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Set in the verse began by Lord Cavendish (Kingdom Hearts: The Third Epic), we find ourselves many years down the line, as the original trio of Sora Riku and Kairi now have children, as depicted during the epilogue of Final Confrontation. In all rights, it seemed like a happy ending.

Seemed being the key word. Several dark events are being tied together by a figure that emerged from the dark void of the Hell's Vortex created by Lord Cavendish himself.


A forgotten villain named Wolfang has emerged from the Hell's Vortex, having been apparently used to create it by Cavendish. Now, the children of the original heroes are the targets of the Sorcerous Overlord, whose name was once said with fear...

The fic is located here.

Tropes In General In This Fanfic

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  • Ax-Crazy: The new Big Bad does not paint a picture of a sound mental state whenever we see his perspective, even from third person. One can only imagine the horrors of a First Person Perspective Wolfang Chapter.
  • The Berserker: Setanta, the grandson of Cuchulain, displays hints of this.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Both Jonahs and Wolfang fit the trope. Fitting, given they are The Hero and the Big Bad respectively, so it seems they have a little Evil Counterpart thing going.
  • Blood from the Mouth: Ever since the epilogue of the last Epic fanfic, it appears Sora's been stricken with an illness. Whether it is a Curse or some sort of poison has yet to be seen, given the blood is black.
  • Blood Knight: Perseus Sarasho is a Deconstruction of the concept - what if a Blood Knight found himself in a place where there was no war to fight?
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: We've seen the lazy part of Jonahs so far, at least, but a side story not quite done reveals he's actually a very competent martial artist and swordsman.
  • Call-Back: A lot of them to the distant finale of the Final Confrontation fanfic. Including the heroes being the listed children of the heroes of the last series.
  • Came Back Strong: Jonahs, after basically being killed by a Dark Elf Elite Mook. He went from barely able to scratch it to kicking its ass.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The Hell's Vortex was mentioned all of once, as the place Cavendish got thrown in a Hoist by His Own Petard moment. Turns out there was more to it than just that.
  • Cool Sword: Aino gets one. The Keyblades are gone, but this may not last for long, as Perseus Sarasho has one.
    • In Chapter 3, Jonahs gets a cool new variation on the Kingdom Key...though it may come at a price.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Jonahs. So, so much. Eva gets in on the act at times, too.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Wolfang seems like a friendly guy, and is always very talkative with people, acting like your best friend. But as seen in the prologue, he has a nasty temper, and it is said he used a spell that made innocent guards end up Taken for Granite.
  • Fluffy Tamer: We see that Aino was given a suit of armor that makes him this toward Heartless. Wolfang himself likewise controls them.
  • Holding Back the Phlebotinum: Rather than use The Dragon Balls, people simply allowed life to occur as it will. Wolfang calls out this mentality, and dubs it selfish of Sneer to hold things back that could help people to such a degree, when as Wolfang put it "he never lost a loved one". Though this may be rich, coming from him.
  • In-Series Nickname: Lirh Sarkhan refers to Wolfang as "Old Black-Wings", and a number of characters call him variations on this.
  • In the Blood: Sora is introduced in Kingdom Hearts laying around. Guess how his son Jonahs is introduced?
    • Averted with Eva - she's a descendant of the Big Bad - and she's just as committed as Jonahs to stopping him.
  • Legendary Weapon: Wolfang hands these out like candy to people he thinks can excite the universe into open warfare.
    • Jonahs is also the newest bearer of the Keyblade, possibly passed down from Sora.
  • Mind Rape: Poor old Sora takes one from the Humanoid Abomination Big Bad Wolfang Richler, combined with "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Ruthless Modern Pirates: Lirh Sarkhan. Despite sailing around in the classic old pirate ship, even previously owned by Captain Hook himself, Lirh is a ruthless young man who leads his forces through a healthy dose of respect and fear. His plunders are most often accompanied by massive casualty numbers, and he's one of the Most Wanted Pirates in the Worlds.
  • Shirtless Scene: Mordryd, after Wolfang made one of the guards harassing him into ooze.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Wolfang's power can also be used to simply make people explode into "puddles of red pulp".
  • Spin-Offspring: The heroes of this story are the sons and daughters of the heroes of the last story. The villains are mostly young people descended from people who were heroes, or who were villains the old heroes fought before. Some are even related to the forces that killed the Disney characters, such as Mordryd being the Spoiled Brat son of the sorceress who "killed" Donald.
  • Taken for Granite: In two ways, technically - and both incidents done by the same guy. Wolfang seems to like turning people into either stone or sand.
  • Teleport Spam: Wolfang does this a lot, moving around hectically.
  • Troll: Both The Hero And the Big Bad. But in vastly different ways - while Jonahs is a well meaning, if mischievous guy with a taste for snarkery and the witty one liner, Wolfang is a malicious trickster that ruins people's lives simply to gratify his own need for excitement.
  • Villain Team-Up: Wolfang seems to be organizing one. Going by who he has contacted so far, it may well involve Perseus Sarasho, Aino and Linda Linoak, Mordryd, and Claiom D'Orlia. However, it has not been officially constructed yet, and Sarasho seems to be waiting to both get an opportunity and see if this is worth it.
    • It has now expanded to include Disney Properties, including the likes of Doctor Doom and Loki. Other OC villains include the likes of Lirh Sarkhan.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: As usual, if a Keyblade is Choosing someone, you can only divert it from one to another. Someone is gonna wield it.

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