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Alfie Touchdown: the Super Manly Guy

Alfie is a true man; totally muscular and a guy the ladies swoon over and a guy the wimpy guys wish they could be ... or at least, he thinks that anyway. Alfie is quite buff and just a few compliments about his muscles (two over the span of six months) has made him develop quite an ego. He believes he is the manliest guy around and that he is 'pretty much a big deal'. He's even more egocentric than Lightning and is debating referring to himself in the third person.


Alfie expects everyone to want to be his friends and do everything for him; he expects an easy ride to the merge and then win solo immunity every single time or at the very least not get a single vote cast for him. Unfortunately for Alfie, this isn't the Twilight universe, so this is unlikely to happen due to the girls (and EVERYONE else) having common sense and intelligence. But let's be fair though ... his shades are cool. Time will tell if he is as manly as he claims; Chris's challenges will be the perfect test of his manliness.

Betilla Shorty: the Villianess Vegetarian

Betilla is an animal loving girl; she believes that animals are our equals and deserve our respect. As such she is a vegetarian and even died her hair green. Unlike most tweens Betilla is quite fond of all kinds of veggies, especially carrots. However, if somebody mistreats animals or in any way hurts them (like eating a ham sandwich) Betilla kinda goes a bit ... nutty.

Betilla has two main moods; an animal loving sweetheart and an over the top villainess vegetarian. The later only appears if somebody hurts an animal or insults her beliefs. Betilla is very good at making traps such as pits, snares and net traps and uses this to great effect against her foes. In fact, when she is in her villainess mode she calls herself the 'Valiant Veggie'. However, Betilla is only a part time villain, when 'off the job; she is rather nice ... but anger her and you're for it!


Charles Johnson: the Bashful Nerd

Charles is a nerd, that much is obvious. He enjoys all kinds of geeky things such as roleplaying, school, reading nerdy books, watching geeky sitcoms and, of course, collecting pocket protectors. Charles is a straight A student, but he gets straight F's in popularity. Though he has his own social group (who you have all met already) the school as a whole doesn't think of him as 'cool' or 'popular', in fact Charles is on the bottom rungs of popularity ... but rather than being upset about this Charles just goes with it. He couldn't care less about popularity and wants nothing to do with those who judge him before knowing him. Charles is also very capable of standing up to bullies, albeit usually getting a harsh wedgie in the process.

Charles is very good at science, specifically chemistry. He knows exactly how to make stink bombs and itching power as well as being able to make a mean strawberry milkshake. One thing Charles doesn't have however is a girlfriend ... or indeed a female friend of any kind. Charles is a little bit of a romantic, though he is far too geeky and socially awkward to make a move. He has a collection of romance novels and has attempted to get in touch with his feminine side, though this has just ended in embarrassment. His social clique all have girlfriends to Charles wants one too ... but maybe he'd be better off sticking to studying. However, it is undeniable that Charles is talented at poetry.

Donald Youngblood: The Unlucky Chessmaster

Donald loves scheming and being in control. He likes to be the chessmaster and the one who pulls the strings behind the scenes as everything plays out to his advantage. He is good at manipulation, lying, sweet talk and is overall a perfect contestant ... or at least he would be if he didn't have the WORST luck in the world. Donald is the Universe's Butt Monkey and nearly everything he does goes wrong somehow. He tries hard to rule the school and win at things but his luck always makes things backfire in often hilarious ways.

Donald plans to win Tweenabet the old fashioned way, by making an alliance and manipulating those with weak minds into voting his way ... but chances are that this is going to backfire and leave Donald injured and/or humiliated. He's no evil person, but he does like to be in charge ... yet the last time he was in charge he ended up covered in tree sap which took a week to get out of his hair. Donald has vowed to win the show despite his atrocious luck. We've had villains where EVERYTHING goes right for them ... but how about a villain were NOTHING goes right at all? Get ready for cheap slapstick entertainment.

Edith Reed: The Illiterate Albino

Edith is an albino; as such her hair is snowy white and her skin is very pale; she gets sunburnt very easily and prefers night-time to daytime. Edith is fine with this and has learnt to live with it. However, she is also very dyslexic and has a lot of trouble with her reading ability, something that a few mean kids tease her about.

Edith loves the Harry Potter movies, but longs to read the books ... and she is obviously unable to do this. Edith tends to keep her illiteracy a secret until asked about it in which case she would most likely admit it and ask to not be judged for it. Edith also loves sugary sweets ... since her family owns a successful sweet shop (and live above it) Edith tends to sneak down in the middle of the night to have a midnight snack.

Flynn Fletcher: The Advertiser

Flynn is a bit of an oddball. He isn't crazy like Izzy or infuriatingly immune to karma like Duncan, but he is still odd. You see, when growing up his parents always watched the bidding channel where there were LOTS of advertisements. Flynn picked up on this and is now a full fledged advertiser for products he makes himself such as ... socks, for the low, LOW price of $19.95. His advertising is a mix between hilarious and creepy; it pops up at random as well. Still, his salesman skills net him a good profit most of the time, so it's unlikely he'll leave the show empty handed.

Flynn is also somewhat hyper and has a sort of annoying voice. Mixing these two things together results in him not being too popular; however, the teachers tend to rely on him to make fund raising events a success. Without him it's possible the school would be bankrupt by now. Flynn is also a big fan of the Battle for Dream Island series; his favourite character is Yellow face .... in fact, he even has Yellow Face on his shirt. Flynn is a mixture of a cheesy salesman and a bit of a hustler; he can get you anything as long as you pay the money for it AND listen to his advertising pitch as well. Oh joy...

Gilda Switch: The Edgic Ruiner

Gilda is unpredictable. Nobody knows what she is going to do next, not even her parents! The reason? Gilda tends to imitate everything that she sees on TV and in video games ... and in general fiction. One day she could be like really mean, the next day she could be barely noticeable and the day after that she could be utterly insane. Nobody knows why Gilda imitates everything she sees, but she just does it anyway. People often worry about her imitation obsession but Gilda remains cheerful ... or angry if her current imitation is of the Nostalgia Critic or something like that.

Gilda knows exactly how she's going to play the game ... in every way possible! Gilda is familiar with edgics and intends to get every single edit possible during her stay in the competition. From INV to UTR to MOR to CP to OTT Gilda is gonna attempt them a. She intends to get positive, toneless, mixed and negative tones. Gilda sure will give edgic makers a big headache, that's for sure.

Harvey Harbinger: The Lethally Clumsy

Harvey is clumsy ... actually he is very clumsy .... actually, he is THE most clumsy person in the world. He means well but always ends up crashing into things, knocking stuff over or simply destroying stuff simply by tripping over into something. The results of his clumsiness can be hilarious or disastrous such as causing a table of pies to break or causing a building to collapse. He is so clumsy that his Father uses him at his demolition company; all Harvey dos is walk around and within a few minutes everything has been demolished. He really causes more collateral damage than a tactical nuclear missile strike.

Aside from being absurdly clumsy Harvey is quite a nice guy who is decently liked by his peers,. even those he has unintentionally gotten injured. Harvey is optimistic and when he accidently injures someone he will apologize endlessly due to extreme guilt. Harvey is also quite a good escapist, mainly because whatever he is put in tends to break a few seconds later. Harvey is also quite agile and good at dancing, especially The Robot. He'll probably make friends and be good at challenges ... but he might end up accidently destroying Wawanakwa. Either way, he'll be entertaining.

Ivy Shiverly: The Saucy Cryomaniac

Ivy loves the cold and everything to do with it. She loves ice cream, always participates in snowball fights (and usually wins), sponsors a penguin in a charity and is a HUGE fan of snowboarding. Ivy loves the shivery feeling in her spine when she is outside in freezing weather, cold just doesn't bother her at all. On the other hand, Ivy considers Pyromaniacs to be worse than Satan. She hates summer time with a 'fiery' passion ... or should I say a frosty passion?

Ivy dislikes the fact that snow is so rare where she lives. She wants to win the prize money so that she can move to Alaska and have snow all year around. Ivy always brings her portable ice cream machine with her wherever she goes; she plans to make the other contestants delicious daily ice creams so that they will keep her around. It's a silly plan but there are people who have had dumber ones (coughSCOTTcough). Ivy is hoping there will be an ice challenge, she would dominate at it ... if she isn't distracted by making a snowman that is!

Joanne Blink: The 'By the book' Strategist

Joanne is quite an ordinary girl; she has a stable home life, a number of friends at school, good grades and a pet cat called Bobsy. Joanne is also quite a big fan of Total Drama; she watches it almost religiously and has studied every big move, elimination and challenge ... she's done it so much that she knows every word of every episode off by heart. So it's no real surprise that Joanne auditioned for Total Drama as soon as she got the chance. Joanne is, as previously stated, a fairly normal girl ... but she is determined to go all the way and make all the big moves.

To ensure her success Joanne is armed with 563 page reality TV strategy book written by some of reality's TV kindest, smartest and most devious minds such as J.T, Yul Kwon and Russell Hantz respectively. She intends to make use of immunity idols, form an alliance, throw challenges where necessary and follow the book to the letter in order to win the game. But can a book guarantee Joanne's success? After all, Russell DID help write it...

Kelly Loyalty: The Kind Hearted Cuddler

Kelly is quite a friendly girl ... maybe a bit too friendly. She is quite an optimist to the point of silliness and sees the good in people even when it isn't there. Plus, she loves hugging people, animals and inanimate objects to 'spread the love'. All of this makes her a LITTLE too friendly for her own good and makes her fairly easy to manipulate. Kelly makes it her duty to put a smile on everyone's face even if hardly anyone smiles at her in return. Kelly lives with her four sisters and hasn't seen her father in years; he was a ... well ... let's call him a complete d*ck to put it mildly. Kelly and her sisters were abused by him a lot. As for their mother ... talking about the 'incident' is the ONLY way to make Kelly cry.

Kelly comes from a fairly poor family; she and her sisters (three older and one younger) all have part time jobs to help make ends meet. The sisters rely on each other a lot but each are very different. Kelly is the middle child and by far the most optimistic. Her eldest sister Koral however ... resorts to some rather bad means to make money. Not crime, but still something bad. All Kelly wants to do is make her family smile and she feels that she can do this by winning the five hundred thousand dollars. And if not, at least she'll have made some new friends.

Larry Chen: The X-Box Live Arcade Troll

Larry loves the X-Box; he thinks it is the superior console and beats out the PS3 and Wii (though he doesn't hate those consoles or anything). His favourite past time is going online and trolling other players. Be it COD, Halo or pretty much any game with online mode he loves to scream into the megaphone, insult other plays or corpse camp kill others or even ... commit camping. Going by the Alias 'Letz Shake 62' he just loves to create havoc online. So far he has been blocked by around three thousand five hundred and twenty six players, and rising.

Larry is fairly decent to other people in his normal life; he has friends and a stable home life. He is known as a pro gamer, a proud Singaporean Canadian and the owner of a rather unnerving maniacal laugh ... but he has a really big secret, a secret that could ruin his reputation. What is that secret you ask? ... He is a Brony. Nobody, not even his family, knows about this and he intends to keep it that way. It is indeed true that he is quite a different person when he isn't trolling other people.

Mist Okri: The 'Fright by Night'

Mist has a bit of a problem. She isn't disabled and she has both a happy home life and school life ... but she suffers from absolutely HORRIBLE nightmares every single night which end up with her waking up with a scream in a cold sweat. Mist has suffered from this for as long as she can remember and can sometimes be somewhat sleepy; though unlike with Tween Tour's Darby, this is because she deliberately tries not to go to sleep so as to escape the terror.

Mist is an intelligent girl and, ironically enough, is interested in the study of dreams. She always writes down her dreams in a 'dream diary' in hopes she can find out a pattern in them and maybe not only find out what they mean, but also how to defeat them and be free to have a relaxing slumber. And also, Mist is far from defenceless, she, like Hannah from Total Drama Dictionary, is unusually strong, being able to lift three times her own weight ... the doctors say all the adrenaline caused by her nightmares makes this possible. Imagine what could happen if she wasn't so nice...

Ned Volonstov: The True Neutral

Most people in the world are clearly good or bad, but Ned is neither. He is completely middle split in the good vs evil regard and is true neutral ala the D&D alignment system. He isn't a bad person a all, but he doesn't like to take sides in situations since he thinks a balance of good and evil provides a kind of 'understanding' between the people of the world.

Ned doesn't like being the centre of attention and also doesn't like being put in moral decisions since he would have to choose something other than neutrality if a third option wasn't available. In most moral decisions he would simply flip a coin. Ned will likely end up as a go between for enemies or maybe a swing vote ... he would accent this but would remain neutral to both sides as he doesn't show favouritism unless it is to his pet cat Smithers.

  • Deconstructed Trope: Starts to freak out when he isn't neutral to Tilly's plan to get Xadrian eliminated.
    • The next time we see him, he has become depressed because of his lack of neutrality. When asked why he wants to stay so neutral, he explains that the only reason conflict and war exist is because people take different sides, and that, by staying neutral, he can avoid conflict.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Innocently Insensitive: When he begins to have opinions, he says some rude things, apparently not knowing any better.
  • The Philosopher: He has shades of this when talking about morals.
  • Ship Tease: With Veedle
  • Technicolor Eyes: His eyes are purple, which is probably the last thing one would notice about him.

Otis Skullzy: The Skullduggery

Otis is definitely a bit of a trouble maker. He's no bully, but he delights is causing mayhem such as egging the principles house, puncturing the tires of the principle's car, hanging the principle's mothers undies up the school flagpole ... the principle is Otis's target for a lot of his misdeeds in case you havn't noticed. Otis doesn't have many friends since he loves screwing with people. He doesn't really mean for any serious injuries, he just loves screwing with people. It's rumoured that he has serious OCD which compels him to do this, but that is just a rumour.

Otis also is a BIG fan of zombies and undead things. He loves Halloween (he eggs the principles house with ostrich eggs each year) and puts a lot of effort into making a costume which always ends up scaring people half to death. Otis doesn't bother with pranks, he just prefers straight up mayhem. He thinks that rules are a waste of time and that chaos is much more preferable. He also points out that order cannot logically exist without chaos. Hopefully Otis won't piss off the wrong people...

Penta Polestar: The Sporty Vietnamese Tomboy

Penta has always been quite a tomboy; while most girls would rather have a tea party, Penta would rather go BMX bike riding. Yep, she's a truly hardcore girl ... or at least, that's what you would think at first glance. The truth is that Pent wants to be girly but kinda can't.

You see, many of Penta's relatives fought in the Vietnam War (something Penta knows a lot about) and her family want her to join the military. Penta would love to play with dolls with other girls, but her *slightly* overbearing parents wouldn't approve of that, instead they make her go through military drills and learn how to handle firearms ... something Penta resents. They indeed love her, but seem to have decided her life for her. Penta is really just as girly as they come ... though she does immensely enjoy the sport of Tennis; this is something her family does support and for that Penta is grateful.

Quadesh Rustflower: The Right Wing Politician

Quadesh likes politics, government and leadership. She wants to become a politician when she grows up; but until then she is quite happy being Class President, a role that she won by a huge margin due to her people skills. Quadesh can lead well and listen well ... but her political views tend to be a bit on the extreme side. Quadesh is *VERY* Right Wing in terms of he political stance, past that of republican even. She believes that only one person should be in charge and should lead a country in a strong dictatorship. She believes that while the Nazi's were truly awful, horrid and evil people who deserved the fates they got ... they did have the right idea in terms of leadership, certain rules and how power is managed.

Quadesh rules her class with an iron fist ... some even believe her fist really is made of metal. She is the one who makes the rules and decides who will go and who will stay ... and by that I mean she decides who will be popular and who will be an outcast for being 'irrelevant'. Quadesh thinks the same will apply to Total Drama Tweenabet; she just has to get herself some weaker people that she can tae control over and make into her own 'secret police' to dominate the game. But in the past dictatorships have ended in disaster ... will Quadesh succeed where others have failed?

Ricky Rambo: The Grease Monkey

Ricky lives with his dad in Toronto; his dad owns a rather busy auto shop and so from an early age Ricky was surrounded by cars, oil, gasoline and wrenches. Thus he has not only grown a great fascination for cars and engineering, but also he has quite a lot of mechanical skill. For example, he created five go-karts from scratch for himself and his four friends (three of whom you readers have met already). He even carries his lucky wrench 'Bolt' around with him wherever he goes.

Ricky speaks in a sort of fifties greaser accent; probably because his favourite movie is Grease and that several of the autoshop's frequent clients speak like that as well. Several girls at school consider Ricky to be highly desirable, but Ricky is actually already spoken for. He is currently in a rather cute relationship with Elise, a girl in his class who loves monster trucks and soda. They go together like sausage and eggs. Ricky hopes that he can win the money so that he can buy his own monster truck ... for his dad to drive him around in since Ricky is too young to drive obviously.

Sampson Knight: The Leech

Sampson hates sports, her hates being active ... he hates doing anything that would require effort. He's lazy and a complete non participator. However, he still does very decently in school despite his extreme lack of effort. How does he do this? By leeching off the hard efforts of other people be it secretly copying their answers or being part of a group with the hardest worker, contributing nothing and getting a good grade due to the work of his peers.

Sampson feels he can easily win Total Drama with this strategy; he'll join an alliance with strong people and let them do all of the work for him. As long as he stays in the majority he won't have to do anything and can sit tight with a smug grin as he gets to the finals with no effort required. Once there his ex allies will all help him beat his last opponent and he'll gain the easiest million ever. Let's hope this works since when it comes to physical fitness, survival skills and the ability to do something for himself Sampson is useless.

Tilly Rodriguez: The Sneaky Twister

Tilly moved to Canada from Spain when she was seven, but she is still a Latina and proud of it. She has several Spanish keep sakes including a self made model of the Royal Palace of Madrid. Not only that but Tilly can speak fluent Spanish. But most noticeable about Tilly is her flexibility. Tilly is so flexible and twisty that it can be kinda creepy; she can bend herself into positions that would snap the spine of ANY normal human ... or indeed any normal creature. Tilly is her town's champion at limbo and can out bend anyone.

Tilly also has a bit of a temper; she gets frustrated rather easily and when she does she tends to subconsciously slip into Spanish rants filled with swear words. It's rather amusing to watch, but there is also the fact that she sometimes rotates her head 360 degrees to get back at those who provoke her. One can hope that nobody is going to troll Tilly lest they suffer her wrath. Despite this Tilly is quite a nice girl, she just gets annoyed easily ... and is a bit of a sneak. She's only playing for herself and won't hesitate to take out a friend if it helps her get closer to the prize.

Ub Valentine - The Blind Jewish Genius

Ub is considered by some to be a child prodigy; like Cameron he is very intelligent and also he isn't incredibly strong. He is a master strategist and is the undefeated champion at RISK club at school due his calculating and strategic game moves. He is also Jewish but doesn't press his views on anyone since he doesn't want to come off as annoying. Oh yeah, and he's blind too.

Ub had been blind since birth but is able to get by quite easily; he doesn't even use a blind man's cane. This is because he combines heavy breathing and his keen sense of hearing as a form of sonar in order to find his way. Ub is a nice guy, but knows that in game shows you sometimes have to play hard in order to win. Ub has a good set of morals, but isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to get further in the game. But unlike Scott he wouldn't resort to destroying his own team.

Veedle Mannerhein: The Strong Slapping Machine

Veedle, until recently, lived in Austria. She is of mixed Austrian and Russian heritage and also is very strong. She is dominant and doesn't take orders from anyone else besides her parents or football coach. Veedle is quite sporty; the more physically demanding the sport the better. Veedle doesn't like cry-babies who can't stand physical pain. Veedle prefers to be with strong working people who can take the pressure.

Veedle also DESPISES being called 'Veedy' which happens quite commonly. She will slap anyone who calls her 'Veedy' with enough force to leave quite a mark. It can be assumed that some of the other contestants will probably exploit this to get her angry ... but they might be left being fed through a tube. Veedle intends to be the last contestant standing and won't let anyone rob her of that honour.

Walter Bellekive: The Sneaky Crybaby

Walter is quite weak physically; he is probably one of the weakest people you could ever meet. And yet he is quite respected at his school and even feared to a degree ... and it is all because of his ability to fake cry at the drop of a hat. You see, Walter loves to get into fights and make himself look like the victim by fake crying so that the other person (who is pretty much always in the right) gets detention or even expelled in some cases.

Walter incorporates fake crying into his everyday life be it escaping punishment, getting special privileges or getting people to do stuff for him. It works on friends and family alike, though Walter has hardly any friends at all. Walter thinks that Total Drama will be easy as breathing; all he has to do is look like the victim, frame a few other people for attacking him and he'll be five hundred thousand richer. This could either be an effective strategy or will leave people wanting to throttle him.

Xadrian Earl: The Animal Abuser

Xadrian lives with his dad in a trailer park in a rundown part of the town he lives in. Due to being trailer trash Xadrian was picked on a bit ... but he doesn't mind this, since he is actually proud of his trailer trash roots. However, he has always liked to be out of the trailer and so developed a past time that works with his sadistic nature ... hurting animals. Xadrian has sent many innocent animals to the vet for the mercy injection or to the animal graveyard. If somebody picks on him he will simply kill their pet. Xadrian would never harm a human (well, hopefully not) but he delights in hurting animals.

Xadrian has been on the receiving end of a number of animal attacks hence his scars, but he bears them proudly as proof of him being a 'true man'. But really, is their *anything* manly about leaving animals half dead and bleeding in the road? Regardless of that Xadrian is quite a capable leader, but he is prone to taking some time off in order to skewer a bird on a stick or kick some rabbits about. It's even rumoured that he has a collection of animal tails at his trailer ... it would explain why the bodies of the animals he kills are found without tails...

  • Character Bios Always Lie: With his bio, he was shown as a downright villain... He's actually a nice guy, he only kills animals to survive, and he feels bad doing so.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After being eliminated due to a broken leg, he's distraught that he'll have to go back into poverty. Larry and Penta offer him AND his dad a place to stay after the contest, with Penta ensuring he'll never have to live in a trailer park under bad conditions ever again. Couple that, with him burying the hatchet between him and Betilla, he really won, in a way.
  • Expy: Safe to say he's got a bit of Scott in him.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: He receives a broken leg, thanks to Tilly taunting him. He's voted off as a result.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Much to the surprise of many readers.
  • Hidden Depths
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Missing Mom: She died when he was rather young.
  • Odd Friendship: With Larry.
  • Only Sane Man
  • Unexplained Accent: It c'n be a b't h'rd ta unerst'nd at timess; he cl'ms he g't it fr'm h's pappy.

Yoko Li: The Oriental Oni

Yoko has lived in a mountain monastery in a remote part of China all of her life. She has learned much about the way of Kung Fu, Xiaolin and many Chinese philosophies ... but when it comes to being practically talented at those sorts of things she isn't very good. Her class's teacher Master Fong has a lot of faith in her and has vowed to never give up on her. Yoko longs to see the world outside her monastery and maybe find out more about who she is as a person ... as well as who her parents are.

You see, Yoko is an orphan; she was found in a basket on the steps of the monastery one night when she was only two months old. Up until a few months ago she thought that Master Fong was her father, but she was told the truth due to being 'old enough and mature enough'. Yoko wants to find out who her parents are as well as find her place in the world. Yoko isn't concerned with the prize money, but if she won she'd give it to the monks who raised her since she was a little baby. But why would her parents abandon her? Did they not want her? Or was there another reason? Alas, we may never know.

Zanna Apples: The Cell Phone Addict

Zanna loves technology and her friends; she just couldn't do without them. She also likes social interaction. It was only common sense that she get a cell phone for her eleventh birthday ... and this was probably a bad idea. Zanna is utterly and completely addicted to her Cell Phone 'Reggie'. She is capable of sending 135 texts in a minute due to her insanely fast typing speed and her phone also has a huge number of functions that most phones don't have. It's sort of life a 'swiss army phone'; it even has a tazer feature for self defence.

Zanna cannot focus properly without her phone; she may be good at physical challenges and be reasonably intelligent, but if her phone is not within message checking distance then she tends to get jittery and very uncomfortable. It is likely that if her phone was taken away for an extended period of time that she'd have a nervous breakdown. Besides her phone Zanna really enjoys fishing, she considers it quite a fun hobby and would like to enter a fishing competition when she's older. She has several pictures on her cell phone of fish she has caught ... one of them is a Coelacanth if you can believe that.


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