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Total Drama Tweenabet is a fanfic by CragmiteBlaster, creator of Total Drama Letterz and Total Drama Tween Tour. 26 tweens, all representing a letter of the Alphabet, come to Camp Wawanakwa, in the hope that they win $500,000! In a cast as varied as this one, almost everyone had some kind of strategy, lie, plan or way of playing the game.

Unlike the author's other works; Total Drama Tweenabet focuses less on Good VS Evil (like the TDL trilogy) and Coming Of Age (like Tween Tour) and delves into matters such as Gray-and-Grey Morality and the strategic aspect of the game, as well as a focus on interactions between the campers.


The story is now complete. A sequel is in the works crossing over with his other story, Total Drama Tween Tour.


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