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Fanfic / Blind Man's Bluff

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"Hey, guys... I know yer scared, nobody wants no one tuh die... but c'mon. If we calm down'n'think 'bout it, we'll come up with somethin'. We always do."


A Left 4 Dead 2 Nick/Ellis fanfic by ladyredms that takes place in a presumably alternate universe where the group doesn't meet up on the roof of the evacuation center. Rather than a campaign-by-campaign story, this story spins a different twist to the survivors' adventures, giving the universe a more realistic take while exploring their adventures during the zombie apocalypse in search of salvation.


But mainly, the story focuses on the characters, following each of their interactions with each other and each of them developing as people as well as learning to trust each other.

It's currently being revived and revamped and can be read here:[1].

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