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  • Pretty much any time a character (or group of characters) wins the challenge for their team can be considered awesome:
    • Fluttershy dropping her cowardly personality to jump off a high cliff into a lake filled with pony-eating sharks, after getting enraged by Gilda.
    • Apple Bloom taking on the leadership role for her entire team during a food harvesting challenge, managing to get them all to get back on track and get all the food they need.
    • Spike taking on Gilda in a dodgeball game, successfully catching a ball thrown at him - thrown so strong he is put in a full-body cast by it - to get Gilda out.
      • Before that, Rainbow Dash and Applejack teaming up to get Gilda out twice.
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    • Celestia, Luna, and Spike pulling together an act for the talent show at the last minute after the rest of the team is affected by Poison Joke, barely beating out the other team.
    • Trixie setting up a shelter and campfire, as well as gathering quite a bit of food, in less than five minutes.
    • Celestia, Luna, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy putting their wings to use to quickly propel their boats to the finish in the "travel to a distant island, run around it, build a fire, and travel back first" challenge.
    • Pinkie Pie putting her perfect powers of baking to use to provide a pleasant platter of food to Discord.
    • Pinkie proves herself to be a force of nature in the paintball challenge, keeping all three of her team's targets safe while coating the other team's hunters. "BANZAI!"
    • Twilight winning Nightmare Moon's boot camp challenge for her team by hanging upside-down from a tree branch for almost an hour.
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    • During the cupcake-eating challenge, Spike is pitted against all nine remaining girls and yet still manages to win.
  • Diamond Tiara's bullying starts getting on everybody's case, to the point where even Discord is disappointed in her. Out of all the ponies, who gives her a well-needed "The Reason You Suck" Speech? Cheerilee.
    • Earlier, Silver Spoon finally standing up for herself against Diamond Tiara is pretty cool.
  • Twilight and Rarity getting back at Trixie for manipulating the others to vote Apple Bloom out by putting fire ants in her bed is as funny as it is awesome.
  • In episode 10, after Spike learns that Silver Spoon is the current candidate for going home, he decides that he is not letting that happen. So he convinces Silver Spoon, Applejack, and Fluttershy to vote for Luna, which he does as well, sending her home instead of Silver Spoon in a 4-3 vote. We were taught this earlier in the dodgeball challenge, but the point's been gotten across again: Spike is not to be underestimated.
    • And later, in episode 11, Silver Spoon gets sent home, which absolutely infuriates Spike. After he calls out Rainbow Dash, who he thought should have gone home instead due to her attitude, the episode ends with him swearing revenge.
    Spike: *giving the camera a deadly serious look as he cracks his knuckles* So, they wanna play dirty, do they? Well, two can play at that game. I hope you’re ready, Dash. You should know not to mess with a dragon, no matter the size. Because, you see, a dragon... *bares his fangs* ...has fangs. Oh, and they also... *flashes his claws* ...have claws. Mess with the dragon, and you get the flames. Game on, Dash. *he crosses his arms as the slits in his emerald dragon pupils seem to flash while the cameras fade out*
    • Spike gets another one when he rigs the elimination ceremony to vote out Applejack rather than himself when he realizes how Rainbow and AJ are in love with each other. As he puts it:
    Spike: You took my love from me, so now I'm gonna take your love from you.
    • "Revenge is a dish best served hot...and it tastes delicious."
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  • Pinkie Pie has been one of, if not the, main reason(s) for winning three challenges in a row. Truly a case of Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass.
  • For Rainbow Dash fans, Spike getting eliminated definitely counts as one.
    • There's also Applejack giving back for her unfair elimination. As much as I like Spike, he had it coming.
  • Gilda punching Discord in the face when she sees him about to mock her for losing.

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