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Even Evil Has Standards / Code Prime

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Code Prime

With two different major powers that are evil yet have some virtues, this is bound to happen in Code Prime.
Holy Britannian Empire
  • While they couldn't care less for those not of their national heritage, Britannians for the most part will balk at the idea of willingly sacrificing their own.
  • A downplayed version with Cornelia in Chapter 19. While she doesn't do anything to stop Airachnid from killing in the ghettos since her victims are Japanese people/Elevens, she is still horrified and sickened by the mutilated states of the ex-Decepticon's victims. Later played straight in Chapter 32. While she opposes Euphemia's decision to create the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, she is ultimately angered and disgusted when she learns that Megatron used the SAZ to incite a massacre by kidnapping Euphie and using a Pretender in her image to carry out the massacre.
  • Schneizel may be willing to sacrifice his soldiers and family members to carry out his plans, and he may be willing to ally with the Decepticons to do so, but even he's in complete shock at the amount of death Megatron causes at the SAZ.
    • Likewise, Nonnette, Gino, and Monica are horrified by the SAZ Massacre, with Gino even trying to stop Vehicon troopers from shooting on civilians, and Monica calling the massacre insanity.
  • In R2, Guilford is a Britannian, but during the plan to revolt and free the slaves from Thunderhoof's Energon mine, even he shows frustration when two of the collaborators (Mrs. Ashford and Mrs. Stadtfeld) still had discriminatory views regarding 'the Elevens'. Especially since all of the slaves include civilians, former rebels, and former soldiers of the fallen Britannian Empire.
  • Even Marianne was completely horrified when she sees that Megatron turned her preserved corpse into a battery for the Dark Queen Knightmare.



  • It's clear Mao thinks that Lelouch seeing Optimus like a father figure is ridiculous to him, but after what he glimpsed from Lelouch's mind of what Charles Zi Britannia is like, he doesn't blame him for trying to find a new dad.