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The Awesome Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • Meta Example: This is Cragmite's third completed Alphabet story. Most writers can't complete one.
  • In Episode 7, the teams were divided in to a battle of the sexes, and the girls were the clear frontrunners. With the help of blatant cheating and plans that were just Crazy Enough to Work, the boys emerged victorious.
    • The very next episode showed that this was a much-needed win as well, as the teams were now permanently Boys VS Girls, which meant that the boys inadvertently avoided a 9-11 deficit and what would've been a slaughterfest in the challenges.
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  • In Episode 10, Quadesh earns her stripes by standing up to Betilla, even if it was part of Kelly's overall plan.
  • In Episode 11, Donald, of all people, pulls off the perfect Zero-Approval Gambit, mixed with I Surrender, Suckers, when he pulls out the Chris Idol and with only his vote takes out Gilda.
  • Episode 12 gives us the long awaited elimination of Ub.
  • Episode 13 has Zanna using the idols and Kelly's backstabbing of Yoko and Penta to her advantage. She votes for Yoko, uses her idol to negate the votes casted for her, and turns her idol's negative effect to a positive (the Idol in question negates the votes cast for you, but boots you to the other team where you'd normally be in the minority) due to her boyfriend being in the majority alliance on the other team, guaranteeing her a spot there as well. So, what happens as the dust settles? Zanna is now with her boyfriend and in a very comfortable spot in his alliance, while Kelly must now deal with a very angry Donald and Penta.
    • Ironically, it's the idols that cause her elimination. Edith and Ivy's ally Otis is about to be sent packing when they bust out the Chris Idol, saving him, and voting out Zanna.
  • Episode 18 has Larry using an Idol that gave Xadrian and Penta immunity at the cost of their voting privileges this round. He then goes on to dominate the challenge alongside his Season 1 partner, Duncan, winning immunity for himself, guaranteeing all three of them a spot in the Final 9, where they'd have a large say in the vote.
  • Moral Event Horizon? Maybe. But, Tilly's Batman Gambit to eliminate Xadrian in Episode 20 was a good plan, even if it went a bit downhill.
    • Also, in this episode Donald using a sword that Otis found to fight off the Sloppy Joe Monster. For the record, this thing has kept Donald at it's mercy all season and Otis and Yoko always had to save him from it. This time, however, Donald takes a stand for himself and fights it off by himself.
  • For those of you who dislike how Kelly's been Karma Houdini-ing her way to the endgame will most likely enjoy every other remaining player in the Final 7 giving her a huge "The Reason You Suck" Speech, her allies abandoning her, and basically left to fend for herself.

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