pissed at what he was gonna do to Lincoln. Even Loona is mad when she thinks Blitzo kidnapped the boy.
    • Blitzo couldn't care less about Lincoln, but he feels the boy being stuck in Hell for something not his fault is a bit too cruel, and while callous, isn't exactly uncaring about what missions are exposing the boy to. Other demons, like Loona and Stolas, are also horrified by Lincoln's situation.
    • Loona doesn't like praise for something, especially for something that wasn't done out of the goodness of hearts, and said Lincoln that I.M.P rescued him from Mr. Steelman just because he was their target.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton:
    • Felicia Hardy/Black Cat isn't technically evil, just a thief and troublemaker, but she seems to posses some degree of morals at her core.
    • Dash went out with Bonnie, Mandy, LaCienaga, Tricia and Mitzi. While not evil per say, each one is a shallow Alpha Bitch in their show but apparently even they found Dash to be unbearable.
  • Mass Effect: Human Revolution:
    • In chapter 17, a black ops commando leader who Would Hurt a Child in order to Leave No Witnesses is disgusted that a subordinate wants to rape their target. Although it's ambiguous as to whether it's really out of standards or because said target is a Bioroid.
    • In chapter 38, another bunch of Blacklight troops try to wiggle their way out of the killing kids thing and are disgusted at one of their number who has no such qualms.
  • Miraculous Knight: Upon witnessing Gabriel's treatment of Nooroo, the Joker accuses the former of making him "look kind and gentle in comparison".
  • The Night Unfurls: Vault, the Big Bad of the story who wants to create a Sex Slave Empire, is appalled at Evil Sorcerer Shamuhaza experimenting on the Leaping Lizards, who are on the same side as the Black Dogs (aka. his own men), even calling him "a crazy man". To him, it is fortunate that Shamuhaza did not arrive at the capital of Eostia, otherwise a similar disaster would occur in the place he is trying to conquer.
  • In NoHoper, Neferet is quite angry when she learns that the human scientists were experimenting on and killing children in their search for a Vampyre cure.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, this is enforced In-Universe by the Trans-Galactic Republic with regard to most large-scale smuggling in their galaxy due to an agreement with said smugglers that the smugglers themselves proposed through one of their more level-headed members. If the largest groups (the "Band of Brothers") avoid certain types of cargo (slaves, prostitution, dangerous drugs, military-grade hardware), then the government will essentially look the other way instead of levying a huge tax on legitimate shippers to pay for anti-piracy campaigns.
  • In The Prayer Warriors, when Michael is infiltrating Hogwarts, this trope is lampshaded when Ginny says she doesn't have sex with her brother Ron because, in her words, "Even Satanists have standards." It ends up being subverted when it's later suggested that they had sex. If you consider the Prayer Warriors evil, however, this can be seen as applying to Draco, who wants to kill Dumbledore out of sheer homophobia, getting upset when Michael suggests that Ebony sleep with Harry to get his key.
  • Xander finds work as a "cleaner" in Road Trip Gone... Huh because there's some scum that even Roanapur doesn't tolerate.
  • Robert Reacts, while it plays Joffrey's sadistic tendencies as Comedic Sociopathy, doesn't forget the "sociopathy" part of it. But there are some things even he is disgusted by, such as the Holocaust, AM, and Shou Tucker.
  • Roller Brawl: The Mega Cyborg: Quick Man may be willing to harm Mega Man's family to get him to fight him, but he wouldn't destroy his own brothers to do so, adamantly answering such a query to Roller Brawl as such.
  • Ryuko's Bizarre Adventure: Deadly Academia: Donatello Versus may have been a criminal, previously worked with Enrico Pucci (the Big Bad of Stone Ocean), currently working with Ragyo Kiryuin and openly stated he threw away his morals a long time ago, but this doesn't prevents him from being unnerved by Ragyo molesting her adopted daughter Nui Harime and her biological daughter Satsuki Kiryuin. Especially since Nui, in particular, is 14.
  • A Shadow of the Titans: From Raven's perspective, Jade, who never actively causes trouble, seeks peaceful alternatives, and doesn't take advantage of Raven being unconscious to hurt her, saying it wouldn't be right.
    • For a straighter example, when Jade and Blackfire face each other in the Tournament of Villainesses, Blackfire is willing to let Jade surrender, as she doesn't want to fight a child. Though when Jade doesn't give up, it doesn't stop her from trying to pummel her.
    • Also, even the other HIVE villains find the Ax-Crazy Gadjo a bit disturbing.
    • Even Gadjo has standards, believe it or not, as he thinks fighting is about fighting, not big speeches or special effects, like Susano was doing in the HIVE entrance exam. He also hates zombies and finds the creation of them vile.
    • Even the HIVE is disgusted by Beast Boy and Starfire considering leaving Jade as "Star Chan" permanently.
    • When Blood punishes Jade by having The Joker, one of the most Ax-Crazy villains in the world, take a role as an Evil Mentor for her, one of the other students says that Blood should have just burned her to death like a "civilized" villain instead.
    • Dr. Gunn of the HIVE doesn't like mind control, and he and several other HIVE staff members don't like how petty and egotistical Blood is, which is part of why they're planning to overthrow him.
    • Two Face is disgusted by Penguin's straddling of the legal line, feeling that someone should be either law-abiding or a criminal, not live in a grey zone.
    • Penguin holds the breaking of contracts to be unforgivable. When Jade, whom he loaned out to Scarecrow, turns on Scarecrow to protect her neighbors, he cuts her loose and stops acting as her middleman. Later, when Kitten comes to him looking for information on Jade's whereabouts, he exploits a loophole by sending her the way of someone else rather than betray Jade directly, because Kitten paying in gold and not even haggling means that he can't short-change her. He also sympathizes with her post-transformation issues, given his feelings towards his own looks, and has one of his employees dance with her.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Fuyutsuki has several moments showing this throughout the fic, such as chewing out Gendo over not even trying to feign concern over his son, and almost having a heart attack when Gendo tells him he's starting to crack the Scroll's intel on the Anti-Life Equation.
  • Son of the Seven Kingdoms: Word of God has shot down the fan theory that Joffrey will become the champion of a Daedric Prince by stating that the more reasonable Daedra would be disgusted by his pettiness and cruelty, while the more outright evil ones would be put off by his stupidity and shortsightedness.
  • In Soul Hunter, Hollow Ichigo says he would never Groin Attack another man as that's just wrong.
  • Spider-X:
    • None of the Brotherhood are comfortable when they learn that Max was physically abusing Tabitha, although they tolerate his presence due to his raw power.
    • Another example is more like ‘even Jerkass has standards’; when Eddie Brock presents Jameson with photos of a robbery where he saw Spider-Man try to stop Shocker and Rhino stealing a truck, he initially only sells Jameson photos which support the idea that Spider-Man was helping the other two commit the crime and reports the situation as such. When other photos of the theft are sold to a different newspaper to give the true story (the photos having been stolen from Eddie by Spider-Man while he’s under the influence of the black suit), Jameson informs Brock that he might imply Spider-Man was involved in criminal activity, but he would never outright say that Spider-Man was a criminal unless all the evidence pointed in that direction.
  • Stallion of the Line:
    • Buggy the Clown is disgusted with Kuro for not only running away from the pirate life like a coward, but slaughtering his own crew. Buggy even states that Usopp is more of a man than him for willingly facing a pirate with nothing but a slingshot.
    • After they steal a marine ship, Luffy declares they have to replace the marine insignias asap as sailing under false colors is despicable even for pirates.
  • The website, concerning the question of whether The Empire from Star Wars would beat The Federation from Star Trek in a war, is written in the character of an Imperial officer. When confronted with Federation transporter technology. He notes that "Although some might claim that life continues if a precise duplicate is created from the original, many feel that the discontinuity of consciousness represents death. This may be regarded as a mere philosophical issue, but our officers and scientists are unanimous in their condemnation of this process as an unconscionable concept", referring to philosophical and moral issues surrounding the technology. This makes sense when you consider the facts: the Federation is a generally atheistic society, while in the Empire you have the very spiritual Jedi and Sith, scientific knowledge of the Force, and the proven existence of Force Ghosts.
  • Star Wars vs. Warhammer 40K:
    • Hondo Ohnaka—being a pirate, thief, and kidnapper—is no stranger to the darker aspects of life, but even he is shocked and horrified by the genocidal actions of the Imperium of Man.
    • Senator Saam is a Corrupt Politician motivated by War for Fun and Profit as well as being The Mole for the Separatists during the Clone Wars. That being said, he seemed to be just as horror-struck and mentally shook as the rest of the Senate upon being shown footage of the death camps used by the Imperium of Man in their planet-wide genocide of Axum's non-human population (as well as any human dissenters). When Yoda uses the footage to justify the Jedi's unsanctioned counter-invasion of Axum, Saam tries to stutter out a half-hearted argument against Yoda, but he clearly doesn't believe his own words and gives up mid-sentence.
  • In Stargate Equestria, when Teal'c and O'Neill question the Jaffa pegasi who ponynapped the Cutie Mark Crusaders, he admits to being ready to interrogate them but is offended at the idea that they'd torture them.
    ""We would not have hurt them. We will do what we must to serve our goddess, but we are not needlessly cruel."
  • In Steven Universe: and the Hunters of Arcadia, Jasper, being a soldier with Undying Loyalty to her empire and the Diamonds that govern it, finds Jamie's No Honor Among Thieves abhorrent. Even with the offer to be uncorrupted and the idea of replacing the Diamond Authority as Homeworld's High Queen put on the table, she makes her disgust apparent every chance she gets.
  • In Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers: The Liveblog, Tranza and Radiguet, two of the darkest villains in Sentai, are utterly disgusted by the fanfic Rika reads, Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers. Primarily because of how out-of-character they are in the fanfic itself, among other things wrong with it.
    Radiguet: "...I will admit this. The Scouts were right all along. That story was just...terrible! Seriously...that Radiguet has no backbone, no lust for power! Just lust over something completely ridiculous!"
  • Team Rocket may be thieves but in Team Zero they still scold Louise for bringing up Kirche's past, largely since each of them has a Dark and Troubled Past.
  • There Was Once an Avenger From Krypton:
    • In the timeline that Clockwork helped Danny avert, Vlad helped the Guys in White capture and experiment on Ellie... and they were all horrified to realize too late that being half human meant that she could still feel pain.
    • Gabriel Agreste is willing to do all sorts of terrible things as Hawk Moth to save his wife, but still has enough moral integrity to be disgusted by HYDRA and everything they stand for. His narration specifically refers to having to strike a deal with them as a Faustian bargain.
  • Thousand Shinji:
    • After finding one of the victims of SEELE and learn about the fates of their mothers, Shinji thinks “And people would call me a monster?”
      And they would dare to call me a monster after what they have done?
      THEY had done this. Done this to me. Done this to Asuka. Done this to Hikari. Done this to Toji. Done this to them all.
      Malicious aforethought would have been preferable, but this monstrosity was so much worse. It treated them all as things, simple tools without thoughts or emotions. Did they think we would not care for the cruel indignities placed upon us, even the secret, bitterly ironic ones? Even I understood to hide the evidence more carefully than this for fear of the retaliation of my victims.
    • Even Tzeentch, God of Manipulation, Trickery and Backstabbing thinks Gendo is a prick.
  • Twenty Years Late: The Ethereals repeatedly react to the Combine with disgust or even outright horror, especially due to how mutilated the minds of the Combine's members are. Despite having their own dark plans for humanity, their goals are so much more pleasant by comparison that human rebels will actively side with the Ethereals. When one of ADVENT's first psionicists gets a chance to use her telepathy, she notes that the mind of the Combine's forces are emptier than those of the Ethereals' Slave Races.
  • In Uncle Quentin's Spy Sirius assures Dumbledore that not even the Blacks would have dabbled in demon summoning.
  • Unity (Finmonster):
    • Even before his Heel–Face Turn, Megamind never killed anyone. In fact, the thought of murder disgusts him, and the deaths Titan was causing in his rampage are partly why Megamind opposed him in the end. This made Megamind an outcast in the villain community, and in hindsight, was one of the first signs that he wasn't really evil. He did put Metro Man into death traps all the time, but he never actually thought that they might work.
    • Gru held to the same standards when he was a villain as well, which is why he was one of the few villains willing to work with Megamind. Even after becoming a hero, Megamind still thinks highly of him because of this.
  • Unlimited:
    • Several unnamed villains are visibly disgusted by the police seemingly writing off Izuku whenever he's taken hostage, not realizing the police don't care because they know Izuku is a Nigh-Invulnerable Lightning Bruiser.
    • Some of the League of Villains members try to steer Izuku away from Stain, saying the man is seriously messed up and Izuku seems like a good kid.
    • Monsters like the Subterranean King and Deep Sea King are both disgusted by a child apparently being sent to fight them. They rescind their opinions once they see just how strong Izuku actually is.
  • In the Sailor Moon/Cutey Honey fanfic Venus Flash, Jadeite is utterly horrified when he finds out the owner of the jewelry he's planning to use for an energy-stealing plan has a habit of kidnapping beautiful girls and encasing them in plastic to preserve their beauty, and reacts by marching down to her jewelry to sack it and murder her (he was originally planning to simply kidnap her for the duration of the scheme, as his youma do with the owner of the jewelry ultimately used to carry it). Also, one of his youma is a rapist monster, and Jadeite was planning to kill him as soon as he wasn't useful anymore (and actually complains he doesn't get the chance when he gets killed).
  • In the Once Upon a Time/Descendants crossover Villains and Happy Endings, Gold is shocked when he learns from Cora that Regina actually is his daughter, as he would never have put his own child through such a brutal training regime if he had known the truth.
  • We Are Legion: When Sportmaster - who canonically abused his daughters to make them suitable for his kind of business - shows open disgust and horror over what happened to Cassandra Cain, you know David Cain really crossed the line. This feeling is echoed by many comrades in villainy, with one of Belle Reve's inmates proudly declaring David learned there's some things you just don't do when he was incarcerated there.
  • In When There Was a Tomorrow: Jack, a homicidal girl with a Hair-Trigger Temper and utter contempt for almost everyone, is nauseated by a video on Brute eating habits.
  • With Pearl and Ruby Glowing:
    • The dirty cops assault people who get arrested because they believe they deserve it, but they won't rape anyone who is related to or is friends with anyone on the force. They get mad when Duncan's parole officer gets to him because his dad works with them and they freak out when they realize Huan is the nephew of Lin Beifong, the police chief.
    • The religious cult God's Will First attacks anyone who doesn't fit their interpretation of the Bible, but they won't go after people they don't believe did anything wrong or people they're friendly with. They were horrified when they realized that they got Wendy Corduroy instead of Merida, especially since their leader is friends with Wendy's dad.
    • Anubis thinks that Loki's Well-Intentioned Extremist plan to be accepted back as the savior of his race is delusional. And this from the man who wishes to eradicate all life in the galaxy.
    • That being said, Loki thinks that Anubis is less of the Magnificent Bastard he portrays himself as, and is more along the lines of Stupid Evil.
  • A rare example of the ostensible hero committing the evil act is in You Got HaruhiRolled!. While Haruhi is on trial in a Kangaroo Court, she threatens to kill Kyon's sister, who is one of the witnesses, because Haruhi interpreted her testimony as insulting the SOS Brigade. Even Ultros, who is pressing charges against Haruhi and is rigging the trial so that he will win, finds this abominable. So of course he uses this as further evidence.
  • Rip Van Winkle in the backstory for Zero's Bullet wasn't supposed to kill the traitorous British naval officers. She did so because even if they're joining her side, she can't stand traitors.
  • In Zim the Slime, the Control Brains reveal that in most potential futures, Dib becomes leader of humanity, spearheading not just a rebellion against the Irkens but their own conquest of alien species (with the author specifically comparing him to the God-Emperor of Mankind). And while we never get the specifics of his rule, it's apparently enough to even disgust the Tallest (themselves rulers of a genocidal empire), to the point of what appears to be a Heel Realization.
  • In this fan-art, after chatting for a few minutes, Angelica and Roger M. Klotz learn enough about what Ren does to Stimpy to make them try to become better people; they really don't want to end up like him!

  • In Get Good Andrias, King Andrias kills Marcy Wu over beating him in Flipwart. When he shows her body to his master. His Master is horrified and questions what he had to gain over killing her. Even when Marcy is revealed to be still alive tells him it was over her beating him in flipwart and they both laugh at him for being beaten by a kid, his Master still admits killing a child is messed up.

Angels of Death

  • In Unethical, Zack, while snuggling with Ray (a girl much younger than him), suddenly gets the urge to assault her. However, he relents, later telling Ray when she wakes up:
    "I know I'm a serial killer, but even I have ethics and morals I follow. Next time even if you have a nightmare, don't sleep next to me."

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Fractures: Azula boasting about burning down the Earth Kingdom when Sozin's Comet arrives is what prompts Ty Lee and Mai to pull a Heel–Face Turn and attack her.

Babylon 5

Ben 10


  • A highly puzzling case in Downfall. The main villain is advocating genocide of the Gotei, instigate a bloody war that claims many lives including named characters and fan favorites. Yet the changes instigated among the Arrancar the policy is 'don't eat wholes - or each other'. Furthermore, their opponents are shown executing enemy wounded at the conclusion of chapter 20. And who is this Big Bad, by the way? Why... Unohana of course!


  • A Monster's Nature: Depends a bit on whether Brandon should be defined as ‘evil’ or just warped, but in either case, while he resents Caitlyn rejecting his attempts to make their relationship sexual, Brandon has never actually forced her despite how easy it would be for him to do so.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Bring Me to Life:
  • When Xander goes to kill Ethan Rayne in Hunter for helping the mayor by providing a distraction in order to collect his tribute, Ethan is horrified to learn that the tribute was babies that were being fed to a demon.
  • Suggested in The One With The Angelic Face, but mainly because Angelus makes it clear that he has no standards after he's literally split from his female ensoulled counterpart of Angela, resorting to far bloodier battle plans and beatings as opposed to his subtler, more drawn-out manipulations from canon.
  • In "Reordering the Universe", Spike is genuinely disgusted by the Watcher Council's treatment of Buffy, describing them as "unimaginable bastards" and believing that she deserves to live and die as the warrior she is instead of being left to rot in a mental institution.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Code Geass

  • The Black Emperor: Cornelia is absolutly horrified by the Shinjuku massacre. While she acknoweldges that she has killed civilians as well as surrendering enemy combatants, she always did it with somewhat justified reasons from a militaristic perspective (She lost her first knight to a suicide bomber waving the white flag as well refusing to negotiate with terroists to desuade them from using such tactics). The fact that Clovis did it for no other reason than to coverup his inhumane research is enough to bring bile to her mouth. This is especially so when a good amount, which is to say more than one, are children and infants shot in their mother's arms.
  • Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion:
    • Charles once had to look through the mind of a noble so deviant and depraved he couldn't eat for the rest of the day. Lelouch upon learning this wondered exactly how bad it had to have been to do so, and who said noble is too, so Lelouch can avoid the noble like the plague.
    • The Yamato Alliance is filled with the worst of the former Japanese society, but they draw the line at selling Refrain to their own people. The main reason they dislike Tetsuya so much and refuse to let him rise high is because they know he was thrown out of the Kōzuki Cell for running a Refrain racket.
    • Cornelia's exact location on the good-evil spectrum varies from fic to fic, though she is noted to have sent her personal bodyguards after a noble with 'questionable' tastes in bed partners. It is noted that it had to be something pretty nasty to elicit such a response.
  • In Lelouch of the Redemption, the Saitama slaughter is shown to be Cornelia's last resort to drawing out Zero rather than her first. She hates having to order a massacre against civilians but acknowledges that every other plan to smoke Zero out has failed so she's forced to use the one action she knows will work. Furthermore, she has the civilian populace know in advance that she's attacking Saitama so she can at least claim anyone remaining is a terrorist collaborator.

Codename: Kids Next Door

  • Kids Next Door: The Adults Who Killed Sector V:
    • The villain protagonists Mr. Boss, Mr. Fizz, Mr. Wink, Mr. Fibb, and Knightbrace are all horrified when they think they killed Sector V while drunk-driving on Root Beer. They might be deranged villains, but killing children is crossing the line.
    • Numerous villains like Count Spankulot, Grandma Stuffin, and the Crazy Cat Lady join the Kids Next Door in the hunt against the five because either they were disgusted like the Count or they valued the members of Sector V like Grandma Stuffin.
    • Of course, all the villains are disgusted by Chester when he says he could have made millions off of life insurance if he killed Sector V. Mr. Fibb has no qualms of throwing Chester to the KND to keep them off their tail.
    • Subverted with Father, who is an unrepentant villain and would have lived with killing Sector V, and considers himself Eviler than Thou than the five.

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars


  • Oh Shit, There's Fanfiction of Us!?: Junko Enoshima is a mass-murdering sadist with twisted views on hope and despair, but not even she would write a Mary Sue fic as torturously bad as "SHSL Wildcard".

Danny Phantom

  • Resurrected Memories: Ember finds Paulina’s stalker shrine to Danny to be disgusting and thinks the girl needs mental help because of it.
    • A more altruistic example was that Ember was genuinely horrified and furious that Skulker deliberately tried to shoot at both her (not knowing it was her at the time) and a small child in order to hunt Danny. She then gives him a well-deserved beatdown in the ghost zone later for this very reason.
  • In Lady Luck's Favor, Ember is very worried at the thought she might have killed Danny during their fight. In fact, the very thought of killing someone nauseates her.
  • Played for Laughs in this fan comic; after Danny comes out as bisexual, Dash gives him a long speech about how Casper High is a safe space for students of all sexualities and reassures him that, while he's still gonna keep bullying Danny because "[he's] a geeky weirdo", he will not bully Danny for being LGBTQ+.


  • Mercy sees Hades being genuinely outraged when he learns that Circe has attacked the Amazons by trapping Diana, Hades' own daughter, in an illusion where she has basically been rendered incapable of accepting reality, with Circe's last appearance showing her start screaming as Hades begins his torture.
  • Here There Be Monsters: Weird as it may be, Shazam!'s nemesis Dr. Sivana is reluctant to let his kids murder someone directly. Likewise, he will not allow Thaddeus or Georgina to kill their older siblings because they are family.
  • Swing It Low has Harley Quinn overhearing a conversation between two men that implied the murder of a prostitute. Despite the many terrible things that Harley had been party to, she had never killed a working girl, and found such a crime to be reprehensible. As she thought to herself, they dealt with enough trouble as it was and worked really hard just to eke out a living.
  • In Batman: Melody for a Mockingbird, Mr. Freeze is less "evil" than a stone-cold misanthrope, but as a devoted husband, he considers marriage sacred. When his employer Thomas Elliot demands the destruction of a wedding, Freeze calls him a monster and opts to wash his hands of the partnership. Since the monster line is Elliot's Berserk Button, he responds by trying to kill Freeze's comatose wife, giving the man just the incentive to help Batman shut Elliot down.
  • In the Young Justice fanfic What's Worse than a Villain?, the Rogues proudly call themselves criminals but refuse to become monsters. And since a few of them were on the receiving end of Parental Abuse, they outright flip their collective shit over The Reveal that Kid Flash is abused by his dad. They felt so strongly about it, they almost assaulted the Flash on the false assumption he was responsible.
  • In Funeral for a Flash, it's stated that The Flash's Rogues have a rule: To not killing (unless it is The Flash since no one, not even the Flash himself, cares much). Although their attitude stems mainly from pragmatism rather than base decency, they will not acknowledge Professor Zoom as "One of the Boys" because he is a crazy murderer.
  • C Listers:
    • It's implied the reason Killer Croc forced Ratcatcher out of the sewers was because he preys on the homeless children that Croc protects. When, at Cleo's urging, Ratcatcher rescues some of these children from Sewer King, Croc allows him to have half the sewers as his domain, though he warns Ratcatcher that he'll eat him alive if he crosses into Croc's half.
    • Zig-Zagged with Killer Moth. He's horrified at the sight of someone Firefly burned alive, but the revelation he's killed people himself implies that his reaction is motivated more by his cowardice than anything else. It's played straight when he's cured from being Charaxes and is absolutely horrified that he ate the apartment complex's landlord and nearly ate Firefly.
    • Even other supervillains hate Mr. Camera for using his powers to sexually harass women.

Death Note


  • A gang are terrorising Ankh-Morpork in vengeance for their having been imprisoned and sentenced to death for a slaving operation in Howondaland. So far they have escaped from a hellhole offshore prison in the least hospitable part of Quirm. They have murdered goblins on principle and slain people during robberies. They are prejudiced against black people and have bombed a restaurant owned by the family of a black policewoman who helped arrest them.note  They have tried to assassinate their country's Ambassador. They have shot and wounded a thirteen year old schoolgirl, as she is their main target's sister. They have bombed the City Zoo to get two of their targets and have even tried to get Vetinari himself. They have casually discussed rape as a side-attraction before they murder their targets. But, tasked with silencing their target's big angry guard dogs, one of the gang recoils from poisoning them. He is a dog-lover who cannot bring himself to harm dogs. He opts to tranquilise them instead with doped meat. The tale is Hyperemesis Gravidarum by A.A. Pessimal.

Disney Animated Canon

Dragon Ball

  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Mr. Popo in the series is practically the poster child for Adaptational Villainy. But when asked by Kami if he was torturing cats, Popo insisted he wouldn't torture... cats. Considering Mr. Popo generally makes no effort in hiding the type of person he is and Kami has no way of actually doing anything about it if he was, we have no reason to doubt he's telling the truth.
    • Freeza went out of his way not to sound homophobic around Zarbon when he finds out the latter had a girlfriend, after previously believing he was gay. (Consider how Zarbon would be unable to retaliate against Freeza, yet Freeza went out of his way to be civil).
    • Guru may be an insane tyrant, but he draws the line at judging people by their appearances.
    • Even Vegeta is given pause when the Namekians mutilate and cannibalize Guru, after he revealed that he was Evil All Along. Also, when he realized that the "Wheel of Death" was actually a real show being filmed and airing the live beating the Ginyu Force is giving them, he furiously asked "What kind of sadistic retard watches this crap?!" Cue Answer Cut to Freeza.
    • In Episode of Bardock both Bardock and Lord Chilled tell the People of Planet Plant aka Primitive Saiyans that they should be ashamed for... trying to sing that one song from the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!. Really.
    • Android 17 is shocked and speechless when he hears Vegeta call Android 18 a cunt. Possibly justified, as she was his sibling and their own status as "evil" is debatable. 17 also calls 18 out for destroying a forest they were driving through, while knowing 16 was enjoying the scenery.
    • Cell of all people doesn't like watching Yamcha accept Tien's backhanded compliments. He later wonder if he should stop a Cell Jr. from repeatedly kicking him while he's down, but he finds it just too funny. The real kicker, however, is when Gohan begs Cell to give Goku a Senzu Bean and let him fight him again, Cell delivering a "The Reason You Suck" Speech as he calls him a Dirty Coward for refusing to face him, even with the world and everyone he cares about at stake. He also believes in the Bestiality Is Depraved trope, if one line in HFIL is any indication.
  • Played for Laughs in Even Evil Demons Can Be Understanding, where Piccolo jr., who wants to prove he is just as evil as his father, goes to challenge Gigi (female Goku) to a fight only to find out that she is pregnant. After she says she can't do anything physically strenuous, he turns to leave, claiming that it won't be satisfying to destroy her when she's not at full strength.
  • In Frigid Future, even Cooler is horrified by the way Launch dies, being absorbed by Cell simply because he found her attempt to get Cooler to leave annoying.
  • Tales of the Monkey Queen:
    • Yamcha fully admits that he robs people at sword point before leaving them to die in the desert but he's disgusted that anyone could be as evil as promising a little girl to help bring her grandfather back to life, all with the intentions of stealing the wish for themselves. And he makes no bones about telling Bulma that she's the worst person he's ever met.
    • Pilaf is appalled when Bulma thinks he's going to rape her.

The Fairly OddParents!

  • In Never Had a Friend Like Me, Norm's lava lamp falls into the possession of a little girl named Amanda. Her parents aren't that nice. And even though Norm is annoyed or hates just about every human on the planet, he still thinks that Amanda's life is just not fair and tends to avoid Loophole Abuse when it comes to her wishes.
    • When asked why he saved Timmy from the Pixies and Anti-Fairies, Norm admits that while he still doesn't like Timmy, he doesn't have it in him to want him dead anymore. He even admits he was even going to save Timmy even if Amanda wasn't there, since he now recognizes that Timmy is good for Amanda.
  • In My Sick Little World, Vicky initially brushes off the idea she has a subconscious dark side, pointing out that she pretty much is the dark side. When she learns that the subconscious feelings she's repressing are romantic feelings for Timmy, she's absolutely disgusted, declaring it sick and wrong.

Fate/Grand Order


  • In Helpless, Jayne and Kaylee are captured while getting supplies and Kaylee is raped. Jayne is known for being willing to do quite a few bad things if the pay is right, but he can't wrap his mind around why someone wants to force themselves on a woman with so many willing ones around. Of course part of it's because it's Kaylee, but it also seems he things Rape Is A Special Kindof Evil.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Mike's New Ghostly Family: Demon lord Nightmare and his clan are utterly repulsed by the way William Afton treated his own children as tools to be used and discarded. Tellingly, the Nightmares aren't hypocritical about it as they genuinely understand the value of family, and William Afton's parenting skills offended their slivers of honor and morality they've had. In fact, they hate him so much they are willing to do anything to ensure that William Afton's plans would never succeed, even willing to cooperate with the Schmidt family just to ensure that Afton would never win.
  • Springaling: Former Serial Killer Springtrap finds the concept of the Funtime animatronics being automated child-killing machines to be obscene. He likens his past actions to an animal hunting out of necessity and avoiding excessive cruelty, while someone who'd go to the effort of designing robots that kidnap and kill kids is doing so solely because they want to.

Friday the 13th


  • The writer of the fic The Ice Behind Bars makes mention of this in the author notes. Elsa's father Jamie tortures her, starves her, demeans her, and keeps her chained up but won't go as far as to do anything sexual towards her (even though he doubts her parentage).
  • The fic Let the Storm Rage On does this to Hans. He might lie, con, steal, and murder. But he despises pointless greed or murder, and believes such acts should serve a nobler purpose, and not something like greed or revenge. According to him, sending men off to die in a pointless war for revenge is abhorrent.

Girls und Panzer

Good Omens



Harry Potter

  • Blackbird:
    Wizarding children were precious; they were rarely abused. At the height of their atrocities, Death Eaters murdered children, but even they drew the line at rape.
  • In Blood Matters, Voldemort is upset by Umbridge's detention methods because "he was a bloody Dark Lord and even he wouldn't condone the use of a blood quill on innocent school children."
  • In The Chosen Six Grindlewald did some research into possible means of immortality, but even at his worst he rejected the idea of using horcruxes, finding it horrifying.
  • In The Diadone Method Sirius finds out that an adopted and renamed Harry is a wizard.
    Sirius: Fuck me now.
    Harry: That's called pedophilia, and kinda looked down upon. Even in the Mafia there are some rules that were not made to be broken.
  • In Heir, Voldemort (or rather the Horcrux in Harry's scar that gains sentience) is sickened by the Dursleys' treatment of Harry. Also Original Character Lethfyren Malfoy, a Mind Healer of shady repute that Voldemort hires (and who Tom calls "a monster") will NOT "do kids." Voldemort himself is strongly against his followers abusing their children, though he seemingly has no problems killing them, since he was quite happy to kill at least two children before the events of the story. But then Voldie has a soft spot in his cold black heart for wizarding children - -not muggle children.
  • In Held: A Story of Redemption Voldemort breaks into the Dursleys' house when Harry's uncle starts beating him with a bat.
    Voldemort: How dare you call yourself human! To subject anyone to this torture. Believe me, I know torture. I am the Dark Lord, Voldemort, and I've done far too many things to be considered moral... or even, just. But I think a concept can be considered worse than bad when even I detest it!
  • Lampshaded in the AU The Indecipherable Riddle, where Harry is reluctant to share details about his childhood or the Dursleys address with his newly found parents (Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange) because now it's inevitable that Dursleys are going to end up dead because "no one treats our baby like that, least of all muggles." Also, Bellatrix may be psychotic, but she's a pureblood witch and believes her son should be raised with proper manners, and Voldemort scolds Harry about his less than stellar grades in school.
  • In McGill the Dursleys end up in prison for abusing Harry and his uncle's new cellmate comments "I'm in here for armed robbery, but at least I'm not someone who needs to hit a kid."
  • In My Child Not Yours Voldemort changes his mind about killing Harry after James and Lily decide to abandon him to save themselves because "It was true that he, Tom Marvolo Riddle, was a Dark Lord, but that didn't mean he would go so far as to kill a fellow orphan." Never mind that he attempts just that in canon...
  • In Not Half as Much Privilege, Bellatrix Lestrange muses that she sympathises with the students at Hogwarts now that Umbridge is Headmistress as she's too controlling of the school, where Bellatrix is willing to acknowledge that even Dumbledore understood the concept of having fun (she just considers him 'bad' at it).
  • In Ruby Tinted Glasses Dumbledore has been dipping into the Potter vaults and giving much of it to the Dursleys and Weasleys.
    Narcissa Malfoy: Even my family wouldn't stoop so low as to steal money from a child.
  • In Steps in Life Bellatrix weeps after being ordered to do the one thing she's sworn never to do - kill innocent children.
  • In Slytherin Heir, Voldemort is outraged upon hearing that Umbridge had such a dark artifact as a blood quill anywhere near the students of Hogwarts, let alone was using it on the children for her detentions, and his Death Eaters all have similar reactions:
    "I have received news that that woman Umbridge is using a Blood Quill in her detentions at Hogwarts."
    The room exploded into chaos.
    "What! How dare she!"
    "A Blood Quill? How many has she used it on?"
    "She better not have used that on my child! If she has even thought about it, I'll mount her head on my wall."
    "Is the Minister aware? Did he authorize this?"
    "Why have we not heard about this until now? She should be in Azkaban for using it even once!"
    "Forget Azkaban! I say we storm Hogwarts, kill her, and hang her bloody body off the ramparts!" Bellatrix declared with a maniacal laugh.
  • In Tones of Gray Grindlewald is perfectly fine with child labor, but draws the line at raping or forcibly marrying one.
  • In The Truth Revealed, Lucius Malfoy looks visibly ill when it appears that Voldemort is torturing Harry to death in front of Dumbledore. "Lucius could torture any adult without flinching, but when it came to children... he hated it, as did most of the Death Eaters, especially those with children of their own. Voldemort himself didn't like it, but this case was different. Very different."
  • In The Vanishing Cabinet of Time Sirius mentions the time his father caught Regulus reading a book their parents forgot to remove from the Black library.
    Regulus: What are Horcruxes, Father?
    Orion: Something you will never involve yourselves in or I will destroy you myself, then do the same when I meet you in Hell.
  • When the Boat Comes In mentions that due to Lucius Malfoy's standards prohibiting him from killing children and Muggles, Voldemort sent him on assassination missions and nothing else during the first wizarding war.
  • In Another Perspective Vernon is as bad as in canon, but when he learns Sirius Black was imprisoned without trial he's appalled at the very idea of imprisoning without trial anyone who pleads innocent.
  • Voldemort's Little Itch:
    Voldemort forcefully tore his eyes off of the pedophile that had just soiled himself in fright. He had every right to piss himself, one of the first things he was going to do to the sick bastard was chop off his child molesting dick. Yes, he was a murderer and he tortured people without remorse, but one thing he wasn't, was a rapist or a pedophile.
  • The Way It Should Have Been:
    Sirius: You're talking about a Horcrux! That's, that's very dark! Even my family felt that was too dark to ever even consider doing! And that's saying a lot because my family used the cruciatus curse as punishment for bad behavior on their children!

Hercule Poirot

  • In The London Syndicate, the titular syndicate will not stoop to murder. Anything else is fair game, though.


  • In both canon and the fanfic Hivefled, the Church of the Mirthful Messiahs is a Religion of Evil in which troll sacrifice is a normal part of worship. In Hivefledverse, the worshippers are by rights supposed to perform the last rites to free the souls of their victims and send them on to be honoured guests of the gods at the Dark Carnival. Many subjugglators don't bother with the rites for those who don't volunteer - "don't want to be clogging up death with a bunch of revered lowbloods" - thus leaving them to wander the crossroads as part of the "hivemind nightmares". The Grand Highblood takes it a step further into horribleness by binding the souls of his victims to himself and using them as puppets to torture his future victims. Gamzee is horrified to find out, and attempts to free them; so far he's only managed to bind them to himself instead, but that's still an improvement.
  • The Golden Age series describes this as the difference between "minor asshole" and "major asshole" pirates, and this is one of the reasons a lot of troll pirates are willing to work with the United Galaxies over the empire.

How to Rock

  • In the Zolly (Molly/Zander) fanfic "Perf Down," after Molly gets Amnesia from being hit by a car, Kasey and Stevie convince her that her original life involved working for Gravity 5 and they make her their Butt-Monkey (against Zander's advice). When Molly gets her memory back, she confronts them all and tells Kasey that she never would have stooped so low and done something like that to her.

Invader Zim

  • In the My Hostage, Not Yours series, Zim repeatedly states that, despite having been a couple for years, he won't sleep with Gaz until they're married. Which is especially poignant, as according to Tak, Irken custom states that they're not actually an Official Couple until they've consummated it.
    • Also, Zim expresses disgust at the concept of abortion, as Irken culture frowns on the idea of eliminating a life before giving it a chance to prove its worth. Fortunately, the author doesn't let the story dwell on this too long.
    • Re: My Hostage, Not Yours: The Tallest are the joint Evil Overlords of a genocidal empire conquering the universe, but even they're disgusted when they learn that Zim tore the Valkian Queen's head off.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim:
    • Zim finds the Children of the Bright and Shining Saucer disgusting enough to counter any benefits that come from them being dedicated to him.
    • Norlock directly references this trope when he displays his disgust at the thought of entering people's dreams (and thereby violating their privacy).
    • Played with in regards to Nyx, has no problem with enslaving "lesser races" if it's for a higher purpose, but doing it just to save labor costs enrages her.
    • Also subverted by Tenn. She's initially wary when she finds out that Slab Rankle is enslaving the rat people in the Mall's garage, but not out of morals; she's just worried about if being involved with this will drag her into legal trouble. Upon being told that it's not technically illegal, she has no problem with it.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Olympian Journey:
    • Vanessa quotes a "relic hunters code" which forbids one from stealing an artifact from someone else who's already stolen it, as they've earned it, in order to keep Origami from taking the Armbands of Shiva that Zhixin just stole from the Chans.
    • Even at his worst, Zeus would never violate the laws of hospitality. The fact that "Zeus" and the other entities possessing Tohru and the Enforcers would try to spill innocent blood in her sacred space makes Hestia realize that she didn't really summon her family back at all, she just created echoes out of her desire to see her family again.
    • Eros!Drew brainwashes Simone to love him after she rebuffs his advances by means of telling him she's gay. However, he still takes the time to make it clear that he's expanding her sexuality, not just flipping it.
  • Queen of Shadows:
    • Even the other Oni Generals are disgusted by Tsume and his tribe. Especially their... tastes.
    • It's also stated that the Queen that Jade has replaced despised unnecessary death.
    • Ikazuki might be a demon, but he's still a samurai and follows the code of bushido. Among other things, this means that when human samurai try to betray their masters and defect to the Shadowkhan, he has them all subjected to a Fate Worse than Death for their lack of honor.
  • The Ultimate Evil:
    • When it dawns on the Enforcers that Shendu has the hots for Valerie Payne, they're creeped out. Valmont, on the other hand, subverts this trope; while Shendu's "intimate" moments (including forceful kisses) with Valerie while being trapped inside the crime lord's body disgust him, it's only a matter of his own dignity being compromised rather than any concern towards Valerie.
    • Shendu himself refuses to allow harm come to Valerie (though initially only because she's his Other), and his growing love towards her makes him wanting her to willingly surrender herself to him. While he has committed rape on concubines in the past, he eventually loses all willingness to break her that way.
    • Though Shendu detests Jade and would love to see her suffer, he finds Hsi Wu's attempt to merge with her rather distasteful, though Valerie's distress over the girl is also a factor.
  • Webwork: Jade, even after her transformation into a Jorogumo and her later Let's Get Dangerous! moment, still can't bring herself to harm her family (to Tarakudo's annoyance). On a smaller note, she also refuses to eat people's pets, preferring to do her hunting in the wild.
    • Tarakudo looks down on those who do things For the Evulz, comparing them to a virus mindlessly destroying everything around it.


  • Our Time Is Now: Downplayed with Pizzazz, who is self-centered and mean rather than truly "evil". She may hate her rival Jem but she wouldn't go as far as to kill hernote . She's utterly disgusted by Eric's actions.

Kim Possible

  • In Charles Gray's fanfic Buried, someone kidnaps Kim Possible and buries her alive to impress Drakken and hopefully get a job in his organization. Drakken arranges to have the wanna-be henchman killed because he was revolted by what he had done to Kim. In the sequel, "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword", Kim's other villains (except for Monkey Fist) react similarly to her plight (Motor Ed even sends her a get-well card), while Shego works with Barkin and Ron to thwart Monkey Fist's plan to steal some nukes.
  • In A Naco to Remember, while Drakken attempts to create a clone of Anne Possible to act as his date for dinner with his mother, he explicitly rejects the idea that he could have used mind control to get the original Anne, as he wouldn't make her cheat.
  • In The Ronless Factor, Shego explicitly states that Drakken’s latest plan is too deranged for even her to go along with, and adds that she would never have agreed to his plan to kill Kim in a car accident.

Kung Fu Panda

  • Shen vs. Kai: When Evil Collides: As bloodthirsty and megalomaniacal as Kai is, he does have a warrior code of honor about him. He's expressly disgusted when briefly under the impression that Hei Yinying has enslaved the souls of warriors and keeps them unfairly handicapped to limit their resistance. He also can't find it in him to beat up an old lady even when she's pestering him and instead takes his frustration out on some buildings.
    Had he seriously just been chased out of his own hideout by a little old lady? Talk about humiliating. The worst part was that he couldn't even do anything about it. It wasn't like he could just beat up an elderly goat. Yeah, that would sure make him look macho.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

  • In the fanfic 'Skin Deep' one of the two murdering kidnapping raping racists who took Olivia Fin and their 3 year child, for the sole fact that they were an interracial couple, refuses to let the child see the worst of what they put their parents through. He also stops his brother from sexually assaulting the child and threatens to shoot him if he does because she's just a child.

Left 4 Dead 2

Lilo & Stitch

  • In The Final Straw, Yuki, Teresa and Elena are still bullies as teenagers but shocked at Mertle for mocking Lilo's dead parents.

The Lion King

Marvel Universe

  • Hela in Balance hates Thanos' penchant for torturing young girls into being the perfect daughters for him, finding it far to similar to what Odin did to her. Likewise, she's disgusted by his posturing in front of his minions in order to terrorize them after their failure. In Hela's opinion, you either give your minions a second chance or kill them right away, not remind them who's in charge when they should already know.
  • Devil's Diary: During a reconnaissance trip to New York, Magneto visits Marvel Comics' offices -which exist in this universe- under a forged identity and meets Stan Lee. In a nod to Fantastic Four #10, Lee tells how Doctor Doom once dropped by his workplace. Doom reminded him of Hitler, except that Stan doesn't think Doom's anti-semitic. Otherwise he and Jack Kirby would be dead.
  • In A Colder War, even other members of HYDRA affirm that they wouldn’t want the Red Skull to take over again if he came back, with Viper expressing gratitude to Steve for stopping Schmidt.
  • A Prize for Three Empires: Immortus isn't quite a good guy, but even so he is speechless and disgusted when he finds out that his son kidnapped and both physically and mentally raped a woman in order to try escape from Limbo.
  • In the backstory of If I Could Start Again, Thanos tried to gain Hela's allegience in his crusade. She not only refused, but fought of him and his armies for daring to consider attacking Asgard. Even if she was a psychotic warmongerer, she was still (at the time) Crown Princess of Asgard and would allow no threats to her home.

Mass Effect

  • The batarian ambassador and assistant to the Manaban Emperor in the Mass Effect fanfic The Council Era (who acknowledges his and his associate's own moral ambiguity) views Tyrin Lieph's attempt at suppressing the manaba through cultural/religious genocide as going too far. The Emperor tortures one of Tyrin's allies to find his location. This results in both the Emperor and the ambassador being victims of Hoist by His Own Petard when Tyrin remotely detonates an electric surge on his ally's body, killing them both.
  • In the Uplifted series, SS Officer Joachim Hoch has no problem with the idea of deporting all of the Jews from Germany, but draws the line at exterminating them. His adoptive father, SS Officer Gerald Langer seems to feel the same way. Hoch is horrified when he realizes what is happening in the second book. Otto Skorzeny is depicted in a similar fashion, though his ultimate loyalties lie in a different direction than Hoch's.
    • Hoch later shot one of his own subordinates after said officer killed a British man who was insulting them. He then states that anyone under his command who commits or orders the killing of a civilian will face the same fate.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • AKA: The One Where Hawkmoth Is A Good Guy has Hawkmoth decide not to akumatize Marinette when his akuma catches her attempting to kill herself, instead attempting to talk her down. Learning that Marinette, a teenager, is Ladybug prompts a My God, What Have I Done? moment at the realization that he's been sending monsters against children.
  • Archenemies to Superfriends has Lila quietly horrified by the fact that Alya and several of their classmates are willing to shred Marinette's sketchbook, even sacrificing her own sketchbook by secretly switching them. This leads to her and Marinette talking things out and gradually becoming friends.
  • Baby Boom
    • Hawk Moth acknowledges that the entire mess with Fairy Godmother was beyond the pale because of how it was pretty much large-scale rape. He also dislikes not being able to return Nathalie's feelings and all the problems he's caused to her.
    • Gabriel would never take advantage of Nathalie, not just because he still loves his wife, but because he finds the idea morally repugnant.
    • Fairy Godmother's gas was not indiscriminate; it didn't affect children or the elderly, and there was no incest. If people were stuck with family members (or were alone), they just zoned out for the duration. It's also possible that people who were in a relationship but not with their lovers at the moment were unaffected; Alya mentions that her parents were separated and just zoned out, but it's unclear if there was anyone else around them at the time.
    • After one incident, Hawk Moth decides to hold off from akumatizing pregnant women.
    • He also calls out Chat Noir for letting Ladybug fight while heavily pregnant, and decides to take it easy in later encounters.
    • As much as he wants the Cat and Ladybug Miraculouses, Hawk Moth's not willing to put the lives of babies in danger, particularly his grandson.
    • Gabriel, who as Hawkmoth is more responsible for what happened than Mabel herself, apologizes to her for what she has gone through.
  • Fox Rain: Papillon and Natalie are quite uncomfortable with the plan to manipulate Lila into losing all her friends to better manipulate her (though Natalie doesn't fully grasp the implications). Also, Papillon won't Akumatize psychos, serial killers, and soldiers with PTSD, plus other people with certain mental problems, though Lila attributes it to not being suicidal enough.
  • Lady Luck (Miraculous Ladybug): Hawkmoth is a lot of things, but he's not the type to follow a teenage girl into the bathroom. Since he's always watching through the eyes of his akuma, this means that his akuma won't either. When Sabrina is akumatized, Chloe gets rid of her by starting to take a shower. Sabrina is a friend and her own age so she would be fine with it, but Hawkmoth quickly makes her leave because he's not willing to watch that.
  • Miraculous Alliance
    • Gabriel and Noel Legrand share certain egocentric tendencies, but in Noel they're way more pronounced, leaving Gabriel slightly disturbed.
    • When Bob Roth leaves his only son to get killed by Silencer because he had lost his voice to the Akuma and thus was useless to him and not worth confessing in public about cheating Kitty Section out of their success, everyone is shocked into a Stunned Silence at his actions.
  • The One to Make It Stay: Given the opportunity, Gabriel has Natalie stop using the Peacock Miraculous, not wanting her to endanger her life needlessly. Unfortunately, this is undercut by how he only has her stop because there's another Miraculous she can use instead: the Black Cat.
  • In Plague Nurse when trying to figure out who slipped tomatoes into Nathaniel's lunch (he's highly allergic to them), Marinette shoots down Chloé as an option; she may be nasty, but she'd never stoop that low.
  • In Scarlet Lady, Volpina (a Consummate Liar and Alpha Bitch whose worst traits are currently being amped up by dark magic) is horrified at Scarlet Lady's callous Lack of Empathy when she declares her intention to let her blow up a building full of civilians and then revive them with Miraculous Ladybug after the fight.
  • In Scarlet Warlock, both Chloé (an unrepentant Alpha Bitch) and Alyssa (a religious zealot explicitly compared to a teenage Claude Frollo) are horrified when Lila confesses to working with Hawk Moth and plotting to get Nathaniel killed. Alyssa in particular has a My God, What Have I Done? moment when Lila confesses that she tried to manipulate her into sending a witch hunt after Nath.
  • In Someone to Watch Over Me, Hawkmoth defends his actions by pointing out that he hasn't had his akumas rob banks or assassinate politicians or even use guns and knives; he's always remained focused on his one goal of restoring his wife.
  • Chloe Bourgeois, who has bullied Marinette since they were little, stands up for her in Telling Lies? No, Mama when Lila accuses Marinette of assaulting her. She states that for all her mistreatment of Marinette in the past, Chloé has never tried to ruin her friendships, nor try to make her look like the villain to their classmates, which was pretty much what Lila was doing. Even when someone reminds her of how she stole her diary, Chloé reminds them that all her schemes were meant to ruin Marinette’s day, maybe even her week, but never her LIFE, a point that no one can deny.
  • Tidal waves:
    • Hawkmoth finds himself sympathizing with his archnemesis when Nadja keeps badgering Ladybug during their live interview, trying to force her to "confess" feelings she doesn't have for her partner. Ladybug is so overwhelmed by Nadja flagrantly ignoring her protests and mounting discomfort that she winds up bursting into tears, spurring chaos on the set as Nadja's coworkers rush to comfort her and call the Paparazzi out.
    • Audrey may be intensely self-absorbed and have difficulty recalling her own daughter's name, but even she is clearly disgusted when she witnesses Chloé tripping a child simply because she could. This gets Chloé shipped off to Military School.
  • In The True Villain, Hawkmoth is horrified and disgusted to learn that his new akuma (who he talked into becoming one in exchange for replacing the man's merchandise) specialises in abducting kids and selling them into slavery. It helps that the guy plans to make Adrien his next target.
  • Two For One Special: Gabriel Agreste might be the supervillain Hawkmoth and a Knight Templar Parent to his son Adrien, but they are some brainwashing tactics that disturbs him. When he finds out that Audrey Bourgeois had been turned from the cold fashion director to a 1950s style doting mother, he can barely repress a shiver at his spine, comparing the results to The Stepford Wives he heard about.
  • Your Wish Is My Command: Gabriel may still be Hawkmoth, but he's appalled to hear how his daughter has been acting, and utterly floored when she tries emotionally manipulating him by invoking her mother. It's also implied that he won't akumatize Lila.

Monsters, Inc.

  • Monstrous: Suel, the emotion eating, human hunting shape-shifter, does not approve of deliberately withholding food from a child that's obviously starving and deliberately attacks those who were first.

Mortal Kombat

  • Mortal Kombat Khronicles
    • Bi-Han/Noob Saibot tells Frost that it was a young Sektor who killed their mother on orders from the Grandmaster to eliminate any temptation their father may have for leaving the Lin Kuei. However, Sektor could not bring himself to kill his and Kuai Liang's baby sister, so he instead left her on the doorstep of a nearby family. Though Noob attributes this to Sektor's youth, meaning his heart hadn't been hardened by years of killing yet, and assures his sister that this would not be an issue for him if they met again.
    • Tanya is disgusted with Quan Chi subjecting Mileena to his mind manipulation experiments. Though Quan Chi suspects this is more due to Tanya caring about Mileena herself, [[Tsundere even if she refuses to admit it]].

My Bride is a Mermaid

  • My Bride Is a Mermaid: Wedding Bells: Gozaburo and Ren may be yakuza, but even they find Tiger Shark Tony to be nothing but an ruthless bastard, partially because he tried to usurp control of the Seto Gang from Gozaburo by kidnapping Sun, then a one-year-old baby, and threatening to kill her.

My Hero Academia

  • In Back to the Beginning, Kendo Rappa abandons what loyalty he had to the Shie Hassaikai when he learns about Eri.
    "I knew that the Boss had a little girl in the catacombs, but I didn't know what-" Hekiji's voice was cut off as Rappa punched his companion, sending him flying into a wall where he slumped over, unconscious.
    The heroes were forced to watch in stunned silence as Rappa turned back toward them. "Look, I didn't sign up to hurt little girls. I just care about fighting the strongest opponents I can find." He leveled a weighty finger toward All Might. "And you can't get much stronger than Japan's number one hero. If he stays to fight me, then maybe I'll just get a little too excited, and the rest of you can slip past me."
  • In Conversations with a Cryptid, for a supervillain who spent two hundred years terrorizing a nation, All For One is content to know that he would never use his own family as parts of an eugenics experiment, unlike a certain hero. Izuku contemplates that it probably isn't a good sign for Endeavor that someone like All For One refused to be in the same category as him.
  • Played for Drama in Think Before You Speak. The Serial Killer Stain, who fancies himself to be 'eliminating' anyone whom he doesn't consider worthy of being called a Hero, is disgusted when Ingenium outs the identity of a U.A. student while venting to the media about a training accident. While he recognizes that Tensei's Big Brother Instinct was blinding him, he still plots to target him next as punishment for his Moment of Weakness.


  • Perfection Is Overrated
    • When the SUEs are forced to work together in a side story, none of them can stand Hitomi, who enjoys using her Mind Control powers to murder innocent people, or Shizune, a fundamentalist Christian who wants to commit genocide against anyone who doesn't share her religious views.
    • Nao points out that while she enjoys robbing perverts for fun, she believes murder is something else entirely, hence why she didn't kill any of them. For a similar reason, she rejoins the Himes to deal with Hitomi after she forces a police officer to go on a shooting spree that kills 20 innocent people, and it's implied that the incident reminds her in a sense of the time her father was killed and her mother was put into a coma. She's also reluctant to use lethal force on Shizune unless there's no other option.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • The version of Prince Blueblood on the "Ask Blueblood" Tumblog is even more of a Jerkass than the show version, to the point of possibly qualifying as a Politically Incorrect Villain. He's hugely misogynistic. He has claimed that Princess Luna's special talent is being fat and eating and that her cutie mark represents the moon after she was done with it, as well as trying to get her kidnapped by pirates. (though Luna has tried beating him with a baseball bat, making this more a case of their family dynamic being Royally Screwed Up) He rarely passes up a chance to insult or abuse Rarity. He thinks kids who go to school are nerds. However, when someone suggested that he rape and murder Sweetie Bellenote , his response was a blank stare, followed by an image of the "Delete your account" page with the password filled in and the cursor over the Yes button.
  • Even Ask Pony Discord thinks that Jupiter and Neptune were rotten ponies. On his on blog, he's said he considers turning beings into statues, killing, and rape wrong and doesn't do those things.
  • Bad Future Crusaders:
    • Silver Spoon doesn't see a problem with killing mares or stallions, but killing foals is going too far according to her and ticks her off enough to want to kill whomever does it.
    • Rumble, The Dreaded though he is, refuses to kill enemies if they surrender first, even willing to defy Twilight herself on the matter.
    • Lightning Dust, of all ponies, is reluctant to fight Scootaloo after she notices Scootaloo's crippled wing.
      Lightning Dust: Look at that ragged wing of yours; it just wouldn’t feel right beating a cripple to death.
  • In Blue, when a group of nobles come to petition Celestia to have Luna banished due to her color (blue-colored ponies being believed to have a predisposition to crime and madness), Blueblood appears to be leading them. As it turns out, he's only there to clarify right at the start that he has no part in the travesty of justice, and has done all he could to change their minds.
  • The plot of Bride of Discord is kicked off when Discord kidnaps the princesses (sans Twilight) and implies he will kill them, if the Mane Six try to foil his plans, including Candace who is pregnant at the time. It is later revealed that he was bluffing and Discord is actually shocked that Fluttershy believed he would hurt a pregnant mare.
  • In the The Conversion Bureau parody The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work we have Xlestia, a anti-human manipulative ruler, whose idea of "saving" humanity is giving them the choice of death or conversion. But even she's horrified that an alternate version of herself, would lead the ponies into open warfare with the humans.
    • She is also disgusted by the Fall of Equestria universe, where all the female ponies are forced into being sex slaves.
    • In the Star Trek Universe, Xlestia abandons her plans once the note  Enterprise crew informs her that humanity has achieved an Utopian society and went on to become a founding member of The United Federation of Planets. note 
    • Played with in the DEATH BATTLE! between Tyrantlestia and canon! Celestia in the series finally, where Tyrantlestia is disgusted with Celestia's use of Black Magic. But unlike the other examples, Celestia is portrayed as the wiser for having the knowledge to use black magic responsibly instead of denouncing its use as evil. It also shows how much of a hypocrite Tyrantlestia is, after she uses dark magic in a fit of rage, while still acting as if she has the moral high ground.
  • Earth and Sky has an example played for laughs that crosses over with Pity the Kidnapper. The Changelings kidnap Diamond Tiara in chapter 29, and two chapters later are shown throwing her out of their hive, because even they find her unpleasant.
  • Escape from the Moon: In the sequel The Mare From the Moon, Spliced Genome has a bodycount in the millions, but when she's told that Garble the dragon wanted Spike to smash a defenseless phoenix’s egg just for fun the first time they met, she concedes that he doesn't belong anywhere near any throne.
  • Fluttershy from Friendship is Witchcraft is an Affably Evil Devil in Plain Sight however even some things unnerve her:
    • She doesn't like the idea of Rarity trying to donate her little sisters college funds to her cult.
    • She's as squicked out as everyone else at Twilight being in love with her brother, Francis. Twilight constantly states it's not creepy because they're Not Blood Siblings however no one agrees with her.
  • A Future of Friendship, a History of Hate: Regal Rule/Megalos Tyrant is a narcissistic Control Freak who views Rarity as little more than a prize to be won, but he appreciates a hard work ethic and earning your keep; therefore, even he finds the self-important Prince Blueblood to be a pompous jackass.
  • In Gavalanche's fancomic, Prince Blueblood was absolutely horrified to learn that Rarity tried to drown her 'sister', Sweetie Belle just so she could be with him.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves:
    • The Diamond Dogs are perfectly willing to help Checker Monarch ruin the life of a mare they don't even know as long as they're paid. However, even they're horrified when Checker Mind Rapes Rainbow Dash with nightmares in order to turn her on Trixie. They still work for her after this, but now they're actively terrified of her.
    • Diamond Tiara may be a bully — and proud of it — but even she is sickened when it becomes publicly known that Checker has been ruining the life of her own sister. So much so that the sequel, Tarnished Diamonds, is all about her slowly having a Heel Realization due to Checker's comment that she's just like Checker as a kid, meaning that she's at risk of becoming like her as an adult, something that horrifies her.
  • Heir of the Nightmare: Nightmare Moon is temperamental, vengeful being, willing to kill and cause eternal night in order protect her daughter Twilight. But she is horrified by Nightmare Nova's destruction of Ponyville, and her murder over two hundred of Ponyville's citizens. It becomes clear that Nightmare never intended to turn Twilight into Nova.
  • In Chapter 6 of Life Of A Dragon Die For Metal, Discord not only gives a "Reason You Suck" Speech to Rarity but also stated even HE wouldn't do something as horrid as toying with Spike's heart for three months with his own sister no less. And when the Lord of Chaos says this, you know you done effed up.
  • Loved and Lost:
  • My Little Mages: The Nightmare's Return plays this for laughs. The Diamond Dogs are fierce predators who try to kill Twilight and her friends for Nightmare Moon with no remorse... however, when they find out that Iron Will has chopped off Stvenmgynt's mustache, they are horrified.
  • The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well Alternate Ending: Gilda may be a Jerkass but even she thinks the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well stunt was harsh.
  • TD's evil clone army in The Non-Bronyverse intend to reek havoc on Canterlot and get the revenge on Celestia for accidentally trapping TD in Equestria, that he refuses to seek himself but they make it clear that they do not intend to seriously hurt anypony other than Celestia, if they don't have to and even she they do not intend to outright murder.
  • Chrysalis is just as evil in The Nuptialverse as in canon, but even she is terrified of her master Discord and what he'll do to her now that she's effectively betrayed him.
  • Pony POV Series:
    • In A Loose Canon side story, canon-Discord was horrified at the atrocities his Pony POV counterpart did in the Bad Future despite having the same personality and sense of humor. So much, that canon-Discord pulled a Heel–Face Turn. It had a lot to do with getting an outside view of his actions, causing him to have a Heel Realization.
    • As bad as she is, Queen Chrysalis is outright disgusted when the Interviewers suggest she might ally with Discord. This is partly Pragmatic Villainy, as she's aware that Discord's chaos would ruin the world, and therefore limit the amount of love for her and her subjects to feed off of.
    • Speaking of the Changelings, even the majority of them feel Professor Kabuto is a psychotic monster for his Mad Doctor related activities. According to one of his fellow Co-Dragons Digger Wasp, half the hive loathes him and the other half is scared to death of him. It's more or less said that the only reason he's still alive is he's still useful and has made himself far too dangerous to be easily killed.
    • Even before his Heel–Face Turn, Prince Blueblood is not a racist, and he's completely disgusted by tabloid reporters who try to paint Princess Celestia as a molester. When one tries to get him to help get dirt on her, he puts him in the hospital.
    • Hydia's coven were a family of evil witches who considered being evil a virtue, but they had one line even they wouldn't cross. Killing one's own Familiar was considered such a taboo, Porcina's master, the Glass Witch, was left to her fate by the rest of the family when Porcina turned her to glass in self-defense.
  • The Powers of Harmony: Zemblani was willing to kill a foal for her plans, but even she found Blair's breaking of the Lifeforce taboo abhorrent.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: The villain of Nightmares Yet to Come has no problem committing abduction, Mind Rape, and arson. However, they're disgusted at seeing some ponies who went too close to an Artifact Of Evil that has completely destroyed their minds, implied to be Tirek's handiwork, and refuses angrily to hurt a changeling foal, instead going for just erasing her memory of their encounter.
  • In Return to the Swarm, turning ponies into "synthetic changelings" is considered vile by changeling standards, and expressly forbidden. Also, by the end of the fic, the standard routine of capturing ponies and stealing their identities is outlawed after Chrysalis ends up the victim of the same thing. (Fortunately the protagonists have discovered a much more acceptable way of love-feeding: friendship.)
  • The Rise of Darth Vulcan: The eponymous protagonist is a Jerkass and a thief, but he is horrified by slavery and racism. He threatens to feed some Diamond Dogs that tried to enslave some ponies for him to a hydra he keeps locked up in a pit in his lair.
    • He gets to share a moment of this later on with Artful Dodger and Chrysalis — when they find out about everything that the Remedial Class pegasi were put through by the corrupt and prejudiced officials of Cirrus-Hilltop, all three are totally disgusted, and immediately set out to completely obliterate both towns (though making sure the populace was evacuated first). Dodger takes the time to also single out the abusive officer most to blame for what they went through and beat him within an inch of his life, while Vulcan makes sure the Princesses are made aware of why he did all this, ensuring that they press criminal charges against the town officials.
    • During the above, it becomes necessary to temporarily abduct all the towns' foals (long story). Chrysalis' motherly instincts are set off by this, but Vulcan is able to calm her down when he assures her that he has no intention of harming them.
  • In The Sun and The Shy, Sunset is in her pre-Fall Formal Alpha Bitch mode, but she is disgusted by Abusive Parents. When she discovers Fluttershy's dad is a mean drunk, Sunset immediately offers her a place to stay.
  • A couple mob enforcers in Sweetie Belle: Blackjack Dealer. Yay! try to shake down the new casino in Ponyville for protection money, but when Sweetie Belle doesn't understand their innuendo, they refuse to rough her up, with one of them saying "Buck that, I ain’t whackin no filly. I’m a hitpony, not a monster."
  • Under the Northern Lights: Wiglek the Wicked did many things to earn that moniker, among the least of them necromancy. However, he always tried to do right by his family in true reindeer fashion, and doesn't hesitate to rub Luna's muzzle in the fact that she is a "kin-betrayer and kin-slayer".
  • In The Witch of the Everfree, even at the peak of her rage against Celestia, Sunset makes a note to minimize casualties among Celestia's guards when she comes back for revenge. She's also shocked by the extremes of Twilight's imagination regarding how bad she used to be.
    Sunset: I told you I was a bad pony who did bad things, remember? I meant it.
    Twilight: What was it? Necromancy? Blood Magic? Chaos Magic? Double Chaos Magic? Necro-romantic spells?
    Sunset: Wow. Your imagination went right to some really dark places when I said I was a bad pony. I'm not a monster, Twilight. I was just a jerk.
  • In the Xenophilia-verse, Honeybee, like her sisters, is first introduced as an intolerant bitch who is disgusted by Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Lyra's relationship with Lero, a human. But while she finds interspecies mating perverted, she reveals that she doesn't dislike Lero himself and she refuses to continue harassing them after he saves her from drowning in "Fish Out of Water".

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

  • Naruto in Demon's Dirty Dreams will steal pretty much anything that isn't nailed down from the various merchants and clans in town, including things that are too unique or high quality to sell. However, he doesn't steal from the dead or anything the living use to remember the dead, which is why when he discovers a wedding ring belonging to Iruka's dead mother in a merchant's safe, Naruto makes sure it's returned to Iruka.
  • Escape From The Hokage's Hat: While the villagers of Konoha consider it okay to emotionally and psychologically torture Naruto for being the Kyuubi's human shaped can many are really repulsed at the fact some were willing to go all the way and place unnecessary and cruel Power Limiter seals on him. Ino even notes that for all the hate he gets, no villager ever (even in private) called Naruto a traitor, which is apparently the worst insult one can say in Konoha.
  • A Growing Affection has a few examples:
    • The Fox Demon says she doesn't harm the weak or helpless (at least of her own free will) and that there are a lot of Humans (Madara) worse than her.
    • The Big Bad Gouki has a lot of standards. He keeps his word unflinchingly, and refused to indulge in You Have Failed Me.
  • In the one-shot Hell And Back, Kyuubi is horrified to learn that when the first Uchiha damned himself and all his descendents to Hell in exchange for power, he still willingly had a family and never informed them.
  • A few examples in the High School AU fic Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox:
    • Gaara comes to Han's church to murder him, but is at least willing to grant Han's request that they take the fight outside so as not to perpetrate violence inside the church itself.
    • Suigetsu is a major Jerkass who looks for any opportunity to make a quick buck, has stolen from people in the past, and used to be a gang member, but he's not one for beating on defenseless people or doing drugs. He and his friend Jugo actually quit their former gang due to the latter point.
    • Played for laughs with gang leader Kimimaro, who's shown himself willing to break into people's houses, wound women and try to murder kids—but who balks at the idea of using the Twilight series as a torture method. Although it helps that Naruto actually used said method of torture on him.
    • LOVE member Yura hosts underground bare-knuckle matches, illegal gambling, and Would Hit a Girl, but he refuses to deal in stolen art, as he claims there's no value in holding art pieces that were acquired dishonestly.
    • The LOVE organization itself has a pragmatic policy forbidding its members to engage in sexual crimes, including rape, as the group employs female members and it wouldn't be able to do so if it sanctioned such crimes. Matsuri sends Yagura to kill his own henchman Aoi because of this, after Aoi's arrested for almost raping Ino.
  • While he is a Sociopathic Hero, Naruto in the Reaching for a Dream series can't stand rapists and despises anything that interferes with love. While the former is common, the latter makes sense in hindsight given that Naruto sacrificed parts of his humanity (and eventually his mortal existence) for love. He also abhors slavery due to his belief in the right to choose. He may deliberately skew things so that the choice he wants people to make is the most attractive, but he'll still let them choose and generally respect their choices.
    • Once he becomes a ruler in a later story, one of the first instituted laws is that girls aren't considered adults until they're eighteen, because even an unrepentant pervert like Naruto doesn't condone sex with children.
  • Reactions uses this trope liberally. Even Orochimaru, Zabuza, Danzo, and Madara think Kakashi/Naruto is sick. Reasoning varies from the fact Kakashi is a grown man and Naruto is a child, to worry about the psychological trauma to the resident jinchuuriki, to believing it a violation of the trust between teacher and student.
  • The Somewhat Cracked Mind Of Uchiha Itachi: Orochimaru considers the Icha Icha series as poor excuses for literature and is horrified that people misconstrued his fascination with Sasuke as sexual.
  • Son of the Sannin: In this story, Toneri Otsutsuki joins up with Akatsuki and is more than willing to cooperate with them for his own personal goals. However, he expresses disgust when Orochimaru decides to take the corpse of Roshi after extracting his Tailed Beast and desecrate it for his sick personal research.
  • White Rain: Gehard Berculo is an abusive pig towards Lucia, and actually hit her kids, Itachi and Rina, in the first chapter. Nonetheless, when he discovers that the Higher Houses he's working with intend to murder Itachi and Rina to steal their inheritance, Gehard is horrified, with the narration even stating that he doesn't want to kill kids, not even Itachi, who was The Unfavorite to him.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Read the Fine Print (Evangelion): The agents of the Infernal Administration are not exactly sympathetic to idiots who do not think of the consequences of selling their souls, but they make sure that a contract only comes into effect if the signer was not lied or forced to sign.

One Piece

  • The Black Cat Pirates in Logia Luffy: Rise of the Dark Emperor have no problem with looting a village. But several are uncomfortable with killing it's inhabitants and all of them balk at killing women and children, though for some it's because doing so would see them hanged by the Marines.
  • In This Bites!, the broadcasting of the horror that is Baron Omatsuri and Lily Carnation has Moriah horrified, Buggy panicked, CP9 aghast, Blackbeard outright incensed, and Sengoku and Akainu in full agreement that the island needs to be Buster Called to high hell.
    • It bears particular mention in Buggy's case, as he hates the Straw Hats and has tried to kill them before but once he heard they were heading that way, he immediately tried to call them to warn them off, as he had seen that place before and thought even they didn't deserve what they were about to find.
    • The only one who is actively enjoying it is Doflamingo, who is wishing he could replicate the horror. Not surprising when you know his bloodline. Even his own men find his reaction disgusting, and show their disapproval by vacating the premises.
    • Some of the CP9 are noted as looking highly uncomfortable while listening to Robin tell the story of Ohara.
  • After hearing what Arlong did to Nami and family in Convergent Devil, even Buggy wants him dead.

Overlord (2012)

  • In God Rising: The Cult of Ainz, the war against Ainz and his allies eventually goes so badly for the Slane Theocracy that their capital is left completely cut off from all food supplies, leading to the starving population resorting to eating the city's elf slaves. When he hears about this, Cardinal Dominic — a strict human supremacist who firmly believes that his gods have condoned the enslavement of non-humans — is so shocked and disgusted that he vomits. As he explains it, he may view elves as inferior, but they're still people, not animals to be slaughtered.

The Owl House

Persona 5

  • Rig the Game: Royal: When Akechi confronts Kobayakawa after Akira is hospitalized from trying to stop Shiho from jumping, he says this while holding the principal at gunpoint:
    Akechi: Don’t misunderstand, I don’t care that one of your students tried to kill herself. She's not my problem. What's been done to her, however? I do many things and killing is one of them, but sexual abuse? On a minor? Even I have lines I won't cross.

Peter Pan

Pokémon: The Series

  • In Blasting Off, Ariana is momentarily outraged when she thinks one of her underlings raped a prostitute, specifically citing that she'd abide a lot of things from Team Rocket members, but not someone who "forces prostitutes to give up the goods without paying for their services."
  • Dragon Master has Giovanni of Team Rocket breaking his alliance with Claire as the latter is willingly endangering his agents just for power and pride. In another scene, Laine confronts Ember about the circumstances of her father's death, and he reassures her that it would have to have been an accident because even Team Rocket has standards. Also Team Rocket is treated as a necessary evil by the Pokemon League because they keep their evil to a pragmatic level, and actively hunt or recruit other criminals to prevent competition, making crime control easier overall in order to further their own agenda.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has a few examples of this.
    • Sabrina in fic is a Social Darwinist who believes that people who she considers weak shouldn't exist and has killed untold amounts of people in the search of this 'ideal'. However her view of Social Darwinism does not extend to a dog-eat-dog world like, say, the X-Men's Apocalypse: her views on what a strong person is extend to any sort of talent. You could have no muscle tone at all, but if you are smart or a good artist she would see you as worthy of life. She also doesn't automatically equate defeat with death, and will let trainers who face her live even in defeat as long as they impress her. She also wants nothing to do with the Bloodliner King and finds his bloodlust disturbing.
    • Belladonna Tyrian has a number of standards that stand out from her villain depiction: She values trust in a romantic relationship more than anything, waited on attacking a man at a hospital with a power outage until he no longer shared a hospital with diseased children, she immediately corrects a misspeak that implies she believes in misandry confirming herself instead as a more a misanthrope, and she does not extend her (violent) protective streak towards those she loves to extreme levels (she'll kill someone for abandoning them, not for bumping into them on a street). She also finds drugs (including tobacco and alcohol) and their users repugnant, though she recognizes that people can consume them by mistake and doesn't hold it against them.
    • After she got locked up, Belladonna's abusive mother got beaten up by fellow inmates on at least five separate occasions. Truth in Television - child abusers are absolutely despised in prisons.

Pretty Cure

Ragnarok Online

  • Baphomet of Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune states that he isn't in cahoots with the Big Bad because the idea of wiping out an entire race for whatever reason is both completely illogical and far too ruthless even for a demon as old and hated as he is.

Ranma ½

  • In Ranma Saotome, Chi Master, it's mentioned that Happōsai took offense with Qiáng Wang's various operations in Beijing. The fact that even Happōsai thought his activities were loathsome just underscores how truly vile the Triad leader really is.

Rosario + Vampire

  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • According to Dark Kuyumaya, even the denizens of Hell themselves consider harming children despicable. As part of his Dark and Troubled Past, Dark, having been summoned to help an Evil Sorcerer subjugate the Snow Woman Village, came across a little girl named Arial Kuyumaya and, after explaining why he was doing what he was doing, intended to let her go. Unfortunately, his master came along at that precise moment and directly ordered him to kill Arial; after reluctantly and apologetically doing so, Dark promptly turned on his master and killed him in a rage.
    • In Act VI chapter 42, while Kurumu admits that the myth that succubi can drain the life force out of men during sex is true, nowadays a succubus would have to "be a bitch" to do so; her mother never killed any of her various flings, and she never planned to either. As Kurumu puts it, "we may be demons who prey on men, but we're classier than doing something as dark as that."


  • Aunt Salem:
    • Roman is an unrepentant thief and criminal, but he's disgusted by Cinder's "kill everyone" plan and only works with her because she'll kill him if he's not useful anymore.
    • Mercury is a trained assassin who killed his own father and then joined with a selfish pyromaniac because he didn't have anything else to do with his time. The Cult of Salem creeps him the fuck out, and he even takes the time to warn Emerald to not go against them.
    Mercury: They would strangle you with a smile on their face and a hymn in their heart, then go on to their bowling league!
    • Watts is a Mad Scientist working for Salem despite believing that she's a threat to all sentient life on Remnant solely to get revenge on Atlas for "embarrassing him", and he cares for little other than himself. However, he objects to Tyrian raising Nora and Ren, pointing out that with him raising them, the pair growing up to be sociopaths is the best case scenario, and wanting them to be taken away out of a sense of basic decency. He's pretty much the only person to actually care, with even Hazel being fine with it.
    • Pyrrha, Ren, and Nora really don't like Cinder, largely because she isn't with Salem out of genuine loyalty but her own gain, and hate the idea of her using Jaune for her own gain.
    • Salem is evil incarnate, but she spared Summer after she begged for her children.
  • Children of Remnant: Winter notices that even Marcus Black doesn't seem certain that trying to assassinate Jaune will be a good idea, and he's clearly wondering just how many will be dead by the time the dust settles.
  • Coeur Al'Aran likes to use this trope whenever he can, as he finds completely irredeemable characters to be rather one-note. Roman, Cinder, Neo, and Adam tend to get his with this the most, but there are multiple examples:
    • Roman Torchwick is disgusted with both Vale Secret Service in general and Oobleck in particular in In the Kingdom's Service after the latter sealed the tunnel to Mountain Glenn on the former's orders. Not only did Oobleck and the VSS condemn thousands to die either by falling rocks or the Grimm, but their own teammates died right in front of Roman and Oobleck. In the aftermath, before becoming a criminal, Roman blew the whistle on their actions when the VSS and Vale Council tried to sweep the whole affair under the rug. In Roman's words, after over twenty years as a criminal, he still hasn't come close to the bodycount Oobleck earned that day.
  • Another Torchwick one in Jaune Ryu-Long, The Dragon Contractor. When a White Fang member, who looked to be in his 40s, was going to rape Ruby, who was 15, while they had her held hostage, Torchwick hits the guy in the face and the nuts and says this, while making a List of Transgressions that he did perform:
    Torchwick: Let's get this straight. I'm the boss. My word is law. I may be a convict, a con-man, a thief, and sometimes even a killer. I lie, I cheat, I steal, and I survive. But I do NOT promote rape, and especially pedophilia! That's low even for me!
    • Null:
      • Adam proves himself to have a stronger moral code than his canon counterpart when he allows the Atlas pilot to be spared. While the scientist who wanted to rape Jaune's mother and sister is killed on the spot, the pilot, who genuinely didn't know what was happening, is given a pistol and allowed to walk back to the Kingdom.
      • Roman is a thief with a body count, but he draws the line at killing innocent civilians. Aside from claiming that everyone he has purposefully killed was worse than him, he mentions one specific instance where a woman had a heart attack during one of his robberies and he actually tried to save her life. He's also horrified by what Jaune does to Yang and Ruby and tries his best to get him to stop; some of this can be traced back to pragmatism, but the look on his face suggests genuine disgust.
      • Cinder tells Roman that she's upset by the news of Juniper's death and that Emerald and Mercury will similarly be saddened by her death. Roman is shocked that she sounds surprisingly genuine as she says it.
    • A Rabbit Among Wolves: There were White Fang sects that even Adam Taurus thought were monstrous, including one that straight-up attacked innocent school children. When he later appears in Arc Royale, he seems disgusted with the way the other Adam treats Jaune and apologizes for it.
    • Relic Of The Future:
      • When planning his robbery of Henry Water-Browns, Roman makes clear to his men not to touch the man's tween daughter. While part of it is due to Roman trying to build a reputation as a Gentleman Thief, he genuinely draws a line at killing children. Jaune is later able to capitalize on this standard by convincing him that the White Fang intends to use the Aura Transfer machine from canon on children in order to make them into deadly super soldiers, horrifying him and leaving him and Neo firmly on Jaune's side.
      • Hazel dislikes using Blake against Adam as the situation reminds him of his sister. Similarly, he thinks Adam would make for a better, less extreme leader of the White Fang but he supports Sienna because it serves Salem's goals better.
      • Thanks to Jaune saving him and Blake at a riot, Adam realizes that using violence to solve problems is not a good idea and makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with the White Fang's extreme methods. The second that he knows he can save Blake and walk away from the Fang completely, he does exactly that.
      • Bertilak all but names this trope when he says that while he may be a bad person, there's plenty of things that the Crown does that disgusts him and he wants out as soon as possible.
      • Similarly, while Carmine willingly works for the Crown and performs several unsavory deeds, she's still unnerved by Jax's sadism and wishes that Gillian were the only one in charge.
    • Service with a Smile:
      • Adam Taurus is adamant that some places should never be targeted, such as hospitals and schools. He places Beacon Academy (and all huntsman academies by extension) at the top of the list, noting that only the Grimm win by Beacon falling. In a later chapter, he remarks that the White Fang never target children, citing that they're terrorists, not monsters, and that Weiss is targeted because she attacked them first.
      • Mercury is disgusted by racists, viewing them as hypocrites who can fetishize women in bunny costumes all they want, yet still call a rabbit faunus (an actual "bunny girl") a dirty animal.
    • White Sheep:
      • Unlike Adam, Ilia was sincere about offering to spare Yang in exchange for Blake. When Adam tries to kill Yang anyway, Ilia yanks her out of the way of his attack.
      • Tyrian is a Sadistic Ax-Crazy Psychopathic Manchild who worships Salem as a goddess, but even he is annoyed that she has too much sex with Nicholas and he can hear it everywhere in the tower.
        Tyrian: Nowhere is safe.
      • At one point, Watts turns down the chance to kiss Pyrrha while she's drunk. Among the multiple pragmatic and self-preservation based reasons, he also mentions the genuine standards of not taking advantage of a drunk woman and refusing to engage in peadophilia.
      • Raven is a terrible human being who abandoned her daughter Yang and spends a good chunk of the story trying to tear out Yang's parasite, which will likely kill her. But when she believes that her brother Qrow had sex with Yang, she immediately throws everything aside so that she can murder him. Of course, this was just poor word choice and bad luck on Qrow's part; he actually had sex with an entirely different girl only to believe after that she was Raven's daughter. She wasn't, Qrow didn't have sex with his niece, and Raven calms down. She still ends up trying to kill him because of the thing with the parasite, but that's Nothing Personal.
  • In Her White, Pink, and Brown Knight, a Jaune/Neo story, the White Fang may despise humanity, but even they can't help but feel sympathy towards the human Neo after Jaune tells them that Torchwick starved, beat, and even raped her. Even Roman's brother Ronald Torchwick, who's a Faunus and the one behind the Breach, praises Jaune for taking Roman down when they meet later in the story. And when Roman brags to Jaune about what he did to Neo, Jaune actually sympathizes with the White Fang and understands them, claiming that if there were any more people like Roman in the world then he would want to eradicate humanity too.
  • Roar of the LION: Emerald and Mercury may work for Cinder and loyally follow her, but when they break into Inori's lab to retrieve her research on their boss' orders, they're both absolutely appalled and disgusted by the sight of such things as dead bodies in People Jars, and the discovery that Inori uses the corpses as Wetware CPUs; Emerald in particular pukes at the sight.

Sailor Moon
  • War Games features Rubeus, after resurrecting the Dark Kingdom, attempting to kill Chibiusa for foiling his plans in the prelude to the story. However, the resurrected Beryl does not approve of harming children and scolds Rubeus for trying to during his first act for the Dark Kingdom. This actually leads Beryl to do a Heel–Face Turn once she realizes that Queen Metaria has given Rubeus free reign, and she regains her memory of an elementary school being blown up by terrorists during her time as queen of what was once the North Pole Kingdom, becoming good friends with the Sailors and eventually earning their trust

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Robb Returns shows several examples of this trope.
    • Damphair is a religious zealot, willing to tear the Iron Isles apart for his faith and belief in the Old Ways, but even he thinks that working with Euron is a terrible idea.
    • Also, Balon Geryjoy finds the idea of breaking Sacred Hospitality unthinkable.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • After Amy is found murdered in Frenzy, Dr. Eggman is quickly discarded as a suspect because of this. Killing people is not Eggman's style, no matter how evil he is.
  • In Prison Island Break, Silver the Hedgehog is gang-raped by Scourge and a collection of other convicts. Shadow, who up until now has shown nothing but contempt for Silver, and is a violent rapist himself, is horrified and helps Silver get back to, explaining that rape because the chick is 'asking for it' is one thing, but that it should be a 'personal' thing. He adds that Scourge pretends his victims are young children, which is even more disgusting.
  • In Episode 67 of Sonic X: Dark Chaos, Eggman and his crew end up stumbling upon Beelzebub's lair, where they decide to eavesdrop in order to find the Chaos Emeralds. Then they hear the screams from Beelzebub torturing Cosmo, and then they find Chris unconscious and bleeding from his anus after being nearly raped to death by Beelzebub. Eggman is so shocked and horrified - and utterly furious - that he flat out tells Sonic and his friends to leave with the Chaos Emerald so they don't have to watch him beat the Demon to a bloody pulp. Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil, indeed.


  • In Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light, the supervillain Blizzard turns out to be much more of a petty thug than a sadist or murderer, unlike most of Spider-Woman's enemies. Although Spider-Woman defeats him when he tries to rob an armored car, he doesn't hold a grudge against her and later helps her protect many of New York's civilians when the city is invaded by an army of Brainwashed and Crazy supervillains. He also disdains the rest of Spider-Woman's Rogues Gallery for their sadism and cruelty, providing helpful advice to Tarot when he finds that she doesn't care about revenge on Spider-Woman either and isn't a monster either. Also, although NYPD Detective Jason Phillip Macendale is a very Dirty Cop, freely accepting bribes from the Kingpin's syndicate, when Kitty Pryde is threatened by anti-mutant racists, he does his job as a police officer and investigates the crime wholeheartedly. Detective Macendale is royally pissed off by the way that the anti-mutant activists justify their actions with motherhood-and-apple-pie statements like saying that they're protecting the community or their families, since in his mind they're no better than him and at least he admits that he's a corrupt son of a bitch.

Stargate SG-1

  • In Hosts, Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter are captured by the Goa'uld Queen Nanna-Sin, who had previously been uninvolved in the war between the Tau'ri and the System Lords. When one of her Jaffa, a man who had previously been a subject of Apophis, brutally beats Samantha Carter to within an inch of her life and rapes her in revenge for his former "god", Nanna-Sin not only has her people nurse Carter back to health, she orders the rapist held until Carter is well enough to "enjoy" the man's punishment, which is described in specific and horrific detail. Carter is thereafter treated more like a guest to be protected than a prisoner of war, and when she's returned to Earth in a prisoner exchange, Nanna-Sin even pays reparations for the assault.
    Nanna-Sin: I rule my planet with an iron fist, but around it I wear a silk glove. And will not tolerate those who violate the helpless.

Star Wars

  • Played with in a Knights of the Old Republic Fan Fiction in which The Mind Wipe doesn't take effect for more than two days. Revan in disgust says that he has never raped, or condoned rape. Then he thinks, is violating a person's mind, soul, and spirit really any different? However due to that thought he follows the official end and converts back to the light side, of course while still being as close to being an Anti-Hero as he can while being light.
  • A recurring theme in Malicean's stories is that many Imperial officers do have standards:
    • Welcome to the Club has multiple examples:
      • Admiral Piett expresses pride in the Executor's ability to annihilate all life on a planet through Orbital Bombardment, but even he despises the very idea of the Death Star. He also explains why: the Executor can destroy a single building, reduce a planet's crust into molten slag, and cause all kinds of inbetween damage as required, but the Death Star can only reduce one into asteroids. Luke pointing out that Palpatine, and not Tarkin, was the one who actually came up with the idea is what starts turning him against the Emperor.
      • Among Imperial officers, Evir Derricote is widely despised for being an avid creator of synthetic plagues.
      • Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa is despised by his peers, not for being half alien but for being an utter psycho. Nobody cries when Vader kills him, they're just scared that he somehow (apparently) did so from half a galaxy away.
      • Many Imperials resent Rebel propaganda for depicting Maximilian Veers as a slaughterer of civilians and labeling him "The Butcher of Hoth", as he only ever attacked legitimate military targets. Luke admits they have a point, especially as there were no civilians on Hoth.
      • A number of Imperial personnel defects to the Alliance not because they disagree with the ideals of the New Order, but because they feel the Empire betrayed said ideals and they enrolled to protect the peace and enforce the law, not to commit atrocities. One of them even admits he fought under Veers on Hoth and is proud of what he did.
    • Invoked in Food Scandal: lieutenant Malan points out that the ones who poisoned food they were selling to the Imperial Fleet could have drawn some sympathy as rebels striking against the oppression, except the investigations proved their motivations for adulterating the rations with melamine were greed and egotism and everyone would be happy to condemn them. In fact, the public executions were media hits.
    • Repeatedly used in Vader's Own:
      • Veers is a proud Imperial-and ready to murder an older man if the much younger date he brought to a party turns out to not be his daughter. He's thus quite happy when, talking with the girl, he learns he is indeed her father the Viceroy of Alderaan.
      • Veers defends Vader's habit of executing incompetent officers, as they would be more dangerous to their own troops than the enemy could ever hope to be.
      • Many Imperial officers are appalled at undersecretary Kilesa for trying to rape a woman and then shoot a teenaged Leia in the back for stopping him. Before he gets to prison, Kilesa is beaten up by the arresting cops in addition to what Veers had already done him.
      • The Imperial troops sent to protect the relief efforts on Nihoa, a planet devastated by earthquakes, have no problems in shooting anyone who attacks the rescuers, and in fact Veers deliberately makes an example of a ringleader and those who reacted to that public execution. They're also quite happy when Leia finds a peaceful way to stop the riots.
      • When a pirate gang kidnaps the Senators-elect of five systems and their staffs, including two young women, plus the crew of the ship that was carrying them to Coruscant, the entire crew of the Star Destroyers Implacable and Tenacious are furious, especially when the pirates show off one of the women, and many volunteer for the dangerous boarding action once they corner the pirate ship, and opt to execute all captured pirates on the spot when they realize they spaced everyone but the Senators-elect and Leia's handmaiden.
      • Most Imperials are appalled at Naboo's past of warrior queens leading armies when severely underage (Amidala is specifically referred as the last of them)-and quite surprised when an officer from Naboo, seeing Leia's anger at the pirates for spacing the "unnecessary" prisoners from the ship she had been in, offers her a pistol and to start executing them, as Leia was still seventeen.
      • In a What If? scenario, many Imperial Army troopers are appalled when an assassin uses a child Leia as bait to murder Bail Organa. They are also ready to mutiny and rebel against the Empire to protect her from even the Emperor himself when they piece together hints from a 501st Legion trooper and realize she's Vader's daughter (something the 501st were ready to do).
  • Used repeatedly in Wilhuff Tarkin, Hero of the Rebellion:
  • Imperium of Vader: Vader, Tarkin, Thrawn and the Grand Inquisitor are all disgusted and enraged when they learn of the Emperor's Contingency, the plan to destroy the Empire if Palpatine died by anything other than Vader's hands. They are all infuriated that the Emperor would have thrown away everything they worked and bled for just to spite the galaxy for not following his idea of how things had to go.
  • Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo: Vader hates the Trade Federation and the CIS, but he's so offended at how stupid the Battle Droids are he contemplates joining them to at least make them into something not an insult to craftsmen everywhere.
  • When Luke in Our New Hope asks Breha Organa if she would have taken him in and raised him as royalty if he was born a girl like Leia, Mara Jade (whose allegiance is still ambiguous) inwardly thinks that kind of behavior should be punishable by death.


  • Distortions: Despite all of the experiments that the science wing of the Four Horsemen have done, which includes kidnapping receptor children to test a gene-engineered bio-weapon dedicated to wiping out Finé's descendants or cloning brain-dead versions of all of the Adaptors, they refuse to give the go-ahead to an idea to create test tube babies using the Adaptors' DNA.

Teen Titans

  • Jewel of Darkness: When Slade first comes across the young Raven, she's about to be raped by a homeless drunk, and Slade decides to kill him, as even he finds that disgusting. Not that it matters, since Raven's powers instinctively protect her and kill the man, but it's the thought that counts.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: Karai may be Shredder's daughter and enjoy the perks of working for the Foot Clan, but she's nonetheless disgusted by what Krang's men did to Hisako, to the extent that she flies into an Unstoppable Rage and attacks them. In the same chapter, she's also horrified that Shredder is considering a Villain Team-Up with Krang even after finding out all the horrible things he's done, particularly after reading Hisako's file. Later, when she's trying to capture April and finds out that Krang's men captured and traumatized her father, she's left taken aback and allows her to escape. Also, when she creates Bludgeon and sics him on the Turtles and Hamato Clan, she stops him when he's about to harm Airi, stating she's after the Turtles themselves, not civilians or little kids.

Thomas & Friends

  • In The Demon Awakens, the diesels (except Diesel 10, who encouraged it) are shocked that Thomas gave into his anger and brutally murdered one of the trucks responsible for Emily's accident.
  • In Crushed Spirit, the other trucks are horrified that one of them made Percy crash into a house with a family inside.

Tolkien's Legendarium

Total Drama

  • Candy For Your Thoughts?: Duncan may be a tough, mean juvenile delinquent who was unafraid of cheating on Courtney at the start of the story, but even he is enraged and disgusted by everything Alejandro did in the season when he learns the full story and as his Character Development grows after he is eliminated.
  • A Codette World Tour: Despite Alejandro being even more selfish and ruthless than in canon, even he is disgusted by Duncan cheating with Gwen and shows brief sympathy for Sierra when Chris disqualifies her for destroying the plane.
  • Despair Island:
    • Chris McLean:
      • Despite all the atrocities he commits throughout the fic, Chris does feel bad when DJ is left paralyzed due to his unfortunate encounter with a grizzly bear, leading him to give DJ a Mercy Kill via injecting a painless snake venom in his veins so he will not suffer. Not that this prevents him from making a cruel joke about his death later on, but DJ gets to be the sole eliminated camper who dies quickly and painlessly.
      • He acts with honor towards some of his contestants, letting everyone say goodbye to Harold as he expires from his gunshot wound, letting Courtney say goodbye to her friends and allowing Geoff to share his final moments with Bridgette before trying to execute him for losing the finale to Justin.
    • Evil is pushing it, but Chef Hatchet frequently shows how disgusted he is by his boss and the game he is forced to help run. Also, when he is allowed to choose which camper to execute, he chooses LeShawna because he is disgusted by her betrayal of Beth.
  • The Doctor Will See You Now: Alejandro, Duncan, and Heather, all villains who display varying degrees of ruthless ambition, were all shocked to hear the history of the Cornwall Heights Hospital.
  • Erin's Total Magical Adventure:
    • While J.Z. is a villain, he has his limits here.
      • When Team Jafar wouldn't find their or the other team's missing members and were leaving them behind, J.Z. was upset.
      • He was disgusted when Heather told him about reading Gwen's diary. When she suggest he finds Sylvia's diary and do the same, he quickly refuses.
      • Killing innocent people is not his top priority. For example, despite being fan of Mal, J.Z. never liked how he tried to kill people.
      • He and Team Jafar except Jo were horrified when Erin was held captive by Phantom.
      • In Host Searching and Kidnapping, he never rats out Erin and thinks tattle telling's for children. In the same episode, he was shocked to hear it was Blaineley who told Chris.
      • He's will not abuse or physically harm on children, especially Selene.
      • When J.Z. ask Scott for advise on revenge, Scott suggested eating them since he's half dragon. J.Z. found that "dark and disturbing" because he's not a cannibal.
    • Delilah maybe an evil witch and teases her sister Desirah, she has hatred towards Amy for how she treats Samey.
      • Delilah also hates it when a person is only judged on the outside.
    • When SG fainted during their semi-finals performance, Apollo and the twins gasped in horror despite used to be rival bands even Sonata was surprised.
    • When questioning about J.Z.'s rivalry with Gard over Sylvia, Apollo said that jealousy and yandere is the lowest form of evil.
      • Despite Apollo's angry at Gard for betraying him, he asked how Jamille was since he knew her and that she was sick.
  • Haunted: After realizing what Chris was doing to them, Heather did her best to keep Lindsay out of his clutches.
  • Legacy (Total Drama): Even Chris is horrified and heartbroken over Gwen's death.
  • The Legend of Total Drama Island: When Duncan facetiously suggests that Chris is having the eliminated contestants slaughtered for meat, after having previously suggested that the notoriously cheap producers were using the interns killed on the job for that purpose, Courtney insists that there are some things even Chris wouldn't do.
  • Predator and Prey: Heather is so utterly revolted to learn of Alejandro's rape of Bridgette that it destroys all her feelings for him and prompts her to focus on winning the million instead.
  • Resisting the Incubus
    • Alejandro has no qualms about the way he feeds, but he never feeds any more than he has to in order to survive, and while he won't give up on making Heather a vampire, he looks after her when his repeated feedings on her make her ill.
    • Heather is generally mean and cruel to everyone she meets, but she draws the line at hurting her best friend and when she finds out Courtney has left school due to being pregnant, she tells Dakota and Lindsay, but tells them to keep it secret.
  • Total Alternate Island
    • Heather towards Courtney after Courtney brags about how she planned to ruin Gwen and her family's lives anyway over a petty slap. Heather immediately leaves her alliance, not wanting anything more to do with Courtney's plans.
      • Also, she is taken aback when Courtney reveals her blackmail of Gwen.
    • Although not evil, Jake is a prankster who only pranks people who deserve it. He was disgusted at how Duncan pranked Harold for no reason.
  • Total Blended Drama
    • Chris McLean joins the cast in running to rescue Leshawna from the Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook.
      • He also refuses to out someone unwillingly and actually canoes out to rescue Chef.
    • Bad a cook as Chef Hatchet may be, and as jerkish as he comes, he runs to warn Leshawna of the Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook like everyone else.
  • Total Drama 60 Club: Despite being a powerful manipulator, Mark refuses to break up couples, and has some major hatred towards Amy for treating her sister poorly. Even Lindsay shows dislike for Amy.
  • Total Drama: Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty
    • Chris Mclean is a Jerkass more times than not, but the actions of certain campers leave a bad taste in his mouth.
    • Topher is very much not impressed that two rapists got onto Brains VS Brawns.
  • Total Drama Chris
    • Even Chef, Chris' normally loyal henchman, starts protesting that Chris is going too far.
      • He's also noticeably repulsed during the final challenge when Bridgette's flattering almost turns him on, at which point he immediately sends her on her way.
  • Total Drama: Cody's Redemption: Duncan admits that, despite being a delinquent and proud of it, he'd never go as far as killing someone.
  • Total Drama Domination: Chris does not approve of Keith's felonious behavior, and he and Don routinely punish him.
  • Total Drama Do Over: Max will give equal marriage rights when he rules the world.
  • Total Drama Letterz
    • Starting in the 'say uncle' challenge, Chef sternly tells Chris he's going too far. Chris just brushes him off, having lower standards than Chef.
      • Chef openly voices when he thinks Chris is going too far and admits he sometimes feels a little guilty about what he does.
    • Also in the 'say uncle' challenge, Wallace alters his cheating strategy for Spider. He simply ejects him from the torture chair rather than increasing the Pain, because he finds it unsporting to hurt a sick person past a certain point.
    • Tabitha of all people has a rather unique morality.
    • Kasimar McSkeen may still act like violent criminal, but he draws the line at child abuse.
  • In Total Drama: Pomewin Island, the first elimination has Chef desperately attempting to prevent Beardo from being thrown into a wood chipper. When Chef is unable to do so, he passes out from the sight, which leaves even Chris visibly terrified at the events that he has witnessed and is barely holding his composure, knowing what is going to happen and that he is unable to stop any of it.
  • Total Drama Revenge of the Forever Mine: (Scott's POV)"I whipped out the heavy gold pendant that Blaineley had got from the lady herself, via some serious over-the-phone blackmail. Seriously, it was a verbal bloodbath-even I was a little disgusted watching it, and I've eaten fish outta Backwater Creek."
  • Total Drama Tweenabet:
    • Otis Skullzy does NOT like Sampson's attitude. Or Sampson in general.
      • He's also livid when he learns of Ub's blackmail over Ivy.
  • Total Drama Underdogs: Even at his worst, Duncan draws the line at doing permanent harm to others. He feels quite guilty at the possibility of Ezekiel getting lost or injured when one of his pranks has unexpected consequences.
  • Total Trauma: While he tries not to show it, "When They Heard" shows that even Chris ended up shedding a few tears when he heard Duncan committed suicide.


  • Yuuka Kazami in Imperfect Metamorphosis has a surprisingly rigid set of standards for an Eldritch Abomination; the problem is that they make no sense to anyone except her. She views courtesy and decorum as of the utmost importance (to the point that she killed the previous owners of her Inn room because they decided to scream in terror instead of greeting her politely), anyone killing plants puts her swiftly into This Is Unforgivable! territory, and while she is glad to protect children from harm she apparently doesn't consider raping them to be harmful.
  • In Touhou - Rinnosuke Manga, Yuuka has another moment. When the "Ultimate Sadistic Creature" is displaying concern at Rinnosuke's treatment of Aya (Played for Laughs as it may be), you know things are pretty messed up.


  • In Bonne Foi, even when planning to kill Bella after having sex with her, Edward made sure that she wanted to do it rather than forcing her even when he could have easily done so.

Warhammer 40,000

  • Subverted in Warband of the Forsaken Sons. In chapter 10, it seems like Jikaerus is unnerved by the fate of Governor Tarsis. But then he realizes that what he has done is no different, and that as traitors, they have all already broken their most sacred oath - what is one more ethic breach after that ?

Wander over Yonder

  • In this fancomic, Wander is struck with a high fever (to the point where he doesn't even know what's going on around him). Lord Hater shows up and is ready to try and defeat him, only to realize that Wander is sick and immediately drop everything to try and get him medical care, thinking it's "not cool" to try and defeat an enemy if they're seriously ill.
    "'Hater': For remember this! Nothing! And nobody! Shall have the ULTIMATE PRIVILEGE of DESTROYING MY MOST HATED ENEMY BUT ME! LOOORD HATER! AND THAT INCLUDES PUNY FEVERS! (Beat) So, uh, like, text me? When he's better? So I can know when, y'know, it's cool to get back to destroying him?"

Wedding Peach


  • Here Comes The New Boss:
    • The previous Butchers were largely murderous villains, but even they are morally offended by the Empire's neo-Nazi philosophy and "initiation rites" of murdering minority families. Given how many of the Butchers were targets of such persecution in life, including the first Butcher triggering while being the victim of an Empire initiation, this is hardly surprising.
    • The Butchers consider kids to be off-limits, with Nemean in particular having a strong maternal instinct. Notably, when Taylor is comforting a scared child she just protected from gangers, none of the Butchers complain.


  • In Return to Prince Manor Maeve, Queen of the Winter Court was upset with one of her sons because:
    I never kidnapped a Seelie royal daughter and subjugated her with a collar, nor did I presume to steal away two young scions of the Prince line and attempt to convert them to darkness. I played my games with mere mortal riffraff, never my own kind... unless they were my subjects and due chastisement.
  • In some Grojband fanfics, Alpha Bitch Trina Riffin might be a cruel girl, but she refuses to interfere with her younger brother's love life.
  • A common standard that Megamind is given by fans is that he abhors ill treatment of women. This is somewhat supported in the movie when Megamind sadly but politely accepts Roxanne's rejection of him, in contrast to Hal who has Entitled to Have You tendencies.
  • In the Pathfinder fanfic The Way of the Wicked (a novelization of the eponymous evil campaign), Mirabelle Barca may be an antipaladin in the service of Asmodeus, but there are some lines she won't cross. She only accepts to work with Adrastus Thorn after making sure he does not deal with slavery; and she expresses horror and disgust at the depraved practices of the daemonic cult known as The Sons of the Pale Horseman, vowing to destroy them even though this might risk angering her master.