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Even Evil Has Standards / Queen of All Oni

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Queen of All Oni

  • When Tarakudo is conjured by Uncle and Tohru for interrogation, he compliments Jade's progress, and then offhandedly comments that she'd make a good consort when she's older. When Uncle and Tohru show their disgust over this, he responds that he did say when she was older, saying that he does have standards.
  • Viper may be a thief (albeit a reformed one), but she refuses to take part in Jade's plans.
  • When Jade contorts herself into a snake shape without knowing how to change back, she commands one of the nearby Enforcers to squeeze her until she shifts back to normal. Finn immediately backs away, as he finds the idea of putting his hands on a kid like that just a bit too discomforting, even if she isn't human.
  • Tarakudo considers it, but simply can't bring himself to abandon one of his own kind to torture and death, even though he knows her goal is to overthrow him.
  • When Hak Foo learned of Valmont's attempt to betray Jade, he mentally and internally reproved the idea because "philosophy of quid pro quo and contracts were the closest thing the mercenary had to honor". Note that, since "his agreement to Chan's girl did not technically cover this", he still decided to take a wait and see policy over that.
  • When Jade is forced by Ikazuki to attack Uncle's store, even to the point of using the (albeit unspoken) threat of using Molotov Cocktails to burn them out if they try to hide in the warded store (as in, she can't enter) to force them out, she seems to be a little ashamed about it, and she later admits that she wants to prove herself BETTER than the other foes the Chans have faced, NOT more underhanded.
  • When making a bet with the Enforcers, Jade says that she follows the standards she sets for herself. She does seem to be as big a fan of Exact Words/Loophole Abuse as ever, so when she needs to swallow a sandwich whole for the bet, she simply uses her contortionist abilities to unhinge her jaw, saying that while she promised not to use magic, that wasn't magic.
  • During Operation Steel Lightning, when Jade gives control of Black's body to General Ozeki, she orders him not to kill anyone when he attacks Section 13 as a diversion for her stealing the masks.
  • Even though Daolon Wong wasn't of any use to her, Jade didn't kill him (though she did keep him close and locked up, because she's remembers what happened when Shendu left Daolon Wong be after betraying him).
  • The Mexican mafia avoid using magic, as they find it too dangerous and potentially world-threatening. More specifically, they work hard to make sure no one accidentally uncovers the Vault of Endless Night and releases the evils sealed within.
  • During Jade's Villainous Breakdown, where she brainwashes Viper with Ikazuki's chi and turns her into her loyal general Hebi, she is profusely apologizing almost the entire time, saying that she would have preferred Viper willingly joining her.
    • In relation to the above, Hak Foo says that while he doesn't quite object to Viper's brainwashing, he's still disturbed by it. As well as by the depths of darkness and madness that Jade is slipping into.
  • Hebi states that even a dark samurai still has honor, and that's why she won't kill Jackie even when she has the perfect opportunity in the Hall of Ice, since he had just saved hers.
  • Even as far gone as she is, Jade is still shocked and horrified when Blankman kills the Old Master guarding the third tablet in cold blood.
  • Tarakudo states that he dislikes the concept of brainwashing, seeing it as a perversion of the soul.