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To put it simply, The Mysterious Mr. Enter is more polarizing than a magnet, holding the distinction of being both a very well-liked animation reviewer among many, and one of the most hated among many. As he shares his opinion on various Animated Shows, we shall share our opinions on his work as well.

  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Many people around late 2014-early 2015 thought he was going overboard with his anger. In his review of The Problem Solverz, when he's about to completely explode at the episode, the Crazy Old Man reappears and basically tells him to get a grip. This continues further into his remake of his Pet Sitter Pat review, completely keeping himself in check and repeating how he wouldn't attack the people who made the episode no matter how much he loathed the episode.
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    • People who complained about poor video editing and the repetition of clips were pleased when he hired an editor.
    • As a response to some of his more hated reviews (Rocket Monkeys, 12 oz. Mouse), Enter announced he'd go back and review said shows with a different perspective.
    • Further still, his website has versions of his older reviews that fix the issues that plagued them originally. They also cut out the nastier insults that he was infamous for originally.
    • After getting complaints about his thumbnails looking too bland and uninspired, he hired an artist to fix that issue. From "Ink Lemonade" onward, his thumbnails are now styled like episode cards, with Mr. Enter being drawn in the style of the show he's reviewing. And it looks amazing.
    • In his look back at Rocket Power during his Nick-O-Rama series, he addressed a frequent criticism of his original review of the series, where he derided it as nothing but a 90s Cliché Storm that only existed to capitalize on the trends of the time and has aged poorly when in fact, Rocket Power premiered at the very tail end of the nineties and lived most of its life as an early 2000s show. Mr. Enter counters that while the decade of the 90s ended early in the show's run, the trends associated with the 90s that Rocket Power played on survived into the early 2000s.
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    • Most of his videos and essays made during 2020 revolved around the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus had an extremely pessimistic and nihilistic tone to them, which alienated many of his fans. His atrocity review of The Lion King (2019) however, ended on a more optimistic note about making it through the troubles of both the past and future, much to the pleasure of his fans, along with the video feeling like a return to form when it came to his animation reviews. Though only time will tell if the rest of his content will become more optimistic.
    • After the announcement of his "Unpopular Opinions Marathon", some feared that he was intentionally trying to piss off people by targeting beloved works, which was not helped by his tone in the announcement video or the fact that Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, one of his most contentious Nick-O-Rama reviews, was among the shows that he plans on reviewing in this marathon. However, if his review of Your Name is anything to go by, he's making a point to be as balanced as possible and praise the good aspects of whatever he's reviewing. In the aforementioned Your Name review, for example, he praised the technical aspects of the movie and commended the work of the film's animators (even recommending viewers who haven't seen the film to do so once to appreciate the spectacle) while still explaining his issues with the film's characters and plot, and he even said that he could understand why people could still love the movie and that there's nothing wrong with having a different take on it than him.
  • Broken Base:
    • His speech at the end of his "Twilight's Kingdom" review — A Moment of Awesome and a case of Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped, or another case of Mr. Enter sticking his fingers in his ears and refusing to hear any criticism delivered to something he personally liked?note 
    • Next to his "Twilight's Kingdom" review, ironically enough, came the already polarizing "Fame and Misfortune", an episode he loathed and ripped a new one due to his view of the show's writers attempting to strawman the fanbase and hiding it in an affectionate jab. The division comes on whether Enter is right and the show truly was making fun of the fans' tendencies to take the show too seriously and refusing criticism or if he's misinterpreting the message and riffing too hard on it and the episode itself. This was not helped that it was the first time in years Enter had reviewed an MLP episode (he stopped after Season 4).
    • The first few minutes of the "April 9th" review takes this to another level: Whether it is an awesome Take That! towards the folks who argue against Mr. Enter by saying "Cartoons are for kids, and that's that" or it's nothing more than an angry and mean-spirited jab towards such individuals' opinions. This was addressed in his "Troll" review, and Mr. Enter admitted that it would likely end up as such when he discussed the topic of trolls and cyber-bullying. Sure enough, that was exactly what happened, as the comments for the review mention people defending trolling.
    • In his review of Elf Bowling: The Movie, many could tell that Mr. Enter sounded more frustrated with the movie's faults than in his other reviews, which could be heard in his tone of voice from the very beginning of the review, which Word of God said was entirely faked. Some people enjoyed his strong reactions and felt that it was deserved considering the movie's quality, while other people felt that he overdid his reactions and wished that he had kept his voice down throughout the review.
    • Because 12 oz. Mouse is a Cult Classic that runs on Stylistic Suck and has an intensely polarizing viewership, his video on it created quite a debate in the comment section, with one side stating that comparing it to other shows and reviewing it out of context is a wrong approach, while the other arguing that a bad show doesn't become better if it's bad on purpose.
    • His The Legend of Korra review is one of his longest (and most polarizing) reviews. Though most people have been civil over his opinions over the series, some of them aren't as happy that he didn't like Season 1, or say that Mr. Enter should consider creating a third series for animation that is between Admirable and Atrocious due to Korra's mixed reputation.
    • He panned Big Mouth pretty hard, despite it getting very good reviews from mainstream critics. Needless to say, this has created a divide similar to the 12 oz. Mouse, with some people claiming he just "didn't get" the humor in the series, and others agreeing that despite the positive reviews it got, it was actually a disturbing work of (supposed and alleged) borderline child pornography.
    • A more recent example is that Mr. Enter's reviews have been getting longer (for example, his Re-Animated review was 40 minutes long — and that was only part one). Many of his fans appreciate the extra analysis, but there are some who feel he pads the videos out.
    • The people who do like Mr. Enter are split over whether Animated Atrocities or Admirable Animation is his better series. People who like Admirable Animation prefer it due to it generally having less of Mr. Enter's infamous rants, and people who prefer Animated Atrocities find it more entertaining than Admirable Animation, mainly because of how bad some of the things he reviews are.
    • "Nick-O-Rama" was extremely divisive, to the point that the hostile reactions drove him off Twitter. Some fans like that he reviewed shows he hadn't talked about yet, or give those he previously reviewed a new perspective, such as Fanboy and Chum Chum. Others felt he didn't give other shows, most notably Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a fair chance.
    • His criticism of COVID responses, particularly lockdowns and masks, are especially controversial. Some were appalled and labelled him callous, while others felt that he made valid points on some excessive measures and consequences.
  • Creepy Cute: Mr. Enter's detective avatar, previously the main page image, a noir-style silhouette of a man with large expressive eyes.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • In his review of Seth Mac Farlanes Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy, he claims that Hinduism is one of the least popular mainstream religions. Hinduism is very popular, with over a billion adherents worldwide, making it the world's third-largest religion.
    • He complains in his "One Coarse Meal" review that whales don't eat plankton and that the only thing they eat is krill. Some whales do in fact eat plankton - not all whales, mind you, but krill is not the only thing that every whale ever eats. Additionally, Pearl is a sperm whale, which doesn't eat plankton or krill. He actually brought up this point in his "Top 11 Worst Episodes Reviewed" video, admitting he did some research and found out that some whales do eat plankton. He then points out that some whales also eat crabs, fish, and squid.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: "Viacom Sues Life". It would sound petty, but the way he presents it is just wrong to the point of hilarity.
  • Dork Age:
    • Mr. Enter himself entered a period during mid-late 2015. Between reviewing Animated Atrocities that many of his viewers actually liked (such as 12 oz. Mouse) and making an entire episode (his review of "There is No Business Like Monkey Business") which was nothing more than a Take That! towards fans who sent in requests, and therefore didn't even talk about the episode until more than halfway through while being less than five minutes long, many viewers did not find these very funny or interesting which didn't help with the fact that his video schedule was pretty irregular and infrequent, with him usually posting a video once every two weeks. Even his Admirable Animations at that time, notably "Test of the Tested", were criticized for being just an Author Filibuster on the state of education in the United States. Fortunately, after his 100th Animated Atrocity special (Drawn Together The Movie) his later episodes returned to the quality of earlier seasons, and he started posting videos on a weekly, semi-consistent basis.
    • A majority of fans consider him to have gotten into a second dork age since late 2018-early 2019, with the main complaint being the increasing negativity of his reviews. In that time, he's only made one Admirable Animation ("Stark Raving Dad"), and even that was mostly an Author Filibuster on separating the art from the artist. He's also inserted more of his political views into his reviews, as well as expressing some very controversial views on certain subjects in his non-review videos, which have only intensified since the COVID-19 outbreak. And that's not even getting into Nick-O-Rama. The overall rate of videos being released has also slowed to a trickle, with reviews going to the wayside in favor of live-streams. Things didn't get better when he put Admirable Animations on hiatus, with some pointing out that it will not aid him to not make positive videos given his current attitude. It came to a head after he released an hour-long video that had him ranting about the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. Some have begun to worry about the future of his channel, with many of his former fans even unsubscribing from him.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Johnathan from "Animated Atrocities - The Lion King (2019)" has been very well received, with his status as The Pollyanna helping counteract Enter's status as The Cynic and allowing for a more varied view on whatever he's reviewing. Plus, he's just adorable.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • With RebelTaxi, sparked by Pan mentioning his dislike for Mr. Enter. But while there are people on both sides who dislike Taxi or Enter for their differing styles, there are people that simply like both just fine. However, with the release of his video calling out people such as RebelTaxi (which Pan and Izzy have commented on), it's likely that the two channels have since reconciled
    • Enter's fans have a rivalry with the fanbases of Turkey Tom, EZ PZ, Clay Claymore and Lily Orchard, since their shots at him are dismissed by their fans as fair criticism, while Enter's fans think that they're borderline cyber-bullying him instead of merely critiquing him.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • With PhantomStrider, due to their mutual respect for one another, and Enter's desire to do a crossover.
    • Enter and PieGuyRulz fans tend to overlap with each other, due to their collab on the "Truth or Square" review giving the latter's channel a significant boost in popularity.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • In the Chicken Little review, Mr. Enter jokes that the blatant usage of pre-existing songs (rather than making your own as par for the Disney course) will get him taken down for copyright. Not long after, he got into severe copyright trouble for his My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic reviews and other videos, including one that was two seconds long and reviews of fan-made episodes. And then, in January 2015, his channel was terminated, though it was eventually reinstated. It doesn't help that when he reviewed The Groovenians, he said: "I figured how to get around Viacom."
    • In his "Pinkie Apple Pie" review, he talks about feeling spoiled by how good Season 4 has been and wonders if he's been too nice in his reviews, speculating that he might be tempted to overcompensate if a genuinely bad episode should come along. The next episode to air would be "Rainbow Falls", his personal second least favorite episode of the entire series, and what he considers to be the worst episode of the show objectively.
    • The jokes about the 3 AM uploads don't seem quite as funny anymore after this video revealed that he uploaded in the wee hours of the morning because he was suffering from insomnia.
    • During his "Top 20 Worst Cartoon Theme Songs" list, when discussing Captain Planet's season 6 theme, there's a quick skit of Ma-Ti Rage Quitting over it. A few years later, the crossover episode in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes reveals that the Planeteers did disband for completely unrelated reasons, with Kwame as the only one left.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In his "Top 10 Worst Patrick's a Prick Episodes" video, he states that his deceased dog Patrick was named after Patrick Star, who would later become his most hated character on SpongeBob.
    • Mr. Enter's disgust with "Seahorse Seashell Party", for sending the message that children with abusive parents should stay in their dysfunctional family dynamics for their abusers' benefit, becomes even more poignant when, in his (now deleted) "Top 11 Worst Episodes (Year 1)" video, he reveals that he grew up in similar living conditions.
    • He stated in his The Problem Solverz review that watching the series gave him eye strain. A month later, he was diagnosed with myopia and now has to wear glasses.
    • From the same review, John saying that he would attempt to act calmer in his reviews after having a heart-to-heart conversation with the Old Man can be seen as this as his more recent reviews in 2020 have him sounding angrier and more frustrated than ever, particularly his "Lights Out!" review (which incidentally also features an appearance by the Old Man).
    • Two weeks before his Casper and the Angels review, in which he was particularly critical towards Hairy Scary, Hairy Scary's actor John Stephenson died of Alzheimer's disease. Mr. Enter has stated in his journal on the worst things he has reviewed in 2015 that he doesn't blame him for Hairy Scary.
    • He refused to review Clarence due to the suspension of its creator after sexually assaulting women on the Cartoon Network staff, as it made Enter too uncomfortable to even mention what the creator had done. Then a very similar situation occurred with the creator of The Loud House, a show Enter had already praised several times, before the revelations. Further making things depressing was the fact that he had already reviewed a bad episode only a week before the scandal arose.
    • His "Ink Lemonade" review, his first Animated Atrocity of a SpongeBob episode in yearsnote , was posted only one day before the passing of SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg.
    • In his video about his favorite My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic writers, he mentions how he never came across an MA Larson episode that he dislikes. His first MLP review after 4 years of not reviewing the show is "Fame And Misfortune", an episode he did write, which he reviewed as an animated atrocity. note 
    • In general, it can be pretty bittersweet to look back at Mr. Enter's Friendship is Magic reviews and other videos where the show's brought up, and seeing how passionate he was about the show, knowing now that he eventually lost interest in it and stopped actively reviewing episodes. .
    • Toward the end of his "Mixed Messages" video on swearing, he called out YouTube for trying to appeal to kids, saying that it was illegal. Later in the year, it would come back to haunt YouTube when they were accused of violating COPPA, and they responded by putting more restrictions on YouTubers.
    • Mr. Enter talked about how much he hated the trope of a character harassing another character because they "like them". A year or two later he was stalked and harassed by a woman who had a lust for him.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight:
    • In his review to "Fresh Heir", after Chris asked Peter if a father can actually marry his own son (it's a long story), Peter quips about gay people marrying, with Mr. Enter's response being: "And these stupid jokes might be why it's taking so long to legalize gay marriage." Several months later, same-sex marriage was deemed legal in the entire United States.
    • While his "Ink Lemonade" review was made very shortly before Stephen Hillenburg's death, he did praise Hillenburg's efforts by reminding the viewers that Season 10 to 11 are an improvement and almost on the same level as the original 3. It's almost like he is giving a farewell to this legend.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!: He gets this a lot. Among other things, many people have not taken well to his negative opinions of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and The Aristocats. This especially occurs when he gives a negative review of a Friendship Is Magic episode.
    • In particular, his very negative review of "Putting Your Hoof Down" — which he considers the single worst episode of the series, though not on a technical level (that infamy goes to "Rainbow Falls") — touched a nerve with many Fluttershy fans (ironically, Fluttershy is his favorite character on the show). They were enraged further with his rant at the end of his review of "Keep Calm and Flutter On". His negative reviews of "May The Best Pet Win" and "Power Ponies" also made plenty of people mad.
      • More controversial was him choosing Dave Polsky as one of his favorite MLP writers and Charlotte Fullerton as his least favorite. She was traditionally considered one of the show's best writers (a point Mr. Enter specifically addresses and debunks), while he was – up until Season 4 – traditionally considered one of the worst (and even then, fans are still divided over the quality of some of his season four episodes like "Daring Don't" and "Equestria Games").
      • He attempted to get ahead of the flames at the beginning of his extraordinarily negative review of Friendship is Witchcraft, specifically pointing out the brutal savaging Voice Of Reason had gotten from the series' (loud and aggressive) fans with his negative FIW review a few months earlier. Unlike VoR's video, Mr. Enter's review has a net positive rating, but it still ended up with the most dislikes of any video on his channel for a while.
      • Much of the collective fanbase for previous My Little Pony generations haven't taken kindly to his negative reviews of G3.
    • Nickelodeon Month itself was perhaps the most controversial thing that he's ever done, as more than half of the criticisms and accusations lodged at him revolve around that series of reviews alone.
      • Breadwinners turned out to be one of the few Atrocities he's reviewed that had an actual fan-base... one who was not pleased with the very scathing review he gave of it, to the point of vandalizing this very page.
      • His review of Fanboy and Chum Chum. There were people asking him not to review that show. He did it anyway. Granted, he has since softened his stance on it, praising some aspects of the show, and even admitting that it's not as bad as some people let on, especially in comparison to shows like Sanjay and Craig and The Adventures of Kid Danger.
    • He was going to review the The Powerpuff Girls episode "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey" for December 2013, but with so many asking him not to review the episode, he ultimately canceled the review. He finally discussed it in the Top 11 That I'll Never Review video. He acknowledged the fans and the haters of the episode, and went on to point out that he was stuck between finding it Admirable (i.e. great singing from the main cast, and the concept) and Atrocious (i.e. the flimsy writing, and the handling of the Aesop.)
    • While not too bad, his Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 2000's video has a fairly decent amount of disagreements, such as the inclusion of Drawn Together. He even says sorry immediately after it's revealed.
    • His review of King Star King garnered an odd variation of this, not for panning the show itself, but for believing that this sort of thing is the norm for [adult swim], with Rick and Morty being some sort of miraculous oddity when most [adult swim] fans will tell you that shows like 12 oz. Mouse, Mr. Pickles, and King Star King are the exception, not the rule.
    • Although the rest of the countdown was well-received by most of his fans, some people found it questionable how Mr. Enter put the theme songs from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in his "Top 20 Worst Cartoon Theme Songs" list.
    • On his Twitter, he revealed that he found Moana to be So Okay, It's Average, and considered "Shiny" one of the worst Disney songs. This did not go without backlash.
    • His review for The Legend of Korra had quite a few people get mad that he didn't like the first 2 seasons of the show (even though he said that Season 2 was better than Season 1 or that the last two seasons were an improvement.) or that he liked Avatar: The Last Airbender better.
      • When he looked at the whole show on "Nick-O-Rama", it was still criticized, but this time for being seen as too derivative of his original review with not much else to say about the later episodes.
    • While many agree that the first season of Sanjay and Craig is awful, or So Okay, It's Average at best, some people have criticized him for calling the show in its entirety the worst Nicktoon by default, given its improvements in the next two seasons. Plenty of people believe that Breadwinners or The Adventures of Kid Danger would qualify as worse, since Sanjay and Craig at least attempted to be original and tell interesting stories.
    • His review of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a few reasons. For starters, he complained about how different it was from the other shows, despite the '87 cartoon practically being In Name Only from the comics. He also called the animation lazy, even though the animation was one of the best-received aspects of the show, which wasn't helped by him not showing clips of bad animation to back it up. Because he only watched a few episodes, people feel like he didn't give the show a fair chance.
    • Him putting DC Super Hero Girls on his Worst Cartoons of the 2010s list. Quite a few people were upset with him disliking the show, due to him calling it worse than Teen Titans Go!, one of his critiques being that the titles are hashtags, saying it pushes a political/feminist agenda poorly by excluding/degrading men despite having an entire episode devoted to the girls learning to work with boys (and a male character saving the day in that episode), claiming none of the male characters are depicted as nice or admirable despite there clearly being some positively depicted males, saying it feels like it is written for a pre-school audience despite its PG rating, and even claiming that "every single" episode is bogged down by "always" having to feature all six of the Super Hero Girls, apparently either ignoring or forgetting of multiple episodes that only feature a couple of them, or even just one of them interacting with other characters.
    • A similar situation happened with him placing The Powerpuff Girls (2016) on the aforementioned list. Not for the show itself, as many agreed to it being there, but Enter retroactively disliking everything related to the Powerpuff Girls series due to it has caused many to question his judgment on the franchise as a whole.
    • The mere announcement of his "controversial opinions marathon," which consisted of Animated Atrocities on Your Name, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Season 5 of Samurai Jack (and the less-controversial "Pickle Rick") was met with swift backlash, though his tone in the announcement video makes it sound like he's trying to invoke this.
      • His Atrocity of Your Name currently sits at a 2-to-1 like-to-dislike ratio, which is rather high for his reviews.note 
      • In the same review, he threw shade at the ending to Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, which resulted in a strong reaction from people who liked the ending with many objecting that he completely missed the point of it.note 
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the "Seahorse Seashell Party" review, when Brian gets attacked by bees during the Mushroom Samba, Mr. Enter states that he will not be playing that Nicholas Cage clip over it, due to seeing it as a Discredited Meme. Fast forward a few months to The Nostalgia Critic's Wicker Man review, and Tamara and Malcolm, in a parallel to the film, play a cult that forces reviewers to reference the scene if they review the movie, whether or not they still find a credible meme. For bonus points, the episode actually uses several Nostalgia Critic clips. And then, when the "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies" (which has a scene of Fluttershy taming bees) review came out, the description of the review said he still refused to do it.
    • Back when he was Brovania, his goal was to Let's Play all 1001 games from the book 1001 Games You Must Play Before You Die. Now he hates the book.
    • During the "Top 25 Most Disturbing Episodes of Kids' Cartoons" video, when Mr. Enter compares the plot of "Return of the Raggedy Android" to Windows 8 (specifically the problems it has compared to Windows 7), he ends this comparison by musing "God only knows what problems they're going to make with Windows 9...". This came out before it was announced that the next Windows OS to follow Windows 8 was... Windows 10. Another bit of hilarity came due to reports of Windows 10 bricking computers after it was released.
    • When talking about child characters, Mr. Enter explicitly used Steven as an example of how to do one well. This is pretty hilariously ironic given it was revealed in a later episode that Steven was actually 13 for the better part of the first season. (Although he was physically and mentally 8 due to his supernatural aging process)
    • During his rant in his "Top 10 Worst Squidward Torture Porns" video, where he finally gives up in questioning the writers' logic, he makes the statement that he wouldn't care if anyone said a cat could breathe underwater. That video was made just three weeks before the SpongeBob episode "Kenny the Cat" aired, which DID feature a cat breathing underwater.
    • In his review of "Finally A Lesson", he states that if the attitude of this show grew up 10 years earlier, they'd make an episode complaining about critics saying they're not solving mysteries with their talking animal sidekick. TTG actually does have an episode, "The Cruel Giggling Ghoul", that's basically Scooby-Doo but with the Teen Titans taking the place of Mystery Inc.
      • And then a few years later, there's the episode "Cartoon Feud", which had Scooby-Doo Guest starring on Teen Titans Go.
    • At the end of his "Fairly OddPet" review, he cuts off the review a bit early with an intentional Writer Cop Out (Played for Laughs) by saying because Timmy wished everything back to normal, Sparky was gone, and refusing to accept any claims that he's making it up. Come Season 10, and although it came with another widely-hated introduced character (Chloe), Sparky actually was removed from the show!
    • In the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue of the Truth or Square review, the demonic puppet from hell from the opening was turned into firewood. Come 3 years later, the Legend of Bookini Bottom Halloween special reuses the Truth or Square intro, minus the demon hell puppet.
    • His review of "The Big Switch-A-Roo", an episode of a television show based on a Nintendo game, got released on the same day as the Nintendo Switch.
    • In his Seth Mac Farlanes Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy review, he wondered if Seth was venting at Disney for getting some of his best writers. Disney ended up buying out the rest of 20th Century Fox shortly after, including Family Guy and American Dad!.
    • In this essay about "One Bad Apple", he asks if the reader would buy it if Diamond Tiara turned out to have been bullied and was Easily Forgiven for all of her actions against the CMC. Replace bullying with an overbearing mother and you have the plot of "Crusaders of the Lost Mark".
    • In his Legends of Chamberlain Heights review, after complaining about how over-promoted the show is, he says that he wishes he could get rid of it and remarks that the last time he tried to get rid of an overexposed thing, it failed. This joke is followed by an Undertale spoof where Frisk meets Patrick, who plays the role of Sans. Three years later, it was discovered that Sans' voice was actually a soundclip of Patrick played in reverse.
    • Him referring to Teen Titans Go as "Toddler Titans" is even more hilarious now that the show has an episode titled "Toddler Titans Yay".
  • Hollywood Homely: Mr. Enter sometimes describes himself as unattractive or downright ugly. His fans disagree, if it wasn't for his scruffy beard, he would be fairly average looking. Heck, his beard actually gives him an Ugly Cute appeal.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Who pooped in the peanut barrel?!" became a common in-joke from his fans after the teaser to his Elf Bowling review.
    • The line "Because... potatoes," used for scenes and/or plots that are just that incomprehensible.
      • "But it was all a plan by an evil banana to send monkeys to the desert to have them starve to death." is an out-of-context line from the "Going Bananas" review, which was subsequently used as a Running Gag or Non Sequitur in future episodes.
    • "What I'm doing is wrong, I know it's wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyway," when a character is self-aware about their actions but does it anyway.
    • On DeviantArt, there's a shitload of users' own Animated Atrocity and 1000/Admirable Animations notebook entries, complete with some of them even reviewing the same stuff he took on.
    • The lyrics used to mocks the lyrics of the Braceface theme in Top 20 Worst Theme Songs (Part 1)
    Ducks! There's Some Adventure!
    • Top 20 Worst Theme Songs (Part 2) also brings up the "Typewriter Dance", associated with One Fine Day.Explanation 
    • In his "Top 11 Things That I'll Never Review" video, he (for some reason) used a cut-scene from Ape Escape to transition between the segments. If you read the comments section, almost all of them are about how powerful the Magic Punch is and how you should check it out.
    • OH BOY, 3 A.M.! Explanation 
    • "Dis gon be good"Explanation 
    • Take a look at his "Little Clowns of Happytown" review, and go into the comments. The amount of "not advertiser-friendly" comments will keep you busy for hours.
      • From the same review, Awful B. Bad (or rather, his name) has also become a minor in-joke.
    • "It's a fucking can opener!" from the "Totally Busted" animated atrocity. His sheer bafflement at the idea of using a can opener to open a door is what really makes it.
      • Also from that review, "COCO IS FOR SPYSASSINS ONLY!"
    • In the "Things Change" video, comments about how Teen Titans Go! To the Movies getting an Admirable and this episode being an Atrocity is a literal example of the title are common.Explanation 
  • Moe: Mr. Enter's animated avatar, introduced in his reviews of "Shop Talk", is nothing short of Creepy Cute.
  • More Popular Spin-Off: Animated Atrocities was meant to be a placeholder between seasons of MLP Reviews. It quickly became the favorite series of both him and his fans, to the point where he eventually canceled MLP Reviews and made Animated Atrocities becoming more or less his staple show. Ironically enough, the MLP episode "Fame and Misfortune" became the subject of an Atrocity review.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The entire Technocracy series in general. It is a documentary all about how social media companies are able to get away with practices ranging from shady to downright criminal. A common theme in the series is just how little power the consumer truly has, and how technology is being abused for the purposes of subverting human rights. The last two episodes, in particular, exemplify this:
      • The Google episode of Technocracy. Enter goes into detail about just how powerful Google is and how they know everything about you. To make things worse, he briefly talks about the Momo challenge hoax (a hoax involving an extremely creepy Japanese statue) and disturbing kids' apps on the Google Play Store such as "Call Blaze".
      • The Social Credits System episode of Technocracy. The entire concept of the Social Credits System- a system that basically rates you on how obedient a citizen you are, and punishes you for low scores by barring you from certain jobs and even social circles- is one of the most insidious dictatorial systems ever made. While worrying in and of itself, it exists not just in China, but also on various social media networks, and Enter talks about why the concept is a bad idea in principle. Commenters have even brought up the Black Mirror episode, Nosedive, saying that the episode also does a good job detailing why the Social Credits system is a terrifying idea.
    • The Technocracy theme song, which is appropriate given the mini-series' subject matter.
    • Mr. Enter Laughing Mad at the end of the Cold Open for his The Emoji Movie review.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Whether it's an Admirable Animation or an Animated Atrocity, if Mr. Enter reviews an obscure show like Little Clowns of Happytown, it'll become much more well known to people that have never heard of it.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy:
    • While his outbursts have always been polarizing, the one incident that made him truly infamous in the animation community was making personal attacks towards SpongeBob SquarePants writers, particularly when he showed one writer's Twitter account, causing his fans to harass the writer. Mr. Enter himself has a lot of Old Shame for these incidents and deleted the inflammatory episodes, but it's colored his reputation as a disproportionately angry reviewer.
    • After revamping his channel, he became infamous for a different reason: his political rants, specifically his statements pushing back against mandatory mask-wearing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The backlash was so severe that he wiped his DeviantArt account, and he lost the support of former colleagues such as his former editor Crimson Mayhem.
  • Reviews Are the Gospel: He has a tendency to cause this with his reviews, which a few other reviewers (such as Anim8ball, Asalieri2, Emer Prevost and Pan Pizza) have criticized him for.
    • Almost nobody outright hated Putting Your Hoof Down before he reviewed it. Before his review, most agreed that it was not one of the better ones, but still relatively harmless. Afterward, it became one of, if not the most hated of the show, even more so with "The Mysterious Mare Do-Well".
    • His atrocities on the SpongeBob episode "Pet Sitter Pat" and the Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" episode "Ren Seeks Help". Before the reviews, some people thought Ren Seeks Help was one of the better episodes of the reboot and no one talked about Pet Sitter Pat until Enter brought it up.
    • The same thing happens with many of the more obscure titles he's reviewed. The two most prominent examples would have to be Stressed Eric and The Cramp Twins, both of which had a small fan-base before but have since garnered many detractors since he reviewed them.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: His The Lion King (2019) review has him add to the "The past can hurt, but you can either run from it or learn from it" Aesop that the original told. While the past may have sucked, it doesn't mean that the future has to. He may haven't achieved what he wanted to when he was a teen, but his focusing on his failings has distracted him from his actual accomplishments. Things may not turn out the way we wish, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing, since the future is still unwritten.
  • Win Back the Crowd:
    • For both of his Dork Ages, his review of The Problem Solverz and later his review of Drawn Together: The Movie were considered by many to be a return to form.
    • His The Lion King (2019) review was seen as this by many, as it came right after he got into some hot water with his more political views, and the review itself ended on a more optimistic note than his other reviews at the time.


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