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  • The first thing Jade does as Queen is to effortlessly rebuke Daolon Wong's attempt to control her by having one of her Shadowkhan knock him out. Then she talks the Dark Hand — even Hak Foo, who initially refuses — into working for her.
  • Despite them taking him off guard and them having all the Talismans, Jackie still handles the Enforcers easily when he interrupts their raid on the Vault.
    • Credit should be given to Jade managing to break the Dog talisman with her teeth, after everything else Left tried failed.
  • Jackie and Tohru's joint Dynamic Entry into the hidden chamber in Shendu's palace containing Kaito's mask are mostly a CMOF, but it's still awesome when you consider that together, they temporarily disable Jade, and take Hak Foo out of the fight altogether. By accident.
    • During the fight with the mask-empowered Valmont, Big V gets one when he catches the much larger Tohru with his bare hands and tosses him across the room. And then Uncle gets one when he single-handedly keeps Valmont matched during the fight, until he needs to help Tohru make the removal potion.
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    • Jade managing to turn the situation around to her favor by devouring Kaito's mask and absorbing his essence. Also counts as a Kick the Son of a Bitch moment; Kaito had it coming.
    • Likewise, Jade punishing Valmont for his betrayal by having him stripped naked and dumped in public. Then, while he's being arrested, she evacuates her lair before he can tell Section 13 where to find her.
  • Tohru scattering the masks in a museum display to hide the second mask's location, by launching a bench at the wall. Hak Foo gets a mention as well, since he doesn't flinch when the bench is thrown, even when it hits the wall right next to him.
    • Viper refuses Jade's "We Can Rule Together" offer by tossing an onion in her face, giving Jade the first taste of her new Weaksauce Weakness, and ending that particular fight right there.
    • Ratso — temporarily possessed by his mask — tosses Hak Foo across a room.
    • Uncle and Tohru going Back-to-Back Badasses against the Razor Khan (and this is actually carried over from canon).
  • Unfortunately an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, but Blankman taking out all the competition for the role of Jade's foreman in a fight in under two minutes is still amazing.
    • Ikazuki demonstrating why he's Tarakudo's Dragon, by effortlessly beating back Jade's Mooks and forcing her into submission.
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    • Jade's quick Indy Ploy Batman Gambit to capture Tohru during the attack on Uncle's shop.
    • Tohru shooting down Ikazuki's Hannibal Lecture about the weakness of humans by pointing out that humans defeated the Oni once, and that even now they need humans to do anything.
    • Finn, of all people, demasking Ikazuki, since he prefers working for Jade.
    • Jade reverse-engineering Uncle's shadow transportation spell in a matter of minutes and using it teleport the heroes out of her lair.
  • Uncle's Batman Gambit on Daolon Wong, followed by him and Tohru countering Tarakudo's escape attempt.
    • Blankman intercepting an apparent doublecross on Verde's part and crushing his hand.
    • The Sages completely owning both the Shadow Hand and the J-Team in battle.
  • During Tohru's trip into Jade's mind, Hero making his first appearance by saving him from Mother. Flawless victory.
  • Jade convincing the Bat General to pledge his loyalty to her. May not seem big, but it's her first real step (after getting the Teachings) towards claiming the crown for herself.
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  • Father refusing to join Hero against the Queen, while pointing out that Hero is shortsighted and impulsive, which is just as bad for Jade as the Queen's influence.
  • Operation Steel Lightning is actually very impressive, especially when one takes into account the fact that it almost succeeds, and is ultimately only stopped by Wisker's interference.
  • Left and Right attacking Lung's fortress to rescue Jade and mowing down his defenses. Right killing the bastard was just icing on the cake.
    • What we see of Hero's attempts to retake Jade's mind from the Queen. Makes it a real shame that their personal fight gets cut short.
    • Also during the fight in Lung's fortress, Left killing one of Lung's monster guardians with a chainsaw. It's as impressive as it sounds.
    • During Tarakudo's flashback to his rebellion, we see part of his duel with Hiruzen. When Tarakudo telekinetically launched a bunch of tiles at Hiruzen, Hiruzen jumped into a shadow with the tiles pursuing. He then reappeared among Tarakudo's troops, causing the tiles to take down a number of them.
  • Drago and Blankman's fight. Mostly because we finally get to see the latter in action, but also for how he ends it by whipping out a shotgun and blasting Drago full of holes.
    • Drago's fights with Karasu, especially since both times Karasu knows he can't beat Drago in a straight up fight, so his goal is just to keep Drago busy until the heroes can show up to beat him themselves.
      • Karasu giving the heroes the slip when they capture him. He's bound in a sutra scroll, his free arm held by Tohru, and he's being escorted to a warded cell in Section 13. After they refuse his offer of alliance, he casually comments that they should uses better sutras, then rips out of the scroll, winds Tohru with a blow to the throat, and then dodges the others to escape via Tohru's shadow.
    • Hero continuing to taunt and defy the Queen even after being chained up in the brig, to the point that she's left visibly unsettled.
  • The "wizard tank" move that Tohru and Uncle pull off during the fight with the Squid Khan — Uncle sits piggyback on Tohru and blasts all Khan in range, while Tohru smashes any that get through the barrage. It's even more awesome than it sounds.
    • Viper's fight with Right. Despite being sorely outclassed, she manages to get in a few good hits and even manages to disarm him of his katana. Unfortunately, he's got another blade, and uses it to beat her.
    • Wisker tries to shoot Hak Foo at point blank range... and Hak Foo dodges it. Wisker is left completely stunned (until Hak breaks his arm).
    • El Toro and Hak Foo's rematch. El Toro manages to hold his own, but is only able to win when Paco sets up some makeshift ring ropes for him to launch himself off of at Hak.
    • Father calmly refusing to surrender Home to the Queen, doing more to defy her than Hero ever did with action.
  • The Mexico City chapter is filled with awesome.
    • First off, Blankman is in a meeting with the the Mexico City crime bosses, where they try to intimidate him. Without breaking a sweat, he lists the location and weaponry of all their men, and points out that he's not worried. The scene then cuts to Blankman leaving, and the Cuban wisely deciding not to interfere.
    • Then, he gets back to the cathedral, and finds Jade has already opened the seal, which fried the last guy who tried to open it.
    • Next, we see Paco telling El Toro off for not being there to help.
    • After that, Tohru practically vaporizes the head of a zombie with a single blow.
    • Then, ALL of Blankman and Jackie's fight!
    • Nameless's entry, shattering the stone spire that had formed around his body.
    • Jade managing to escape Tohru's sutras, and, in an Unstoppable Rage, attack him, slashing his face!
    • Jade managing to find a workaround to the onion weakness... and then Viper throws part of one down her throat.
    • Ratso and Chow managing to escape a zombie pit, then Ratso hitting Viper with a rock and taking her hostage.
    • El Toro's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • Blankman temporarily halting Nameless, then Jade with her flying shadow fan managing to steal the tablet.
    • Finally, we have Jackie going Oh, Crap! when he sees Jade's dad in the shop.
  • In a meta-way, the fact that QoaO is the top JCA fic in favorites and follows, and second in reviews!
    • As of 7/14/13, it is now number one in reviews as well.
  • Jade chewing out her father before disowning him completely. Followed by Left, of all beings, giving Shen a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how he was unworthy to be Jade's father and threatening to kill him if he doesn't leave town.
    • Uncle and El Toro's treatments towards Shen when he agrees to Jade's terms and walks away.
    • El Toro pulling a Barehanded Blade Block on Right, followed by headbutting the dark ninja. Though Right then gets one by still managing to outmaneuver him and successfully abduct Viper.
    • While it's arguably a Moral Event Horizon, Jade's brainwashing and transformation of Viper is impressive in its results — she gains a new loyal Dragon, regains control of her own tribe and gains control of the Samurai Khan, and fundamentally shifts the balance of power in her favor.
    • A meta example — the author and his beta put the whole chapter together in four days, as opposed to the weeks past chapters have taken.
  • Blankman defeating what is implied to be the Slender Man!
  • Jackie snapping out of his Heroic BSoD over Viper becoming Hebi, fighting Hak Foo evenly enough that Hak needs to call on his Mini Khan to help him win. And then Paco finishes the job Jackie started by getting the mask off of Hak.
  • Arguably, Hak himself gets one in that chapter. Jade sent him after the J-team expecting him to lose and he was indeed beaten eventually. However, throughout the entire fight he has the upper hand and comes across as a serious threat to everyone, not to mention steadily wearing down the entire team, and coming within moments of victory.
  • Paco growing some serious cajones and giving Hak Foo a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    "YOU ARE NO TRUE WARRIOR!...You are a fraud! You call yourself a true warrior, yet you take pride in serving wicked men! You have no true loyalty, serving any master that can rent you! And you have no respect for true strength, eager to take the quick and easy path with dark magics! You have no place among the mighty! El Toro Fuerte lies struck down by a cowardly attack by your leeches, and yet he is worthy many times over. Because he had the strength to give up the false strength of magic, even after being its slave for so long. You, who would so eagerly put on the chains he broke free of, you must climb so high otherwise you would have to look up at even beggars like the miserable bug you are! El Toro cannot defend his honor, and I am not worthy, but I will carry it for him as best I can!"
  • Tohru taking on an entire swarm of engorged Mini Khan with a sutra-empowered makeshift staff.
    • The following chapter, he tops this by taking out several Samurai Khan with an enchanted umbrella.
  • Jade's off-screen battle with magic farm animals.
  • Jade's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Anton Mortimer is an excellent example of Genre Savvy/Leaning on the Fourth Wall, wherein she not only lampshades his inferiority as a villain and character to her, but also serves as an apology to the readers for having to deal with a rather lame Filler Villain after such a long wait for a new chapter. She then has her minions rob him blind and to top it off, Left gives him a wedgie.
  • The Old Master guarding the final tablet manages to take on Left, Right, and Hebi, the three most physically powerful villains in the story, and only loses when they gang up on him, something Left admits really has no bearing on his abilities.
  • Everything about the fight in the ice cave:
    • Jackie winning his one-on-one duel with Blankman by tricking him into breaking the spear he's holding in half, and then whacking him with the pieces.
    • Hebi cracking the door to the Hall of Ice with basic lock-picking skills, and then her and Jackie's skating duel in the chamber to reach the tablet.
    • El Toro getting the upper hand in his brawl with Right.
    • Courageous Conrad proving a competent fighter, even managing to wound Left.
    • Jade and Tohru's Beam-O-War. And even when he loses, he remains Defiant to the End, trying to get through to her through the darkness and her madness and pointing out that her homunculus' sacrifice means there's still good in her.
  • Tohru duplicating Uncle's shadow travel spell and using it to take him and Paco to where Verde is holding the rest of the team captive. And then fighting Verde to a literal standstill.
    • Miss Kimber using her foresight to manipulate events to ensure that the Shadow Man stays sealed, and Verde is defeated.
    • The fight between the J-Team and the Shadow Man is such a Foregone Conclusion that the story cuts right to him being resealed.
  • Verde sends his Living Shadow to assassinate Blankman... who guns it down with his enchanted gun without ending his phone call or even getting up from his chair. And then he tracks Verde down and forces him into submission, making him sign a Magically Binding Contract.
  • Jade singlehandedly breaking free of the trap the Elders' spirits lured her into, and killing them all.
  • Jade, in the form of a giant snake, traps Tohru and Uncle on an islet, and is about to destroy them... when suddenly, Tohru develops a Magical Eye that lets him see the setup of Jade's construct. This enables him to Attack Its Weak Point, destroying the snake form and sending Jade fleeing.
  • Jade uses Strikemaster Ice and crew as part of a setup to gain entry to the Vault and free the Generals. She then shows no surprise when they summon Tarakudo, even anticipating it, so they can settle the rule of the Shadowkhan then and there in an epic duel.
  • The Sages doing their best to delay the Shadowkhan incursion, and doing fairly well, even without any magic.
  • Tohru, after asking what Jade would do, and coming up with "risk everything to win the day", uses Tarakudo's mark to try and find the final mask.
  • Uncle calling Right out.
  • Captain Black's plan B apparently involves reanimating the Lo Pei statue.
  • Uncle getting the jump on the Mantis General by blasting his magic shield barrier until he can't see through it, blinding him, then sliding underneath it to catch him off guard. When Ryuk then tries to behead him, he easily dodges the blow and head-butts Ryuk in the same movement, before blasting him.
    Uncle: Piece of Uncle! Come get soooome!
  • El Toro challenges Kuro, who dismisses him as no threat. Then Paco comes up behind him and grabs his head, distracting him long enough for El Toro to hit him.
  • Hero, Father, and Desire working together to defeat the Queen.
  • Left slamming the mask on Tarakudo's face.
  • Blankman taking control of the Magisters, by means of his stolen Talismans.


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