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Total Drama Tween Tour features Chris, Chef, several canon characters, and Forty OC's. Here are the tropes that are present.

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     The Host And His Crew 

Chris Maclean, The Sadistic Reality Show Host

  • The Ditz: This version of Chris has a habit of not thinking things through.

Chef Hatchet, The Scary Cook

Owen, The Big Guy

  • The Ditz: Easily the most gullible of the interns, which the kids use to their advantage frequently.
  • Gentle Giant: He is very friendly and gets along well with most of the tweens.

Noah, The High IQ

  • Deadpan Snarker: Par for the course with Noah
  • Noodle Implements: The only reason he is an intern is because Chris knocked him out and dragged him from his house.

Izzy, the Crazy Girl

Katie, the Sweet Girl

Bridgette, the Surfer Girl

Ezekiel, the Homeschooled guy

  • Unexplained Recovery: Averted; he claims he has had professional medical help and therapy to recover from being feral.

Tyler, the Jock

Justin, the Supermodel

Cameron, the Bubble Boy

Dawn, the Moonchild

  • Psychic Children: She is one, and it helps her locate the kids she's meant to interview in such a large cruise ship.
  • Those Two Guys: With Cameron as hosts of the Cruise of Loss segment.


     The Buzzing Bees 

Cuthbert Jasperbatt, The Oran

Cuthbert isn't very popular. It might have something to do with his arrogance, whiny attitude and tendancy to pass the blame onto others when things are clearly his fault and then claim everyone is 'ganging up on him' when they chastise him.

Cuthbert doesn't like it when people annoy him, which is very easy to do, and gets angry and whiny very easily. He is rarely, if ever, of any help in team activities. But maybe Total Drama Tween Tour will turn that around ... probably not, but maybe.

Darby Dozer, The Sleepyhead

Darby is always tired and half asleep. You see; she suffers from chronic insomnia and has extreme trouble falling to sleep. This leads to her dozing very often and not often sociolising very much. Darby rarely falls asleep and when she does she has extreme difficulty getting out of bed.

Beyond her insomnia Darby is kind and knowledgable. She speaks up to help others and is quite a nice person. Unfortunantly some people are put off by her half asleep sounding voice and constant yawning.

Karrie Tesla, The Ornithophobe

Karrie is a kind and cheerful girl who is quite social and caring. She has a decent number of friends and is decently wel liked .... but what happens if a bird turns up? I'll tell you.

Karrie is ABSOLUTALLY terrified of any type of birds due to a traumatic experience during a birdwatching outing with her parents when she was in preschool. Karrie tends to be reduced to a pile of jelly when a bird is in the vicinity. Let's hope this won't be too much of a hinderence as there are a lot of birds in various countries in the world...

  • Character Development: She goes from being extremely afraid whenever birds are in the vicinity, to someone owning a pet bird, and even deciding to attempt to save it when it's birdnapped in the Oregon episode.
  • Fiery Redhead: Averted; She's one of the nicest teammates on her team.
  • Flower in Her Hair: Wears a flower in her hair that Robbie gave her in the Amazon.
  • The Generic Girl: Starts to see herself as this after her fear of birds is conquered.
  • Imprinting: A baby eagle does this to Karrie when it hatched during a challenge. Needless to say, she's taking it kinda nicely.
  • Primal Fear: Birds
  • Split Personality: She shifts into a panic attack whenever a bird is nearby.
  • Second Love: She is this to Robbie.

Ling Yamamoto, The Karate Kid

Ling is a serious and strong willed girl who thinks honor and kindness are things that don't get enough appreciation. She has been training in karate ever since she was a preschooler, her dad is her sensai and has trained her hard (but not too hard) and today Ling is a black belt in Karate, quite remarkable for somebody at such a young age. On the downside it has made her very serious and not somebody who really 'goes to parties' so to speak.

One thing that irriatates Ling is the amunt of people who cannot tell China apart from Japan. It just irks Ling a little. Ling is quick to defend people from bullies and is very good at delivering flying kicks. She loves watching the movie 'The Karate Kid' and her favorite quote is 'One on one, no problem ...six on one, too much to ask of anybody'.

Molly Luya, The Religious Deaf Girl

Molly has a small problem. She is unable to hear anything and to her the world is completely mute. But despite this shortcoming Molly is one of THE nicest and kindest people you could ever meet. She is cheerful, sweet and basically what anybody wouild want for a little sister. Getting her to understand what you are saying is the harder part; but Molly can read so writing her a message is a simple way of getting her to communicate.

Molly also has a strong belief in God; she knows he is with her wherever she goes even though she won't be able to ever hear him. Molly feels the cold very easily which is why she wears winter cloths very often. Molly is, put simply, ... a complete sweetheart.

Oliver Stubeington, The Wise Diabetic

Some guys in the world have knowledge and others have wisdom; Oliver is the latter. He is quite gifted at school work and usually comes out with a number of wise sayings depending on the situation. Oliver is also, as you may have guessed by his stereotype, type 1 diabetic and thus has to inject himself with insulin twice a day. Thankfully he doesn't fear needles in the slightest.

Oliver does have one weakness; if he doesn't take his insulin his vision becomes blurry and he starts to go light headed and will eventually pass out. Thankfully he always keeps his diabetes supplies close at hand. Somebody would have to be a real monster indeed to try and steal his insulin.

Pablo Bones, The Nice Rich Kid

Pablo is rich and is in a position where he would never have to worry about money. but unlike stereotypical rich people Pablo is niether greedy nor nasty. He gives to charity and his best friends just so happen to be middle class. Pablo wants to share his money with his friends and give some to charity should be manage to win the whole thing.

Pablo's favorite movie is the 'Beverlly hillbillies' and he finds it to be a laugh riot and also finds it enjoyable to see hillbillies strike it big. Pablo may have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he isn't one of those wimpy cowardly rich people who hates doing the slightest bit of work, not at all!

Robbie Grawson, The Funny Guy

Robbie loves telling jokes; stand up comedy is something he really likes doing. Making people laugh is Robbie's idea of a worthy cause and he is quite good at it ... well; most of the time. Some of his jokes are VERY groan inducing. But Robbie keeps trying to improve and become as funny as his idols, the Two Ronnies.

Robbie may be a comedian ... but he's a TASTEFUL comedian. He doesn't tell any dirty or taboo jokes as he thinks they give stand up comedy a bad name.

Terrence Generlee, the Army Enthusiast

Terrence's family has served in the army for generations; due to this Terrence grew up with a lot of army get togethers and soldier keep sakes around him. This has inspired him to continue the line of work his family has done for all those years.

Terrence is physically quite strong and is a capable leader. He sometimes uses to much army slang and yells a bit but he is a good soldier and would never leave a man behind. Terrance particularly wants to be a tank driver. Maybe joining Total Drama Tween Tour is the first step in achieving his ambition.

Zora Flipperton, The Marine Fan

Zora loves the underwater world; ever since seeing Disney's 'The Little Mermaid; when she was in preschool Zora has loved everything underwater be it the fish, the coral or the shipwrecks. Zora REALLY wants to move to australia so she can swim in the great barrier reef!

Zora has high hopes for Total Drama Tween Tour; not only does she have a small chance at winning but she may also visit some truly wonderful places around the world. Zora's main interest may be underwater but she also likes the wonders of the world be they the pyramids, niagra falls or even mount everest! Look out because here comes Zora!

     The Rotten Roaches 

Amy Dove, The Spoiled Brat

Amy is a princess; well, not literally, but she was raised like one anyway. Everything she wanted her parents would get for her without question. She is quite haughty and stuck up and rather rude to those she deems 'beneath her'. Amy also loves fashion and being popular.

Amy expects nothing but the best for herself; she also loves it when people do things for her ... not that she gives anybody a choice though. One could wonder how she will cope with being somewhere other than first class if her team doesn't come first in every single challenge...

Dil Lattle, The 'Jolly Giant'

Dil is, as you can see, a bit overwieght. All of his family is like that and Dil himself is no exception. Dil is friendly and is generally liked at his school; he is also reasonably intelligent. Nothing too genius like but certainly not stupid like another fat guy who's name rhymes with 'Match'.

Dil's favorite food is curry; as such he is hoping that Chris will take the Tween's to India at some point if Dil is still in the game by then. Dil doesn't feel too worried about whether he wins or loses; life is like a stream and you've gotta go with the flow!

Gareth Roach, The Bug Boy

Gareth is ... unsettling. He has a seeming obsesion with bugs and talks of them as though they were his family. He owns an Ant Farm and his parents have seen him talking to them on many occassions ... and telling them personal things. Gareth's favorite creature is cockroaches and his art projects at school all involve bugs in some way.

One REALLY creepy thing about Gareth is that it is rumored that he can actually CONTROL bugs and make them do things for him. People who have crossed Gareth and upset him in some way have been found with bug bites all over them and left temporarily traumatised ... but this has to be a coincidence... right? In any case everyone at school avoids him.

Jade Volt, The Zapper

Jade REALLY likes electricity ... maybe a bit too much. She always carries her lucky Tazer 'Mr. Zappity' around with her to 'recharge her batteries'. Interestingly, when Jade hasn't been electrocuted in extended periods of time she stars to slow down and lose her energy. On the other side of the scale; when she repeatedly zaps herself she becomes completely nuts.

Jade is immune to pain from electricity (in a way like our favorite Sweet Sadist Uzuri) but she is in no way invincible. For things besodes electricity Jade has quite a low pain threshold. Then again; this isn't much of a problem when you carry around a tazer all the time is it? Think about it.

Jarvis Minter, The Nice Quiet Guy

Jarvis doesn't say much. This is because he doesn't really like attention and prefers to just blend in with the crowd. Jarvis easily gets nervous in crowds as well. When in group work at school nobody really listens to his opinion even if he has a good idea. Jarvis is used to this and just lives with it.

Jarvis is Latino but isn't exactly a 'dreamboat'. But he doesn't mind this as he isn't the type of guy who is a 'famemonger' in any way. If one gets to know Jarvis (which takes a little time) then they will learn he is a genuinally nice and caring sort of guy. He just needs to get over the nervous jitters first.

Jethro Blade, The Dirty Rat

Jethro comes from a family full of buisinessmen and lawyers. Due to this he has learnt a lot in the way of loopholes, cheating and smart talk. He's the type of guy who considers no tactic too low as long as it helps achieve the desired result. Jethro knows how to use his words to turn people against each other while he slides on through to the end.

Jethro is quite a sore loser and doesn't take defeat well; he plans on making sure he is never up for elimination, or if he is then he plans to place the target onto somebody else. Rather them than him in Jethro's opinion.

Lars Dragmire, The Bully

Lars is a rather nasty and mean spirited preteen with a love of picking on people who can't fight back against him. He loves twisting the wrists of younger, weaker people as well as vandalising the local park and throwing rocks through people's windows. The worst part is that he is very evasive and knows exactly how to not get caught.

Lars may hit hard but he hates it when people hit back. He has a very low pain threshold and, now this is in theory, if somebody hit him full force on the nose or in the gut he'd run home crying. Lars is really a big chicken but nobody actually knows that; they just fear that he might beat them up next. Even older students are wary of the guy who got sent to the principles office 200 times in one school term alone.

Natasha Polar, The Eskimo

Natasha lives in the coldest parts of the Yukon with her parents. She is used to the extreme cold and knows how to hunt animals for meat. Her favorite food is a seal burger (they don't have cows where Natasha lives) and favorite activity is sledding down the snowy mouns around her home. Natasha has never left the Yukon so traveling around the world will be a very new thing for her.

Natasha is largely uneffected by the cold and in fact kind of enjoys it; how will she handle places like Egypt and the Congo? One thing is for sure; everyone in the competition will be able to say they have met an eskimo!

Pandora Connelly, The Sad Girl

Pandora hasn't really had a great life to be honest. She's always sad and rarley smiles due to her permenant depression caused by a variety of things. Pandora is bullied a lot at school due to being an 'easy target' and has been shoved in lockers quite a LOT. Not only that but .. err ... don't tell Pandora I told you this, but her mother has passed on from the mortal world.

You see; Pandora's mother died in childbirth with her. Pandora feels this is completely her fault and this contributes a lot to her depression and self loathing. She is quite careful and nervous 'where she steps' so to speak as she isn't too good ni social situations. Some say that all Pandora really needs is a friend, somebody her age to help her get by. Maybe Total Draa Tween Tour could be the very thing to cheer her up.

Penny Super, The Over-The-Top Hero

You know people like Todd and Wallace who are obsessed with evil right? Well Penny is the exact opposite, she's obsessed with doing good ... and takes it to extreme lengths! Penny feels that taking a tag off a matress is pure evil and that letting evil win in ANY way, no matter how minor, is a matter of shame. Penny thinks of herself like Batman or Spiderman; others think of her as completely nuts.

Penny is quick to jump into a fight to save a victim from a bully ... but then she'll attack the victim for feeling satisfaction at the bullies pain. Penny wants to be lawful good but completely forgets the good part and instead adheres to the lawful part to the EXTREME.

     The Sneaky Snails 

Albert Jean, The Frenchman

Albert is French and proud of it. He can speak fluent French as well as english and knows a lot about historic french moments and achievments. He enjoys French cuisine and is a fan of painting.

One thing Albert can't stand is the 'snooty, snobbish and whiny' portrayal of french people in movies, it really grinds his gears! Albert is aiming to prove that the french stereotype is utterly and completely wrong.

Bonnie Onyx, The Pokemon Fan

Pikachu! I choose you! Bonnie is a big fan of pokemon and loves everything about it. The pokemon themselves, the plot, Team Rocket and all the games as well as the anime. Bonnie has cosplayed as various pokemon at fancy dress parties before and her bedroom is FULL of stuffed pokemon plushies.

If Pokemon was real it is fairly likely that Bonnie would have started her journey to become a Pokemon master a LONG time ago. Perhaps her journey around the world to win a million dollars is a little bit more realistic.

Craig Bodrock, The Shameless Ladies Man

Craig SERIOUSLY likes girls, he likes them probably even more than screaming fangirls love Twilight. However, no girls really like him in return. This is quite understandable as Craig doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'NOOO!'. Craig is a complete flirt and really wants a girlfriend. The fact Craig is only twelve doesn't stop him in the slightest.

Craig isn't the brightest bulb in the box and as such tends to flirt with a few girls who it is obvious he shouldn't (like easily angered girls who hate him). This has led to Craig getting a few injuries ... and most of them were very deserved, let me tell you!

Edgar Grundler, the Nerdish Know-It-All

Edgar is quite a nerd. He plays D&D, watches nerdy sitcoms, reads comic books and even does extra credit homework. One thing Edgar isn't however ... is popular. His only real friends at school are nerdish outcasts like himself and if anything Edgar is happy about this arrangement.

Edgar is a bit of a know it all and is quick to spot things other people don't. He is a bit of an intellectual, or in his own words, an 'underappreciated genius'. One thing Edgar doesn't like is Jocks due to how they treat people like himself. Edgar plans to win it big and finally stick it to the jocks.

Elvira Umcliffe, The Umbridge

Elvira is, to put it simply, foul. She has a big thirst for power and has a generally unkind attitude. What makes it worse is her girly condesending tone she takes when lecturing someone. The threats she makes to people who annoy her and/or upstage her are the type of stuff that would be found as graffiti in a outhouse in hell.

Elvira is somewhat sadistic and also has a huge superiority complex. She doesn't like it when she isn't in charge and she also despises the type of people who are fun loving and, in her words, 'mentally challenged'. Some wonder if Dolores Umbridge is actually her mother but THAT leaves a whole lot of questions that DON'T need to be answered.

Emily Ferrent, The Off-Center-Silly

Emily is bouncy and excitable. She is fast and funny and loves having fun fun FUN! From her pink hair to her green shoes Emily is as wild as Taz from looney toons. She doesn't really care if she wins or loses; she just wants to have fun!

Emily could be considered a spiritual successor to Izzy in some ways. Though she isn't as crazy she's still really hyperand has a love of living life to the full. And you all know the saying; you gotta have pink hair!

  • Betty and Veronica: Shares the Betty role with Bonnie vs. Ramona's Veronica over Vinsun's Archie. She wins... kind of.
  • Break the Haughty: She gets downright pissed after she accidentally stamps Vinsun's passport in a vote. After that, she breaks down in tears.
  • Cloudcuckoo Lander
  • Despair Event Horizion: Suffers from one of these after learning the truth about her cousin.
  • Genki Girl
  • Hidden Depths: She is really a computer genius, and a geek; the silly girl personality is all but an act.
  • Token Minority: She is one of three Black contestants.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Once Vinsun starts taking love advice from Craig and using it on Emily. Once again after she receives a certain phone call early in the merge.

Megan Paranor, the Paranormal Enthusiast

Have you ever heard of a character called Dib? Megan is like him ... and maybe even MORE obsessed with the paranormal. Be it bigfoot, cropcircles or even ghosts Megan is a firm believer in everything odd. One thing Megan believes in above all else is ... aliens.

Megan is UTTERLY obsessed with proving that aliens exist. This makes her a tad nuts and thinking that aliens are responsible for EVERYTHING that can't be explain be it lights flickering, toys going missing or the cookie jar being mysteriously empty. Not only that but Megan adores the aliens in toy story. Oooooooo!

Morton Himpson, The TV Addict

Morton is a fan of the simpsons, futurama, game shows, Surivor, SpongeBob and pretty much every show on TV. He's been watching television since he was a baby (back then he watched Sesame Street) and nowadays he has a literally encyclopedic knowledge of various TV shows of all genres. His favorite food id 'TV dnner' because he can eat it while watching the TV.

Despite watching the TV all the time Morton hasn't gained any side effects from this such as weight or eye problem; if anything it's actually been more of a help than hinderence. The only show that Morton seriously can't stand is Jersey Shore; he thinks it's completely stupid.

Ramona Tempest, The Mischief Maker

Ramona is a prankster and loves pulling practical jokes on others. Be it her ever trusty handbuzzer, banana peel or maybe itching powder Ramona is always ready to pull a prank! Unfortunantly, Ramona sometimes gets people a little angry with her constant mischief making.

Ramona loves april fools day more than any other day of the year and always goes all out to see how many people she can prank in one go. However; Ramona has learned the hard way that it's not a good idea to put thumb tacks on the chairs at a teacher meeting at school...

Vinsun Jackleflat, The Country Boy

Vinsun lives in a very remote area in Nunavut, Canada and has never interracted with anybody besides his family. He has a sort of hillbilly accent and is a very oddball person. Despite that Vinsun has a heart of gold though he would probably question how a heart could possibly be made of gold in the first place.

Vinsun is very much at home in remote woodland areas with little to no civilisation. He is very protective of his hat as his belonged to his 'great grandpappy Sampson'. Vinsun also takes great pride about his yokal family tree.

     The Spooky Spiders 

Bea Budson, The Potty Mouth

Bea swears ... a LOT. It is unknown whether it is force of habit or if she enjoys doing it but regardless of it all Bea swears and uses enough expletives to make Bender blush. Some say that Bea found her uncles stash of South Park video's and DVD's when she was young which led to her ... colorful vocabulary.

Bea is a tough girl and doesn't take ... well ... #bleep# from anyone! She also lives in an inner city environment which might have another thing to do with her swearing problem. Bea is looking forward to Total Drama Tween Tour and feels confident that Chris will allow swearing on International TV.

Benjamin Sark, The Backstabber

Benjamin is a backstabbing traitor, it's that simple. He makes friends, hangs with them for a while and then backstabs them as he moves on to a new group. It is rumored he suffers from something called 'Chronic Backstabbing Disorder'. Benjamin is always making new allies and breaking ties with those from the past. In a way Benjamin is like a locust swarm; he moves from place to place leaving confusion, delay and destruction in his path ... maybe not the last one.

Benjamin has the ultimate poker face and never lets anything slip nor does he break a sweat. His love of backstabbing is rather odd as he backstabs people even when it would be a VERY bad idea to do so. Benjamin knows his constant backstabbing will come in useful in Total Drama Tween Tour and will leave him two million dollars richer. Time will tell if he is correct or not.

Dexter Flush, The Guy Obsessed With Bathrooms

Dexter is utterly and insanely obsessed with bathrooms. The bathtub, the shower, the toothpaste, the sink ... he loves it all and isn't afraid of letting people know it. Unfortunantly, this small pinch of utter insanity makes people tend to avoid him; Dexter doesn't mind because obviously they don't worship bathrooms liker he does.

Dexter practically lives in his house's bathroom; he even sleeps on the toilet! One could wonder how long he'll hog the airplane confessional on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet...

Henry Rotor, The Helicopter Fan

Henry is OBSESSED with helicopters. It is impossible to have a conversation with him and not have him mention the word helicopter at least once. Henry wishes to be a helicopter pilot when he grows up; in fact, all of his school projects relate to helicopters in some way.

Henry has a few friends, only a few as most people are a little wierded out by his obsession. Henry simply calls them 'none believers'. One wierd thing about Henry, well, another wierd thing ... is that he regerley pretends to BE a helicopter. ... Yeah.

Sophie Songbird, The Loud Girl

WOOOHOO! HELLO EVERYBODY! Sophie is one of the loudest people you could meet; kinda like Mr. Noisy from the Mr. Men series. Sophie yells a lot and even her breathing is noticably louder than that of an average person. Sophie is energetic and as loud as a firework (and Bonfire Night just so happens to be her favorite holiday of the year). In fact; when she was a baby she would never stop laughing and making baby noises and her parents BEGGED her to sleep on more than one occasion.

Sophie enjoys gymnastics and going to parties; the latter because she gets to SCREAM into the microphone on stage. One could wonder if Sophie will deafen anybody one day...

Suki Fujita, The Medic Enthusiast

Suki REALLY wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She always keeps a number of band aids at the ready in case one of her friends gets a scrape as well as the fact she dresses as a nurse to show how serious she is about her dream. Suki is a slightly hyper japenese genki girl with a big heart.

Suki may be able to easily sit through medical shows about A&E but violent and scary movies and games absolutally terrify her. One thing is clear; if there is a medical challenge then Suki will pass with flying colors!

Ted Geiger, The Jock

Ted loves sports; he's a very outdoing and sporty kind of guy. He's a member of his school's soccer, basketball and hockey team's and has made game winning moves in all of them at least once. Ted isn't stupid but he much prefers gym class to something like ... math (shudder).

Ted has some 'brainless moments' and sometimes does things without thinking such as his MANY 'get rich quick schemes'. However, his heart is in the right place and he would always help his friends. Ted is, all in all, an outgoing thrill seeker who is also the leader of his own social circle. If only his common sense matched his sense of adventure...

Tony Jones, The Ralph Wiggum

Tony is, well ... very, very, VERY unintelligent to put it lightly. He has difficulty with even the simplest of tasks and sometimes confuses himself. Rumour has it that Tony is so dumb because he was dropped on his head as a baby ... though his idiocity could simply be natural ... who knows?

Tony is a pretty nice guy and has a large number of friends. However; he is VERY easy to manipulate, one could wonder what type of people on TDTT will use him to do their bidding. Then again; his dumbness could bring the manipulators plans crashing down in flames...

Vicky Joust, The Medievil Fan

Halt peasant! Thou shalt accept a quest from Sir Vicky of the round table or face the rack! That is just a typical quote that Vicky might say. She is a big fan of medievil times, with all the castles, knights and mutton feasts. She even acts as though she was alive back then. Vicky claims to be a direct decendent of Sir Lancelot but this claim is ambigious at best...

Vicky dresses as a medieval knight and talks like one too; she will only speak normally if she is firmly requested to. Vicky enjoys History class at school because of how much it teaches about the medievil era.

Winter Summers, the Bookworm

Winter has always loved books ever since she learned how to read. Her favorite genres include fantasy, fairy tales and adventure. Winter always has a book with her where ever she goes. Winter does well in school and is generally liked by the people who know her.

Winter's favorite place to be is in the library; she feels that books can metaphorically transport somebody to another world. One book Winter cannot stand however is ... Twilight. Winter just doesn't understand how it got as popular as it has.


Bedlam, The subconscious and alternate personality of Pandora, she wants nothing else than to see Pandora suffer.


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