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Shout Out / Queen of All Oni

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  • When Farmer MacDonald learns about Jade's Face–Heel Turn, he comments that she's "gone all Darth Vader".
    • In the same chapter, when he learns about the Hana Fuda cards, he makes what might be a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • At one point, when the Enforcers are entering the mansion headquarters, one of the house ghouls appears on the front door's knocker; Finn refers to him as "Marley".
  • When Ratso is trying to figure out how to use his mask's powers, he at one point blurts out "Shazam!!"
    • In the same chapter, Jade compares taking advice from a mysterious voice (Tarakudo) to ''Charlie's Angels".
  • The Dream Sequence in the third Interlude chapter is partially inspired by the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "Nightmares and Daydreams", according to Word of God. Also, when his attempts to communicate with Jade via the dream fail, Tarakudo comments that "Obi-Wan Kenobi never had this problem."
    • Speaking of Avatar, Left's use of a pair of broadswords is apparently based on Zuko's weapon.
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  • While breaking into Section 13 during Operation Steel Lightning Jade briefly starts singing parts of Bink's Sake
  • Ozeki's obsessive, fanatical loyalty to Jade (including referring to her as "the Royalty") and Jade's unease about it is meant to mirror Inferno's relationship with Megatron. Though one could argue there's a bit of Lugnut in there as well.
    • Another Transformers reference — during a flashback to Tarakudo's coup, he begins a duel with Hiruzen by stating that "One shall rise, one shall fall."
  • When he senses Wong's death, Verde compliments that it was a "good performance", but then states "wait till they get a load o' me."
  • During Lung's first appearance, Verde describes him as looking like "Ming the Merciless' Goth cousin."
    • Speaking of Verde, the description given for him sounds an awful lot like Dr. Facilier.
      • According to the author, however, this was purely a coincidence. Though he has admitted that his enjoyment of the movie is his reason for expanding on Verde's role in the story.
      • In a later chapter, it is revealed that apparently the events of the film, or at least something similar, actually happened, and that Facilier, merged with his Living Shadow, was made an Un-person only known by the Shadow Man and sealed away.
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  • Drago comments "Boring conversation anyway," when shutting a blast door on Shendu.
  • Karasu tells Tohru that he looks different without his scars.
    • In another possible Heroes shout out, the Matriarch has a pet snake named Mohinder.
  • The scary doctor auditioning to be Jade's new foreman seems awfully familiar...
  • Viper dresses as Catwoman for Halloween, while El Toro wears a Spider-Man mask when Hak Foo steals his.
    • At a different point in the chapter, El Toro asks Hak Foo and Finn if they are "men or snakes" for threatening Paco.
  • Hero's original plan for building a boat involved catching sea turtles.
  • During their fight, Blankman can't resist carving a Z into Jackie's shirt.
  • Ratso refers to the electro-swords as lightsabers.
  • When the J-Team first enters the Vault of Endless Night, a zombie alerts the other evils to their presence by pointing an arm at them and shrieking, much like the aliens in the 70s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • When Brother Grey is rambling to his captive apprentice, he quotes the opening narration to The Shadow.
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  • The lampshade joke in Chapter 19 is straight out of The Order of the Stick.
  • After learning of Jade's plan to eliminate him and the other minions, Blankman declares it "So... unwise."
  • During his fight with Jade, Tarakudo uses several of Piccolo's signature moves.