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Video Game / Alien Carnage

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Alien Carnage, originally called Halloween Harry, is a side-scrolling platform game written by SubZero Software and distributed by Apogee Software. The game features 256 colour VGA graphics and background music in MOD format. Alien Carnage is composed of four episodes. The first episode was released as shareware, and the rest were distributed commercially.

In May 2007, John Passfield and 3D Realms released Alien Carnage as freeware.

The cartoon-style game features agent Halloween Harry, who has to save the world from aliens that want to take over control of Earth by turning its population into green-skinned zombies. Some of the enemies reference Aliens, Gremlins, and Elvis Presley. Harry is helped by controller Diane, who gives him information via a video link.

There is a sequel to this game titled Zombie Wars.


This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Infinity +1 Sword: The missiles. It doesn't matter what difficulty you play on, they will destroy all mooks with one hit.
  • Jet Pack: Harry has one, and it uses the same fuel as his flamethrower.
  • Plot Lock: The player must free every captive before exiting a level.
  • Shareware: The Office Block episode in Halloween Harry and the Sewer episode in Alien Carnage were originally this. As of May 2007, the entire game is freeware.
  • Videogame Flamethrowers Suck: Harry starts off with a flamethrower. It's not the most powerful weapon to have, and the fuel used for the flamethrower is better saved for the jetpack.