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While The Mysterious Mr. Enter focuses more on critique than comedy, there's still a fair amount of humor to be had here.

All spoilers are unmarked.

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     MLP: Friendship Is Magic Reviews 
Look Before You Sleep

The Cutie Mark Chronicles

  • This moment:
    Mr. Enter: In Rarity's backstory, she's making costumes for the school play when her horn somehow gets a mind of its own and starts dragging her to hell and back. I like where this is going. Actually, it eventually leads her to a boulder.
    SpongeBob: It's not just a boulder, it's a rock!
    Young Rarity: A rock? That's my destiny?

Party Of One

Mr. Enter: And Rainbow Dash shows up, of course she does. NO WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT.

The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Mr. Enter: This episode starts at... BronyCon? No, it's actually the Rainbow Dash Fan Club. So yeah, BronyCon.

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 600

Hearts And Hooves Day

  • As stated in Relax-o-Vision on the main page, his review of this episode is considered by many to be his funniest MLP review thanks to a skit where he gets into an argument with the Snark Knight, while showing a series of AMV Hell-style pony videos.
  • His own snark is also top-notch:
    Sweetie Belle: How could somepony as amazing as you not have a very special somepony on Hearts and Hooves Day?
    Mr. Enter: Because the staff doesn't want to piss off the shippers.
  • And again:
    Mr. Enter: The CMC set up a picnic and try to get Cheerilee and Big Mac together. Since they're not idiots, and this isn't a terrible Ship Fic, they don't get together.

Putting Your Hoof Down (Original Review)

  • Mr. Enter asks if Fluttershy is flipping the bird in one scene.

MMMystery On the Friendship Express

The Crystal Empire

  • All of his guesses as to what "it" means.

Too Many Pinkie Pies

  • His reaction to the infamous G3 reference in "Too Many Pinkie Pies".
    Mr. Enter: OH GOD! KILL IT WITH FIRE! (clone is zapped) Thank you (gives it a point).

Sleepless In Ponyville

Mr. Enter: Rainbow Dash is about to tell another one of her ghost stories, but Scootaloo decides that she's got a better one. In fact, she probably tells the scariest story imaginable.
Scootaloo: There once was a really, really nice pony who lived in a bright and sunny land...
Mr. Enter: G3 MLP! Rainbow tells her not to tell that story because it might scar Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom for life.

Keep Calm & Flutter On

Rainbow Dash: Try us, dip-cord.
Mr. Enter: Wait, did she say dick-cord?
Rainbow Dash: Try us, dip-cord.
Mr. Enter: I hear dick-cord. AWESOME! (gives the episode a point)

Flight To The Finish

  • Mr. Enter's response to "the episode" referencing other episodes he doesn't like.
    Mr. Enter: Ed Valentine, STOP MOCKING ME!

Pinkie Pride

  • Just as Pinkie Pie has decided what to do and there's a fade in on her eyes, Enter has to tell himself to "must not make reference" to Cupcakes while there are clips of Pinkie Pie with cupcakes flashing on the screne.
    "I think I failed."
  • His reaction to seeing Gummi (who in this case is a live-action alligator on a log)

Simple Ways

  • While discussing the formulaic nature of this episode, we cut to a book, "Writing 101: Peggy Hill Approved".

Filli Vanilli

  • Mr. Enter narrates to the point when Fluttershy accidentally knocks down the curtain and is exposed as the real singer.
    Mr. Enter: Then the Pony Tones become the subject of many gossip columns and the target of over two dozen lawsuits—oh, we're not going that far with the reference, okay.

Trade Ya

  • The stinger at the end of his review says "Moldorm has become a cheeseburger."

Inspiration Manifestation

  • Mr. Enter deducts a point for using the tired old joke of an owl saying "Hoo/Who".
    Mr. Enter: *Takes off a point* That joke's not funny. It was never funny. Stop trying to make it funny.
  • Enter references Joshscorcher in the same review.
    Enter: The book causes a lime green swirl to be absorbed by Rarity's horn...
    Josh: And as we all know, everything lime green is evil. No seriously, everything lime green is evil.
    Enter: *shows a picture of him declaring his favorite soda to be Mountain Dew* Oh NOOO....
  • And later, when Spike eats the book...
    Enter: Huh, I wonder what evil magic tastes like?
    Hilarious Caption: It tastes like Mountain Dew.

Equestria Games

Ms. Harshwhinny: Next thing you know, you'll be asking to put on a rock concert. (poster from Rainbow Rocks is shown)
Mr. Enter: You gave Hasbro, that idea DIDN'T YOU?

Twilight's Kingdom

Mr. Enter: ... Oh wait, it's Rafiki.
[Tirek consumes the Unicorn's magic]
Mr. Enter: Oh... Rafiki never did that.
  • The outtakes at the end.
    Mr. Enter: And then Tirek throws the Princesses into tartar sauce... shit. [giggles]
    Twilight Sparkle: As the Princess of Friendship, I will not fail my duty!
    [Mr. Enter tries to hold back his laughter with a raspberry]


     Animated Atrocities 1- 2 
  • Near the end of his collaboration review of "A Pal For Gary", after the infamous scene where Spongebob is demanding that Gary put down the monster that is eating Gary, Mr. Enter excuses himself. Thomasmemorycentral tears apart the ending, while we hear Mr. Enter going on a rampage, starting with what sounds like gunshots and going into glass breaking and firecrackers.
    • This moment:
      Thomasmemorycentral: I think these story-boarders and scriptwriters want us to break our TVs.
      Mr. Enter: Y-yeah, I'm sure they do. But... we'd never give them the satisfaction of actually having it happen.
      (clip of someone throwing a TV out of a 3-story window, captioned "My house January 2nd, 2010-"A Pal for Gary" Airdate")
  • From "A Charming Birthday".
    Mr. Enter: Jeez, I wonder what they're going to do in a real crisis. H-hey guys, that house is still on fire!
    [ponies all cheer]
    Mr. Enter: No, seriously, it's catching the entire neighborhood on fire, and th-the extinguisher is missing! How do I put it out?
    G3 Rainbow Dash: Rainbows, darlings. Rainbows.
    • Later in the episode, he only has this to say after a display of utter ditziness from the main character: "How... do you breathe?"
  • The thumbnail for the "Johnny's Royal Flush" review depicts Mr. Enter happily ready to chow down on Fish Johnny. His evil grin is what sells it.
  • During his review of "Stuck In The Wringer":
    Spongebob: What's that, Patrick? I couldn't hear you with all the lonely voices in my head.
    Mr. Enter: Torture Squidward torture Squidward torture Squidward torture Squidward torture Squidward torture Squidward—
    Spongebob: (laughs) I love that part.
  • In The Groovenians, Mr. Enter mentions that Jet falls onto his "Lego lawn", before adding "Ouch!"
  • His friendship letter in his review of "It's a Wishful Life".
    Dear Princess Celestia,

    Today I learned that if I don't appreciate someone's hard work done for me out of charity, I shouldn't worry about it. Heck, I can even yell at them for it. And if that leads them to feel unappreciated to the point where they're questioning their own existence, it's their problem and not mine. They should keep doing these deeds for me no matter how much apathy I give. SCREW. YOU.

    Your faithful student,
    Mr. Enter
  • Madballs: Gross Jokes for his continually Tempting Fate and the utterly dumbfounded expressions throughout, such as the Rock Bottom gag.
    • Then there's his reaction to the cartoon's warning:
      Mr. Enter: Look, if my warning wasn't good enough for you, they give you one!
      Announcer: The following program contains scenes which may offend some viewers...
      Mr. Enter: By some viewers, they mean anyone with a brain.
      Announcer: ...others may experience mild discomfort, nagging backache, post-nasal drip, and delirium...followed by rapid heartbeat, swelling of the nose, throat and abdomen and loss of facial hair.
      Mr. Enter: If you touch one hair of my beard, I will kill you... *shot of a fork* with. This. Fork!
      Announcer: Repeated viewing of this tape may result in the loss of one's bodily functions, re-distribution of facial features, premature baldness, and a difficulty in forming simple sentenc-c-ces.
      Mr. Enter: It's funny because everything I review I need to watch at least twice. And that's not counting how much I see the clips during editing.
      Announcer: So, if you're seriously considering a rewarding, challenging career as a lawn ornament... this is the show for YOU!
      Mr. Enter: *Beat* Uh... I've got nothing! By the way, that's the highlight of the comedy in this thing. And we haven't even started yet!
      Announcer: Grosser than a mouthful of brussel sprouts!
      Mr. Enter: Excuse me, was that some kind of half-assed attempt at a joke?
      Announcer: More tasteless than a cube of tofu!
      Mr. Enter: Wow, they're actually calling their own jokes tasteless. Hey, they said it, not me.
      Announcer: More revolting than Mom's latest casserole!
      Mr. Enter: That looks like spaghetti. Spaghetti isn't a casserole, dumbass!
  • The sound of Mr. Enter breaking windows off-screen during Meg's conversation with Brian on his review of "Seahorse Seashell Party".
    • And before that, there's Mr. Enter's wish on what he wants to do to Peter.
      Mr. Enter: Peter, I wanna shove a shotgun up your ass so badly! I'm just afraid that I'll get covered in your shit if I do!
  • From his review of The Hunchback of Notre Dame II where an old man complains that during the circus his life savings were stolen:
    Mr. Enter: Who the fuck brings their life savings to a circus?!
    • Another good one is the use of Jeopardy! Thinking Music to illustrate how long it takes Phoebus to come to an obvious conclusion.
  • His response to SpongeBob asking Squidward to visit his house in his review of "Squid's Visit".
    Mr. Enter: Please get into my van, Squidward! It's been so long!
    • From the same video:
      Mr. Enter: Patrick is at SpongeBob's house, and—OH MY GOD IT'S THE FOREVER GLUE!
  • Mr. Enter sums up "Arthur's Big Hit" perfectly:
    Mr. Read: Well, maybe that's how DW felt when you punched her.
    Mr. Enter: Haha, you're getting physically bullied at school! Karma's a bitch, huh, son?
  • Also, in his "Lupe's Revenge" review. One moment that stands out, similar to the above MLP example, is when Mr. Enter sounds like he's going to be pissed at Peggy's stupidity leading kids to see a chicken's head getting cut off...only to similarly declare "AWESOME!".
  • The first fault of "Ball of Revenge" is a Ben 10 screen bug.
  • In Tentacolino:
    Mr. Enter: He sees Elizabeth and recognizes her for some reason, and tries to pull the bathysphere off the ground. (in a sarcastic tone of voice, as the screen goes black) And then Captain Planet comes by riding his golden chariot driven by pink and green sea ponies to take the humans to the magical kingdom of Atlantis.
    [cuts to the movie showing exactly that, complete with a guy actually bearing a striking resemblance to Captain Planet]
    Mr. Enter: No, this isn't jumping the shark. They did that LOOOOOONG before this movie even started. Right now, I don't even know what to call this. We are on a crazy train going off the rails.
  • During his review of "Atlantis Squarepantis", he notes that Lord Royal Highness is voiced by David Bowie.
    Caption: Celebrities in need of a paycheck: 1
    Mr. Enter: Hey! Go back to Cinematic Excrement! I only use my own jokes, thank you.
    Caption: Celebrities in need of a paycheck: Fuck you then.
  • Him playing the "I'm going to punch your face... in the face!" audio clip when Patrick punches his talking forehead in his "Spongebob, You're Fired!" review.
  • His Chicken Little review is hilarious just because of how above and beyond he expresses his utter hate for Buck, which he does constantly, in this, one of his longer reviews.
    • The best occasion has to be after Buck's incredibly hypocritical "You have to be willing to listen to your children, even if they have nothing to say" line. Mr. Enter hears this and is none too pleased how far it goes against everything Buck has been doing for the past hour and is left completely speechless by it. He then goes on another rampage, this time with gunshots involved.
    • His reaction to Buck apologizing to Chicken Little.
      Mr. Enter: Uh-huh. No. First of all, YOU'RE AWFUL! Second of all, that's too little, too late. Third, YOU'RE AWFUL! Fourth, that clearly wasn't love earlier, that was neglect. Fifth, YOU'RE AWFUL!!! And finally, probably the most important thing, ALIENS!!!!!!
    • When the aliens leave, he points out the possibility of Buck going back to square one or becoming worse if the incident wears off or Chicken Little does something out of the ordinary again, and says that Buck learned nothing. He finishes it off with:
      Mr. Enter: Anyone else in the mood for some KFC?
  • At times, where he says "Pointing out your problems does not make them go away."
  • In his review of "Mrs. Gorf", he points out all the differences between the episode and the books. One of them...
    Mr. Enter: In the books, Mrs. Gorf was their original teacher. Here, she's just a substitute, and yes, little changes like that don't matter but I'm on a roll here.
    • And when he gets to a point in the episode where Mrs. Gorf turns Myron into a potato instead of an apple for no discernible reason:
      Mr. Enter: And then she turns Myron into a potato because potatoes. Wait, what?
  • In his "Top 10 Worst Squidward Torture Porns" list, he gets stressed when the writers make the implications that Patrick was able to get into the concert by either vomiting or shitting out his tickets.
    "What's with these episodes and their implications of shit?"
  • In "Princess Promenade", there is a scene involving a weed...
    G3 Pinkie Pie: It kinda looks like a weed.
    Wisteria: NO! I don't want to hear it!
    Mr. Enter: Weed. Weed. Weed. Weed. Weed. Weed. Weed. Weed. Weed. Weed. Weed. Weed.
    * a snippet of "A Bag of Weed" plays*
    • A short while later...
      Mr. Enter: They come across a flower and... a mound of purple shit... I'm not trying to be creative or vulgar with my language, that REALLY looks like a pile of purple shit.
    • Also, anytime he calls characters out of their stupidity.
  • Getting Sanjay and Craig's names mixed up in his "Fart Baby" review.
  • The ending of the "Cold War" review.
    Chum Chum: Wanna go play out in the rain?
    Mr. Enter: Oh GOOD, a Book End! I hear they make GREAT bludgeoning weapons, I hear! Time to find out. I'll see you guys next time!
    (he proceeds to beat them with it throughout the credits until the Final Fantasy victory fanfare plays)
    • From the same review:
      Mr. Enter: This is Kyle. He's Squidward, but a wizard.
    • Also, at the end of his reviews he typically lists who wrote the episode in question. For this one?
      Ending Text: Fanboy and Chum Chum is owned by Nickelodeon. I don't care who wrote this shit
  • From his Breadwinners review:
    Mr. Enter: Oh, replacing words and syllables with your animal species' name. I haven't heard THAT one before.
  • His "Positively Pink" review where he takes his Alternative Character Interpretation of Pinkie Pie being a "Pink Supremacist" up to eleven
  • His reaction in his "Little Yellow Book" review to when the episode implies that Patrick is about to eat an old, used diaper.
    Mr. Enter: I was making jokes about your plot holes in "Smooth Jazz in Bikini Bottom", but you came right out and said that Patrick literally eats shit!
  • His reaction to the ending of ""Yours, Mine and Mine".
    Patrick: Have you learned nothing about sharing?
    Mr. Enter: Well, I know I have! Hey, Patrick, this is my very special grenade and I wanna share it with you! Here's the deal. I'll keep this little shiny pull thing and you can keep the rest of it for as long as you want! Sound good? GOOD.
    • We hear the grenade actually explode during the transition.
    • When Patrick says he is an interesting guy, Mr. Enter quips "I'm sure Vlad the Impaler was an interesting guy, too."
    • During his review of "I'm With Stupid":
      Patrick: Spongebob, my parents think I'm dumber than a sack of diapers.
      Mr. Enter: (over a clip of Patrick eating a backstage pass from "Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom") Give him a few years.
  • His Running Gag from his review of "Fresh Heir" where he plays a clip of Chris and Carter giggling while Carter pushes his finger into Chris' arm to simulate penetrating a woman's private parts, all with a caption comparing them to the guys who wrote the episode.
    • Also from that review, when Brian first appears, he acts like Brian's a ghost because he's supposed to be dead, by yelling 'LA LA LA LA YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!'
  • His earlier review of Shorty McShort Shorts has some really funny moments too:
    • "Me no habla español".
    • During the "Phabulizers"
      Hunky-O: We're gonna give him the full-on fabulous flip flop and fly.
      (A subtitle reading "TRYING TOO HARD" flashes over the footage while a loud alarm sound plays)
    • "We have a Johnny Bravo wannabe, a Total Drama wannabe, a Dude, What Would Happen? wannabe and a Beaver... just go with it. "
    • This bit:
      Okey-Dokee: You have what none of them have, a song in your heart.
      Mr. Enter: Oh god no!
    • After the song ends up being "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star": "What the fuck?"
    • From "The Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare", after Dodger more or less kills the cool clone: "Let's ignore the ethical morality of this stuff because I'm getting tired."
  • His Toddler Titans reviews are full of these:
    • At the end of "Waffles":
      Parry Gripp: Do you like waffles? Yea—
      Mr. Enter: NO.
      (plays the Samurai Jack theme song throughout the credits)
  • Any time it looks like a character's about to be killed, and Mr. Enter pleads for it to happen.
  • In his review of "Ren Seeks Help", he describes the torture Ren is inflicting on the poor frog.
    Mr. Enter: Then Ren hooks up some jumper cables to the frog and electrocutes him! Then he moves onto a house cat!
    (a clip from "Pet Sitter Pat" pops up)
    Mr. Enter: Oh, sorry. That's just the writer.
  • The ending of his "Truth or Square" collab.
    Mr. Enter: We're gonna do this crap twice as bad with half as much money. How long do we got anyway?
    PieGuyRulz: I'd say we're already halfway there. Halfway there. Halfway the-.
    • Also at the beginning of the review, right after the trailer, Zim pretty much sums up the majority opinion on the special.
    • "Either way, Patchy goes looking for the actual SpongeBob. Then he gets eaten by a whale, because whale."
    • Enter and PieGuyRulz have this to say about The Other Wiki:
      Mr. Enter: But honestly, [the redone intro]'s the best part of this... well, Wikipedia calls it a movie. And once again, this is why we don't use Wikipedia to make our reviews.
      PieGuyRulz: Hey! Wikipedia is a wealth of information and lies. Mostly lies.
    • Two in a row during Patchy's scene with Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. They were already funny in the actual special, but Mr. Enter's commentary makes them funnier.
      Triumph: (Talking to Patchy) Maybe you should consider wearing two eye patches; that way you won't be able to see what's become of your life!
      Patchy: What?!
      Mr. Enter: I'm not sure if he's talking to Patchy or Tom Kenny himself.
      Triumph: I'm sure it's a great script. (away from phone) 3. 2. 1. (to phone) FOR ME TO POOP ON!
      Mr. Enter: Kinda pointless to shit on shit.
      PieGuyRulz: Zing!
    • PieGuyRulz's undying hatred of the Rolodex, which is an Insert Shot featuring someone's hand that looks suspiciously not like Tom Kenny's, re-used several times.
      Mr. Enter: And we're back to the Rolodex.
      PieGuyRulz: Motherfu-
    • When referring to a ventriloquist with a comedically large mustache only partially covering his lips.
      Mr. Enter: Apparently, this guy is the fifth-best ventriloquist in the world. Well, all but four must suck because he can't close his fucking mouth.
    • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue is absolutely hilarious.

     Animated Atrocities 3- 4 
  • In his "Pets or Pests" review, after Gary chases the worm away.
    Patrick: This town is getting too rough for me!
    Mr. Enter: (Eagerly, over a clip of "Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom") Does that mean that you'll move to someplace far away and never be seen by anyone again?!
  • The opening of his review for "Over Two Rainbows" (or as he calls it, G3.5).
    Mr. Enter: And now we see the mating habits of the rainbow. As you can see, when they touch each other in such a way, out pops a demon spawn.
    • Near the end of the review, Mr. Enter is furiously calling out each individual name in the credits for their complete lack of effort.
      Mr. Enter: You FAIL! YOU FAIL! (suddenly calm) You were probably getting lunch while this was being made. What did it cost you, the lint out of the back of your pocket?
    • The fact that there had to be a disclaimer on account of the Unintentional Uncanny Valley.
  • A subtle one, but the first few sentences for his atrocity note-card on a The Cramp Twins episode employs a clever bait-and-switch:
    A character gets hold of a contraband substance and gets addicted to it. They are tested for this addictive substance, and to get false negatives, he must replace one of his bodily fluids. This is a kids' show, by the way.
  • Mr. Enter pretending to make a phone call to Nickelodeon during his review of "Fairly Odd Pet".
    Mr. Enter: Yes, Nickelodeon Studios, I've seen this terrible joke in both SpongeBob and now in The Fairly OddParents! where a careless pet owner thinks that salt is a good idea for a snail, and the writers think that putting them in mortal danger or killing them is funny. Do you have any insight on this?
    Nick: Oh, what do you care about? All they do is crawl around, spread slime everywhere, bring home finger paint, or tell you "Daddy, Daddy, why don't you play with me?". Well, maybe Daddy wants to be alone and BATHE IN HIS MONEY BATH! Now, why don't you go play with your wooden bats? "But Daddy it's all broken and—" then don't get a splinter. Hahahaha... sorry I was just calming my thoughts, now what do you want?
    Mr. Enter: Uh, why do you think it's funny killing snails with salt? But now I can see that you have other problems, so I'm... I'm just gonna... leave you.
    Nick: Whatever, asshole!
    Mr. Enter: Okaaay, back to business...
    • This bit here:
      Wanda: Face it sport; you're just not responsible enough to have a pet.
      Mr. Enter: Right, because they all tend to run away when Timmy goes to summer Huh, they never got that fixed.
  • When looking at the opening scene to Mr. Pickles' debut episode "Tommy's Big Job".
    Lurleen: I need to tell you something.
    Lurleen's Boyfriend: It's okay Lurleen, I found your punch card. I know they're fake.
    Patrick: WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!?
  • In his review of the Teen Titans Go episode Serious Business (the bathroom episode), Starfire says "The whole room is on the fire!" Mr. Enter says, "No, Starfire. The fire is on the room."
    • "Boys vs. Girls" has this mortal line in the beginning:
      "You know what? It's February, the month of love. I've already reviewed "Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E.", let's turn this into a theme, and do so without getting myself into hot water! Then again, people tend to get pissed at me no matter what I do, so I guess YOLO. (Okay, even I felt stupid saying that.)"
    • It's his delivery of "YOLO" that truly makes it side-splitting.
    • His reaction to Cyborg declaring girls to be better than boys.
      Cyborg: You lied to us! Girls are better than boys!
      Beast Boy: Yeah!
      Mr. Enter: What. What? WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!
    • His reaction to Robin's Mood Whiplash going back and forth between calm and horrified:
      Mr. Enter: Okay, time to ask a very serious question: HOW. OLD. ARE YOU?! These two phrases do not go together! They should not be said back-to-back by the same character, they should not be said by the same character PERIOD!
  • In his review of Pixel Pinkie:
  • In his review of ''To Love a Patty":
    Patrick: I've been replaced by a sandwich!
    (cut to a clip from "The Card")
    Mr. Enter: Hmmmm… good!
  • "The Substitute":
  • Elf Bowling:
    Santa: It's the truth I tell ya! Google me name ya swab and you'll see it a billion-gazillion times!
    Mr. Enter: Search results for "Santa Maria Clausewitz Kringle" finds... five results about people complaining about Elf Bowling: The Movie and the next result is about a golf course.
    • Also, his reaction to the credits, "A Baked Potato Film", after his usual "because, potatoes!" line.
      Mr. Enter: Potatoes wrote this movie! I don't care what the, uh, credits say! Potatoes wrote this movie!
    • Upon reading the opening credits:
      Credits: In association with Nstorm and Cinepix.
      Mr. Enter: WELL FUCK YOU!
    • His exasperation at Santa being a pirate:
      Mr. Enter: What kind of connection is there to Christmas, bowling, and PIRATES?! If you say this movie I'm going to punch you.
    • When the elves decide to thaw out Santa, one of whom thinks he's a monster:
      Bagger: Never thaw out monsters. Oldest rule in the book.
      Lex: Well stand back, because I'm rewriting the book.
      Mr. Enter (Playing a character): Huh. "Rule 1 of the Safety Scouts manual: Never provoke wild animals."
      Mr. Enter (Playing another character): "Stand back, I'm rewriting the book! Here bear, bear, bear. Come here beary, beary, bear." BOOM!
    • invoked When he mocks the film's failed attempt at being Heartwarming when Santa sends baskets of toys out to sea, expecting them to be picked up by the orphanage, despite being miles out at sea.
      Mr. Enter: The music says that I should be feeling something here. But I can't feel anything but my IQ draining out of my ears.
    • This part:
      Dingle: Well, since everything's in cinders, and since Santa flew the coop, how's about we use a little bit of the old elf magic, and build us a new joint! In the funnest place on earth!
      Mr. Enter: Aw shit! We're goin' Disney World!
    • And this part:
      Mr. Enter: There's several broken ribs and a severed spine! LET'S PARTY!!
  • In his review of "Time Twister":
    Mr. Enter (Playing a character): Hey. What color should we use for this background?
    Mr. Enter (Playing another character): ALL OF THEM!
    Mr. Enter (Playing a character): How about this one?
    Mr. Enter (Playing another character): ALL OF THEM! ALL THE FUCKING COLORS!!!!!!
    • After Alfe travels to a prehistoric time populated by dinosaurs, one of two scenes in the show not filled with every bright neon color ever invented:
      Mr. Enter: Oh my God. It-It's a landscape with muted colors! Hallelujah, my eyes can finally take a little bit of a break!
      [The bright, flashing Time Twister appears]
      Mr. Enter: Oh my fucking God my eyes! (whimpering) They really hurt. They really fucking hurt.
    • Near the end of the episode when the characters travel to the end of time, the other scene in the show that wasn't designed to give people seizures:
      Mr. Enter: Oh my God, they've learned about dominant color! It only took them 'til the literal end of time to figure it out, but they finally got it! Yes, scenes that focus on one particular color usually look better than ones that are all over the place!
  • From his "Save the Tooth" review, we have his classic line:
    Mr. Enter: Hurdy hurdy hurr, that's our father. He's an idiot.
  • In his "Love Struck" review, he says this with a hilarious semi-drunk voice:
    Mr. Enter: It starts with Cupid giving off orders. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and all of his henchmen are going to pretty much spread aphrodisiacs into the Earth's atmosphere in an attempt to create a world-wide orgy. What? That's not what the Cupid portrayal is about? What the fuck is it about? He makes people horny!
    • We also get this joke:
      Wanda: Oh Timmy, you just have to figure out what girls love!
      Cosmo: Robots?
      Timmy: Action figures?
      Both: SPORTS!
      Mr. Enter: Hey, that sounds a lot like my sister!
  • Meta: when he uploaded his "Herpe, the Love Sore" review on ZippCast, so many people went to watch it that, for the first day or so, the site pretty much collapsed. The humor comes from the staff making light of the situation:
    Maklarr4000: On behalf of the ZippCast staff, I must thank Mr. Enter again for the fantastic stress test to the system.
    • Speaking of "Herpe the Love Sore", we get this little moment when the episode gets sappy over Brian giving Stewie herpes for no good reason:
  • From his Mars Needs Moms review.
    Gribble: The fact is, Mars Needs Moms.
    Mr. Enter (playing a character): Hey, Bob. Do you think that would be a good title for this movie?
    Mr. Enter (playing Robert Zemeckis): What? No! That's the most stupid thing that I've ever heard in my life. I mean, it sounds like a parody of the plot we're doing.
    Mr. Enter (playing a character): Wait a minute. We're supposed to be taking this seriously? Oh my fucking god! You know what? That's it. I quit.
    • We also get this joke:
      Mr. Enter: And as such, Milo does what he does best. He runs around some hallways.
    • Enter gets really hung up on the fact that the movie made the bizarre choice of not including subtitles during plot-crucial scenes where the Martians speak, so to cope with it, he decides to start making up what they're saying.
      The Supervisor: (to a soldier, angrily) I need to take a shit, get out of my way!
      Soldier: (alarm starts blaring) The supervisor needs to take a shit! Battle stations everyone!
    • When Mr. Enter flubs up a line and says the word "cloud" when he meant to say "clown" but didn't feel like cutting the entire take, he lampshades his mistake by putting a little arrow with the word "cloud" next to the clown. Minor, but still funny.
    • His reaction to Milo's Mom's insane reaction upon finding out she's on Mars, saying that was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • In the "Numbers Game" review, Enter imagines how Ma-Ti and Kwame knew about Wheeler having too many kids:
    Nick Sohan (as Ma-Ti): Heart! Linka and Wheeler are fucking! We've got to stop them!
    • There's also a little girl (voiced by Kimberly Hayward) reacting to the message of the episode, ending with her telling the Planeteers and Captain Planet, "Fuck you up the ass!"
  • Mr. Enter almost constantly speaking slang during the beginning of his "Snow Day" review.
  • This moment in "Space Circus":
    Mr. Enter: I can imagine it now: Tim Allen being chased by fucking dinosaurs!
    (the cover of Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit! is shown)
    Mr. Enter: Oh, wait, that really happened.
    The Snark Knight: I rest my case.
    • "Casper the Friendly Ghost, becomes the GUARDIAN ANGEL of two SPACE COPS in the DISTANT FUTURE. Stop playing Mad Libs. It isn't funny anymore."
    • This little bit:
      Hairy Scary: Humph, the trouble with some people is they don't know that nobody's perfect. But I'm close.
      Mr. Enter: I am going to dedicate thirty, maybe forty years of my life researching advanced sciences and technology to figure out how to bring the dead back to life, so I can spend my entire retirement murdering you until I die myself!
  • Doggy Poo:
    • The opening:
    • "It's annoying when my dog shits on the carpet. It's even more annoying when my roommate does it."
    • During a moment of shock at just how melodramatic and heavy this movie is, he sums up the movie.
      Merry Christmas, Little Timmy! Here's a movie about a dog shit learning to accept DEATH!
    • Mr. Enter describing the ending being about a literal piece of dog shit and a dandelion having sex with each other.
    • "Sloprano" playing during the closing credits.
  • In his review for "Girls Gone Mild", when one of the snooty parents says that there were kids pretending to be superheroes, we get this:
    • His description of the video, saying that there's so much straw, it's practically a fire hazard.
    • The ending disclaimer:
      The Powerpuff Girls is owned by people.
  • From "The Return of Slade":
    • This exchange:
      Robin: Titans! Crime alert!
      Cyborg: Yeah, so call the police.
      Mr. Enter (over clips from the The Powerpuff Girls episode, "Girls Gone Mild"): Police? In a superhero show? Wow, you guys are so fucking high!
    • Also, this exchange:
      Mr. Enter: Okay, so what's the real plot that you LIED to people about?! Oh, boy, that's the fun part!
      Raven: (smiling) It wasn't just the fight that was amazing, in the end, so many compelling storylines came together, and resolved in such a satisfying way!
      Starfire: A perfect balance of the action and drama, along with light moments of the comedy!
      Mr. Enter: Oh, good. They did get around to watching the original Teen Titans. Hello, Mr. Strawman!
    • Mr. Enter's phone call:
      Mr. Enter: Yes, Cartoon Network? I'm calling to try and get Teen Titans Go! canceled. It seems to be under the illusion that its style and theories are the savior that cartoons need and can be the prevention of an art form maturing.
      Phone Message: Please buy five new toys to continue this conversation.
      Mr. Enter: Shit.
    • The part where Mr. Enter points out the absurdity of the cartoon telling the audience that cartoons are only for kids by sarcastically saying that Mr. Pickles is a good cartoon for kids.
    • The ending disclaimer:
      Teen Titans Go is owned by I don't care.
  • In the Stressed Eric review, his reaction to a character saying "Where the arseburgers is Eric?!" But because of said character's accent, it makes it sound like he's saying "Aspergers" instead of "arseburgers".
    Mr. Enter: There's something about this guy, I just don't like...
    • Throughout the review, he decides to play a game where he guesses what unfortunate event happens to Eric. What really sells it is that he guesses right every single time.
  • From his review of "Greg":
    • Mr. Enter describing the show's theme song as a four-year-old's shopping list.
    • Shortly afterward, when he hears the Macintosh speech function singing the theme song, he figures that Robot Jones ended up getting a job singing a theme song 30 years out of date.
    • This line of dialogue:
      Mr. Enter: Because two douchebags being terrible at their job and magically still having said job is popular, they find a way to screw this up. They grab a super soaker and a motor cart and begin assaulting people. Then they see a random guy having a party, ask if they can go, and get punched into the zit cream. Then they hide in their secret base made of packs of diapers. I don't know what they're trying to do, but I'm fairly sure that it's not working.
    • Mr. Enter describing the scene with a lady taking a selfie of her with Greg as the start of a PSA on sexting.
    • Later, after she does this a second time with Lazer:
      Lazer: Ah, that's gonna get so many likes!
      Mr. Enter: I don't understand the internet sometimes. Or all of the times.
    • In the closing credits:
      I'm just gonna go back to... that thing I was doing.
  • From his 100th episode, his review of Drawn Together: The Movie:
  • From his The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang review:
    Mr. Enter: By the way, those are not aliens, those are robots. There is a difference. By the way, those are not aliens, those are robots. There is a difference.
  • From the Little Shop review:
    Audrey Jr.: (smashes a record) Now I know what they mean by "hit" records.
    Mr. Enter: I wanted you guys to see that, not because it's important to anything about this episode, but because it is legitimately the worst pun that I've ever heard. That I have EVER HEARD.
    • Audrey Jr. tells Seymour to 'make like a potato and use [his] eyes.' Enter points out the implications with this, considering potatoes use their eyes to reproduce.
      Mr. Enter: Is Junior inviting Seymour to a threesome?
    • When a fairy-like person comes out of nowhere to turn Audrey into a princess.
      Mr. Enter: Um, I'd like to say that this show was at least inspired by a plant. But technically, hallucinogenic mushrooms aren't plants, they're fungus.
    • At the start of his review, he uses the speech that preludes both the play and movie version of Little Shop of Horrors to describe the show.
  • From his review of "The Big Fairy Share Scare":
    Mr. Enter: Timmy has another plan. He gets Chloe to say that she wants Cosmo and Wanda on Fridays, and then he wishes that there were no Fridays." (As a picture of T.G.I. Friday's is shown) "Uh... eh, not too worried.
    Mr. Enter: After Timmy makes a seemingly innocuous wish that Fridays don't exist, and it has consequences that an outsider couldn't possibly predict, why the Hell would Chloe want anything to do with fairies ever? I mean, I'd be paranoid that if I wished for a cookie, the Keebler Elves would set fire to my house, kidnap and torture my parents, and then enslave me to make cookies for the rest of my life! That's just about as logical as what's going on here to the average outsider! And once again, Chloe has almost no reaction. Jorgen saves everyone and forces Timmy to accept his lot in life. It feels a lot like Jorgen is also trying to tell the audience the same exact thing.
  • Mr. Enter incorrectly calling Midget Apple a cherry.
  • His Kung Fu Dino Posse review is full of this:
    • For starters, how he reacts to the opening theme;
      Mr. Enter: Alright, now that I'm feeling better from my most recent medical issue, let's see what's next on the agenda.
      (The opening theme plays) Yep, my ears are bleeding, time to go back to the hospital.
    • Things only get funnier from there. Anytime he talks about the name of the show, he'll complain about how stupid it is.
    • When Chao (the red one) was watching an internet video:
      Mr. Enter: My sources tell me that this is supposed to be a joke, but the pacing is so shit, it barely registers.
    • He refers to the characters as "[Blank] token," due to how flat they are.
    • When he complains about the slang the show has, he'll have lines like this;
      Mr. Enter: That's because you dinosaurs are younger than that slang.
    • When the show has a failed attempt of Toilet Humor about "going once":
      Mr. Enter: Die! And make it painful, please.
    • At one point, the show even has a wawa sound effect. In a action show. His reaction says it all:
      Mr. Enter: Th-they actually played the "wawa" sound effect. What the hell kind of show is this?
    • How he thinks about how Jet’s "advice" apply in real life:
      Step 1: Forget about every practical piece of knowledge you know (like where to hit to disarm your opponent or any type of safety protocol).
      Step 2: Use the human instinct of flight or fight to run straight at a guy holding a gun, completely unarmed yourself.
      Mr. Enter: Well he's dead.
  • From his review of the Garbage Pail Kids cartoon:
    • Midway through a sound-alike of Michael Jackson's "Beat It", a fake copyright notice shows up that says, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim while the unedited episode gets to stay on YouTube. Sorry about that."
    • His reaction to the show opening with a moral guardian rambling and raging about how awful and disgusting the show is.
      Enter: Is this supposed to be me? Did somebody build a time machine and try to make a parody of me?
    • "Do not remove under penalty of death?". He sounds genuinely confused by that.
  • Whenever he mocks the obnoxious slang used in Da Boom Crew during its review.
    Mr. Enter: Remember back in the early 2000s when you and all your homies were Tony Hawkin' it all up over the spleez? Uh no, because that never happened 'cause no one used any of this slang ever.
    Mr. Enter: Hammerman still pops with the kids right? He's got 'em tops. I'm sure dropping it down with them groovy beats!
    Mr. Enter: I got an inkling your tootin' the wrong wringer man. I'm not certain deals is in your visage. Y'know what I'm sayin'? Of course you don't know what I'm saying because slang in animation is stupid!
    • Anytime the characters question basically anything about the video game that they made;
  • "Newborn Cooties 2: Electric Scootaloo". It gets points right off the bat for the title alone, and having John McClane's face over Cheerilee's on the title card.
    • When talking about the tea party scene:
      Pinkie Pie: This certainly is a pinkalicious tea party! Wouldn't you say so Mr. Quackerson?
      Mr. Enter!Quackerson: Yeah, I-It's great tea! But can you please let me go? You've been holding me for so long! I promise I won't tell anyone you've been holding me hostage! Just please let me go! Don't you think I've been here long enough?
      Pinkie Pie: You're quite right! I couldn't agree more! What do you think Sir Cuddles?
      Mr. Enter!Sir Cuddles: Eh, I say fuck him. He knew what he was getting into when he was selling you that car insurance.
      Pinkie Pie: You're certainly right Sir Cuddles. I so know what you are talking about.
      Mr. Enter!Sir Cuddles: Now about my family...
    • Every time Scootaloo makes a really terrifying facial expression, Enter demands weaponry to exterminate the abomination in front of him with. From flamethrowers...
      Mr. Enter: Jack, you have the fucking flamethrower! I don't care if it's illegal, just get the fucking thing over here now! If I don't kill this thing, we are all screwed!
    • To explosives...
      Mr. Enter: Oh my fucking god! Jack, cancel the flamethrower! I need grenades! Lots. And Lots. Of fucking grenades! We have a demon on our hand. If we don't move now, WE. ARE GOING. TO DIE!
    • To a goddamn ICBM.
      Mr. Enter: Oh my god it's attacking! Never mind the grenades! Never mind the grenades! I need an ICBM!
  • From his review of "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy":
    • This exchange after Plankton brings Karen Sandy's pelt:
      Karen: Oh no, you can't be serious!
      Plankton: As serious as a shark attack!
      Mr. Enter: That's racist!
    • Also, this exchange:
      Sandy: That no-good who nabbed my pelt surely came here. Probably wanted to cash it in on the Bikini Bottom Black Market.
      Mr. Enter: Oh, Bikini Bottom has a Black Market. Wait, what the fuck?!
      • Which leads to a Brick Joke at the end of the review:
        Mr. Enter: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna try to figure out what's on the Bikini Bottom Black Market.
    • Also, this exchange during Sandy's Humiliation Conga:
      Harold: Lookit! A naked chipmunk!
      Random Fish: Aren't you ashamed having your pink rat flesh exposed?
      Police: Hey, look, a hairless goat!
      Random Fish: A nudist ferret!
      (During these respective scenes, captions that say, Chimpunk, Rat, Goat, and Ferret appear onscreen.)
      Mr. Enter: What do all of these animals have in common? That's right, kids! None of these are underwater animals, and none of the citizens of Bikini Bottom should have ever heard of any of these.
  • "D.W's Very Bad Mood" shows that Mr. Enter has a new editor. While this makes the entire video in general very lively and comical, with a similarly creative and animated style to I Hate Everything or JonTron, some standout moments include:
    • The intro takes the ending of the source's intro up to 11.
    • Anytime Mr. Enter shows a still of DW, it's always a freeze-frame of her making a stupid (and strangely hilarious) face.
    • When Arthur has a nightmare about DW being a giant monster, the theme from Attack on Titan starts playing.
    • DW slamming the door is not funny. DW slamming the door thrice is not funny. DW slamming the door for ten straight seconds is hilarious.
      • Any time DW slamming the door is mentioned, it cuts back to her slamming the door repeatedly at impossibly high speeds.
    • What makes this moment is primarily the fact that it's punctuated by the words "Shut Up" spinning onscreen.
      Mr. Enter: So now we spend a minute with D.W. just going on rants about how she hates her life and how Blah, Blah, Blah Shut up!
  • "Top 20 Worst Cartoon Themes"
  • From his review of Norm of the North:
    • This exchange when Norm confronts the Seal:
      Norm: Any Last Words? before I eat you?
      Mr. Enter: Yeah, Mic Check. Yours sounds worse than mine! Seriously, his microphone sounds broken in this scene!
      Norm: "You always know exactly what to say to get to me!"
    • This moment when it is not explained why Norm can suddenly speak human:
      Eliza Thornberry: Between you and me, something amazing happened... And now, I can talk to animals. It's really cool but totally secret.
      Mr. Enter!Norm: Well, fuck you! I get to speak to humans because of the mystical qualities of arctic potatoes!
      • Mr. Enter then decides that said potatoes are why Norm hasn't died from starvation.
    • "And we drop ripping off Happy Feet for a moment to start ripping off The Lion King! Classy."
    • Norm's grandfather talks about how powerful "an icon with a voice" is. Enter then refers to Clippy as "the most powerful thing on [his] PC!"
    • Also, this exchange when Norm is talking to Socrates:
      Norm: And the next thing you know, I'm twerking in front of a boatload of human tourists!
      Mr. Enter: You know, when you get to that line of the movie, I think you should know that you done fucked up! Good God, Scuttle, the years have not been kind to you!
    • Also, this exchange when Vera meets Norm:
      Vera: You, come with me!
      Norm: Only if I can bring my Lemmings.
      Vera: Cute, and very marketable!
      Mr. Enter: Yes, the things that were pissing into a fish tank for thirty seconds! I can't wait to get the McDonald's toy of that!
    • Also, this exchange during Norm's Heroic BSoD:
      Norm: I'm Norm of the North, king of nothing!
      Mr. Enter (laughing over a caption that says, "He's Norm of the North, King of Nothing"): Hey, let's put that on the box! It's a tagline!
    • When Vera quits:
      Vera: Mr. Greene, I'm sorry, but I cannot help you destroy someone's home in order to build houses no one needs! I quit!
      ( The Final Fantasy victory fanfare plays over captions that say,
      You can't pay your rent!
      Or buy groceries
      Or pay your bills
      Or pay the tuition to your daughter's school)
    • The ending disclaimer:
      Nurm uf Teh Nurth is owned by Lionsgate.
      I want to be done with this movie forever.
    • The review itself ends with the Planeteers summoning Captain Planet to stop Mr. Enter from destroying the Arctic.
  • From his review of "The Worst Cartoon Ever (Paddy the Pelican)":
    • Not even a few seconds into the title card, with its terrible theme music that consists of someone laughing vaguely in tune, and Mr. Enter mutters in a deadpan tone "Oh dear, I feel like I've made a grave mistake."
    • Mr. Enter gets the impression that all the rambling, redundant dialogue is improvised: "It's like Rick and Morty if you injected it with plutonium until it got brain cancer and died."
    • "12 oz. Mouse has more fluid animation than this! You know, a show that was dedicated to looking as cheap as possible."
    • "There are twelve principles in animation, and this show follows literally NONE of them!"
  • Dorbees: Making Decisions:
    • Upon witnessing a section of the "animation", Mr. Enter immediately states that "taking those drugs was a really bad idea". When he is told that he hasn't taken any drugs yet, Mr. Enter responds with: "Oh... oh my god! In that case, let's light up. We're gonna need 'em."
    • Mr. Enter having a slight meltdown over whether or not Mary Jane in the flick is a girl after playing Silent Hill footage.
    • Him yelling at the guy on the couch for being a waste of screen time.

     Animated Atrocities 5- 6 
  • From his review of Shark Tale:
    • This exchange:
      Lenny: Hi, I'm Lenny!
      Mr. Enter: Hi, Lenny! I look forward to hating you throughout the rest of this movie because I hate pretty much all of the characters in this movie.
    • When Mr. Enter describes Lenny:
      Mr. Enter: Lenny is a shark who is a vegetarian. And he's an outcast because of his refusal to eat animals. (Over clips from Norm of the North) Considering the last movie I reviewed, we're off to an amazing start. Rule of thumb, if you have a meat-eating animal who doesn't eat meat, your movie is going to bomb. It's just a little trend that I've noticed.
    • Also, this exchange:
      Mr. Enter: While watching this movie, I was constantly asking myself, 'Why was this movie set underwater?' (As the poster for Finding Nemo is shown) Okay, I know why, but what story purposes did it serve? What did they really do with the world, besides the stupid fucking Puns?
      Katie Current: Good morning, Southside Reef, I'm Katie Current!
      Sea Star #2: Mussel Crowe!
      Sea Star #3: Jessica Shrimpson!
      Sea Star #4: Cod Stewart!
      [A caption appears, saying "It's a name of a person, and they make it sound like a fish. Up the variety a bit, and they can start writing for a kindergarten joke book".]
    • When Oscar is introduced:
      Oscar: Hi, I'm Oscar. You might think you know, but you have no idea!
      Mr. Enter: Let's see here, you're a down-on-his-luck loser who wants to be a big shot, even though it requires a big personality to be famous, and you have no personality!
      [The camera zooms out, revealing Oscar to be standing in front of a billboard.]
      Mr. Enter: Yep.
      Shortie #1: You so broke, your bologna has no first name!
      Mr. Enter: I thought I got this movie in English. I have no idea what he meant by that.
    • When Don Lino is introduced:
      Don Lino: Now you and me, we worked together a long, long, long time, and I lived my life for my sons, raising them and protecting them,
      Mr. Enter mimicking Don Lino: I'm also 42 years old, my blood type is AB negative, I ate tuna for breakfast, and the writers don't know jack shit about exposition.
      Luca: Hey boss, big butts!
      Mr. Enter: You know, that, that joke might have worked, except that literally no character in this movie has a butt.
    • "But as you can see, this movie is a Godfather wannabe. Which confuses me on every level. You see Finding Nemo and you think The Godfather. What's the next brilliant fusion?" (Freaky Friday + Alien) "You know what, I would totally watch the shit out of that."
    • Oscar is given a pink pearl to help pay off his debts.
      Mr. Enter: And guess what our hero does? The protagonist that we're supposed to root for and want to see succeed? He bets the money on a horse race. Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall...
      (cut to him doing just that)
      • The clip becomes a Running Gag throughout the review.
        Mr. Enter: I'm going to be as stupid as Oscar by the time this is done, I swear.
    • invoked When Oscar decides to fake Lenny's murder, Mr. Enter halfheartedly sings his own song to the tune of "Everything Is Awesome" to signify just how stupid everyone in the movie is;
      Everyone's a moron,
      Everyone's a tool with this hair-brained scheme,
      Everyone's a moron,
      Everyone's a moron,
      And it makes me want to scream.
    • His depiction of what's going on in Oscar's brain at any given moment: A shot of GIR dancing while Mr. Wonderful by plays over it. Like Mr. Enter banging his head against the wall, it becomes a Running Gag.
  • From his review of "Grounded":
  • From his review of Seth Mac Farlanes Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy:
    • In the "Mountain Climber" sketch, when the Mountain Climber proceeds to take a dump, Mr. Enter censors his lower regions with the poster for Norm of the North. In the same sketch, he later censors the feces that land on the bride and groom with the Burger King logo and Jigglypuff, respectively.
    • Similarly, in the "Name That Animal Penis!" sketch, he censors the animal penis with a picture of Oscar.
    • What Enter says during the "Fred Flintstone Takes A Shit" sketch:
      Mr. Enter: Wait, my mistake. This isn't a short, I must've accidentally hit the making of special feature on the DVD.
    • This exchange from the "Fred and Barney Try to Get Into a Club" sketch:
      Fred: Hey, what the fuck is your problem, dude?
      Mr. Enter: Oh, fucking ballsy! You had Fred Flintstone drop the F-Bomb. Truly a master of subverting the innocence of older cartoons!
      (Clips from the Flintstones Winston Cigarettes commercial are shown.)
      Barney: Hey, I got a better idea; let's take a Winston break!
      Fred: That's it! Winston is the one filter cigarette that delivers flavor 20 times a pack!
    • When he gets to the "Mad Cow Disease" sketch:
    • When Mr. Enter gets to the "Beavers: The Assholes of the Forest" sketch:
      Mr. Enter: Anyone else wanna watch The Angry Beavers instead?
    • When he gets to the "A Trip to the Psychiatrist" sketch:
      Mr. Enter: Oh, thank god. I need one after this!
    • In that same sketch, he sees the whole point is to mock a fat woman.
      Mr. Enter: I thought these people were supposed to be progressives or something!
    • When he gets to the "Four Years of Entourage in Ten Seconds" sketch:
      Mr. Enter: Ooh! I really like this concept! Let me try!
      (A title card that says, "17 years of Family Guy in 9 Seconds" is shown, followed by a clip from "Doggy Poo" of the dog creating the titular character.)
      Mr. Enter: That joke was too easy, I apologize, but just because they're willing to waste their jokes on a silver platter, doesn't mean that I will.
    • Mr. Enter spoofing the statements in the "Things You'll Never Hear" shorts:
      "A Million Ways to Die in the West is an underrated masterpiece."
      "I felt that Bordertown was cut off way too soon. It's definitely filling a hole in prime-time television."
      "Family Guy has SO been getting better recently! I think the show should've ALWAYS been like this!"
      "Ted 2 was so much better than the first one; I can't wait for the next installment."
  • Legends of Chamberlain Heights
    • The intro:
      Mr. Enter: What? What is this? I'll tell you what this is. It's the big, hot, new thing that's gonna blow all the competition outta the water! You-you may want to sit down for this one... What am I talking about, you're watching this on a computer or on the toilet or whatever and you're already sitting down.
    • His theory for why Comedy Central gave it a second season: They were worried the show was going to eat them.
    • When Mr. Enter comments on the poor animation, he compares it to a Newgrounds flash animation made 10 years ago by one guy with no professional equipment, the first animation made for television, and the first animation ever, and how every single one has better animation than Legends. And then he points out how even The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican, known as one of the worst cartoons ever, at least has complete outlines.
      Mr. Enter: This is only one step up from showing us a black screen and just saying 'Imagine defecation. Good. Now imagine two people having sex in it.'
      Mr. Enter: A block of lead is more fluid than this show.
    • When commenting on the ugly character designs:
      Mr. Enter: As bad as the animation is, the character design is not much better. Half of it is 'Ha ha ha, ugly! Ha ha ha, fat! Ha ha ha, saggy breasts!' I mean, most of them do look like something you could conceivably call a human, but some of them are...
      [cuts to a clip of the show]
      Teacher: OK people, the school board is making us discuss the dangers of drugs with you.
      [zooms in on a particularly poorly designed character in the background]
      Mr. Enter: My god, it is far too late for her.
    • "Do I have to do the slang thing again? (A title card pops up saying 'No. Never the slang thing.') Oh, OK, good."
    • After commenting on how much the characters shout.
      Mr. Enter [...] Everyone besides the main characters, who speak in unintelligible slang, shouts. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Like A LOT! (Shows the title card for Seth Mac Farlanes Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy' ) Yes, I'm not one to talk.
    • "Jamal gets paired with... when did Norbit come out? 2007? OK. A joke that's been overdone, overplayed, unfunny and borderline offensive for over a decade before that movie came out."
    • When describing a character, he gets bored halfway through and finishes with
      Mr. Enter: Remember Stewie Griffin? Legends of Chamberlain Heights remembers Stewie Griffin.
    • After watching Grover's brother using a robot baby as a bong.
      Mr. Enter: Is this thing a robot because people would find this absurdly disturbing if they did this to an actual infant? Or is it just because a baby in this art style would give the audience nightmares for life?
    • After Grover's Love Interest gets mad that he got their robot baby sick:
      Grover: Stupid baby, it's your fault I ain't gonna get laid.
      Mr. Enter: And our protagonist is delusional.
    • While he hates the show, Enter is hesitant to try and wipe it from existence due to how the last time he tried doing that went. We then get the final conversation with Sans during the genocide route in Undertale, but with Patrick Star replacing Sans.
      Patrick: Do you wanna have a pat time?
  • The Nutshack
    • Enter lamenting at the beginning how he has to hear the theme song everywhere, and realizing that the show has become a meme. Cue dramatic music and a trollface superimposed on his avatar.
    • His hyping of the inherent horror from the Memetic Mutation of the song:
      "This song inspires such horror, that you'd think it was made by Stephen King or something!" (Phil turns around to show Pennywise face) "Holy fuck..."
    • After a pointless flashback, Enter has a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?-style multiple-choice question asking what we learned: A) how the egg was made, B) how [the woman] got the egg, or C) absolutely nothing and the scene was just a waste of time.
      Enter: If you guessed C, congratulations! You just wasted a part of your life thinking about The Nutshack. As a prize, you get a steaming pile of nothing, with an accompanying bubbling sadness inside.
    • Enter declaring ducks as the enemy after seeing the hip-hop ducks.
    • At the end of the episode, Enter implores the viewers to let the meme die so he can forget about the show. Then we see a video called "the nutshack theme but every nutshack is replaced with mr enter's entire nutshack review", posted by Patrick Star. The description is "someone's having a Pat time".
      Enter: Why, you little f-
      • The best part is that someone had made it a real thing, but the video is unfortunately no longer available.
  • From his review of "Finally a Lesson":
    Robin: It has come to my attention that you have not been using the new suggestion box.
    Mr. Enter: Sorry, my bad; I filled it up with papers reading "get cancelled". I don't think that anyone else could fit anything in there.
    Robin: "Robin stinks" is not a suggestion!
    Mr. Enter: *gleefully* Also my bad!
  • Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa:
    • Mr. Enter saying the animation looks like a combination of demons from Hell and a blow-up doll if it had been blown up by a shotgun. We hear the Wilhelm Scream as we get a close-up on the blow-up doll's face.
    • The running gag where Mr. Enter makes fun of how the teacher in the special states that if someone hurts you, it means they are in love with you.
  • From his review of "Big Paw Howie":
    • The scene with the Chicken Inspector:
      Mr. Enter: The guy who decides what can become a prison comes in, and he's almost naked, too. So that kind of shoots down the whole "only the people who stay at the hotel are in their underwear" theory. It's a good thing that this show doesn't really have a premise, it'd probably deviate from it two episodes in.
      Chicken Inspector: Phone appears to be a banana.
      Mr. Enter: Oh, God! Don't remind me!
      Raffi (singing): Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone!
      Mr. Enter: By the way, chickens don't actually have belly buttons. Basically, because they hatch from eggs, and fuck this show for making me Google that!
  • From his review of "Pain in the Brain":
  • From his review of ''The Big Switch-A-Roo":
    • When Diddy Kong claims that Candy has made Donkey Kong act like a robot, Mr. Enter treats the line as if it's a Plot Twist from The X-Files.
    • When Mr. Enter learns of Bluster Kong's plan to replace Candy with a robot:
      Mr. Enter: Huh. I didn't know that this show would be tackling the issue of low-income workers being replaced by the advancement of technology. A harsh real-world theme that didn't come into the forefront of public consciousness until...the kids watching this grew up and began getting low-income jobs that started getting replaced by technology. Maybe this show is good at foreshadowing.
    • Sometime after Donkey Kong switches bodies with Cranky's robot, he says "I've fallen, and I can't get up!". Cut to a live-action scene of Mr. Enter's hand typing in a search for how long that line has been around.
  • From his review of Little Clowns of Happytown:
    • The Running Gag of certain parts of his video being flagged because they're "not advertiser-friendly".
      Mr. Enter: Let's try that Alice in Wonderland thing note . I'm sure that'll take off.
      Advertiser-Friendly Robot: DISTURBING OR GRAPHIC IMAGERY.
      Mr. Enter: Is that really fair? I mean, just because what I'm talking about has disturbing or graphic imagery doesn't mean that I personally am going to be making disturbing or graphic imagery. Should you really blame me for talking about it?
      Advertiser-Friendly Robot: YES. FUCK YOU.
      Mr. Enter: OK. Let's try Mulan II.
      Mr. Enter: How about Barnyard? That's been on the plate for quite a while and—
      Advertiser-Friendly Robot: NOT ADVERTISER-FRIENDLY. MILK IS RACIST.
      (cut to black)
      Mr. Enter: I-I'm living in South Park, I swear.
      Mr. Enter: OK, how about-
      ("Two Hours Later" card)
      Mr. Enter: All right, all right, I've got one more: "InSPONGEiac"!
      Advertiser-Friendly Robot: IT'S OFFENSIVE TO INSOMNIACS.
      Mr. Enter: How is it- I'm a fucking insomniac! OK, you know what? Fine, I'll play your game.
    • Then go in yourself! Mr. Enter's reaction is priceless.
    • When a character tells a bully that his inability to be nice is a disability, Mr. Enter gets the idea to go break Tumblr by telling them this.
      • Later on, when the Advertiser Friendly bot gets too much on Mr. Enter's nerves, he decides to exploit this bit of insanity and tells it to stop picking on him for having a disabilitynote .
  • In the Committed review:
  • In the I.N.K. Invisible Network of Kids review:
  • In Part 1 of the Totally Spies! review:
  • In Part 2 of the Totally Spies review:
    • GLADIS is given the voice of GLaDOS when she denies the girls access to the WOOHP headquarters.
    • Mr. Enter going completely crazy when Sam uses a can opener from a hardware store to unlock a door. Cut to him attempting to do the same, with no success. This becomes a Running Gag. Also, the start of the gag sells it:
      Sam: Here's the plan. You guys go around to the side windows, and I'll use the can opener to unlock the back door!
      Mr. Enter: What?
      Sam: I'll use the can opener to unlock the back door!
      Mr. Enter: Um, yes. What?!
      Sam: I'll use the can opener to unlock the back door!
    • "Cocoa is for Spysassins only!"
    • Enter muses that the main villain of the episode will probably get a lawsuit from Dr. Wily for stealing his hairstyle.
    • The Call-Back to the "can opener" gag at the end of the video:
      Old Man: Take this. It will help you on your way.
      Mr. Enter: A-a can opener?
      Old Man: Yes, a can opener.
      Mr. Enter: Is it a secret agent gadget that shoots lasers beams and stops planes and whatever?
      Old Man: No, it's a can opener; it opens cans.
      Mr. Enter: I hate every part of you!
  • In his The Legend of Korra Book 1 review:
    • Mr. Enter states that, even though he dislikes both Book 1 and Book 2, he was able to enjoy Book 2 a bit more because of Varrick, saying that, in his own words, he's "the best". Cut to a montage of Varrick saying "Do the thing!".
    • Likewise, him calling Meelo (pre-Growing the Beard Meelo, anyway) "the worst", using his "fartbending attack" as an example.
  • While he's making a serious point about stereotypes in his "One of the Boys" review, the way M. Enter phrases his issue with the Loud boys' personalities is still funny.
    "Lincoln doesn't have 10 brothers. He has 10 Lynns."
  • The Big Mouth review involves a bunch of TVs that display stills from the show that aren't NSFW and one displaying a chibi version of Mr. Enter.
    • Enter recalls the only other instance he's used the "too bad to review" card is with Where the Dead Go to Die. He summarizes it as "a movie that went out of its way to depict every horrific thing you can imagine", displaying a few screencaps from it across a few of his screens to illustrate. One screen in the corner displays Norm of the North while this is happening.
  • In his "Top 11 Worst Animation Cliches" two-parter:
  • In his The Emoji Movie review:
    • After his first attempt at renaming the film, this one being "The Meh Movie", he says that the movie's concept could have created a movie worth watching. Cue J Jonah Jameson laughing while Mr. Enter glares and rolls his eyes. Mr. Enter then mentions throughout the video that he is not crazy for having that opinion.
    • He calls Smiler "the fucking Walmart logo".
    • When saying that some of the jokes are more of advertisements than jokes and showing the scene involving PPAP, he says that "(Google) spent their money on Dropbox being the final destination in a movie aimed at three-year-olds".
  • His review of Fame and Misfortune:
  • Fleabag Monkeyface:
  • Re-Animated:
    • When first showing the movie, he's quick to comment how great the animation looks, favorably saying it looks like live-action. The screen then quickly informs him that it is.
    • Mr. Enter wonders if the executives saw something in the movie that he didn't since sometimes you have to make insane decisions if you want a chance at success. After asking how live-action on Cartoon Network starts, it quickly cuts to Jimmy's dad eating cereal and laughing at cartoons, with a foghorn sound playing over it.
    • Him saying that Plank, a literal plank of wood, expresses more emotion than Jimmy.
    • When he talks about the scene where Jimmy's dad (who's apparently the principal) pretends to be Robin so Jimmy can practice asking her out, he's visibly disturbed. It comes to a head when he draws on his belly and pretends it's her, complete with "Chacarron" playing.
    • When Milt Appleday is shown eating paint.
      Mr. Enter: Well, now I know what inspired this movie, at least.
    • "Down in the ice caves, Jimmy finds Sonny, the villain of the movie. You know that he's the villain because he wears a long, dark cape and talks to his sack of money named Mittens. You know, this movie's kinda stupid!"
    • His reaction to the scene where Jimmy gets hit by a train, for being bad in all the best possible ways. He even adds a YouTube Poop-like effect directly after it where he takes a cutout of Jimmy flying through space in the wake of the impact while "Shooting Stars" plays.
      Mr. Enter: *laughing* I'm not even gonna make a joke, here; this scene is enough of a joke in and of itself.
    • This bit right after, when the doctors are shown wearing mascot costumes:
      Mr. Enter: Like, what am I supposed to say to any of this? 'Back in my day, all you needed was a high school degree to get a job! When that didn't make ya special, people started getting college degrees; when that didn't work, people became doctors! And it still only got him a job working as a costume mascot at a dying amusement park!' Actually, considering that that seems to be more and more plausible by the day, I have made myself sad.
    • When the surgeon reveals he had Milt Appleday's brain for 30 years, Mr. Enter decides to invoke a Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
      Mr. Enter: Oh my god! Are those maggots?! What the fuck is this?! It looks like a piece of chewed-up taffy riddled with bullet holes! What-what the hell is wrong with you, y-y-y-y-you kept this piece of a dead body in your lunchbox for 30 years and you brought every day to work; what the fuck is wrong with you?! N-No wonder you smell bad every single day; how the fuck are you a doctor?!
    • The second time he shows the clip, it shows the Gummi Bears.
    • Jimmy's father lets Sonny rent a room because he tried to deceive them.
      Mr. Enter: That's our father! He's got me wondering why we're all not dead yet. I'm scared; please call the police!
    • "Also, Craig does a thing."
    • Part 1 ends with Mr. Enter taking a break after witnessing Robin's utter lack of foresight as to why Sonny moved into Jimmy's house. Part 2 begins with him being woken up from a three-week coma by the Old Man.
      Mr. Enter: You mean to tell me that what I watched wasn't a fever dream.
      Old Man: Well, I wouldn't say that, exactly.
      Mr. Enter: Get outta my way.
      Old Man: Just what do you think you're doing?
      Mr. Enter: I'm gonna finish this fight. Okay, where was I?
      (The scene of Jimmy and Golly giving Robin bedroom eyes plays up again.)
      Mr. Enter: Nope, nope, d-do not remind me!
    • Tom Kenny has an acting role in this. And he is awesome.note 
    • Yet another scene with Mr. Roberts.
      Mr. Enter: That's my husband! I know they said I couldn't bring mental patients home, but when I looked into his Puppy-Dog Eyes, I just couldn't resist! I had to kidnap him right there and then! Right after he tried to poison me the fifth time, we got married because you can't resist those little quirks! No honey, for the last time, toasters are not bath toys!
    • "Anyway, this is Jimmy's secretary. She came in to tell him that Craig did a thing."
    • invoked In response to the Idiot Plot, especially Sonny's Complexity Addiction-laden plan to steal Jimmy's brain on live television:
      Mr. Enter: Muh brain. *stammering* My brain hurts. Sonny, you still want a brain? You could take mine; I don't think I'm going to be needing it for the rest of this movie.
    • When Robin points out Sonny's cooler instead of his Obviously Evil appearance:
      Mr. Enter: A man wearing an ominous cape exits the second floor of Jimmy's house with a bedsheet rope, and the question that you decided to ask is "why do you have a cooler?" I dunno, maybe he's goin' to the beach!
      Sonny: What? I mean I'm gonna chop his head off with my train! Ha! Why am I talking?
      Robin: So, that's why you've been following Jimmy? To get your father's brain?
      Mr. Enter: Noooooooo! He was just following Jimmy because he liked the smell of his cologne! What the fuck have you been smoking?
    • Likewise, when Jimmy finally finds out about Sonny's plot:
      Mr. Enter: And the last horse crosses the finish line!
    • Mr. Roberts, once again, proving he's an idiot.
      Mr. Enter: That's our father! Nearly responsible for two deaths and still doesn't give a shit!
    • When Jimmy is magically transformed in a cartoon to save Robin.
      Mr. Enter: Well, Jimmy's officially succumbed to his insanity. He needed to spend the rest of his life in a mental institution, kept calling everything around him "just a shitty flash cartoon". We tried to tolerate it until he started putting dynamite in the mashed potatoes because he thought it would be funny.
  • From his review of Minions:
  • In his review of The Adventures of Kid Danger there's his perplexed reaction to a botched Non Sequitur, *Thud*.
    Is... is this joke? I don't know. I don't know if this is supposed to be joke.
    • Mr. Enter ends his review by stating that Teen Titans Go! is actually better than Kid Danger. Cut to a clip, labeled "The cartoon Community's reaction", of Sheldon Cooper throwing a stack of papers into the air.
  • For as serious as the subject matter is in "Let's Not Be Skeletons", Mr. Enter does come up with the most perfect line to summarize the failure of the allegory.
  • The review of "Ink Lemonade" starts with Mr. Enter walking through the slums as voices ask him about the episode, and he ends up crossing paths with Nosferatu, who jump scares him with it.
  • In his Christmas Guy review of Family Guy, Mr. Enter goes to get the DVD and gives us this:
    Mr. Enter: Let's hope this Christmas Guy is a good one, uh, cause this is the gift that just keeps on giving. At least, it'd better be, because you don't want to know what I do to DVDs that I do not like.
    Mr. Enter: Wait a minute, that's not mac n cheese at all! I have been duped.
  • In his review of Norm of the North 2, he threatens to shoot the arctic with a heat ray multiple times. Then his finger slipped and a fire animation is posted over a screenshot of the movie. Followed by exclamations of "My Leg!" and excerpts of "Hellfire" and "Burn" being played.
    • At the end of the review, he states something that makes this movie worse in his eyes than the first one: The movie isn't even over yet, and they're only halfway through at this point. Enter than invites his viewers to join him in Part 2.
    • Enter's reaction to the film pointing out its own plot hole in part 2 and not even doing anything about said plot hole.
    • Also, when he points out how bad the plot is:
    Mr. Enter: We just got started, and this plot is already on so much thin ice that you'd think I shot it with my heat ray.
  • In the Robotboy review, the show is said to be Cartoon Network's answer to My Life as a Teenage Robot. Mr. Enter says he got his hopes up, "But then the G-Man came and threw up all over them." The line turns out to be foreshadowing the character Gus, which he says is the worst child character he's seen in a cartoon.
  • Quite a lot in the "Certifiable Super Sitter" review:
    • This dialogue at the beginning:
      Mr. Enter: T. S. Eliot once said that the way the world ends is not with a bang, but a whimper. Not many people actually know this, but he was actually referring to Fairly OddParents. You see when he was around, Fairly OddParents was his world. It was his favorite show. He’d marathon it every day, but he was a wise poet so he could see some things that were happening to it. Okay, so that might not be entirely true. But let’s face it, you don’t have to be a literary genius to see that Fairly Odd Parents has been on life support for a very long time.
    • His response to Poof's impression of Donald Trump:
    Mr. Enter: You know, I’ll be right back. I need to take a bath. With a toaster.
    • The PSA segment is the icing on the cake.
  • In the Cans Without Labels review, he says he's starting to miss Johnny Test's excessive whip-cracks. He is then shown a compilation of over 100 whip-cracks from one episode.
    Subtitles: Okay! You asked for it!
  • Mr. Enter's sarcastic epiphany in the Extra Credits - Political and Hypocritical review:
    Extra Credits: Media is created by people. People are products of their culture and times, so intentionally or unintentionally, they are going to express their views through the outlets they have.
    Mr. Enter: Actually, now that I think about it, it makes a ton of sense. You see, I never really understood Blue (Da Ba Dee) before I actually watched this video. But now that I think about it, it's clearly a political statement on the evils of capitalism, and how even those who succeed in its oppressive systems are still so depressed that they cannot see anything positive in their lives.
  • The "Anywhere But Here" review has a live-action scene of Enter preparing instant ramen after an aged-up Sabrina says she can't cook. On the side of the screen, there is a cookbook with Gordon Ramsay's name crossed out.
    • During said sequence, Mr. Enter briefly lampshades that it's hard to cook ramen while holding a camera.
    • At the end of that scene, he tops it off with this:
      Mr. Enter: (amidst applause) Please don't applaud me, I learned how to do this when I was EIGHT. (applause immediately stops) "Kids can't cook" my ass.
  • His video on Thundercats Roar begins with this gem:
  • From The Lion King (2019), some of the interactions between Mr. Enter and his past selves. In particular, when Teen!John tries to instill a lesson from The Lion King into his adult self, we get this...
    • After Mr. Enter turns down the offer to watch the movie with his kid self near the beginning, the latter offers to watch Aladdin, which causes his present self to have a post-traumatic flashback to the live-action remake with Will Smith.
      • Earlier on, Mr. Enter discusses the strange casting choices made for most of Disney's live-action remakes, and he helps Kid!John understand the problem by telling him to "imagine the Fresh Prince as the Genie". However, Kid!John then tries to ask why Will Smith was cast as the Genie when James Earl Jones was able to reprise his role as Mufasa in the live-action remake of his movie, unaware of what happened to Robin Williams. Mr. Enter immediately changes the subject to criticize Disney for remaking Aladdin five years after Williams was "indisposed". Right after, he starts to compare the whole fiasco to what Nickelodeon did after the death of Stephen Hillenburg... only to once again change the subject so he doesn't break the heart of his younger self.
    • When Kid!John tries to ask his present self who Donald Trump is, Mr. Enter angrily tells him to never ask that.
    • Kid!John takes a jab at Mr. Enter's Catchphrase of "Pointing out your problems doesn't make them go away!" after Simba's physical growth is mentioned.
  • From the Quest for Camelot one, we have Mr. Enter arguing, with the utmost sincerity, that Bladebeak is the most enjoyable character in the film. It should be noted that he gives legitimate reasons, too (he points out that Bladebeak is both consistent and subtle, something that none of the other characters are).
  • In "Pickle Rick", they do a Spongebob parody that managed to be funnier than the episode itself.
  • In his review of season 5 of Samurai Jack, he points out how adult versions of kid-friendly franchises tend to end in disaster:
    Mr. Enter: Retooling a kids or family series to be more adult usually results in black hedgehogs wielding guns looking for their damned fourth chaos emeralds.
  • To cap off his review of Strange Magic, Enter brings up what he does to bad DVDs. However, since the DVD doesn't fit into the pot he's using, he decides to eradicate it by asking the audience to join him in chanting "I don't believe in fairies".

    Animated Atrocities 7 
  • The review of "Kong for a Day" has a decent number of moments.
  • Rickdependence Spray: Just the fact that the title card for the review, and the Patron listing at the end are clearly done in Windows Movie Maker.
    "rock and morby Master Bates xD"
  • His review of The Legend of Zelda (1989) has several, like when he complains about Link being portrayed as a pervert.
    Mr. Enter: Like, what would Zelda's father, the fucking King of this country, say if he knew what Link was trying to do?
    (Gilligan Cut to the King advising Link, who was about to swing in through Zelda's window to get a kiss, to bring her flowers.)
    Mr. Enter: (furious) WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS CARTOON!? I'M GLAD YOUR ASS GOT TURNED INTO A FUCKING BOAT! (calm) And it was at that moment that I just realized I may have members of my audience who have never played a Zelda game, and must be like very confused right now. Then again, we've all put princesses in glass bottles to save a monkey from being boiled in a poison swamp. I've got a cow on my head, it's a memento from when I was walking through a park with a Pikachu mask, when I met a fox that asked me how many tiny cow statues were in town. And he gave me a piece of candy. At least I think it was a piece of candy, the nice old lady said it was. It does make me question the one I found in the toilet, though.
    • Whenever Link tries to say his catchphrase, CD-I!Ganon keeps attacking.
    • During his rant about several characters being Off-Model, Mr. Enter comes across a part of the manual that says Aquamentus attacks with "mean beams".
  • With Little Ellen, comparisons are promptly made to Little Bill. Things get awkward almost immediately after he makes the first comparison.
  • The Out of Jimmy's Head review:
    • Enter lists all of the things that the show doesn't have (like passion or effort, among other things), however he does point out that it does have a laugh track. Cue audience laughter, complete with Enter running off screen to attack them.
    • When getting to Jimmy's dad, Enter gives him the full name of "Fucking Asshole" rather than his in-show name.
    • Rubber ducks appearing sporadically with each cut to himself in live-action.
    "You guys see those ducks, right?"
  • Dork Hunters from Outer Space:
  • The review of "Brawl in the Family" has the Running Gag of Enter (in live-action) bashing his head in with progessively larger books every time something that defies common sense happens. It eventually leads to the Earth exploding.
  • Just about the entire review of Honest Apple.
    • It begins with Enter (in live action) announcing this review and stating his opinion, only for the Bikini Bottom people to get angry, which makes him run away and trip.
    • This time, Enter decides to wear costumes for comedy’s sake. The first one is a goth look complete with mascara, and the other is a ditzy over-the-top Valley Girl with pastel colors.
    • During the scene where Applejack is arguing with Strawberry Sunrise, Mr. Enter is eating an apple, then we hear this:
      Applejack: You'd better apologize!
      Strawberry: (sarcastically) I'm sorry that you actually bite into those tasteless, mealy worm-filled things.
      Mr. Enter: "Worm-filled"?
      (A gummy worm pops out of the apple and shrieks; Enter puts down the apple)
      Mr. Enter: Yeah, this is why I stick with my preferred snack choice.
      (Bites into a raw potato)
    • Enter notes that it's his 30th birthday that year, and he was originally going to end the review with him biting into the potato again, but he realized that raw potatoes taste nasty. So he bites into the gummy worm instead.
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet:
    • Mr. Enter points out how inaccurate the depiction of the internet throughout the movie is. Most of the time he points out the technical things, but he also throws in "Sonic the Hedgehog speaking of the internet so casually" and "the Twitter birds aren't tearing out each other's entrails" as examples.
    • When Mr. Enter parodies DramaAlert, he artificially extends his delivery of "Let's get right into the news" instead of just saying it the way Keemstar does.
  • On top of suffering through the uncanny visuals of Dirt Girl World thanks to Al, Enter is forced to either review it or watch MacGoogles sing.
    Mr. Enter: (after seeing MacGoogles for the first time) WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!

     Admirable Animation 

     1001 Video Games 
  • Enter makes no secret about how much he hates Façade throughout his playthrough of it. After getting the best ending available, his next attempt involves him pretending to try and have a real conversation with Grace and Trip, all while being the Deadpan Snarker he is known to be. For example:
    Grace: Yeah, I'm hoping you can help me understand where I went wrong with my new decorating, ha ha.
    Mr. Enter: Uhh... you used too many jpgs.
  • Dig Dug and Mr. Do!:
    • Mr. Enter points out how graphic inflating Dig Dug's enemies would actually be.
    • The child-like cadence in his reaction to the last Fygar escaping:
      Mr. Enter: No~! Why... do you escape?
    • The Mr. Do! half of the video has a handful of moments. His reaction to the "Cookie Monsters" after grabbing a cake slice is a good example.
  • He sounds incredibly bonkers upon playing Snake because he dislikes how simplistic it is. And he even claims that he lost his sanity.
    "Look at it go! Just look at it go...!"
    "Just beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. (sigh) It's the Snakey-snake! It's the Snakes! I don't even really like snakes, so yeah, it's just the Snakey-snake."
    "Snaking around the bend."
    "Snake all day, every day. It's my favorite type of tree."
  • From "Episode 62 - Age of Empires II (Part 1)":
    • Mr. Enter doing the Foraging part of the Tutorial Campaign twice by accident.
    • This...
      Tutorial Narrator: You are close to an English base. Better not knock down this wall until you have an army of at least 12 soldiers.
      Mr. Enter: I do what I fucking want! I'll take it now! [Moves his Scout Calvary closer to the enemy Palisade Wall.] Don't tempt me! I will do it! I will beat this whole this with ''just'' my Scout Calvary alone! note 
    • Mr. Enter saying, "Somebody is playing Dark Souls, yay" rather sarcastically.
    • Mr. Enter refusing to build a Fishing Ship during the Battle of Stirling in the Tutorial Campaign while trying to find ways of getting more food. He does admit Fishing Ships are good for getting food in the Dark Ages because they don't cost food.
      Tutorial Narrator: Now click the Dock and build a Fishing Ship.
      Mr. Enter: No... Fuck you...
      • Later, Mr. Enter says, "Fuck it, shore. Get it? Shore." and builds two Fishing Ships to gather more food. He chuckles a little at his pun.
    • Later, when talking about the food decay of animals, his villagers finish the sheep Mr. Enter assigned for them to gather from. They kill the two remaining sheep and split up into groups.
      Mr. Enter: Then they do that...
    • Waiting, everyone's favorite part of a Real-Time-Strategy game.
    • When the narrator tells him that he will need at least 12 soldiers to raid the enemy in the Battle of Stirling campaign, Mr. Enter questions him on how he would know that.
    • Later when Mr. Enter has 7 Men-at-Arms with the Forging and armor upgrades...
      Mr. Enter: Seven? That's close enough to twelve for me. Go. [Sends his small army to the enemy base.] Make it eight, even though Scout Calvary is shit at fighting. Have fun.
      • When he has two soldiers left, he makes a ton of Men-at-Arms.
    • Mr. Enter recalling a time when a host forgot to change the victory conditions in a Death Match. This resulted in Mr. Enter building a Wonder as soon as the game loaded up.
    • Mr. Enter shares some of the achievements that got removed because they were "too extreme."
      • "You have created 1000 castles. Castle. 650 stone. There's usually less than 10,000 stone on any given map."
      • "Play any civilization 1000 times and you need to beat every civilization 1000 times as well."
      • Apparently, there were achievements that went up to 10,000. Mr. Enter chuckles as he says "Maybe that was a little too much."
    • In the Fredrick Barbarossa campaign, Mr. Enter mocks Swabia from time to time.
      • Most notably when he catches Swabia, having previously destroyed Swabia's Town Center, building a Siege Workshop. He notes that you want to build a Town Center as soon as possible, not a Siege Workshop. He later builds a Town Center where the Siege Workshop was built.
    Mr. Enter: Oh my God... You actually built the Siege Workshop... Why would you do that?!

  • From his update video:
    Mr. Enter: .....Well, sometimes I get really interesting questions, like someone repeatedly asking me to say ("N***" pops up on screen) in my videos!
  • From his playthrough of Epic! The Humorous RPG, there's his reaction to the attack noise of the slime creatures:
    Mr. Enter: Did that thing just fart on me?
    (the slime creature attacks his character, with a farting noise)
    Mr. Enter: It did! It farted on me!
    • Then there's something he isn't so proud of... note 
      Gallas: What are you doing here?
      Old Man: Masturbating...
      [Mr. Enter snickers.]
      Gallas: Um... Okay then... Can you do that somewhere else?
      [Mr. Enter continues to try not to burst out laughing.]
      Old Man: No.
      Gallas: Well, will you be done soon?
      Old Man: No. Now go away! I'm winning.
      Mr. Enter: Uhhhhh... Le-let's just... Uhh... Leave him be... Uhh... For once I can't yell at the writer for doing something stupid... Well, I could, but... Ehhh...
  • When discussing "Stimpy's Fan Club" in his "Top 25 Most Disturbing Episodes of Kids' Cartoons" video:
    Ren: (to Stimpy; near tears) Everybody loves you! People always love the stupid one! But nobody ever loves the jerk!
    (cut to a clip from "Pat No Pay")
    • Later on, when confirming that "King Ramses' Curse" is not on the list:
      King Ramses: Return the slab... Or suffer my curse...
      Mr. Enter: Sorry dude, you lose again. I'm not going with you.
      King Ramses: Awwww, come on...
  • His response to a Tumblr user asking him for his opinion on The Sponge Bob Movie Sponge Out Of Water... which wasn't even out yet:
    "I’d love to give you guys my opinion, but unfortunately time machines are out of my price range right now"
    • He also gave an epic burn to another user on Tumblr:
      Anonymous: If you don't like Spongebob, then don't watch it
      Mr. Enter: If you don't like my video of me complaining about Spongebob, then don't watch it
    • And this response to a Tumblr user telling him to commit sudoku:
      Anonymous: Your voice is annoying and your editing is garbage. Commit sudoku.
      Mr. Enter: (image of sudoku puzzle) It didn’t help. My voice is still annoying and my editing is still crap.
  • In this DeviantArt journal entry, Mr. Enter lists his 20 least favorite Pokémon. Here's his entry for his #13 pick, Amoongus:
  • At the very end of "Top 11 Reviews I Will Never Do":
    Announcer: The Problem Solverz: new series premieres starting Mondays in April.
    Mr. Enter: HOLY FUCK!!!
    • His reason for not reviewing Uncle Grandpa: it confuses him into not having a reaction.
  • This running gag in his Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure playthrough:
    Sissy: It's a coconut!
    Mr. Enter: I know it's a coconut!
  • After the Viacom fiasco, the places in the end cards where he'd usually put disclaimers about Fair Use instead snark about how that doesn't even make a difference.
    (At the end of "Herpe, the Love Sore") This video was made for review purposes and falls under Fair Use. It is not meant to be a substitute for the animation in question in any way, but no one gives a crab. I could say that I own the moon and this disclaimer would have just as much merit.
    (At the end of "Lawnmower Dog") This video was made for review purposes. If this statement is relevant to you, I know for certain that you don't give a shit.
    (At the end of "The Shell)" You know what I do own Gumball. I own lots of Gumballs. They cost 25 cents from the machine at Walmart. I've got red ones, and blue ones, and green ones, and ones that lost their flavor. I like to use them to trip over people chasing me down. Now I could say that this is for review purposes, but that would be silly.
    (At the end of his re-review of "The Splinter)" Spongebob is owned by Viacom, and as we all know Viacom is owned by the great peanut butter sandwich in the sky. If you defy this peanut butter sandwich it will eclipse the sun and rain down its anger. The streets will be filled with a sweet sticky mess and there will be much turmoil as people run for their lives. Maybe. It's just a theory.
    (At the end of his "Food Fight" review) The Fairly OddParents! is owned by the orange Pegasus outside the bowling alley selling cups, plates, and other cooking utensils. That's what he told me anyway, and I've never met an orange Pegasus that's lied to me, so there's no reason for me not to believe him.
    (At the end of his re-review of "One Coarse Meal)" Viacom. Bleh.
    (At the end of his review of "There's No Business Like Monkey Business"): Rocket Monkeys is owned by several parts of a dead sea anemone.
    At the end of his review of King Star King) King Star King is owned by mutant aliens that want to take over Earth. If someone who isn't Turner Broadcasting/Cartoon Network tries to copyright claim this video I am going to immediately assume that it's an admission that they are, in fact, mutant aliens that want to take over Earth.
    At the end of his review of "Painbow") The Powerpuff Girls'' is owned by whatever Cartoon Network thinks will make it the most money. Not on ad revenue, or the show's merits itself, but whatever toys it can sell.
  • First Impressions - The Cutie Map
  • In his Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 2000s, after saying Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! has the worst theme song he's ever heard:
    Singer: I'm gonna sing this song. All! Day! Long!
    Mr. Enter: If you do, I will shoot you! In! The! Face!
  • In his DeviantArt journal entry about the Judge Rotenberg Center, he recalls that he found out about it after someone posted a comment on his Autism Speaks video telling him not to research it.
    "Hey, when I said don't watch Where the Dead Go to Die, you guys didn't listen, so we're even now."
  • 10 Things I'd Review if I did Live-Action. Number 1 is "I needed more than 10 numbers for this list."
    • He also put Unfriended at Number 3. The reason? "Dis stupid. Dis movie stupid."
  • The English Language is Weird is a hilarious commentary on how screwed up the English language is. With a bit of rewording, it can almost be a stand-up routine.
    • "But if you're wondering why everyone on the internet has shitty grammar... it's because grammar is shit."
  • Horse, a random Vlog Mr. Enter did out of boredom that's a recreation of an attempt to steal a horse in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Seconds after he dismounts, the horse rears up and starts chasing him. The whole 7-minute video is just him trying to flee.
    Mr. Enter: (Upon seeing the stolen horse rear up) I have MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE!
  • In a similar vein, his follow-up entitled Flight.
  • Viacom Sues Life
  • At the end of his video about Privacy and Exposure:
    Mr. Enter: Also, h3h3 is being sued for copyright infringement, in a case that could have ripple effects all over YouTube, and it's really, really going to court, world sucks, ok, bye!
  • From "Further Thoughts on The Goode Family"
  • His now-deleted Notebook on an episode of The Nutshack:
    Show: It's the Nutshack.
    Episode #: It's the Nutshack.
    Year: It's the Nut Hack.
    • He also made a (now-deleted) follow-up post about the exact time he uploaded the episode (It was at 4:20 a.m.).
  • His now-deleted Notebook on the Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa:
    Chief Complaints: dshdshds dbdds csddhsddehd dfjdshfsehfsehdfhsdfg dfdsfesfewfsddfaser fggdrfsefwrfsfsdgrgsd drfdsfhdsfg Christmas!
    Other Notes: dxfgfgsdhfadsdsxckc sdafdsgsdfgsrdgd gadfcadsfbhsdafsd asdsadsasada dtcdscbszdcxbsahdsa xzsdsdhsad frgsdfgsdgs adcxfesfdads xzxcbsajj sdawaada fddffsasdafcvc sferfeacxsa Christmas
  • His consideration to review the horrible adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, in which he (accidentally?) drops the DVD 20 seconds in as his hands tremble intensely.
  • Calls.
  • Though Need To Talk is rather depressing, it does have this one amusing line:
    Mr. Enter: And maybe that makes you laugh, maybe that makes you smile, maybe you're an asshole. I don't know you.
  • Mac and Cheese, a lovely prelude to the review of The Emoji Movie.
    • The way he says "Mac and Cheese" is pretty hilarious in itself.
    • After cooking The Emoji Movie, he winds up with a sandwich and chips.
      Mr. Enter: Wait a minute, that's not Mac and Cheese at all! I have been duped.
    • If you listen closely, you can hear him Corpsing at the line "I've been duped".
  • The video where he talks about his cyberstalker is for the most part just creepy and disgusting. However, he says this after she accuses him of faking his asexuality:
    Mr. Enter: Maybe you're right, maybe I'm not asexual after all, I think you convinced me. My sexuality is anyone but you!
  • In his Nick-O-Rama video on Rugrats, Mr. Enter admits that he initially thought the name Dr. Lipschitz was deliberate, and it was supposed to sound adult because his advice is never helpful or constructive.
    Mr. Enter:" Dr. Lipschitz has a lot of, "lip shits" let's just say.
  • In his Nick-O-Rama review of Robot and Monster, he shows how much he despises Monster:
    Mr. Enter: I really hate this stupid pile of puke. He makes Patrick Star look like a Nobel prize winning scientist. And that's in Patrick's bad appearances.
  • In his Nick-O-Rama video on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he complains that their version of April O'Neil looks absolutely nothing like her predecessors, thinking that the only requirement to be April O'Neil is wearing yellow.
    Mr. Enter: (shows a picture of the Man with a yellow hat) "Hey look everyone, it's April O'Neil!"
  • In his Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 2010s video, he compares Quagmire's speech about Domestic Abuse in "Screams of Silence" to Ted Bundy giving you a lecture on table manners.
  • Cooking with Carl. It starts with an unexpected Plot Twist and plunges into Black Comedy.
  • Pretty much all of the Top 10 Worst Episodes Of Sponge Bob Squarepants video.
  • While the video itself is pretty serious, Mr. Enter's Description Cut towards Rebecca in "Regarding Star Giant Productions" is pretty funny:
    Star Giant Productions: I was John's best editor. The only other editor that was as good as me was Crimson Mayhem.
    Mr. Enter: Rebecca was my worst editor. There are other reasons why I fired her, but I think we should start with a universally accepted reason why an editor should be fired: that they are bad at editing.
  • In the Top 10 Worst Mr. Enter Videos... video, he states his embarrassment (again) at the part of his Turning Red review where he complained that the film (which takes place in Canada) doesn't have references to 9/11.
    Mr. Enter: Can I end the segment here? No, I—I actually gotta... elaborate? Okay.
  • During the Honorable Mentions section for his remastered Top 20 Best Cartoon Theme Songs list, he puts a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer when listing Mr. Meaty as one of them.